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tv   New Day Cleveland  FOX  November 7, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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- welcome to new day cleveland, i'm david moss and we've got a great show for you today. we are in what could be called the sunniest town in america, well it's also called maybe the dry capital of america. because since prohibition, nobody had any whiskey, beer, or wine here for that long, for 70 years. until nine years ago a place down the street here, a pizza place said, "hey, we need a beer around here.", and they started serving beer and liquor, they even have a brewery here we're going to visit today. and what's cool about westerville, not only being the home of otterbein university, is that you can park your car here on the street and walk to all the little locations we're gonna visit today.
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the loveliest suburb in america, and one of the best places to live in america, we're gonna start in a place called the uptown deli, and temperance brewery, that's right, it's no longer dry so let's get the party started. (slow music) - [david] well, we have to start with the best place in town, i think it's the best place in town because it's a place, what, they didn't have booze here for how long? - since, we didn't have booze here until 2005. - 2005, so it's like 70 years without booze, - well, before prohibition, we haven't had, yeah. it hasn't had, after prohibition we didn't have beer, until 2000, we haven't had alcohol in westerville for hundreds of years. - see, it sounds confusing, but now they have it and here we are at the uptown deli, which i saw you have a beautiful deli cabinet over there. - thank you very much. - it's almost like european in style. - [tony] yeah it's a little mix of a european deli and a new york style deli, it has elements from both sides. deli's up front and the brewery is in the back. - [david] that's why it's uptown deli and brew, how about that? this is the first brewery in this area, right?
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and we've got a picture up here of downtown westerville, which is really incredible. - [tony] yeah, it's actually temperance row brewing company, which we named that for the people that started a prohibition movement, law property and it's on otterbein campus, so people that live there became known as termperance row district, that's actually what it is, so we took our name after that. - [david] i see some photographs, it looks like my picture could almost fit in with those guys. - [tony] well i might as well confess, it's my family album. - [david] ohhh! (laughs) - [tony] yeah. those are all from the 20s, those are all real mug shots and the picture above is the mural of westerville looking south and that was taken 1895. - let's scoot down to business, check this out. - sure. - [david] this is unbelievable. this is where the temperance brewing company is, it's right behind here. how much beer do you make in here? - [tony] yeah, so this is temperance row brewing company, we have a 10 barrel system here, so when we brew we brew 20 kegs and multiply the volume that we brew. right now one of those tanks back there holds 20 kegs. so we have 80 kegs worth of beer fermenting, but we have another 80 kegs of beer that we serve out of. so our production varies anywhere from
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any time. - [david] i love this cool story here because this is curd cheese, but this has something to do with the beer making. - [tony] absolutely, this is cheese curds. and we use them from a local dairy farmer, blue jacket dairy farm. what we do is when we brew beer we have 2000 pounds of spin grain left over. we take that grain to the blue jacket dairy farmers, they feed the cattle, the cattle make milk, he makes cheese curds from the milk, we buy the curds back, bread them and deep fry them. - [david] and a partridge in a pear tree. - there we go, it's the whole circle of life in the brewery. - i love it. okay, we're talking about flavors of beer. i always like to say flavors. so we've got four or five beers here, six beers. which one do you start with? - [tony] this is the whole special. so we start, you can pass on here at the end, this is our pilsner special, it's the lighter end of the specter, the lighter beer and you work your way up. this is our scottish which is our biggest seller. we have our ipa, which is a little bit more for the hopheads, and then we're getting here to our. - [david] hopheads? - [tony] hopheads, guys who like a little more pucker to their beer. and over here we have our christmas ale and this is, we put this on actually just two days ago, and it's very, very popular, it's really spiced subtley,
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hat's great. - a real christmas ale. - when you said hopheads that reminds me, that goes back to prohibition, you know that's what they used to call people who drink beer. - well for right now it's according to people who like it really strong, really hoppy ipa. - there you go. so check this out everybody. here's some food over here, we're talking about a deli that's got that european feel about it, some great sandwiches. let's start with this baby right here. - [tony] that one's our figaboudit. - [david] forget about it. - [tony] there you go. so we have prosciutto, arugula and we also have a key element which is a fig jam we put on there with a little bit of goat cheese. that's where we get our name. - [david] a little bit of toasted action. - [david] paesano. - [tony] our italian sub, essentially. it's a locally baked bread from auddino's bakery here in columbus, they've been around for generations. and over there on the left corner we have our chive turkey. so that one has the chive cream cheese, a roasted red pepper spread, arugula, turkey, and cucumbers. - and look at this baby here, so if you come down here, drive down, you're only two hours from cleveland. - [tony] that's right. - [david] so it's easy to come down here. - [tony] absolutely. - [david] if you love the beer you have your favorite beer, what do you have to do this?
