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tv   Fox 8 News at 6PM  FOX  September 30, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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there the rain has quit and we might actually have something some funny breaks up there as well.s you see that one bright so offshore from lake county one lightningore strike and that is. very few thunderstorms today as opposed to the storms we had we may see some decent amou o one.33 in youngstown 1 inch at newn philadelphia and we go to mansfield and noticed mansfield has not seen a whole lot. the good news is that may continue its slow migration northward and out of the area so a lot of football games may get light rain falling but keep your
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any place and move then in but there is some hope for some dryness but it is the cool damp the foxy die team has uncovered an investigation of a man and a sheriff's uniform and uniform innd an incident caughtn camera. >> why did this guy get involvd in a dispute between neighbors? that is the question right now what happened here at a? >> it comes wn what is this guy doing? pi team the it now has a video that is sparked a sheriff's department internal investigation. take a look. >> i'm just asking you as a member y of the sheriff's department. >> a cell phone camera rolling, a man dressed as a cuyahoga county sheriff's deputy suddenly shows up here scene of an ongoing property dispute between neighbors. a the deputy involved in this?
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>> you said that you want to take those fists at fence down. he was notified that you were taking the fence down. >> i want to understand. >> he's been that you've been notified peak am asking you surb you could give me a moment of your time he can now people at home are asking questions i was the so is the i team and county sheriff's wh department doing an internal investigation. >> the more he spoke i could tell he was full of it. something ju >> what's your badge numbers are?wat >> there is no badge number. >> he started talking and saying where not to contact the cleveland police department, this is his jurisdiction.. >> cuyahoga county says of his retired cleveland police officer harry gantz, now a special deputy with the sheriff's department. s basically an unpaide deputy giving lot given law-enforcement power for special assignments. we wondered if anyone here it sheriff sheriff'ss department
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deputy there for the dispute. the folks there wonder that as well make outw this letter back from the county nobodyte come a video no incident report and no record of that special deputy gettingre dispatched by the sheriff's department. i thought phoned the city cannot comment is good this kind of protection order against him as them as investigation plays out. >> hope you stripped of any accreditation of power that he has. >> how long will that internal investigation take? it's not clear but of course we will be watching. meantime a hearing is set for next month and that protection order. >> he had that uniform but what about the uniform? >> i did review the county uniform policies put for devotees and it is very clear when deputies should bey wearing
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when it should not be.r man appeared in massillon court charged with the rape and kidnapping of a nine-year old girl. police say dennis-yr menefee lud her and she was reported missing. menefee was also convicted of manslaughter in wyoming.n it convicted of manslaughter he faces a lot a conviction of life without parole. the file is on its way to the state states attorney general state's attorney general for review. thecails case was transferred ta special prosecutor with the attorney general's office in it will be up to the special prosecutor to review and determine if the case should be presented to a grandd jury to determine if the officer should face any criminal charges in that several students with disabilities arese in hospital tonight at the school bus crash in worcester. most of the injuries were minor and were caused when a semi- t-bones t-bone to their bus this
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you see there a total of six students and for staff members in the wayne county board of developmentalt disabilities driver failed to stop on the stop sign on thehe two 50 exit ramp. investigators charged a man man driving high on drugs of methadone about 50 minutes before 15 minutes before the crashbo on i 90 westbound. trooper kenneth velez died. troopers say he failed sobriety testing. defense attorneys defense attorneys say gaspar only got a fair p at a therapeutic dose of methadone from,m, doctor and his the driver's drivers pleading not guilty. it will bed a an emotional homecoming game tonight in euclid as thel team as a school
