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my name is wayne dawson they had to catch my breath there. too much fun in the studio she brought her learn how to cook before she gets married. >> there's a reason i don't have a ring on this thinker his finger because they can't cook or marry a man who loves to cook there you go this is whya i am telling we've got it covered. you guys cannot cook for me ev date over just make sure he knows how to run a girld wearing the same and take his grill cover off 46 and rock creek 46 and chardon crop clouds increasing showers holding up we will get rain here. look at the area of rain from vermilion all the way downar to southern india
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west and then eventually some of these showers will start to break up and dressed further east draft further east by late afternoon early eveningea rain moving into the rain county and vermilion a couple of showers now approaching elyria they should make it in there in about an hour or so east of cleveland areas won't see a lot of rain until later today heavy rainfall heavy temperatures stay in the upper middle 60s a quick look alet the radar still everything spins around counterclockwise that looks likely it looks likely will look atun a evening we get a few breaks usually we do with the pattern like this bo and then tomorrowd friday and saturday. patty does not lookd well are you all righ? >> yes. all this rain if got plans if gotin plans people to e places to go. unfortunately we have issues out here on the roadways with an earlier accident moving up towards the turnpike i talked with richfield police to say it is gone but
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the h turnpike the other accidet 77 eastboundt talking with akron police w with four cars involved as well as a tree. they do have delays along 76 and a shot of very slow traffica by summit rod backing up b towards barber road 76 eastbound. seventy-one is a nice little park way for you all the way into town clicking a ant is chilly wednesday morning almost 30 minutes coming in from avon. i lot of stop and go 82@i 90 it is 20 minutes but if you break it down most of those delays are from denison up into the inner belt at 14 minutes there. >> our top story on this wednesday morning madison massillon police looking for many pretended to be an officer andd object a nine -year-old girl. we are in the newsroom
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this girl up p and forced her to do is track and assaulted her police have a picture of the vehicle in fairly good description of him. here is the truck. a black pickup truck with schools on the side as something that says ohio on the back window and 6:00 o'clock monday the girl was walking come from the library and massillon the man pulled up next to her at st. mary's church at cherry and second street northeast he claimed to be art police officer know badger uniform but he had a walkie-talkie he pulled her into the truck drove a short distance and assaulted her before letting her go. >> there was a white male inside saying he was a police officer and told her that her family reported her missing and as a runaway neat that she needed to go with him atsh time to getth closer to the vehicle, he grabbed her through her and said the vehicle at time and transported her to any of another location. >> he then let her go the nine -year-old rock, and her family tookd her to the hospital. police and massillon are increasingce patrol and asking
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a middle aged what it meant them belt scruffy beard and brown hair. somebody out there has to do with the scissor recognize that track. >> that is a coldld good description for macro incredible. >> now to a developing story we are following on this wednesday morning cleveland police on the hunt forwar smash and grab susps it happened again this time around 515 at a right aid on broadview road they used p.m. to smash through the front of the door.. they got away at it another vehicle if you have any information call the cleveland police department. t also in the news ?-dash three people in critical condition- after an overnight cars crash just before 2:00 on brookline and west 100 17th street an suv rolled overes hitting the powerball snapping the poll and have witnesses say one person was actually ejected from p the vehicle the other two
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workers. em police are still investigating the crash at this hour. >> we now know will cause the death of the euclid high school football player thegh medical examiner says says he developedp a condition known as peritonitis which is an inflammation of the abdomen planning. the 17 -year-old was hurt during friday night's game against someone. he was taken to the hospital where he was really saturday morning hew was then brought to you a rainbow babies by ems where he later passed away. the incident is still under investigation. >> a school bus driver not honor out this morning after a mother claims her son was segregated by race know she is demanding answers from the school district.shnd he says the bus driver how the white kids sit in the back and black kids sit in the front ofac the bus. studens writing the bus yesterday morning say the bus driver clinic is in the front were trouble makers. the bus driver has now been placed on
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force this morning after allegedly assaulting two suspects despite pleading notsa guilty to all charges. the sergeantdi was fired yesterday afternoon for his actions from an arrest earlier this month. he was charged for allegedly's assaulting the two after they were in custody police stopped him for allegedly speeding on his 80 be both medical attention for their injuries. >> ohio continues to be a hotspot for campaigning as we get closer to the presidential election, former president bill clinton in town last night spoke for his wife hillary on the city's east side. there he declared his wife hillary clinton the winter up monday night's presidential debate against republican presidential candidate donald trump. he also
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vote. >> voter registration and ohio october the 11th . if we can register 100,000 more people between now and then, she will win ohio and become the next president of the united states. >> hillary clinton will be campaigning campaigning with her daughtere chelsea a little bit later and she will host an event tonight and philadelphia with first lady michelle obama. >> republican nominee donald trump also returned to the campaign reporters in melbourne, florida where he called themselvesep the unquestionable winner of the debate he also denouncedd the position hillary clinton took turned the debate. >> i watched her. she was stuck in the past. for 90 minutes on issue after issue. hillary clinton defended the terrible status quo while i laid out our plan all of us together to bring
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back to the american people. >> polls show a very tight race in the sunshine state. >> an updatee now on the indians injured pitcher not looking too good. he left monday's quencher gameoo with what was described n mri reveals a quad strain the tribe says he will be out between seven and ten days. divisional series starts at eight days starting game one could be iffyart the manager sas trevor of our could replace him in that game ur if needed. >> your timef is 8:08 a.m. he was a warrior for peace this morning the warriors between israelis and we will look back on his w career.
