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tv   FOX 8 Sunday Early News  FOX  September 18, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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grease guys gray skies grease guys this morning here. there we go. now it is gray. >> it is a full day. >> it is. i was driving down the this displaying cars whose current lineup this morning cars starting line up about a quarter to five this morningarar and i t fathom getting up this early to celebrate i'm really excited about the browns but i still can't fathom getting up thatll early and getting in line to celebrate that.
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diehard of diehard fans. >> and they also like a good party. >> they do. that's why we're here every saturday and sunday morning. good morning and effective safety for waking upg of us. >> of course aj is here with a look at yourr forecast. >> how about that? here we are wrapping h up the lt weekend of summer and we are also seeing a couple of showers pop up on as we expected that we expected that the possibility would bebe there with a font close buying the possibility that could by and the possibility that could pop up. out over the lake right now it n could very easily begin to burgeon back toward the city, but there is a good one right there just to the north of paying painesville and madison and up toward mentor on the lake.
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we had a couple of flash flashes there out around ashtabula but again, that was up over the water. browns and grays raven 8:00 o'clock stars. it is an all sports sunday here iner cleveland, 76 degrees of variable sky with potentially a passing shower. most of us will be bone dry today. 67 in worcester. you know the dog pound the browns. a variable sky and there is a look at the dry weather working to the west may be a rumble of
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who all you all comfortable 73 degrees perhaps some patchy fall. that is certainly on the moist side feeling rather muggy but that cloud cover hopefully will thin out a send out a bitud tody and we will get a fair amount of sunshine. g coming coming back the forecast i would say has a lot sunshine as we head into fall. this morning we are remembering a fallen law enforcement officer. the body of ohio state law enforcement officer can the luz was escorted friday to his hometown of lorraine. >> as the procession arrived his family and friends gathered to say goodbye to the 48 -year-old trooper who had been planning his retirement when he was
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>> friday night's community came together at a high school football game. his 15 -year-oldch son took to e stadium took to the field on him. >> he was always in the stand cheering on his son. >> the driver accused of hitting and killing trooper of the luz on valletta's online 90 has historyy of traffic citations. >> joshua gaspar faced a judge friday morning. >> joshua gaspar was in court first time saturday morning charged with aggravated vehicular homicide. as he waited two days after they saya he hit and killed trooper
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conducting a traffic stop. >> my client was under the influence. we don't have any test results yet to see what that was about. the judge that set a field supplied a test was given at the according to records, gaspar was under the effects of drugs at the time of the crash. he is currently under suspension for drug case in alabama.rr several years ago he was indicted in cuyahoga county for drugfo to get obviously bond thank you. >> thatat request request denie. the church clerk of court faxed us this where it shows gaspar was specifically rebut request of a requested a high bond. gaspar's ohio driving record trenches ohio driving record shows 13asio convictions includg eight forct speeding dating as r back as 1997.fa almost all the speeding tickets docked points from his license
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his license was valid when policeas say he hit and killed trooper velez who leaves h behid three children, his youngest 15 years old a sophomore and footballar player at marion high school. p >> to rally around the family brought around christian it's just the way this community is. >> visitation will be held for trooper velez wednesday from 3:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. funeral services will be held thursday morning at 10:00 a.m. for moreay information go to could he have more victims that is the question police are looking inton when it comes to n ashland man. police are telling us that they are investigating the
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already accused of killing two people and as the suspect in thd third may be responsible for more. two additionalal cases one datig back to 20 oh seven and the other is 2015 2015 case out of mansfield. grate was arrested tuesday after police say woman he was holding hostage was able to get to a cell phone and called police. when officers arrived they found the body of two women and then they found the remains of a third victim. he came closer to bein democratic primaries than in the democratic primaries than most observers thought possible. now vermont senator bernie sanders is on the campaign trail in ohio trying to rally people to votea for her and keep donald trump out of the white house. >> this election will impact your lives and the lives of your children and your grandchildren. that is what is at stake here.r >> a lot of young people turned