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tragically died after an injury in last week's game.i here's more on what they have planned. maxis school this team is getting a lot of support. i can show you right now that the team euclid panthers on the field now practicing with some emotional determination tonight. the euclid high school community butjust mourning the death celebrating the life of 17 old andre jackson. we can show you earlier. the team painteded number 24 on the 32-yard line of the field. 24 was andre's original number, but a senior had already hadnu , so he wore number 48 on the 30's and the third 2-yard line is the yard line where he was injured. you may remember he was injured during a game against solon last saturday night. his coaches he was hit during what appeared to be a routine play. the medical examiner ruled that he died from a ruptured bowel
6:07 pm the team will play to pay tribute to him with a the balloont release during the gam. we spoke with head coach about the playerssp spirits. >> i wanted to push the game back but these kids said they just wanted to play and are kind of many slogan has been play for gray s and pray for dry so i jut hope you know what we have a 12 we have a 12 man our seattle seahawks 12 man. he could coach says this team is getting support from across the nation and especially high schools here in northeast ohio. for example, chardon sent them this towel each of them these towels euclid panthers with andre jackson's name in chardon hilltop errs one heartbeats. this is just an example of the type of support they're their
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number 24 and theirea helmet and also aj, his initials on new jersey. this game starts at seven and it should be an emotional homecoming. >> it's nice to feel that support and you're right it's going to be a night filled witho so many emotions. >> nice gesture from that f extended football family. browns are moving on from josh gordon f that the work from theha team after he checks inton rehab one week before he was set to return to football field. roosevelt left which has the latest. >> when he came up on reporters friday afternoon bounce head coach made it clear that josh gordon is not his concern anymore. >> i think today is really the last josh gordon comment i want to make.he >> gordon informed coach jackson and the bounds of who ground that he was entering intogorm r. in a statement he said that he called needed to gain full control of his life. he fu missed all of last season serving year-long suspension for drugs.
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finishing a four-game suspension the season so why would he leave now?sp coach jackson will not go into any details about conversations hec had with gordon or squirt ad had northport and had failed another drug test.nd and neither will the nfl. when we asked, they had no comment. coach jackson said there is a long season left to plans that it's best for the team to look ahead.s >> i don't want to get into the specificse of it. obviously josh is not here and she is doing what he thinks you need to dondin for support him 100 percent.a i think what is best for our football team is that we move forward and move on. he is not going to be with us. we wish him well but we are moving forward.h >>'s teammates are moving forward as wellm saying they're getting ready for sunday's game at the redskins.s. wide receiver and andrew hawkins says he knows how tough it can beno for someone to have an addiction. his sister to his sister struggledve with addiction for years and died of an overdose f
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to get through this and that'sm the most important thing. >> it's not a black-and-white situation.n like i said, it is important for josh to take this step and try to figure it out. it is a hard road and he understandsds that but footballs not important right now. it really is not. we just wish him the best and hope he has the best success success moving forward.o he killed although the browns gordon from the team but if you would be allowed to return to the browns a few successful in rehab. >> at the last friday in september but the six the week of week of the high school footballer season. >> it is go time and we have a full game ahead across ohio and friday night touchdown is ready to bring you all of the action. peter zigler joins us live with the action tonight. u good evening hard to
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night touchdown. you heard me right. the first game of the year with a home game playedrs at: while e stadium of this is stadium of this is being tonight is the official home opener against chardon. let's give you look at a look at this new facility.y.a this new renovated stadium includes a new bleacher area which features about 4,000 people new pressbox new led lights new sound system which you may be able to hear a new track that you see right to the football field. the field itself is not renovated. that's the oldfield and new bleachers on the visitor side as well. hymns and new concession stand area. h they're about to have a ribbon cutting ceremony here in just a few minutes't but i asked one f the footballof players earlier tonight what if does he think
