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tv   Fox 8 News at 430AM  FOX  September 23, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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we want to welcome back producer killed one of the many new moms
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that's not easy first day.a i remember those days. let's check in withyi pagespa reprints in the prompter man you guys are like turns we've beenee around a long time you guys have mutual admiration going on. no names please fourth the deal. do you do something i don't. high clouds and sold 64 and 63
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don't think we're going to have all lot of thing with this we been hinting at at the very most. sunshine clouds beginning to increase the temperatures well abovevese 80 degrees. will look ahead to next week that looks good right now on this ishat things are going to e
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going to be here alternate up 71.9 into the interpol purge about perch right now looks good no problems whatsoevert they'r' having this family tomorrow at 10:00 p.m. it is the public sentiment you can go depth of thatub 90 at east one 40th no problems there don'tn't forget about this construction
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life that cleveland teachers voted to reject a tentative contract agreement. to once respected educator will bei labeled a offender for the rest 36 -year-old prevent us met up with theyear guidance counselor at euclid high school and she began having a sexual relationship with the 18 of male students in november of 2015 pit she was suspended and later resigned after the school s administratorch alerted police about the allegations and are
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charges of sexual battery an attempted i don't know is sorryr is a strong enough to term. i was negligent. i didn't dodoi what i was suppoo to do. the judge sentenced seen on-camera video.ry recklessly weaving as police pulled over and what's about to
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the 48 -year-old female continues to struggle with they out rest her a blood alcohol content of more than three times the legal limin after being charged and released that same afternoon those same officer stopped again in a different car
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even a higher blood alcohol reading this time she's taken to the jail. given the level of impairment are very lucky things to good samaritans who took the time to call 911o t we could have been looking at a tragedy w she plead not guilty p to the ovi i chargh which are both considered first
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average was honored in washington dc is todayrgerag iso member remembered in the bipartisan press club he passed away in june with 79 years old. the latest on partisan shot and how the city's mainrt means for yahoo users. good morning scott the temperatures are going back up again.d mt when you get reigned during high school footballllw and more whee
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we're not anticipating any will getting a little bit closeril september 24 heading into
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of filtered sunshinet will look at the cold front which is prettyat pretty much like we talked about yesterday rain heading up to state new york as we looko s at the waves of coolo air that setting lane in or lake superioret with temperatures yesterdayith
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at state looks good nor morere problems east or west belt. the state is their handling the investigation into the death ofe keya for boseko who shot and killed outside his court wouldod tuesday.y is also police officers charged
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broke into a contract his failure of theka reportedly contain the skin of her passport the group called dc weeks later
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contractors he also contain information about vice president joe biden you have a yahoo account you may want to change your password company concerns data associatedwo with 500 milln accounts have been stalled it's believedsta to be one of thef largest cyber security breaches ever. t the stolen data they should watch their accounts for anyr suspicious activity. waco creations slide.l they have revealed their new durable triali it's designed ton be crushed and rebuilt again and agained and previously only chid breaks. p weather and traffic every eight
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here's the eight-day forecast a mixture of cloudsda and some his
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front approaches was see us a few sprinkles along the front to the early nothing much more than that.ot the winds will shift enlisted. jumping temperatures on monday late monday into tuesday and the suspect you throughes the little creek. that the temperatureses will dropi much quickerl and friday will stay in the mid-sixties five-day grace 40s for the end of next week overall
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timeline 70 went northbound through middleburg heights that's also been a nice, quiet commuteat here's the jenningse freeway very quiet from fort 80 the way into downtownn northbound traffic onlya between and stacy back to you.
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say is a huge help for them and now the program hashu that their spread to several other hospitals. not because i'm thinner because i'm help here. i was going to diehius tammy mik way we 260 pounds.
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started last week she was down a big thank you to our viewerss helping animals in need find out how n much the dick goddard apld telethon raised this year.a lucky number four tribe rolls on with another went will have highlights coming up dn'
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it is the dawn of yet anotheret wonderful day on the shores of and is 72 degrees
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for kristi capel it's a beautiful start to the morning let's check in with scott. yesterday's high of 80 was ones of the warmest temperatures in were running all lot warmer this morning well above 70 northern summit and eastern generally cleveland pp around 60 we have a pretty nice the smattering of high cloudshe were talking with the chicagore is going to pass thrh somewhat, new orleans in that were not anticipating any rain


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