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tv   Fox 8 News at 4PM  FOX  September 28, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> there's no reason to cook tonight so, now get something to eat and help support the community and support this great family it's a related fundraiser. >> thank you very much back's police and chardon are trying to identify aar thief who stole a statue of an angel from a memorialro for a three -year-old boy who was killed earlier this month fox eight news reporter jack shea joins us now live with the stories lose the theft of the statue struck a nerve with many residents who are still shaken by the loss of the child. >> utterly ridiculous i don't have the words for somebody be mac a small memorial sits on thei side of park avenue in
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lost his life year three -year-old liam bryant is shown here in a go from me page created to pay for his funeral was struck by a car as he wasis trying to cross park avenue on september 18 william was following his older brother was walking the family dogl in the midst of the grief he felt in chardonnay witness reported on monday that at woman in a small blue station wagon pulled over and removed a statue of a gold angel that have been placed there as a tribute to your liam be mac because i would describe it as being despicable he's reason that these folks in the community are grieving the loss of this little boy tks i would hope that to see the newa media being generated by this and they find in their heart to return the itema that can be back in its rightful place . >> and in fact we are told the statueo is returned in a timely manner that will be no questions asked if that does notdo happen anyone who can
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call chardon chardon police hopefully whoever took it does the right thing and returns it to where it belongs if they don't there would be a lot of bad karma attached to it. >> a local women getting justiceo for a chronic problem exposed by the fox ait and beads of breaking into cars of downtown workers i team reporter and gallic light at the latest on that story. >> caught in the act a women left work and got to her car found a thief go into her vehicle she been ripped off before and this time policeli ma recently showed you thesee pictures lots of downtown workers are finding their car windows shattered valuables of stolen break-ins at downtown parking lots in one case wheels even stolen off of a car in a parking lotto bonnie faust is getting justice for friday a women arrestedj for breaking into her car your 13th and lakeside faust saw it happening and called policee may be this lady will think twice about getting caught
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shopping twice about doing it getting caught maybe she can go back to anybody else that's doing this with her or she knows everybody and tell them hey i got locked up i got thrown in jail. >> again bonnie faust have been ripped off not too long agoaiie same way the suspect in this case are facing a minor charge for coming up at five for now we find out about her that coming of the fiveno. >> students are threatening to stage a walkd schools with this days after the district announced possible school closures and massive layoffs are due to a multimillion dollar deficit mayors of the impacted cities also speaking out jennifer jordan joining us live with much >> the fiscal emergency and parman city schools could possibly force a major transformation and the parents are outraged the district has suddenly found itself at facing a $50 million budget shortfall this not only
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heights and seven hells now under parma city schools that recovery proposal three high schools in grades 10 through 12 would be consolidated into one high school as promising your high valley forge and normandy high schools would be repurposed as middle schools and the only public elementary school in parma heights parma park elementary could possibly be shut down also more than 50 jobs would be eliminated multiple programs cut and student paid to participate these would double sarah hardy has two children in parma city schools who p would be greatly impacted by the cut. >> they cannot close green valley the only special at schoolol> that absolutely wonderful and that special of thel permit as where everyone ise involved to green valley all those teachers are going to lose their jobedle there very important their vital assets so all the families in parma.