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>> at i think it's magnificent.e unfortunately we didn't get a new scoreboard i think it's awesome. >> biz is a very very tough night forbi them. not only is the weather not cooperating, but they have to suspect first first -ranked team in division two coming division ii coming in. the undefeated. let's see if they can pull off the colossal upset at the new home he met with six of friday night touchdown kicks off tonight at 11:00 p.m. join pj jt and any copy of the highlights from all over northeast ohio. it is friday night touchdowno tonight at 11:00 p.m. allegations of police brutality still ahead. the dash cam that has become the center of the lawsuit against
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checking up on dick goddard. he calls them with his recovery andit a special message for everyone headed to the woollybear festival this weekend >> and the woollybear. will it literally ran on our parade? andre has the full forecast coming a full forecast coming up
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he met the 44th woollybear
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tonight we have a message from dick >> she spoke to lou magglio aboutsp herself about hisis health and his that this woollybear will be the best ever. >> there is nothing like it. no festival anywhere in the country that can match .-dot woollybear. dick goddard is the heart and soul. he is been there since day one but an accident last week might keep him on the sidelines this year. >> i slipped and the left side of my body and i knew at that point that my left hip was broken. >> dick is attacking his rehab from hip replacement with vigor. >> the pain is hits eight at times but when an stationary for a length of time jobs to a pain level pain level of about two. >> the last woollybear thick mist was 20 years ago when his
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died in the same week. tracy mccool and i will handle thend parade this year and your fox eight favorites will foxy favorites will be part of every otherr event. >> they will do a great job. best to them and everyone there. >> the festival will go on the matterll what. dick wants to make sure everyone has fun. that'll happen. you can count on a. >>nt it is free, it is fun. it be there. >> dick goddard more than to be there sunday, but even he can't make it. even if he can't make it you will be able to wish him well. we will have a huge card at the festival for you to sign. >> rain or shine, it is going to be a wonderful day. >> i like that orange hat. >> everybody wears an orange hat i think the clouds will just be frightenedi and kind of clear.
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>> if everybody wears a big orange hat. >> orange and black. we've got to get the outfits ready now.gew >> we do have this issue with his 900-pound gorilla kind of spinning there but it will be going in the right direction. that is the big question. that's okay. we will have fun anyway. i will see you out there sunday but let's see what it looked like earlier today. this is akron cann. all of a sudden watch the rain watched the rain disappears. where did they go? moves north so we go to burke lake front airport and mrs. looking north northwest. here comes the rain and it was a little less intense here than it was whenss it moved through the akron canton areait but it's certainly matted everyone down. he was a look at the dopplerhe
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there is the area right there. you can see the center of circulation. it has been there for about 24 hours. it's finally on the move showing signs of drifting north and eventually i monday and tuesday we will be up in here.ue it is going to take a little while for all of that to take place.l this is doppler weather radar and the only single bandop of rn affecting us rightd now is this one from just north of youngstown t through lake and northern geauga flipping it looks like euclid and willoughby. everywhere to thed south the ran has quit at least for right now. as far as the lightning goes look at this. we actually have one lightning strike right around geneva on the lake. flatline temperatures as you would expect with the clouds. sixty-four andth 61 today, 58
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three hours for football games a lot of places will see no rain once that initial bunch goes north. morning of sun and fun breaks tomorrow. we we'll actually get into the dry spot briefly.e notice the afternoon showers try to develop again in the afternoon so there is the did it for tomorrow morning.s we ramped back up to 60 percent of the low pulls away locals away sunday direction it goes downd to t 40 percent sunday afternoon 20 percent by monday and eventually will dry out but again it's a painfully slow process. be ready for anything at any time but the trend will be in the good direction going sunday g dry through wednesday. itwe looks like more significant front may approach notice the temperature a week from saturday. we may feeleat first day with we the temperatures are held in the
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new line for the second year in a row cap they're no caps are going totofo camp cavs of going to camp without a big piece of their puzzle. what that the puzzle.
