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tv   Fox 8 News at 430AM  FOX  November 7, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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skies man clear and jumping up in the 40s in cleveland. yesterday's high was 68. notice the normal high around 65. no sign at least in the next several days of large pushes an -- forty-seven and chardon. he bounced around from painesville and the motor -- middle 30s. the data right now at 43. notice moisture starting to twist around the low. the forecast t they had a no ma she's at all and there is a beautiful afternoon 10-15 degrees above normal and temperatures will continue to stay high with election day showers developing.
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temperatures 65 and close to th lake and most inland will make bryant at 70. couldld be seen some wintry weather on the eight day . that and more in a few minutes. traffic time with patty. we haveth breaking news this mo coming out west side over in rocky river. a couple disrespect and call him think i'llsp hand drive aff inglewood avenue. we tookndgl video of it. police chased his shooting river along lake avenue. this is where he and depth, in the backyard. three homes have been effectuated as a precaution and the suspect is still in the vehiclendt. he rests his engine and it is back in the mud. it's a very volatile situations of that is what is going ont' i rocky river.
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let's look at the road white this my can see how you are ferry over five lawrenceville center.f the good news is that ford spen a sprint, is been reopened and they backed up the work day. it makes their shot into town. we're going to see congestion this morning long northbound brought 21. they have the water main break and it may take up to a week to repair the situati you should have avoided the southbound side. is that affected. waning christie, back to breaking news. the first woman to serve as the us attorney general has died. janet reno was one of the clinton administration's most recognizable and polarizing figures. she faced criticism early on. thatrl the on the compound i
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-- in gonzalespp from her relative ma'am he said he can be returne to his father in cuba. channel 3 note died of parkinson's disease and she was 70 his old. >> today's for the affection an a resolution> fresh say resolution to the fpi's look into the dishsh e-mails connect hillary clinton. >> we're here for the results o -- he sent a letter like he did on november 28. the joint she's talking about this and repeat the newly discovered enough he said that that change the conclusion that express back in july during the initial investigation , which means that the couple charges would be filed in connection to the latest review e-mails. the presence of the nose for mostst of persons and duplicate that would have been scene. the laptop couldn't when sorts was put decadede old. that's a personal content relevant took the investigation.
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different quickly. most americans afflicted this case andli really set that is something corrupt. there is something she put the -- there is some serious ethical issues that will continue. >> from that surprise. with a k not to freddie's ago, it was a curveball. lengthy investigation, the no reasonable prosecutor -- the position was that if and close. was so unequivocal that we did that thinkw they would find anything that would changef it. >> that is the trump campaign for clinton campaign had any scheduledrfo appearances so the depending up with they've done so far to be there legacy in ohio. >> and the reminder, to forget
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home and online. will for you and you live resultsan to stay here on the a and on our website. kudos good to for continuing coverage this election season. the sheriff t's office is investigating homicide in from the township. officials say that deputiesig a police were called to the home for outstanding warrants on the moneyor. he had been at the 58 -year-old david and for million township it has for officers did to a welfare check. police found him dead upon arrival to his home and say tha his death. to be a homicide. he stayed held in the very current jail.
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unring trooper kenneth malaise that he was killed on september 15 while he was on duty. a 30 say is conducting a routin traffic stop when he was hit by another driver and i 90 in cleveland. weather and traffic updates every eight minutes. illegal activity. when mom facing jail time this one for. this. in a a facebook group. >> cleanup in colorado in one city is turning to tie the pape to solve its problems.o >> good morning, everybody. it's clear sky and look at thes temperatures here. pretty chilly pretty good 30s and some of the outlying areas andetd jumping up and mid-fifti even a perfect by late morning. a beautiful day today. even election day, the first half is looking pretty good. we are having a shower state tomorrowoow. we will get the specifics on th
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we are looking for 16 bowler 's who can hurl frozen turkey o thanksgiving morning. preps the palm and the picture an amazing --m anything to get noticed.
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.com. that is one of our ---- anything to get noticed. >> i'm going to leave wide-open. i'm not the one that is going t -- he never knew who shows up to those things. it really is.s. for me it is the beginning of the christmasgi season. >> it is christmas is next month and it doesn't seem like it.ut >> the older you get, the harde it is. >> and the cold. >> you are finally going to bring it out. >> sixty-eight was the highs yesterday and it will give you
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sixty-eight was the high yesterday.ix i would never do that. fifty-five plus the normal high for the state.f one of the colder winters we've had a long time soo can be warm like this in the fall. there is no connection between warm fall in what happens in th winter. look at the temperature and thi is actually 40. echo now 46 and so again depending upon where you live. temperatures will vary from point-to-point the twins will b stronger this afternoon at abou 5-10 it will be light and baker -- pickupup today at carpenter's rotation around the low and it is going to not only buildro so pretty could wind tomorrow but they'd into wednesday it's also starting to pull a lot of thet gulf moisture along the cold front northwest. so fairly potent system. it holds off and we are anticipating unseasonably warm
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we should bey. close to 70 and this will wayne on election day. we mentioned temperatures close to 70. little cooler on the lake. still beautiful afternoon here as we start to see temperatures even above normal tonight and general in the middle 40s with patchy fog early tomorrow. election day forecast, here is the timinghe on showers if you' going to going to go out to votv for morning, bricks of sunshine nd will be in the high 50s and scattered showers during the fternoon, there will not be large coverage tomorrow. this to ao few in no big issues here, all by --o berndt's pictures to stay stead around the mid 60s before the rain moves in. after five, 6:00t tomorrow, we'e see the beginning step up widespread rainfall and that takes usegeg through it tomorro. it will be mainly widespread
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isolated showers during the mid to late afternoon. rainfall amounts but a quarter inch through midday tomorrow.r the winds are going to pick up but it willg be cooler with clo cover andco a leftover showers early on wednesday. look at the upcoming weekend an here it is, the a colder's case into new england and that will be cold e enough for some areas rain on saturday. the specifics on how much snow we are going to see. we will worry about that later ono have a better idea. the water temperature is runnin super warm and it does that tak long to produce some lake effect. i know i've lost over that saturday thing. >> because the water is so warm. it's probably not going to -- thank you. for:46 is your time.