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parma heights also not happy with this proposal michael burnham parma heights singh quote i am deeply concerned about the negative impact of posing of the only publicmp elementary school in parma heights would have on our community parma maher attended shooter sayingat quote our community isng only as strong as our schools we need to stand together for the sake of our communityty w and the children o will be our city's future than the next parma school board meeting is set for tuesday october for the mayors are encouraging parentss attendant you contact the superintendent and board members are to let them know what they think of their plan as fork for the threatened walkout rumors are swirling on social media that it will happen in the coming days possibly next week w at normandy high school but nothing yet confirmed the. >> will keep an eye on what happens there.he >> the indians are just over a week awayve on the first playoff game and whether ace be ready
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ontology joining us now with more of he has a mild strain of his quality of the medical people sayis it seven or 10 days for him to be able to pitching game conditions game one of the playoffs is next thursday sohe if cooper does not have any setbacksso that he could beb available to start on the first to game it was better news for the team than the initial news when that body had a groin injury that things don't progress smoothly and the indians would go with trevorogog bauer in that first came there are five games in the let regular season tonight
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still chasing the red sox in the rangers for the best record in the american league of course that would mean home field advantage to the playoffs as we send it back to you guys home field advantage also b child predator on the loose police and military are looking for ap man who tried to lure a girl into his vehicle but that's not all susan strafford joins us live a from lorain county from lorain
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we apologize for her microphone there but again three girls approached at the high the higha schools definitely real this hass happened over the past of several months in numerous cases and begin happening this morning three girls approaching from what i gather okay and that's thet
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because something terrible isis going to happene in that area police a look at the i families to be on the lookout if you say something see something will have more of the story about our website >> is still ahead high school football supposed to be a sport for teenagers to have fun but the recent death of a local player is a stark reminder that the game can be dangerous still ahead for what can be done to make sure players and stay safe.ea hnt >> heading all the right notes we will go behind as thehe world-class musicians of the cleveland orchestra and get get ready to take the stagemu. >> we may have had some sunshine earlier today buta the clout that they can complete control andn for many of us in the rain is a moving in and if it's not there yet it'll be there sometime over the next 24 hours will take a look at your forecast coming up and as
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>> breaking newso about nowo and the searcher for the suspect wanted for the sole and abduction of a nine -year-old girl in mansell and police arrested 46 -year-old agendas and menefee of port washington ohio the little girl mgt was walking home from e library monday afternoon year st. paul'say church when the suspecth pulled up next to her claiming to be a police officer police say he told the girls and she had been reported missing and needed to come with him the child was a forced into the vehicle and taken to a nearby parking lot where she was sexually
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she was released someone called police after recognizing thesal suspect's vehicle in a picture released by police the victim confirmed the suspect's identity and that vehicle menefee was arrested on first-degree rape charges kidnapping and aggravated menacingeere stay wih box eight news and for more on this developing story.o >> that happening and get a mass elements go back now like to lorain county and illyria was susan strafford to see exactly what happened out there this morning.rd >> in important safety alert for all parents and students in the elyria school district up or what happened this morning according to elyria police to high schoolor students are female on their way to school on third street near the east third street to the when a man driving a gold suv approached them told him to get his vehicle get on the in the car although it was an suvvet and that they noticed that he was exposing himself and touching himself t the girls became frightened obviously they took off running they
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district at the high school also the policee were called to the area as it turns out the students had seen the same vehicle in the area two other timesth three other times he's been seen in the area multiple times of this month the same vehicle this is the first time they exposed himself to the girls but the superintendent calling is an extremely serious a situation in e-mail voicemail blastre all parents alla students as well everyone being told to be extremely cautious and the man and here's what else he had >> is a very big concern any time students are involved with something as of this nature went in and don't mail or any adult approaches are studentsdo who should not be approaching our students for any reason especially if they're exposing themselves or haveec a negative reason to do something such as that we continuously tell our students if you see something say something and something makes you uncomfortable make sure you let your s teachers know
