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tv   Fox 8 News at 6PM  FOX  September 24, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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now at 6:00, the first stretch of the new inner beltt bridge opens. what it means for b commuters ad how it honors one of cleveland's finest public servants. we are live withfi a touching tribute. plus, just win and they are in. it could be a magical night at progressive fieldig thanks to a royal gift from the world the tribe can clinch its first playoff berth in three years. >> african-american history is not somehowar separate from our larger american story. it's not the underside of the american story. it is central to the american story t t. >> and presidents past and presentts stand together at the opening ofer the nation's first museum of african american history. we will. tour the historic building and take a look at wht isoo inside.
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kind of whether we think ofal fr early fall here in cleveland. bright sunshine and pleasant temperatures. will it last? fox 8 news at 6:00 starts right now. >> cleveland's own fox 8 news.ta >> it's only a small stretch of road but it bridges to big gaps. welcome too fox 8 news at 6:00, i'm bill sheil. jennifer has the evening off. the new eastbound inner belt bridge not only connects the e side to the west, but it also brought generat today to remember the man for whom it is named. fox 8 news reporter liable ligt was there today's ceremony honoring george b mortgage. she joins us live from the new bridge. a man that certainly deserves the honor. >> the crowd here. today was huge. everything when i talked to so proud of the new inner belt bridge. it's been a long six years. >> every time we pull up to the
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>> the weight just about over. >> it's hard to imagine when you just see -- but then you see an actual structure and you get excited and are very proudct. >> no one more excited than this woman. >> when i am proud to be standing on theii george v. voinovich bridge. her has husband lasting legacy a bridge linking the east side of cleveland to the west. partially opens this weekend. >> i think ithi would be very proud. >> but this bridge is more than just a means to get aroundpr. >> it's beautiful. we watched the old one go down.. >> it's a landmark. >> put her hand rate here. isn't that beautiful. >> people waking up early to witness the opening ceremony. >> there are spectacular viewing areas and it's more than a bridge. >> people already can't seem to get enough of it.
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night. i it can light up the same way that terminal power can. >> it's amazing. one of the most beautiful bridges he will ever see around .ere in ohio >> monday morning rush hour they will be able to be on the new bridge.rr >> on the weekdays it's about a 40-45 minute drive. hopefully it will be a lot less timeswi on the road. >> it's like the back end phenomenal summer in cleveland. from the cavs to the convention, to the indians making their charge. it's just beenn a great time toe be here and a great time to be from here. >> cleveland rocks. >> a lot to be proud of. there is still some work to do. all eastbound lanes will be open october and a lot of people excited for that day . >> absolutely they are. it's wonderful to have the
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-- she certainlyy is. i don't think my it can hear us right now but take my word for it. cs -- drivers in summit county had to deal us in traffic trouble thisu afternoon after an accident forced the closure. -- a look at that backup crash. it created a backup that stretched almost a mile long. details areon still limited rigt now but at least one person was hurt in that crashed. it's unclear when the ramp mde reopened. you can find the latest information online at a cleveland police officer is recovering tonight after a confrontation atft a bar downto. witnesses say a man through the off-duty officer through a glass window. you can see the boarded-up window at panini's bar and grill a lung east ninth street. it started about 11:00 last night when11 a 20 -year-old womn who was drinking alcohol failed to show her id and started arguing with an employee. the officer, who is working
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intervene in a scuffle ensued. that's what witnesses say 23 -year-old brian braque pushed in through the s window. the officer suffered cuts to his head and arm. brock tried to runcu, but sherif sippy these arrested him moments later. he is not been charged yet. protesters opposed to shaker heightsp plan to call its deer population took to the streets today, calling the plan inhumane and predicting it will likely backfire. the protesters say shakir is not overpopulated with deer and the plan to shoot some dear starting in december stems in part from people's gardens. protesters question whether that is a good enoughi reason to kill deer, and say it won't actually reduceki deer population anyway. >> thereio is a rebound effect when you start killing the deer ande they start reproducing earlier and having twins and triplets. it has to beie in order to keep any level of control, it has to be an ongoingng calling year afr year soldering the deer and it's
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completely unnecessary. >> i just think it's absurd to shoot the deer.e based on they are going to relocate and come back into shakir anyway. i have friends that live in south you and they have a lot of euclid.southan protesters say if shakir follow through with the plan to kill the dear starting in december, the deer population will likely increase inwi the area. they say a better alternative is wildlife friendly approach taken by medina, which includes people choosing certain plants for their garen repellents to keep the deer away. turning out to the weather and it is starting to feel a little bit more like fall after two days of temperatures in the mid- 80s. we will drop into the 60s tonight. is it time to ditch the shorts and dig out the fall jackets? aj colbey in the front yard with the cold reality in the '60s or '70s, that's fine. i don't mind that but it's what's ahead that is scary. >> it's always the months that i agree 100 percent on that.
