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tv   Fox 8 News at 5PM  FOX  September 21, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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situation today at his news conference with the media aou. the organization made a statement and i am coupled with what was said.heo >> .about that he was doing so wellll? >> he has in my opinion, i don' know about the inner workings of that, but i no building, i can tell you about everything outside of this building, but in this building in meetings with me and the he has and the players been outstanding that is what i judge him on and now we will find out about this on the part in no more as we move forward. had nothing but great things to say about josh.f the team issued a brief statement today in regards to
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unleashed out to the nfl asking what effect this latest arrest warrant with me in terms of his current four-game suspension and the league offic says this has no effect on his four-game suspension he will be back on the field for game five against the patriots. hundreds pay respects to a state trooper hit and killed during a traffic stop on a interstate last week.d calling hours are underway at a local community college were a public funeral service will be held tomorrow as dave nethers a the latest.w outside of the ewing center on lorain community college campus, a gymnasium that has
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for the family of trooper ken velez to receive condolences, there has been a steady stream of peoplele from away as kentucky appeared his body arrived here earlier today he was killed last thursday conducting a traffic stop on i-90 in cleveland he will be memorialized here at a pli followed by a procession attended by officers from at least 19 states and canada, he has been a state trooper since 1988, a large turnout expected langley 6-mile route on the way to the cemetery and what will b a veryry emotional day for many. >> he was a hero to our
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correct it is hard to find the words for this kind of thing he was a great man, he did his job he was going to retire and spe more time with his kids. i am just shocked. if anybody wants to see support and encouragement for a peace officer, state troopers, that is what you will see here tonight, the hours or until 8:00 p.m., 10:00 a.m., tomorrow open to th public at calvary cemetery, it will be a private burial tomorrow the state patrol asking anyonete who wants to line up along the route 2 show support,
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thank you dave nethers from elyria.a. willoughby hills police investigated the tragic death o a tuner boy who fell from the 11th floor of an apartment building this morning as jack shea has that story. >> they say that the bedroom window was open pushed open the screen what is your emergency? >> i have a little boy thatat i guess will of the top of this apartment buildings he is on th deck and he is actually dead. >> my gosh, or is that serve? >> police and paramedics rushed to thera willoughby hills towers apartment complex on chardon road early wednesday after awew dark reports a small child fell from the 11th floor to the arking deck.
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came from? >> no there were two residents on the back of the building cam to the bank building and they say that the child was my right there. >> this ad the boy, 2-year-old anthony suttles junior was pronounced dead at the hospital short time later they say the boys mother put him in a seven to bed about hour before from a windo that have been left open, they say the boys mother and father were in the living room and unaware that he had fallen.thheg >> thus far investigation shows that it was purely accidental, would not receive any type of information that tells us otherwiseseot >> they say the tragedy should serve as a warning to other parents about the dangers of open and unlocked windows in high-rises. just know that young children, our climbers, psych about when they are in thei cribs and how many climb out of
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first things that you learn how to do ithehe they say they shou assume that if they have access to a window they will gravitate towards it. don't unlocked window don't give them that opportunity for the child to climb up to the window eventually fall out because they are curious about what is below them. >> were told that funeral arrangements are pending. pcs store like this you should never underestimate the capabilities of a child no matter how young that they are. donald trump and mike pence campaigned in northeast ohio today,y, taking part in a conference with local clergy ath ain clifton heights church is solon has details in reaction.
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clear the ice to issues regarding the inner-city grace in african americans were not everybody in the audience was sold. aic >> race with the focus from the start, but the n-word and donkeys introduction of donald trump raising eyebrows. >> if you are into jalal intelligent you are an intellectual vigor if you are dancing and gliding, i mean, nigro. several hundred filled the pews of the new spirit revival centerr about have clergy mostl white therefore donald trump. he prays the role of churches claimed that he is best suited to help african-americans
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their center to afghanistanmp breaks my heart to see any american left behindnd but is h like cleveland that has had so many struggles. >> addressed the shootings of unarmed black man in tulsa. >> i am very troubled by that. >> no policy specifically it received mixed reviews from clergy. good to see him in a a lot of people i represent are asking hard questions and looking for someone who has a plan of action and i didn't really hear that today with protesters nearby, the mayor question his commitment to african-americans. >> questioned if it was the first african american presiden this country was american what you see the birth certificate were supposed to walk away. >> from here he goes to toledo
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right fox 8 news.