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weekends or nights please let your family members now i. >> back your live at the elyria school district and o'leary aret not sure with the man's intentions were but clearly it is not normal it is theis illegal behavior to be approaching students are doing that they're not sure what all he had in mind but they're askingacm everyone to keep an ee out if they see this gold suv to call police immediately we are trying to get a more detailed description we hope tode have coming up in a later newscast not a lot to go on just a gold suvut something needs to happen and elyriausd without the police patrols of because folks are scared. >> is extremely scary these poor girls to have something like that happen is extremely jarring very upsettingxt especially that they've seen the vehicle couple of times before we know the man's in his 30s is a stocky build the a buzz cut superintendent says african-american but as far as anyaf other details and terms of tattoos or facials we don't have all of that to go on
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those details as we go along and learn more about this investigation but inor any event you always talk is to be careful especially now and in this area you have the high school preschoolers in grade school children this is a lot of kidsis coming and going in this way they want everyone to be on alert.. >> we need to get this printer off the streets. >> let's talk about some weather now and not alk lot of rain in the month of august i think september we will try to catch up. the next day or two or three let's get the latest now from allison myerss and threetw maybe four days it'll be around for quite some time will have time to definitely play catch-up in some instances were looking right now or most ofi us have been pretty dry today actually had a little sunshine early on before then in our closet taking complete control and there have been a few showerski are rounded the areas to the northernmost of it haso been to the south and southwest of cleveland you'll see here ifth you driveh along 71 south you runou into those raindrops otherwise we'llro show you even
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offshore here from cleveland and ridgefield you may have tiny sprinkle baby if you rain showers along 77 and 271 and for them adina area when inclement or the worcester barberton all those areas very very light rainfallnt and even farther south we will show you if you're along 77 through tesco's county and seven start southern start county to run into a few of the showers in stratford avenue philadelphiah that's how it looks right now but use a wide swath of brain curling up in this directio pressure and that you can see it's going to run here in the counterclockwise flow this thatte area of low pressure distinctive markings the more you can see the vortexti of the low end and on top of that the showers are spiraling around for days upon days because this area of low pressure has nothing to push it off to the east it says it will hang around for several days so periodic showers into the weekend on and off as we get closer to the weekend will start to subtract the chances of rain it little by little
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airport wednesday light today this pool of cool air associated with the cloud cover the area of low pressure in the rain showers most of us in the 50s is still in cleveland low to mid 60s in the outskirts of this area of low pressure temperatures are rising nicely charleston at 80 but the depression in terms of the i temperature look at this 10 ?-dash 20 degrees cooler than 24 hours ago there's theer area of low pressure you can see center of circulation right here and hovering around the ohio valley lee for several days on saturday chance is a little bit but then especially sunday he begins to lifttt an open wave and starts to shoot off to the north so at this point that there are minimal chances of raindrops affecting youi on willie best sunday tonight just scattered variety showers and deal tomorrow sturges holick a broken record as we had to go friday because thursday night into friday were also expecting nothing andthese are not showers rainfall amounts could be even
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this time tomorrow evening in some areas moreen than two and even through friday evening we are looking at areas approaching three ?-dash three and half inches by 8:00 p.m. friday you know what that means a football gamesow that could be some soggy ones low tone mid 50s cloudy with on our showers tonight tomorrow temperatures to mid 60s clouds will will the sky cover with the periodic showers and then as we go to your friday we still may be good chance of rain on an office saturday a slight chance of rain and a very slim chance on sunday before we have a three-day stint of sunshine hopefully the rain stays away for the obeha absolutely if anything i think i be if you raindrops are open to be much at all.l. >> good news coming woolly bear 44 just a few days away and even though he's on the mend and dick gothard is hoping to make year cap next how you can send a personal message to help him on his road to recoveryh plus academy might not be in cleveland but it doesn't mean he's not hard at work see how he is a toiling away under the
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>> fits the family fun at the end of the fall and it's only a few days away we are talking about dick goddard sported with anyone woolly bear festival from the big parade s to the costumes and the woolly bear 500 it's fun for the whole family join us this sunday in vermillion you can find a full schedule of events on >> pic is hoping to be at the woolly bear festival this
