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tv   Fox 8 News at 6PM  FOX  September 27, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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local hospital last listed as stable police on tuesday were increasing patrols in the neighborhood asking other area to help look for the unusual truck scruffy beard and brown hair parents need to talk to their kids about it when they are going somewhere walking somewhere try to walk in pairs and that they can somebody approaches them even if they say they are a police officer and him don't market vehicle or marked police car keep goingm police want this man off the streets they believe someone outre there can identify this truck because of the markings even if the markings had been removeddau they all know that they were there we now know what caused the death of a 17 -year-old football player from euclid high school the medical examiner says andre jackson died fromck peritonitis which
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to his abdomen peritonitis is inflammation of the abdomens whiningti jackson was hurt during euclid's game against a sullen last friday he died sunday in the hospital will go on a scheduledi but there will be a moment of silence before kickoff t and entr?es memory. >> police in rocky river trying to figure out why a 63 -year-old man shot and killed his own daughterd fox a's jack shea it was life from the rocky river police terribly sad story for us tonightuat. >> it is unfortunately the 27 -year-old victim died earlier todayay is chasing charges that include murder. >> rocky river police and paramedics rushed to a home on buying quarterlyo tuesday t
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27 -year-old hottie months were reports that she's been shot twice in her bedroom-s. >> to hottie months or as a brother identifies a person who shot her as their father 63 -year-old jamaal months ori mr. months or we need to know where that gun is police officers on the weighty to know where that gun and is and who has itof . >> where's the gun where's the gun is downstairs all my god where's the gun downstairs to sent shock waves it to the quiet neighborhood tbyfa in the online profile to hottie list of occupationsh as a clinical pharmacist at university hospital division medical center and spokesman says of i was soear-old shocked she seems like very nice girl every time i see her she's like high-end :-) and the father he's like is like normal guy i didn't see anyd
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neither of us can do this to your own daughter or son is crazyi and sorry about that were managed to explain why jamaal months or would shoot his own daughter family members of blamed a medical condition they say months or is a diabetic . >> one of the questions that now must be answered is whether jamaal months or as medical issue can somehow be offered as a legitimate excuse for shooting his own daughter twice. >> i'm not a dr. i don't known g what they could do to people i don't knoww but i think it's very odd once again the 27 -year-old victim died earlieri
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charges that include murdero he's being held tonight and a bond of $1.5 million. >> hard to fathom still more like to get on this. >> only foxy cameras at rolling this morning as> o as an indicted ashtabula sheriff's deputy appears in court for the first time accused of assaulting two suspectsurur pegy gallic was in ashtabula for the hearing today joins us live with morea on what happened inside the courtroom. >> he said very little during this brief hear plead not guilty to all of the charges. >> this at jefferson police about a camera video shows a handcuff the suspect allegedly being assaulted by former ashtabula sheriff's deputies sergeant james a truckingerer. >> on september 11. >> my record was served on september 201n at tuesday truck he made his first appearance
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polonius assault and falsifying a report he pled not guilty. >> he defended and it was is in court on custodyde shortly after the court hearing truck he was firedrt ashtabula sheriff bill johnson says he cannot discuss the case at this time trekkie has filed a grievance trying to get his job backass he's accused of assaulting a derrico and eric platt after they were in custodyti. >> he suffered a concussion and a broken noses and injuries to his eye officials tell us platt required stitches. >> i'm in shock i guess it kind of reliving the momentnt it seems like maybe worse. >> the two were stopped after police pursued platt for allegedly speeding on his atp platt is also facing polonius assault charges trekkie's
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>> he is due back in court soon. >> a second person died after a car>> plowed into a crowd at an outdoor concert in parma nancy giulia said hinckley passed away sunday at was 68 years oldsume that crash happened back in august at commons park the driver admitted to confusing the gas pedal with the brake which resulted in the death of 61 -year-old kathleen mcdonald and injured a totalmc of nine people and. >> learning new details about the drunk driving arrest of browns offensevi of lineman alvan bailey after sunday's game thate right is live it with what bailey told police
