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tv   New Day Cleveland  FOX  November 4, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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- welcome to new day cleveland, i'm david moss. - and i'm natalie herbick and that behind us right there is mr. black squirrel. - and where you find black squirrels, i think there's only one place nearby. - kent, ohio. change about kent, ohio, the black squirrels are always here but many things have changed and that's why we're here. - oh, absolutely, 'cause you've been here before to do a road show, but we are going to see things that you haven't seen before, right? - well, for sure, i just talked to a lady, she said she's a teacher here for 30 years, she retired, she went away, waited a couple years, she came back and didn't recognize the place, it's changed so much. - so many new stores and restaurants and things going on, a lot of revitalization happening here in downtown kent, really making for a great experience. if you have been here even six months ago,
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- they spent 110 million dollars to fix the place up. let's check it out. (upbeat music) - so we're in kent and that of course, means we're in the fashion capital of ohio, i would at least think so, right robin? - yeah. - right next to the university here and we are at the fashion school store where only students work? - correct, so you have to be a student of the fashion school to work here. i, myself, am a fashion merchandising student. the other student that currently works here is also a fashion merchandising student. i'm a sophomore, she's a junior. everything here is also designed, constructed, the whole process is done by students, faculty and alumni of the school. - do you know what it took to put something like this together? - yeah, so this dress was actually a dress that was created by two of our faculty here at the school. the image is a collection of jewelry from both faculty and then they digital printed that and put it all together.
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some of the different things that are done here. what is that look, i really like it, very casual yet really different and unique. - yeah, so we currently have a class here at the school where, it's a collaborative class, run by one of the faculty where students create and design and do the whole process to create looks for the store, so all of these garments were created at the school through this class. - very neat, so bags too? - like, accessories? - yeah. - i love that, okay and what about this look over here? i wanna put this one on. this is the one i wanted to wear first, then i switched it up a bit, 'cause i love this. - so the same for this. the skirt was created through the class, the shirt is a print design done by one of our faculty, barbara rhodes and the necklace is done by one of our alumni. she has a collection of jewelry here called amery. - okay, so let's move on over here. i love all of the print work. we have a live model to show you too.
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as a collection here called my tattoo where she has designed everything she has on, as well as the shirts that we have printed. - what does it take to put something like this together? - i basically take my inspiration of time moving on and making decisions, so each print was designed by that inspiration. this one here, is just the decision of moving and sort of, always coming back to what you originally went to. also, this triangle design, which is just picking directions, things like that, and i take all my prints and mesh them together and sort of make them into a passage, which is what all of the lines represent. - so, if only we could have the designers come with us shopping, i think that's all the more reason to purchase some of these things, because you really get the story behind
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and seeing this all come to life here, knowing that people's products are here for the world to see, really? - it's really cool because a lot of students, when they do design something, as they're walking down the streets on kent, they'll see someone actually wearing something that they've designed, and as a student, that's amazing to see someone went to a store and picked out something you've designed and they purchased that and it's just a crazy, real-life experience for the students. - so how often are things changing in here and how often are people finding new things to come in here and buy? through our class, through students that just want to have stuff in here. - well, it's great, obviously the students are so talented, i absolutely love what i have on and there's so many other great things in here for you to come and check out. gift for yourself, gift for the woman in your life. are there things for men too that they create? - we have bow ties, we have unisex t-shirts done by the director of our fashion school. - alright, so there's things for guys here too, so come check it out at the fashion school store
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right next door. (upbeat music) - my favorite is the caramel corn with peanuts. - okay, we're poppin' at a place called popped!. i'm with gwen rosenberg, who's over here. what are you doing with this right here? - i'm just stirring my caramel. - you're stirring your caramel. - yeah, we do everything from scratch here in the shop and this is a recipe that started it. it's our signature caramel popcorn with sea salt and local butter. - somebody told me that you started this in your basement or something like that? i wanted to make a recipe for my family and friends. i love popcorn, so this was the recipe that i created and out of it, sort of bloomed the whole business. - you know, i'm a big movie guy, so i've eaten a lot of popcorn over the years. i was tasting your popcorn and your kernels are really big. is this like a special kind of popcorn or something? - well, it's special because it's locally grown. it's grown in ohio and it's certified non-gmo, that's the only kind of popcorn i use. - what's non-gmo? - it's non-genetically modified popcorn.