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i could listen to this all day.
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>> we are above normal by quite a bit and that continues,, with each day that we are in the '80s, it pulls of the averages it is now getting close to 10 degrees above normal for the average, anything plus or minus two is considered significantus. you could dance to this forecast. i think there's just too much >> has some serious stuff, it is really quite nice. at burke lakefront airport, the webcam pointing north-northwest , showing some decorative high clouds lots of blue all-around, and earlier today, i was up in the air, share with iou two photos as we approached burke
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and positions into the downwind leg than you land in the opposite direction this wasth j before the final approach on runway sixoa left stop. lots of great sunshine today. as i mentioned earlier, there was not a ripple of turbulence anywherec smooth at any altitude. these clouds are coming from a thunderstorm complex in chicago. they have had an interesting summer with lots of thundery clusters moving through, this i another one, the high pressure
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before our very eyes. at hopkins airport bounces back up to 82 after last hour and 79 it is in the '70s along the lake shore. you go farther inland it is in the mid- 80s like yesterday and we still have to show you from huntingtonon with dewpoint it is humid and virginia, north carolina and also to the last. with that funnel boundary, but right here in the sweet spot in the middle,e, lower dewpoints actually pretty comfortable. >> it will be more of this with clear skiesf and 62. some of the burbs will likely b under 60 with upper 50s and then tomorrow 85 it will be a copy and paste day with
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it will be around 82 degrees th high pressure does buckle for the weekend a bed, looking at this we have what looks like th greek letter omega, called omeg block. >> when you see the winds aloft then things are really slow down so whatever you currently have are going to have for a little bit so we will now have a correction to normal into the in the 70s and the next week we will have to fine tune and tweak because several little atmospheric irritations will tr to buy i think that by march it will b right around normal and that is upper '60s -low 70s and still quite nice even that correction are normal, i think that people will accept with a smile.
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of touchdown in the week. we will announce the waiting game thursday night at 10:00 p.m.. then tune in for northeast ohio's best high school footbal highlight showne. friday night touchdown , on friday, at 11:00 p.m., gabe spiegel will join j.t., p.j. an dan coughlin read highlights, it will be friday at 11:00 p.m. on fox 8. said that you like spicy food? are you tough enough to handle a tortilla chip that you can only buy one at a timeo an
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season premiere of empire on fox tonight stop that is a great episode that we hearre and this a live view from pickwick cam o east 4th street. people looking forward to that big premiere of empire tonight,oar and this is the hottest pretty much it known to man. >> and ladies may have found th right car for you or is this justis offensive here is gabe spiegel what's trending traumans where were they cannot that bic for her, just right for her little fingers, a lot of ladies use that to write letters about what aab bad idea otherwise, th
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dear, rejoice women it is a car forc you it is the cosmopolitan andu seat mii collaboration is fun for cosby girls is the billing, it also has either lighter shade headlights, champagne colored interior and they say it is fun to drive and easy to park l the seat mii company is already feeling backlash online. wallin is tweeting, we don't need special cars made, this is bs >> doesn't have a lipstick holder to mark and extra mayor's to check the makeup? and warning lights for pms >> maybe cosmo should stick to fashionon.