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police that crash happened back in august commons park the driver admitted to confusing the gas pedal with the break which resulted in the death of 61 -year-old kathleen mcdonald and injured a total of nine people. >> learning new details about the drunk driving arrest of brown's offense of lineman alvan bailey after sunday's game that right is live it with what bailey told police and what they also found inside his truck the browns organization is looking into all of that and has made the league aware of this incident. >> the browns offense failed to deliver a one t t venbrthentae wide with pat allen bailey at had alvan bailey facing drug in drunk driving charges p ll the streetof or valley parkway around 100 monday morning with an officer trailing police a baileywi bold his pickup into the metroparks popoff picnic area where he parked across two spaces and got out to work to a police report bailey first ignored commands from the officer seemed surprised and then said i didn't see you
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officers say they found the poodth inside the truck and that bailey failed the several security friday test registering a bloodod alcohol level of .147 newly twice the legal limit he told officers he quote to consume to several whiskey drinks on the plane ride home from the game in miamis after the plane landed about 845 bailey said he continue drinking for several hours at the strongsville paninicoue fox eight news at learned it is against team and league rules and for players to plane and is subject to disciplinel browns executive vp of football operations on she brown released a statement saying the team has quote spoken to t alvan to express displeasure and extreme disappointmentv this is a matter that must be taken very seriously a. >> i had requested more information from the browns aboutut how a player would get alcohol on the team plane i alson reached out to the nfl
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bailey is scheduled to appear in court thursday morningii no word yet if he'll appear on the field sunday. >> nothing from the nfl yet but they could impose a penalty here at some pointomf. >> absolutely right lose the nfl could impose a penalty and you can also facing penalty from the brownslde. >> local restaurant doing its part to help the family of aoi state trooper killed in the line of duty it's been nearly two weeks since kenny valletta can nevertheless was hit by a car on i90 and he prevail as the leafs behind three children beat tomorrow nighte the quaker steak and lupin vermilion is holding a fundraiser for his family 20 percent of all food sales of that day would be donated to the burlesque family though also be a 50/50 raffle and gift baskets as well it's official and be in the guns are b back in the post- disease and how a leader for that they clinched the central division
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>> that's what we like to see the city that year the monsters of the cavaliers and steep a let's not forget him the title is being asked to rally together as the tried chases tribe chases down their own championshiprahe a sports reporter p.j. zigler was in the middle of that big party last night and just got back from detroit what a moment here and what thankfully i am dry today yes it was a long night but a very exciting night for the cleveland cleveland indians and the cleveland indians organizationn it is worth sleepless in detroit last night for all the right reasons the team parties into the wee hours of the night celebrating the first american league central division title and nine years here how it played out in detroit this
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enjoying the champagne the beer they were celebrating into the wee hours of the staff and members from theff cleveland indians and gathered a pair of goggles and you see they are forgiven doorways where they also grabbed several quirks they took the lineup up from last nights game and they are keeping that ok as a keepsake if you will afford these eight central division title know what happened with outfielderen michael brantley who was standing outside the clubhouse doorsic watching the party he said no you got to focus on the guys in there they took care of what the celebration is abouth moments later his teammates and brought him and even though he didn't want to go into the clubhouse and doused him with in dallas to him with a champagne and beercl now
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injured heor went for would for an mri according to manager terry francona he is stiff but not overly sore this team has overcome so much of the season and last night deserves the party that they threw in detroit and if you're going to miss the cleveland indians baseball game tonight is the one to miss because when you have questionsclal playing third base you know that there is good to be a strange lineuphe today the guys will give rest guys will get probably stillll hung over from last night nonetheless a great night in drinker your photographer billy is not a drinker but your car had the definite whiff of gestaltrr or something. >> that's what happens when you leave your rain jackets in your reindeer into the vehicle overnight jin and you get in the car the next morning you have a three hour drive home still ahead a warning to pet owners everywhere a local dog is dead