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broken head that went really well and it iske not getting the therapy he needs to get back on his feetet you can also wish him well we are going to have a big get well card for him at the woolly bear festival stop by sign your name and leave a special message for dick goddard's coming sunday the parade kicks off at about 1:00 e you out theree it'll be a lot of fun that you might just need to bring a little rain jacket. >> i'm not jinxing itgl i am giving some sound advice. >> all week elizabeth has been filling in for natalie not because she's on vacation she's actually hard at workno in sunny pentagon and she's joining us live it tod read that and, i mean, explain what she's doing theirt. >> lineup by the beach we see. >> is is is is was that joe created for meme it's not really my body my wishes. >> you're lying down and about my towel yeah that's not my
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you been up to tell us about this is of your trip or from the day cleveland at 10:00 o'clock show you're down there with us from hundreds of people. >> yet we have a couplele hundred people down a here a little over 200 that came down to spend the entire week with us co it has a been a blast i don't know what the weather has been like that clear but i'm telling you it has been so it's incredibly hot and sunny the water is clear bluei it has been remarkable this is basically the backdrop of it h normally we sometimes have to go off to do a lot of shooting but we have done were putting an entire hour-long show h just by our experiences here at the resort we are in technically about 20 minutes from where this resort ishnb telling you nobody has ben down to the dominican yet this would be i love this place this resort is incredibly awesome our viewers are having a blast re we get to do so many
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tasting today and then we learnedt about the dominican culture today yesterday we had a bartending contest i won a few years ago i did not win this year we had a couple of guys whoho they took it away. >> and let's see so many great things we just have so much fun because they realize it's like one big happy familyst ad that's just a blast is working were definitely with definitely working putting together entire hour-long showin tonight's backdrop i must say. >> i'd say so it's been cold and rainy heretos know it sounds a little bit nicero. >> i'd say so what a good chance for you guys to get to interact with all the great viewers who watch us everyday. >> is so much fun that they enjoy it so much is about 50/50 with her people been on the trips with us before and have come againth and then i would say 50 percent of the is it is new people doing this for the first timet so they really enjoy this because they get to be they become friends in the trouble on his trips
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friends and so it's really nice we always had a blastrr everyone hates you in the newsroom because we all know thatat she told me last week no space no seriously is a lot of workd run tasting bartending competitions listening really quickly got to go but can viewers catch up with you on your next trip where you going >> you know what we're going to mexico in january and i'm pretty sure we still have some seats available for people to do thatrur >> hope you get somebody. >> i miss you but not that much.h.e >> sunburn here it comes. >> safe travels she so spoiled a. >> football is a violent sport which also means it can be very very dangerous so whatan can be done to make sure young
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expert advice is up next the clock is ticking congress try to make a last-minute deal to
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>> you might want to keep the umbrella handy over the next few days you can eat it o the clouds are here now theou rain at looming let's get the latest with melissah myers. >> out about you guys this is days where you just want to nap you don't want to leave your house in your pjs and look were were all dressed up at workavs were kind of do for the rain we haven't seen a lot of ofn the past couple of months over the summer definitely make up their store areas considered under a moderate drought we will definitely try to make up in many ways over the next several days these systems are so commoner n where they cut off lows and they hang around there for a long period of time and bring his rounds of brain over and over again that's basically the pattern that settling andll as we speak a look outside here it looks nice and pretty upon mcgeary but unfortunately the clouds have taken over despitey some of the sunshine we did grasp upon this morning basically be
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seoul and brecksville and twinsburg) is a tiny shower along 77 and justice of the 422 and thenu as we had farther south along 71 and in between 71 and 77 it includes a wayne county as you head into portions of some and stark county definitely scattered variety showers more like intermittentmo wipers i would call a heavye rainfall by any means and then for 77 south in holmes county also you're also looking at some of that rain it's ra up from the south rainfall amounts quarter toh half an inch of west most of us from cleveland two points at least nothing that it just yet but this area of low pressure will be circlingre around like this over the next several daysou you're going to get some raindrops rain cooled air 50s and 60s west and workload cover you had more time and more up to the east that's why you'rehe a 71 ?-dash tubular tubulin youngstown tonight scattered showers were scattered showers the next 24 hours in some areas could have an inch in dash ?-dash 2 inches of
