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tv   FOX 8 Sunday Morning News  FOX  September 25, 2016 8:00am-10:00am EDT

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the. good morning. good morning september 25th.. it is a sunny sunday in cleveland and it's much nicer than it was yesterday morning at least downtown. we were clouded over and a little bit wet. >> >>rdd but it was interesting, a little bit coolit but. >> and makes it tough to dress appropriately because you say it's going and you wear long sleeves and and manage your heart all day peak. >> and then the sun is still warm. just a hunun little busy but wit usede to it. >> we will figure it out. >> good morning. i >> we want to turn to the man with all the answers about the weather, scott sable who is in forin aj this morning. >> good m morning. about 80 percent of northern ohio had temperatures and still with temperatures in theer forts
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forty-two's out of ashtabula county. bainbridge at 44. 51 in elyria. there is a 55 and will in willoughby cantin currently at 48. coldn front the biggie here as t goes from almost northern mexico all the way up into central canadarn and severe weather alog the front from yesterday has diminished. but the time it gets through canada it will weakent least strong enough by showers by midweek and and we will continue to track showers as they work from west to east and the dew points start ado points start to climb.e dewpoint at 43. a beautiful day today mostly sunny. hot, around 75.ny showers begin working into northwestern ohio late tonight and early tomorrow looks like we will see some ring
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from west to east and generally a quarter of an inch of rain most of that fallen by 5:00 p.m. tomorrow. t i was going to go to traffic but we don't do traffic on the weekends. >> roads are all clear. >> think thank you scott. it is a small stretch of road t but the eastbound bridgen output connects the east side to the west end also but generations together to remember the man the bridge wass for. >> it was years in the making. the eastbound span is open to traffic this morning. we were there for the ribbon-cutting ceremony honoring george the for mac it has been a long six years. >> every time we pulll up it's like when is this ever going to get done. >> the weight is just abouto ovr the sit in the office and then
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excited and you are very proud. >>ou no one is more excited than thisne woman. >> i am proudlyan standing on te jewish point of at which the george voinovich bridge. >> her husband's lasting legacy is looking the side of cleveland to the t west and its partially opened this weekend. >> i think he would be very proud.ou >> but this bridge is more than just the need to get around. it is a >> you put your hand right here. isn't that beautiful? smile. perfect. >> people waking up early to ceremony.e >> this is more than a bridge. >> people already can't get too much of it.le if you think this bridge is beautiful now just wait until at night. i talked to a foreman was as it can lightw up the same way that
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>> monday morning rush hour they will be able to be on the new bridge. >> oh .-dot says the actual lanesb / drivetime. >> the weekdays it's like a 40 or 45 minute drive so with more lanes hopefully it will be a lot less time on them roads. >> ike hits like the back end of justify phenomenal summer in cleveland. it's a great time to be here and a cleveland police officerf is recovering from cuts and bruises after a confrontation at a downtown bar but ended with that ended with himim crashing through a window. you can see it at panini's bar and grill along east ninth it happened friday night when a 20 -year-old woman who is drinking alcohol started arguing
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witnesses say 23 -year-old brian brackett attacked him, punch and punching the officerpu and throwing him through a window. he tried to run but deputies arrested him moments earlier. the woman is also facing charges this morning. protesters opposed shaker heights plan to call the deer population calling it inhumane and predicting it will likely backfire.ed protesters say shaker is overpopulated with deer and a plan to kill some start again december stems in part from a complaints they are eating in people's gardens but protesters wonder if that is a good reason to kill the deer saying it will actually reduce the deer population. >> it is a rebound effect when you start killing the deer and they start reproducing the earlier and having twins earlier and having twins anduc tripletso in order to keep any level of
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calling only all year after year slaughtering the deer and this does it is just not effective and is completelys unnecessary. >> i just think it is absurd to shoot the deer.hi that is based on really they're going to relocate and come back here anyway. i have friends who live in south euclid and they've got a lot of deer in south euclid. >> protesters say shaker follows through with their plan to kill beerto starting in december deer population will likely increasely in the area. they say the wildlife friendly approach which includes people choosing certaih plants for their gardens and using humane repellents to keep the deer away. >> what's going on? are you ready? >> i am ready. >> would you be impressed if i made a prediction and wrote the magic number on this would give you be impressed? >> you would be great.
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that. i wish you would do that. >> look at that. i wrote the magic number. >> youe did. >> i am beyond impressed unless i would take today's magic number and make it a two. >> am always trying to figureur out how he does a magic trick like that. >> it is.a >> down their progressive field's fans fields fans are calling this fan tried looking looking to lock up that al central division. >> today could be the day. >>da could be. >> alison allison brown explains fansai are ready to continue the celebration now with the magic number at two.