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these moms are just stunning. everything seems to be gettingha little recharge after what has been such a dry summer period. and now it is going to be just amazing the next couple of days before the next weather system comes in and brings rain. not today though. look at the cloudsb our floating across the sky on which cam time lapse. boy that air is moving pretty good right now. 3-5 footers and what a chop. water temperature 74 degrees and begins to write down tonight as wave strength. currently 67 degrees and beautiful.6 71 degrees at akron canton. you can see the extent of the cloud cover from earlier today and visible satellite indicating how quickly the clouds mill as dry air begins to intrude. 66 degrees at the lakefront and county airporttr dewpoint low
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that is the case for most of northeastth ohio. you can see the leading edge of green thereoh to around cyrus m ima. the closest perhaps muggy atmosphere. winds aree cruising in from the northeast and sustained at 70 miles per quite a breeze out here. superimpose radar with showers and thunderstorms off to the west rolling through parts of nebraska over to western make itio into ohio and eventuay cleveland. but that is going to be, i would say monday into tuesday. the chances are maybe a few tenths of an inch of rain. full forecast details coming up in just a couple of minutesra ad we will show you what to expect as we head into our week ahead. >> we will look forwardad. this is a beautiful time of
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well, you might need an indian city if you're headed to the ballpark tonight. the red-hot tribe has an chance to clinch its first playoff berth since 2013. the scenario is, look at it but it -- allison brown is live at progressive field to explain. we have 90 win so far and we just want one more tonight. >> it's super exciting out here. the royals beat the tigers today so that means cleveland clinch the wild-card berths tonight. and also that magic number is two more games to win the central division. that would be really the big celebration out here. everyone i've talked to is very excited about that magic number. they sayma if it feels like the 90s again and i they can taste the victory out here. we have come so far and they just love watching this team. needless to say, excitement is
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we need to do it. if the cavs can do it, the indians cantu.t and we can go and win the series. and have another parade. d >> and really the bottom line here, the indians just need to keep winning. two more wins for that central division clinchch and it's all about the tigers and the indians, right? >> remember what lebron said when he saw the game down there >> exactly. >> allison brown my for us tonight, thank you. now to the latest on the roadso excuse me to the white house. remember the west wing come of the tv drama about working in the white house? many of the cast members are on thea campaign trail across ohio stumping for hillary clinton. they are urging people to register to vote before the
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excuse me. the stopping garfield heights included several actorsme as you can see such as richard schiff and bradley whitford. the group planned other stopsicn ohio today. hillary clinton is also picked up endorsements from both the new york times and the cincinnati inquirer. they say she is the best the times editorial board will officially endorse or tomorroww in the paper and that is just ahead of the first presidential debaten come a which is monday night. the newspaper says clinton's experience makes hurt the best qualified in the cincinnati inquirer saying that as aj with a look at the weather. >> get yourself all sat there. you have your water bottle. yes, like we were talking about
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beginning to change and it is not for the warm air. we will talk about when that will arrive, along with the potential for rainy weather. the full forecast details coming up next. wwup next. let's go to work governor mike pence is at the high school in the tony a and let's take a loo and he is of course the vice presidential running mate of donald trump. gates will open at 3:30. meantime, after the republican national convention, here in cleveland, it appeared unlikely that ted cruz whatever endorse donaldcr trump, but now he is doing just that. the two were once bitter rivals on the campaign trail but trump's recent hiring of a new campaign manager, kelly m conway, who is longtime crews ally, has helped to find common
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ted cruz has said the primary focus is to defeat hillary clinton so his support of trump may not be a surprise to some. and trumps running matep will be back in northeast ohio this week. republican break vice president joe nominee mike pence will speak at a rally in columbiana county on wednesday, september 28. the indiana governor will visit the v small village of lee toni. governor pence will speak at the high school and doors open at 3:30 in the afternoon. he is expected to take the stae at about president barack obama also coming back to the buckeye state. he will be the special guest at the ohio democratic he party's annual state dinner in columbus. he isp scheduled for thursday, october 13, just one day after only voting starts in ohio. the president one ohio twice on hist way to the height white house. het hopes to help hilly clinton do the same thing, along with democratic senate candidate ted strickland, whose polls show pulls show lagging behind republican incumbent senator rob portman.
