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fur coat. testing a game seven tonight, will it be the cubs or the indians? fox 8 news start
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is going to be a game seven tonight, corey kluber once again takes the mound, and stacey fre is at progressive field. indians summer continues. the indians, surprised us at every turn, last night, they lost to the chicago cubs 923 s russell, the flyball but neither tyler naquin or chisenhall condit,
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that a grand slam negative 720. first grand slam that they have allowed in the series in the first for the cubs.y >> the indians were the bases, jake arrieta strikeout tyler naquin, it will be a winner ta alli game seven. we got another shot tomorrow, we will be ready tomorrow to close the sign-up. they did what they had to do to force a game seven, we are confident, at home in front of the fans we've got corey kluber on the mound. scores runs early and get
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corey kluber, is the first pitcher to start on short rest, twice during thei world series. if anyone can do it, then it is corey kluber. if you slept in about three weeks? note, this is a ton of fun, but it is so dreamy, cavaliers were in the finals, their games are a bit shorter, this has beenth long and drawn and we are ready. you can sleep after we win it all tonight.y mother nature is cooperating there. it is the most viable ticket in town, if you have a ticket to game seven of the world series,
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skyrocketinga ticket prices fo tonight's came. nice this field, but others to sell the tickets will also b pretty lucky r . >> they will take a look at the watch party outside the field last night, on average a pair o seats in progressive field is going to cost $2,000 per ticket after fees. about value oft $300 but they're selling for four to $500 on the open market, ticket prices increase as soon as the cubs ha that dominant start to game six it was a tough night for me cleveland fans but many still have a good night especially with corey kluber pitching. >> hopefully we will win and game seven with corey kluber on short rest. >> are going to win it tomorrow no doubt about it, we have our
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>> it is long overdue and also well have worked real hard all .ear in postseason $2,000 ticket price is more than eight of the past ten supe bowls,e not just ticket prices, also hotels that normally are $130 per night are costing $1,000 per night. will mother nature shine on us, or will there be some rainfall isw this is a look fro the roof-cam. there still taken advantage of this gorgeous day on the lake, get a look at the forecast from a.j. colby. it is gorgeous out here. esterday high of 80 degrees,
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and we will start off like yesterday wass game seven forecast expecting increased cloud cover. 73 degrees. showers possible, but not till after 10:00 p.m. radar shows showers from earlie today. water is in good shape, 73 degrees cleveland and akron-canton 71, then cloud cover will allow the temperatur to rise. the rain showers are mainly in
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michigan back towards st. louis we are in the dry slot, rainfal assembling about hector 9:00 p.m.g and rainfall tomorr morning. less than half an inch of rainfall possible. looking at that forecast headin into the first weekend of november at coming up. there was a big push to get charlie sheen to throw out the first pitch during the world series, they wanted him to tcvive his role as the wild thing from the movie major league aboutt, but now he is responding. >> check out this tweet siri
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throwing out the first page in any of these home games, just say it ish seven-one in the top of the fifth. >> seems like things have worked out, he is onon his way to cleveland, just tweeted this photograph, with caption, fear not, my bag is packed and help is on the way,, hash tags, get e wrong, not clear how he will be involved since jim thome is to the scheduled to throw out the cubs fans were thrilled when they left the ballpark last night. >> were going to win the world series. arrieta clutched again. >> the whole team, what a great night..