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getting excited. >> i hope we clench soon and make it in october tond remembe. >> it is starting to feel like decades past for some of these tribes supporters. >> lets let's talk about 2016. >> this team had the potential to go all the way to the worldhe >> lebron got it done for us and let's hope the party stays at napa leave. >> natalie's peak in the indians. >> the indians just need to keep onon>s winning and diehard fanst here today say they area confident they will keep you need k to do it at if the cavs n do it indians will also and we can go and win the series and have another parade wiki team goals in cleveland thatm do not seem
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>> it is very exciting to lead up to this end wait thisis long. every year it's always next year >> it is the year. >> it is. >> and today is thee day. >> it is already our year andan we've got nothing to lose. >> batz writes.t 8:10 a.m. and still to come >> charlotte police have released the dash cam video from the just ahead the latest from the fifthth night.. rising floodwaters trapped the deer that struggles to stay afloat and bystanders step in to help. the dramatic rescue is next. >> good morning everybody. our forecast brings us into the upper sixties and lower seventies today. we will talk about the timing of
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you meant good morning. the forecast shows this. the point last night fell and the low forties. right now we are at 56 and cleveland but about 85 percent of 43 degrees warmer 43 degrees warmer than average. what all. i did a study the study a couple of yearsrs ago showing lake efft storms a the relatively cooler summer and a lake water temperatures and this would look at the rain from centralan texas all the way through the corn
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mid to upper fifties tonight and watch the clouds increasing as these clouds prevent moving er these are the showers. notice the showers between seven and 8:00 o'clock akron canton ride along 77 and watch the showers as they begin to move througha here and most of thatt plane should be gone.
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updated projection boosts the numbers a little by thursday that that's a pretty good estimate at this temperatures cool but what has us concerned is not so much the cool cooldown is the position if the position of the cold front which should be down in midafternoon. nothing substantial. the position of this low 40 percent of wednesday swing low sixties sixties low seventies friday and saturday. police say the man hunt for
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washington state state mall last night they arrested a 20 -year-oldta man who immigrated from turkey but is as a legal us resident. andrew spencer has more. keep up with a 20 -year-old arcand 15 washed into a macy's store and started shooting. >> with severed a devastating loss who had done nothing more than what we all have done was a us in that mall. >> police in burlington say he is the sole person responsible for killing fiveth people in a shooting rampage friday night. >> the suspect entered the mall without a weapon and about 10 minutes later entered macy's
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times and struck again for females ranging in age from teenager to seniors. also a male was struck and also it will reportedly wounded. >> witnesses described a chaotic scene when the shooting started about 7:00 p.m. when people were running to what they were thinking would be safety.t >> even happen here so i'm shocked. >> after the attack them and the men vanished into interstatet five in seattle. police arrested and saturday as he walked along the harbor and police say he did not try to run. as protests continue over the death of keith scott
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video of the shooting. the body cam video shows an officer running up to other officers who are facing scott. there is no audio for the first 25 sexist seconds did2 not show the moment scott was shot but it showst him on te groundhe afterward. neither video shows him pointing a gun at officersid but police also released photos of the gun kicking at the scene. a group of together to help save the deer strangled in high water. you are hearing people yelling as they're being swept away in the river knowing there is nothing they can do to keep
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and the police department said they couldn't do anything. >> knowing the deer would eventually get exhausted and die the men's stop speaking we just want it to deer out of the water. >> they've put them into safety. coming together to be able to save wildlife that's a lot of animals who won't be able to make it through this. they're able to help the animal and that's pretty h good. >> are three men decided to keep hold of it run out of town and let it breathe. >> it's a beautiful thing. >>
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process. >> it seems risky to jump in. >> no question. 8:20 a.m. and still to come >> the national african african-american museum opens this weekend. we will see the newest attraction in the nation's
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it feels good to see that sunshine ands blues skies. welcome back. the smithsonian institution in
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museum. >> the african-american museum of history and culture celebrates the art, life and history of some of the most influential black leaders. >> situated on america's front yard in the shadows of the washington monument now sits the final piece of the national mall, the national museum of african and african-american history and culture, and majestic project more than a century in thea >> this is a place that looks back that revels in the past but this is pointing us to thepa future. >> the smithsonian's museum showcases the good the bad and the ugly parts of the african-american experience. >> you get to remember all of these people who have been left out ofr o this so that their lis and stories matter. the other thing i think you do is realize this is in a way that isin says everybody's story.
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it's the story ofe america. >> featuring the highest of the highest the feet wet presidential obama's inauguration and the lowest oflo the low like these shackles used the shackles used onow childrenr bill of sale for a 16 note girl called polly. the museum is still putting on the finishing touches by but fot project that began with artifacts and museum museum is astounding from slaves and freeman'sun cabin a greensboro lunch counter turner's bible to chuck berry's candyb red cadillac and georged clinton's keep up mothership. >> the grant was to keep attention between moments of tears and moments of great joy. >> the intricate fa?ade fa?ade inspired by the ironwork of slaves in charleston and nor new orleans.
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be in some way not just another marble box on the mall wall. >> is a must see. >> i think it is important for people toi see that part of our history and learn from mistakes past and where we go from here. it's verye powerful. 8:27 a.m. and still ahead. >> someone could hit a major jackpot. how are you bowling alley is changing its queen of hearts a trying to win nearly $2 million. he is known for making great assists. how kyrie irving is given back to developmentally disabled
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the sun is up. >> the sun is officially up. >> it's a beautiful day on the north coast. >> looks like california. thank you for sticking with us.
