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tv   Fox 8 News at 6PM  FOX  September 26, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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this community just lost such a special boy and he's irreplaceable. there will never be a smile like andre jackson's. l there will never be one. >> we are toldld counselors will be here at euclid high school throughout the week, providing support for grieving students and staff the soul in school district. issued a statement that reads everyone in the soul and comments athleticic the soul and schools since prayers and comfort to andre's family, friends, two make, coaches as well is the euclidd high school and communities. counselors will be available this week for our soul and students who want to talk or need additional support.nt euclid head football coach -- in particular, his interest in learning and furthering his education. >> i can tell you that we will do everything we can to honor number 48.
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the smile. we will cherish this boy. >> it is homecoming week at euclid high school andee we are told the game will be played as scheduled on friday. lou and tracy, there will be a moment of silence and a balloon release before the game. >> just a tremendous loss for that community and medically we simply don't know what happened. >> they have to wait for the corner to issue the release. >> the fox 8 i team has obtained theed video showing what hapen man died there. it led to a criminal investigation of a bartender. i team reporter ed gallek here with more on what he has discovered. >> see. what the bartender saw. the i team as the security video policeur used in building a cas. one that puts a spotlight on how much is too much to drink at a bar s . the bartender pours another shot. nicholas your call downs another drink and some are. then somewhere.
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you see people in the bar try to jolt him awake. he was not responding, having trouble breathing. short time after this, he died at a hospital. now a year later that bartender has pled guilty to a charge for our lt over serving. though she was not charged with causing the death.h. >> why not call 911 earlier? >> honestly. >> we went to that bartender, any heart. it happened at a bar in parma. b the medical examiner mix of alcohol, heroin and fentanyl. >> there were times i tried wake them up and he wasn not coherent but he was still with me. >> these police reports show the bartender served double and triple shots. the equivalent of 18 drinks in an hourks and 20 minutes. in the end, police put together a case for grand jury to consider a charge of involuntary manslaughter.
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charge for the death. but even a charge for over serving somewhat rare. parma police say this should send a message to anyone serving drinks anywheree it is definitey an important case for people to understand that when you're dealing with somebodydy that iso intoxicated that they are not responding to any type of stimuli and not waking upey ant doesn't feel like they will wake up anytime soon, it's probably a good idea to call paramedics right away. >> i may have overstepped him. i'm not saying i didn't. >> heart says a woman claiming to the bar that night and didn't see this turning deadly. heart also new york zero well. but in the end, a powerful reminder about watching how much is too much to drink.ow >> what would i have to say to them? to be careful. get to know the signs of >> the ohio investigative unit looks into cases like this statewide. still looking into this one. the local agent in charge says what you just saw should never happen in any bar in ohio. we found the bar in this case
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the ohio investigative unit said a permit there was not renewed. >> it's obviously a case of subjectivity two with respect to know what that limits our with dui but different situation with respect to a bar. >> exactly. investigators say you know it is .08 and you can't drive above that. there is no limit like that for being in a bar in no way to measure how intoxicated you are. and nothing in the code that says you have to call 911 at such and such pointat >> a concerned parent looking for answers tonight. wanting to know why it took nearly three hours for their children to get home from school friday.e petty gallek is live outside the william cullen bryant school on the cities near west side with more on this s schoolbus mix up. what happened to peggy? >> tracy, the parents hear very upsetpe him as saying they spent hours wondering if their little ones were okay.g >> this is matthew. he was one of the children that was on the
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three hours for a bus ride on friday. >> parents and grandparents are still trying to figure out why it took about three hours for their children to get home from the william cullen bryant school for the afternoonon. >> we are frantic. we were starting to worry at that point.arnt we thought why wouldn't the school call us if the school of the kids will be that late. >> the elementary school children normally get home after 4:00. so when the bus didn't arrive at 4:45, parents began c school but didn't get an answer. >> we are afraid there was an accident with the bus may be were somehow the bus driver got lost. like i said, they never have the same bus driver. >> a few minutes later they called police. >> at the>> p latest they are he 4:30 but this time they were home by almost 7:00 at night. >> school officials say they take this matter seriously and theyak are trying to determine
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spokesperson said this is what they know so far. the students were transferred to a new bus number. but that change was apparently not communicated to the school fridayng so another driver added the students to his stops, believing their bus was delayed. the district says the bus driver meant while but it does not excuse the unnecessary delay or thesa confusion it caused for several families. >> the bus driver said and was trying to tell me the school put themp he still had kids on the bus but he was trying to explain what happened. i don't care what why did this happen and why wasn't i notified? this is my issue. >> feel better from a long bus ride. >> parents tell me they want the district to change the policy so if something like this happens again they are notified right away. >> i'm sure they were just hope panicked during that time, especially not being able to
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>> exactly. that is what really caused their concern r when they called the school and couldn't get an answer. there was a couple of hourst and theirou kids were home yet. it was very frightening for a lot of these parents. >> hopefully lessons learned. lou? >> inlo northeast ohio agency my become the first in our state to offer its employees paid time off after they have a child. dave nether's has the story. presented this evening for the very first time. >> yes, just a weti are in after an outcry outside the summit county council members committee discussing this proposal to offerro employees, both men and women, six weeks of paid family leave when they become parents.w for many parents the ability to spend as much time bonding with their children after birth is your replaceable. >> it's important because they have all that time they are taking in the informationan and that's the most important time is when they are young.