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weekend, including right here at kent state. recent polls have shown trump with a slight lead on clinton i ohio which is why senator sanders says this stage will be so pivotal. >> if hillary clinton wins here in ohio, i believe she will be the next president of the united states. b jama >> recent polling has had strickland state's formerer ov in that senate race. and in that time hillary clinton spoke to theti congressional blk caucus. massachusetts senator elizabeth warman warren will speak warren warren will speak about clinton's plans to make collegen affordable for the steinbeck of or hm you will have more
7:09 am and donald trump will be rolling into toledo on september 21st with a the republican presidential nominee will speak at the string stranahan doors open at 9:30 a.m. and the event is scheduled to start about three hours later. a busy day in downtown cleveland is cleveland indians host it the josh josh mcallent era. >> josh mcallen will under the longtime veteran will lead a
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first energy stadium. brown's split with him last year the biggest things for the browns is moving forward something they struggled with last week and also movinghi forward. >> discussion on the downs down it's very important if they're down obviously so that is how you get to the bigepl make it three straight today with the victory over a victory over thema ravens he. >> wouldn't that be great? between the cavs and the indians now it is the bounds browns turn >> we would love to see something positive stars
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>> i needse improvement. >> cheer for them right? >> i know you do. cleveland team downtown and alison brown has allison brown has somen reminders before you head out tob watch the indians r the browns. >> indians when. >> am excited i'm excited about this season.nn i think they're going to go all the way. >> is a to give israel is at >> the cleveland indians are games away from clinching the centralves division. >> it takes a winning team to get the fans to comete out and w coming off the cavaliersa run everybody once to keep it going. >> who wouldn't want to watch? the city's vibrant again. >> thousands of people downtown and cleveland browns are expecting thousands of fans
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>> but more people downtown means it is important to pay attention.ow parking can be pricey depending on how far you want to walk. >> it's nice to come down every single game. >> don't forget about wait time and when you have crowds is because this one on saturday some people i spoke with say they don't mind waiting a little extra in line for security reasons. i don't want to have to fear the worst. >> people walk through metalo detectors at the stadium's entrances in place of metal detecting i one to hopefully spd up the process and don't forget about the nfl bag policy. it only allows fans to bring one small clear plastic back into into first energy stadium about the size of a small clutch. it is important to plan ahead so
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and enjoy. here we go. >> i'm. ready. >> baseball is coming up later and it will have a definitive decision on the browns. 7:13 a.m. and still ahead, an officer shot. >> find out whatot happened whea man attacked police with a meat cleaver in the heart of new yorm city. >> plus. thinking may b have saved his friend's life.y going to the dogs. and look at the job this guy just landed. not that guy. that guy. >> or maybe aj landed at. >> aj? >> i was wondering where that was headed. here's the fox eight forecast today.
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there may be a passing shower. we are wrapping up summer.
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welcome back at 7:17 a.m. at least 29 people have been injured after next lotion in new york city in the chelsea neighborhood.n people believe boxing place to in near a nearby window. the victim's injuries are said to be minor. the mayor of new york city since there is no indication the explosion with the terrorist, however they say it was intentional. we will bring you the latest here and at more scary moments in new york is shocks shots ring out n broad daylight. a man attacking police in the
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>> shots fired in the middle of manhattan during rush hour. three cops hurt including one seriously injured after a manr goes on attack with a meat cleaver. the police chased the suspect with no effect. you can hear >> and went to commencement them for want to commencement them for their braveryce bravery to give the 32 -year-old suspect was irate after finding his car locked with a parking boot. when police confronted him man pulled the 11-inch meat
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audible. >> theib attempt is not connectd to terrorism. >> one officers in serious condition. to tenure of vermont for is also already share a special wednesday the other's lives. earlier this month at the two fifth-graders walked to school together and twot hours later ryan started choking and that ir when his friend jumped over his fellow studentsr and saved his
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maneuver. >> ith didn't know what he kne. i was just really scared. >> i jumped over about two people and did the heimlich. >> thank you so much. >> he has my eternal respect and gratitude for what he did. >> as you can imagine his getting a lot of attention and praise he was presented with a lifesaving award. a new nature exhibit is now open at anu arboretum featuring some unique additions. a teamdi of artists created some nature themed works to place all of the asheville site. it is called nature connect art with lego bricks. there are 14 sculptures including aer hummingbird and en
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it took more than 370,000 legos to make the sculptures. isn't that incredible? >> they are probably scattered all over the floor of his home. golfers deal with a number of hazards during around lex like sand and water. >> i find all of themli but some players in golf cart wheels and shoes.