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so, it's all grown in knox county, ohio from a family owned farm. all of our butter comes from a local dairy out in worcester, hartzler. yeah, we get as many local ingredients as we possibly can. - i notice you something on the scale over here, what's happening over here? - that's our brown sugar. we do everything from scratch. - i love me some brown sugar, look at that. - [gwen] yeah, everything's from scratch using my own recipes, i don't use any artificial colors or flavors, i really like to use like natural fruits or herbs or spices or extracts, so. - this is like one of those stay-at-home mom kind of stories where you dream up something and the next thing you know, you're not at home anymore. - a little bit, yeah, and luckily, thanks to all the redevelopment downtown, and so many different people working together, kent loves local businesses, so the time was right and now my husband and i work together. this is like a legitimate mom and pop business. we love it. - you guys actually get along then? - we get along great, yes, we do. - you have to get along. - we get the kids in here mopping the floor, everybody works. - how many kids do you have? - four, i've got four boys. - oh my goodness.
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- 14, 12, 10 and six. - so you don't have to pay half of them? - [gwen] well, i pay them in product. they eat a lot of popcorn. - so let's see what you got here. what do they like the most? - okay, so our buttered popcorn, like i said, there's no artificial colors or flavors, so it's popped in non-gmo local popcorn and sea salt, we've got our kettle corn, which is vegan, i have a lot of different vegan recipes. our white cheddar cheese popcorn, our signature caramel popcorn with sea salt, our caramel with peanuts and all of the nuts in the shop are locally roasted as well. - [gwen] that's what we're making. this is the white cheddar. - [david] does that say banana? - [gwen] oh, we have an assortment of different chocolates that we make in the shop too. - [david] look at that. - [gwen] yeah, so it's the dark chocolate with banana. - you gotta watch it when you come to popped! because wherever your eyes look you might want to buy it, right? - [gwen] yeah. - and taste? - [gwen] absolutely, yes, i hope so. another really popular one we have is the firehouse caramel. that's got a little bit of cayenne, so it's got a sweet little kick to it at the end. - oh, this one? - [gwen] yeah, that one's a lot of fun. - [david] yeah, so it looks almost the same, but i guess you can tell them apart, huh?
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boy, that is great and you said locally roasted peanuts, that means you guys roast the peanuts like-- - we don't roast them here specifically, but i get as many ingredients as i can locally, even down to our clear containers which are made right here in kent, ohio. - black squirrel crunch, i saw the black squirrel out there. - [gwen] absolutely, yeah, we got black squirrel crunch, we make our own peanut butter acorns. - [david] i shouldn't be afraid to eat the brown pieces then, huh? - those are good, yeah, that's our own toffee that we cover in milk chocolate. - i get a little worried about that with the squirrels around. so i see these big buckets too. so if people don't come all the way out to see you, which you should come to kent, so much fun to walk around. - [gwen] it's a lot of fun. - it's like a walking tour of this whole downtown area. - [gwen] it's a beautiful town, yes. - but if you can't, you can call popped! and you can ship them yourself, right? - absolutely, is our website. - and i think especially because, you know, you were talking about you had a lot of vegan things and then you had stuff that were not genetically altered. - [gwen] yeah, none of our popcorn is genetically modified. - so, you can't buy that just anywhere, so you're the one. - i'm the one, we're locally owned, and we love this town. it's a beautiful, beautiful place to visit.
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- okay, while she's stirring the caramel corn, i'm gonna find out which is the tastiest on the moss man meter. - that sounds good. - we're gonna go to break, but when we come back, natalie, she's down the street. she's playing around.
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- welcome back to our road trip to kent. okay, right now we're right along main street,
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corn alley. so there's a lot of great shops and restaurants right here, but we're starting with off the wagon right now. i have michelle with me. michelle, i feel like the name of the store really fits what you'll find in here. - yeah, it's a little off, it's just a funny, goofy little store where we have odd, strange, weird items and toys and real traditional things too, but a lot of humor, a lot of fun. - i love this place. starting right here in this section with all of the candy, on't know, sweet treats, everything right here is bacon flavored. - [michelle] yes (laughs). - [natalie] where do you find stuff like this? - oh, all over the place. i go to all different, all over the country just to find some weird things to put in my shop, so (laughs). - so, what made you want bacon? is there a bacon craze, why bacon? - well, there is. i mean everyone, who doesn't love bacon? i mean, everyone loves bacon, so.
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- [michelle] how 'bout frosting for your cake? - oh my gosh, some kids would probably just, suck that right down and eat it too, right? - they might, they might, that's pretty crazy. - so, there's all kinds of different things. i see tabasco. - yep, tabasco flavored, or if you like bugs, you can get bacon and cheese flavored crickets. - you know what, i've never had one, so i don't wanna knock it, they might actually taste good, i don't know. alright, let's go over here because there's, oh my gosh, where do we go next? what's this section? - this is our additional goofy items, big foot is big up in this area, so we have an action figure, or if you prefer, an air freshener for your car. we have a big foot air freshener. - [natalie] and what is this? - [both] googly eyes. - [michelle] yeah, that just makes everything funny. you stick them on anything. you can stick them on your stapler or a mug or something.
