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tv   New Day Cleveland  FOX  November 1, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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good morning. welcome to new day. >> i am david moss it is a good day. we getting ready to go
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linguistically and great angry or other 30. working outside this morningg we could not ask for a better way to win the world series. working in chicago for a few months this weekew when they hid him they took him to the cubs game that is a big deal you look at how they see him now. >> i was talking and hosted an event this weekend it was wonderfulwe with the women's
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so the atmosphere here in the city is incredible. i think it will happen for days and days tonight. >> they have one. i know we will do. we can make it happen. lance m burns ambers is here. and check them out here we have great girls to hear
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snacks. you know i need those. and brian is here to make sure i have a second snap because we are talking about moments this is a great way to adde to your table. brian is the owner it is always a pleasure to have you. i knowa you have come up with nw last night pumpkin spice almond we still believe in the same philosophy we usedth coconut sur
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a thanksgiving since it is right around the cornerg with everything else on her family's favorite is very simple. what we have here is mixing them up we take a little bit of butter with about four tablespoons and
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minutes until it is set up in the middle.s and some somewhat like a junkie s y the exact same thing c i don't know if that is a thing here in the thing here in cleveland but in daytonn's h but indigenous. >> i've never had one year, but i am sure a lot of people do.ut >> i am a basic kind of girl
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have a small package with an ounce and a house and a half is 100 percent vegan the same
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jerky i might say is the healthiest m and i think that te bus but i am also extremely biaseded and we would so love to still have to read of bit. can also get it at farmers market. i love the sound of
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that time of that is nt in to him and check them all at the food store. thank you very much for being here. still to come ?- or morning pick me up. the shop that carries every favorha of flavor of coffee you
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i started out mostly doing accessories.te i initially about local for myself, so i made that it is extended into cufflinks and money clips. i do some other women's brains and necklaces and stuff like that too. >> women's necklaces and stuff
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could design a keychainth to gie to the customers as a gift. history is a big influence for me and nature. sometimes it is naturen states he of candles of candles
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help: and cents. when people spend their money on it i think that is the best compliment when someone is partnering with something on your hands.
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90 is a good knife is a must in the kitchenfe and they provide e night for almost every restaurant. those are restaurants and supermarkets don't want to talk about some of the features. and they love te fuel tank on the handle.
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get in there especially after it is old. this is called a poster of our knife. and you want to he want to crack open and lobster. i don't. often then it starts doing that. and then when he got a chocolate you're not going to get all the
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be more slightoo and i never use itd making sure you're getting any bacteria in. and then you get a mess like this your not paying nearly as much money. nights like this might be 80 to $100ne on a might likeo sleep so for 15. it is about the same. almostab and you reay don't see that anymore. i'm not saying exactly the same exact a knife but charge $5 and $3 to
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have to grind that poster down. and the other thing is the cheaper and i am t with the fliy blade and then you are filing your food as opposed to slicing your food.s and then how that opens it up to oxidation also about mouth feel they call
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use the adapter great they are you can sharpen that 90s. way. you can sharpen of those.s. i have even seen restaurants with theav
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and then you're cutting your food you should take the what knife block and of broadway instead of little slots is when they first started seeing something they could recommend because you are not putting your knives and do
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>> and those are $5. >> what is your website so i can get to it? >> it can also use the service. and then you get a bigger snack for natalie. the other one is how much money do you spend. >> we buy up it from the case.
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find the biggest new heads. we are lucky enough to have it here in cleveland this is playhouse square we have so much going on downtown. we caught up with him.oi boys just recently lost her husband with all of the responsibility of taking care of the four boys and she takes it in stride and lives everything to every day to the fullest and focuses whole life and making suree her sons are happy. they
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most adult performers have the
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taking your life and going for
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how you can score a complementary her treatmenta for one of my favorite places where iof go to get my hair done silos are unbelievable. >> i'm buying that lottery
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coffee and teaal regular decaf flavored non- flavored. i training flavor you want.t and we used to have a bedroom down here with a very small amount of crap. it is extended and that
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have six different roasters everyone makes chocolate coffee but we tried everybody's chocolate. we are very very picky. that is why we have the best tasting freshest coffee it is a higher quality being i can talk about that all day too
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our decaf flavors are absolutelu fabulous. you can't even tell. people always asking what is your bestl seller? jamaica me crazy is our best for probably over 20 years and you may see it in grocery stores you may see it in the casest, but i have the original coming from chicago it is a caramel rum vanilla and far outweighs any flavor we have. the second best is the caramel. and it is definitely worth the try. it smells so good in here it is likes aromatherapy. open any of the church you want and try anything unusual we have
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it we do the same thing with the dollars sample bag it is just a wonderful cozy place to be mom and i up and running it for 31 yearsru we will try to answer any questions for youy we will help you out. w >> check it out it is located in just a couple blocks from the square this saturday is our annual open house between samples and refreshments. to knock to tanaka check out.