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>> and geese are all over the place. >> they are. >> to hang out all theey time. >> where almost to the time of year where we we're going toa start hearing them. >> all over the place. >> in their migration which is always a sign of winter. >> a lot of times and a lot of times i've noticed they fly south and i don't know why. unlike wait a minute they're supposed to go north are driving the wrong m m w >> the great migration. it's not like they're going far. >> a local migration. >> have you noticed how dark it has been in the morning? we're going to look at the shrinking daylight amount which you may or may not be surprised about in just a second, but first of all it is a look from the brookwood lakefront timelo timeline and we want to show you the fairly thick cloud cover that is out there right now and
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raindrops at this point but they certainly could be a passing shallow or thunder shower this afternoon and maybe even early evening but the chances going into the early evening knowledge hours that the chance that we could be receiving raindrops rapidly. >> this was 15 hours and 11 minutes total around the summer solstice on the summer here and since that time weat went from 15 hours and 11 minutes in the middle of july 214 hours and 46 minutes and just about a month ago 1340 so we've gone from six to 13 hours and 11 13 hours and 11fr minutes down to 12 hours and 17 minutes. we are still shrinking. twelve hoursll basically for the
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that's with the exception of a couple of minutes on either side ofn the sunrise and sunset times so 12 hours of daylight and it is getting mighty chilly appear to the north.g within the next month or so we will haveve temperatures on resolute bay wind chill factor v team so it is starting. here it goes. v it doesn't take much even though all across the planet daylight hours are about 12 hours, the amount of actual solar energy makingla it into the resolute aa is about how much we get here in january, just to give you an idea of how quickly things are
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storm fox indicating a box indicating a couple of showers across the southern tier end to the northth of about a mentor on the lake and north of ashtabula there was a little bit of fun drought over the thunder out over the wt lake this morning. a couple of lightning bolts out there's a check that out. we had a brain injury brain in cleveland yesterday. one.86 in lorraine. we are running a nice surplus nowlu for the month of september and everyone is running in the black, even running and in the red for most of the season. visibility quarter-mile currently 69 degrees in cleveland with a viewpoint of dewpoint of 65.s it is very muggy out there but the dewpoint levels will begin to come down. the fox eight day forecast showing highs right around 80 today.
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perhaps a shower tomorrow. the last few days of summer the beautifulum forecast out there. >> for the tailgaters today it has is not too bad. >> it could be a snowing monsoon >> i think there is monsoon. >> is their?? >>he esq thies. >> you've come up in a. >> i know you're going to research itom just knowing you. >> he will find out. still ahead, the dawg pound's barking and ready to roll. >> today marks the homea opener for cleveland brownies plus the tribe was looking for a is
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good sunday to you. the lead in the central division is at eight but saturday's walk walkoff win overur the tigers ce with a big price. two pitches into the game carlos carrasco faced in ken's low with a line drive off his pitching hand.iv he left the game. the tribe's picture outstanding. they used a record nine pitches and 10 shutout jos? ramirez delivers the single to center with the bases loaded off justin wilson and the indians when in walkoff fashion one nothing. they will go for the sweep later today. the bigger story is carlos carrasco who now has a broken right hand. he says he is done for the year. he and his bitches staff been
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team's eyes. b he is expected to miss the rest of thet season. and ohio state buckeyes have the first big task of the young football season and they passeds it with flying colors as they travel to northern w oklahoma. buckeyes waste no time. urban meyer goes for it and delivers and 36-yard touchdown run to give ohio state a seven run lead.n the pride of benedictine jerome living up to his name in the first quarter picking off baker mayfield and its 14 nothing buckeyes. how about the catch of the year? late in the seventh quarter second quarter jt baruch second quarter jt baruch lines adopt it up. buckeyes and oklahoma their second the loss of loss of the season. akron zips took their show on the road to huntington west virginia where they met doc
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second-quarter for coach about its group. loses the football.. the mountainous rehnquist scoops it up with 35 yards to the touchdown. akron puts up 34 second-quarter points and 65 / 38. a battle of cuyahoga saturday night as baldwin wallace and john carroll opened up ohio and federal conference players in the gold gold trophy what a sight the moon rising over the field. three nothing at the half and they adda to it in the third and this 1 yard run make it 10 nothing yellowjackets but john kilo dominated the fourth quarter. the score they scored 14 points and come back to vw 17 / 10. mount union opened up and alliance takes onun marietta and it was the grammy mitchellet shw the senior running back three
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union has 314 rushing yards as they roll of her marietta 50 rollover marietta 56 nothing. they will travel to vw next weekend and the josh mccown error gets underway today at bush energy stadium as browns host the baltimore ravens. mcallen making his first start since plaguing his foul powerball last november against the ravens. he also led the browns over a vi club record 457 yards and a 43 / 30 browns win. >> 450 yards yard passing games are rare soa i don't know if we can really expect a repeat performance, but if the game takes us there was we certainly want to be ready to deliver that.a >> be ready today for all the highlights from game twoay of te of week two of the cleveland browns special. it is now 7:33 a.m. and
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a thousand words. >> one picture of cleveland c browns sparked outrage but he made a promise to correct it anr now the team looks into whether he made good on that promise. will the boys dominate on the field today, or is the outdoor outlook not so good? we will take it to the ultimate authority.
