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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  November 5, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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cleveland's own fox 8 news. >> we begin with breaking news tonight.t. just moments ago, republican presidential nominee donald trump was n rushed off the stag. you can see during a rally in reno, nevada. it appeared to be because of a disturbance >> after mr. trump was escorted away by the secret service, a swat team showed up in front of the crowd and at least one man was detained. authorities did not release further information but trump did return to the stage several minutes later to continue his speech. >> we will have more on this as it becomes available. meantime on the campaign trail, the countdown is on and election day is right around the corner.d thanks for joining us at 10:00,
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>> and i'm jennifer jordan. campaigning is in full swing and the candidates are focusing on the swing states. fox news correspondent steve harrigan isnd in miami, florida with the latest. >> both presidential candidatest spending time saturday in florida, making their case in hopes ofir winning the state's 9 a left world votes. republican donald trump talk to voters in tampa about why he believes he can pull out a win. >> the arenas are packed all over the country and we are goingnt we are going into what they usd to call democrat strongholds, where we are now either tied or leading. democrat hillaryhi clinton was fighting the rainy weather in pembroke pines to make her closing argument to voters. >> i want to be the president for everybody. everybody who agrees with me, people who don't agree with me, people who vote for me, people who don't vote for me.
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the future. >> surrogates for both candidates are spreading out over other crucial states. trumps vice presidential pick mike pence telling a michigan crowd that the candidate is the leader america needs. >> for america to be safe, for the world to be safe, america needs to be strong. "trump a lead on the world stagt with american strength. >> vice president joe biden visiting> pennsylvania, the ste where he was born. many polls show clinton's lead diminishing in pennsylvania, which h blue. but biden says a trump presidency will not help the middle class. or worse 20-40 to $100 million, vote for trump. it's in your interest. except he will probably get you to work. >> harrogate >> harrogate -- in miami, steve harrigan, fox news. >> meantime, the candidates are making one last final push here in the swing state of ohio. >> fox 8 news reporter alison brown is live in downtown
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clinton is pulling out all the stops. she is teaming up with the king, right? >> that's right. what a team. hillary clinton expected to be hereo at public auditorium with lebron james. the event starts at 4:30. the doors open at 1:30 and you may remember that lebron endorsed hillary last month. from the cleveland cavaliers to the campaign trail. believe barack started it, i believe hillary is going to continue it. i'm all about community. it starts from the ground up. >> cavs superstar lebron james ist set to meet with democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton sunday. following this endorsement last month. the rally at cleveland public auditorium, just two days before the election and opponent donald trump, not impressed. >> hillary clinton has all of
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politicians out campaigning for her and she has grounds a much smaller than ours. >> but some northeast ohio it doesn't hurt to have king james in their corner. >> a lot of people look up to lebron because of his concern for the city and his concern for beople. >> it's good to have his support because he so popular. >> bute others say it won't matter at this point what each candidate does. they are set in their ways. >> all of these liberties don't know just because they are millionaires they follow democratic left winged bs and i'm sick of it.. >> tickets for tomorrow's event are still you can find out more information by going to our website, people are saying that hillary is pulling out all the stops. jay-z, beyonc? here last night and lebron's morale.n' we will have to see what happens
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tonight at another campaign stop. she isat pulling out all her celebrity friends in these final days, allison. >> yes, and it's interesting a lot of the voters say they are really i hard lines. they know who they are voting for and they won't be changing their way. who knows if this will help but it is interesting. >> allison brown live for us in cleveland. thank you. >> of course it is the final countdown until election day, but many voters are not waiting until november 8 to cast their t >> the cuyahoga county board of elections was packed with early voters. maia belay has more on how your vote is influencing this election. >> with the election just days away, many voters are stilla undecided about which candidate to trust or if their vote matters. >> i've never seen such campaigning and things said and disapproval on both sides. >> republican presidential candidate donald trump has accused thena system several tis of being rigged. that is not the case in cuyahoga