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john tell telogen joins us and it seemed very clear josh gordon has played his last game for theor browns.s >> this is just a tough situation. hugh jackson talkingto of closig a chapter when discussing josh gordon today. he ventured that really be a rehabilitation center to giveo his life in order. his incredible talent may not see an nfl field again teammate andrew hawkins left who lost his sister to addiction is and looking inis 2016. he's looking way down the road for joshsh gordon. >> him being a good receiver is not going to save his life 20 years from now. in coming back to help the cleveland browns in 2016 is a it going to help him in 2025 if you still doing with those same issues so like i said, i'm sincere what he is doing is important. >> hopefully he can turn things around. cavs continue with their
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any sign a free-agent guard? you mean the season ticket holder of the cleveland indians? the team is still early in camp but his teammates certainly want to see jr in the fold. they love him.jr jr has got to know this will be the one last big contract of his career. he will be of cash into his cell and left a so unless a number overwhelms him and his management team, i imagine it will be staying away.em that however has lebron itching for this thing to be resolved. three years in ah row one of my big guns is not here.r so for leader of the team and me personally i just hate to do withad it. >> lets get it done. it's hard to believe it is week number six of high schoolt football. >> it is and fall weather. we have glenville eased back on the brand-new turf and portable tries to turn the quarter meets resistance falls on the ground
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to the score after a blocked punt. star running back to marry is good when darting through the whole weeks into the end zone and will be punting again bouncing all over that turf. glendale chases it down. glendale leads 20 did nothing in the first quarter.s lots of great action tonight. join fox eight sports reporters tj certainly going to have their hands full tonight.c >> west western reserve conference game tonight between one and four can stand five endo chardon and certainly they will have their hands full, the bombers that is, was chardon because they come in giving up just seven points a game and their average margin of victory over 43 points a game so it is the home opener but they will
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which one of you want to say hi? >> high. >> my name is robert. >> will bebegh here getting reay for tonight's game in week six edition of friday night touchdown. >>. week six of friday night touchdown kicking off tonight at 11:00 o'clock.ayuc i will be out of mime at my alma mater you clerk euclid to see thehe panthers. join p.j. danny and yours truly for the best high school footbally coverage in northeast ohio tonight at 11:00 p.m. and of course of course indians la permitting, in kansas city as we finish off the regularar season. >> is going to be a great night. still ahead, is a vacation destination in a vacation destination in our own backyard. getting up at six coming up at 630 what is in store for the new beach house beach outside at6 edgewater and an attack of the creepy clown. a bizarre incident that forced
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a warning to our viewers some of you may find the video in our next story disturbing. >> and the it will rain him in the rain lawsuit againstl the lorain police department alleging lorraine police department alleging police brutality.olrt jack shea says police maintain newly released ?-dash cam video does not tell the entire story of what happened here.en >> september 2014 lorain police by detectives responded to a complaint about drugs being sold in a neighborhood encounter 30 -year-old pele smith, a man with a criminal history of drug and weapons violations.d detectives report that when they attempt to arrest him he tries to destroy drug evidence in his
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once smith is placed under arrest, a third officer is summoned to transport him to jail. under departmental policy, the officer must search smith again and as they approached the vehicle, the officer suddenly grabbedl him and slams him on te car, smashing the windshield. smith was treated for cuts and later released. the incident is now the subject of a federalea lawsuit alleginga set of excessive force by the lorraine pete police officer. >> anyone watching the video would believe it wasngsi i was unable to see anything in the video that suggests mister smith was resistings arrest, attempting to fight with him, attempting to flee. i see the same thing everyone else do does. i see a young black man being raised up off the ground with his hands handcuffed behind him and slammed on her windshield with sufficient force sufficient force to shatter that windshield. >> butds they say there's more o theer story than meets the eye.