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welcome back to fox eight news on a sunday and right here in the front yard some really nice colors out there.m the mountains have exploded open in the last 24 h hours. just a little bit willr do that. let's see what's going on. and our high yesterday reached 82 degrees, nine above average. the record high on thisne date . sign-up at 7:12 a.m. and we lose three more minutes of daylight smile. rainfall one.09 and we have a surplus of over 1 inch and a quarter. i don't remember the last time
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maybe the spring perhaps. 71 degrees in cleveland or i shouldre say 69 in cleveland, 71 with the lakefront with dew points in the sixties. it looks like rain is working lurking just off working just off the shoreline in cleveland. we will keep the chance for some rain going even into the game. a variable sky. most of us will not see a drop today but in the lake shore soe of us come into the game and tailgaters obviously kick off at temperatures in the sixties all across northeast ohio. no rain to speak of really. voters 12 to three footers. wind becoming southwest overnight and water temperature is 74. you can see off to the west a bigyo area of high pressure starting to come in.of that will be responsible for our gorgeous weather pattern setting up for the week ahead.go
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see showers off to the east going right on through the day today and drying out tonight. looking pretty good as monday kicks off her gorgeous a gorgeous three-day stretch at least. that is our forecast today. very cloudy around 80 and we will look at the forecast. did you guys see those months back their? peek at there? >> theirmo gorgeous. >> thank you aj. >> it's. >> it's a beautiful shot. >> if you need to see the mountains they are here. family and friends of the 13 -year-old shot and killed by columbus police are calling foro justice and change in that department.ju >> i wish i was he was never in that situation but ie wish there had never been had been a different result. >> police shot and killed kyra king wednesday night. a officers say he was carrying a very realistic bb gun that
7:40 am
the officer is on leave and investigators are trying to determine ifto that shooting was justified. good news for local drivers. we now know when the second span of the entry enter beltow bridge will open september 24th, next saturday. the remaining three lanes in october. oh .-dot has to complete some f those ramps. and for more information head over to and click on seen on tv.x it was a photo posted by browns running back that drew instant outrage. >> the fox eight i team is looking into whether isaiah followg made a promise to make a big donation to police. an gallic and gallic has more. >> browns getting ready for game twos of it two so the i team checks on a promise of running back made saying he would donate his first game check to a dallas
7:41 am
that was part of his response to the backlash after he posted on socialsese media a picture of an officer having his throat cuta but that police foundation told him to keep the money. listen toto why. >> whathy about the money at ths point? >> he continually kept saying that he wanted to donate k the money and i kept saying i don't want your money. >> recall the head of the we called the head of the dallas foundation. this the sum of five summer five officers murdered him do something more valuable than writing a check. see him there in the greatest sport coat. he went went to a dallas officer'she funeral, spend time with cops and more. >>. i can't even describe the type of emotion ica feel dizzy o message resonate with him what service and sacrifice mean. >> i'm sorry and i hope you understand that is not who i am. >> he.
7:42 am
now the dallas police group hopes he wille continue to spek up in support ofc police especially with other nfl players not standing for the national anthem and protesting. >> i would never wish bad on about on anyone, especially a police officer. >> of course we wanted to talk to him about all of this for this story but we never got the chance.his do we approach and in practice but before. >> i consider isaiah my little. is willing to listen peak of the. >> the police sergeant says hete has you will make up donations teammates of the a different kind.d. the. 7:42 a.m. and still ahead, we are lacing where lacing up our runningar shoes you we are going to show you an easier way coming up.up
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telephonic september 22nd from 11:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. you'll be able to make a pledge
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[ grinding metal ] whoa, that doesn't look good. no, not you. ordinary fuels can clog your engine with dirt.
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but over time, using new and improved bp gasoline with invigorate helps clean up that dirt, like hundreds of scrubbing brushes. so that means a cleaner engine, which helps you get more miles per tank. i'll be here if you need me. new bp gasoline with invigorate. our best fuel ever! you asked and you shall ask and you shall receive. >> sunshine is coming according to >> we trust him. >> i appreciate it.