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it will last for about a week in the fridge until you open it. after you open it they say it will last a day, but i never found out. (laughs) - it never lasts a day. (laughs) so here we are in westerville, it's a couple hours from cleveland. i came in here around noon to check the place out, you couldn't get in here, i mean, this is a little town and the place was jammed. - [tony] yeah, we've seen a lot of growth in the last three or four years. i think we all realized kind of numbered, so we have a lot of people coming out here. - [david] yeah. it's a great place. we're just sort of getting into it right now and we got a great start, and now we're gonna go do a little shopping. there's a boutique across the street, somebody said i should go see. - [tony] yeah. pure roots. - pure roots. - pure roots, yeah. - okay. here we go. (calm music) okay so i'm looking at all this stuff, this beautiful paintings all over the place, all different kinds of art. but i was taken by this, is this copper jewelry? - yes. it's vintage, she uses vintage pieces and parts to make this amazing jewelry
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- [nicole] yep. - [david] so that's not the address of where we are because we're in westerville. - [nicole] yep. - [david] but she's from columbus? - [nicole] right. yep. yeah. and she uses different stones and she has a wonderful price point, and we love her. - so is that sort of the idea here, that you get stuff from local artists, or people who are nearby? - yep, everything's handmade from a local artisan, yep. - okay so let's look around a little bit here because it is a great looking store. - thank you. - i saw guitars in the window when i came in. - yes. - and then i saw guitars and drums back here, is there also a music store here? - yep, there's a music store guitar, drums, mandolin, banjo, violin. - yeah, so it's kind of cool, you can hear music in here, there's great music coming out of the ceiling, there's great music everywhere. - yeah. - so it's a pretty cool vibe. - thank you, yeah. - yeah. so what's going on over here? - this is daisy mae designs and she does all map jewelry. map jewelry, map bottle openers. - [david] map, you mean like maps, places you go? - [nicole] yeah, so cleveland, westerville. - [david] oh, here's cincinnati. - [nicole] cincinnati, you picked up the wrong one.
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is the best football team on the planet, it seems, lately right? - [nicole] yeah, yep, so yeah, and she can do, she does her basics but then she can do italy, europe. - [david] yeah. i'm crazy about texas all the time and i saw these scarves, these are sort of interesting in the way they're woven together, huh? - [nicole] yeah, yep, those are sarees from india, her husband is from india. - [david] oh really? - [nicole] yeah. so he brings back fabric when he visits and she makes different things from it. - [david] uh huh. i was looking at the prices here, like this is a beautiful piece, me things here for $5. it's easy when you come in here and you only have $5 in your pocket, you might leave with something that's pretty cool. - [nicole] yeah. you can, that's what i love about it is you can, anybody can afford something in here. - [david] i love it. so do you get a lot of students from the university come in? - [nicole] yes. - [david] this would be a great place for like christmas presents, birthday presents. - [nicole] yeah, yeah. - [david] romantic presents. - [nicole] we have some of the students. (laughing) we have students that are artists as well, so. - [david] oh really? - [nicole] yeah. - [david] this is sort of like one of those dream catcher kind of things? - yeah, yeah. yep.
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and you know what, the hardest thing in the world is to buy a unique gift card. - [nicole] yeah, she hand makes every single one of those. they're all pretty unique in their own way. - [david] i find this really odd to be in westerville, are these beer caps, because wasn't this the dry capital of the world? - [nicole] yes it was. yep. (laughs) it's the start of the prohibition, yes. - [david] so a rogue beer cap in this town would be a valuable item. - [nicole] yes, yeah exactly. - [david] if it came from more than 10 years ago. it's fantastic. - [nicole] i even have an artist that makes jewelry out of beer caps, so. - [david] you've got something for everybody here. - [nicole] that's right. - [david] it's really a great store nicole, it's really nice meeting you. ou, you too. - [david] i've had a terrific time here. and somebody told me there's a place in town with tea and spices? - [nicole] yes, blue turtle tea room, or uptown on main is another name for that. - [david] got it.
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- [david] well i found it just about a half a block from the main street up there, it's called uptown on main, the blue turtle tea and spice company, let's go talk to elaine. well elaine i found you, it wasn't difficult to find you. - great. i'm glad you did. - nice to see you. - nice to see you. - such a cozy place, i like the porch out there, if you want to sit on the porch on the rockers you can have some tea. - and also in the garden. - and the garden. - when the weather cooperates the garden's great for a cup of tea. - this is a great little town, this westerville, how did you find this town?