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it is. >> i think that's important to bond with your kids anditit edue them at that very young age. >> summit county councilwoman elizabeth walters agrees. >> having a baby is a joyful event but it's neither a sickness or a vacation, so having policies that support new families that don't require them to takequ all of their vacation and sick time is the right thing to do for our county employees. >> summit county's current employment policy consistent with federaln law, allows new parents 12 weeko with no pay after using up what paid leave, including vacation time, employees have already at. walters hopes to change all of that. >> economically from a work force and the family side, studies, particularly have been somee in ohio that show increasd health outcomes for moms and babies that have theom time to o home and set a retuning, make
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mortality rates d and increase e earning potential of mom over the lifetime, as well as dad. >> county executive eileen shapiro, whose approval is needed forap the proposal to become law, so she will have no hesitation signing ite when it comes to her desk. >> i will be happy to sign it and as> soon as it hits my desk it will move forward. >> the benefit willi come at a cost, but shapiro said it is worth it. >> this is is about having a healthy productive community and we need to be able tolt, from a county perspective, take a that for the people that work at the county and hopefully othersa will follow suit, not only in the county structure, but in the private sector as wellll for the who don't already do that. >> a first reading tonight and it will move forward from there through the counties. they have a ways to gohe in by e way the kenny believes the closest other county to do this may be allocating countyr in pennsylvania.
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do this. dayton, toledo and newburgh heights.n, >> i'm thinking that benefit may also help them men maintain and attract employees as well some audio issues there but dave, thank you forr the report. >> donald trump and hillary clintonna are ready for a showdn in tonight's first presidential debate. tens of millions of people are expected to tune in and both take the stage. fox 8 jennifer jordan joining us now with a preview with the debate now just hours away. jennifer? >> tracy, this is arguably the most anticipated presidential debate in our nation's history. the debate will be divided into sixis 15 minute segments of the candidates will cover three topics:america's direction, achieving prosperity and securing america. moderator lester holt will start thee segments with a question ad
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minutes each to respond. clinton and trump are virtually tiedum going into tonight's debate. a recent washington post abc news poll puts clinton upup 46 percent and trump at 44 percent. the debate is projected to drop up to 100 million viewers and they could get quite a show. both candidates spent sunday per beam for this debate and both campaigns are expressing confidence.nd >> you know when those two candidates take the stage for the first time in the same place,e, ta more parsing of words, the american people will be able to hear from two candidateswo and they will hearte about to futurs for this country. >> she's going to layout divisionut, a positive vision fr our country and she will talk about plansve . the thing about 90 minutes is you can't hide. donald trump likes to say i'm going to build this while but then i'm not taking any
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>> as far as fact checking during the debate, the executive director for the commission ofrg residential debates says in theirin history, moderators have found it appropriate to let the candidatesry be the ones to talk about the accuracy or the fairness of what the other candidates say. the debate kicks off from hofstraba university in new york tonight at 9:00 p.m. >> we will see what happens. bothth candidates preparing for days now. >> going back home down 2-0, going back on that and understanding 2 we had a fighting chance. it's about taking it game by dae >> remember that moment? it is been more than three months since the cavaliers won the nba title and now the boys are back in town. >> i never forget a second of that final game.n the defending nba champion cavaliers have gathered for media day with training camp coming up. fox 8 sports anchor john telich was in independence today as the
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>> using the words today and they will be using their legs and arms on tuesday. kevin love said it will taketa some getting used to. the cavaliers are now the hunted team and not the team of many hunting down the champions. the wine and gold give no indications they will do anything but work hard and at the best possible way in order to keep the larry o'brien trophy here inop cleveland. the big three became a bit bigger today as coach ty joined lebron, kyrie irving and k love. the cavaliers are fresh off a week in santa barbaral where thy bonded even more and started laying the foundation for defending the championship.nd let's give they can get it done. the team announced more williams is retiring and also said a solid offer was extended to jr smith and they hope you find soon. general manager griffin talking about observing some of the plane time now that mo williams