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> i can barely tie my shoes e regular way. >> this is to make it easier for you aj. this is why we are doing this. >> listen. we are doing a little shoe tying segment here. >> it all comes from a video this one called lady posted. it is the easiest way ever to tie your shoes. >> this isoo to teach kids right out of high there she tie their shoes. >> gh right. >> this morn we're doing. we're going to check out this method and show you at home this method if you have a child was starting kindergarten with starting kindergarten and needing to tie his shoes. >> i feel like the episode of seinfeld with kramer, i'm out lastwi mac >> here's the trick this is from this mom's video and you do the regular first time and then you
7:48 am
don't tighten it all the way. you leave believe that >> i think i've got it. then you put in one place, to laces. >> through the whole. >> through the hole and then pull. w >> and the shoe was too loose. >> there you go. >> i think you have two poor blows out a little. >> into do a double tie and then you put them in through into the trunk?he like to hear? >> it looks like tying a bow and
7:49 am
>> there you go. this is supposed to be aimed at teaching a two or five -year-od >> i think they get confused with the bunny ears tied the bunny ears together. >> you can teach an uncoordinated weatherman weather man in hisa forties how to do it's hard. >> i'm so used to doing it the otherer way and just like know that's not right. >> i can see how that would be visually easier fort child. >> are tying it and instead of tying it away the bow is looking back at you. your holder shoe up and the bow
7:50 am
>> i think sometimes they have a hard time with a hold with the whole bunny ears. >> that is good if you don't want to trip. >> velcro. >> can anybody teach me how to tie a bow tie? beside the guy who used to occupy that chair who always remains nameless on the show. the last name starts with az. he knew how to doar it althoughi still think it was one of those. >> clip ons?ti our producer says he can do it. next week he will teach aj hite how to tie a bow tie. i don't know how to tie one either. >> it has been a long time since i wore a bow tie.ha i don't even remember it well but sometimes some somethings come back but this one might >> we will try it this week next week and. >> we will give it a shot. >> what we hope comes back is
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>> there will be a little signe for us and some dry weather. cloud cover out there right now and we may even see if you rangr shot raindrops. doppler radar is showing a couple showers getting close to the shoreline so there will likely be a few sprinkles coming in for the tailgaters here. it will be interesting to see if ites makes it anywhere near downtown cleveland. the cold front is very slow. between two areas of high pressure, one here and one way off to there west but eventually that high-dose bill then that will affect that weather system to the north and east.t the expectation is that we will runt into very nice weather. variable skies today clouds and sunshine and there may be an afternoon shower. a better chance for a little more instability once we heat
7:52 am
there is still a lot of moisture at the surface so we are keeping the chance going, but decreasing humidity. most of us as we said, will stay dry. the next best chance of rain will be a week from today. saturday could have some rain as well. so arrives this week. the autumnal the 22ndx and stunning above average temperatures as you will see. today 80 degrees, a variable sky and may be a shallow or thunder shower.r. overnight low tonight 60 and we0 have the waning harvest moon moon atat their which is gearedy cloud cover their friday night.i patchy dense fog is possible with light wind and we are not
7:53 am
certainly some fog is a good bet as we head into tomorrow. 81 degrees for the high temperature. look at all those dry days ahead.d.lo we will show you the dry front exiting before the dry front is exiting up to the north and east. the five day forecast near 80 degrees all the way through the week ahead.l paul begins thursday at 10:21 a.m. and the most direct solar rays are falling at the equator. r then it continues its travels to the south. i probably shouldn't have this up here.
7:54 am
>> and their standing rise of plant ready right of class ready to thanks aj. 7:53 a.m. and still ahead it is game day. >> the fall of day. >> the fall thea walls files are in the air. the big question is can the browns pull it off? we know who has the answer,
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?? >> that has got to be one of the strangest pictures in the whole foxy archive they are.t >> it's a magic eight ball. let's do that again. >> i could not re-create that face read through that phase re-create that face a higha t tried. >> i couldgh not either. >> it is game day.
7:58 am
>>. everyone has their predictions out there. whenre the browns be crushed by the ravens?he over josh mccown and josh mccown and the defense show up and come through to win the game? they won the first game two years in a row you the first home game. >> left to go to the only authority that really g matters. we are asking the fox foxy magic eights ball with the browns the ravens in this afternoon's game?t the eight ball says. >> it says my sources say no. >> silver lining, so far the eight ball is over for one on radiates. >> lets hope it's wrong this week. >> last week it was wrong.
7:59 am
it wasn't it may a maybe it wasn't likely, it said yes and they did not we did not win. >> lets hope it goes oh and to
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