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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  November 1, 2016 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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don't hold a five-run lead with the balance of your bullpen, can bring him in later, oh, well. he's asked the question, tomorrow, that means he won. >> joe: here is the 2-2, davis takes over at center. outside. again, the cubs had a runner at second, fifth inning, didn't score, two on with no pay the top of the seventh inning, and didn't add to a five-run lead. that played a role in bringing chapman in in the seventh inning as well. that is ball four. >> john: like you mentioned, i think the two-out walk by arrieta has made all of these moves even possible. the two-out walk, for whatever reason, the history of what arrieta has been, they did not want to create any more
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francona to take crisp and naquin out and put in two right-handers. that's what we have is the scenario right now, cubs up five, looks like chapman, and must they score a bunch more, is going to pitch at least the next inning. >> joe: heyward now. and what has become evident in this world series, the balance in the starting pitching goes to chicago and their depth. the bullpen, no comparison, the three big arms that terry francona has, the couple of guys that joe maddon trusts. obviously, the lights out aroldis chapman. maddon trusts mike montgomery. and everybody else, you just
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and all have been good for long stretches this season. up and away, 2-0. ken rosenthal is with us. get your opinion. were you surprised to see chapman come in in the bottom of the seventh? >> ken: very surprised. let's face it. despite the situation at the time, the chances of the cubs winning are still excellent. my question is, how long will he go? will he indeed finish this g else? >> joe: double play ball off the back of heyward, second, down to max got them both. with two out, nobody on, batter will be baez. tom verducci, what did you think? >> tom: 's price. think about this, if we get to game seven, joe maddon can cover
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hendricks, john lackey, i think even if maddon chapman cs game, available for one or two outs tomorrow. >> john: i think he is going to be available for more, but i don't think you and bring him into this game if you don't anticipate him finishing it. he is in for the foreseeable future of this game. two innings and a third, limit and get quick outs. if you are the indians you're not going to win, to have an pitch 2 1/3 innings, got to feel great with your ace on the moun mound, three guys said to come in as early as the third or fourth inning. this really, in my mind, shortens up the game and the window for the cubs to get the lead. tomorrow, more than ever. because we've seen what terry francona has done with his weapons. i believe it is chapman to finish. >> joe: advantage, cleveland,
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that is strike three, and the inning is over. clevinger gets around the leadoff walk. bottom of the eighth inning rolls in, napoli, ramirez, chisenhall coming up for chapman and the cubs. ?? ?? ?? ??
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>> joe: first first pitch, up and away, mike napoli. napoli, ramirez, chisenhall against aroldis chapman who has still been gimpy, limped out of to the mound a bit. players a strike, nice to be gimpy and throw 100 miles per hour. four pitches thrown for chapman. cubs are hopeful he can be economical with the pitch count here in game six. sizzling in for strike two. >> john: what he did in game 5 was pretty remarkable, says he doesn't do that a lot. got to believe his stock went up because he's a free agent.