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the cubs, three and indians toto. >> i say six-two. we hate to disappoint them, but will just say, wait until game seven tonight, with home-field advantage. >> stay with uss after game seven tonight for complete postgame coverage, we are the exclusive home of the world series let's go tribe !!!ss just six days away from the presidential election,, as hillary clinton tries to counter a late surge from donal
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to counter in a late surge from donald trump, they are almost even, inli an average of national poses doug luzader has the latesteio >> fbi was working round-the-clock to go through thousands of insider e-mails, i seems unlikely that we were going to have solid answers by election day. hillary clinton is back to the issue that her campaign thanks will poulter over the edge in these final days to mobilize women against donald trump. >> because women ugly, nasty al the time he calls them pigs you rates bodies on a scale of one to ten.p clinton is having to forgo a switch to posit messaging in thisi homestretch to fend off a rising donald trump, and renewe fbi investigation into her e-mail use. >> she wanted to end on a gift or something about me pitch but
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but also moving into traditionalm gop turf, campaign in arizona todayp open to flip that state , in her campaign relies on millions of early voters across the country who may have given her an edge before the polls tightened,, donald trump in wisconsin, host of at any >> it's a good time to make an important public service announcement, you can change your vote to donald trump,s wil make america great again. handful of states give early voters the option to change their minds. although the downed line to do so in minnesota passed yesterday, in wisconsin, they still have a chance to go back and forth multiple times.ns the rule is really quirky, you have to do it in person, bu they can lines up to three times. >> is not clear how many people would go through that effort, donald trump spends a lot of time today in florida, that is
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luzader fox news. pile them on several swing states that they're looking to win next week, something taxes can use the candidates to help them to improve their swingsgs. sharking has never improved its always a work in progress but this is good practice.rk a golf driving range in longview has set up giant vectors ofof targetsa for the golfers said h wanted to have fun with the election, he's thinking of adding more targetsf of the running mates, with tim kaine and mike pence, you did not say which presidential candidate is the most targeted.di looking back on the good old days, this former blissful stat of usher shares hisl world seri
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were glad that you are here. this day is just spectacular, high-level clouds some high level iirrus clouds,
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had to keep reminding myself that this is november. the clouds are broken up a little bit. this is geauga county. these clouds are allowing some sunshine. don't think it will be any problem to get up to 70 degrees today. the couple-a sprinks, this morning. the morning crew was getting some light rainfall otherwise
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temperature plot shows the high peaking about 5:00 p.m. yesterday and not much of a drunk with her tuesday height o 80 degrees.of the average high this time of year is 57. today, 77. i think that we will break that record today. the forecast high is for 78 degrees. think that with our full sunshine. it would be a limited problem. rainfall near chicago, eventually it will move in late this evening. models show it departing fairly
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tomorrow. most of it in southeast ohio. today a high of 78, breezy and we show you the rainfall about 10:00 p.m., west of cleveland. at progressive field, for game seven, clouds increasing tonight, after about thecl four inning it should be overcast. showers 10:00 o'clock. menai, showers moving to the southeast, with the high tomorrowt 59 degrees, rainfall likely that will taper off, by the afternoon we should be drya and then say goodbye to
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rainfall tomorrow and then sunshine.. >> it will be much cooler. again cleveland fan was open for a autograph, but he got was
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indians are proving that baseball has the power to energize a sitting in the region, jack shea shows us how it also has the ability to inspire. baseball has been a part of his life since he was born, thi 9-year-old
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legendary ty cobb. >> to come from a long line of cleveland indian fans and was a the world series in chicagoi with his family watching one of his favorites jason kipnisis who helped to leave the tribe to victory in game four.. >> then on sunday, when jason kipnis and others were signing autographs he got a chance to and some econd baseman of his other heroes. >> i walked hat, francisco lindor had already signed it, and this other one is , jim thome. i put my hat off like in the dugout area foror him to sign a he couldn't because there were just pens and he did want to sign my hat with a pen. to get another chance when jason kipnis walked by the dugout again. >> i walked down with the marke andnd showed him the hat and
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his reaction, after jason kipnis gave him his batting gloves was priceless. is also good because it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, it felt amazing. >> he is predicting that jason kipnisis will come through again and help the indians win the world series.coug >> s-word thieves glass, his father says he's having them framed and they will be on the wall in his room a memento of the magical 2016 season, jack shea, fox 8 news. the indians and cubs will be looking to end long title drought. > , but some feel that the world series was not supposed t happen, just ask mad magazine, they resort on earth this gem from thed june 1989 issue. titled headlines you can bet we will never see, and it is the , set for world