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her hair starts to feel drab. we need to refresh it and make it feelo wonderful. it is so good to have you here. you have done to your hair?ha >> i myself we did i hear detox treatmentt and the main thing about that it really cleanses they have any build up. i do a lot of styling on my hair suckers there are a lot of heat with a ton of products. an actress creates a lots of built up. cleanses it and creates an even campus a keel those people who work out a lot and it will
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does it feel once it's done? >> it feels like newon here. i think we've all gone through with all gone through that moment when ae our hair i have watched life with the bouncy volume. what kind of maintenance with that require would recommend doing this about once a month recommending the type of hear you have with the color appointments the. >> let me steal that form you let's take a look at her before picture this is indianahe what d she have done with her hair? >> we did the sebastian so can treatment her main goal is to be
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hair and hearing she needed a lot of moisture we will keep it healthy with her desired color results. >> it will moisturize and the higher the here as well. it also adds volume to the area. a lot of treatments don't do that. >> i would think if the opposites. a lot of people are afraid it will be heavy t and this will give them some nice volume in china at the same your hair i'm assumings very processed is that your natural color i mean so yet it feels wonderful what about maintenance on this type. >> she chic into the us about every other week or so. it's
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too much on the hair. let's check out her before pictures beatrice have the well out the locks oil treatment on her care it is naturally very clearly she had a lot of praise and it tends to be dry but it is fine she does not have a lot. the last thing she wants is something to weigh it down but she has trouble tackling the phrase she likes to style it but smooth it out her the ability to do botht so t will cut down the styling time. >> of someone has clearly air i know sometimes they worry about taking out the curled in their hair with that maintain the crawl still? >> it will not have the phrase that it does i think a lot of people will find they want to style their hair curly often because it does not have doesn't
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kind of place all those fibers down giving it that smooth look anybody who has curly hair needs a lot of moisture. >> our members are very good for especially if they have a lot of great area tends to be quarters and wiry and hard to control.nd have color in your hair especially this time of year and maintenance on this one how often should you get it done? >> every month or so more is better. >> for sure. for sure. here is the good news in all this for yousu studio and see which is in
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free complementary treatment done, but you have to call today by 7:00 p.m. give them a call mentioned that you saw us and it must called by 7:00 p.m. to get the complementary treatment 7. >> more new to cleveland
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>> breaded chicken as the holiday spirit the brian setzer orchestra s is bringing in the tour november 15 tickets on sale right now. if you are looking for a place to watch the game tonight, head over to north olmsted and in a hotspot in town called ohio beer garden. >> the ohio beer garden is a very casual, laid-back atmosphere it is really a building we are providing it is 24 beers on draft all the time
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want to emphasize w to and maket what you want with shuffleboard it is very comfortable and very homey. it does promote the make friends get to know somebody that maybe you don't know they want youw to get to know others that are in here and that is that share what you have. a lot of people will be surprised by the being produced in ohio. much more than 24 great onceb for us it is very important to continue that searchit to find those products. >> this is a humble humble bees
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which you won't find very many places it is a honey wine just a really cool everything local with the maple side firms sibling revelry has worked really well with us they are localey from westlake to fathers father's day of two sons each. it is just one of those local breweries i can we want to highlight and get out to the public. >> we do have food here at the offering. >> prosciutto parmesan and pancetta pizza with fresh slices some of that with cheese diced pancetta like those on top of that. when it comes out we will finish it with shaved parmesan. and we will also have finger food to go along with it. in the same breath if you would like to bring
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call and get something order that is your favorite we have people that want that. by all means. we are here to let you create your own experience we are we're just trying to provide this to help you create the experience he wants. >> here is some fun one more reason to cheer for the indians. we are with canary travel. the world series will be over tonight.e >> of course it will be over tonight. >> yes. for every game that they have one so far, we have given out pricesfa tickets to mexico. we are hoping it ends today with a nether winner, but if the indians do when the world series, and he will booked a tripi with us from last week and hopefully the end of tonight, we