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where do you find this stuff, this is incredible. little cake soap dispenser, what about, i love this tetris light. - [michelle] yeah, that's a lot of fun, so you take the pieces off and you can form them different ways and just like the tetris game, it's fun. - so when people are coming in here, what are they coming in here for, normally? - they just want something that's funny and odd and you know how it's hard to find things to buy for people sometimes, well, it's always good to get a gift that will make you laugh, some little things. - like this? - yes. - handerpants, i mean, come on. - underwear for your hands. - (laughs) never know what you're gonna find, see behind you glasses, i'm guessing this is, oh, look, a little mirror here so that you can see what's behind you. so you have these quirky little things, but back over here you have these traditional things as well, but before we go back there, i must say that i just turned my head and saw what's up here right now.
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- these are our masks. - [natalie] (laughs) i love that. do the kids, i mean, i know we're in a college town, do the kids come down here and want those kind of things when they're going out for fun? - yeah, sometimes we have random sightings of people in masks around the town. - [natalie] and i'm sure you get a lot more business that way. people see that once and then all the kids want it. - [michelle] yeah, exactly. - so, can we go over here, because i see this section, a little bit more traditional maybe, back here? - yeah, some of your traditional toys classic toys like slinkies and yo-yo's and juggling balls and kazoos and things like that and some traditional fun games. - a lot of neat board games i'm seeing up there. - yeah, definitely. one of my favorites, settlers of catan and small world, great board games for the family, so. - so would you say you can find something for anybody at any age here?
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- [natalie] we would have a lot of fun getting stuff for ourselves in here, right? - oh yeah. - it's good for everybody. so if you want that quirky gift, something different that definitely's gonna make the person you're giving it to laugh or for yourself to have some fun, off the wagon, right here along main street is the place to come, right? - that's right. - so you on your lunch breaks, go get some lunch over across the acorn alley here? - oh yeah, twisted meltz is really great. - i think david's grabbing a bite to eat, we might have to go over and join him. - sounds great. - alright. (upbeat music) - [david] okay, right down the alley, acorn alley here in kent, i'm getting a scoop at a place called twisted meltz and what are you making for me there, katie? - i am making a candy cone, homemade, with eskimo kisses ice cream. - [david] eskimo kisses? - yes, it has coconut and hot fudge swirl. - [david] that's terrific. how many different ice creams do you have? - we have over 30 ice cream flavors. - [david] yeah, i like the over 30 ice cream flavors
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kinds of cones, huh? - yes, we have multiple kinds of cones and we put all different kinds of ice cream on them. - [david] that's great. - and candy. - [david] the ice cream's the only thing that's as pretty as you around here. look at that man, is that great? - this is my favorite ice cream. - i like that, let me grab ahold of that and a pretty cool place too. it's called twisted meltz. we got that area over there so if the weather's a little funky, you can go over there and hang out. but that's not the coolest thing about twisted meltz. meltz is not about ice cream melting, it's about these sandwiches over there. (grill sizzles) - okay, time to get a little twisted here on the melt side of things, i'm here with steve and steve i love that board up there, man. you got a bunch of cool things up there and we're talking about steve harvey, drew carey, thurman munson, arsenio hall, don king, what's that mean, these are people's names. - well, everybody here on the board went to kent. they didn't graduate from kent, but they did go to kent at one time. - okay, so we're talking sandwiches and you're naming sandwiches after kent alumni?
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- okay, i like it. now who's this guy right here? who's this sandwich? - that's james harrison. - tell everyone who james harrison is. - that is beer battered onion rings, caramelized onions, 100% angus beef, white american, cheddar, barbecue and mayo. - and you tell people on the west side of kent who've never been to kent who james harrison is. - james harrison, well, i'm a fan of him, but cleveland wouldn't be so much. he's a steelers. - that's it, i wanted you to say it. okay, okay and what celebrity is this representing? cheese. it is breaded in panko and deep fried and inside you have a queso cheddar cheese and macaroni, white american and a ranch dressing. - tell everyone who lou holtz is now. - lou holtz is a sports commentator. - okay, let's see what else we got here. oh, this one looks good too. oh, this looks like a rock n' roller. - yeah, joe walsh, so, i kind of went with the theme on the hotel california, so i wanted to go with more of the turkey,
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ll, man. - and that's a habanero jack so it's quite spicier than jalapeno. - what did you order? - i got a chili and sweet potato fries. - potato fries, are these potato fries here? - these are beer and cheese pretzel bites. they're delicious. they actually just came out and people have been raving over them. - cheesy. - yes. - it's good. hey, vegetarians, i got a sandwich hidden over here. - this is a chrissie hines, so i definitely didn't wanna give her a burger and i went with the hummus, spinach, arugula pesto - okay, and what makes these fries so special, because they are good. - they are a battered fry, so it's a little flaky, it's delicious. - it's not bad on the outside. let's take a spin and look at this board up here, 'cause we got josh cribbs, you got josh cribbs right there about in the middle, right in the middle on the end, ah, there's josh cribbs, fried turkey, honey, a lot of ham in josh cribbs, you know that. i've heard him on the radio, hickory bacon, swiss, mustard,
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e a guy, his name is dick, dick goddard, black bean burger, i know dick likes black beans. you know that guy won't eat chicken? he doesn't like chicken at all, you picked the right one for him? how do you pick out what to put on his sandwich? - well, i didn't go too far into it, but i thought a little into it, so i didn't wanna give dick goddard a chicken sandwich or some big meaty sandwich, 'cause i know he's a big dog advocate and stuff, so i wanted to give him something friendly. - well, i'm glad you didn't cook up a big dog for him. no hot dogs right? - no hot dogs. z over on acorn alley, it's right off of main street in downtown kent, we got the beautiful ice cream over here, we got steve over here and this is a family affair. the whole family is here, it's a lot of fun, it's a great place and from here we're gonna go to break and when we come back, natalie is working the streets, she's back out on main street.
