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tv   Fox 8 News at 430AM  FOX  November 2, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> him will good wednesday morning on this at november 2 10430 this morning bright and early 67 degrees it'll be another beautiful day thanks for natalie and for kristi keppel where checking with pepsi holiday will shape up on this wednesday good morningreg high temps yesterday
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second time ever we have had a temperature above 80 after november 1 look at these temperatures above 80 yesterday from cincinnati onto st. louis we are still running well above normal look at the warmth from cleveland back to the middle of the countries of the clouds are increasing now there is a warm front of north of toledo and and a few sprinkles developed on the southern edgesp of the warm front of nothing really has the most will lift out to the northeast and eventually fade away as the morning goes on over thereen and sing a little shower right here they are couple miles in diameter server not anticipating major coverage as we check out some local temperatureserno middlefid 63 bainbridge is 60 ravenna currently 6464f forecast to know as we look ahead with the citizen breaks of sunshine w especially later in the day it'll be breezy and other friends closer to cleveland then as than as there are corner mansfield points us out the mess i wouldar have if most areas will not see any organized rain until well
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world series speaking of the seventh came in to be around 70 breezy like last night i can keep that 20 percent chance in their f the game goes after 11:00 o'clock tonight we'll talk more about that and a0 0 little bit traff, patty was easy start on our wednesday we're rolling along well we don't have an accident you can see behind me all the screentay at if you watch out fr crews working in the overnight hours on 271 north of rockside you want to be aware of them and all those doing that work whether it be day or night there will be work once again closing ledge road at the w railroad bridge under eye 271e it'll happen today talking with macedonia police they think of right around eight this morning they o should shut it down it will be closed through november 9 this is 77 in hartford and traffic is flowing well 71 coming out of strongsville down by route 82 as you had to middleburg heights has been an easy ride also right now we look we
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will listen anyway these are our two eastbound ramps at west 45th is remain closed throughout the end of the year a reminder about that was to short way it is r a 35-mile per hour zone so please watch your .peed >> a long drought for world series title were in tonight the cubsbs bats came alive in the tribe's pitching fell flat floors in the game seven of the world series hearing game six highlights during game six highlights picking up the two lightsmemeea and loading and adjud pitched that was a solo home run cubbies lead when nothing in in the same ending runners on the corners to outsiders and also putshe a fly ball to right center drops right before tyler and a in a clinical monitors and home to runpsps cus agree nothing at the time and in the third of cubs broke it it open bases loaded bases-loaded addison russellb is a grand slam to left center it was quiet a few bright spots of jason kipnis and the
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thets game seven with corey cooper facing kyle hendricks manager tried jerry francona likes us by lexus by his team is andm it's a good feeling and i know they love their guy too as to as they shed its game seveney you got to really really good picturesy and it'll be exciting like i said before tonight's game it's an honor to be a part of it s and we are going to we're going to give everything we havea imagine a better group of guys to go something like this with an looking forward to it alreadym in the history of thef world series home teams at 18 wins in 19 losseses when hosting a game seven ticket for what it's worth first pitch it away tonight right here on fox eighthtit to class after that gy he truly is . >> as always cleveland fans turn out full force we sought ut the cavs and were seeing it now so how are police
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they did with the caps on all the summer distillate has morept >> the idea is to be here until three or 4:00 o'clock in the morning assumingun the managed to win this game 10:00 p to be first into the ballpark and that they aree planning to join pearls in the streets celebrating a world series championship along after game six was going to be a long nights can be a fun one that's for sure you see any fires anywhere time struggling to control thehe crowd crowds at the indians when we weren't police will again have a helicopter up watching plus a lot of extra officers handling traffic and blocking off streets cars cause to gridlock caused gridlock denied the cavs one there still cars trying to drive through all this gratise
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>> after the cavs at one a few fans and stopped a police car others to go for this firetruckf but no major problems still with learned police claimed that patrols with officers on the links in the cuyahoga sheriff's sheriff's department will also in the citys out will have special units to handle any crowds that might get out of controlto some of the security measures youig of these portable security cameras is set up right across fromom the entrance to the ballpark think about your washing into a world series game where rushing out to celebrate you might not even see thisoe so police ready in case they see this again i'm all came here from louisiana to be in the middle of it'm. >> hopefully it'll be a good night for them.