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in her own yard. >> you keep writing and calling tonight we had some very good news about dick goddard the latest on this post surgery recovery is next. >> thoughts. and prayers with him and also we are looking at a forecast that's very specific towards the woolly bear 44 the sunday plus of course the rest of the week whicht could be unsettled we have details ahead in your 80
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well we are only a few days away from dick goddard the 44th annual woolly bear festivalda from the big parade
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entire families would join us at the sunday in vermilion you can find a full schedule is all the events of that day on our website >> one of our favorite days of the gear and there's the man himself and regarding you know who's going to dohi everything in his power to make an appearance at this guy right there at are bosses when to go visita mr. goddard in the hospital today were happy to report he is doing great you see you smiling their doctors getting him upon his speed if you haven't heard mr. g fell and ac happened last thursday right after i are very successful apa telethon this a you know he had a great day last thursday was feeling great was smiling that unfortunately had that fall but doing much better he is a warrior he's a tough guy m and he will do whatever he can to make it up to vermilionll great to see him doing well with a smile on his face we are hoping for great weather for sunday. >> omitted even happier ho full-blown sunshine it's
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there we willti look outside we need a day like today today was just so beautiful and it turned out to be a gorgeous evening mostly sunny a few decorative clouds out there nowow the winds up in racing around today at times guesting 130d ?-dash 35 miles per hour otherwise pretty hard to complain about a forecast like this we hada a high temperature at 75 todayat a low of 52 obviously no rainfall we have sunset coming up at 715ou with a record high 88 degrees it was a chilly start for sre were shaking and shivering at 46 and the rain at the bus stops and 46 immense and 52 at hopkins we did recover so nicely with triplets of low 70s at 73 from lakefront to cuyahoga airport at the cleveland hopkins right now and again went to gusty buttons are dying down because the larger members of the cost of a smaller numbers representing sustained windso around 15 ?-dash the fight we had 50s upstream some 60s
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the west and southwest '80s including kansas city and st. louis located at 80 degrees this is the main front way out to the east we have the system diving and is an area of low t tndngw low pree that's detached from its transportation per se l p so its supposed to push of the jet stream off to the east pretty quickly os now in this instance again it's going to settle into the unsettled showers of meaning into my only in the morning and the continuing through a saturday and saturday and maybe part of sundayin we will take a look at that more closely for believers on the of course as we get closer this pressure sinks and l and it decides it likes northeast ohio so much it wants to make it at home for several daysak whether we like it or not definitelyth will wear out his welcome tonight mostly clear becoming partly cloudy noticed most of the bus stops should be dry tomorrow morning around 10 or 11:00 o'clock a few showers anywhere from the0 central life counties to the west io think to the east pretty quiet tomorrow because
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around it more showers tomorrow night as well as thursday thursday all encompassing on all-encompassing on offering showers mostly cloudyen and we break up send a completely out of thete question through the dayh tomorrow could be a quarter to an half an inch more than that but some areas expecting a lot less maybe nothing at all so thursday approaches some areas at that point could havear close to 2 inchesh and not about that in a few locations for tonight will have mostly clear becoming partly cloudy skies as a wake-up tomorrow morning temps about 50 still pretty cool and uneventful tomorrow will looking at mid-sixties running about 5 degrees below normal clouds increase rapidly earlyr showers develop before the noon hour and then we are looking at the showers continuing for several days including thursday friday for football it'll be on offering shower activity even through saturdayit sunday 33 percent chance again it's hit or miss a showers the showers it'll be in the process 3 3 of departing northeast ohio said the better chance of having more dry spotspai than not to service and they don't will it out woolly
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to be a good day were just theay tuesday wednesday indians added their job and outstanding the cavs a get down to business to win anotherbu championship at why not jt's back with how the guys are planning to defend
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what a a natural art cleveland indians and the indians that they are done celebrating nowrt but they caps on have just begun work that they have day oneve of training camp today the cavaliers at getting their mid-day workout and on the hardwood at the cleveland clinic courts and independence the team is going to be defending champions as we get an opportunity so often that you can head over to the court and check out the team has a stretch of following their workouts today next week the preseason schedule beginsu in the cavaliers and know a lot about title celebrations so do the cleveland indians who are