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how iowa is preparing for the worst. >> our storm fox radar look at that heavy rainfall to the west the leadingk y edge of the shows approaching vermilion this will continue to head out the lake erie islands and eventually slide further east. it will take a just when you think you have seen all j copper park it is drawing an event center. we will show you when we come back. kicking it
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good morning, everyone a quick look at the webcam our time lapseon showing the red sky to e east as thehe sunshine is still reflecting off the cloud cover, but s blue sky disappearing
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this was taken off the western coast of florida block if you wonder what a waters that looks like when it touches thee surfae of the water this is what it looks like very thin we get a lot of these over lake erie this is that they look o like if you are in a helicopter a few hundred feet off the ground looking at one i would not recommend doing that but it is the it is on instagram i will repay spree post later today. middle andt high 60s today rain moving into western ohio the lower itself is so quite always out. the starts to track do to southern ohio winds will be out of the south and southwestds with the areas most of cleveland initially. and then eventually the showers break up and start totin go further east with that when scoring all over the place look at the rain w super heavy rainfall now storm fox radar the majority of the heavier rain stay further west initially and then we start to see a few of these shower start to track
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and breaks up a little and then we start to see these track further east with rainfall amounts to thenf west approachig three quarters of an inch generally a quarter of an inch toin i 77 to 952 on-again off-again showers the wind chil5 wind shifted tomorrow shift tomorrow develops around the los more southeast northwest in a different direction now typically you don't see too much, going to work out. we start to see the focus of the attention east of cleveland tomorrow look at the so they just at ma spend a keeps it keeps is pretty much in a mostly cloudy sky the weekend looking better for sunday temperatures will run againngo above normal the second wave s of cooler air coming in n about 15 days. two weeks help at the time of year where we start to y see the pushes of
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really situated on the eight day yet, but we will keep an eye on that it is just a matter of timing the rain m to see her hae was affected back to you guys. >> making headlines this morning ?- the nobel peace prize winnere has died at the age of 93. the's really is really other served as a constant force in israeli politics the 2007 he became israel's life president servingg 2014 even after that, he devoted his time too the parade center f peace an organization that wants to go better relations between israelis and palestinians he suffered a massive stroke two weeks ago. >> residence and parts of iraq continuea to face rising water this morning thousands of already been evacuated from the area with creeks and rivers in low-lying areas swelling past other banks with the iowa national guard had deployed with
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people leaveor their neighborhod to make itei to evacuation plan the national weather service is already extended flood warnings throughoo sunday. >> fans will have a chance to payy respects to jos? fernandez today you try to note tragic boating accident over the week in the ballpark will be open this afternoon before procession to a nearby church and a public visitation today. a privatebl mass will be held tomorrow. . e 24 -year-old was killed sunday morning when jetting off miami beach. the crash remains under investigation. >> fifteenat minutes after 8:00 o'clock right now. time to get plugged in with todd said that continuing our conversation with the parma schools how do we help some of the school districts facing these cuts? s it a management issue from a financial standpoint were maybe they don't have the resources they need. a lot of texts coming in oura kids are heartbroken taking away programs like stem way programs like stem
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of accountability and who you can be local i will take these kids out of the school district as an active parent i am angry and i am sad. we have amazing best interest of the children first now wehe need to board education to do the same. >> this is the second time we have mismanagede the funds for the board. t >> i appreciate the comments and we will continue to follow as the meanings continuing the