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thatnid do you like hot tortilla chipsps maybe you are brave enough for this challenge. the new limited-edition the key carolina reaper roye kidd chip is for crazy people seasoned with carolina reaper pepper which comes in a coffin box,, the reaper pepper is the guinness hottest pepper, it is seemingly tame and fresh spite but it burned gradually to a essential of painin and agony, to you can find some water, you can get this one chip prices beginning at $5 , we expect a
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in the confines of the new jw, we put out a request if anybody is man enough or won't enough try this new chip tomorrow at 5:00 o'clock and i think that w might have found a taker. i was remnd chicken wing angier left swelle up like a catchers mitt. going to have some honey, ice cream and water, which are really going to try this live at five tomorrow? >> as i was reminded of the las time,fi and i ate at the grill buffalo and
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i'm nowa having some second thoughts, i might start small t see what happens, i mighta. i am off tomorrow, i will be herere. tune in to find out. northeast ohio get his water from lake urge youou know what are drinking details of a new water and if we are in any
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center part statist chemicals found in our drinking water.. >> they say it is the same chemical from the movie erin brockovich asas maia belay repo what this means for our health. >> according to water officials, it is safe to drink the study has many people wondering what is and the water, according to the report, published by the environmental working group found a cancer-causing chemical calledth chromium six all acros the northeast ohio says that more than 200 million have had this in their tap water the epa does not set limits for chromium chromium, i talked to people wh say that it is alarming including a man who wasay diagnosed with cancer. disconfirm because somewhere in between there is the truth
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they say that the water here meets or exceeds all federal an state standards and they say that the water is safe to drink we have the full at fox >> the i-team attained video takes you inside a murder investigation, you can see what the police he is a it to the scene of a shooting and also what they hear the video inside the case with a surprise twist the full story tonight at 10:00 p.m. after the season premiere of empire . sean hannity who moderated the townhalls donald trump's in headlines,, he appeared in a trump campaign at counting him as the right candidate because evil that refugees and protect gun rights fox news channel put
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were not aware of this.l we asked him about the ad he said would not comment but that he said he believes that the campaign is critical for mac to move forward.. it will be interesting to see how the debates go, we have three 15 days unknown donald trump way before he decided to get into the ra >> at the town hall meeting, will be featured on the hannity show tonight. and and lower their magic number last night with a walkof base hit they took a want and nothing laid with carlos santan is solo shot it is his 33rd most by a switch hitter in baseball in five years and josh tomlin had his second straight solid outing, with
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walks and three strikeouts wit the game tied, andrew miller came on and pitched 1.2 innings striking out three royales, setting the stage foror brandon guyer with a walkoff liner to the corner, cocoa scores and the indians celebrate another walkoff the tribal lowers san t number 26 and brandon guyer get
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that you know what tomorrow will be 1021. auto mall rise astronomically, for us, it begins september 1 this is a bookkeeping type thing because the astronomical point.varies b as much as a day on other side of september 21 or september 202 depending on the earth orbit. and just although the orbital stuff. that gives us some elbow room but astronomically, just in case, it occurs at 10:21 a.m. tomorrow the sun will be directly over the equator and headed into the southern hemisphere.
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roughly at this time of year would lose three or four minute each day. this has been a soggy system in the carolinas, it had moved offshore for a bit then the low-pressure system, you can se the circulation, has been spending a lot of time in the outer banks showers back to virginia, north carolina and as far south as hilton head the next rainfall amount as to the northwest with a powerful squall line moving through rockford outside of chicago is still quite a few thunderstorms here , and some flood warnings but i don't believe anything current some warnings appeared. >> we are in the '80s mostly except right up against the
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and even the shoreline is well abov normal. the normal is between 70 and 72. the high today 83 with the love in the 50s is closer to normal the daytime high is what sets i apart. tonight city to and crystal-clear with moonrise at midnight tonight can get busy looking at the overnight lows with 50s and 60s right up against the shoreline and then tomorrow another copy and paste date with more sunshine and very light
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it if i thursday tram back to 80 friday that a correction to normal for the weekend. next week could be a few stray showers that we will have to find two the timing of the systems but more importantly it will not be h normal.
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hours you will have the chance to give animals in need a secon chance. >> the second annual dick goddard cleveland apl telephone tomorrow as jennifer jordan has a preview. at eight years old, isabel has a passion for animals in need, by chance the cat, injured after being shot with an arrow last year. her mo so angry that she donated items to chance to help in his recovery also began raising money to be given to the apl. >> we do lemonade stands and ho chocolate stands and our neighborhood police department shows upaaat sometimes and they buy some stuff. >> viewers and families like them who help make a difference at the apl, thursday volunteers will take your pledges by phone
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the live broadcast also feature special stories about some of the special pets currently bein >> homeowner's, those who do no have anybody for them to come here that have been victims of cruelty or neglect. >> makes a difference we are a nonprofit organization and we cover thousands of animals ever yearn and we cannot do that without the supportan in addition to donating money u adopt. the apl extending adoption hours from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. and lower the fee for dogs $80 and $50 for cats they will also be participating hope that others will follow suit.w >> just a cat is thriving in hi permanent home. message to future dollars.