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away and early voting starts in three weeks here and ohio. the deadline to register is tuesday october 11. early voting and absentee voting by mailbs starts next day, wednesday october 12. register voters can go to theire local board of elections to vote in person and in select weekends until monday november 7.ov the deadline to request an absentee r ballot is saturday,s november 5 and it must be postmarked by monday the seventh to be counted. election day is tuesday, november 8. if you absentee coming to an early. the u.s. postal service is expecting millions of americans to mail their ballots in october so it is asking voters to miller ballots at least a week before the deadline to avoid any possible delays. the cleveland cavaliers will be back until monday to begin their nba title defense as they begin training camp for the 2016-2017 season. p.j. zigler joins us by with details.late a avay >> get yourself some water and i
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best buddies international is a nonprofit organization that creates friendships, employment and leadership development for people with disabilities and cavs guard kyrie irving is serving as an massacre. kyrie irvingin teamed up with a group to help raise awareness about the mission of best buddies which just opened an office in ohio. the best while challenge kicked offbe with the french a block followed by a basketball game in a postgame party. kyrie irving served honorary cochair of the event which was a huge success. >> kyrie irving leading the way and hoping us out and supporting us. o we were able to launch our first best buddies watttt and raise $100,000 to get operation here. all to support people with intellectual disabilities and leadershipp and employment opportunities for people with special needs. >> kyrie irving willh join the teammates monday and independence as thea team holds
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to kick off their nba title defense. it seems like just yesterday we were celebrating the parade and then coming backe from the finas to win it all and now it is getting ready to start all again. >> we would take a repeat of last year if we can getet it. >> this year going into the season they will have their head coach for the entire season, unlike last year when they made the move e midway through the year. we will see how that plays out. >> hopefully the same as a disaster. >> it is hard to believe s kyrie irving and the kaz will be back on the court next weekend. the annual wine and gold free scrimmageses sunday october 2 at the q. the preseason tips off on wednesday october fettig and somatic.g the cavs will play three preseason games at home and two one the road against dwight howard in atlantadw and then to wayne wade and chicago before finishing with their annual trip to columbus on october 18. the season tips off a week later on october 25 against the new york knicks. still aheady tonight, and it's n
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the making. twoyes presidents in countless dignitaries attended the official opening of the national african american history museum today. see highlights from an emotional ceremony. plus, there is a manhunt for mass murder underway out west. what police are saying about the suspect then why he has an entire community on edge. but rs down the highway when a truck fell from the sky. here from the stunned driver who somehow walked away from a terrifying crash. and talk about a special delivery. she ordered breadsticks for lunch, but when she opened the box, she found a lot more doughh inside. aj? >> just in case it wasn't clear the first time, i wanted to say that the weather is about to change and it will be for the cooler but not before some nice stuff happens. we will talk
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look almost due east from fox 8 you can see a sliver of the sure way on the loreee left-hand side
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beautiful bluet sky in the distance. a beautiful autumn day and you can see certainly not the summer heat that we have been seeing. i think about 24-25 days of 90-degree weather. that is probably in the rearview mirror. >> yes, exactly. we had 29, you are close, even more so than you thought. and yesterday we almost hit a record high temperature within 1 degree. we h not so much today.t low 70s and beautiful autumn sky out there. check this out. we are in hollow weekends now at cedar point and you can see the crowds looking fairly thick along with a pumpkin that seems to beokai blowing along in the breeze. we lose 2-3 minutes of daylight every day now but we will take every last-minute of this
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time lapse you will seeth some f the boat activity out there on the lake. those are some intrepid mariners. i think that's the word for it. those of us who are out on the lake lake you are dealing with quite a feel swells for sure. 3-5-foot waves. small crafted by three in effect and visible satellite showing nothing but clear out there. just a few clouds hugging the horizon earlier. with the sunsets now h and sunrises for that matter actually lines up with the east-west highway ciga tremendous road glare and the sun is setting do west and rising due east. that of course lines up with our highways andou byways out there. you need your shades for sure and just to be cautious.