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are made we appreciate the context you can get all of us on many social media platforms facebook twitter instagram and we will continue the conversation throughout the day. >> we are only a few days away from dick goddard's 44th annual will the beer festival from the big parade to the costumes and the willie blair 500 is a whole lot of fun for the entire family. join us this sunday in vermilion. you can find a full schedule of eves on >> no one wants to be there more than our one and only dick goddard our bosses want to visit to kenny hospital yesterday we are y happy to report he is doig great doctors to be getting him about hiso feet. if you've not heard, he fell and fractured his hip last thursdayre right after
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that does anyone need does
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a no space here so strong,
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local popular cover bandtu covering last 50 years there is an area today is the 2,016 that is the atomic releasend coc relief concert sunday and strongsville. good luck and will come again to the show. speaking of medical exciting
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park where they've been busy all summer long with'v the cavaliers won the championship you guys watched earlier we were in herey >> yes up in the apartment the one in two and three bedroomsh 318 new apartment and people can win a freeways. >> just command and take a tour we will announce the winnermm wh a free one-year lease if got to do and don't forget we have free parking here. tell me another apartment complex that does that that is brand-new. freen parking. free parking. ra, so we're standing right outside the building here. you
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you can have our shows and concerts and wedding and corporate eventss huge space. >> we have an event here yesterday for 250 people for lunch. our first event was cleveland has talent.nt up to 9 people 99 people with rows of chairs8 and when we add tables around 350. >> now we are looking at this if
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open these doors to the left and right of the creates a larger area definitely plan to do that with the concert and theater and art shows we will also do will also the weddings and corporate eventsild. >> and your next-door next-door neighbors american greetings already plan to do-d something. >> it is really do. we have an event sunday i will have 999 people in here. >> tables and chairs old 350. and then we are just doing rows of a chairs 999. >> and then you could save even more. >> you could write a check anybody could have are. >> absolutely we will walk down and see more stuff happening right here at crocker park. i think we should do our corporate christmas party here.
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get five bucks knocked off. ten to tend to take it out of the fox eight studios. that is great. we will take it out here. >> your time is 8:26 a.m. still ahead ?-dash he thought he was heading to jail:2a but instead,n ohio police officer ends up helping him in a time of crisis stay tuned to the heartwarming story about ane incredible act f kindness. plus, she did it ?- hear fromdi the chinese woman wo made history forse a journey here in cleveland. good morning, aj. >> here is the weather pattern it will linger for a while. rain heading in our direction and we will see if it things
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welcome back fox8 news in thehe morning.mornin a little motel in action.. pablo was a rolling stoneli wherever she may be. [music playing] keep going. keep going.g.keep left his family alone. pop out was a rolling stone.n welcome back to fox8 news in th morning coming up on about 8:30 8:30 wednesday morning in the city thank i'mni wayne dawson.dawson. i'm filling in for kristi capel we have aj here. what day is it? it is hump day.ay. thank you very much. appreciated that.ed that. welcome on a wednesday great to see you storm fox 12 play radar there is really not here alleging that.ha sandusky to norwalk telling you the rain would arrivey today ay the best chance will be out of the west side t .. the rain will be on and offd off
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to low-pressure there it is. that thing will sit and spin beautiful sunrise this morning. some of the lower cloud deckb here is illuminated by some red. beautiful picture of there. so here is the spinning lowu so he is the computer models still take it over her head and then divesting to the south.t on spin dry. 57 in cleveland 55 akron. 48 degrees in huntington southpointe this morningd about that.hat there's the. showery weather noe the spinning action going on there. continuing through tonight.igh as that low continues to move.v. to the east and southeast. on and off showery periods willw be with us on into woolly bearl weekend here's thebe fox8 thattt outlook temperatures today in the 60s that will last two saturdayur .. notice the percentage we go fro 40 down to 30 percent on sunday.