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>> absolutely not. we do not have rigged elections i want the voters of cuyahoga county to have confidence that we are transparent. the vote is safe, secure and it ll be counted.fe, secure and it >> according to cnn, battleground ohio is now leaning republican. hillary clinton's effort to garner star power during a jay-z concert did not translate to a huge amount of votes. >> it was an overwhelming so it wasn't a significant impact but we did get some of those voters. then yesterday prior to the concert someri trickled in as well. >> so far saturday, more than 2,000 people have voted early at theea cuyahoga county board of elections. you can see just how long the line is as it wraps the building. >> trump supporter and pastor darrellt he scott says ohio isnt just leaning republican. >> i think it is leaning more towards trump than the republican party. i think donald trump is the draw
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>> -- he plans to support a man he called a french for the past six years. >> he's not a sexist. he's not a xenophobe or anti- muslim or anti- anybody. he's pro- american and they are taking his pro- american dialogue and discourse and turning it into divisive rhetoric. >> hall of famer jim brown spent saturday campaigning for clinton. he said she is everything trump is not. >> they are clowns and buffoons and i think donald trumpwn pride in the and that should not be somebody that fits in the highest office but this country has to offer. >> i have said from the beginning who was going to come out on top and it might bee closer than i thought but i believe it is still the same. >> in cleveland, maia belay, fo. >> turning now to whether we get an extra hour tonight. also lots of people lookingl forward to election day to see how the weather will be when
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harcher is standing by with the first look at the >> we've had fantastic weatherwe with lots of sunshine today. temperatures into the low 60s and tonight we get an extra hour of sleep as daylight saving timesa and tonight at 2:00. mainly clear at the polls so here is your polling forecast. they open at 6:30 tuesday. 48 degrees and mainly clear but i do expect clouds to increasee during the day on tuesday and showers. i will have the full forecast coming up for you. no chance of rain tomorrow. if you want to take a hike or a bike ride or an extra boat ride before you put your boat away for the winter it will bet fabulous. lotsll of sunshine out throughot the afternoon. temperature at 54 degrees. 60 degrees as you head toward 5:00. we are already seeing a bit of a
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were this time yesterday. winds have shifted out of the southweste and are very light at theve moment. they it will pick up a little bit through the day tomorrow. 52 degrees right now, 48 degrees akron canton, 54 degrees in philadelphia. i do expect a wide range of temperatures with a clear skies. i expect those along the lake shores mid 40s and inland in the upper 30s. i will have the the election day forecast, veterans day forecast and a little bit ofe cold coming up next weekend. >> not exactly what we wanted to hear. it is november. we will look forward to it, i think. thankst jen. >> eight down, eight to go and still no winds on the season for the cleveland browns. >> the team will try to snap that losing streak at home against the red-hotla dallas cowboys. fox 8 sports anchor pj ziegler
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we can only hope. >> it does not look good on paper butg there is a reason thh play games on sunday. maybe tomorrow will be different. it's not the season hugh jackson and the browns envision whenis they opened up camp back in julj and started the season with over ast dozen rookies on the roster paired the browns have last eight and a road to open the season. they have had their chances but haveha not been able to finish. last week they halftime lead over the jets and lost 31-28. cody kessler will be the starting quarterback going forward provided he stays healthy. earlier this week the browns traded for pro bowl linebacker jamie collins from the new england patriots for aha0- esslbabaorl third round he is expected to play on sunday. the dallas cowboys arrive and cleveland having won six straight games. kickoffd for sunday's game is t 1:00 and you can see it right here on fox 8. don't forget we will have a post game show following the browns and cowboys game coming up
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anyone so maybe luck will be on our side tomorrow. >> we will see. the dallasil cowboys lost their season opener gamelo and they he won six in a row so they have been a surprise so far.av they have zach prescott who is a rookie coming from the leak and the browns have a lot of rookief and haven't been able to tastete victory yet. >> we have to win at least one the season, right? >> we will see. >> we hope. thanks pj. still tot come at 10:00, a fox 8 i teamfo investigation. >> a city employee still getting paid longl after her death. he was accused of cashing her checks. >> and is your cell phone hurting your health?el the new study that may commence you to put it down. >> plus, it's that time of year. the fox 8 family laces up for a good cause. we take you to the annual wayne dawson celebrity