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point guard position. the versatility inr the lineup o absorb that. we have other people that can guide the position. because of lebron we have additional people that can play the position offense of lee. >> tuesday and appear once again salmon champion means a lot to me and my personal goals and it means a lot to everyoneot and anyone in northeast ohio that hasoh anything to do with cleveland sports history.s >> we have all had some sort of bump in the road that has o and we were all brought together for a reason and we made it happen. b that's what i take away from it. >> the cavaliers will be back on the courts and get their work ends starting on tuesday and of course this week and you have the wine and gold scrimmage and the preseason games. before long they will bea raisig the banner at the q q and picking up those championship ringsq . >> let's have another championship season.. >> breaking news here at 6:00.
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reportedly arrested early this morning. >> they reporting that 25 -year-old have a bailey was arrested for ovi i in north royal. according to the report, he was speeding on west one 30th street before turning into a nearby dog park. when an officer saw him exiting the vehicle, bailey allegedly ignored the officers command to go back and side. the royalton post reports that he had allegedly admitted to drinking and was arrested for ovi i. >> the post also says officers allegedly saw quote green flakes believed to be marijuana inside the center counsel. c we will of course continue to follow the story and bring you the latest here on fox 8 and on our website as well, the cavaliers already brought home a championship last year. >> now the indians are hoping t follow in their footsteps but first they had to take care of business in detroit. >> and then there was one. one win away from clinching the
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cleveland indians. they will try to do it tonight against the detroit tigers. a live reportit coming up. >> we are so close and it's like a criminal registry, but in this casei the bad guys have 4 feet. a local city's efforts to keep track of bad dogs. >> it makes really big. she not only made it big but she struck it rich. see why this local jackpot winners said she plans to spread the wealth. j >> and we had temperatures in the 80s l the weekend and now temperatures in the 60s. right now the sun is shining, but for how long? and what about woolly bear 40 for the sunday? we will bring you that forecast
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welcome back to fox 8 news at 6:00. looking at burke lakefront where wela had the clouds and light moderate and even heavier pocketsv of rain earlier today but now we are left with what is going to be a beautiful sunset coming up aroundw 7:17 in the evening. let'sng talk about those earlier sunsets. that was occurring now. 70 degrees for the higher temp was earlier today and the bulk of the day has been in the event that fellll at hopkins. sunrise at seven: nineteen. winds will start to pick up and we do expect us to your winds throughout the night tonight as well as throughout the day tomorrow. cooler air starts tot -- was obviously the culprit for the definitive line of rain earlier today. temperatures now in the mid- 70sf
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still the 24 hour temperature change and we have a 5 degrees deficit in cleveland. twelve in st. louis. nothing to show you on storm fox.wen the rain moved out and this is a line of rain associated with the coldhe front itself. now wef. will be awaiting this area of low pressure. it will drop toward northeast ohio. not tomorrow. tomorrow replay action where we have a beautiful sunshine day. but once this area of low pressure hovers around northeast ohioa lake spokes wheel we have on and off sporadicn showers wednesday, thursday, friday and saturday. about a four-day stint.ri the area of low pressure dropping in and eventually heads into northern ohio.pp that's during the day on wednesday. here is how it looks tonight. mile is all about the sunshine once again. even tomorrow night things will be quiet and the clouds start to work their way in. by wednesday late morning into midday where some of the showers
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two of thunder. it's not that likely. these are marked the folic showers.oik the reason we have a chance of rain for about four days we call it upper level low. it's cut off from the jetstream. nothing to catapult it toward the east. rainfall forecast as we go through your wednesday looks like most of us a tenth two or quarter an inch. come a little closer to the half inch mark. tonight temperatures mostly clear and temperatures in the upper 40s. a little on the cooler side. ihe we are looking tomorrow and near normal high temperatures. mostly sunny along with gusty winds and choppy conditions upon lake erie. 5-7 footers possible. the cool high temperature in the low 60s and on and off showers all the way through saturday. asay of now, the woolly bear festival looks dry o with clouds ands sunshine with high temperatures about 70 degrees. exactly what dick goddard ordered.70
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect?