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indicating sunday will not be al issue not.. may be a few scattered showerses that were helping most of thee day stays dry in vermillion don't cancel any plans. plan on coming down and enjoyinn a beautiful fairway day.ay warming up after that.hat. back to you guys. all right. thank you.c. in the news now a 9 year oldalli girl was abducted and assaulted that's our top story this mornings police say the man who took her, was posing as a police officer. check in with stacey frey in thh newsroom now with more on the story. stacey good morning. good morning. this happened monday evening in massillon, around 6. the girl was walking home from the library when a man pulled up in a black pick up truck. aroun the library whe he told her he was a police officer, that her familyat hery reported her missing as arepo runaway and she needed to go with him.rteder missinrunaway a she moved close to the vehiclevd and he grabbed her and thew her inside. he drove a few blocks from somewhere in the area of cherry street and second streetbeder northeast where he assaulted her. f cherryndt her go and she walked home.theast whe he assae the 9 year old described her abductor as a middle aged, white man, with a thin build, a scruffy beard and brown hair.
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truck. described it as a black truck with skulls on the side possible something that says ohio on thee back of the window. the little girl walked home after the man let her go and shg was taken to the hospital.opita. massillon police are focusinge i extra patrols in thehe neighborhood where this happened and have alerted nearby police e to be on the lookout for thatn h pick up truck.oko hopefully somebody recognizes it and getse in touch with himh him immediately before he harmsms another chil a sad update this morning.cey fv a 27 year old woman in rockyan y river allegedly shot by her ownn father has died. police and paramedics were called to a home on vine court early yesterday morning, after the brother of 27 year old old tahani mansour reported she has been shot twice while asleep in her bed.w he said the shooter was their own father, telling the dispatcher his dad is diabetic and he did not know what he was year old jamal mansour is now facing murder charges.
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getting national attention forir going beyond the call of duty for a grieving young man. mark ross seen here on the left got a call that his sister had been killed in a car accident. a friend was giving him a ride from indiana to detroit when ton they were pulled over fored over speeding near dayton. the driver who had a suspendeded license was arrested. ross thought he was going to jail, too because of an outstanding petty warrant. instead when sergeant david robison heard his story he offered to drive him 100 miles to detroit to be with histroit grieving mother.s the officer has even promised t attend the funeral.promised it's official a brave woman has made aviation history right here in northeast ohio.tion we first introduced you to sakek chen back in august. her goal to become the first chinese female pilot to circumnavigate the globe. she and her crew took off from the cuyahoga county airport in a single engine plane and more
8:35 am
after reaching her goal.aching saw a lot of splendid views badr difficulties in a little bittl risky landing then bad weather. chen traveled close to 24 thousand miles over 17us countries. good for her. that's for sure. all right. coming up, more music pop culture. plus a major recall from tyson this morning.that's for su up, l what you need to know before lunch today. you need and playboy makes hit meet the model who is breakinglg down barriers in a new spread for the iconic magazine. hey kenny.for the highs you guys.ys. having a good time with my friends out here. you can see all this is when we come back we'll talk about the h new construction hear what you can expect to see in the next i would say year or so. kicking it with kenny.
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pop culture in our studiosst studio today thank them for coming in. they're a great cover bander b playing here for several years.s they're promoting the 2016. tommy amato rock relief helps a never forgot the generosity ofty all the musicians that benefits that were held for him sous thih year they're throwing t benefit to help musicians george who is battling prostate cancerr wish you the best.. 13th annual tommy amato rock tom relief show sunday october 2nd at slim and chubby's in strongsville. relief show sunday okay.y. good luck withhok that.tht we wish you guys the very best. all right. you guysys are building building building building.
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blocks you added.d which doubles your capacity now. right. two blocks five stories.ries. you even went up some. some. let's talk about the plans youyu guys have for this phase. we are bringing in the starbucs we have also have preventedve coming and we just open ic here and speaking of well your throwing you have an event an et coming up a fun one coming up.up saturday. saday. talk about food truck challenge over 30 food trucks here bringing in from celebrity judgesesfood andu can also be a judge. pick your favorite truck. the crowd favorite.av life music from 11 until four on
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walking by some of the places here.m michael quarters in a lulu lemon. mon. this also allows you guys do do great opportunity to grow in terms of retail as well. well. how many different spaces howhow many different spaces do we have here in how much more retailmori could we see over the years?y we could double what we have here already.ul talking to some couple larger retailers base acgrroess the way in quitea few retailers were talking to to bring in withta in the next yea standing in front that's why wee stopped here for a let's talk about this deeper deeper christmas present you'll we wemeone earlier todayi showed two-bedroom apartment you guys have which is quitem the nw 318 apartment you have your..