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i liked the uptown atmosphere. - [david] yeah, it is really cool, i mean everything is sort of like yesteryear, but it's today. and so i see all the different teas you have, and also it says teas and spices, right? - mm-hmm. - so i like to cook a little bit, so that's cool. so i wanted to look at some things. and i saw here, who are these little guys that are hanging out on jug here, the big cup? - [elaine] i call them the manly infuser. - [david] (laughs) it sounds, oh, you pull his pants off. (laughs) look at that - [elaine] you fill up his pants with tea. (laughs) and then loose tea, of course. ] a loose tea in a mans pants, what's going to happen now? - [elaine] and then you put it in hot water. - [david] and they usually are in hot water, right? (laughs) so there's a bunch of jokes going on here now. - [elaine] that's right. - [david] i like this guy, let me take this guy back from. and tell me what's going on with these flowers here? - [elaine] these make a great gift, like for housewarmings or if you want to introduce somebody to loose teas, each flower has enough loose tea for a couple of cups of tea. and there's a different variety of tea in each one.
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and you hang out and have some tea. - [elaine] right. - [david] that's a different story then the tea in the mans pants. - [elaine] that's right. (laughs) - [david] that's a little different. i had a, i saw this when i walked in right away, and this is the wildest looking stuff. what is this? - [elaine] these are flowering tea bulbs. they are hand-stitched tea leaves that's done by artisans and the skill is passed down through the generations. and they stitch the leaves together and tuck in flowers and herbs and then you put it in hot water - [david] it blossoms. - [elaine] into a flower. a lot of times there's like an arch on it, real pretty. and they're fun. - [david] that is great. - [elaine] then you can drink out of it for a couple of cups because there's so many tea leaves. - i saw this over here and i was gonna ask you, is tea medicinal? that's what i was going to say. - [elaine] yes. - [david] and here we have here is cold care. - [elaine] yes, that is an herbal organic blend and it's technically not tea. - mm-hmm. - anything that we
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is from the camellia sinensis plant. black, green, and white teas and a few others, oolongs, and things. so this is an herbal organic and it helps with the congestion when you have a cold. and people come back and get it again and again, so i know it really works. and i've put together the tea gift set there. - [david] oh, that's this one? - [elaine] yes, and that's the tea totaler gift set. - [david] oh, what's that about? this is the capital of the dry world, or something. - [elaine] that's right, home of prohibition. we had a few (inaudible) - [david] tea must have been big then. - [elaine] (laughs) so this is the tea totaler gift set and in it i have the english manor house tea, which a friends of mine who have a business where they put on afternoon teas in my garden and things like that. and that's the picture. and in it is their blend of black tea and then my blend of kyoto cherry. and that is the reason i took over the business
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- and then there's an infuser and sugar cubes in there. so it makes a nice gift for people from westerville, or souvenir type gift. - [david] i know before i leave i'm gonna try some tea. which one's in here? is this it? - that is the kyoto. - okay, i'm just gonna go for it now, i thought maybe a little bit later. because i wanted to show, how do you do that? oh, okay. oh this is it. - [elaine] yes. - [david] this is the magic potion. - [elaine] it is. - [david] that put you in the blue turtle here, huh? - [elaine] yes. (laughs) - let's try that. - it's delicious. - [elaine] and i sample every. - [david] i'm taking over the place, look out. (laughs) that's how it rolls. - it is a special plant plant. - [david] how many types of tea do you think you have? - [elaine] i have over 80 different kinds of loose tea. - [david] mm-hmm. - [elaine] and loose tea really is better, when i met the girl who started blue turtle, i tried english breakfast tea bag against the loose tea, and it really is better and it's worth the little bit more it costs. it's great.
