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tv   New Day Cleveland  FOX  November 8, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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good morning welcome to today cleveland it is a big day todaye we are giving you a break from there presidential election.lec we are making apple tart this
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the fresh apples from the farmers market i'm going to mak a beautiful french apple tart. is it that easy to make.ake. there's a bunch of steps taking in cooking always takes planning and steps i did have to makeake ahead of time a few things like this thoughah maybe your mommom thou that powdered sugar on topie for our tart shall today we will use thista and i'm going to show how easy it isnd put the magic of te internet there's recipes all over's in you can actually lookt outou and use the dough from the
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the french tart. there was really like a germanem filling. most of the european ethnicities goes across the borders is kind
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to be perfect about itu they lie to cut it off and went to make itwe little butterug a little l cornstarch or flour hungarian
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along the way you do that you have to didn't learn how to handle your i kind of know where the corehe and ago right around and see
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going to do it for you.ju
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little pastry tray it's beautiful. the calls love new line no. today cleveland after this. the must-have items or turkey day.
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welcome back can you believe it
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13 days away. we have everything you need for turkey dayay s good to have you here. if you're hosting your first holiday dinnerost and they're gg to do at least 25 to 30 pounds
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you want to make sure it is for this it does not come with a
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it's usually about one hour for every pound of turkey.f if you have a 20-pound turkey do this for at least 20 hours. d flavor injectors always great. to be sure it properly cooked.ey proper way to do that sure that you get the right temperature on there. another thing that we talked about was the crockpotth to or o have is actually a four to six
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cook as you go and you can put these pieces and they often to keep it warm.m. talk about high-end crockpot is is trying to cook thanksgiving forha the first time they want o do it up right you have settings
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everything we need for turkey dayernge that we have a memoriay sale two.ave started on thursday through sunday for the milia military personnel will get their purchasesem think san josj and bed bath and beyond to lucky viewers will have a chance to it not meet eric greatyondil the cd
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little escape from the holidayld hustle and bustle this is thei way to go the love this ones just a fun place to be. that's kind of our modern-day chairth. if you take your glass in you
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over the country and all over the world. this is one of our meat and cheese thoughts for customers have gluten-free crackers we have some depthav one of them is our signature sun-dried tomatoom and artichoke dip this won numerous awards for us.and we have anything from from our
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wants to have a it quick meal ar work for dinner entr?es as well. both a little bit of how old it was. come in and sit down and enjoy and relaxax c with a beautifulut fireplace which is a really cozy
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new day cleveland the magic of walt disney meets the excitement
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that's a pleasure. i think this is wonderful you'ru doing something absolutely fabulous for our veterans.s. will feature for breakfast or lunch at the buffet.fet. that's friday. they come in and get fed for free and enjoy with the hard rock us to offer. a and i heard something else up a slot machine theremet about this such a great idea that's aat really cool thing we've done
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experiences to e just out of sof of columbus. as thank you for your service by
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there's something else that was a little exciting for the veterans se you have a burlesqe show. they will be here in club the velvetey just-in-time for the veterans day. there's a lot going on on the hard rock i know you have some great
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honey nut cheerios get their delicious taste from honest ingredients. like real delicious honey, and real oats. ok that's still honey. ahhh, there we go. were back to honey again. who's directing this?
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welcome back to new day cleveland coming up in this half-hour to recipes that willll occur sure to please the whole crowds were talking about holiday punch 50s back one of our loyal viewers has the secrets to making the perfect eggplant parmesan. and i knew i loved it is celebrating that he's birthdays
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concept for the westside of cleveland. li if the fall special because it's aluminum that you can baconll ss is a nice classic gift that you can get toc a 22 years old and2 years old and everyone in betweenyea problem. we have ohio state football
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birthday is that's a really great opportunity when you address one of our cards he's got that extra touch on thereon
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we're just proud to be here in cleveland born and raised that happy to be back in cleveland. there are open monday through saturday you can checkt out ther website for extended holiday hours. those refreshments for youro guess what that everyone can enjoyr alcoholic and nonalcoholc pitches you might need all lot
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civic that's what it's all about. new line it's new day. it's a tequila and brady paste punch.q we also have them apple pieppl
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we're ready to go here we have dice these things down to get ready to serve. for pull it the ice.rea i cheated a little bit. and a i wasn't real bartender. i'm too scared. something's going to fly off and
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it's not going to be good. that should be enough. let's grab this one.n this guy right here.e. the let's pour it into one these. that's the reason for sport either in half like that so we can for all teit the product ane students about exploded all over us. that we just had to make this thing look pretty. we
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have here. lunches and we pomegranate juice as well we just do that right for that
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here good to go.o as some of these frozen green grapes over
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new line two. the group of friends in for christmas.ou it's the perfect spot. grab your phone's right now we have tickets to see the biggest new hit, finding neverland.