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down to the southwest. you can see in the buckeye state we range from 60s- 80s currently and the dewpoint spell really tell the story. much drier air behind that front that came and out of the northeast. more of the backdoor front. most of the systems move west to east. this t particular one moved more from the northeast to the no matter how you slice it it is just really took our dew points down. yesterday at this time we were atii tropical look what happened earlier this morning. the winds of change were blowing and we had been in the 50 degrees range in dew points and dry since about 9:00 this morning. it has been so comfortable. sixty-three right now and ashtabula is pretty cool. down into the 70s as you head to the south and west of mansfield. meanwhile herema is our next weather system. high pressure in control now but you can see some shower and thunder weather out to the
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it eventually as we animate you can see this rain marching west to east and by tomorrow night at 10:00 already see some rain in the hoosier staten of indiana. our forecast for tonightst with scarlet skies and quiet. there is a seasonalal -- tomorrow is that really fault beauty with a high of 74 degrees. bright sunshine and if you have outdoor plans for tomorrow you willow be in fine weather shade. here comes the cold front and chillier numbers as the name implies. into the 60s with a chance for some rain and perhaps even thunder arriving monday morning. we will continue with on and off showery weather. there will be a break in the action monday late into tuesday early. then a secondary troth comes throughgh and two is the season with a secondaryis troth's.
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unsettle the weather. you're a tate the air if you will and probably a lot of people for that matter. those 60s on wednesday. 63 degrees on wednesday might be a little optimistic followed by gorgeous weatherbe thursday through will he bear sunday. that is the early outlook for woolly bear sunday. >> he might need sweaters and jackets this week. >> sure are. this will feel a lot more seasonal. >> the shorts may be going away soon.n. thank you aj. still ahead, she refuses to let her limitations over down. coming up, we introduce you to a young woman who has a d debilitating condition stop her from playing the sports she loves. >> next in sports, the browns head south for their showdown with miami. kent that withth top-ranked alabama and the indians close in on the central division title.
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hi everybody. it's nott a matter of if, it's a matter of when will the indians pinchh see till central division is down to two. the indians beat the chicago white sox last night to get the magic number down to three. cody anderson will try to get that magic number down to one as we facede t jos? quintana and te injuries to carlos carrasco and denny salazar. the first pitch tonight from progressive field is at 7:10. here is the latest clinching a playoff berth. if the indians can clinch a playoff berth if they beat the
6:30 pm
arizona. both outcomes must occur for cleveland to clinch. if only one or the other occurs in that situation, the indians can clinch the worstst than a one-game tiebreaker on monday october 3t, provided if they wouldi lose out the rest the season.. that's what that would mean. in addition, the tribe can clinch no more worse than a tie and detroit loses a kansas city. so speaking of the tigers, they hosted kansas city this afternoon. in detroit the game was tied at fours in the ninth when eric au write that clears the basis and the royals score five times in the ninth and 7-for the final. that puts them at win number two headed into tonight's game. kent state wrapped up and looking to -- nick sabin facing his alma mater. it was all alabamackbi on their first drive jalen hurst takes a
6:31 pm
a 20-yard touchdown. alabama led seven nothing. second-quarter alabama of 27 nothing. blake barnett findsal aj howard foraj the 44-yard score. the crimson tide led 44 nothing at half and went on to bem kent state 48-0. urban meyer was staying busy during his honey do list. his white shelley tweeted this picture out saying what this coach meyer do on by weekend? this. nice job pair return to action next saturday to face rutgers and columbus. friday night touchdown saturday edition taking on akron this afternoon and the eagles up seven nothing late first-quarter.n can't handle the snap on a punt and the saint ed's recovers for the safety and 90 lead. safety . -- slows down and runs by two defenders. takes it to the house and saint ed'san rolls over 42-12.