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drug dealer who was in fact resistingg arrest. >> they maintain the officer the officer intended to place among them on the foot of the officer under on the hoot of the car and did not intend to slam him on the windshield.nla in part a statement reads quote the video does notq tell the complete story.oe although it is not easy to watch police officers explained all of theirla actions and their police reports. during the arrest and mister smith act of resistance to active resistance who was placed on the hood of the policeisto ut to gain control and conduct a as per policy department and the city of lorain deny all of the allegations outlined in the lawsuit. pd he can be he was handcuffed like i can understand that you don't have to do me like that breaux. >> but the attorneys representing smith in a federal lawsuitat say the jury may havea different view of how the police treatedy v smith. >> he certainly should not be in the care custody and control of
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sustain this type of treatment that resulted in his injuries.s. >> investigator said the drug activity on that day was happening near w an elementary school. in 2015 smith pled guilty of charges to charges ofh resistig arrest, tampering with evidence and obstruction obstructing official business. w police massillon alaska for asked for help raising money to send a little girl to disney world. the nine -year-old was brutally assaultedb and walking home from school. they put a post on their facebook page withlk details on how to donate. we have that on our pages as well as are learning more about the engineer for train of the train that crashed in one of new york area's busiest stations. thomas gallagher worked for the new jersey transit for 29 years. investigators are searching for answers and why he did not slow down before crashing into the terminal.l. he who we are here on our first
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boxes or event recorders from the locomotive. we are waiting to make sure the scene is safe enough so we can access the other three passenger cars. hoping to interview the engineer later oner today. >> one woman waiting on a platformrm died, and more than 0 others were hurt. believe it or not, they're only 30 days to go until election day and a brand-new wr of words as is erupting on the campaign trail. >> follow the money. the large corporations who support terrible trade deals, offshore jobs. they take these jobs and offshore the job, they are donating to hillary clinton so follow the money. >> donald trump's latest line of attack against his rival hillary clinton comesis after his controversial debate performance monday night. some strategists say trumps the reserved demeanor was part ofof his overall strategy and that he
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and his past infidelities at the next debate in st. louis, but clinton says she she's not worried about the speculation.on >> i'm going to keep talking about this takes in this election. i'm going to keep talking about my agenda that i believe will increase both have make it fair or have it be lasting and deal with the real problems that families arerew confronting. >> for the first time in history, and major us newspaper, usa today, came endorse endorsing a candidate. the paper's editorial board late into donald trump with laid into donald trump with a series ofat criticisms saying he is unfit for president. it happens on the daily greater cleveland, atm smash and grab theft from stores where they are being hit hard by old criminals and how lawmakers are now taking womack the latest atm smash and grab obliterating the wall of
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cleveland heights and in cleveland ending cleveland's shatter glass on the web and the weapon of choiced' left at the store. >> it is a lot of damage. >> they are still cleaning up at new wave market on cleveland's west side. this surveillance video shows the moment of the van back into the store sending food flying thursday. the suspects caught on camera rating the register.r.. the edm stuck under the van. their own hands. this eastside rite right aid combating criminals with new cement pillars outside the store. now ohio lawmakers are stepping in. >> we are just veryar fortunate that there has not been a child you know going in there to b bua pack of bubblegum and get killed. it inevitably is going to happen >> state senator tom penn has proposed a law that would require atm be secured to the floor and placed against a
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it would also limit cash, all to deter he says it's the a first step to combat the crime with stiffer penalties also.. then all the victims it can't come soon enough. >> we have to look at the big picture.w >> if these crimes involve the weapon, they would seriousm penalties, but some argue the vehicle is a dangerous weapon itself. patton says he hopes to fast-track this bill the passage. in cincinnati police say woman claims she was assaulted by a male wearing a clown suit. she told police she was sitting on her front porch smoking a cigarette when the suspect grabbed her around the throat.e the alleged attacker also she to a spot said she was finally able to run awaysp whenn