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you have a lot of different ways to brew it. you have those things for sale also. but also your spice collection is great. you got two or three kinds of cinnamon. i mean, just to show you how many different kinds of each spice, you think you know what a spice is, but elaine can help you out here and tell you exactly what each one is and what they're for. - right. - i like that grilling rub too. - oh, the grilling and roasting herbs are fantastic. you just sprinkle a little bit on it and it looks, it tastes like you've cooked all day. - mm-hmm. - and you haven't. (laughs) - my next guest is gonna be worried about me on the tea and spices. - nothing wrong with that. (laughs) - but i'm gonna try and save a little bit more because we're headed to the boutique next. - okay. - sound good? - yes, sure. - thank you, i love your place. - [elaine] thank you. (slow music) - [voiceover] edwin loy home is a combination of arts and hand painted furniture, accessories for the home. we do custom work, we have chalk paint by annie sloan,
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so it's a home accessory store, it's not just a specific item in here. so you can find candles, lotion, clothing. we carry cutlass clothing as well, so it's a combination of many items for your home. it's a lifestyle. chalk paint is a decorative paint so it's a versatile paint that can be used on many different surfaces. so for instance, we took this old vintage mahogany dresser and we cleaned it really well, and then we had to that's in mahogany. and then we've painted it with the chalk paint, we used old ochre. so what we'll do is it'll just take a little bit more paint, we'll water it down on our second coat, and then we'll finish it with our wax and we'll add a little distressing using sandpaper. and then we'll come back over with a dark wax just to age it up a little bit. so it's really simple and easy to use, it doesn't require a lot of steps. basically just simply cleaning
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that clients just send us information via email, photos, dimensions, and then we hand paint all the furniture ourselves, so we can take custom work and create a look that a customer might be wanting but they can't accomplish themselves. we carry a lot of home accessories rather than just what you see. you kind of have to dig a little bit deeper to find everything you need here. so we do lotions, we have soaps, we have candles so we have more than just kind of what you can see. you kind of have to dig a little bit deeper. so we do carry a lot of antique and vintage finds, as well. so kind of one of unique made items. and then we do hand draw and do some custom signs, as well, so you'll find hand crafted items too. so it's really unique in that aspect. we carry cutlass clothing, which is a very relaxed clothing.
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of different age groups. so it's all hand cut and hand sewn in the usa which is really nice. so you can find a lot of unique clothing where you can layer, you can take a top and layer it with a jacket over top of it, which is really nice. so the colors are really great, they're very fun and flattering. and you compare it with other scarves that we carry too, so we carry a lot of unique different lines. this one is bamboo, which is organic, when you come in our shop almost always, it's different. we're moving things around, keeping it interesting and unique and changing so that it's not the same shop when you walk in. so we try to always add inventory, paint, new items to the floor weekly, so you can always catch us painting in the studio over there and encouraging everyone to come back
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because i've always wanted to own my own store and be an entrepreneur. so it was kind of a passion of mine, i never knew what it would be, but with my art background, and the job i was in before i opened my shop, it was kind of like i was missing that. so i chose to open this store for the love of what i do so it's been, it's been a great three years and really exciting. - [voiceover] edwin loy home is located on state street across from uptown deli and brewery. work in sports illustrated and the massillon tiger hall of fame. we're heading into the studio
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- [david] westerville is a lot of fun, especially right now i've got my brand new friend here. david myers, how are you? - [david myers] good. - (inaudible) in his studio and gallery. and this is one of those places where you've done most of the art we're seeing in the gallery here. and there's work here that it's it's all acrylic on canvas. - [david] so this is the eye of the tiger here. - yes. - so i see the eye of the tiger there, and i go across over here and i see something that's so totally different. what do you call this? - [david myers] well this is the heart of uptown. this is actually the building we're in right now. - [david] which is a beautiful building. i really get a big kick out of the variety of things you have here and when i was reading about you, we were talking about, you've done stuff with the blue
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- yeah, well i've lived in chicago, california, and back to ohio, so i generally paint where i'm at. - well let's go in here, this will be the next place we're at. and i want to show folks i think, is this, is this wrigley field here? - [david myers] yeah, that's wrigley field and that was actually from a photograph from 1985 that i took when i was on the field for camera day. and a few years later i did a painting of it e tribune tower in chicago for a number of years. - that is another great piece of information, david's work hangs in a whole bunch of places, he's got satellite studios all over the country. and i noticed, oh, here's the blue angels one, now this is really something. - [david myers] yeah, the blue angels was, that was for the 50th anniversary in 1996. and i traveled around the country with the blue angels
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- [david] yeah you know, that's another thing, i saw a bunch of your originals here, whether they be acrylic or pastels or whatever, but you also have prints available. - yes, and they're (inaudible) acid free. you can also get them online. i also have note cards of different pieces. - [david] what's going on in this table here. is this some of your work, or somebody else's? - [david myers] this is actually an artist that i work with, i work one on one with this artist. - [david] looks like van gogh. - [david myers] it is van gogh. (laughs) this is actually a piece or at parkside village that she worked from van gogh's piece. and now i have an artist leena that's going to come in and work from alfrieda's. - that's great. so you not only make art, produce art, and sell art, but you have students and other artists also. - [david myers] right, right. i work with artists ages four up until their 90s. - and let's get something straight here.
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just to look, right? - that's right. that's right. - so there's some great things, and some great prices too. and i don't, if we can slip down this hallway, this might be a little more difficult to see, but this is one of the rooms here that i really think is spectacular. and how would you describe this work and what is this? - well this is the massillon tiger hall of champions which these are reproductions of 29 paintings that permanently hang in washington high school in massillon of guys from paul brown and chris spielman. and this looks like archie griffin over here, huh? - [david myers] yeah, this is a print of archie's career from high school, college, and pro. - [david] i have a friend who went to this university. - [david myers] that's miami university in oxford. and that's from 35 different photographs. most of them were 35 years ago. and that's licensed by miami. - [david] and this is called uncle bill, is this your uncle bill?