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fall classic in years. game seven is tonight. on fox 8.. cavs fans has started a new tradition at wrigley fieldld , they're coming out to pitcher o the c tape using chalk, they wr notes of support on the brick wallssu of the stadium, many ar leaving tributes to those who have passed on, they say the connection between family in baseball is strong in chicago.. we know that rally for the indians, here is no chance, we are in an online competition with our sister station, wgn , in chicago you can go to the fox facebook page to share this photo.. it says that the cubs are good, but the indians are better. >> if you have lunch plans you can go to taco bell and steal a
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by two major league baseball teams, square off one final time in cleveland. thank you for staying with us, the cubs pushed the world serie to a game seven, stacey frey ha
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gave sis got off to a bad start, the cubs scored early, and the top of the first inning, and error, one of the tribe early and they do not recover. kris bryant get chicago a one run lead in the first inning, what should have been an easy catch for tyler naquin or lonni chisenhall turned into an error the cubs scored two more runs, in the third inning, addison russell hit a grand slamir. terry francona pulp josh tomlin, who was struggling on short rest and terry francona pulled him before he completed three innings, jason kipnis tried to pull off a one-man rally with a double in the fourthn in a solo home run in t
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>> gave several of the showdown betweenen corey kluber, and kyl hendricks. in time he is on the mound, he gives us a chance to win the ballgame, hen is our ace, i thi he's looking forward to it. >> doesn't show his emotions, i they scored ten or they don't score, like i said he is pretty consistent, his work ethic is unbelievable. he is the guy you want i game seven, i expecth big thing from him. >> you learn quickly from your mistakes, then you move on quicklyu, and we'll do that, it will be exciting to come to the ballpark tomorrow, i might just wear my uniform home. i might get ice cream on it though, so maybe i better notot. kyle hendricks gets his first start on the road in postseason
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will havest corey kluber on the mound again, he won games one and four and weream counting on tonight, stacey frey from downtown cleveland, fox 8 news. >> we are your official world series station, we are pleased to have former or tribe manager mike hargrove and tony rizzo to join the news team during the world series,t is the exclusive home of game seven world series with exclusive coverage here on fox 8. is or any chance of rain tonight r for game seven? here a look from the roof-cam. a curveball might be coming at about 10:00 o'clock tonight? a.j. colby has the latest >> i think the rainfall will hold off until several innings into it and then it looks to be fairly light, right aroundln 10:00 o'clock perhaps for a rai
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radar shows those are moving away. plastic clear is ashtabula county. it is fairly cloud freel across thee state. rainfall is to the north and west. the heaviest is from chicagod t the southwest looking at this step by step, this shows al dry with it o'clock start time then about 10:00 p.m. there are some lake showers in es county stretching back towards tran eight. brca wound midnight. most of the precipitation until after two or 3:00 o'clock z's of heavy rain tomorrow for rush-hour. it clears out pretty quickly.
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first page 73 degrees, then increasin clouds, rain showers after abou 10:00 p.m. that will be very light. hopkins 73 ergo downstate flirting with 80 degrees than we can say goodbye to the warm air with a cold front tonight and then tomorrow will be lucky to get close to 59 degrees for the high temperature. the temperatures are going to stay cool into the weekend. and, no excuses to vote. teams offer payouts for playoff appearances and big bonuses for
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last years world champion royales earned about $4,000 per player and maybe pocket change for a player who makes $30 million but a player who earns thewh league minimum and half million dollars can easil double their income. if the indians bring home a championship, some of the big fence might miss out as kids include the will likely be at school, six major school district say they have no plans to cancel school so that the students can take part in the party,o last year when the kans city royals won the world series, several school district colleges canceled classesal as a last-minute decision due to staffing concerns. will keep you posted of any local school district changes his tune, when the indiansof wi the world series tonight.
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1948, a former usher believes his team has what it takeses to it again as dave nethers has more from the man waiting for another world championship. joe barrett was 26 years old when the indianse beat the boston braveshe to win the last world series in 1948, he is now 94, can still name those players on that team. >> there was dale mitchell, larry david, kennedy, >> he says he has been a baseball fan but that especiall her he chose to make some extra money ushering in the old stadium. leaves to wipe out the seeds they will give you a nickel or dimewi but they don't do that, enjoyed it becausei i was going to john carroll it had to get a part-time job.s today after being the oldest person to undergo a heart valve surgery and summa akron city
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witness history again. with that picture they've got, if he pitches like he has been,f there were going to get some runs, and. >> what will you do when they d when it? >> jump for joy. and we want to make sure that his heart valve procedure went, because he says ifif we went tonight, he's going to be jumping for joy and we want to make sure that he is okay for that.pi >> says he knows fans have suffered through. >> i felt sorry for them, but not that sorry. is he tired of waiting for another championship in cleveland?is >> wait till next year, is all you say, next year just arrived >> dave nethers fox 8 news. celebrate game seven of the