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multiple innings. >> joe: napoli went around, a strikeout to start the eighth. >> john: and it is, i think, exactly like looking at a stock that is rising and falling throughout october. there are a couple of times where chapman's stock may have taken a hit, but it was when he came into games with men on, and unclean inning, to has had the bases clear behind him, he is unhittable. >> joe: jose ramirez, 0-1. an 8-out save for chapman in game 5. not a safe opportunity tonight. up by 5, looking for seven outs,
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now a pitch called high per game two, 2-1. in the center for a big hit, one on, one out. and yan gomes will come off the bench and bat for chisenhall. >> john: this is what you need him to do, this is what the indians are getting a chance to do, see more and more of
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>> joe: to give you a little historical perspective, if chapman were to finish this game tonight, the last pitcher to have two seven plus outings, bruce suter of the st. louis cardinals in 1982, master of the split finger pitch. gomes, strike two. game three, went 2 1/3, got the save against milwaukee. gomes is zero for mexico this postseason. both at-bats coming in the world series. one ball one , one strike. for chapman, the more strikes he throws, the better, because he
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pitches or less, two innings and a third, much more doable for action tomorrow night. you hit the 40-pitch mark, you're asking a lot. he will pitch tomorrow if there is a game 7, no matter how many pitches he throws, that is what i am sure of. but the effectiveness is in question. how sharp, how fastball versus generated lower leg velocity. there is a big difference. >> joe: two balls and a strike now on gomes. 2-2. >> john: i never claimed to have even close to the body that mr. chapman has, can only speak to my experience of pitching three innings in an elimination game in the playoffs, not the
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i just knew i was going to fake that i wasn't tired. it takes its toll. you have the adrenaline and brush and you prepare and you flush your body the next day, but to think it doesn't have a toll on somebody who has never done it before. >> joe: broken bat, 92. at second, baez! unbelievable turn by a hobby baez as he took in -- javier baez as he takes an errant pass, takes a load of aroldis chapman. circle bat, baez with good glove work again, a magician at second base.
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...and a baja blast?. all the cravings one person can handle, just five dollars. only at taco bell. >> cubs strike first! here comes the zobrist, safe. at the wall, grand slam! spewing cubs jumped out to a 7-0 lead for lead 7-2, 9th inning of game 64- game 6 for chicago. michael martinez in the game at right field, the bench is empty for terry francona. but his bullpen is well-stocked. with shaw, allen, miller, ryan
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but francona more than happy to have those three untouched, ready for a potential game 7. the 1-2. to the right side for kipnis. fowler, a hitless night. boy, it has been fun, john, to watch javier baez do what he has done all postseason around second base. >> john: uc russell got it in the pa, because, as he mentioned, that resets the pitch count for chapman, that double play. seeing it from the first base camp, i'm assuming, right there. i go back to the first inning and how it changed all of the strategy for terry francona. 1-0 going into the third period when tomlin gets in trouble, he is using a different formula with this bullpen.
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of course, once the bases were loaded and he brought in a reliever and the grand slam took it to this point. >> joe: here is a high fly ball into center. back on the track, davis, two out. >> john: this would have ended the inning. that homer by bryant, this was an easy fly ball, but in this communication caused two runs to score, a huge momentum swing. 3-0 for the cubs. the mound, has been given a three ring cushion. then it snowballs from there. and it was addison russell who hit that ball into right center who, in the third inning, hit a grand slam, he has got 12 rbis now four chicago, six of them here tonight in game 6. here is bryant, who is 3 for 4. bryant has had good swings all
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>> john: changes the way tomlin would pitch to certain hitters, behind, got to try to pitch-perfect. that game turned quickly for the indians in a way that it changed strategy for francona. >> joe: another hit for bryant! he has got a four hit game 6. and that is big momentum for their number three hitter heading into a potential game 7. bryant, three, result, four. haven't hit in these spots since july 3rd. here's rizzo. >> john: best move that maddon made today was putting schwarber in the second spot, period. it has affected the lineup. in effect the pitcher and the
11:19 pm
>> joe: strike one to rizzo. >> john: and the hitters are beating on them. talk about the top five. they have done their part with the exception of fowler. the sixth spot delivered six rbis because the front four in front of him gave russell the opportunity to do damage. and he did it. >> joe: rizzo into right field! this ball is out of here! 9-2. the lead us back to 7 here in the ninth inning. and we will see if that changes the strategy in the bottom of this frame. 9-2, chicago, and a big night by
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and nobody is up for chicago in their bullpen. a conversation with bosio. that is inside for zobrist. i understand what tom verducci talked about, a great point with tomorrow night. lackey is available, lester is available. talk about having two fats do something and not used to doing. lester is a guy, as we talked about an scene, has an impossible time keeping runners close. yeah, it is jon lester with his stuff, but in a tight game, how much do you trust him going in if you can't hold runners close to the base.