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we're along main street again. we are at 130 main street to be exact. i have jenny with me. we're at the works. - yay. - jenny, you're one of those places that has really been established here for quite some time now. - yes, we've been here 27 years. my mom and i started the business. i'm not gonna give age, but it was like when i was back in my school days and we've just kind of seen everything come and go
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lots of new things happening. - which i'm sure you love, but again, i'm sure people love being able to come here and know that this is a staple in town that they can come and find some really great gifts. - we hope so. we really try to get different stuff all the time. when we first started, it was a little bit different feel than what it is now and we're kind of changing and growing and morphing into different things all the time, so it's the most fun. - have these been around for quite some time because i love these throws. they're so soft and this is something that, one of the staples that we had for a very long time and the best part is, they chang them to your friends and they just make wonderful gifts too. - you have all different colors, look at that. - they're beautiful, they're beautiful. - so when people come in here, what are some of those items that everyone gravitates towards. i mean, you have a lot, when you look around, there's something everyone you look.
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l, real unique pieces and the don drumm pieces are, these are just wonderful. he is an akron artist and most people can recognize his items, he's known for the sun figures, but he has pieces all over the world. everybody loves them and they're functional, you can cook in them, you can display them and he also makes new designs all the time, so, if you think you have his whole collection, - really there is something everywhere. it's very eclectic. you have shoes to things for the walls, it's everything. - yeah, one of the most unique pieces that we have are the honey pots. these are done by an artist and beekeeper in athens, georgia and they're made out of beeswax and then he presses the flowers that he grows on the farm into them and then when they burn, they have a little votive candle,
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ust, it glows and it kind of emits this really wonderful sweet kind of honey scent. we have wind chimes, which i always encourage everyone to come back and make noise out of these, but george carruth, he's another pretty well known artist that we have and we have a lot of his fun pieces. he does a lot of the face pieces and then the vegetables and fruits. - i love the faces, look how cute they are. - on this side, these are great. there's like the carrots and the grapes and these can go outside and they can be weathered on, except for in the wintertime, especially with the winter we have, it's not the best, but these would make great gifts for people too. - great gifts, all kinds of different things in your store and you've been around, i think it's a name that people are all gonna be familiar with and wanna come check you out. - [jenny] i hope so, i hope so. we try to have fun here. - thanks, jenny. hey, you were mentioning a lot of new places, a lot of different things popping up here.
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and it's dangerous 'cause it's so close. i just skip on out and go get some cookies, it's good stuff. - well, do you wanna come with me there after the break, you might have to just peek in. - after the break, i'm closing right now, we're gonna go, let's hit it. - [natalie] (laughs) let's go.