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championship it takes a champ away to appreciate another team that is it trying to achieve greatness te is phenomenal congratulations i didn't get a chance to put anything out yesterdaytu. >> congratulations to them on division 10 hopefully they can continue they look so good right nowul. lebron said great baseball but concern for corey cooper according to terry francona he is stiff today but not overly sorefre he did have an mri scheduled in cleveland it waiting to waiting to of course get the results of thatvi several starters arresting tonight as the team wants to be sharp and fresh for the playoffs not tired and not performing well my clevenger will be the guy that
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from terry francona was somebody else's praise then step on me and make them play on tuesday of course they'll never forget what happened on mondaye night and the motor in the motor city pj was there amidst all the champagne it has been a true team accomplishment.t >> i think pj is still joined along with going along with his cameraman at the mirage with the browns are the reasonable better this year it is not a mirage isaiah crowell .s among the league leaders >> posted johnson and crow crowell well with their ground detect this year due to carving out regards like there before many my mau fans of course the school that fiscalns he played for donna miami johnson's already showed his
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while the crow was one for 274 s got an average of 6.1th a pop with two touchdown and you know his guys as they can holly pigskin buddy wants more >> we run the ball pretty good but you can't just run the ball in the national football league ambast at a very dynamic offense he got a be there to be both got some growing to we've got some growing to do in some other areasom. >> and that let's turn our attention to high school football holding quarterback social media that he is de- committing from the ohio state university his to recall that recalled the lefty gave a verbal commitment way back during his freshman year when he was playing for the massillon tigers he would not go into detail n but suffice it to say he detects a different climate from the first time that he committed i'm sure things will work out for him. >> from bigley to braggadocio
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coming up at 630 the top words reaching for the dictionary plus really won that debate and what may have ended up in more than 100,00000 pounds of
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we all know how important ohio is in the selection this time
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>> there's a lot of road rage in america today i don't know why this would be a close race there are a lot of young people who are part of the black cat lives a matter t movement who are sick and tired of seeing the sun go down and being afraid to walk outside the door o d there a lot of working-class people without a college degreere think domestic though never make the samees income againai they were making a few years ago and think they can get the kitchen is a better future i reached the age and now to where i stand an increasing amount of time a saying goodbye to people i love and i don't mean thato in a bad way is just part of the deal. >> former president bill
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wife in cleveland today he's speaking to a group of people at ghent academy h and of course we are streaming the event and you can continue watching it on our website >> have a feeling by the end of this evening i'll be blamed for everything that's ever happened. >> why not. >> why not g. >> it was ugly cut throw in many ways but in the end of last night's debate was one of the most watched debates and our country's history in the 80 million people tuned in that's pretty muchth at the super bowl. >> 's big numbers but there are still a lot of questions over who came outa the real winner in all of this elizabeth never make it easier with all the details about the divided voteaker. >> tracy the first presidential debate was as unusual as the rest of the 2016 election campaign to reclaim and rival donald trump they clashedchesgn
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>> i think i did a great job and aid great service not only for the country but even for the presidenten in getting him to produce his he has really started his political activity taste on the basis of life that our first black president was not an american citizen. >> trump claim the victory in claimed a victory in an early-morning tweet that read the number one trend on twitter right now is trump one thank you cnn poll shows that 60 percent of viewers at that clinton won one to 27 percent .-dot trump emerged victorious though it should be noted that most of the respondents identified n as democrats so there you go but not everyone agrees we searched all kinds of polls online and found this one on time magazine site your trump is the clear winner it just depends on which poll you check in who you ask but one thing there's no argument aboutw the stakes were high in the wall street journal poll