11:21 pm
start the inning, the only he starts as if they've got a two or three-run lead. based, it is said, lackey could give you some length if you needed late or in extra innings. beauty of this game, not easy managing, and it looks like the cubs are going to fight to face a game 7 and worry about all of that as it comes about. >> joe: now bosio is on the phone. we'll see who but i think where you were going earlier is this -- zobrist takes a walk. if you don't trust the guys in the bullpen enough to get three outs before the other side gets seven, then you don't have a chance anyway. >> john: correct. >> joe: home run for rizzo to make it a seven run game again.
11:22 pm
here is addison russell. russell with a 6-rbi night batting for the fifth time. two-run double a grand slam. two outs in the inning, zobrist aboard. 2-0 from clevinger. >> john: the other scenario that could happen as we look at these guys that we talked about in the open. my goodness. the other thing that could happen with two outs in this inning, a two-run homer, as the bullpen gets going, you have chapman go out there and get an out, give the guys plenty of time to finish. >> joe: showed end the inning.
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tennessee... and now i'm in virginessee. see how much you could save on car insurance. or am i in tennaginia? hmmm... >> joe: welcome back to the world series on fox. tonight's telecast is presented by t-mobile one. there'll be a lot to talk about after this one, especially with an eye towards tomorrow. aroldis chapman has thrown 57 pitches now, 34 of which, triple digits over the last three nights.
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the mound. guyer at the plate. ball one, outside. we intended to talk to joe maddon in our postgame show, which will air on fs1 with kevin burkhart, alex rodriguez, frank thomas, pete rose. 2-0, the count on guyer. rajai davis on deck. jumped out with three in the first, four in the third, have led throughout, down by 7, swinging on a 2-0 pitch, 2-1. >> john: i would have given
11:27 pm
but down seven. at some point, maybe this is splitting hairs, but make chapman just keep throwing pitches? >> john: yeah. >> joe: here comes a 2-1 pitch. 3-1. a walk. we'll see if that's it. yep. that is going to be it for chapman, but it was not a short
11:28 pm
brilliant, baez. bottom of the eighth. then the home run by anthony rizzo, a two-run shot into the seats in right, and rizzo and bryant have had big nights. chapman will think about a game seven as he is out here in the ninth inning of game 6. an opening night on broadway is kind of magic. i'm beowulf boritt and i'm a broadway set designer. when i started designing a bronx tale: the musical, i came up... ...with this idea of four towers that were fire escapes... ...essentially.
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vr experience. how is this possible? (announcer vo) so buy a pixel, only on verizon, and get up to $400 back. and right now get 20 gigs and four lines for just 160 with no surprise overages. all on america's best network. >> joe: world series, game 7, tomorrow night, coverage begins at 7:00 eastern, matchup of kyle hendricks and corey kluber. special time on fox, 7:00 eastern. that is when we hit the air. game time is 8:00 straight up.