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and still is actually. he was a basketball coach, an athletic director, and he was just a great teacher of people. - i love that, i love that. and here's one i really like a lot, on this one, there he is, charlie hustle, right? - that's right. - [david] pete rose. - [david myers] pete rose. - [david] should he be in the hall of fame? - [david myers] based on his baseball ability, sure. - [david] i think he should be in the hall of fame. this is terrific. david myers, i love your gallery, i love your studio. you can buy stuff, you get a good conversation our of it. and while we're talking about hall of famer kind of stuff across the street when we come back after the break, we're talking about hall of fame donuts. a donut as big as your head! (laughs) when we come back.
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- [david] here is something sweet. our trip to westerville, and you can't come to westerville without seeing jeff here at schneider's bakery. you guys been around, what 60 some years? - since 1954. - 1954. i saw people coming in here, out there, you have regular customers come in every day. - every day. i've been here 42 years. and a lot of them still coming in, they were coming in when i was a kid. (laughs) - [david] well one of the reason we came in here is because i heard that schneider's was voted one of columbus's, or columbus's best bakery,
10:31 am
stretching out a little bit. so what do you got going on here, it looks like some kind of pinwheel thing? - this is a danish that i do, it's a, these are called snails. but then i switch them up a little bit and i put an orange coconut topping on them and then we call them orange coconut danish. - [david] so this is the coconut over here? - [jeff] yeah, and then we glaze them and put them out front and they're pretty popular. - [david] i saw some out front that i couldn't even fathom. it looked like a donut like the size of a mans head. - [jeff] yeah, we call them celebration donuts. en really popular in the last few years. of course, i put a pretty girl on the advertisement, that helped it. - [david] (laughs) that always helps. - but i used to do a couple a year, i'm doing 20 a week now. so they've gotten really popular. - my wife is crazy for, is it, for these things right here, i think, is that a russian tea biscuit? - that is, some people call them russian tea cakes, some people call them, we call them hungarian strudel. - uh huh. - so they've got a whole bunch of different names, but russian tea cakes is one of the popular names.
10:32 am
aren't baked, she'd be trying to have one of those. so we're interrupting your day a little bit but. - [jeff] that's all right. - [david] i know a lot of bakers start in the middle of the night, but you start sort of in the middle of the day, don't you? - [jeff] well we've gotten so busy over the years, i used to be strictly a night baker but i've hired more help now. (laughs) and i'm the day baker now and i let them guys work at night. - [david] that's unbelievable. - [jeff] but yeah, they start at seven o'clock every day. and we just make everything from scratch here, we don't freeze a whole lot of stuff. - [david] so who taught you how to do this? f taught, pretty much. (laughs) - [david] yeah. so what is this? - [jeff] this is a red raspberry jelly, it's the main filling of the hungarian strudel. you put this on there, then you spread a little bit of pecans and raisins in the middle of it and fold it up. - [david] so you make all the dough and everything, right? - [jeff] yeah. this is the dough you make it, you stick it in the fridge, because it's so tender, it has to be cold to be able to roll it. - so it firms up so it doesn't break. - it firms up.
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it wasn't cold. - [david] how about the bread, how many different kinds of bread do you make? - [jeff] i make a four main bread, i make white bread, whole wheat bread, rye bread. and then of course, i make buns that are all sweet buns. - [david] yeah. - [jeff] they're really popular because they're a little sweeter than normal. - [david] yeah. - [jeff] and there's no preservatives in any of my stuff. so people like the fact that it's, there's no preservatives. - [david] yeah. - [jeff] of course it doesn't stay or keep really long but it tastes really good. - so we saw all of the great stuff out there, you got the lady locks out there, you got the giant donuts, which i think are unique to you. - yeah. - i don't think i've ever seen anything like that. (laughs) - no no no. so i want to ask you, this is the one thing about this, this is what was called the dry capital of the world. - right. - so nobody was drinking around here, no beer, no whiskey. - about 10 years ago we passed, we got rid of the dry status. - yeah. - and now we have six bars uptown now. (laughs) - so did you ever have any liquor or any kind of booze in any of your bakery? - [jeff] no no, i make fruit cakes at christmas time, i put a little rum in it. (laughs) - [david] so did you have to sneak the rum into the fruit cakes in the old days? - (laughs) exactly. (laughs)
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y cool. hey, i really loved visiting you, i love your bakery. - thank you. - thank you very much schneider's, you've got to check it out. what's really cool is anywhere you go in town you can see across the street and find another great place to go. as a matter of fact we're gonna go across the street, check out a place, well it's a beautiful little boutique. (slow music) - [voiceover] happy house boutique is an eclectic blend of vintage, antique, new home decor, plus fashion. the clothings got a very soft, romantic kind of feel, h is really the theme of the shop. this is an example of some of the clothing that we carry. very monochromatic neutral palette. a very forgiving styles. the layers work well with ladies to give them coverage where they want it. this is one of the longer pieces that you would typically wear with probably a skinny jean or a legging. we also carry a lot of fashion accessories.