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visit debate would impact how they voted trump and clinton will face off again on sunday october 9edcl at a town hall in st. louis missouri that sounds like it'll be close all the way to the very endt the presidential candidate citrated attack last night many viewers had to head to the dictionary to look up some head scratching words that were used in the debate fact that several words of spiked in searches and merriam-webster's site last night when of the biggest ones reiterate the view that claim does not have what it takes to be president also braggadocio's another one trump defended his talk about finances saying he doesn't me to talk about h them in a braggadocio's away meaning to sound boastful or arrogant about it and cavalier clinton used the word to describe trump's attitude about nuclear weapons meaning he shows no concern for them the word estate as the top 1 percent of lookups on merriam-webster there's no immediate
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in how bigley ranked in the search above for the recordo f is a legitimate adverb according to the dictionary you have just two weeks left to register to vote about 67 percent of americans are registered to vote a but not every voter is listed as active as for instance if you moved in the last of four years and haven't updated your registration you can have a problem come election dayyo we've made it easy for y we've compiled allo the links that you will need on our website just click as seennfo on tv for all the information. >> for some college students in november will bebe their first time at the pole in some local students and educators are weighing in on what they saw last nightenen it's a lot of reaction though in tracy from the economy to national security to personal jobs
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gathered to analyze last night the first president of a the date of 2016 organized by a case professor the bipartisan group it gave us their take on the big showdownro. >> the midi bass setting is a chance for the candidate to to try to persuade the american people and i think in that regard having only two minute segmentsnn will be time for soundbites is the services. >> in an intimate roundtablei discussion students of the campus of case western reserve university weighing in on the pros and cons of the fi hillary clinton wins which are the odds slightly favor right nowsr the republican establishment whatever that meansth we'll try to figure out some way to stop the future donald trump's. >> organized by associate professor of political science just a bugler this post debate forum has students honing in on some of the key topics of monday night's debate from donald trump's suggestion
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hillary clinton stands on race relations in america and foreign-policy it was a lot of soundbites a lot of regurgitating the same stump speeches we heard from both candidates most participants of the post debate format felt clinton forum that felt clinton had a stronger night statingatat posted topics issue was well-prepared outperforming trump and some even had an explanation as to why both candidates are still neckxnd and neck in the polls despite last night's performance fairly understandable that right is a dead heat because 80 or 90 percent of the voters are decided because of a little bars of it'll be next to it can inflame it doesn't matter who the candidate isis my vote was made up before hand and i'll be honest i'm notvo particularly offended by the candidate but i would position myself into the stock trump capap as first swing in the undecided voters there probably aren't that many people who are going to bep swayed by the debate is important to understand most voters are partisans and that
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the party lineh. >> now overall after 90 minutes of debating students at those of botho candidates and did an incredible job of not leaving voters to one side or the othercrcr bold balsamic retracted a better job in the beginning of the debateld he lost support they say when he began personally attacking secretary clinton but of course she had someer jobs herself as well they spend more time job t in the dreaded writer talking about the issuesi which is unfortunate b campaign actually since the primaryo o grand jury will now hear the case of the vermillion man charged with the strangling a strangling a neighbor's 16 -year-old dogog thinks it to god or the law he will be the first to face a penalty greater than a mere slap on the wrist retailer joins us now from the newsroom with the latest on this caseow. >> raymond harrison says he's not guilty of choking his friends adults despite the
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raymond harris is saying nothing about why he would allegedly tried to kill his neighbor's 16 -year-old dogll while her owner was arranging to have the pups euthanized at a nearby vet's officeng owner kirk at wade berger said missy's hips were his hips were failing and she had no quality of life he went looking for her in the backyard when he says he saw harrisngr him/her hit her in the head with a rock after it was clear he choked her death. >> i couldn't believe that witnessing somebody that could be that cold coldhearted something is wrong with himso to be able to have an animal like thatt that you won't eat or do nothing that hasn't done anything to you your blackhearted. >> mitzie was later euthanized at harris mother posted his promise afternoon in his case has been bound over to the grand juryno besides the possibility of a one-year jail sentence tracy harris is also