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i'm ted strickland, and i approve this message. i carried a rifle in iraq and afghanistan, so we wouldn't have to worry about terrorists using them here.
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senator portman said no to background checks on all purchases. even voted to allow people on the terrorism watch list to buy guns. senator portman, i fought to keep america safe... why won't you? the indians have another chance to clinch the al central title tonight. john telich is here and hopefully a third time is the charm. >> the white sox spoiled the celebration here in cleveland. tonight the indians can clinch
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tigers thet season. with a win tonight they can clinch their first a el centro sincean 2007. but they will need more from the offense which only scored one run in the last 20 innings against the south ciders from chicago. the indians sending corey kluger on the mounds. he allowed less than two runs again. -- in his the party just like the champagne has been put on ice theee last few days for the cleveland indians. they are hoping to officially clinch the ticket to the postseason tonight with a victory over the detroit tigers and they will clinch the divisionleague central title. the indiansti have been looking for that central division title
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they have seven chances to wrap up w the division they have been leaving since july 4.v corey kluger will try to make it 4-0 against the tigers this year as he triesma i to win his career-high 19 game of the season. the team was disappointed they didn't get itd done at home in terms of clinching so now they have to do it on the road. the rest of the indians are excitede about the opportunity day have in front of them tonight on the >> v it's going to be a fun experience and hopefully we get it doneg today. if not, we have to go out there and compete every time we go. we have several seven games left of the season. we have to g >> jt, the indians have already clinched their share of american leagueam central division title. they look to win outright tonight with a victory over the
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postgame reaction and hopefully a champagne party coming up tonight on fox 8 news at 10:00. >> thanks pj and to make sure s you have those goggles. the word is browns cooker cody park he will remain c with the team pay the quarterback will remain and rookie cody kessler. most reviews on the kid from southern can are positive. there were some building blocks to take a look at despite the heart wrenching lossi to the dolphins. of course the star of the game by far was jarrell prior, who was the teams swiss army knife, two hugh jackson not happy with the loss andt prior is hyper criticl of his own performance. >> there are a few things and get to do and you can up at what is in the best position. it's all about beating the redskins and that's what we are trying to do this week. that's the game plan. >> of course we will keep tabs on those indians for you tonight fox 8 news at 10:00. >> hopefully they get it done. >> he calls her a liar.
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tonight, hillary clinton and donald trump will finally meet face-to-face. upup next, a live report on what we can expect for the first presidential debate. beware of dog. it's not just a sign on offense. see where police want to make sure everyone knows where potentially dangerous dogs are. we are one nation under god. that black and white, we are one nation indivisible.
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you know what they used to do to guys like that? they'd be carried out in a stretcher, folks. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters. priorities usa action is responsible
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no one said a commercials, no filters. just to candidates going head to head on the issues. >> and just a few hours, donald trump and hillary clinton will square off in their first
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is live on long island with a preview of the big night tonighg and we are expecting record-breaking viewership. >> tracy and we will, that is correct. we are expecting about 100 million of course it could be a little bit more or less and it is obviously going up against monday night football. a lot of people don't know who is playing monday night football. it's just how big this event is tonight. the stakes could not be higher candidate going up against a male. hillary clinton versus donald trump and all of this coming as new polls show a tightening race.a >> we are hearing anyway that the preparation for this has been totally different and trump has been more loosey-goosey and plans to be himself and hillary has been going through getting grilled by her amherst every
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>> lou and tracy i always heard my teachers and my mom tell me don't over study for an exam. i always had a tendency to lock myself in a room and that is what hillary clinton has done the last three or four days. she has been holed upy in new york and did not even do the walk through today because apparently they were busy prepping. when th they got out to long isd today she went and prepped a little bit more. keep in mind she is a seasoned debater. meanwhile on the flipside with donald trump do a walk-through today. he did one isis bouncing questis off each other as the last few days have passed. his debate prep seems to be a lot less intense than hers. >> should be interesting to see how it plays out on stage. joel waldman in new york. thanks for the preview. after all the rhetoric on the camping trip, each candidate will make their case to voters tonight and fox 8ei will bring t to you live. it's a first presidential debate tonight at 9:00. stay tuned for an analysis on