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lly like pieces of jewelry for some ladies that aren't necessarily interested in wearing, you know, an actual piece. you can really dress up an outfit with those. but we also have a lot of jewelry, various styles, well priced. most of the jewelry here in the shop is under $30. well, my husband always said it was a better idea to let me own a shop, than to shop. w it began. i had collections, i was interested in a lot of different trinkets, perfumes, old purses, mirrors, little lamps, and it kind of became a collection that outgrew the space i had. so i started as a dealer in another shop here in town
10:36 am
with items in their home. how to go about setting a room, where to start, how to display things, what works together, what doesn't. and the peaceful kind of soft feel of the shop, we want them to be relaxed and really enjoy their visit and ultimately make it impossible for them to walk out of here without buying something. a lot of our accessories are by local artists. and these are all hand fashioned shades that she's done for us that we've suspended like chandeliers. we do painted furniture in chalk paint. a vintage drop leaf table and chairs, but we also have larger pieces like chest of drawers, china cabinets, really everything and anything that you could want. and we like to do the vintage pieces,
10:37 am
work and build displays, that's really the thing that i guess i like as much as anything in the day where people are online, selling online, and storefronts are going by the wayside. i like having the storefront, the constant change, and the interaction with my customers. - and don't forget abby rose's inventory and speaking of fresh, over here at schneider's bakery, you know they close at regular hours like every other bakery, but, because of the otterbein students at the university here, they reopen at one o'clock in the morning and kids line up all night for hot donuts. pretty cool stuff. more new day cleveland coming up after the break.
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- [david] welcome back to new day cleveland, we are in westerville, a very cool place, and we're at the good vibes winery with tony, and tony, you jumped in here at the right time because, what, nine years ago this was a dry town. - exactly. yeah, westerville, home of prohibition.
10:41 am
- it's not dry anymore, is it? - no it is not. - hey, this is really a cool spot folks, it's a winery and tony and his wife kathy, they make all the wine here, which is really cool. you bottle it in the back. - that's correct. - which is. so i don't see any vineyards around here, so how do you do it? - no, so we get in juice from vineyards grapes grown all over the world. - [david] all over the world? - [tony] california, australia, washington state, italy, through a broker i get the juice in, and we ferment and make the wine here. - [david] because wine makers always talk about that what the juice is, the good quality of juice. - [tony] right. - [david] so you're bringing in a good quality juice in here, you figure out what you want to make, and how many different kinds do you make? - [tony] we have about 30 different wines that we have on the shelf at any one time. anything from dry reds, to whites. grape varietals to sweet fruit wines. - [david] so chardonnays, merlots, back and forth, cabernat, sauvignon, and the whole nine yards. - [tony] exactly. - [david] and i saw a map when i came in the place, good vibes winery, that has a whole country out there
10:42 am
- [tony] yeah so, we had a customer that posted one of our wine bottles in a unique place out in phoenix, on our facebook page. so we thought, well let's do something like the traveling elf and we did the traveling wine bottle. so therefore, our customers have been posting bottles all over the country, and even in canada. - i think that's really cool, because your juice comes from all over the world, then we have pictures of your wine all over the country. - yeah yeah. - so that's very cool. so here's some of the wine here, - that's gonna be an oak chardonnay, that's called superstition, we named all of our wines after songs. and. - oh, it's good. - [tony] yeah. well thank you, that's from california, sonoma valley. - you know you were talking about the music, i noticed too we're talking about the map on the wall, you have a whole bunch of 45 records. some people don't even know what 45 rpm records are. (laughs) the ones with the big hole. - [tony] yeah. we might have missed a major demographic, with that with the kids and stuff. (laughs) - [david] yeah. - [tony] but we use it
10:43 am
you've got to name your wines fanciful names. we used old song names. - [david] okay, so this one is let it be. - [tony] correct. it comes with this wine. - [david] that would be "the beatles", is that right? - [tony] that is correct. - [david] oh good i got one right. good vibrations over there. - [tony] yep. - [david] so when you come in here you get to hear the songs that go with the wines sometimes. - yeah, yeah we play them on a playlist in the back and people enjoy that. - i totally dig that. and then i see a nice small plate here, so when people come in to try your different cheeses what do you offer, like, for little treats? have, you know, ovens and things like that. - [david] you're not a chef, you're a wine maker! - [tony] exactly, so we have three or four different small plates that we offer that have cheeses from, actually, from amish country, and things like that. - so i saw a couple beautiful rooms in here, you've got, wine as a beautiful display. so people have like, theme parties, and that kind of stuff here? - [tony] we do, we offer the winery to rent out for different events, showers, business parties, things like that.