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absolutely gorgeous. beautifule in another one tomorrow as well. temperatures remainfu above average here. average high 55 degrees. 64 degrees is what we had today but it didn't come near the record of 76 that was set last year. i doye expect low 60s to come back into play tomorrow. before you go to bed tonight be
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hour. daylight savings time yu ends at 2:00 a.m. you get an extra hour of snoozing in and maybe an extra hour of coffee but remember when you wake up tomorrow morning the sun will come up a little bit earlierni. we are talking a bit after 7:00 a.m. sunrise. here is the 12 our forecast. temperatures staying in the mid- 40s along the lake. this is the lake shore forecast in land i do expect to see temperatures drop into the upper 30s for some of us. then as we head towardrd 8-9:00 temperatures back into the upperer 40s. it will be a gorgeous afternoon. i do expect temperatures to soar back into the low 60s. 42 degrees tonight. starlit sky and high pressure in place. the reason why i am going with some temperatures falling into the 30s a is the range of the cooling going on. we have a light wind out of the
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plus we had the clear sky out there. it is definitely going to be a chilly night tonight. you will hear the heater kick on. tomorrow 62 degrees. unseasonably mild with light and variable windsit through the da. heard a lot of leaf blowers this afternoon. you can get your road state it looks like the forecast is changingli a bit. headed to the browns gam 58 degrees at kickoff and plenty of sunshine. winds will not be a factor and a you do not need ring gear. here's a look at the eight-day forecast. monday we are even warmer at 67 degrees. some of us even in the upper 60s. at voting day, tuesday 63 degrees with 40 percent chance of rain in the afternoon. a cold front drops us back down to average the middle of the
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midnight temperatures will be dropping through the day and we drop all the way into the low 40s on saturday.p the first time i had to put this on the eight day. a mix of rain and snow saturday. that's in the evening. lake effect snow possibility, to >> maybe it will stay over the lake.. >> i'm hoping it so far out the pattern will change a little bim >> not that the weather is seven excuse not to vote but it election hours. >> absolutely.or >> thanks jen. was a school safety drill too over-the-top? they say they were trying to warn students about ther dangers of texting and driving. why administrators are coming under fire. >> and the police officers his sortrt -- wrote got caught uncapped camera. his presence reaction when he
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a police sergeant was killed and another wounded in new york city while searching for a suspect in a home s invasion. it happened friday afternoon in the bronx. authority say the officers were trying to approach the suspect in a vehicle when the gunman opened fire. sergeant paul's to solo was killed in this shooting as well is ah suspect. a second officer was injured. he was a 19 year veteran of the nypd. he is survived by his wife and three -year-old son.n. >> officials were back on a
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after a body was found in the same location a woman was chained in ath storage container for weeks. thirty -year-old kayla brown was found inside the 13 by 15 container on thursday. loved one say she and her boyfriend vanished in august afteryf traveling to the propery for a cleaning job. instead, they were reportedly taken hostage. now brown is telling investigators she saw her captor shoot and kill her boyfriend, and saysoy could be buried on that land. however, at this point, the body discovered has not been identified. >> we have absolutelyly right nw no way of knowing how this person deceased, whether it's male orse female, or any of thoe kind of things. we are not even close to i'm not going to talk about the state of the deceased person. >> todd christopher:is charged
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a 46 rolled is a registered sexs offender and has a previous kidnapping conviction in arizona. more charges are expected. >> closing arguments are set to begin monday in the case of justin rossca harris. he is the georgia father accused of intentionally leaving his told her in a hot carfaac to die back in 2014. his ex-wife took the stand, saying that her marriage was flawed.e in 2008, she said her husband told her he was struggling th pornography, just a small glimpse of what the prosecution describes asog his double life. however, liana taylor told jurors thatl her husband would never deliberately harm theirei son, and his death was a tragic ..cident >> based on everything i knew that day, ross must have left him in the car. that was the only thing that made sense. if he was never checked in, theh he must have forgot.