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pores and downpours and damn pores and waves are rating bands of rain tomorrow low tos mid 50s to my own and of showerso and tomorrow will do it again more showers a cloudy gloomy high temps mid-sixtiesw the rest of your work week forecast including football and we very sunday coming up we want toht-day update you now on breaking news a man has been arrested for the assault and abduction of a nine -year-old girl in massillon police say the suspect's 46 -year-old dennis menefee of port washingtonas ohio the little girl walking home from the library monday afternoone at near st. paul's church when police sayau he pulled up next to her claiming to be a police officernand telling her she had been reported missing and she needed to come with himim the child was then forced into the vehicle and taken to a nearby parking lot where she was sexually assaultedta and beaten before she was released >> and other news tonight as someone called police after recognizing theft suspects a vehicle in a picture released
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thenf suspect's identity and vehicle menefee was arrested on first-degree rape chargesa and aggravated menacing fox news toxic news for more on this developing storyvin shots are fired at a school in south carolina this afternoon at new details continuing to t come and here's lou magglio with a look at what's just and this is still a developing story here is what we know about it so far to students and a teacher injureden in a shooting at an elementary school near greenville south carolina the students were treated scene and airlifted to a nearby medical center the teacher was transported by ambulance and deputiespo on the scene say they have a teenage suspect in custody the shooting happenedhe after 1:00 o'clock in townsville southow carolina students were evacuated taken bye bus to a nearby church or family members were told to wait till there is er more to this story t this hour the death of an adult about one and a half miles from the school is believed to be related somehow to that shooting paiva and elizabeth investigators are
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that at this point though clearly a frightening day here for all involveds the death of a local high school football player has people asking if the game of football is too dangerous dave nether's raised the question with a sports medicine specialist a local athletic director and athletic trainers he joins us live with what he's learned.i >> right you know the game of football is a violent game there's an awfulen lot of contact out there that much we all really is is eliminating the game altogether the only way to avoid catastrophic injury? the death of the euclid high school football player andre jackson has been attributed to a rupture of his small bowel or result ofma a blow to his abdomen during a game against solon these are really rare this is really an unfortunate set of circumstances and i really feel for this kid and his family a and his team of doctor joseph congenial
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is an expert in sports medicinene and says that most of the deaths from football happened because of peter from undiagnosed heart conditions and from severe head injuriesm a lot of people want to lump everything into football there are 2 million kids approximately playing andll there is the handful of cases a year but the big three are hard head and heat. >> obviously what happened at euclid is> an athletic department's worst nightmare carly whitney is the assistant athletic director at st. vincent st. mary high school in akron. >> football is a physical sport anything will happen buthi the knowledge and the readiness and that the speed at which your medical stuff is preparedi for i think is critical. >> bonito's elbow is the athletic trainer at willoughby south high school we pay attention to how much of their heading how they're headingp there is a rules on how they
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notpr stacy buser is the program director from the athletic training program at the university of akron. >> athletes are bigger faster stronger now than ever before> so i think that those types of injuries are bound to happen but i think that we are doing all we can in terms of educating d parents and athletes and coaches about proper conditioning and proper trainingbo proper hitting techniques h i'm not sure about totally elim the question is is there room to still improve on the prevention side of things i think the answer is yes started to say everyone we talked with today believes even one teenage death on a footballev field is one too many doctors can jeannie said injuries can they do happen and other sports including soccer lacrosse another very violent sport even wrestling
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can be injuries some serious the only ones that may be preventable something like heatstroke other than that some of these injuries are very difficult to predict and to prevent. >> meanwhile final arrangements have been made for andre jackson the euclid football player who died after getting hurt during a gameoncl e viewing will be held friday october sixth from noon until 6:00 p.m.wi b on quincy avenue n cleveland and his funeral is october 10 at 10:00 a.m. there willll be held at the starlight baptist church on euclid avenue in east cleveland. >> the senate now passed legislation to avoid a possible government shut down this weekend one of the main issues is to provide separate funding to help affluent of michigan a friend of michigan recover from its water crisiso in funding to fight the zika virus of the temporary spending bill is needed to bridgege the gap from an upcoming congressional recess until election day on november y federal agencies would run out