10:44 am
we also have music in here, most friday nights we have live music. - [david] i bet you do, it seems like music is part of your mo, right? - [tony] mm-hmm. i would definitely. (laughs) - [david] you know, it's a great building too. it's a great old building, it's sort of right on the corner. so this is a real historic strip here, isn't it? - [tony] it is, it is. this building was built in the 1860s. it's the oldest commercial building in uptown westerville. we tried to keep the ambiance in here like it was back then. - [david] good vibes, good vibrations. - exactly. - so when you come in you say hello to tony, athy, pick out a wine, there's wine all over the place. i saw some beautiful, what are the sweet wines, ice wines, huh? - yes, yeah, we have three or four different dessert wines that we make. one's an ice wine, we have a couple different ports. - so it's cool. - yeah. - it's all cool here. - it's very, it's good vibes. - i like this westerville town. (laughs) as a matter of fact we're going somewhere else right now and i think it's, well let's say we're going to the dogs.
10:45 am
captivating canines, and here's ron, how are you sir? - [ron] good, how are you today? - [david] i'm pretty good. i almost didn't get in your store because i was standing on the sidewalk so long looking in that window. (laughs) that's one of the most fascinating windows i've seen. - well that's my wifes handiwork. - yeah. - and it changes with every season too. - yeah, it's like a little world in there. (crosstalk) hey, so ron, i'm wondering here a little, it says captivating canines, so i'm thinking it's a place you go to buy something for your dog. - [ron] right. - [david] but when i something for me because i have a dog. - that's our main focus. - it is, huh. - we have gifts for people to do with their dog. just about every dog breed is represented here. some big stuff, as you see, something like this for your car. - [david] that's the wildest cheerleader i ever saw in my life. (laughs) hey, so i heard people come here from all over the world to look at your stuff. - [ron] i've had people from russia here last year. a lady from russia had never seen so many breeds
10:46 am
hing that has to do with a bull terrier. - [david] look at this, so when christmas season comes around you've got a tree topper here. - [ron] i've got a tree topper for your dog. yes i do. - [david] you got anything for portuguese water dogs? - [ron] i could get it, i don't have much in stock, i have a few things for porties in stock. - [david] how about lebanese? - i have lebanese, i have lots of stuff for. - [david] german shepherds? - german shepherds, ton of stuff for. - who's this lady back here? - this is my wife cheryl. - [david] hey cheryl, how are you doing? - than you, welcome. - [david] yeah when we "oh, we're on tv all the time.", and i can see why, because you've got some of the coolest stuff ever. i, this stuff over here, what's going on over here with this stuff? - [ron] these are door toppers. and they'll sit on top of your doorframe, your trim, your window, whatever. many different breeds there, different colors. some breeds come in two or three different colors so we do all those also. and they're made right in dayton, ohio. - that's great. and this is in case
10:47 am
- [ron] if your dog drives a car and needs a chain. or if your dog has pierced ears, we have earrings. (laughter) - [david] there's certainly a sense of humor going in here in captivating canines, i love it. look at this little stuff here you can put on your case, on your library shelf, that's terrific. - [ron] all kinds of different stuff. like i said, there's over 200 different breeds of dogs and we can have something here for everybody. - how about, can cats sneak in here and find something? - oh is it here the cats, for the kitty cats. - this is for the cat section. - oh, there you go. - i have to keep it separated, because dogs and cats do fight. - (laughs) ah i love it. - but there are magnets for your car, there's note pads that go onto your refrigerator with magnets on them, night lights. - [david] it's awesome. you know i saw that you have dog food and stuff too for them, but then you've got doggy fashions, how about that? - [ron] oh, absolutely. - [david] this one, you know what, i need this at home for our dog cassie,
10:48 am
- there you go, there you go. of it you ever watch "the big bang theory", we have soft kitty tasty kitty. (laughter) - that is unbelievable. that is great. and over here we got the cute little collars, and such. - [ron] yeah, we have collars, and leashes. different styles, many different colors. - [david] look at that. - there's poop bags if you feel it's necessary. - my wife told me to buy some, maybe i'll get some at captivating canines. bags special, different than others? - [ron] very special. these are biodegradable. - oh that's great, so you got to get them home in a hurry. - [ron] well, yeah. (laughs) don't want to waste a lot of time with it. (laughter) - [david] how many dogs have you owned over the years? - well i've really only had four, i'm allergic to dogs. (laughter) - [david] you are a character, man. - i'm allergic to dogs, so i have three chihuahuas. those are my three girls right there. - [david] oh, they're right there. they have pictures on the wall, i love that. - [ron] yeah yeah.