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harris' case resembles other hot car death cases because it may have been caused by a lapse in memory. on cross-examination, prosecutors argued thisat case s different in that harris was 16 before and afterer leaving his n in the car. >> abc news facing some backlash. >> and it's all over s a photo f this live shot. why the network is now launching an investigation. >> and leasing up the bowling shoes for a good cause. we take you to the eighth annual wayne dawson celebrity bowl a
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in bowling, 300 is a perfect game, 12 strikes in a row. it's doubtful anyone achieve that at one bowling event today, but everyone still walked away a winner.ll >> the host of today's event? fox 8 own the goal? to raise money for scholarships and warm winter coats for young people in need. and to bowl a little too. six there were strikes and apparently very exciting spares. and an exciting time for everyone that put took part in the eighth annual wayne dawson's liberty bowlne a thon. it was started by wayne and his brother, judge william dawson, an order on our of their mother >> she was a stickler an
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to success so what we want to do is give back byke providing scholarships to students. individuals who may be don't have enough money to go to school ins and that's what we he been trying to do the past eight years. we are so happy that so many people that supportedan us becae from this event we are able to refer ride scholarships, coats for kids and mentorship for a lotta people who need it. >> many members of the fox 8 family joined a large crowd that turned out to roll some friends at thelad game of wycff corporate support, including from the j auto group. >> we see this as ways to get back to the community beyond monetary value. around education and that's where we see the optimal value. >> the idea is simple. makes a good time with a good >> just a wonderful family event. i want to think northeast ohio for supporting our foundation. this is the eighth onepo and it the largest one yet. the money we raise goes to
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children. we have scholarships here today. >> the whole college -- has been a lot of fun but like anything that's worth a lot in lifen it will pay off in the lg run. >> people helping people with generosity to spare. >> always a great event.ev >> it really is. so many people come out and love fox 8. they are thankful and oil. viewers that come to support wayne and his brother. every still year, it's a great event. >> our photographer greg lockhart very excited about. >> though great. coming up, a mystery with your tax dollars. >> aol city employee getting pa, long after she died. tonight a fox 8 i team report.
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cleveland's own fox 8 news. >> the fox 8 i team getting to the bottom of the mystery with your tax dollars. >> a newr development in the cae we exposed with the city employee getting paid long after shelo died. i team reporter ed gallek with the latest. >> a cleveland school crossing guard sending paychecks. now theen i team has uncovered whats happened to your tax dollars and how. cuyahoga county prosecutors now have indicted an adult sun and daughter a of the guard who die. saying they cashed 12 checks sent after the crossing guard passed away. taxpayers want justicear and an explanation for how something like this is even possible. >> who is overseeing things? who's in charge? what is management doing?
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totally ration confidence. those are my dollars. >> how did this happen in the first place? >> we went to city hall. we found the city diden not hava series of checks and balances for paying crossing guards. so a dead woman paid from october 2014-april 2015. guards only earn $20 a day but that adds up. the city kept sending out paychecks him even though the city was not getting timesheets. finally the state pension system caught i contributions kept coming in for a newht, account for a woman wo had died. >> the steps that were ind place were not there before so could've beenen a number of things. >> a city spokesman said this lead to new procedures to make sure the city only pays guards when they actually >> the paperwork it's filled out. you have to sign it as a crossing guard. you have to takegn it to the school you are working with. they have two initial off on it. after that it goes to the
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>> the criminal charges including theftim and forgery fr collecting and cashing the checksan that should have not bn sent. prosecutors say the take told about $2,000. city hall asking for a tax increase so those taxpayers you met have nop patience for sloppiness. >> that's not your dollars. you get that for my taxes so use it wisely. is >> at gallek, fox 8 i team. >> records show the suspects facing the checked charges now live in las vegas. theyl >> and a leary a man is facing charges for leaving his tall thereal in the car while attempting to run from police. police say 30 -year-old reginald grey led police on a chase thursday before officers used emergency equipment tofo stop hs car. police say he lost control and fled on foot before he was great telling officers that his two -year-old daughter in his car, and said he ran because he was high. officers found cocaine and ad