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with more. >> the security camera showed lots of cars making quick stop stops at one house and warning signs posted about drug dealing were ignored. the cameras captured one man spray painting over those signs. that led to daniel steele getting charged still getting with drug charges and more. the man behind the the threat of the gun force me to purchase a gun which i do not like. 50 years ago i gave up the gun. >> security video shows police
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just the other day. >> i come from people who talk to police arem snakes and snaks get shot with machine guns. they. >> >> how blatant was a drug dealing the drug dealing? he had a cutout in his backdoor similar to one of these for selling steele was selling drugs in plain sight.l >> of the councilwoman despite the video and neighborhood peert peer mumbled an apology. to she released released tuesday and that the max for charges in
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that veteran left knowing the battle. >> my name is bob and i'm here to stand up.d you met changes coming to an popular game in portage county is the jackpot nears $3 million and unlike prior weeks we do not you do not have tor be win 90 percent of the jackpot. those interested in attending rasta parker james ag garfield school and take the shuttle. flows in the air. this weekend in barberton lake anna park is filled with mums of
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theme celebrates barberton's 120 fifth anniversary with 17,000 plants that will create more than a million blooms. the flowers are the main attraction but not the only thing to keep the family entertained thiss weekend. >> there is something this weekend's and curbing chalk art on the walk around the lake, children's activity area arts and crafts fabulous is something for everyone here. the festival runs until 6:00 p.m. tonight. we no caps guard kyrie irving is not afraid to do dish out assists on orra off the cou.
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office in cleveland helping people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. >> extremely excited to have best buddies down cleveland ohio kyrie irving leaving the way and helping us out. were able to launch our best buddies walk and begin our operation here. support of those of intellectul and developmental disabilities. >>a features celebrities including fox a film can he trumped in. >> a good time had and the weather was perfect for us. >> it is absolutely ideal. >> we have scots able to thank forwe that cause of his wonderfl forecasting abilities. >> m totally responsible for bad
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happening more of the same. we had a few spots in the low forties. we are in the middle and upper fifties right along the upper shorelines. it's a very long front that goes from northernnt mexico by the wy up into central canada. cloud cover along the front and until sometime tomorrow. it will not reveal a big differencell today tonight will support more clouds and eventually showers tomorrow. beautiful today right in our
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looking at a good inch of rain and maybe maybe a few morech locations. an eight -year-old girl in merrick maryland note know exactly what to do after her mom suffered a stroke. she just happened to learn how to recognize the signs of stroke. >> i could talk about my life also. >> she likes to talk. it's not a bad thing can fit considering the eight year -year-old's communication skills saved her mom's life. >> shoe special to me because she's one of my parents. >> chelsea down tells county is even given her an award for which she is is pretty proud about. this month she and her mom were at home on her mom's face started tom twitch. >> i was confused. i was like what's wrong.
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and there was nothing on my left side this headache i don't know what it is. >> likely she had recently looked up the word stroke and shehe had that was what she was witnessing so the eight -year-old, called 911. tonight we played hard for her mom for the first-time. >> hello. >>i hello 91 911 to have an emergency?1 >> am an house of my mom and i think she's having a >> i remember her face twitching. >> why do you think she's having a stroke? >> because her face is like turning to the light to the right. her doors unlocked. i just unlocked the. >> a right do you doing a great job peer dramas going to be awfulul proud. you'reou doing a great job. >> proud does not even begin to
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>> we were just saying this is s good time to remind your children about a it. >> is definitely good time to walk her a good time to walk her through when sheiso knows best steps but now it is also giving her past the iphone code. the time right now is 8:39 a.m. and still to come scary moments for a model. >> model. >> how she defended a a man grabbed her and what she wants other girls to know if they ever find themselves in a similarr situation. seeing double again and again and again?in this family just welcomed its third set of twins. we will have their story coming
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what i a gorgeous view. >> so peaceful. please it is looking like a nice sunday here in a texas texas mom gives birth to her third set of twins with open arms >> all three sets were surprised because they don't run in the family and none of the parents use used fertility drugs. >> just just getting warmed up. >> isaiah's twin brothers had a half half. >> joshua anda carry our parents eight times over and that
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>> fraternal twins there is no record of twins and my family history so this is just something from god. >> most unique, zero frist first fertility the newborns arrived tuesday at texas health forth worth. oldest of the josiah shared >> that's a lot we chose their names for meaning of what theth biblical names mean but also for the character behind it. >> when asked since things always go smoothly. >> know.
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about life. these cool big brother big core big brother big sister bracelets >> good for them. a happy family. this is no trip. national federation says this would be a treat foron retailers americans will spend it 8 dollars and that is b dollars and that is4 more than in the last year. the bulk of that will go toward costingsth and another torrent half billion dollars will be spent on candy. 17 percent of people say they plan to get costume and decorating ideas from pinter's interests or we do gain weight during the holidays but here is a good reason to hop on that. the people who weigh themselvest frequently seem to lose those
8:46 am
within 10 days of christmas average wage increased zero.4 percent among americans. doesn't sound like much but that equals out to a weight gain of about three to 5 pounds. she might be a supermodel but she is more like supergirl. gg have even bought off a gal who tried to manhandle her try to manhandle her on the streetsa of milan. she doubled the guy in the face who is apparently some after the incident she took to twitter take to defend her actions think " i'm a human being and had every right to defend myself. how dare that idiot thinks he has a right to manhandle a complete stranger ". the model told girls to protect prepare p themselves to fight bk if you ever feel in danger.o 18 in the uk decided to make is making the rounds online after he decided to dress up as hisli mom to buy alcohol. he had the dress the scarf hat
8:47 am
his mom to pull this off. his friend documented it and it appeared to work. he walked out of the store with two bottles of alcohol.of the tweak is tweet has gone viral with thousands of retweets and t likes. >> it is pretty creative. >> that is a lot of effort. >> he really wanted that. >> he really wanted that alcohol >> hopefully he was safe right? >> hopefully. >> am already thinking ahead. >> for your kids. keep that id close. don't let them get that. >> hopefully my son will be taller than me and it will be up to use my id. >> right? something doesn't match there is the clear sky. temperatures are going back up.
