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tv   Fox 8 News at 430AM  FOX  November 4, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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him. we're starting out at 54 decreases. plann everybody today we have thehe votes of the later today. t i was asked to shut down the lake driven t showers.ho
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pitts reports of fog further south the start to push us we kickoff the. herere is where it will help of fellow to the south with cloudco cover for the most afternoon is looking much quiet as daytime d highs stay generally in the frame most locations as werame continue through the afternoon. c temperatures in the middle 50s 30s or 40s dates for election and whether not we40s e something that's the big
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we had an early morning accident in general was run over it. underneath that vehicle headed check the vehicle of two kidswo out front with the vehicle there is nofr update on his condition5 actedond beat the s looking for his the driver of
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the race remains tight tight meany joins us now with more ono the final day of the race. it's still a long time donald trump past the victory much a dead heat hillary clinton have been waitingil for some by double digits mostly after the act of folly to her he could be breaking the themselves available for speaking to to a screechingt.
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part of the kid out to the campaign.hey they've not announced move that
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the good news right now localoc mother facing charges accused of losing her tempermo whistle to
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we will give you a generally careful with into his pick of
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onu until ten. t try to show up. new line q-uppercase-letter.
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macedonia i just spoke with
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that of the reason they werehey forced to close through to the outage the spokesperson for the
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also consistently renovated space. it is available for rent is called thinking of what close. on click on the link at we hope you to see there tomorrow.
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he goes over the place. i love it. good morning.
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that was a lot of fun. they did was they had so much fun.n. this take tons of pictures. latest on the investigation is next. a life report with pts of her
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a.m. is your time in 5353 decrease the temperature outside. it's waking up with us my is wayne dawsonthrawak forecast was persistently in the day.y. was to the afternoon feature temperaturesr in the 50s we


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