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pockets and wallet. he is facing a number of charges. the famous queen of hearts drawing is returning to garrett's phil tomorrow, some changes. sky lane bowling said winners me to be inai attendance for the drawing for jackpot starting less than $750,000.0. the starting jackpot is more than $342,000. a years worth of drawings without a winner created a $3.4 million jackpot in september. the massive prize went to terry victory of matter what. >> jen has said this before. i think it bears repeating. when you fall back tonight. set the clocks back or you will beni off your time >> you don't want to be early for church or brunch.un you have an extra hour. do it now. >> take your time tomorrow morning. when they fall back that means
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pretty soon. >> we dohtay have a little dip d the eight-day forecast. a little one and then we warm up a bit. looku at the long-range into the end of the month we unfortunately have a big i i pan foot.. see you are right. things are changing right after the clock changes. we are talking some cooler temperatures. and a few you might not want to see in the eight-day forecast. it ends tonight. turn your clock back one hour. sunrise tomorrow atoc it will be mild the next couple of days. i have temperatures back into the 60s tomorrowda, monday and even on tuesday with plenty of sunshine. the average highaa this time of year at 55 degrees. the cold snap is headed late in this week. we are talking temperatures in the 40s and a rain snow mix.mi also some like affect possibility. we will see.e
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here is look at the day tomorrow. we of sunrisee 7:06 tomorrow morning. 43 degrees. 54 degrees by noon. lots of sunshine expected at that point and we continue that through the remainder of the day.cttha a great fall weekend across northeast ohio. temperatures falling mainly in the mid- 40s along the lake to upper 30s inland spots. we do have nokes and crannies and nop the cooler spots. right now we are at 52 degrees. youca ohio and southern ohio those are some cooler temperatures. i do expecttho maybe mansfield, ashland, you will likely fall into upper 30s tonight. here is the culprit for the beautiful weather. we have high-pressure in place and it continues to sit just to the south of us. winds out of the south pulling in the warmer air. as it moves off the east coast i do expect of interest to warm up
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week. monday upper 60s a good possibility. this is the next system and you can see it getting its act together with showers and cloud cover. that is going to move in on tuesday.ou i do expect showers to push into our area after 4:00 in the afternoon. much of the4:in day will be okas we move from west to east. thet. bulk of the rain will come during the evening hours. we are under a clear skyr and that is why temperatures are dropping quickly. 52 degrees in cleveland, low 40s new philadelphia. 40 degrees tonight. upper 30s to low 40s depending on where you are. tomorrow two footers or less on the watersar with winds out of e west. they are pretty light. tomorrow 62 degrees and plenty of sunshine. light and variable winds. if you're tailgating and heading to the browns game 58 degrees at kickoff time. here's a lookat at the eight-day forecast and your election day
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temperatures back to where they should be the middle ofem the wk and friday 52 degrees as a morning low temperature will fall through the day. saturday is the cooler air arriving. chillyi with the rain mixing in with snow. >> i like how she says it quietly like maybe it won't happen. >> maybe we won't hear her. >> don't shoot the messenger. >> by the way,> when we fall bk i fight apartments is is a great ti batteries when youmo change your clocks as well. >> great reminder. our cell phones bad for your health? >> yes, but it's not what you think. the new research that may want to to put it down. >> abc news coming under fire formi this photo. why the netwk
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researchers at kent state university believe they have cell phones may be bad for your health but the findings may not be what you would expect six their study looked at hundreds of people walkingo and talking or texting, and comes to startling conclusions.on dave nether's explains. >> the cell phone, for many of us it is a constant companion. for those around usus, at times, and annoyance 60 will see students walking60 across campus and often with their faces buried in their phones.