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this is a growing problem acrosc the state. a recent incident of the norwalk turned out to be a prank. but police down in portsmouth ohio portsmouth ohio were not laughing when someone snapped a picture of a clown they are holding an ax. locally were working on new and improved edgewater beach. >> the cleveland metroparks expect to have the work ready bl next summer and she joins us with all of the details here.d >> from the looks of it that's a good thing and wait until you hear about the rest of the details. >> edgewater beach will have a whole new look with beach the beach concession is no more having been demolished a few days ago. this time next year this is the view of the lake that will be waiting for visitors who long ago grew accustomed to seeing the back end of a cinderblockw
6:40 pm
creating low and drop off point to points and drop-off point and focal points. ff >> cleveland metroparks ceo brian zimmermanan says great cae was taken in developing a case that would serve greaterin clevelanders for the next 100 years. take a look at what the brand-new a brand-new two-story beach house will look like as it sits toward the south side of the fan notice the pavilion on top connecting to a bridge end of the sure way that leads to the west 76 west 76 street pedestrian show sure we show a neighborhooe beyond. >> and return into our 100 year celebration we have really looking at taking our number minutes down under 10 minutes of people can have access to public recreation. >> the gravel walkway you see flowing from the picnic area area above is part of a trail system that will lead visitors down to the beach. there are also plans for improved parking. no question it is a well thought out project but wait until you
6:41 pm
sunset. >> we are really working to we're really working to get the bestrret views to lake erie. to see the most amazing sunsets. >> metroparks ceo says visitors will have access to really great food. if we grab and go stuff like burgers, but high quality and by the waiter will be a fireplace from the second-floor of the beach ll house so people can eny a cool evenings while watching the sunset. >> we had some of the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises here to enjoy tonight maybe not k tomorrow. >> will do a little bit tonight. i wasa just passing by the windows on the way to the studio and it there were some breaks in the clouds to the west. if we end up with a good sunset with for that sunset time lapse as we like to do it th but timee got this giant washing machine
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itself. i also call it a 900-pound gorilla. it is still just kind of hanging out in kentucky. it has been there for 24 hours. to begin a slow trip to the north northeast and carried out to see that for the time c being we are looking at curing notes what is a brain that continue to get hold in the southeast and literally yanked to the the band right here the only band and the viewing area that is significant. mostly northern lake and northern ashtabula county. here is a better look at it. you can see things have really settled settle down tonight and that is great news for friday night high school football. none have to worry about any of them that but this makes them at
6:43 pm
high school in games and activities andoe eight in that area of low pressure. you can almost see the dry pocket right here.ig pull getting pulled up northward into the region and this is going to settle the atmosphere down going into tonight and my morning. it looks like a less loose this filled in, this could in fact stay with us through the sewage us through to my morning before we start seeing the potential for more ur m showers in the bae of thatw st exit. bearing the sixties right now. fifty-eight tonight.h there might be some periodic showers but most of the time te weather should be quiet and smile some breaks in the weather for a little while. it should be kind ofea quiet. afternoon showers and thunderstorms with those two will be scattered. it kind of sticks around even through the afternoon. a few scattered showers may fill in the cap sent by gaps and by
6:44 pm
in and that put back in and that willk rise and probability to increase briefly sundaybi mornig before finally getting carried away. eventually that nice ridge of high pressure will be out for tuesday and wednesday and it looks site likeit some snow for the rockies early nextso week. we will worry about that later but scattered showers late saturday, mostly sunday morning tapering off to sundaytl afternn even more of a tapering off mondayay it's going to take a while to get rid of these yst things by tuesday and wednesday will looking at sunshine 70 to 73. the next month next friday that could pull down some more crispy era. saturday hide air. saturday - the fifties.y >> thanks so much. he met the stadium next to the pro football hall oft fame has had a unique history hosting high school in professional football games.