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i bet you are so happy to see me right now with a bunch of cookies because i'm telling you, if you're in kent, you are going to want to come here and eat some of these insomnia cookies, right catherine? - exactly, all of our cookies are baked fresh and served warm out of the oven, so they're perfect for any sort of treat. - and they're called insomnia cookies because why? - because we are open and we deliver until 3am. - 3am, so forget the pizzas, forget the late night gyros - exactly, that sweet tooth craving, it's perfect at three in the morning. - so how does the whole thing work, can you explain this to me? - so customers can come in or they can go to our website and order delivery up until three in the morning and we offer standard cookies as well as deluxe cookies here. - [natalie] and they're warm, so they come out really warm, so when they're delivered, it's like a warm pizza. - [catherine] exactly and then we also serve ice cream, brownies,
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s delivered warm and fresh with milk at any time of the night. - [natalie] i love the idea of this. - so this is a cookie a la mode. so that's some vanilla ice cream on top of one of our m&m cookies. - i love the hot and cold combo. - [catherine] melts in your mouth. - that is delicious. so, what types of cookies do you have? - so we have our traditional cookies, they range from the m&m and double chocolate chunk, sugar, snickerdoodle, we have a wide variety and then we also have our deluxe cookies, the smores deluxe is very big. - [natalie] is that what this is? - [catherine] that is the smores, yeah. - [natalie] wow, oh my gosh, they're warm, look at that. oh my gosh. - [catherine] and this one is our chocolate peanut butter cup. - [natlie] so you see what i just did there. i just touched all the cookies, so that means this has to go home with me. - [catherine] yes. - so how do people, can they come in and order,
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we're open from 12pm to 3am daily and they can also, if they wanted to have the cookies delivered, they can either call us or go to our website, - and what about how many they want? - our delivery minimum is six dollars. - [natlie] oh, that's not bad. - [catherine] yeah, it's not too bad. - [natalie] who came up with this idea, i love them. - we started in 2003 at the university of pennsylvania by seth berkowitz, he realized there was a lack of late night options, so he started delivering dents out of his dorm room. - [natalie] and obviously, it's taken off and doing really well. - exactly, who can say no to a cookies at 3am? - my last question is, can you deliver these to cleveland for me? - not right now, but we are-- - you're working on it? - yes. - okay, good, i'll take that for now, i'm gonna take these box of cookies, you know what else goes great with some cookies, besides some milk, some coffee, right? - coffee is always good too. - alright, so david's got a great coffee shop in mind, right down the road.
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- i don't know how good those cookies are, but i gotta tell you what, this bent tree coffee is unbelievable, i guarantee it and i ain't messin' around. here's mike over here, so here's what i don't understand. the coffee's so good, but your beans are green, what's going on? - [mike] it's true, they're not roasted yet. - [david] well, how do you roast them? - what we do is we put them in this roaster right here and after about 15 minutes they come out as roasted coffee. - [david] well, put them in, let me see how everything works. - alright, let's do it. - [david] look at this, so, why don't people do this on every corner of the united states and they good coffee? - i don't know, they should be. people could be home roasting, but we do it here. ple don't realize that coffee doesn't come off the tree roasted. these are just the seeds from the coffee tree and what we do here is roast them. - [david] okay, so it's in the top hopper there, what's it do now? - what we do is, we open up this door here and it's gonna go inside this coffee roaster and there's a steel drum on the inside and it's gonna spin the beans around once it gets in there. - [david] okay, so you can do that now? - we can do it right now. - [david] let's rock it. - let's go. - [david] so why don't more people do this and what's the difference between different roasters and what's the whole deal on that? - it has a lot to do with quality.
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and what we do is we try to get higher quality coffee and roast them here in smaller batches and get them to people a little quicker. - okay, so you get that coffee going in there, how long does it take to roast it? - it'll be about 15 minutes. - [david] it already smells great in here and i see you've got some stuff over here. now, these just the beans or do you grind it for people too? - [mike] these are whole bean, but we can grind them all right here in the shop. - [david] okay, so you've got peru, norte decaf, breakfast blend, espresso blend, what's the black squirrel blend? - that is, so it's very popular in kent, - [david] you don't put any squirrel stuff in there, do you? - no, not at all, there's no real squirrels, in fact. - a little worried about that (laughs). - no, that ones-- - it's a nutty flavor (laughs). - that one is one of our most popular coffees. we sell it to kent state university a lot, we kind of developed it with them and just being the black squirrel blend is popular down here. - peanut butter and jelly, what's that about? - we don't have any flavored coffees here. that one, we had three coffees and we figured out at some point that one had kind of a fruity taste,
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and you have peanut butter and jelly. - so, that's your blend. hey, so i see coffee shops all over the place in kent, do all the guys buy their coffee from you here? - they do, exactly. what we do is we sell coffee out of the store here, but we also distribute to different places around town and we do some grocery stores, mainly, the biggest account that we have is heinan's all over northeast ohio. - [david] oh, so i can find you at heinan's. - [mike] yeah, exactly. - [david] so, who's this guy and what's he doing? - hey, i'm ryan, i'm doing a pour over brew, one of the benefits for brewing coffee what you do is, you just take your fresh ground coffee, put it right here in our little pour over bario brewer and gonna apply some nice hot water and watch that coffee bloom up. - [david] it's like mini-drip. - [ryan] yeah, exactly, this mini-drip will brew up a nice delicious cup in just about two to three minutes. - like your coffee, and i know all coffees are different, but i gotta tell you, this coffee has such a great, distinct, deep flavor. - thank you. - thank you very much. - how many tablespoons of coffee do you use per cup of water for something like this? - so, we weigh everything here,
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- so, it's scientific, eh? - we get a little scientific, yeah. - you should see me scientific in the morning, one eye's open and i'm praying for it to be done. (laughter) praying for it to be done, here's another thing, i wanna show you guys back here. - [mike] oh yeah, it's great. - how did you get the name bent tree you guys? - kent is a tree city and we're in kent and we thought that bent tree coffee just had a nice ring to it and we said, let's go for it, bent tree coffee roasters, it is. - and this is the get bent coffee maker? - yes, this will get you bent. this is our cold brew tower esome way to brew iced coffee, we brew on it everyday. we get great extraction this way, it takes about 12 hours to brew a gallon of it, it's very delicious. - this is unbelievable, so you got ice in there and how long does it take to go through there? - so yeah, you get the drip going, you want about one drip per second, so once you get that dialed in, i'd say about 12 hours, you get a nice gallon of coffee brewed. - yeah, it's a lot less acidic if you do a cold brew, so there's no hot water used in the process and it's a little sweeter naturally and a little, just less acidic.
