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practice. tell us what you think about tonight >> potato bowl tent will play a huge role in this game, josh tomlininol will do what he need come in quito may be more apt, to go to the bullpen. that has been his mantra. you have someone who can tilt the balance in your favor
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is high leverage and as those tough moments. is use earlier than most would. you have a flexible bullpen, that he is okay with this guy. these guys are unselfish. the responsibility to know what they can do and when they do
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positionon to get to a playoff series you try to take what the do and do more. page can do postseason you cannot do like the bullpen. i know that matt wright is more popular. >> is a mama crowd. you can really feel the excitement.
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have found a response, standing room only. the ready for a victory tonight in game six.. we have some video as the gates opened as they ran to theiras standing room only spot to get the best ones some waited since 11:00 a.m. to get a great spot to watch th tribe. they want to make sure. they ge to t enough although that pregame festivities. including the national anthem. wattage you want to be first? >> we do not want to miss the game. we have
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i'm looking ahead to the paradede whatever the game to start in just a couple hours. are ready for the game tonight. it is packed here, thank you so much. was a raid is outside.
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the budweiser clydesdales here, they're here to watch and to representnt. people from all over, anybody downtown, will stop by to take pictures in selfies with these clydesdales. i spoke to people earlier at gateway plaza. downtown . >> i have two bottles of champagne hidden when we when i were going to celebrate. of got two bottles for a champagne shower, it is hidden. the masters the calder cup the back cavaliers nba championship so only fitting that the world series comes to
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show you the layout.ou >> tribe. is a party here at gateway there will be a watch party there, during the game. >> can just feel the electricity. a few lucky fans, got some last-minute ticketsck, they had pay a hefty price. a cubs fan said he paid $1,000 per ticket. spending $3 at the progressive ticket booth earlier. they were part of a limited
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long wait to see game six in person. >> in chicago i stood in line 2 hourse for game on. is $3,000 can have a seat behind the indians dug up in progressive field. someone call this indians summer, but this warm temperature that is not good luck then what isis? >> it is a way forecast, check it another look at the world
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hopkins fit it integrates today, two shot of the record of 82 degrees from 1950. current, both mid '70s, the land from at between ten and 15. should be about upper '60s at the end of the game. in terms of the warmestf world series game. the last one close as was
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2,009. the rest of your forecast comin up. possibility of a championship plus 70 degrees weathers equals a jackpot for downtown business this is a look from east 4th streetro it has been packed sin this afternoon. the fans turn in full force, so how are the police preparing for another championship? the streets could look a lot like the deadad when the cavalis won it. as ed gallek has a part the story. if the indians win, expect a part in the streets, but maybe not the same as what we saw for
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the idea of his lungs, why things could be different downtown . at 10:00 a.m., they lined up to bebe first in the ballpark, they plan to join crowds in the streets to celebrate a world series championshipi early morning hours. >> is going to be a long night, and it's going to be funded for sure.. >> ducey in the fires anywhere? got a large fight on west 6 >> after the cavaliers won the nba title, the i-team attained this police helicopter video it showst that police at the time struggling to control the crowds, if the indians when we have learne that they will get have a helicopter up watching. plus extra officers have a traffic, there was grand lux
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the few fans stopping the police car. and others took over the fire truck. .no major problems t we have learned that the police have lined up patrolsve with officer on bicycles. and the cuyahoga county sheriff's department will have deputies outt the city will have special units to handle any crowds that get out of control . >> some of the security measure y these portable cameras set up across from the entrance to the stadium. you not be rushing in to see th world serieses, or rushing out celebrate, why not even see this. >> police are ready in case the see this again,, hopefully, it'll be a good nigh
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cleveland air mass preparing. the ambulance used to be some o the smaller ones used for large crowds for the rnc. stay with us for the pregame show you'll need the tribes fan
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tribe fan, tweeted this, this is the 11th, one, 2016, you take that, and you get 48. is the last time that they have won the world series. so this is our year, the tribe is also lucky in love for a local couple. >> got married,
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fans, there wedding reception, coincided with game five.i and i cannot leave them from turning on the tribe,, so they have a dj put up a projector an they watched gameme. is a block party with all of our favorite people. >> bachelorette party werther indians great. on your tribe here and everybody watch the game it was awesome. we asked the best way. they said that the best gift was to take is to tonight's came fo those newlyweds. so they are here somewhere' in progressive field to cheer them on the tribe, before their
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true fans, as is melissa myers, you can detect that it is beginning to cool down? >> you do not have to put on a jacket. o first that she will be the lowest mid 70s. we had it in degrees at hopkins earlier today. voluntarily aroundt 6:22 p.m. we had a low of 46 are normal high as 57.