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the indians haven't won aen world series of since 1948 and the opponents of the cubs haven'ten won at all and 100 years this is a world series i wasor never supposed to happen just as the people in mad magazine because that's where we go >> your time this morning is 437 weather and traffic every eight minutes just ahead close call a terrifying moment a time of our rights as 20 into rush-hour traffict is very intense and what happened next a mother's in it to her friends at school is actually a cry for help have a young boy he said said authorities
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in the middle and high 60s and it's not even 5:00 o'clock in the morning temperatures will jump back i was his embrace of sunshine es will we see rain during game seven of the world series and we'll
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still to come soar the cubs a lot of people under pressure s game seven is what a lot of people have been wanting to see games 72 teams that waited too long for those its storybook negative fairytale ending. >> hopefully s37 game sevens in the last 100 some odd years we'll see at this one o wouldn't want to talk about that but i'm just sayingul see what happens it yesterday it was yesterday it was warmly made into the upper 70snses 80-degree temperature that wasn't the hopkins second time ever we could hit it today as we look now at some others in november the second time ever
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temps about 75 only open 24 times younl start to get to really wear companyto the odds of getting a temperature above 75 after november 1 it's two tenths of a percent a high above 8207 percent it doesn't happen very often and it working again recommend that it will more time as we look at the temperaturestt that continue to climb a j put that in there i don't know what that wassco hopkins and 60: temperature ind cincinnati won my front between detroit andn cleveland and we are starting to see some showersrt developing along the eastern edge of that most oft it is beginning to weaken the temperatures in the south of the front will stay very wanted a upper 70s north of the front were starting to see a the little push of cool air it won't occur in one fell swoop it'll take a day or two for us to get the temperatures
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enjoy today mostly cloudy we mentioned a few sprinkles on storm fox radar is ahead to cleveland and eventually completely out of the viewing area by nineie or 10:00 o'clock in the morning pages per go see her shower salt of toledo when you're lowering temperatures 6362 in mansfield and again a quick look at the writer doesn't show however widespread coverage 70 a breezy unseasonably eight breezy unseasonably warm a record high today high in akron as 76 we kept this 30 percent on our world series forecast if we had this world series going to extra innings w and a few showers can pop up but again temperatures of breezy writer 170 ?-dash 72-d a gametime 55 tonight we do see my developing it'll beit widespread after midnight on the front a we start to see the showers at work through the area this will continue
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tomorrow as the daytime highs will barely makem out at theth high 50s showers begin to move through akron looking a little drier northwest wind could kick and akr shower of the lake again it'll just be an uneventful end of the day tomorrow to compared to what will be early on these the rainfall predictions in now a good quarter to half an inch of rainhensns here is the eighty recalled on friday partly sunnytl upper 40s to near 50 lower middle 50s saturday sunday and it looks likewe next week we climbed back in the world series in a row in cleveland in the 70s if you do put money on that about a month ago you could have admit some pretty good cash cold and maybe even snow for 45 right now time for check on the traffic with patty harken and looks good on the freeway so far no accidents reported checking with area police
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for maybe a couple more weeks 18 is done to one lane between madonna like burdens of meantime read a lot of the construction projects are starting to wrap upeaad in november same with quick run road which closed a couple weeks ago ov two to stop hentai measure alternate that sticky peek at what's going on right now this is 71 west 75the as now two lanes as is this ramph reminded to enter the inner belt no longer are we seeing thiser huge and long delays and 90 or 71 as the rush-houray hits up so a welcome reliefr in our commute times for sure this is construction i continue someone with fletcher's parkway closed over 76 through the early part of next summerr please a reminder to slow it down to this construction
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miners dead from a gas explosion in an underground mine trying to state media said the explosion cap 33 miners to worker said five to plus 33 others have been found dead rescuers working around-the-clock around the clock recovered all the r or has ordered an investigation sing those responsible must be severely punished china's mining industry has a long history of dangerous work conditionsnsni hillary clinton is still calling on donald trump to release his tax returns cleanse asre americans or should know are composed of any business with russian and dressed and whether or not he is donated to charity trumpet is broken tradition and not released his tax returns setting an auditrutr as a reason not to butre tax experts says there's no reason trunk and releases taxes while under auditxe. >> a note that an 11 -year-old boy passed his teacher helped his mom from the dangerous