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really is a disturbing case thank youth now a warning for all dog owners watch out for a deadly danger that could be in your own yard this is awfully sad what happened here one woman is spreading the word in the middle of her own heartbreaking losspppp by a pole here with more minor what exactly happened hereo this one manila her dog play outside in just a few hours later one of them was dead now she spre sure that he doesn't happen to youasows. >> she died. >> the sweetest dog in the whole world she had the best temperament we call the mellow maggie is a nightmare married
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it's like you wake up in the morning it just hit you right away you know he's gone it's a big loss is like a big hole in your heart that you can't tellit through her pain mary said she wants to warn you there could be a deadly danger growing in your yardhrsh. >> i miss her i just miss her so much and if we could say that one other dog from what happened to her it'll all be worth it. >> doctor evan moore saidaad ths fall all dog owners at me to keep a closer eye on their pett spring and fall we have a lot more muslim presidentnt the species is particular deadly and is a common specieshe that variances to the mushrooms can smell and taste like fish which can make dogs like casper more attracted to them she is all the time trying to eat stuff that down on the groundh t she came across a mushroom that kill me if she diedsha gary's worst fear has already come to pass but finds
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from her heartbreak. >> a devastatingom you know how it is with the dogs that they become your and they become your family she was my baby. >> now mary is urging you to take arg few minutes and check your yard andes she doesn't want anyone to go through what she is right nowdon i've seen as mushrooms. >> it's hard to tell because like you said they're all there all over how do you know hr that here's something you will enjoy hearing about cleveland street animal control officer went above and beyond the call of duty this past weekfi sunday afternoon at james was called out to edgewater for reports of a stray dogja c roaming the beach when they got there the dog took off and jumped into the waterge so jamison jumped in after him got him all is well that ends welljj both the chief jamison and the dog are okay with the chief and above and
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over for speeding but ends up bonding with the trooper instead still aheadw way in ohio officer is getting national attention for his kindndic people and is finally starting to feel like fall is the cool down going to stay a while melissa myers back with your a day coming up nextt box eight news at seven coming up on the fox news at 7:00 o'clock nice try this picture getting a lot of laughs away cardboard on all caps cut outet
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for samsung a man in china says his new galaxy note seveneu burst into flames after charging his smartphone overnight he said itam began to givee off smoke the next morninge and while it was still connected to the charger it burst into flames earlier this month the samsung recall that more than 2 millionh after reports of battery fires and some devices so samsung is really trying to focus on the good despite all the negative things about its galaxy note
6:47 pm
affected by the recall are sticking with the 97 that is a new version of the founders funders and prone to catching fire sie cording to sam's and me than 60 percent of users in the us and south korea have been able to get a replacement that means 40 percent are still walking around with a dangerous found 4 check your freezer type and it is recalling more than 130,000 pounds of chicken that gets because of they may have pieces of plastic inside the recall affects a 5-pound bags of the fully cooked a pinko chicken nuggetet by date of july 18, 2017 the company also recalling 20-pound bulk packages of those nuggets the problem was found after tracing .-dot customer complaints tyson says the plastic pieces that may have come from around plastic water in the production line and there are no reports of anyone getting sick in ohio officer was getting national attention tonight because of what he did for a speeding
6:48 pm
car accident he wasn't rushing to get his family to detroit when he was pulled over in 200 ohio troy ohio this is near day inr a facebook post he said he was suree he was going to jail because of a suspended license and a warrant out against him ad but when he told sergeant david robinson his story the officer prayed with rocks and drove him more than 100 miles to see his family thomas and his family say they are so even sergeant even promised to attend the funeral.hent >> it's a great great thing to see it'sre a great thing to it's official now a brave women has made aviation history and a happen right here in northeast ohio we first introduced you to suck each hand back in august or goal to become the first chinese female pilot to circumnavigate thema globe she and her crews took off from cuyahoga county airport in a single engined piston powered airplane more than a month later she returned having met her goalhe.