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in st. louis, they have mid- 80s. today is 24 degrees warmer than we've got a beautiful sky will have these clouds through the overnight. bringing in warm temperatures again tomorrow with 70s. then begins to dropop maybe a little bit below norm. mark klaus will then with showers arriving,
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rainfall between one half, and 1 inch through afternoon thursday. it'll be color friday, the sunday morning one hour with sunset sunday about 5:16 p.m.. we are, with the longtime tribe fan who worked as an usher at the old municipal stadium
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is no place like home, they returned to progressive field
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and progressive field has been very kind to the indians. they lost one time postseason, game two of the world series versus chicago cubs. for speeches at 8:08 p.m. we p send it to john telich, and i could be a special night . backside to see when josh tomlin takes the health and how he does on this huge stage with the pressure.
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miller knows how well he can pitch as doeses roberto perez. >> here is what he said about him. we believe in him. think about is excited. good to have him on the mouth. he is a warrior. he's going to give us his best. is going to to win the game. he has been spectacular. the indians have scored runsen a brighter ways is world series including the first run scored in this classict . >> advised by jose ramirez. they are standing on the cusp of the world series championship.
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take the word of terry francona. the cavaliers one, it was hard not to think that some people downtown were making som extra money, which i thought wa greatt then you see them now, seems like t a little bit proud of think that it reminds me of our team. we have been pushed around and started to push back and i'm happy for them.a the setting, you must do that one better by guided the team t a world series championship, denied ri not put that off until tomorrow, as we send it back to the studio. the cavaliers indians would try to keep the mojo going, the indians are undefeated world series when they play on the
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>> cavaliers play tonight at th q. against the rockets. the cavaliers are in action, th game time was moved up xpmli , and then came six world series, would allowes them to allow it. in honor of turbine condos $44 room service ice cream, pierres ice cream said him a world series survival kit containingred 32 containers, eq to about two and 40 servings, see if he will have another bellyache. >> back to you. it'll be a historic moment, it will students get to witness
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>> the local school say about closing if there is a victory
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remembers this song, they had n shortage of songs on this one is called indians favor.r. it was all the rage back the 1980s >> oar, about 90 minutes from first pitch. josh tomlin pitching. heard from terry francona. it feels very good about the game tonight. the situation where the indians are in the best possibl platform wh to win the game. they are at home. the energy here is great. is going to be through the roof tonight. and you got josh tomlin, one of the best managers, and like everybody else, we heard what h did when he ordereded $44 worth of ice cream because he was nervou
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understand that nurse can play part. got to do things to make yourself more comfortable. reason i do it is my body is so banged up. end of the road place, because i am able to do more at ballpark if i in times of, to get an hour to swim, i feel like a different personnn for sure. >> dodges my legs but my head.
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scooter back to his residence? city is buzzing wanted info will be a world championship indians parade later this week. that there is a problem some of the biggest fans might miss out as maia belay has more to explain from east 4th street. if it is a school day of schoolt say that they will not cancel classes.s >> everybody wants another victory paradery if during scho some of the indians fans will miss it, the kids include a miss out so we got your opinion if
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the parade. >> absolutely, my kids love sports.ts >> is history. there should be part of it , to explain to them why it will be something that they can remember for their life. >> is something in a lifetime t experience. check in with half-dozen major school districts would agree that school will not be letting out. >> is the tribe. the shoe cancel does happen every day. for the most part, they said that their would be a prey to possibly them some fans and not so fast. they got no shot.