8:48 am
are startingcr to see temperatus climb back up and the lower fifties. we are at about a 50 officiating cuyahoga falls and starting to see temperatures around 60 new 65 by noon today. not a lot of heavy rain this font is going to start fund is going to start to accelerate showers will wo ohio may be as far east as vermillion today but for the most part the rain holds off viewpoint in cincinnati almost upst to 60 and we are very dry right now. the humidity will feel a big difference but it will feel high enough beautiful day today mostly sunny sixties the
8:49 am
see a pretty good area of rain cleveland akron canton medina about 11 or 12:00 o'clock tomorrow temperatures remained very close remain very close to 70.tere by late afternoon most of the rain should be gone. computers are trying to crank out a fewer local amounts but a half an inch half an inch i think the last couple of days. temperatures start to drop watch
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>> once the front and back flow moves up by wednesday we're pretty much given up by late tuesday to early next thursday to early next week. one person average around seventies and low fifties tomorrow and again on wednesday. >> summer temperatures ending and vending and it's not even halloweenre yet but before you know what the holidayb season. >> what will be this year's must-have. toy? shawl turner shows us children at the school and colorado are helping us to make that >> it is time to put what caught the season to the test by babies toddlers and this group of toy
8:51 am
>> our families know that there are collecting toys that are educational base and something children want to play with. >> this is a pretty tough testing facility. it is hard to see what is going on in there.r i'm going in. >> i want to show her i want to show her. >> you can see there is lots of enthusiasm. it looks like the babies are getting high marks with the vtec sort of discove gaining some ground then there is the play mustard puppy upscale but the preschoolers are really going for the headstrong sensory's efforts. >> to be a toy tester you have to be pretty afraid.t you have two run right? i'm going to try now.
8:52 am
the kids results will be released in time for parents to hit the stores. >> she is lucky she didn't break an egg over there. >> i was just thinking good for her. still ahead, being a reporter can be a wild job whether you're stepping on tories or animals. >> we will show you what happened when a giraffe got a
8:55 am
you. does in fact look nice? if there is sunday morning hand out and about enjoy.
8:56 am
indians h game. >> sometimes it can be tough to be a tv >> it is not always as glamorous as it looks, especially when it comes to dealing with animals. ashley jacobs in san diego watch what happened when she had to do a live shot next to a giraffe. >> we want to get to that chicken giveaway but one last beautytck shot. >> i like that. that's a loof >> where is this going? >> what is happening? >> they always say animals and showbiz. >> privacy please. >> are you okay? [laughter] >> i'm good. i'm here. >> she is married geek began geek and he's like nine months old. she'sol married. great line. >> hands off. >> hands-off.
8:57 am
>> biz nine -month-old giraffe obviously got a little of close and personal with this reporterg she was unharmed and obviously good spirited about remember we do these live shots. >>. you never know what's going to happen. >> a few weeks ago i was holding a tree frog and it jumped into my hair and it was just hanging out in my hair. >> live tv. you nevertv know what you're gng >> we still havet t another hor and who knows what we are going to get. >>he it could be jumping frogs, giraffes.
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coming up the new internet enter belt bridge is the magic number is now at to two and even though the tribe suffered a loss last night things are still looking pretty good.ig we will recap last night's game. oh why shaker heights residents are protesting a plan to get rid of deer in thee area. >> them with the temperatures are going the temperatures are going back upem nicely and shoud be into the sixties at noon today.t when will we see rainfall fox
9:01 am
atnf 9:00 a.m. a happy sunday morning to you. september 25th wake not to bluee sky is blue lake lots of sunshine.ue a cool 59 degrees so if you're headed out you may want to wear just a little jacket until it warms up. >> it is feeling a little more fall like then we have seen in recent days. >> it is a nice change.nn it is some relief from the high eightiesr >> good morning. >> let's turn to scott sable and pray day this morning with ath full a look at your forecast. >> good morning everybody. y we still have some spots in the forties but still with the clear sky and lack of any sort of high humidity we don't usually jump back up into thee sixties. mentor to elyria and cooler down into canton.
9:02 am
from texas all the way up to centralr canada so it is what we call it a typical mid- latitude front. these temperatures don't normally occur in summertime but they occur in the transitional seasons of summer andoc fall spring and fall. leftover pockets of air ahead of them and that drives the movement here somewhat. bottom line rain will drop until tomorrow morning and we will get some showers to the a morning tomorrow. humidity still needs to go backn up and a think it will smile. not a big difference but you'll feel more of it probably tomorrow night.ut m high of 75 and even tonight we will stay in the upper fifties and various cloud cover and showers marching through. showers track through the area.