10:37 am
it brings out something that's a little sharper and this is a little more round flavor? - it's almost like a bourbon when it comes out of here. - yeah, a little bourbony. - oh, you're speaking moss man language here. that's pretty good. how long you guys been doing this? - it'll be three years this summer. - what's behind the door there? - oh, don't go back there. - ah, i knew it, i knew it. (laughter) we're at kent, what a great place, the place is called bent tree coffee roasters and you can come in here, you can buy, you can drink the coffee or you go to heinan's, - we also sell online at - you don't have to leave kent to find european style bakery. just outside of downtown on state route 43 is the brimfield bread oven where everything is made from scratch with simple ingredients, hand shaved and baked in a wood-fired oven. husband and wife team, judd and genevieve begin baking at 6am to ensure delicious bread and pastries are waiting for you when they open and if you're more of a night owl,
10:38 am
we'll have more new day cleveland, from kent right after the break. (upbeat music) i alone can fix it! bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i'd like to punch him in the face. i like people that weren't captured, okay? he's a mexican! she ate like a pig... i moved on her like a [bleep] did not say that... i love war. yes, including with nukes. blood coming out of her... they're rapists... wrong. there has to be some form of punishment. such a nasty woman. i wanna be unpredictable. ...on 5th avenue and shoot somebody... she's a slob... i don't remember! and you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves! priorities usa action is responsible
10:39 am
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10:41 am
and welcome to carnaby street style, this is emma's place, we're right along eerie street, but basically you have brought the streets of london to eerie street. - i have, i'm trying. - it is incredible, so where you from originally? - i'm from just east of london originally, so i've been here for 16 years now, so this is kind of my home. - and why'd you pick this street, this town? - my brother and my sister both went, still go to kent state university, they decided to show me down here and i came and thought, this is the place. this is where i have to do it. - so, i wanna just explore this store with you, if you don't mind and i wanna start with the scarves because i know they're really big and in this spring, so, go ahead and just show me some of the main ones that people are really interested in. - well, scarfs are kind of in every single season, it's not just for winter now, it adds some color, it changes an outfit completely, so right now. - [natalie] i like this.
10:42 am
and floral, tons of floral, we've got some daisies and-- - so very girly, very pastely, elegant-- - and it takes a plain outfit and dresses it up, makes it look completely different. - okay, let's go check out something else. - perfect. - i love these and you can tell we're a college town. - i know. - i haven't gotten myself into getting into one of these, but this is so in. - lots of girls looks very cute in them, yeah. - it is, high shorts and the crop tops. - so adorable, sorry, i just had to point that out. obviously, a lot of jewelry too. - this is one of our best selling lines, it's a favorite. this company is called good works make a difference and every year they donate 25% to a different charity. this year they've decided that their charity is the children's miracle network. - [natalie] wonderful. - [emma] yeah and so they just change it depending on the economic situation,
10:43 am
'cause i couldn't get that one on (laughs). - [emma] this ones they're wrap bracelet. - [natalie] that is so adorable. you would think that's like a little belt. - one long piece and then you just wrap it around your wrist. - that's so wonderful. - and you can stack it with lots of different bracelets and different things and then they have inspirational words on them, so yeah, very very popular pieces. - very cool, very cool, alright, let's explore a little more here. i love the spring dresses. - i know, lots of color. one of our favorites is our tunics right now. we always have, we try and keep the basics, at an affordable price too, so, the basics and then, like we said with the scarves, you just throw a scarf on and it makes a plain tee look completely different. - i love the basics and i love that you're saying it's affordable. - yeah, we try. - 'cause you are having a lot of college kids come in the store. - shopping at a boutique doesn't have to be so so expensive, our cami's are 6.99, so you can stock up on cami's, our t-shirts are 8.99, so. - i'm glad you bring that up, because i think that's a point that some
10:44 am
hink things are gonna be really pricey. - [emma] we're trying to keep it affordable. - [natalie] love these dresses too. so long dresses are still in? - oh, they're in. somebody told me the other day that maxi dresses are like the sweat pants of dress clothes because you can just throw it on and it's so easy. - they're so wonderful, you can never have too many of these in your wardrobe as a girl. okay, and i see that you have a lot of shoes back here as well. so you have really, the whole gambit, from jewelry to accessories. - yeah, we try and have a little bit of everything out being too overwhelming. - and stuff for the guys too? - a little bit for the guys, yeah. - and so basically, for you, how has this, to see this development here and to know that you're here in the midst of all this. - it's amazing. i just feel so privileged that i get to be a part of the redevelopment of kent because everyone in kent is so proud to be a part of this. - and i heard somewhere that things are changing here, practically every week. - everyday, yeah, everyday, something new will open
10:45 am
we never get the same piece again. - i love that. - and then every week we'll get new things in, so, there's always something different every time you come here. - and i thank you, come to carnaby street style right along eerie street and david, he always is getting to relax and chow down on something, you know, i do all the hard work around here (laughs). he's right next door at a place called bar 145, let's go see what he's up to. (rock music) alley here in kent, ohio and pal, what are you making here, bud? - right now i have a simpleton in front of me and one of our signature stack your own burgers, where you can basically create your own. - [david] okay, now this is a burger, so let's tell the people where we are right now. what's the name of the place? - we are bar 145. - bar 145 and you got sort of a signature thing up here, it says burgers, bands and bourbon. - absolutely, we are a bourbon bar. - so this is the burger component of 145.