11:31 pm
fox sports go. pedro strop delivers a strike. here is a jama shot, fouled back and out of play. records all over the place. worm world series history man as bryant and rizzo are the first three and four batters to collect seven or more hits in a world series game. and there are the numbers, 62 pitches for aroldis the last circle games, albeit with a day off in between. he threw 20 here tonight in an inning and a third. allowed one hit, walked one, struck out one. high fly ball in the air to left, back into the corner, it is zobrist for a long first out in the ninth. davis gave it a ride, but
11:32 pm
one on, one out. >> john: i know there has been major comeback >> tom: , and we have seen it in the regular season, but it is unreal how intensified this game, this time of the year, right? it is amazing when you start counting out, counting runs, counting base runners, if this happens, if that happens. woo! >> joe: one a wild pitch by strop. as roberto perez looks at ball one. >> john: i thought the theme tonight was going to be at least -- i didn't say at the beginning, but i thought there would be 11 pitchers tonight. there has been 10. just has a feeling with the way this game has been played with
11:33 pm
9-2, but nonetheless, ten pitchers. four for the cubs, six for the indians. >> joe: but none for cleveland that would be considered their top three in the bullpen, the closer, cody allen, set up reliever, right-hander bryan shaw, and mr. almost perfect, andrew miller. they are all already for ga. >> john: exactly chapman over two games. strike two on perez. >> john: put your seat belts on and enjoy tomorrow night. >> joe: joe maddon changing his lineup tonight, paid off immediately with schwarber in
11:34 pm
bryant back one, rizzo back one, zobrist back when. here is one into right, this ball will go into the corner. that will score a runner, and guyer comes home. throw to second, and out for the second out on a throw by heyward, and a take by -- tag by russell. down by 6, terry francona loses a runner on the basis. -- runner on the bases. that wants it well. >> john: that won't, but here jason heyward just throws a bullet. so far that he had to jump, did russell. so much that he was out easily
11:35 pm
second. >> joe: and the tag by russell on the right foot of roberto perez. not two outs. here is santana, he takes a ball. and now another. game series, usually a thing of beauty. nothing in sports like it. >> john: they don't come along that often. >> joe: but when you get a good game 7, you just can't step away from the pressure on light. -- all night. what a good magic.
11:36 pm
the batter will be kipnis. [laughs] joe west, not happy about the mound visit. he wants to move it along. >> john: well, he won't be happy about this either. >> joe: got to 11. and i don't upset about the balls and strikes or whatever, but contreras came out, so did maddon, and now strop is coming
11:37 pm
11:38 pm
?? who's the genius who puts a girl in heels on a subway grate? miss monroe, eat a snickers. why? you get a little cranky when you're hungry. better? much better. this scene will never make the cut. >> joe: the chicago cubs jumped on top with three in the first and they have been smiling ever since. leaving wrigley, going on the road, forcing a game 7 with 1 more out.
11:39 pm
ninth inning, 9-3 game, two out. and after the next out, it will be official, world series game 7, the starters, kyle hendricks against corey kluber. pitching on short rest for the third time this postseason, second time in this world series, two great e.r.a.' e.r.a.'s. and then the fun start tomorrow night's game 7. travis wood into the game. jason kipnis has had a big night. strike one. taking second is santana, uncontested. and no stolen base awarded. kipnis, 3 for 4, needing a triple to hit for the cycle. there has never been a psycho achieved by a hitter in postseason play.
11:40 pm
in postseason play. better not pull it. >> john: heyward is over there. >> joe: and there won't be a cycle here tonight. cubs have forced a game 7! winning it 9-3. a big night for the heart of the chicago lineup, bryant and rizzo, zobrist and russell. and travis wood gets the final out in a three hour and 29 minutes game. the winner, arrieta. the loser, josh tomlin. tomorrow will be the 39th winner-take-all game seven in world series history and the third in the last six years. 2011, the cardinals and the rangers, two years ago, the giants and the royals. >> john: i don't know how much sleeping there will be tonight,
11:41 pm
whoever enjoys the moment the most tomorrow will have a better chance of success. you have two of the most nonemotional pitchers that i think are ready for a game 7 in hendricks hendricks and kluber. >> joe: kyle hendricks, 1-1 after a 16-8 year. and here is the final out and the subdued reaction from joe maddon. the dh, who is back in business with a series in addison russell who, on the first of november, has a 6-rbi game 6. then back in chicago, where they are having fun at murphy's bleachers. the celebration has been going since just after 8:00. when the cubs got three in the first. let's check in with tom verducci. >> tom: i'm with joe maddon. joe, you confounded armchair
11:42 pm
game in the seventh inning, then in the ninth inning, having him go out with a lead of seven runs. >> had to get strop ready, happened so quickly, had to get it ready. that's why he went out for one hitter only. drunk to walk, still out of the game. brought him in earlier because that is the part of the order he had to get out. did not want the game to get away from you at that particular moment. >> tom: thrown 62 pitches in the last four days. what do you anticipate in terms of tomorrow, linked and effectiveness of aroldis chapman? >> i anticipate a lot of the same. a strong young man, talk to later today and tomorrow. but i think he'll be fine. >> tom: thank you, joe. with me also, kris bryant. kris, you got this off to a good start, the curveball from josh tomlin, tell me about the approach on that swing?