9:03 am
will continue for most of us through the area tomorrow. >> and joy that sunshine today. it is only a small stretch of road but it bridges to big gaps. eastbound internet into belt bridge bridges. >> it was a momentous years in theas making with the eastbound and opening this morning we were there for the >> it has been a long six years. >> a great deal of time. >> every time we pull up toof te line it's like when is this ever going to get don? >> though weight is just about over. >> seat in the office and then you see the actual picture you get excited and you're veryic proud. >> no one is more excited than this woman. >> i am proud to be standing on
9:04 am
bridge. >> bridge. >> mrs. voinovich, her husband's lasting legacy of bridge linking the east side of cleveland to the west partially opened this weekend. >> i think he would be very proud. >> but this bridge is more than just a means to get around. >> it is a landmark. >> put your hand right here. isn't that beautiful?gh perfect. early to witness waking up early to witness the opening ceremony. it's simply more than is simply more than a bridge.vie >> if you think this bridge is beautiful now, just wait until at night. the foreman said it can light up the same wayi that terminal towr can. >> it will operate the same way. >> monday morning rush hour there will be able to be on the news and bridge. >> oh .-dot says the extra lanes will / drive slash drivetime
9:05 am
40 or 45 minute drive so hopefully it will be a lot less time on the roads. >> it's like the back end of a phenomenal backend of a phenomenal summer ino cleveland for the cavs, for the convention to thet indians making it is a great time to be here and a great time to be from here. the click a cleveland police officer is recovering from cuts and bruises afterp confrontation at a downtown bar that ended with him crashing through a window. you can see the boarded-up window at panini's bar and grill along east ninth rhonda 11:00 o'clock friday night a 20 -year-old woman who is drinking alcohol, police say, felt to show her id and started arguing with an officer. that is when witnessesnar say 23 will blame or blame black attacked him and punch the officer office sent and into the
9:06 am
deputies arrested him moments later.rr the woman also faces charges this morning.g. protesters opposed to shaker heights plan to call it to deer population took to the streets thisis weekend: the plan inhumane and predicting that it will likely backfire. the protest to say shaker is protesters say shaker is not overth planned over populated wh fear. protesters whether deer eating people and in people's gae kill deer and say it won't actually reduce the deer population. >> therer is a rebound effect when you start killing the deer and steadily instead reproducing earlier and having twins and triplets so in order to keep any level of control it would have to be an ongoingng calling you after your slaughtering the deer and it is just not effective at this it is completely unnecessary. >> i just think it is absurd to
9:07 am
it's based on really they're going to relocate and thend they're going to come back into shaker and anyway. i have friends in south euclid and that got a lot of deer in southt euclid. >> protesters say if they follow through on their plan to kill the dealn the deer population will likely of the deer population will likelyde increa. they this a better alternative is a wildlife friendly approach including people using certain deer certain plants in their garden and using the garden and using in repellent deer away from their yards. >> would you be impressed up i wrote this magic number on the board. >> you would be great and i don't think you can do it.ul >> i think i can. >> i would be wickedly impressed. >> look at that i wrote the magicr number. are you impressed? >> beyond impressed you should
9:08 am
>> mind-boggling. >> indeed. >> the magic number is now two and it is feeling like the nineties down at progressive field. >>. the tribe is looking to lock up the al central today possibly. alison ready to continue then celebration. >> fans of the red and blue are getting excited. >> i am just hoping we clinched soon and get healthy for the playoffs and make a good switch and make it in october to remember. >> and october to remember. it is starting to feel like decades past for some of these tribes support his. >> it's been a long time. i've been a fan since the fifties.
9:09 am
other nineties. >> but the time is now. >> let's talk about 2016. >> this team and the potential tom go all the way to the world series. >> lebron got it done for us now let's hope the party state that nepalese and we can get it done thise year for the tribe. >> bottom bottom-line cleveland indians just needve to keep on winning and diehard fans out here saturday say they are confident they t will. >> i w think we can do it. we need to do it. if the cavs can do with the and we can go and have another parade. >> girls here in cleveland that don't seem like too much of a longshott anymore. >> it is very exciting to lead up to this and wait this long. every year it is always next year. we will do it next year and now we are there. >> it really is exciting down their. >> let's go tribe. >> it's the time.wn
9:10 am
oh 9:00 a.m. and we have much more ahead. >> mom is the word. fall is in the air and the season is being celebrated in barberton and we will explain. >> even celebrities get prank. we were saying how britney spearswe kids got in on the actn
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good morning. it is now about 60 degrees at fox eight. the water temperature at the lakete is still about 47 degree. average temperature for this time of year at the lake is about 70 that with consistent warmth we've had all summer at more than h likely the lake
9:14 am
average for at least the next couple of weeks. the above normal tap temperature should not affect temperatures later. our temperatures are beginning to climb and we will start to see an update here. these are little old bute you cn see what happened in ashtabula we are starting to see many lower to middle fifties. cuyahoga county at the 50 canton up to 51 of the cooler mornings about 80 percent in northern ohio and temperatures in the forties about a few hours cold front of a limited latitude cold front which means it's so it goes bisecting the middle of the country from canada all the way down to northern mexico.gan in the summertime you don't have huge temperature variations.n they occur more in summer and fall and that is why we are highlighting this system to impact us. it will linger a little while
9:15 am
ahead of its sunshine, temperatures go back today the rain will hold off until sometime late tomorrow morning to the west and eventually we will see showers and do points go back up later tonight. a beautiful day today with average highs around 70. clouds increase tonight and keep us in the high fifties. rain will develop late tonight couple of showers around 8:00 a.m. the then noticed the rain notice the rain here prima eight and 9:00 o'clock and it looks like we will see some pretty good shower activity tomorrow from midday throughout the afternoon. showers move through and by late afternoon showers will be gone so that a good quarter of an inch of rain and this projection tries to see a couple of bull's-eyes hereti just to the east of cleveland. i think a quarter of an inch at the very least with some locally
9:16 am
behind that whichh means julio tuesday and wednesday. the lowest cell to the north kind of gets hung up and eventually it will fax south. it will stall out and cap is the main reason why we introduce rain for wednesday. will f woolly bear sunday lookig good after the showers move out wednesday and temperatures go into the low to mid seventies and daytime highs in the low to mid seventies with lows in the low to middle fifties and t weekend of october with no tropical activity. >> the sort third of temperatures yourt turn it off friday night and open up those windows. >> pretty much. police say the manhunt for the shooter who killed five people at a washington state mall is state mall is over. >> last night they arrested a 20 -year-old man who immigrated fromst0 turkey but is a legal us resident.