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traffic. we have breaking news this morning this is out of for riv r swat team and the fort very pleased apartmentsth, this is c and dry and ankle what avenue. we of video that shot. and that she started out in the brain that the shooting suspect. picked down the avenue and it ended up in rocky river. the driver of this vehicle is still in the car behind some homes on callahan drives 50 to evacuate three homes an elderly woman out there talking with police. so it's a very volatile situation. the person left in the car and they approach the car and he ripped theth engine and it's a stuck in the mud situation.i both are blocked at this time a their dealing with very active sceneac.en let's look at the roadways this morning see how things are pairing. this is a replay west 130.
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and southbound also a nice looking rusha over the sporty. don't do. break that ter paint took place yesterday. they have to fix 12-inch me and it may take the better part of the the southbound side is fine. so that is the way to travel effectivelyly and you may want findu another route for your morning and mid afternoon commute. back to you. >> investigators into the body was found in south carolina on property . human remains we're found sunda at one of the two places that toddth call for help point to d is gravesites. another body is been identifie as the boyfriend of a woman found change and a storage container the big early years -- earlier. he's also confessed coming down four people at a motorcycle sho back in 2003.
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the same person.w >> and he's been walking in the community all these years. he's been charged with four murders and meet the paint is i his three others. a california mother ofpp six is facing jail time after she was sentenced for selling illegal substance.ce it was and it drove her pill. it was food. she joined the facebook group called to serenade could spot a few years ago. people there is share for luol deng cook. when someone contact is asking for plat ok with of her signature dish, it was actually an undercover sting. she was cited because she doesn't have a permit to sell food. >> somebody was a good don't have anythingg but a month to b -- it was unreal that you can face upa to a year in jail. ay 30 say that they'd. >> facebook group was sent to a
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down.. visit selling could not subject to help department inspections put the public at risk of the city in colorado seems to come up with a cheap fix for their role problems. tarpaper. that's right. officials in the town of littleton been teasing biodegradable tarpaper to cover the freshly sealed spots in the too far. the paper observed well from th car as it dries and it keeps it from sticking o tires. the spokeswoman says the tarpaper allowre -- so there you go. who knew tarpaper could be used for so many things. >> if you're getting right now, weather and traffic every eight minutes. >> the king tv history. will tell youou all the breakin
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or for professional athletes. despite our fox news at 6:00, former ohio state matt wilhelm the former cleveland now -- cleveland browns -- and the potential breakthrough that is being used to treat everything from that needs to concussion syndromes. from nine different patients ar seeing improvement.t. works for them, could've for their illness. we will get a special report
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america runs on dunkin'. here is the protests if you loo ahead. it didn't work is to mostly sunny.. it will be warm tomorrow. a few showers on election day i the afternoon and there will n be very many of them and i thin the core of the rain after sundown tomorrow during then evening and into tomorrow night.r that's why we highlighted it again late. early wednesday and it will be win the low 50s. fiftys and thursday mostly sunnyty. jets for rain shower and low 40s on saturday. temperatures will be borderlinee for a mixed year. we will have some lake effect here in developing. it will be mixture of rain and puts now.
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with the chances of that accumulating a lot will bees perfect baseball. ground temperatures are very warm it's a push of cold air coming in the beginning of the weekend. traffic time with patty. >> unfortunately on the west side, they still have the streets blocked off dealing wit that situation. so you will have to avoid both those areas pits were crews are on the team as well as the a police permit from rock group -- river and let's look at the roadways this morning. the sure which is looking good g in both directions. it's amazing mild's start. inner belt bridge to promise. and out of town. if you're could be traveling down in independence this roll week for that fo matter. the crewsws are working the 12-inch water paint that broke over the weekend. so itve affects the northbound side of route 21.
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commute. wayne, backni to you. >> good news. fox just when it animated serie for an unprecedented 20 tonight and 30s0s season.a homer in the game will reach their 650th episode. the previous record was helped by gun spoke, which aired 635 episodes. was a culture will staple since it started and makes it nine inspiring days. there youda go. >> that is nice. >> they are very edgy. >> election day is almost everyone on theay latest on the presidential candidate in their .inal push >> cleveland browns of the new record. ft is that a good one.
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it is the dawn of another wonderful day and not style. it is a monday morning in the city.t it is the day before election day, the month of november. we want to thank you very much for joining us. >> we will talk with scott we're looking atat the forecast for today. look at the temperatures. this is why our temperatures ar some essential, especially america going at night in the clear skya and all those ingredients combine with very little wind. look at themb chagrin falls do at 34. since jump up into the mid- 40s from painesville and closer to the lake.


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