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>> are clowns terrorizing in northeast ohio community? police in norwalk say a photo posted online has sparked calls of clowns causing chaos. fox 8 news reporter matt wright found it started as a prank that spiraled out of control. ls >> this is the photo causing a circus in norwalk. the woman who posted it on facebook thursday claimed she saw these two clowns on the streets. it has been shared more than 1,000 times. >> it seems like it was at prank that just kind of got o hand. >> norwalk police captain michael connieie said the police spot the calls to thursday into friday. first, for clowns harassing peoples here along klein street. elsewhere, a report state of caller claimed clowns were jumping out of woods, scaring people. as one woman believe she saw a clown outside her door trying to break in. >> anytime there is anything goe that we willg investigate. >> police did not find any clouds, but instead found groups
6:35 pm
social media post. one woman said she wass live streaming on facebook, documenting the huntve. >> you never go and take the law into your own hands. >> norwalk police say they tracked down the man and woman who posted this photo and they admitted they dressed and a clown costumes. the man telling police the woman quote wanted to be famous. norwalk's law directort considered but declined to file criminal f charges against them. police urging caution and online posts. >> it can create a problem for the police resources, wasting time that could be better spent serving the public. >> with the clown sightings unconfirmed, police say they coulds have been an exaggeration's or falsebe repor. some hoping the costumes stay away until hollowing. in norwalk, matt wright, fox 8 news. >> if you own a dangerous dog in avon lake, you are going public whether you like it or not. fox 8 lorrie taylor said city officials are now holding dog
6:36 pm
until you see how they are doing it.wa >> entire breeds used to be banned when a specific dog was involved in an attack, and in some communities that is still the case. but more progressive cities are now makingbu it all about the individual pat in the person who owns it.e meet charlie, kane and remi. sandy and samson. according to avon lake officials, they are all dangerouss and that has earned them a place on the city's dangerous dog mapht which is now posted onlin >> residents wanted to know where these dogs were, what these dogs look like. >> councilman david kos said the map is born out of the city's vicious dog law, which was created last year in response to the killing of two dogs in separate attacks. the map includes pictures of dogs that have been designated as vicious, dangerous or a nuisance.e. details of their offenses are
6:37 pm
they live. >> we have put forth some very tough penalties and some very tough restrictions that deal with dog owners that are not as responsible as we would like them to bee . >> kaine is a perfect example of how life changes for a dog and his owner once a dog makes the map. when the shepherd mix was found guilty of killing a small dog back in july his owner was charged with first-degree misdemeanor and had to pay 1,000 are kane had to to obedience class. he now has to be muzzled while off property and his owner has to post a dangerous dog sign for all to see. >> the folks that own these dogs know that they have a set of restrictions on them and know that that dog is not treated the same as all the other dogs. >> kos said it only makes sense to deal with problem dogs as individuals versus treating all dogs as if they are the same.
6:38 pm
village officials will be borrowing language from his city ordinance to draft their own vicious dog law paired that iss in response to a recent attack that took the life of the bay village pat. >> lori, thank you. >> police in houston, texas are asking pulled -- for help a more information on a man who opened fire in a shopping center this money per the shooter is identified as nathan desai. police describedth him as a disgruntled lawyer. investigators say desai worked at a law firm that was closed down last yearar upset ever since. there is no motive for the attack. >> my understanding he did not. .e just started firing >> and we was just firing indiscriminately? >> as far as i know at this time. we will be answeringng asking anyone to come forward in additionsk interviewing numerous individuals. >> one of the victims remains in criticalv condition at this hou. another in serious condition. >> the man accused of killing
6:39 pm
confessed to the crime. twenty -year-old are can see it and is now five counts of first-degree murder. on friday night, police say he walked into h the macy's at the cascade mall in burlington and opened fire with a rifle. for women and a man were killed before the suspect got away. he was arrested a day later. court documents show he admitted to thehe shooting. at this point, it is not clear if it is an act of terrorism or what e charlotte police say they will get tough with protesters who do not follow their rules. police say four of the 11 people arrested during demonstration overnight were charged with standing in the street. protesters are being allowed to walk down roads, as long as police have stopped traffic. more than 70 people have been arrested sinceop keith scottt ws killed by police last tuesday. a curfew has also been lifted. >> people in cedar rapids, iowa are bracing for some potentially
6:40 pm
thousands living along the cedar river havee already been told to evacuate. the river is expected to crest at 7 feet above flood stage by tomorrow. horrific flooding there just a few years ago. more than 9 inches of rain last week caused flooding and the des moines area. the shell rock river hit an all-time high of 21 and a half feet. dangerous situation there for so many thousands of people in iowa tonight. >> devastating all is quiet here but we are experiencingso temperatures. >> we are compared to last week when it for like august and close to 90 degrees. now we are back to the 60s. we look outside and we will show you t how lows weekend over the weekend. the jack-o'-lanternow had some rain showers this weekend and this morning and now some clouds and sunshine. it turned out to really be a pleasant evening and will be a gorgeous sunset.t. really just a little more than a half hour away.