11:43 pm
pitch, it was a way, can't really do much with the curveball away. that's kind of how it goes in the series. you know, felt really good coming into tonight, i love hitting curveballs. >> tom: how do you feel about the way you are swinging it right now? >> i feel good. happening at the right time. i love this game with our backs against the wall, we saw it two days ago and tonight. >> t: tomorrow for game 7, how does that sound? >> you dream for that. we know it is going to be a big game. we know our guys are going to be good. got one of our best pitchers this year going. you dream for this, man. >> tom: thanks, kris. over to ken rosenthal. >> ken: thanks, tom. addison, start with some historical facts. second youngest player tonight to hit a grand slam in a world series game after mickey
11:44 pm
>> i'm surprised. rounding the bases, a lot of emotion was going through my head. just happy his game tonight. >> ken: you struggled in the nlds, came out of it. struggled at the start of the world series, came out of it. how were you able to do that both times? >> just no panic. this is our lifestyle. we're here to have fun, win games, pickle teammates up. that's our game, that's how we played all year. a lot of fun. >> ken: game 7 tomorrow, but every kid dreams about. how excited will you be tonight, will it be difficult to sleep? >> i hope it is not difficult to sleep. it every kid's dream. we're excited. going to go out and treated almost like another game. >> ken: addison, thanks much. joe, back to you. >> joe: kenny, thanks to you and tom verducci. nice of joe maddon to grant the interview after this game 6 and explain his thinking in regards to aroldis chapman who comes on
11:45 pm
allows one run. on one hit. threw 20 pitches. and tomorrow, the two longest world series droughts, one of these will come to an end. the cubs have been waiting since 1908. will it end tonight or will it end for cleveland? they last won it all in 1948. the pitching matchup, kyle hendricks, the after a 16-win season but the big leagues in e.r.a. against corey kluber. been a warrior this postseason, 4-1 after an 18-win year. and when we play tomorrow, by days it will be 39,466 days since the cubs last won it all,
11:46 pm
>> john: extra innings tomorrow. >> joe: that's your call? from john smoltz, there is nothing like a game 7, winner-take-all for the 38th time in world series history, can't wait. kevin, guys? >> okay, joe and john. it will be a game 7, and we are fired up to talk about this gam. we will do that coming up here on fox. the cubs win, plenty to do, reaction from the field and clubhouse. we got a lot this game. aroldis chapman, used in an an interesting situation. we'll be back to do that. it was these cubbies, can't play for early and often divorce a game 7 in this exciting world series. and so the cubs fans out in full force in cleveland. game 7, here we come, postgame.
11:47 pm
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>> welcome to the postgame show presented by "lethal weapon" on fox. 9-3, cubs win, we've got a game number 7 coming up from cleveland tomorrow night which should be fu game seven in the world series. cannot wait here at progressive field. for continuing postgame coverage of the world series, turn it over to fs1. we will be there full time in just a moment. you can click it on right now if you like. come into our set. the crazies behind us, cubs fans making a lot of noise behind us. the cubs offense goes nuts, will discuss in a moment.