10:43 pm
have to go around them because they are moving more slowly. >> we all know not to text and drive, but researchers at kent state university set out to seao of texting and walking, in fact even talking while walking, can bect bad for you to. >> we recorded walking speed, heart rate, exercise intensityal in when students were using the phone for texting orth talking n a treadmill, a reduced walking speed and exercise intensity. so we wanted to see does that translate to real >> we had landmarks on the ground and we recorded the time it took students to go from one landmark to the next encoded them as to whether or not they were using their cell phone. >> with the discovered was it may literally be bad for your health. >> i think the magnitudeba of te effect was maybe a bit larger than we anticipated. we saw about a 10-12 percent reduction and walking speed and that could bed significant because the pace of walking is a good predictor
10:44 pm
>> the studyse may not be alarmg to a lot of people but the professor say there are some people for whom walking is the only exercise they will ever get some cell phone users are not at all surprised by the study conclusions. >> probably. al >> not surprising to you? >> it seems reasonable. >> i actually noticed that in my own life because when ino look t my phone when i'm texting are trying to call someone i actually want slower. >> that's appraising to music over your phone may actuallyma increase your pace. but ther researchers suggest you bump up your own pace by giving the phone arrest. >> iph think if you're a being physically active to leave the cell phone alone unless you are listening to music t. >> thank you. dave. did school officials go too far? >> still to come, it was meant to be a lesson to students. whyle administrators are facing backlash for a school safety drill. >> and a police officer beingfi held as a hero. his priceless reaction as he
10:45 pm
ted strickland. love this man. he's the son of a steelworker. he's the first in his family to go to college. he's a minister and a public servant. so when he was in congress, he fought to pass the children's health insurance program. as governor, he froze public college tuition. and even though he took office as your governor about a year before the recession hit, by the time he left ohio was the fifth fastest-growing economy in america.
10:46 pm
putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. when i come home and dinner's not ready i go through the roof. grab 'em by the p****". when you're a star, they let you do it. you can do anything. more accusers coming forward to say they were sexually assaulted by donald trump. i'll go backstage before a show... and everyone's getting dressed. donald trump walked into the dressing room while contestants, some as young as 15 were changing. standing there with no clothes. you see these incredible looking women. i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat-chested is very hard to be a 10. do you treat women with respect? uh... i can't say that either.
10:47 pm
administrators at a wisconsin high school wanted to teach students about the dangers of distracted driving. but some say their method went too far.. during this week's morning announcements, students werer told 4 of their fellow students had died in a crash involving texting and driving.
10:48 pm
ten minutes later telling them this was all part of an exercise to warn them about dangerous drivingxe. >> a lot of our friends and fellow students started crying because i thought these people were dead. sar so i think a lot of them called their parents at school too. >> it wasn't really effective. they were trying toto teach the scare tactic which doesn't teach him a just makes you the teachers and announcements youny are going to get. >> the superintendent and principle of the school say they only received a few complaints fromiv parents about the so-cald drill. school officials say their intention wasf not to cause stress. >> abc news is coming under fire, accused of staging crime scene tape during a broadcast.b this photo shows crime scene tape tied to abc news equipment during a live segment of good morning america. sources say the tape was placed
10:49 pm
the live shot. abc said the producer has been removed from thet field in thei network is launching an investigation. a police officer in oklahoma is held as a hero after saving a woman's life. a officer jordan jones pulled over chuck and learned the woman was having a heart attack. o he helped pulled an unresponsive woman out of the car and administer cpr. thankfully he got her breathing and she was rushed to the hospital. officer jones was only told a womand was in stable condition, but later, cameras w he learned she would make a full recovery. >> it looks like she is going to make a full recovery, because of the quick way you administered cpr. you definitely saved her and her mentaler capacities, as well. >> that's the first time i fully truly save somebody's life. was a blessing from the lord, right place at the right time andht just knowing how to respo. >> when the family got pulled over, they still had a 20 minute