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they can register for a free one lease apartment at crocker park. in our new space that new apartments.o right about us. tree lighting november 19 we'll announce the winner t that's awesome. register for that new eventvent center american greetings cutst they're ribbon today.e ribbon that's awestomeod and soa we wee trying to do the math that putse about 15,000th three autnd a half mile area. absolutely.y. a bslot of action.ion. definitely is. awesome. wesome. thank you so much always a pleasure working with you guys out here. . food truck challenge on saturday. sar from 11 until day.four.four. very good. lots happening here at crockerhr park will go back to you guys in the studio.o. kenny crumpton standing by thath michael quarters right there.
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this may change your lunch plans t tyson foods is recalling morehih than 130 thousand pounds of chicken nuggets because they may contain pieces of plastic.n pie the recall affects five pound bags of the fully cooked panko chicken nuggets with a best by date of july 18th, 2017. he recall af bagko the company is also recalling 20 pound bulk packages of the nuggets.ompany is al tyson believes the plastic pieces may have come from ae co round, plastic rod on the production a paralyzed racecar driver is in the country to get a driver's license for an autonomous former indy car driver sam schmidt was paralyzed after an accident 16 years ago. today he'll receive his groundbreaking new license. it allows him to drive on nevada roads in a specially modified corvette. but its not actually self driving. the car uses four cameras to monitor his head and transmit his movements to the tires.y sef the car uss.
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accelerate and he sucks the air out when he wants to brake.suck for the first time ever, a muslim woman wearing a hijab will be pictured in pages of playboy.uslim woman wearing but for her spread in theread ie magazine next month it really is about the articles. noor tagouri was named one on playboy's 2016 renegades for her work in advocating individuality. tagouri is also a journalist, the magazine says she's on track to becoming the first hijab wearing news anchor in the u.s. the renegade issue is part of rg playboy's no nude efforts since it stopped publishing naked photographs last october.ade isf still to come on fox8 news in the morning. c c e nothing says fall like a casserole. mo e. and that's just what we're making today.ha stay tuned to get this chickentg sausage, mushroom and pastaet th casserole recipe, next. looks good.. smells good to.o. smells g. morning. rain could be on the on . aj is back with a check of the forecast, when we come back..
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welcome back to fox8 news. itit is 8:48 and it is wednesdae there is rain off to the westtoh storm foex 12 play radar showing decent rain12 comi toledo bowling green. tiffin and just west ofin you cyrus. the for ecast will be no surpriser that i.. cloudy and breezy. definitely cooler.cooler. temperatures at 64. the showers will be experienced tol be tehe west side in breezu winds expected. overcastst cool with scatteredtt showers breezy night today downw to 52. tomorrow on and off rain showers and tomorrow expecting the the heavier rain pattern to shiftif off towards the east.t.
8:49 am
tomorrow. the fox8 day outlook theh forecast calls for mid 60s right on through saturdayt.. hopefully woolly bear sunday hugging her a 70-degree mark looks like the best chance for a few showers will be out eastast let's hope we can hold onto that as it dries out early next weekw tempeeratures for highs will be in the 70s.temper aj thank you. fall is here and that means ouru menu's for dinner time are changing.r m but that doesn't mean you can'tn be healthy. our good friend jackie drennan show us how to make a chicken shous how tshroom and pastao kassar all a bunch of wonderfulf ingredients.gredien. look at this. th good morning. good to work with you. they'll finish ingredient ourt r finished casserole feel goodf about this full of lean proteinf it's got a lot of yemeni vegetables in it. yellow peppers. i love the rotini whole-wheat pasta because that's going tong fill you up give you more fibero
8:50 am
anybody has use it. i have not. we were joking earlier i cannott cook.. see how the crowns are a little bit more course. a wonderful topping album of you put on this one and that is your pinkooput o n and oregano and se cheese in in i will have you while you're doing that i will explain i will hav youyou can make this one in advance i i made this two days ago.go and then i added the leftovers in here. and what jessica is going to do she will sprinkle some panko.leo that is. good. that's enough. what you're going to do. this is so good you guys.u i was eating this with a mouthful. we can show it to them right here. that is it to the your cheeses r oregano and panko.k what youo. do is toast the pankk gets nice and crispy. put it all on there.ere this entire ball. put more on.