10:46 am
here in the middle? - [kiel] that's our house cured bacon, we actually make it in-house, for burgers, for appetizers, stuff like that. - can i touch this plate, i'll be real careful. - absolutely. - look what they did with the bacon in this one folks, macaroni and cheese and you stir it with a stick of bacon. - [kiel] yeah, and there's actually a little bit of maple syrup in there as well, you get a little bit of sweetness. - that is beautiful and what is that, i love the way this sandwich is right here. - that is our black bean panini, it's got our house made red pepper aioli, imported gouda, house-made foccacia, black bean veggie patty. - i see back there on the grill, you got a bunch of things over there, i see some with bleu cheese on it. - yeah, we got one with bleu cheese, that looks like a little bit of cream cheese, and some cheddar on the other one as well. - [david] who's the chef around here? - [kiel] well, we got our chef of the cuisine back there, that's bill johnson. - [david] oh, there's the wave bud, hey! - [kiel] we like to call him lc. - [david] what do those burgers weigh back there? - [kiel] they are seven ounce patties. - [david] seven ounce patties, so that's almost a half of pound. - [kiel] almost, yep.
10:47 am
i wanna show folks something else out here too. this is going pretty fast. this is also a place where you get to hear music and the line-up, the menu of the music is as big as the menu for the food. - oh yeah, definitely. we bring in bands from all over the mid-west, chicago, we have bands that come out of mississippi. - [david] tricky dick. - trick dick & the cover ups, they played last night and they play tonight, very good friends of mine actually. doug's probably around here somewhere, their guitar player. tomorrow night we have pop rocks out of lakewood. - [david] so there's always something. y, every thursday and friday and saturday, at least, we have music, during the summer we'll have a lot of acoustic on the patio. - what time does the music start? - [kiel] 10:30 inside and if we do it on the patio, usually a little early, it just depends on the day. - what time does the bourbon start? - the bourbon starts right when we open the doors. - let's go, bourbon time. (rock music) well, here it is, this is called what, the angry what? - [kiel] that is the angry bird. - the angry bird and this is a popular drink. - that is, it's probably our most popular signature cocktail. - and there's bourbon in it?
10:48 am
we do use an infused vodka that we infuse in house. there's a little bit of mint, there's a little bit of lemon in it. - it's good. - i can't tell you quite all the recipe. - secrets. - there's secrets, absolutely, gotta keep 'em coming back. - i'm happy to see, when you talk about bourbon, you got woodford, he actually did a cleveland and visited woodford and we saw the guy making it down there. - we went down a couple months ago actually as well. we saw a lot of woodford, we do a lot with woodford, it's a lot of our signatures, so. - show me what you do with it. this is our signature manhattan. - [david] bar 145th. - yeah, the 145 actually stands for the temperature of a perfect medium rare burger. - [david] more information, keep it coming kiel. - so, start with some cherries a little bit of bitters, and we actually muddle the cherries to get the juices flowing with it. - [david] muddle means smash. - yep, absolutely. so, we do that, now top it with the ice. - [david] kiel, the cherry wrecker. - [kiel] i try.
