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tv   Fox 8 News at 430AM  FOX  November 9, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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the day after election coming wayne dawson. we'll see what's happening weathererw was drifting but as e
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portions of pennsylvaniacce andn buried in akron heavy read you his subaru february februarys the tree grn in canton although we to have aa few left over showers all over the. as the showers move out butt don't vote for her. warm up there until the last time we see that for a long time unfortunatelyntilime will stay t thick today some slivers of sunshine later on the road can
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we're two and a little taylor was due to a water main break that happened on sunday justju jumping through a few petals here in this essay make our way how that is supposed
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it is a long night for people hand proposal states that haveha not just before 3:00 this morning that he gave his
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she did not speak to that crowd in newha york donald trump did t begin his expand effective speech speak to tell 2:45 a.m. thinking the american peopleel will quit of that hillary clinton watch party that was in columbusof after it was projected that total trump the state of ohioec. we love come to terms with them and then terms of ohio politics and national politicsen we have
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transition team that isa inauguration day i would like to be a firewall in the meeting and the fact that trump said that issue that was going on cap
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he might go play a little one-on-onet many experts say portland. the best race of any endangered state republican sweep thisep we did it. di thank you ohio. thanks everyone in the service what a great friends who made we difference together reached a great campaign. >> donald trump is always talking about elections being road t let me say they've that
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congressional districto we have marshall fudge walking away the and beverly goldstein. the paddle for the district in theis u.s. house also called eay on think of the republicanll picking out michael wager. she really begins donald larson cap there is serving her 17th turman's tied for second longest-serving woman in areress the latest resultsts in. we have jim renee see walking
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i pickens keep monday the andlts from that racece 35 percent for monday.or bell road to 13th congressional district the numbers show that he had 60 percentnt to the opponents 3 fox 8 is your home for up to them election observation here northeast ohio for continuing coverage and four results. encourage you to stay with usio also go to located ate the event great should website why some say the election is to blame.
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the rain moving further south there's the big burst of rain approaching canton b with a fewe showers still leftover out over the lake the temperatures his retiredl downout this afternoon will try out above 50 hht not a big temperate curable talk more about the forecast as we approach the
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the traffic every eight minutes is just ahead.. give the city overall city's championship it is still giving back of the second basement issm taking his stands.
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turkey will wear looking for 16 voters who can hurl frozen turkeyters at kansas cranberry e
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lose storm fox radar moving south of akron
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temperatures will be in the 50s early will falter lower 40sl it won't take much traffif time with patty. thanks so much p yes them for roads tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. fort 85rt
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his father for his skills would
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he passed out some pretty cool souvenirs to dozens of fields. peggy gallek has hours number 22 walked outsidemb to greet his stands. and then when he girded up 11 pair of cleatse stance that outside the gateze d a chance to you one of his size
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that theyn' are or support we j be in our favor. thosee kids got somethingng kids will never forget that.
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