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bucket and we are paying for the trip of the person with paul than a month. >> that would be it. karen of owned it now a little bit over ten years.t so it is been a great experience. >> it's going pretty well. >> it is. e. >> so is just this just the world series thing? it is the world series we're giving away the trip. we do have greats lat
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>> it's almost last-minute. it is almost last-minute but people are still trying to get out of town for christmase normally is one of the highrm as two weeks f thet year the series made a little bit of a different role. everybody said the trunk at selected they are moving out of the country. we know it's not going to happenen but it is $100 off per adults per adult per travel and there isf a ton of inventory out there availab december,ek so it is a great tie to take advantage. the prices i was pulling up yesterday for a five night trip over christmas is about what they are running right nowip it is the right time to travel. i know uncle michael just called you case. they are on a great trip going forward to
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but wanty something a little bit different you can custom craft the trip. >> we can do any type oftr trip out there. we do vegas hawaii disney bora bora are doing a ton of river cruises $50 off domestic travel that 19 years going back to the world series us to pay off for someone who wantsdom to travel with canary travel. >> man's will take advantage of it if you are planning to travel anyway. >> and today before the end of the game, you can get the these special deal from canary travel be in the hopper and perhaps when a special prize. >> we've been doing it almost six years. >> ,. >> it is been my great fortune that you pointed out y new advancements in cataract
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i've got some good news there are benefits to cataract surgery
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diabetes and fortunately make cataract develops in my comfortable very comfortable very quick operation without any pain and they are noticing the improvement literally the next most of the time we correct peoplet and oftentimes they need glasses to read with the stay of other problems like an astigmatism which may require
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>> their secondary benefits asbe well. >> very good evidence that suggests is a cataract surgery or 50 percent less risk of being at fault a motor vehicle accident for the first several years after surgeryr a less likely had a likelihood of falling or fracture 30 percent reduction in hip fractures there is eviden of life and those i haven't even little longer it is level longer it is a wonderful procedure and a real treat to be able to provide this for people everydy i realize there are people who are really potentially at risk forr losing their job independence they can't read and do things they want to do and o be able to restore that with a
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>> coming up on tomorrow's show, paint your own a trend that is sweeping the northeast ohio plus going to the tribe became don't have time to cook? what do you do? we are going to make stuffed peppers using red peppers and italian sausage with like you like and onions.ef >> friday we are going into a new area it is called a coin alley. we love this place. you can park and spend the day walking aroundplc in entertainmt we will give you the grantor to her on friday's show. >> you park your car one little spot check out the places to eat and shop we love it. >> i like that also. >> if you want to join me at 11:05 a.m.m. we will go on my
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about the treatments to explain it further and how you can getto that. >> i would not ge want to miss that. i am on the edge of my seat.m >> you are there at 4:00 o'clock? >> yes. and go tribe. they can do this they've got >> gametime is at 8:08 a.m. excuse me p.m. it it'll 8:00 p.m.c we will see you so long. captured, okay? he's a mexican! she ate like a pig... i moved on her like a [bleep] i did not say that... i love war. yes, including with nukes. blood coming out of her... they're rapists... wrong. there has to be some form of punishment. such a nasty woman. i wanna be unpredictable. ...on 5th avenue and shoot somebody... she's a slob... i don't remember! and you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves! priorities usa action is responsible
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dr. oz: america's biggest coffee chains are the if you fast food chains. what is safe so enjoy and what should you avoid. see what our undercover investigation reveals. >> chained to a bed, the desperate call to 911. >> hurry, hurry. >> the chilling discovery cops away speaks out for the first time. true crime tuesdays on "oz," coming up next. dr. oz: we'll save lives today. are you guys ready to get healthy? [cheers and applause] dr. oz: if you order a skinny


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