10:49 am
when we get it open, it actually almost doubles the size of the restaurant. - [david] so the patio's a great place to hear the music too? - absolutely, we'll do acoustic out there in the summer. and then, we'll have, during certain events in kent, we set up stages out there and have bands out there and everything like that as well. but anyway, going in here, we got a little bit of gran marnier. - [david] i like the way you went back in again. - oh, you gotta go back in. you gotta go back in, but a little bit of gran marnier, a litte bit of sweet vermouth, a little bit of orange and woodford reserve, give it a good shake. - [david] and there it is, and you call this drink? - this our 145th manhattan, it's our signature manhattan. i sell a lot of these as well. so there's that. - [david] will you tell the people the name of the bar again please? - we are bar 145, location's here in kent, toledo and columbus as well.
10:50 am
. - talking about bourbon. - this is great. (rock music) i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. when it came to atlantic city it was all glitz and glamor, but it turned out to be a gold-plated scam. the trump taj mahal, trump castle and trump plaza all went bankrupt.
10:51 am
businesses who helped build the place that got stiffed. and hundreds of workers have lost their jobs. if that's what donald trump did here,
10:52 am
10:53 am
- everybody loves a secret, is that right, amy? - that's right. - and i'm going down main street here in kent and i see a sign, gives up the secret, the secret cellar. - shh (laughs). - yeah, i guess it is sort of a secret. i guess this is going back to the days of prohibition, right? - it is, yes. - so we got the saloon downstairs, downstairs a few steps here, below street level and i saw a sign when walked in, said prohibition kind of rules, right? - that's right, exactly. - well, the very first one is you have to be a member to get in. no, not really, but. - it says that though. - that's right, no, we accept everyone that comes in and we encourage people to come in, of course, and there's definitely some 1920's rules in there that are very classic to the prohibition days. - look at my classic girl back here, rachel? give us a little turn of the head so we see the headgear, look at this. - thank you. - is that fantastic or what? so where you get talent like that in a town like kent? - oh, she's fabulous.
10:54 am
so we've got some theater and some action going here. i like one of the other rules too, it says no bad language around ladies, in the presence of ladies, right? - absolutely, that's correct. we want to keep it nice and clean, very classy. - i'm in danger and who's this guy right here? is this nick? - this is nick, yes. - nick's got a little cheese tray going on here. i like nick's outfit too, so everyone sort of plays the game here, right? - [amy] we do, absolutely. - [david] so what year is it down here, you think? - [amy] oh, 1924. - [david] 1924, i saw a piano in the corner, so that means you got music going on. mainly on friday's and saturday evenings, but we also have a pianist that comes in every now and then, a blues guitarist that might come in, so we kind of keep it very musically inclined in here. - that's great, hey rachel, lean over here. what's this drink you made for me? - this is the holy hand grenade. - the holy hand grenade, and what's the secret in this one? - i can't tell you the secret. i can tell you we've got st. jermaid and grey goose and soda water, but the secret ingredient is special. - yeah, talk about this, this is one big bottle of wine here.
10:55 am
- we have over 100 different types of wines, all varietals, we have all different regions all over the world. - the cheese tray is beautiful. so what other kind of things do you have on the menu? - oh, we have panini-style sandwiches, we have fondue plates, of course ex-small appetizers, that kind of fun stuff. - and we're talking about the music, the piano player, that sort of thing, what time do things pick up and start ticking around here? - usually later in the evening, we're definitely a night club, so it's gonna pick up somewhere around 7:30, eight o'clock. - [david] yeah, so the guys, do they bring their girlfriends here or? - they called 'em ma's back in the gangster days. - absolutely, that's right. - the babes. - yeah (laughs), you know it. - so you get any of the theater students perform and sing for you here? - we have, absolutely. we actually have a girl that's on staff here and she's a guitarist and she's a vocalist, gorgeous and she gets up there and belts it out. - i'll tell you what, you're looking good. - well, thanks, appreciate it. - you look like i should go back in time a little bit, that looks great. hey thanks a lot, it's called the secret cellar, it's on main street, it's in kent and it's delicious, thanks a lot.
10:56 am
and the people here are so proud of this development and how much it's really been revitalized over the last few years. - you're young enough to go back to school here. - oh, i would love to go back. i'd go to kent, i would definitely. - great fashion school and all that. - yeah. - i had a good time though. i had some ice cream at twisted meltz, i had a sandwich, i had some coffee, i had a drink, i had some popcorn. i've had it all here. i'm ready, i'm ready for alka seltzer. - i was gonna say, are you ready to take a nap now and all the shops and everything you can go to here, there are so many great little one-of-a-kind places, different pieces that are so unique and you're not just gonna go here and find the big box store types of things. - definitely, there's acorn alley, so it connects over to main street. we're not even on a street that we were walking up and down much, so we've barely scratched the surface, so when you come to kent, get out here, walk around and pioneer your way to fun. - yeah, 45 minutes away from downtown cleveland about, so it's really not a bad drive at all, come check it out.
10:57 am
lie herbick, see you then on new day cleveland. (upbeat music) (cheering and clapping)
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