9:17 am
>> police say the 20 -year-old from a low-carb washington is the man who walked into a macy's store and started shooting. >> we separate suffered a devastating loss of five treasured members of our community who had done nothing more than what we all have done on any given day, go on to going to the shopping mall. that was us in that mall. >>al brewery surveillance video showed a rifle totingwe man washington state mall. police in burlington say he is the still person responsible for killing five people in a shooting rampage friday night. >> the suspect entered the mall and without a weapon about 10 minutesll later entered macy's with a rifle, fired multiple times, struck again for females ranging in age from a teenager
9:18 am
also a male was struck and all four of those were mortally wounded.. >> witnesses described a chaotic scene when the shooting started about 7:00 p.m. w friday with people running, unsure of where to seek safety.n >> this is the most chaotic scene that to me you know i wouldn't think this would even happen herekn so i am shocked. >> after the attack the men vanish banishing to interstate five about an hou of our north of seattle. they say he did not try to run. you will never believe what was captured on video. it brings in purse thief targets the gas station in a gas station in broad daylight.t. he grabbed her purse and the woman fought back chasing after him even jumping on his car as
9:19 am
when she fell off the man ran over her foot. the woman will be out of work for a few weeks. she says in hindsight fighting back really wasn't worth it and the situation could've been a whole lotn worse. after number of parents call been demon manye carts, target is dropping kids size to shopping carts in their stores. >> target intro carts similar to these and many stores last year. the rollout test quickly make failed. a blogger called the kiddie carts a quote vehicle of mass destruction.q other shoppers joined in complaining about bruised ankles. the cards were removed because of customer complaints. >> that looks painful. >> it did. rang out as 9:19 a.m. and still had.
9:20 am
top four are often the same sitcom. we will tell you which ones when we comeh back. >> backstreet boys are back. we will tell you where and when
9:21 am
9:23 am
good could send it to you. the party is on day. white sox roughed up the indian keeping the magic number at two. first the white sox in the first cabrera rips one down the line. cabrera scores chicago is up to nothing and white sox add to their lead in the sixth. todd frazier takes armstrong deep for his solo home run
9:24 am
all they needed. white sox beat unions but in the playoff party and hold for another day. they clinch it sunday in the final send in the final home game of the regularsu season for the tribe. >> bears no is no extra pressure.e we just know we have to continue to win and you know if we do clinch even if we do clinch we still have the d best record of the league on our minds and that is o definitely within our reach thought and play game andit whe. postseason spot if they beat the white sox and baltimore loses to arizona. a first outcomes must occur for cleveland to clinch. if only one of those occur as they will get no worse than the senate plan game tiebreaker in the third. in addition they can do no worse than a type of the american league central if they went into
9:25 am
speaking of the tigers they host to kansas city the game was tied at four in the ninth when eric cosgrove hit the 31 shot to right and the school orioles scored five times in the night and stunned the tigers seven / for the final and this puts the indians magic number at two heading into sunday. conference portion of the schedule looking to shock the world against top-ranked alabama on the road their first drive takes the canned offtake sinan takes it in alabama of 27 nothing oj howard for the fully 44-yard score crimson tide 41 nothing at the half and they go on to beat penn state 43 to nothing. friday night touchdown sunday edition taking on akron bookstall seven nothing in the
9:26 am
punt saint edward's tunnels edwards pummeled for the safetyd safety goes up top to curtis and kevin kramer goes up top and slows down run by two defenders takes it to the house homecoming at maple heights bearcats rolled into town third quarter michael lemieux will have two-point conversion. our sean wilson looks to make the quarterly end zone and bedford rolls 41 row 41 / nothing.r browns have landed in miami on a rookie quarterback.. browns added kicker brown's added kicker cody parquet too te walk around saturday walkaround saturday and kicker on with a knee injury. we all know clouds are lifting
9:27 am
gets his first nfl start on the nazis and anyone from the task phasing anyone from the task at >> the beautiful thing about football is thehe guys are willg to do whatever to win. it may not look like that because of our record right nowt but i can assure you we are going to get there. >> that's it for sports. have a great day. >> o >> both teams have losing records a losing record sent one of will hi win. >> abell predicted a win today. >> it did but it also predicted the loss of the i quarterback. 927 right now and we still have a lot more coming up.>> >> why a local bowling alley is changing its queen of hearts game because of its huge crowd.
9:28 am
backs to northeast ohio by playing a little basketball.
9:29 am
9:30 am
9:31 am
the surprise appearance from aje colby. >> it's going to be a good c day ;-) >> looks good out there on the water. this guy the sky is blue water is blue, and it is warmig out there. the bit bit of a chilly start. >> it's getting crisp. apple picking whether. >> mountain weather. >> all of that fun how are you doing this morning? spots believes all beginning to turn. the fact that we haven't had a whole lot of rain this year and we're still moderately dry slightly impact simplest colorss the trees are already stressed more than likely you will see some of these trees turn quick. right now clear very calm.