6:41 pm
into the '60s as opposed to the 70s and '80s last week. a subtle pattern returns on wednesday and the end action goes into the beginning of the week. we will explain that more in detail. sunday is a big dairyt for the woolly bear 44 in vermillion. akron canton at 62 degrees. winds for most of us at 10-20 miles per hour.t -- we have temperatures that have her high temperature today was 70 degrees earlier today. behind the front cooler air is starting to work its way in. because we clear out with the winds active i expect temperatures to fall tonight into the upper 40s. as kids head out tomorrow morning to the bus stop they will need an extra cold and later in the morning before shedding that during recess time and thereafter. no rain to show you. this is the line of showers that came pummeling through the area
6:42 pm
since then clouds have been eroding. the area of low pressure attached to it is starting to move closer and closer. starting on wednesday unsettled weather begins. that begins sporadic showers wednesday, thursday, friday and saturday. when you have these upper level low'sd typical and the spring as well is fall they hang around for a long time. they spell around and about clouds, sunshine and instability showers from time to for tonight mostly clearar and a beautiful day tomorrow. temperatures near normal. we have highs near 70 degrees with all the sunshine and clouds will start to fill in as we go to tuesday night. by wednesday afternoon and evening some of the showers will definitelyet be around and attempts with just a few downpours. we are looking at rainfall amounts --tt back to tonight we are looking at temperatures in the upper
6:43 pm
cooler in some cities in town. high temperatures in the 70s tomorrow and a pleasant fall day. over the next eight days from wednesday through saturday on and off showers. we start to turn away the chances of rain. 70 degrees on sunday and a mixture of clouds and sun. looking pretty dry in vermillion for sunday and temperatures in the 70s with lots of sunshine >> and the rain in between.ts >> everybody has been asking about this and we will tell you. dick goddard is doing very well and recovering nicely from his surgery. he is in very good spirits. >> but he wanted to make sure that we reminded you about the woolly bear festival this sunday in vermillion. it is dick's favorite day of the you can find a full schedule of
6:44 pm
forward to seeing you there. a very nice day as well. feeling like royalty. a local woman wins millions in a raffle drawing. why others will also benefit from her gourd fortune. >> it's amazing thing. >> one final ride. a veteran living high on the hog for one at least one more day. now let's check in with bill and elizabeth to see what they are working on for fox 8 7:00. >> a five -year-old boy taking a pass on his birthday presents. he will never believe what he told his presence he wanted to do with that
6:45 pm
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sfx: door shatters she'll call nine one one. average response time? eleven minutes. too late. she keeps a firearm in this safe for protection. but hillary clinton could take away her right to self defense.
6:47 pm
t let hillary leave you protected with nothing but a phone. the nra political victory fund is responsible for the content of this advertising. i only had a few hundred dollars in my checking account onew suny and i have a few more dollars. >> life has changed in a big way
6:48 pm
playing the mega millions or powerball. >> instead it was a card game. the queen of hearts that turned outs to change her life. fox 8 maia belay tells us how the lucky winner plans to give back to her hometown.n. >> the queen of hearts finally showed herl face. after 52 weeks of drawings. >> i think i'm going to win. >> and sellout crowds, a winner was crowned in garretson ville. >> a lot of my regulars are glad to have their bowling alley back again. m she came in friday out of the thousands of people from all over the state that were playing this weekth she wn with one ticket. it's really amazing. >> it's now game over for the infamous card game thanks to terry veteran he. >> that's me. i said terry, this is erin from sky lanes.n >> it was a strange number trying to facetime me and it kept dropping. >> we drew your ticket card number five.