6:49 pm
views. i also met a lot of so sometimes a little bit risky endings. >> will she conquered them all the journey to chan over 17 countries she traveled close to 24,000 miles welcome home a job are very well done. >> whether or not to bad out there todayo it is these days it we wait for in the fall the temperatureai is temperatures are one of the afternoon: the mornings i and sunshine they are definitely bona fides we take a lot of these and we had a few more coming in your a day forecast and ay ar few not so much and as we look outside we capture this around 130 this afternoon into the time lapse around 330 just to show yous not to rub it in or anything not to miss it too but we were missing while at school while at work but hopefully you have a window
6:50 pm
some of the fresh air 73 hudgenspsis ashtabula 6870 westn winds were gusty today but they're starting to subside a littlee bit and more sustained about 15 ?-dash 20 miles per hour in the west and southwestst and cooler temperatures minneapolis even 60s upstream we also had some warmerm temperatures today in st. louis 80 nations capital right now at 75 t the strong front that came through yesterday exiting the eastern seaboard pressure it was attached tout it gets closer and closer and just like us to decide northeast ohio iso at home but it's more of a short period type of home vacation homes were it not so much for us so once it settles in here before departing with east ohio which means we have to watch as we head to the weekende
6:51 pm
we have these tentacles of moisture spiraling around in a counterclockwise flow and that will produce the on and off showers for several days in a rowrod for tonight we are lookg like this starting off mostly clear like it is right now beautiful evening isf were clous while workouts while were sleeping after midnight may be partly cloudy skies and maybe more sunshine especially east tomorrow morning will have temperatures waking up around 50 althoughh some suburbs could fall definitely into the 40s overnight tonight that tomorrow ast the cloud to fill and we willo more rain showers starting late morning into the lunch hourto but notice activities to pretty dry the closer you are to ta odds arepr the father west of the on thursday all-encompassing in terms of basically showering upon everybody in northeast ohio areas could see quarter to half an inch a couple area spitting out more than pleased again the reporting station
6:52 pm
for the most part partiess odds are most you'll get is a shower and maybe here or there sprinkled most of the hold off until wednesday night and thursday ouay that as we go ino your thursday we can do a very high risk of anna showerst and unfortunately for fighting a touchdown . you could also be dodging some of the raindrops written as a punch or maybe what you need on friday for flights since the dungeons is a little bit high temperatures still only in the 60slin sunday this two could be a few showers left as it starting to move off to the north is so woolly bear festival should be mainly dry but just don't forget there could be a rain drop or two out there by monday tuesday wednesday temperatures starting upward in the 70s and lots of sunshine to go along with it.t >> keys in short two legs but that is in keeping him from getting around is still aheadd miracle the pig who has no trouble keeping up with the
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there is a piglet in colorado proving there is a nothing you can't overcomeo was born without back legs but it's been three weeks at now and he's actually adapting to it pretty wellat be mapped the first day heap started walking onlk his front legs it was amazing to watch because he doesn't know anything is wrong with themoc as cute as can be his owners are looking for a permanent home for a little miracle and it gets better now he's happy and healthy and i've got a feeling that people
6:57 pm
>> we want to thank you for joining us tonight. both at home and online always appreciate elizabeth cap next
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>> hi there thanks for joining us for box eight is at 7:00 o'clock am elizabeth no make up the00 search is on frame and betraying himself as a police officer who is accused of abducting and assaulting a nine -year-old girla fox eights at dave and others has been in the neighborhood where it happenedhb and where the rea their patrols. >> were outside the muslim police department in fact to this incident happening not far from a where we are right now police say the victim w is a nine -year-old girl walking home from masculine library when she was approached by a many and a black pickup truck to me and identified himself to her as a police officer until the goal told the girl should been reported missing by her parentsal that in the airy desiccant streak and cherry avenue a few blocks


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