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prayed you think that they should cancel school >> bell because they're not going to win. >> i would rather see them in school than in the parade, but don't think there's going to be prayed, you've already had one this yearin . on his fourth, this they're so excited for game six. >> if the parade happens. the school say that they will not close to accommodate the
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you can just feel this excitement here. >> does kraut is ready at progressive. matt wright was talking to the fans who arew ready to win. somehow make a way to their seats. got all these people have been here for a long time ready for this. they're very excited for this. k-12 and about one hour ago. as they ran to their staying lonely spots they had picked ou because they had waited so long for the game
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miss the great view. >> is ready for my family to ge here, it is just incredible. went tonight. it can feel the excitement
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fox 8 is the official world series station with coverage continuing , with a special additional fox 8 news at 7. >> tony rizzo joins me for that. for now,j back to the top stories. davidow fight a wallet believed to be the victim ofav suspected serial killer. is candice cunningham. ex-girlfriend of shawn grate, identified through dna.f d admitted to killing five women is facingin aggravated murder charges on two cases. the other three are under investigation. his trial is november next yea. >> oakwood village police recalled a cruiser stole this morning, an officer was injured
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the area of harvard avenue and lane road. more updates go to fox >> are world series coverage continues, up next meet a woman who is at her first indians game, it will be for. but first, more on this court is forecast for the world series. h >> this is what we call winnie. it will be in the low to mid '70s, partly cloudy and the land from the southwest between ten and 15.. >> thanks to scott sabol this will be the warmest world serie
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this far north last time i was in philadelphia,i game three in 2,009. were not the only ones enjoy this once,we we had some clouds, they have been a halo for the second day. much warmer temperatures tomorrow, way above normal abou 20 above normal. this will slowly head east tomorrow vns raindrops by the time we go to bed tomorrow and then for the first half of thursday the tonight mostly
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8:00 p.m. to midnight tomorrow withmi showers thursday morning. about half-inch of rainfall expected, tonight about 60 degrees. great night for baseball. first pitch in the '70s. tomorrow we have the potential of upper 70s0s today we had 80 degrees. thursday the rainfall bows out, with cooler weather and try the clocks fall back to a.m. sunday. and the sunset is earlier, with
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beautiful conditions next week. claire koch continues, meet a young woman who is attending he first indians game a progressiv
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of local participation will be seen by millions, with herer affiliation with theer boys and girls club of lorain county, jennifer jordan joins us c with her story. >> she never had the attend and indians game, the first time she will be inside progressive field for the world series, 26. an opportunity she thought woul never happen that will be seconds before the first ceremonial first pitch. more than 30,000 people inside progressive field for
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before dennis martinez throws out the first pitch, ravenna shepherd of elyria will be in the spotlight by putting thehe baseball on the pitchers mound. >> i am super excited. she is not a huge sports fan does not havert sports memories does have a passion for the boy and girls clubes of lorain county, she will be representative tuesday night, a lu molded her into , warm up today. the club helped me. encourage me that doesn't matte what you look like you got a heart of gold aspiring teacher, namedhe ohio youth of the year the
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when it is a wanted to send someone to the game to highlig the partnership the director said it was a no-brainer. a member since age nine, she is an employee , tutoring, she has memories to last a lifetime, she will soon have another that hy, once-in-a-lifetime experience >> feel like i have been a role model. example of the club. that this is basically, of love the boys and girls club of america. after putting the baseball on the mound,d, she will watch the entire game.
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charm needed to win it tonighth just have to wait and see. >> i have copied that she will, thank you very much. >> we have heard about the chicago cubs curse of the billy goat, and it is still in effect. >> getting some help to keep them cursed. jungle terry, broads goat to progressive field, we also have a camera attached to this is the goat go pro. >> this is the eye view of the ballpark. it was not exactly award-winnin video but this is what happens when you mixt livestock with cutting edge technology, he was a witness to a victory last tim the indians won the world
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diallo the moment that the
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series. putting an end to their 28 year drought last when and before that in 1920. >> the last surviving member of that team is here, it is robertson is now 95 years old, lives in fort worth texas. he played first base, nevada 30 in the 1948 fall classic when the tribe beat boston. there is someone else remembers that victory very well. >> is working in municipal stadium, believes that this you team willll revisit history. dave nethers has the story, at progressive field with more. >> he grew up in cleveland has been an indians fan for his 94 years he gets excited when he talks about what he witnessed i
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was 26 when the indians beat thehe boston braves to win the world series in 1948. is still made the players on that team. says he has been a baseball fan, but that year he chose to make some extra money usheringb >> we used to write the seat, and they would give you a nicke or dime or something, now they don't do that m but i enjoyed it because i was going to john carroll had to get a part-time job. t >> one day after the oldest person to undergo heart surgery it at consumer, he just wants t
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what would you do and they went trip to jump for joy. i felt sorry for the cubs fans, but not that sorry. is titled woody another championship. next year has arrived. >> he says he believes that he believes in the team and the manager he says it frustrates him th and they load the bases.
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is strikes. want to thank you for joining
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from progressive field, on game six, world search. >> only one more game is what they need to be the champions tonight theyey have a advantag, absolutely electric home crowd. forgot to tell you,


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