9:32 am
temperatures. we still have a few areas in the forties 61 here at fox eight. what a temper is still running about 44 degrees cooler than average for this time of year. rain developing along the front by the midday. a few showers well t is west of vermillion that i would say safely update the timeframe showers tomorrow. today just a beautiful day, mostly sunny with highs in the mid- seventies.s. drive tonight, not so much tomorrow. as we look ahead forecast highlights coming through in the afternoon showers by midday and then continuing by the afternoon.
9:33 am
the sixties by late day.e we are anticipating more rain next week. this morning family and friends are mourning the loss of a teenager in columbus shot and killed by >> hundreds attended. >> i'm not a family member but it just hurts me too.o >> one thing i do remember about him is his smile and he always used to tell me to stay out of trouble 13 -year-old harry king was shot and killed by columbus police officer brian mason. officers say they were responded to a call for an armed robbery
9:34 am
saturday family and friends said their final goodbyes. >> i just hope and pray that these kids will hurryth up and stop. >> king was laid to rest at forest lawn memorial garden at a private ceremony. >> officer mason shot and killed king on september 14th he ran from investigators and pulled out a bb gun that appeared to be a real firearm. a grand jury will determine if the officer'si actions were justified or if criminal charges criminal charges are warranted. fox 819 cameras rolling this week for f justice, justice for vietnam that who stood up to drug dealers with video cameras
9:35 am
lots of cars making quick stop that onehoho house. warning signs posted about drug dealing were ignored.w cameras even captioned a man captured a man spray painting over one of those signs and all that lead led to daniel still gettingat punished. it drug charge gun charge and more. the man behind those cameras and those signs was and vietnam tha. vet. he waited for those to this day facing of this day facing the judge. >> the threat of guns first me to purchase a like. 50 years ago i gave up guns. >> security video shows police raiding the house months ago at west 100 20th and lorraine. steel and a woman were arrested then and still was arrested again whe just the other day. >> physically said to me in the village i come from people who
9:36 am
and snakes get shocked with machinene guns. >> how blatant was the drug dealing?. here is a restaurant drive-through window that cuyahoga county prosecutor said daniel steele had a cutout in his back backdoor similar to one of these for selling drugs. >> mister steele was selling drugs in plain sight. >> councilwoman brady called for the max. steele a admitted to drug possession of a gun charge and child endangering but despite the videos steal only mumbled an apology. >> am sorry for what i did. >> judge the judge gave the mass max for the charges in that case, three years. the veteran left knowing this battle has been one.
9:37 am
changes come into a popular game in portage county is the jackpot nears $3 million. the queen of hearts drawing of skyland bowlingng is moving to village village park and unlike prior weeks we do not have to be present it to win 90 percent to win 90 percent of that jackpot. those interested in attending the drawing are asked to park at james a garfield pocket james a garfield high ke school and take the theto jackpot is expected to be more than two.$9 million. if you stepped outside this morning you know that fall is in the air.ouhi he the word of this weekend. it is the weekend filled with moms of every size and color,.
9:38 am
the flowers are the main attraction but you can see they are not thet only thing that keeps the full family family entertained this weekend. >> there is something here for everybody.he we have water shows we have with sandnd carvings, chalk art, a children's activity area, musical entertainment, arts and crafts, fabulous food, there is literallyt something for everyoe here. >> gates open at 10:00 a.m. and the festival runs until 6:00 p the weather is perfect for that today. we know kyrie irving is not afraid to get a shot at six on or off the court and into the global ambassador for best buddiese international for six years and saturday he hosted the inaugural kyrie irving basketball they recently opened an office in cleveland and it is dedicated to helping people with intellectual and developmental
9:39 am
officials say saturday's walk and three on three turn a tournament will go a long way to give back to the community. >> m with best buddies in cleveland ohio and i've been working for years to tryi' to gt it going and kyrie irving has been leading theng way in his going to raid arrays raise a million dollars to begin operation herear all office for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.e >> the basketball tournament features celebrity >> that's an excellent event. >> is a great event. youthful. >> cavs players given back. 9:39 a.m. and still toen ce being a celebrity is not all glitz and glamour. >> we will show you how britney spears got> real by posting a video of her son. the newest disney film, the story of a woman from the uganda becoming an international chess champion.t we will have a behind-the-scenes
9:40 am
take a live look outside this morning. traffic is flowing smoothly out there.ic things look great. itk is sunny and cool. if you're headed out and about these safe. we will have a look at the
9:41 am
9:42 am
9:43 am
humus and if you hope you have another great sunday morning and thanks sosu much for watching fx eight news this m morning. >> it is great to see the sunshine. should burst on the scene in 2013 when she won an academy award for best supporting now she's back and starring in film.w >> it's a disney film that tells the true story of a young woman fromills uganda who goes on to
9:44 am
there is david moss with more. >> what is your name. >> can you please 80 the oscar-winner plays a mom in the true story of a young girl who fights are way out of the uconn the slums to become the queen of a national chess champ. >> she is a person who will go to> know and to protect her family and she has had a very rough life and has experienced all sorts of rejection and is just preparing for that kind of life because that's all she has known but she has to learn that in order to really do right by herer children and really show
9:45 am