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will now need to work out a compromise on a permanent planee after election day the browns may be zero and three but it's not all doom and gloomy one browns a veteran says the team has a bright spot defense coming up nextn gt lets us know by j hogan is so optimistic.le >> cleveland is of more than just a rocket motor city will takeit you behind the scenes of ready for a new season. >> it sounds a relaxing like an afternoon lullaby were like a lullaby we have the rain showers and clouds moving and just now moving and that's the beginning of a long stretch chances of rain willre talk about that and include the weekend forecast ahead in your
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it's beginning to feel a lot like fall out there nearly closed all the windows was mad because it isis starting to club that night and all of them i
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your windows open. >> or your it's zero yeah it's good sleeping weather.r. >> if it drops anymore than any more than all the windows willll you want me busy all winter. >> you can breathe much better i can handle 50s it may be but once you have 40s on what is allowed to joy for me were when looking at belden village area and can'tn than all quiet along 77 just wanted to show you that there is rain definitely on the way really nudging into our southwestern counties stay cooldgi all up in the 60s at this point will head back to the 70s average high temperature now upper 60s is hoped that this is kind of work that at this point unsettled channel were intervals shower intervals of settling and now for the next several days and woolly bear 40 fort vermillion the sunday we will take als0 look at all those weather headlines coming up you can see the wideth swath of rain it's pretty light when you see shades of the other might be part of her pockets ofo rainfall but look at just a fewk raindrops here and there
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the soul in an orange area y brecksville twins birthday raindrop or two along 77 or independence included and then farther south of c71 and 77's and scattered showers along all those areas we need to when shall represent from time to time and continue with all thew way to address other counties to coerce county rain showersc encompassing the entire county of homes as we speak t broader perspective shows that the area of low pressure right here and it's unf just be a one-day stint it'll go on for several days there's the area of the pressure in the kindth p of hovers around ts area for the next several days wish ith was a spiraling around it and we will continue to slam his chances away as we go w into your saturday and sundayg which means it's looking better in terms of the woolly bear forecast we've had more sunshine today it's been taking its times and terms of cloud cover your youngstown still a 70s of brief itself
4:45 pm
that's anomalous they are but most of ite has been held off to areasn of the west that's why temperatures with the clouds to in the wrinkled errorlo in the 50s were many backyards it includes it much of the entire great lakes region you get outside area of the pressure in this bank of cloudsot and you run into temperature is temperatures that are easily heading 80 and west virginia. >> you see your 10 ?-dash 20-degree to which her dropper from just 24 hours ago mississippi because of several freezing andbe the clouds and the rain showers included and just a couple of a spiraling around these bands of rain showers for several at least at this saturday will start is from the chances and much lower chances were going to your sunday but over theu next 48 hours into be interesting in how much rainho and how heavy the bands of rain becomes even the next 48 hours is to be over an inch ?-dash 2 inches of rain that of course as you add on to more bands of rain thursday and fridayff terms of football games in some areas could be twoou ?-dash 3 inches of rain at
4:46 pm
tomorrowto more showers on and off temperature is mid- 60s or friday my showers on and off0s to get my drift here but as we head into the football games are definitely many that poncho for many many of those hometown seasons your children the mom noticed weas shaver with the chances on sunday for woolly bear 20 percent chance could be a few raindrops the area of low pressureou pressure will lift northward i think you have a much better chance maybe early on a brief shower or two dryer as the dayer goes on an beautiful dayy for monday through wednesday of next week >> the browns it returned it to the causes of phil today in berea their pro bowl cornerback joebe haden missed the last weeks game will he play this week here's john tell which. >> hi guys at mr. hayden told us prior to practice that he did not think he would be practicing but he was out there doing drills at the timee the practice was open to reporterso today paid and acknowledged it's been frustrating missing gametime
4:47 pm
am weeks ago in the meantime there is it young talent behind him mr. body cow head and it was onem of the guys on the team picked up after the 53 man roster cut down and all he did was get a pick six last sunday paid and was happy to get body count in some pointers on the sideline sunday i was try toas do as much as i possibly could anything i could betry i would like to tell him just what i see in the combinations anything i can help them what i him what i was trying to help withthom well hayden is itching to play this week as the browns defense will be facing kirk cousins of the redskins also hayden is a friend of his josh bormann the outspoken defensive back of the washington redskins will be playing sures joe wants to have an impact game of his own and help his team win a football game all i can see is the mass at zeroe and three over your right shoulder. >> they are and again i will say there are some instances where you can point towards a
4:48 pm