10:50 pm
have not survived that drive and cpr was delivered just in time.t >> it is a prank you can try at home if you dare.. >> one popular late-night host is back at it. you don't want to miss how these kids reacted after their halloween candy went missing.g. >> next in sports, the browns look to end an eight-game losing streak, plus the cavs look to stay unbeaten and the high school football playoffs continue in northeast ohio. scores and highlights next in
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parents of young ones everywhere are still trying to get rid of their kids halloween candy. >> i love this story. fortunately for us, it makes for
10:53 pm
for the 60 are in a row, jimmy kimmel asked, parents to prank their children, pretending they ate all of their treats. take a look. >> they all of your halloween candy. there is no more left. i ate i ate i'm really sorry. >> i don't like you. i hate you. all the candy that we worked so hard to get. >> i ate some too. >> the kimmel show said it got more submissions this year than
10:54 pm
>> hi everybody, the good times keep on rolling for the cleveland cavaliers. they have won six straight to open the season. they remain the onlye undefeated teamnd in the league after beatg philadelphia in the closing seconds today. the bignd night for lebron james and gets the easy layup. with that but that he passes the dreaman l hakim olajuwon as one the top ten all-time scores. third-quarter lebron steals t a pass and throws it on the other end. plus the fellow. he finished with 25 points, 14 fourth-quarter cleveland down to. lebron drives and kicks it off to channing frye who knocks down the three. the cavs take a one point lead. last transfer philly. gerald henderson drives the lane but loses the ball. the cavs recover and they hang onl. and beat the 70 sixers 102-101. here is lebron. >> at the end of the day good
10:55 pm
have to continue to get better because tonight we had some breakdowns but we got the right stop at the right time. you can be excited about that but we know we have a lot of work to do. >> the road to columbus continues for high school footballco teams in divisions three, five and seven tonight. in division iii, buckeye hosted new philadelphia. trouble onp the opening drive fr new philadelphia and the ball -- the ball is snapped over cameron alberts had. it's loosen the buckeyes try to square. michael door he rolls right and looks to throw. nobody opens we takes off and look at this, it is going the distance. but a holding penalty in negates the touchdown. they couldn't get offense generated after that. new phillies defense was warming.e the quakers get on the boardb first, kai crothers goes 9 yards for thero score and new philly s a 7-0 lead. buckeyes have its own step issues. on the punt, the snap is low, ball is loose, the quakers are all over it.
10:56 pm
territory. thathes leads to this 1 yard touchdown run by crothers and new philadelphia ends buckeye season 17-14 the final.hi akron st. vincent st. mary traveling. down to dover. irish strike first miles williamson the 9-yard touchdown run.e the state is getting started. he scores again and that gives the irish a 21-0 lead. they need 1 yard and a touchdown run and check out the impressive run from dante taylor that gave the irishro a advance 42-7. his look at other scores. akron east all st. vincent st. mary's 42 over dover. archbishop holden 37-0. toledo central catholic beats university -- sandusky over ashland. the gray holds on to be -- black river over grand
10:57 pm
top-ranked mount union purple raiders clinchch their 25th straight ohio athletic conference title with a win over john carroll next saturday. asking dumbshutoutve 44-0. freshman quarterback don davis from st. vincent st. mary threw for 320 yards and two touchdowns. they held to just 149 yards on the day. next saturday's game will be played in alliance a lot of eyes on that. >> the cavs need by tonight and the browns. >> tomorrow we see if they can sneak by the cowboys. >> tomorrow morning wake-up weather extra hour c. >> that's all we are concerned about, right? it will be a gorgeous day on sunday. lots of sunshine so if you are tailgating or headed to thead browns game a fantastic afternoon.he it wouldn't be a great one to sit on the couch though.
10:58 pm
get out and enjoy the gorgeous weather because it won't last long. election data 40 percent chance will come after 4:0000 and thena cool down. >> browns game on fox 8 tomorrow. special sportson and that's all the time we have for fox 8 news at 10:00. >> have a great night everyone. turn those clocks back. turn those clocks back. judge pat dewine. he has decades of legal experience and is rated an "excellent" judge. judge pat dewine. he interprets the law as written and doesn't legislate from the bench. judge pat dewine. he'll ensure justice for everyone and remain true to the constitution. judge pat dewine. honest. fair. impartial. endorsed by firefighters, police and leading ohio groups. judge pat dewine
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