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ready to get in the holiday spiritad i told you they have great fix their tickets on salen right now s and sit check thatth out. ibex's guest is a huge field of
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emerges for a download you agree tome move some is just have to t this eggplant top off h cut thet bottom of it like a fancy a theory easy to start this process you love to cook.o
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is that one of my things to always cook. we've done away face it were always just --ju we tasted we are blown away.
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going. a great addition to go with our meal. my going to do with him. his shoe it jell-o at us forfo doing it so good at it comes ouc the fireo is great. should i love my wife to death..
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are thee , yes, i do. we feel a lot of tomatoes of this year. in those tomatoes are i actually found at a yard salei the show into my sauce.
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know you like parmesan. i love cheese. when she get your parmesan on the headset. you don't want to put a lot on o because you don't want to make it moshe.. you want to give it that taste of the sauce of course. and show before those are delicious. fancy is usually takes about three layers. u you want to do an hour at 375t 3 pick you let's take a knife and
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course, when you pull itf out ot the oven a suzy at night since it's hots or the cheese is meltd that you knowis it's done. d they say it's usually about an hourll at 375 that will get that eggplant just soft enough. g >> yes. it's already soft because you are fried in. s. i just don't bet on there. three layers good to go did you brought the fittest product with you.di i'm going to pull it out brenda and bring it over to you. we'll have this website of the recipes. check itit out there. there it is, the finished product. i let him start to plate that for you.isro check that out thank you so mucc for being here it's always ays pleasure having you on the show. we're talking about doctor mark
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the children who were born witho a cleft palate or cleft lip. thank you. >> the pictures are heartbreaking children born the cleft palate page challengeshilt the good news is medical advances can greatly improve their livess the two parts of e li don't know why it happens but it's believed that genetics and environmental factors food and drink medication spoke in theh diabetese be pleased to its there's no to preventd cleft off the cleft palate. the pretty data vitamin folic acid has been found that it
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begets -year-old. we see that there was no beforeo the child in sports we got a get them a lot of information tried to calm the door unfortunatelyo it's a very severe deformities and a lot of the scars it diesel to for 80 that starting a statement.a treatment ist searchable refinance cars are often undetectable they could have iab formed a problem -- know we have a collaboration
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which is a bolder they take a depression of the palette of the babyey of the that have oppresd he says that helps push together over the weeks after birth so if they have a wide class they had that got winds that are notre n aligned what they're able to a late figs much better before surgery if the baby has the cleft lip cleft palate at least there are two surgeries want is three months ended the second the palette about a year of age. sometimes other surgeries or data pit ceric we get to know them over this long that createseri the family relationship with most of the patients of their family. they can grow well into love the go go to schoolhei not relieve that's from anxiety.t
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day cleveland imagine the excitement of walt disney world on the watern are found at canay travel of all the details on disney cruises. here is a look. i love she is the career and knowss everything there is throw. we're not just talking disneysn world ore layered were attacking disney cruises. a little how many different cruises to the head. therefore shots. dto they also have disney they do tons of it differently to their owners attend the bahamas of the caribbean for the
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bit different for people looking
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then to sneak an restaurants and they do this thing with rotational dynamics where thet this state -- point that stays with you. interesting. as their own little thing that they do.o. st as you go through the different
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and then through the kids that killed there's so there he walked out of the characters are everalk the newmarket on the shp that they are taking pictures of you right as soon as possible. disney cruisesn they run higheu thann normal cruises you want to book them and advanced for sure. is how far out we are usually. it's the best of both worlds ird love to see. that is why. what do you think are you ready to jump aboard a disney cruise theresne offering a three night cruise to the bahamas stops and the private island
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children sounds pretty good travel dates arety available for april and may of 2017. for more information call canary travel. let's talk about tomorrow show.. if you love food you're going to want to tune in for this monthfo this show will leave you hungry for more and on friday it's ones of the cutest towns of northeaso ohio were spending the day and
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dr. oz: babies stolen from the womb. >> suddenly she pulled out a knife. dr. oz: a vicious attempt to carve the fetus from her belly. >> all i wanted to do was save my baby. dr. oz: did you think she was actually going to stab you? >> you don't have time to think. you have time to react. we were in a battle for about 20 minutes. dr. oz: true crime tuesdays on dr. oz. we go inside the criminal mind. you somehow had the call 911. then, banish your back pain for good with our customized plan for relief, coming up next. it may be by far the most shocking crime i've ever learned about. what would drive someone to abduct a child still in the


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