6:32 pm
bearcats rolled into town this afternoon. third quarter michael yocca to hand off and powers and for the 1 yard touchdown run. bedford can extend the lead to 39-0. on the two-point conversion are sean wilson moves toward the corner of the end zone and fins a wide open devi and johnson. benson roles 41-nothing. the browns of landed in miami with their mass unit and a rookie quarterback as they look forrb their first win of the 206 season. theth kolbi parquet to the roster and kicker patrick murray with a knee injury. the browns limpid to miami with several startersur when cody kessler gets his first nfl start on saturday. they love the third quarterback in three weeks l -- >> it's a beautiful thing about football is that guys, especially browns are willing to
6:33 pm
record rate now but i can assure you we will get there. >> and the browns will kick off with the dolphins at 1-10 of the its their home opener so maybe the browns can be a part of the trivia questions to be the dolphinseeni. >> and the tribe, i have to say i'm impressed with the loss of thee pictures, they are still winning. >> just keeping it rolling and it looks like tomorrow at the earliest they could officially clinchedinin title. >> thanks pj. still ahead, a massive manhunt continues this evening in the pacific northwest. five people are dead after a shooting rampage at a shopping mall. the suspect isll still on the loose tonight. what police are doing toon bring him to justice. plus, when you see this video it is hard to believe anyone walked away but hear froma a driver who lived to tell about the moment a dump truck fell from the sky. and it's a bird, it's a plane,
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clinton and donald trump flyma when fox 8 news at
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welcome back. five people are dead following a shooting rampage at a shopping mall in the state of washington. the attack happeneds in the gunman is on the loose, leaving the city of birmingham, washington on high alert. g >> there are people waking up this morning and the world has changed forever. >> blurry surveillance photos show a rifle toting man at a washington state mall. police in burlington, washington
6:38 pm
responsibleso for killing five people in a shooting rampage friday night.kiiv >> the suspect entered the mall without a weapon. about ten minutes later, entered macy's with a rifle. fired multiple times, struck for females ranging in age from a teenager to a senior. also, a male was struck and all four wounded. >> witnesses described a chaotic scene when the shooting started about 7:00 p.m.rt local time, wh people running, unsure of where to seek safety. >> the most chaotic i've seen in a while and the most chaotic that ch, to me, that's ever been here. you know, i wouldn't think this would even happen here, so i'm shocked. >> after the attack, the man vanished into the night along interstate five.
6:39 pm
the mayor of burlington urging residents to come forward with any leads that could help authorities and their search for the gunmanfo. >> now our support goes to them to help them extend>> the long m of the law to bring the man to justice that did this to ourr community. >> the fbi says there is no evidencetys at this time that e attack is tied to terrorism. >> protesters filled the streets of charlotte again last night calling for justice in the death of keith scott. demonstrators are calling for the police released shooting, especially since scott's wife has released her own video of the incident. lastf night's protest were peaceful but the city is standing by their decision to impose a curfew from midnight until 6:00 a.m. city officials say they are thankful the crowdss have been peaceful after violent protest broke out earlier this week. >> i was on the streets last night,is listening to folks who were there and was grateful to see people voicing their opinions peacefully.