10:49 am
you can also shop online at - boy, we're giving him a shot. - there you go. - you got it, man. - hey, coming up after the break we're gonna check out some treasure, how about that? morgan's treasures, that's right down the street.
10:50 am
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10:52 am
- [david] welcome back to new day cleveland. i thought we'd end the show with something that is really cool, a gem, if i may say. it's called morgan's treasure, and here's bill morgan. and this is something that you get involved in doing this, like, you didn't grow up to be a jeweler, did you? and i started by working in my basement. i did that for a long time. - [david] did you find these in the basement? - no. (laughs) no, what these come from australia, actually and these are border opals, this one in particular is black opal, which is a very nice piece. so we have a lot of loose gemstones, not just opals, but also a facet of gemstones that we use in our custom pieces. - [david] i love the place, your building is sort of like a gemstone.
10:53 am
and the oldest building in uptown westerville. - [david] right on the corner and it's just fascinating, when you come in, i like the way your store's set up too. there's not stuff cluttered all over the place. - [bill] yeah. nice and clean. - it's spread out. yeah. you can find the beautiful stuff there. - [bill] yeah. - like i like this stone right here. you said these are opals, but this is almost like an opal inside of. - [bill] well this is, the brown part of this is called iron stone, it gives the opal a lot of strength. it's different, there are like 50 different varieties of opals, and this being one. the crystal's actually what is more familiar as the opal. a little more prominent in this piece. this is cut diagonally, this is kind of along the lines of the opal. - [david] so do you actually cut the stones too, or do you? - [bill] no, we don't do any of that work. we pretty much design our pieces around the gemstone. - [david] what would be a good thing to do with these? - [bill] well, well i would tell you that this is a tanzanite, which is typically a gemstone that would do better in a pendant than a ring,
10:54 am
pphire which would do fine in a ring, you see a lot of rings with sapphires. or a pendant, or any other type of jewelry. and this is a (mumbling) this is a garnet. a lot of people don't realize that garnets. - [david] i've never seen a garnet that color. - [bill] yeah, the yellow garnet is called spessartine. - [david] so what's great about this is you can come in here and you can find the stone that you like and then you can design the gold - right. - and the platinum and whatever you want to use around it. - [bill] yeah, we come up with a counter sketch after talking with the customer and getting a feel for the things they like. some other pieces or other photographs and trying to work with that. - so look at this thing over here. - yeah. - this is like a really difficult piece to decipher from afar because. - this is a piece that i made. this gemstone is a precious topaz. - [david] look at that. - [bill] isn't it beautiful? - [david] it's unbelievable. can you flip the. - [bill[ yeah. - [david] look at the other side here. - [bill] it has a little detail on the side. yeah, that's the kind of stuff we like to do. - [david] so how do you make something like that?
10:55 am
stone. - [david] so when you're making the wax and then you pour the molten gold inside the wax? - [bill] yeah, it's called the lost wax method. it's, the wax is invested, and then it's burnt out of the oven, it's dissipated, and then with a centrifuge we cast metal back into where the wax was. - so i won't be doing this in my kitchen when i go home today? - no, i did it in my basement for a long time, but. (laughter) but, you know, i have a lot of equipment in my basement. - yes, that's 14 caret gold. - 14 caret gold. - and that's a very nice gemstone, you see how the light travels in it. - that's a fabulous piece. - thank you, thank you. - i like the way it's squared out too and you can find it. - [bill] yeah. christmas is soon, by the way, okay. - [david] (laughs) christmas is always soon when it comes to beautiful jewelry. - [bill] yes. - [david] morgan's treasure. - [bill] yeah. would you like to see this. - yes, i would like to see that.
10:56 am
just a little bit north east of columbus. easy to get here, and when you get here you don't need the map they gave me to find your way around, uh uh. because all you got to do was stand in the middle of the street and sort of do a 180, another 180, that's 360 degrees and you can find it all. we started off with that beautiful uptown deli and brew, visited some wonderful stores, and i got to tell you, it's a great town. they call it the dry capital of the world, that's because of prohibition. nine years ago they got out of it, this place is a party. i hope you enjoy it, we did. i'm david moss, i'll see you on the next new day cleveland.
10:57 am
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