>> how about making the movie? what was that extreme for you?h >> it was so good. we don't -- the african continent does not't get stories of this magnitude very often. we don't get to to see uplifting stories with african people is the front and center at the front and center of there was a feeling of celebration everyhe day but was also extremely challenging. >> we never give up on them. >> the story is embedded in struggle but people are living and thriving and surviving every day and there is a moment to say how is your life? you know besides the fact that you might not know where your
9:46 am
somebody and to be able to have that and see that thist humanizs the place and we don't often get that. >> it's beautiful.t everyone should see it. >> you have a blessed career you know. >> thank you very much. cheers. >> she stars in clean of capap way. >> she is such a good actress because she. >> she was absolutely fabulous. that gave me chills >> we will have to head to the theaters next. >> check itto out. now let's check out the forecast was with scott sable. how you doing? >> pretty good guys good morning. clear skies, relative calm wind and the lack lack of humidity drove the temperatures down into the forties the late last night. look at the normal overnight low 53 and for the first time in a long time most of northeastern
9:47 am
normal highs about 73 and we should be close to that today. clear skies and temperatures are warming upar nicely. east lake is already up close to sixties soul and still in the middle fifties and here at fox eight ate 62 degrees and here's the forecast. with the cold front this one is a biggie. front,en the technical name fora front front thate goes from one extreme to the other and connects all the the way up into central canada. usually you get this sort of thing in the fall and fall typically because youa have more of a temperature contrast. if t you remember how warm it ws a few days ago seventies ahead of the front, fifties and sixties behind it. worrying will hold off until late morning to the west. two points will begin to climb
9:48 am
enough to support clouds. we start cloud over tonight and it will be breezy by 10 to 15 miles an hour with clouds increasing and although some areas to the west havea showers tomorrow around eight or 9:00 o'clock there highlighting aroundouou midday timeframe for those showers to spread across northern ohio, continuing to spread by the afternoon. front but it will be over about a six hour window. o temperatures continue to cool down tuesday into wednesday with highs in the sixties and this is the main update adjusted to the eight elite dataflow. the low tracks right out of the northwest then stalls out if at the ohio rain continues than
9:49 am
notice the high temperatures just a week from tomorrow. after the rain wednesday at this point we're going to keep it dry.atat we need to keep it dry on thursday and friday. if there's any chance for this there is any chance for this a date willy.y. be closed a thursy night into friday morning. the killing e distilling weekend looks highs in the in the low to mid fifties. the cast of the big bang theory is making an even bigger bang when it comes to their salaries. forbes said the two highest paid tv actors in the world thisig yr are big bang stars. actor jim parson once again leads thee pack and the forbes list. this year he made 25 and a half million dollars, much of it from his earnings of the sitcoms.
9:50 am
galecki who is johnny galecki who isp in second place with $24 million last year. a hacker is reportedly trying to sell photos stolen from the sister of kate middleton duchess of cambridge. the 3,000 pictures were illegally taken from put those ipodu account. the images are said to include pictures of pip and her fianc? getting ready for theirn weddin, also pictures of the princes of cambridge and prince children. they contacted media organizations demanded a minimum of $65,000.m at that and jake matthews are expected to marry next week. kids love to play pranks and their parents britney spears funds are no exceptions. care that scare the heck out of our mom. we just stole her phone and
9:51 am
>> what little stinkers. britney posted the video herself on twitter twitter sone obviousy she's not too disappointed about it but she was legitimate to jubilantly stunned. >> are kids are probably little too young for that. >> they have not figured that out quite yet. >> if they did that would you take it in stride. >> they've got good intentions. >> it's all in good fun. >> posted out there. >>'s. speaking of nineties top stars backstreet's back. >> the backstreet hitting the stage once again and we will
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
>> those were good years he did new line the music world these musical lives on in our hearts.i the backstreet boys are making a solid at home in vegas. >> the grouplid announced they l hold a larger than life residency at planet hollywood hotel it consists of 18 dates between march 1st and july 1st. tickets go on sale this week my gauge mike yeah jennifer spear my kitty jennifer spears boyz ii men jenniferjsp lopez all currey hold court on the lasy vegas strip. >> that is a place to be if you were a nineties *-asterisk star. >> that is righta and the hotspt peaked as nineties shows the poor pope paul out regularly. >> poor out regularly. >> i'm sure theyeyo are.
9:56 am
let's check out the with cap happening here weatherwise. we were in theer forties this morning. seventies today sunny. low seventies tomorrow. we will get rainedlo on smile en in the morning at removing west indies and continuing through the afternoon. we will fall back into the sixties late tomorrow. mid sixties to do. sixties tuesday. think tuesday will be much drier thansd monday. low sixties thursday friday. at this point it still look the weekend forecast looks even better. we have have the will of their contest coming t up and the weather looks perfect. perfectct seventies. >> thank you for watching fox eight news at home more online.
9:57 am
9:58 am
i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me.
10:00 am
i'm chris wallace. charlotte police release video of the shooting of keith scott. and the first presidential debate is now just hours away as trump and clinton get ready to go head to head for the first time. on the eve of the big face-off, we'll ask republican mate, indiana governor mike pence, how trump is preparing for the biggest night so far of his political career. >> they say she's been practicing for the debate. some people think she's sleeping. >> and as hillary clinton gets ready, we'll speak with her chief strategist joel benenson about her game plan for taking on trump. >> we're all going to be glued to our chairs. >> plus, clinton and trump weigh in on race and policing after


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