6:45 pm
place but it's not too late to own a piece of he did he throws throws it back the nextdi way. >> stadium next to the pro football hall of fame next to his football's greatest name. >> family people pass through the so many people pass through the stadium the listam would be too long to count but the one the most recent success from josh mcdaniels of the new england patriots is for super bowl ring to the next mckinleynd bulldog. >> over the past year the old stadium has gradually making way for a new one but before we have gone jailed jail rinaldi was granted permission to go in and solve at what he could he give my son nick and my dear friend bob we wentnd in and the three of us started cutting hacking and whacking and we were able to call pull pullouts from 100 pullout some 100 some seats. >> probably some of the breaches that have not just witnessed some of the greatest prose to play the game n but those from canton high school as well.
6:46 pm
cut some seats out and save some bracketdso so some of these guys played there in the fortiesrt fifties and sixties they can get a season get a bracket on the wall and tell the grandkids about how they scored 20 games 20 touchdown and one games one game he do this goes keeping this goes beyond canton ohio fr the county. one of the interesting things is expanded from coast to coast coast-to-coast and even international. they are requesting seats because th football hall of fame. >> a 12-foot section preserved to be o displayed at the communy center remaining seats in brackets are being sold to have money for the schools. >> will have some of our season ticket h holders who grew up as children come into the brains of parents. they've had the same seats for 50 years. so for them to be able to get a little piecee of the stadium asa memento and keepsake, they are t thrilled.
6:47 pm
the original seats and brackets of painful bracket zipping for thets mckinley high school tickt office and they're not too many they're not too many of them left. he met its hard to believe but nearly half of american workers don't use all of their vacation days but one ceo says that's not acceptable.e. how he is giving extra incentives to make employees take a e trip. dick goddard isn't here but that is not keeping us from in helpinggh his you're going to need meet some great looking to meet some great-looking ones coming up
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?? peaked at. >> the 44th woollybear festival is this sunday in downtownwn vermilion from the the woollybearp 500 is a fantastic time. you can find a full schedule of events that day at have got a big woollybear and bit woollybear and so excited he get mister goddard's not here. he is recovering from surgery. >> he is doing great. >> here we go to cannes kennel
6:51 pm
-year-old female shepherd mix and this beauty has had her shares of adventures but is now ready for her forever home. she has the most beautiful hazel eyes. he see how they twinkle their? she's waiting for for her forever home. and this is caprice a female shepherd mix about three years ol who is affection ready. she is ready to just laugh it on to you. also the next one let's go to kennel number 19 dog on a six -year-old gal well mannered, calm, loving and she will melt intowi your lap if given the opportunity. she is just waiting for the forever home.he
6:52 pm
half -year-old labrador mix. if you're a fan of this next this preview must come to me this wonderful boy. just look into those loving eyes. he may find it hard to leave without him. the next one, our last one kennel number 46 is in a nine month -month-old male american pit bull mix. he's a funkyky guy who enjoys hs playful sweet self. he is benefited from our best friends medical reliefef having surgery. you will need continued walks and playtime to increased use of his increase use of histiti lego visit some of these dogs available. pay to play still ahead the company giving at least two grand to make sure employees
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6:55 pm
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hope and have health and happiness are to think that money can't buy and realize that. n in the survey found employees ranked vacation time over salarm when they'll lookings at a potential job and those of more timese off for overall more hapy and more satisfied with life but a software company in utah's state taking that a step further.reny they're paying their employees to take vacation. >> were not just talking vacation here.e. employees get that but the only
6:57 pm
the chip to prove they went. they don't let them to just bank the money. the ideas to unwind while on vacation so you do better when you return. the company is called bamboo h r. thanks for joining us tonight at six both at home and online. >> next to one of all of the great stories on fox eight news
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we begin with a live look from an empty east fourth. the rain seems to have chased everyone away. we still see some people out there braving the weather but will it be a washout for the whole weekend? is go to andre for a look at the full forecast. >> only periodically. but the moms are happy. they got a drink between four and 630 but as i look to the west there are breaks in west there are breaks in thear clouds and we might actually sneak out a little bit of sun. it is not going to be a widespread sonny peek that you can see through those breaks just off to the right-hand right hand sidede there of the cleveld


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