some of the younger players contributing like danny shelton certainlyyo seems to have found his legs as adhesive starting on his young careerr f you know there's reasons and for some kind of optimism but you canki still be it's about online business and points toward your own three can certainly do thatilyo now cleveland is known for the great restaurants and world-class healthcare would also know how to play some sweet music to cleveland orchestra is turning up for in tuning up for a new season cap next a rare look behind the music m mch it's not what you think it coming in atth 5:00 o'clock waiting to hear the story of how s coach lou secretly
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it is in one of the a one of the top orchestra as itit in the entire world and they make the music right here in cleveland the cleveland orchestra is getting ready to open its new season at severance hall and i was granted where accessed for a glimpse of what's to come this year ra. >> beethoven five he was after revelation in his time beethoven always said that he
4:52 pm
brian thought and has been with the cleveland orchestra for 23 years he's modest about his job and talent as a cellist factta is at the cleveland orchestrac is one of the top ranked and ranked orchestras in the worldtr behind the leadership of conductor france both are most. >> the new york times reports america's most brilliant orchestra consisting of about a hundred full-time musicians at the top of their gameon o is the home court of the cleveland orchestra in the acoustics in this place are simply magnificent but the slightest misstep the slightest mistake and everyone can hear us.hehe >> mysteries he knows how to get the masses start of instrumentn. >> he does he's the best
4:53 pm
orchestra he is extremely serious at what he does obviouslyat we take our jobs it very seriously and very seriously but he's also really fun nice guyuyio this is a rare glimpse of the orchestra behind the scenes and their final rehearsal for several years a second debuting on thursday if you are a lover of music do matter the genre you willou did the show had especially the cello portion featuring brianne and crew i found it interesting that one of the worlds o top cello players listens to have pop help decompress this kind of like the orchestra needs the audience and needs to be able to play n i cannot do hip-hop but i so appreciate what they do. >> the cleveland orchestra another reason for northeast ohio to be proud we are so lucky to be here in cleveland cleveland has such an amazing tradition of supporting the orchestra and s supporting
4:54 pm
sportsts like people just love it. >> it simply music that will take you to another place. >> it will blow your mind the cleveland orchestra kicks off its 2016 ?-dash 17 season tomorrow and you can catch the performancecets at the second tomorrow and friday at severance hall then on saturday and evening with a manual ask for ticket information had to our website >> click on seen on tv and don't forgeta most of their shows kansas 17 and younger get in free with the parent one parent one kid y is a familm affair go see it i will he wanted to play with some of the instruments but brian's
4:55 pm
1720 the cello is older than america so it's not like i could justld sit around and pull around the acoustics and that place is simply amazing is probably 50 yards backha and i can see to talking as they were performing accurate i can hear what they were saying but that's how good the acoustics aret if you like pure music that shakes your soul. >> they are incredible while you're out there and support them them out of heryo fox it is a four let's check in with live magglio in tracing maglio and tracy mccoo coming up at 5:00 o'clock lci. >> guys see you and think that if they didn't allow dave to with their instruments you break one in about 30 seconds coming up today at five and wait until you see what happened last night's yankees game that had everyone in the section on their hands and kneesatry is about to star on empire but still cause cleveland has home next hour the incredible rise of the rapper named as a find that what he promised his mother hehe would do the matter how famous
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>> police say the suspect is 46 -year-old dennis menefee of
4:59 pm
squaresto county small village their little girly was walking home from the library monday afternoon near st. paul's a church when police say menifee pulled up to her claiming to be an officerd in telling her she's been reported missing ande' needed to come with him them child was forced into the vehicle taken to a nearby parking lot where she was sexually assaulted and beaten before she b was released as. >> someone called police after recognizing the suspects a vehicle in was released by police the victim confirmed that the suspect's identity and vehicleih menefee was arrested on first-degree rape charges be sure to stay with fox eight news and for moreo on this developing story and also making headlines to my students and parentsmy and only real wanted to be very very careful police arey on the lookout for a man accused of exposing himself to children susan strafford is live in a leery ofra right now with the
5:00 pm
>> it is an extremely disturbing situation here for the elyria students at the elyria school district after what happened this morning police say a happened as two high school girls were on their way to classes elyria policet as saying an adult man approached the girls you're the third street bridge and driving an suv and apparently stopped and the other girls and told him to get in his caris at that time the girls and noticed he was exposing himself in touching himself in wayihi they were scared they wee terrified they took on running and one for help it wasn't really alarming is this the third time in a month of school officials as saying thisc same vehicle and ban had been spotted in this area however it's the first time that there iser any reports of him exposing himself tonight families police and district administrators are equally alarmeded p all wanting everyone to be careful. >> that is really disgustingw


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