6:40 pm
acts of gratitude and acts of positive personal interaction between demonstrators and our men and women in uniform. >> police just announced earlier today that they will release the videonoea in the shooting of sc. back here in ohio, it's been an emotional day and columbus, where hundreds of family, friends and mourners went to the funeral of 13 -year-old tyree king. columbus police officer brian mason shot and killed the teenager on he ran from investigators and pulled out a bb gun that appeared to be a real firearm. a grand jury will not determine if the officer's actions were justified or if criminal charges are warranted. his family hass called for an independent investigation. the teen was laid to rest this morning after an emotional service at a columbus church. a truck driver in tennessee is counting his lucky starsen aftea near-death experience. he was driving down a busy freeway when a dump truck seemingly fell from the sky. >> i looked up and it's like a
6:41 pm
you see this truck falling out of thek air. office cliff right here. >> incredibly, jason perdue walked away very shaken and when you see what's left of his truck, it is hard to believe that he walked away with only a few cuts andth bruises. look at this. he was driving down interstate 40 when the dump truck, which was filled with gravel, roll down a hill and then over a cliff. it then plummeted onto the highway, slamming into the front end of his cab. >> i was rate my lane and i hadi nowhere to go. i just ford impact. i'm the furthest thing from religious but somebody was watching out for me.rh so i'm feeling thankful. >> it took almost three hours to clean up the mess on the highway. police are still trying to track down the owner of the truck. while it was a beautiful autumn day here along the north coast after a wonderful summer where we had a lot of warm temperatures. you can feel the autumn. i don't know if i would call it
6:42 pm
more of that ahead, is that correct? >> that's for sure. there is the mighty cool air on the way.a the coolest we have had in a while and that is slated to arrive thesl upcoming week. but it's not without being mixed in with some pleasant temperatures along with gorgeous weather.le okay, let's have a look from outer space and see how things are shaping up. in fact any morning cloud cover that you see right here associated with the cold front going through , which is situated like this, continues to drive much cooler air mass south and west as you will see here. temperatures still very warm down states. currently we have 86 degrees at huntington southpointe. where the cooler air has established itselfoo we are in e
6:43 pm
meanwhile, here are the dew points. another good indicator of just how far the canadian air mass has intruded. mansfield and points north east with dew points at 50 or lower. but it still is feeling rather sticky. columbus, dayton and huntington southpointe still in the 60s. winds are also driving that cooler air mass southward. we have a northeast wind coming inso seventy mile-per-hour winds. definitely will get your attention but those winds are expected to slacken after sunset tonight. we of 90s close by and relatively speaking. as st. louis and the duke a currently at 90 degrees. kansas city at 89 degrees and there you see just how significant the hermas change is as you head toward buffalo in the 50s into the northeast. here is high pressure
6:44 pm
it is modified by the time it gets here. it will slide off to the east into the canadian air time and eventually a cold front arrives them a but not until monday with the potential for rain picking up, especially as we get into monday. there it is, monday morning for the rush. upper levelel wind pattern also showing that cool change on the way. you. will see in the eight day n mere moments how thatig very lae trough of low pressure and associated upper-level system bring in the cool temperatures. it is right there on wednesday and a high of 63 to which bill alluded moments ago. the best chance of rain coming up on monday so let's enjoy an absolutely gorgeous sunday. beautiful day. head down to the park. it's a little premature for leaf peeping but that is right around the corner. bill, that really outlook for
6:45 pm
and a temperatures in the low 70s. let's hope that holds. >> just what mr. goddard would order. thanks ajay. still ahead, it isld hard to squeeze 400 years of history into one building but that's exactly what thein smithsonian s trying tois do. we will take you inside the new national museum of african american history. plus, talk about a special delivery. she ordered breadsticks but when she opened the box she found way
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6:48 pm
african american history is not somehow separate from our larger american story, it's not the underside of the american story, it is s central to the american story. could happen. who said you can't do it. but we did, we did it. >> the first african-american president and the longest tenured member of the congressional black caucus were among the distinguished speakers at the official opening of the smithsonian's new national museum of african american history and culture mi today in washington, dc. it is the smithsonianwa institutions 19th museum in
6:49 pm
the museumt celebrates the art, life, and history of some of the most influential black leaders. diane gallagher takes us on the tour. >> situated onak america's front yard in the shadow of the washington monument, now sits the final piecenu of the nationl mall. the national museum of african american history and culture. the majestic project more than a century ino the making. >> this is a place that looks back, that revels in the past, but is pointing us toward the future. t museum showcases the good, the bad and the ugly parts of the african-american experience. 400 years come to life in more than 30,000 artifacts y. >> you. get to remember all thee people who have been left out of history. so therefore their lives matter and their stories matter. and i think the other thing you do is realize that this is framingth in a way that it is everybodyt story. it's not black people story, it's the story of america. >> featuring the highest of the