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love these animals. >> jennifer jordan fox 8 news. l dick goddard to how the four-foots during the cleveland apl telephone tomorrow, the number to call to make a pledge his on-screen will also be ther and we will have live coverage tomorrow on fox 8 news at 4:00 p.m.m. and all day. aside from the hoverboard it is an item that back to the future fans have been drooling over
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some breaking news out of wayne county, troopers investigate a single engine plane crash. >> it happened near fulton road in creston,o the airplane crashing in the field, the pilo
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>> the pilot, charles marc alvarez at the engine stopped suddenly try to land that the plane flipped the landing the faa is investigating tonight. >> hysteria around brangelina i breakup and back to the future fans are very happy. >> natalie herbick has those in more stories in today's edition of the update.s in north carolina and they're asking for call after last nigh by the protests after an office involved shooting and killing o a man in charlotte,ho that protests marking even more proteststs injuring a dozen pol officers closing down part of another state,oz the police chi says officer searching for a suspect at an apartment complex off g keith scott get out of th car with a gun than get back inside,r they say that he was
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galaxy note 7 phones available today to replace about 1 millio devices recalled a in the us, recall was issued because the phones batteriess could catch fire, they say it is not affect all of the phones visit uses batteries from different suppliers. >> 30 years after marty mcfly worthy nike stickers with power laces in back to the future two brand is launching a real version of thaton november, they first showed them off in march the self lacing shoes will be rechargeable and , details about cost or availability were not revealed. i feel very sorry for them, tha is a, sad story and unfortunat for the family, i feel very sorry to hear about that that's the first i heard of
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from the news of angelina jolie and brad pitt split,, george cole he was caught of card when aske about the news last night. near post of receiving and backlash after publishing this on the front cover a large picture of a laughing jennifer aniston, but the years that angelina jolie and brad pitt were a couple. father contracted his daughter by the hair. >> after the break that story i your comments and facebook live
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today is international day of peace, photos of a shopping trip in texas ticket by stranger are making the rounds on social media.t >> the photos show the father allegedly abused his daughter, as the elizabeth noreika is her with the story in today's facebook live segment. >> please investigating after photos surface of a father allegedly dragging his daughter around the store by her hair, a it has many upset in those photos are now everywhere on social media,p erika burch were shopping when she took multiple incidents of the video and then post them to social media begging people to make them go viral said that she saw him pau his daughter around the aisles and confronted him after she
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girl was in trouble for not standing close enough to the cartrtlo. >> i said you need to let her hair go in his hegemony to mind your own business and while he was dragging her go cavs same please stop your hurting me. >> man was not arrested, police and child protective services are now investigating, one's village thought about this incident so here is what you
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those are some of the things that people have said on social media and also it is live on facebook, as gabe spiegel is manning the facebook page their seems to be the response it is g mixed bag that perhaps some are too quick to judge, they don't know what's happening and in this day and age especially wit social media >> haven't heard anything from the father? >> , he said to the wall and to the wall into micro- business andmi
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forecast is very nice is way headed to fall it i a beautiful day. >> it feels like late august it is just wonderful once more continue to see very little change in the short term, and more of the same type safety to the overnight low. the rays will be no more than five mph and then another copy and paste day morrow this is well above normal than a correction to normal the weekend went get past friday still ahead if you have plans to live a long life
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if you want to live to be 100 company might want to move and change her diet00 researchers h figured out the secret to long living, five concentrations of the world known as the blue zones are theld spots for growing older, italy, greece, japan, costa rica, loma linda california east of la are mostly coastal, cleanan air in his 11 mediterranean diet is the key, with fresh herbs, veggies, fruits and plenty of fishf. rosemary seems to be a secret i helps with circulation to the brain and alzheimer's is rare i many of these blue zones
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weren't for josh gordon has been issued in nepal? >> case and p.j. ziegler has a latest for thefhi legal trouble josh gordon. emily servais a four-game suspension with nfl today, and arrest warrant from cuyahoga county courtm for a paternity case in cleveland , according to court documents is not addresse s to determine if he is the fathe of a child born in may 2013, in september 2013 he is to submit genex samples we had until september 23 last year to compl he has not submitted genetic samples and eight arrest warran was put out in august the brown were sent a subpoena
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paternity situation, josh gordo was suspended at the time and not eligible to be in the same facility and not allowed to hav contact with the team, hue jackson was asked about the? >> case today and do not specifically talk about thatt b he didn't talk about the person that josh gordon has beenen in this buildingng. i think that we made a statement soul and very comfo >> said that he is so well? >> i don't know all of the inne workingss of that but in this buildingof i can tell you that in our meetings with me the coache and the players he has been outstanding and tes that's what had to judge on and we will fin out about this other part and omar is moving forward but i have nothing but great things t


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