6:49 pm
>> he goes it's the queen of hearts and i said oh, what does that mean again? he goes that means he won $3.4 million. from there it was like screaming and getting my kids ande wa not believing it. ing had to sit down. it is still very surreal. >> the big win one with just one ticket terry bought for $5. it was her first time playing the game. >> whatga are the odds? one ticket. >> according to the game rules, thierry will walk awayhe after taxes that is more than $2 million.n. terry said she will put the cash back in her hometown. >> i would like to see man away village revitalize. if we could start a business or two in man away village, i was certainly invest in my community. >> her sights set on this building, a former school she has been working tohi restore since 2004re and turn into a community center for children and teenagers. >> i just want to invest in the
6:50 pm
grandchildren and my children. and i think that is where money should be spentg . >> giving back, a dream terry says will soon be realized thanks to a crazy card game and one lucky ticket. innd garretson bill, maia belay, fox 8 news. >> good for you and congratulations. the bowling alley owner said more than a half million dollars has been donated to local charities. a new queen of hearts game starts again in late october. time for terry. congratulations on that. huntington beach, california is known for serving, but in this case it's not just people on surfboards who are drawing a crowd. surfers brought their four-leggedht friends to compete in the second annual surf dog competition. doug's are hill's veto dogs are judge in a variety of skills including the length of ride and confidence on the board. this guy looks good for example. needless to say, some people on theon beach were doggone it
6:51 pm
>> this is a. great event. this is my first time coming out and i love seeing theth competitors in the docs. i love seeing all their friends come out and support them.ov it's really fun, i've never seen a dog competition before so the ways are great and it was really funly event. i would definitely come again. >> this year's winners were a man from brazil with his dog bone oh.zi bono. the event as part of the double dog dare surf dog series. believes it or not. >> it's a question people have asked for centuries. is there life in outer space? we now have a new tool to find out or the chinese government has switched on its massive radiotelescope. it's more than 1600 feet wide, making itssss the largest radiotelescope in the world. scientist say the telescope is so sensitive it could detect cell phone use on the men. researchers say it is already found electromagnetic waves roll
6:52 pm
away. how about that. pretty neat. some love affairs stand the test of time, but we are not talking about the affection between a husbandt and wife. >> in this case, it's a man and a machine. a man who first began riding motorcycles as an teenager goes for one final ride before he turns 102. we will be back. we are one nation under god. that black and white, we are one nation indivisible. that republican and democrat, we are all americans. i'd like to punch him in the face. you know what they used to do to guys like that? they'd be carried out in a stretcher, folks.
6:53 pm
priorities usa action is responsible
6:54 pm
? ? they shelter us from the storm. they teach us that beauty grows with age. de into colors we never thought possible. the nature of trees reminds us that there are bigger things in life than us. a lesson best learned in a 19 million acre land of giants. welcome to the woods, of pure michigan.
6:55 pm
this is a live picture foror you from our
6:56 pm
a very nice night had some rain earlier today and a beautiful day and beautiful nightay and a beautiful day comg up tomorrow. rain later on but melissa is promising us a wonderful forecast for the weekendbua and woolly bear. we all look for to that very much. sometimes when people go through a midlife crisis, they do something fun to relive their younger >> one man in arizona put his midlife crisis in the review mayorar decades ago but he is still reliving his younger days. bravely serve as 101 years old and he simply loves motorcycles. this world war ii veteran began writingot motorcycles as a teenager, and even worked for harley-davidson for 24 years. he can't quite write a bike by himself anymore and that is where people from the community, hospice and vfw helped out. they gave ray one final ride.o ray says his body may be failing but something like this sure
6:57 pm
>> what a smile he has. we want to thank you for joining us tonight at 6:00, both at home andho online. bill and elizabeth joining us next for fox 8 newsz at 7:00.
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seventeen -year-old andre jackson was injured during euclid's game on friday night and he died at the cleveland idt.ital on sunday >> fox 8 news reporter jack shea >> it's a stolen, toasting the euclid panthers on friday nightt and there is euclid junior andre jackson, number 48, blocking on a kickoff return for the panthers. the game, the 17 -year-old linebacker and fullback would suffer an injury on special teams that would ultimately lead to his death. >> he was going for the ball and one of our guys was going for the ball i think he got kicked or needg it was a completely new


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