6:50 pm
the lowest of the lows, like these tiny shackles used on childreni or this 1835 bill of sale for a 16 -year-old girl called - polly. the museum is still putting on the finishing touches, but for a project that began with zero artifacts, the debut collection is astounding. from slave and freeman's cabins, east german biplane flown by the tuskegee airmen, a greensboro lunch counter, and slave revolt leader, not turner's bible to and richland vols mothership. >> it's between women's of tears and moments of great joy. >> architects work for years ona its unique design. the shape reminiscent of an african headdress. the intricate fa?ade inspired by the ironwork of slaves in charleston and new orleans. >> we felt like it was important for the building to be distinctive in some way, not just be another marble box on the mall.t >> in washington, i'm diane gallagher. >> you have probably seen enough
6:51 pm
this election season but you have never seen than like thisi. >> we are in probably the most crazy and bizarre election time. in my lifetime. >> the presidential drones are the brainchild of the otto dieffenbach. that's a licensed pilot miscoded three d drones before for big clients like google or big events like the super bowl. the retired air force test engineer decided to put hillary on a broom and make the miniature donald chu money out of hison backside. he says were all made in fun. what a woman's delivery arrived she had a lot of green inside thee box. as in thousands of dollars in cash. i was like i can't keep it. it's a crazy amount of money. it's only $20 that you find. it's almost $5, i'm a manager myself, and i do deposits, so i assumed it was their deposits. >> salina alva was ordered chicken wings andas breadsticks,
6:52 pm
she knew. what to do and when te manager didn't return her call, she wasn't sure where to go so sheg contacted the corporate office. they rewarded her with free pizza for an entire year and her boss was so impressed with her honesty that he gave herb a wees paid vacation. still ahead, she has never set foot on the field but she is still the center of attention. coming up, we introduce you to a young woman who hasn't let a debilitating condition stop her from playing the sport that she loves. come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped milkshakes. better yet, come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped milkshakes at half price during half-price happier hour, weekdays, now two to five at steak 'n shake. new at steak 'n shake! 24 meals under four dollars.
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finally tonight come a high school student was born with a rare spinal conditio she still found a way both to cheer for her school and even play football. fox nicole comstock introduces us to the inspiring young woman. >> there are plenty of reasons mariah mercer could sit this game out. the most obvious being that she can't walk very far without her wheels. >> i have a lesion where myr spine is connected. >> the 15 world has spina bifida,ha of birth defect that caused nerve damage.
6:56 pm
wheelchair to get around. but instead, she is redefining what it means to stand on her own 2 for the second year in a row she is playing center for a powder plant puff game at ceres high school. >> it's nerve-racking because i am like what if i dropped the ball or if this happens butt i second-guess myself and i do find. >> that is only part of her story.ysd >> i just always like to show spirit. >> this year mercer spot on the varsity cheerleading squad. >> i was to be out there t and people see that i am doing it. >> and her parents have encouraged her to take an honest shot and all of her aspirations. since they first found out that might take f a little more out f her. >> to me it makes it special l d very inspiring that she won't lethe anything holder back. >> as she snaps the ball from
6:57 pm
sea of that bright pink wheelchair. >> i didn't think i could any do anything so when they put me and it was exciting. >> she is one message for anyone coming up with reasons to just sit it out. >> don't ever let anything hold you back. >> well said. that was nicole comstock reporting. quick final look now at our autumn like weather. >> a beautiful night tonight. very comfortable temperatures in the low 50s and gorgeous day tomorrow. look at that. 73 degrees monday.on that should all go away by the end of the week. >> thanks aj. quickly pj, indians could clinch at least into a birth tonight. >> correct, if they win. >> we arebior counting on that. thanks for joining us at fox 8 news at six. we will be back after the game tonight. we will see you then.
6:58 pm
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7:00 pm
it's baylor, one of only two big 12 unbeaten versus perhaps the top team early on oklahoma state. the conference opener for both. it's next on fox. ?? ?? >> announcer: tonight in the lone star state, conference a perfect season remains the goal for 16th ranked baylor. a high-octane offense off the right arm of seth russell. >> touchdown! that ball was on the money. >> our offense is going to be jazzed. we are here to win a championship. come in and try to punch them in the mouth and we have to answer that. >> for oklahoma state, they have already experienced


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