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the nursing his mom's been held hostage in her home detectives questioned the point and they went to the donaldd found this man a guy hiding in a closet the suspect has been dodging deputies for quite some timeh for a number of charges he is now facing new charges of false imprisonment surveillance video from china captured thissfa horribly h frightening moment on the road this little boyoy in a tweet car he's just pushing with his feet and he would will look like your shoes on right during the cars avoided him and it wasus an officer that came to his rescue that officers as he was on duty just happened to spot the boyesas that card in cr didn't stop and just drove by google is bringing a bit of magic to your android device he cannot cast a few wizard and spells with a voice activated assistant okay googlestpewi using the commandsf the most and oxygen the
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the harry potter universed. >> i like that kind of like what cap next to save meme for not only does a ukrainian mann have an eye for seven he is iphone seven he officially changed his name to the latest apple smartphone h is a reason for after the store said it would give away a phone to the first five people who did it the movie to change his moved to change his name now to some people but it does make dollars to him the iphone started a 50 and you okay with changing the name cost about $2 he says he might change his name back to his original nameig him alexander alexander tyler and want to have that is a 700 bucks why not time is 450 weather and traffic every eight minutes is just ahead president obama
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he wants ohioans to get out and get their free taco we already know your rallying together on the indians is another chance to prove it you can head over to the facebook page and share this photo quite simply the cubs may be good but the indians are
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>> good morning every body temperatur second time evermove we two tims you've had a temple of 80 degrees after november 1 and yesterday was the second one the first one in 1950 it was warm during the world series also the warmest world series this far north in history we look back at the temperatures yesterday and it looking ahead to today willy be in the upper 70s 20 percent is primarily for the timeframeme after the world series like after 10 or 11:00 o'clock in the evening it'll be breezy we
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by midmorning braino develops it'll be widespread tonight and it throughout thursday at least at the midday thursday we start to see the wind shift out of the northweste ta temps n the high 50s could see an evening shower tomorrow coming in off the lake and him friday partly sunny upper 40s to near 50 to the weekend forecast looks good signing out sunny navajo letter wentnd temperatures in the mid- 50s lowse in the 30s and the next week slowly climbing back up above 60 degrees normal high is because it's been so dumb ones as well be trafficked time with pattyd and has been a nice easy start him when he does on this wednesday we don't have anyst accidents overnight work be aware ofe it own to 71 was of w rockside road always want to slow it down to this construction zones speaking of construction and will close again today at the railroad bridge andat it will be closed to the the november 9 currently it is open to the problems that they come from
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it but youma itan down and that's why this rumble strips they were in place for 90 of forging 77 has also been an easy ride so far no problems on the runways we're up to speed and a running accident freey while celebrating game seven of the world series with free tacos todayyce part of taco bells to a taco bell still brings to a taco promotion ll they stole his second in the bottom of the first inning ofof last week's win over the cubs said everybody gets a free taco and excited for the dealta campaigning for hillary clinton columbus yesterday this guy was so fired up about the free taco look at himgu him they are not as never seen anybody so excited about a free tacore this guy right here now there is a reason the reason i'm bringing this upw as you can find the time to get a
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the time to go vote by the way you can get your free taco today from two until 6:00 p.m. he's never seen him were excited to get a free taco clearly has never been an individual before s s 457 a shoo time and weather and traffic every eight minutes when there takes over headingng into game seven of the world series will have a recap of last night's lossame o plus reaction from the
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>> major mistake in the outfield> dooming the tribe in game six that ms. play gave the cubs of momentum and forcing aa winner take all game seven tonight to good morning and thanks for joining us a a on this wednesday november 2 on natalie hanford christi cable internet christy capel and taught many for when was taken with scott sablenaanan good morg everybody 67 degrees at yesterday of 80 the clouds of increase in the one front to the north of cleveland and south of detroit and you can plainly see howan it's working outt the cause is spilling over and paralleling that we will see some pics of sunshine today look at this it's not only northern ohio is most of the midwestatat and right onto e middle of the country and we are still looking at temperatures much warmere than where we were yesterday at this time it won'tda take much to get high and the upper


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