8:51 am
don't want to ruin yourn your wonderful recipe.. it will be fine. it's all healthy. low in points weight watchersats points and finish it off with wh mozzarella cheese. so important about eating like this everybody is that when you that have moreor protein and then keep you fullel longer they give you moremor energy. then you don't go after eating the junky stuff afterwards. what so good about this is youho can make this for dinner andnned then whatever is left over youru put in a little jessica. jess and then jessica could fill this up andica. bring it to work tomr because that's what keeps us on plan.n. that's wh keeps we were talking beforehand jessica waswc telling me she is so busy i saia you ever have to watch wasyour weight and you said yes you do but in the summertime much busier that's what happens in the fall is that we all kind of do a little bit last and wend think maybe i'm hungry when we are really not. eat that you asked about working out
8:52 am
your active in the winter you just kind ofve want to go andto cuddle up. you want to eat.. i was telling jessica this ish what you have to do in all of your viewers pleasew get the fr app calledfr fit brick by weight watchers a wonderful app one minute exercises you can pickesk and choose what body parts youou want to work on one minutee you havees a coach that shows yu how to do wonder.ful. that countdown for you you don't give up keep doing it. fit break by weight watchersat free to everybody. in your own home. wayne can do it. wayne is already starting it over there. dig like you said you all right. this is a great meal. you can then put it in all week. go-ahead. we have a bigger spoon for you y somewhere. this is the chicken sausage.ken tell me about that. this is italian chicken sausage
8:53 am
good to watch your points.oint dig in you we'll watch weighing do themhem next this is good stuff.uff. i will grab this. everybody please check us out at weight watchers come to a to meeting for free see what we're' all about i thirnk you'll really love us. i always tell members this is mys favorite thing i've ever done i my life i know if i could keepe my weight off everybody can.can you can't eat. a lot of thishi stuff. portion control. this is still very low in because it's high in protein ann it has all those good healthy vegetables.ables. it tastes great. delicious.ggdelicus. doesn't taste like a it's wonderful. perfect meal for the foggy and decorations m. so cute. so nk you. time to start decorating. thank you so much for being here. i will eat this all week and now. good. necause i can't cook. bring some home for me.
8:54 am
thank you for being her. we'll have this recipe on our website, and on our pinterest page. still to come more drama for the kardashians.d on our stillcome more but first we'd like to thank poo culture for being here today. they're performing at the 13th annual tommy amato rock relief show sunday october 2nd at slim and chubby's in strongsville.y'. show sunday october 2nd at slim and chubby's in strongsville. take it away guys.sund thanks for coming in. [music playing]
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i think my strongest asset, maybe by far, is my temperament. i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell you. i would bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves. get him out of here! get him out of here! get the hell out of here! priorities usa action is responsible
8:57 am
i'm ted strickland, and i approve this message. i carried a rifle in iraq and afghanistan, so we wouldn't have to worry about terrorists using them here. but now rob portman's blocking common sense laws to stop terrorists and criminals from getting guns. senator portman said no to background checks on all purchases. even voted to allow people on the terrorism watch list to buy guns. senator portman, i fought to keep america safe...
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[music playing] [music playing] adele's newest album has officially made it to diamond status. the recording industry association of america confirming the pop star's third album twenty five sold more than 10 million copies.ociation p str and that's just in the us.d th albums reaching diamond statusat are not typical but the british
8:59 am
twice.. more drama for the kardashian family this morning. but some are wondering if it's a legit family feud or a pr stunt. the drama started monday, when rob kardashian tweeted his sister kylie jenner's phone number. the number in question is now no longer in service. kardashian then tweeted that hi family failed to invite his pregnant fiance, blac chyna to a baby shower they were throwing him.ashis family fvite his rob and chyna are currently him. starring on their own reality series. calling it quits. actors naomi watts and liev schreiber are splitting up after 11 years together. the couple have two sons together but never married. the pair released a jointli up r statement announcing their separation saying in part they look forward to raising their children together.g that's what's happening at 8:000 now now over to the 9:00 show. a great job talking about theabe kardashian's. i hope the one is not dating
9:00 am
that. chloe kardashian. leave him alone and let the mant plays best of all. will see if she sitting play fronton row in the home opener. thank you so good morning. good morning. i keep going. the show keeps going.going on and on.on you're doing new day and by noon. all night tonight. good morning. it's wednesday, september 28th. i'm todd meany. i'm jessica dill. stefani schaefer is off.'ssmber. i'm to child is kidnapped by a man claiming to be a police officeri find out what he did next and ad where the little girl is thisths morning. kids are told to trust policet o officers in and when somebody poses as onelis children's natl instinct is to go with thethe police officer. he knew what to say foor sure.u really want to catch this guy. a local school bus driver isr is under investigation.ation. did you love the beach boys?ys yes.. tonight you have the chance tovo


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