11:50 pm
interesting. her joe maddon talk about it, heard his explanation, still surprise you, the fact that he pitched at all? >> that 7-2 lead, you know you got to win game 6, got that lead, talk about the game, tomorrow is winner-take-all, going to need all of your weapons. >> did his explanation make any sense? >> >> i don't see how he can be. >> a great win for the cubs, rough night for joe maddon. i think both teams won tonight, cubs win tonight, chapman getting in the game, putting his last two appearances, indians win, it doesn't tell the full story. he doesn't like that. i played with him. he wants to be kept very
11:51 pm
>> joe: interesting for chapman, most pitches in a three-day span, 73, 40 to the other day, 20 tonight, see if he is even needed. how about the starting pitchers for tomorrow night, her john smoltz, two guys that are extremely calm, no doubt. hendricks has been good, kluber has been unhittable, so, pete? >> another thing about this team tonight, if rizzo don't hit that home run to make it 9-2, chapman probably stays in the >> may be the biggest hit of the game for the cubs was the rizzo home run. you're right, pete. >> who would you like? >> kluber, cubs have got to figure him out, otherwise he'll pitch just like he has. could win this whole thing. the way the offense swung the bat for the cubs, they're ready for any pitcher right now. and two through six put so much
11:52 pm
will be ready to play. >> the question was, would you like tomorrow night? >> i'll tell you tomorrow. [laughter] >> he took went out of yours. >> stay tuned for your latest local news and for continuing postgame coverage of the world series, flip it over to fs1, we will be there in about .
11:54 pm
11:55 pm
clevel and zone -- own fox 8 news. >> it is more important than ever before to rally together as the intense get ready for 2 milesog game seven against the
11:56 pm
words in all of sports game seven the world series will be decided to call night at progressive field. game six gave -- cut off to a rough start, fox 8 p.j. ziegler is herezi and now that the indians, the fans, we didn't wantt this. start fresh tomorrow because one game for everything 2 tunes -- teams, t progressive field corey kluber and all for theey six after you jeriann the first inning money and tyler nathan did not start well commit the indians, up to solo shot, third of the postseason 1-0 cubs. later in the inning, pops up, a moment in the outfield, and scores 3-0 after one and the third, the bases loaded and
11:57 pm
slam 7-0 chicago. the indians on the board in the7 fourth, second and 7-1 cups. provided the indians first two runs of the game solors shot, al cubs in game six, 9-3 the final and now 5-3 game seven is wednesday night. for more on game six, live at og air came out of the stadium, that o would have ended the inng and one of those players made the catch. f th right, andely back to the first inning her josh tomlin had to else and two strikes. that ofan course, the home run d then after that, the key play of the gamen and my estimation you showed it. let's see it one moreat time, ty
11:58 pm
drops and it's two more runs and all of a sudden 3-0 chicago cubs lead. thansun the third, tomlin gone, comes in for him and a grandd slam and all of the sudden this is 7-0 baseball game and the indians play catch up afterr that. the indians offense only manage another outstanding performance although he was walking a few too many batters for cubs fans but the indians could not climb backck enough and then to- one home run, finished up 9-3. .this out, 3-4- 5-6 hitters combined for 11 hits of the night and brian had four of them prolific and known to do this after not scoring much in the
11:59 pm
fantastic in the world series him he will have to be more so tomorrow night. we send it back to you. i'm talking about the cups now, out out-of-the-way tonight and tomorrow, a very tough corey kluber. and also if i could.this out, a little bit surprised because i'm sure joe maddon madden was thinking you have to get thehe game. brought in chapman little mishap first-base with francis:door and seemed -- it may affect him in game seven, we don't know but the indians bullpen very fresh. the big three miller, cody alan already to "pitch" tomorrow night depending on how far corey kluber can go. check back with you later in the show to followow up jt, perhaps the cubs thinking john lackey.
12:00 am
are in a situation they have to goha to the bullpen or pitching help early on in the game. an amazing -- amazing all these games -- games. game seven out home but corey kluber, coming against the chicago kyle is a great, young picture sensational game 4. game seven progressive field. . that attention will be fun tomorrow. the fan celebrating a world championship tonight but unfortunately they will have to wait..


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