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steal a base, steel and talk a promotion, francisco lindor stole second in the bottom of the first inning in last weeks went over the cubs, president obama is excited about the deal he mentioned during a campaign stop for hillary clinton columbus yesterdayriam, the dea starts at 2:00 p.m.. there is a reason, that i am bringing this up, if you can find the time to get a free taco, then you can find the time to go about. you can get your free taco toda
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premature births increased for the first time in eight
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of less than 110 percent, certain demographic groups see dramatic increase,11de prematur birth rates rose nearly 50 percent were african american women, and 50 percent for american indian or alaska natives, result of the numbers march of dimes givest , a c gra on its premature birth report card. >> the more facebook page you have more couple lonr live, looking at 12 million facebook users, profound and that those average or large social networks with longer than those with only a few facebook friends they say studies like this are important because they at all my activity is a way to helping social isolation.m here is a father who made it possible for his daughter to trick or treat at 30,000 feet,
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for the long flight from boston to san francisco, asking passengers to hand out candy to his daughter if she walked down the aisle,ca nearly all of those onboard hel themon to have a successful halloween even while traveling coast-to-coast,su the wind dad another, great work. a local couple expressed their love for each other in th indians on their wedding day,lo they got married at the screw factory in lakewoodod this past saturday. they turn their reception into huge party to celebrate botht their wedding day in the indian game, they had the dj play of the tribe game on a screen near the dance floor isis really wha it wants the game will also celebrate in >> it was a watch party. >> we made sure that everybody were there indians gear after dinner said you cannd put on yo
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and everybody watch the game it was awesome.le we asked them the best wedding gifts they received the said it was two tickets to last nights game. >> they cheered on the tribe before the honeymoon. >> we will be checking in with rich demuro in today's tech
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drones are one of the hottest technologies, it is small and
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also create some amazing video as rich demuro joins us on the tech reportvi with this device. i'm surprised that were doing the tech report on thisur day of history. >> one of the top companies, made a big name with their phantom drone now they've got the new one powerful packed with features but still folds up and fits in your backpack. people are most impressed with how small it actually is versus how powerful it is. >> stabilized 4-k camera that captures amazing video, you can flight about 4 miles away, the
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it is super easy to fly, use your phone, the controller or combination in just a few minutes, it was airborne, and maneuvering it like a semi pro. it is packed with sensors, remembers where he took off, so they can land the same spot. > holder and that's it. >> crash avoidance is built-in. you can say i want you to stay away from objects at 6 feet, ten or however many feet up to 20 feet attracts your subject and shoots video automatically.. it lets you take the perfect aerial selfie. you can
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fit for hollywood but just abou every industry finds a use for emerging technology drama insurance adjusters will have a fleet of them when they do home inspections in people and emergency response will have drones for search and rescue missions. >> it starts at $750, this is aimed at the pro- market, which includes m bloggers on youtube who use these two create videos. to learn mor i will say, good luck to see. every recruit some indians fans in chicago since the cubs eliminated the dodgers? >> it is kind of polarizing, is for who theyf are rooting for,
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thank you so much rich demuro coming up game six was a star-studded affair. what celebrity, surprised a lucky fan with a free ticket to
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charlie sheen expects to be in the house, jim thome throws out the first pitch tonight. a lot of celebrities and the crowd last night, here are just a few of them. it is a great night, we see mike hargrove, jim thome, al roker, there's drew carey, bil murray, he is in the house watching his belovedl cubs, pearl jam, with eddie vedder and also chris chelios is seatmate, tonight,, 19 points and 13 boar for lebron james, in an eight point.victory. after the cavaliers game, they went to the ballpark to root for the tribebe.
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do not know each other until last night, she was a cubs fan hoping to score a last-minute ticket to game six. she was out of luck until bill murray heard her at the box office offering her a ticket, i was a seat next to him right behind home plate. >> even though we are not chicago cubs fans, it is hard not to be a fan of bill murray. check out this picture said to us, it is kids from africa, is from cleveland is there in africa to teach kids about
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"the real," eve is back for more of "the real." >> are you sick of us yet? >> no, i love you all. >> on girl chat, eve talking about her man. >> no, this is under construction. >> and the skinny on cellulite. we'll say skinny girls don't have cellulite. my name is jeannie mai and i can show you to prove >> and empire's xzibit. >> she asked for it. >> we're hooking up mama mai to the claw. >> ready for the drop? >> yes. >> "the real." ? this is our time don't waste another minute of it ? ? this is our time grab ahold it's time to live it ? ? starting right now right now right now right now ? ? it's our life we've got a choice ?


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