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tv   Fox 8 News in the Morning  FOX  November 9, 2016 6:00am-8:00am EST

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the next president. were are expecting to hear a concession speech later on this morningg we have a lot to tal about this morningt's link it to all of it as soon as we check in with weather and traffic. >> the strong northwest for the
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striving there rain into cleveland. we mentioned the study rain is
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been used to his the future radar the slowly thinning out a littlely completely fed up until sometime late sunday traffic time with patty harkin it is 6:02 a.m. civic i just talked to clinton police who say they have it down in the flats are:thiso will be take 14th to 18th depressed to get to i 90 this is the in about today with no
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president-elect donald trump south this morning to unified
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was a stunning upset that ceric clinton supporters home in tearp
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campaign chair said everybody home. ch the evening started off as theyh started to come to her lead in several states begin to shrink trumbull ahead of clinton the democratic five in the state of wisconsinn they grew quite as
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>> , p mull they knew that they mr. deeply in the quickly disintegratedepl a change of evs for sure.a the russian leader says he wants to restore with what relations with the us now thatatto been elected president will keep what a bigon the night in ohio for the folks whoo are already in office.l todd meany has more on how therw was t all affect the balance ofa power in washington. they were counting on those here in ohio to help the republican ballots h because the balance of
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they be 3 percent of the precincts have reported beautiful runoff election of the the top two summer look at the big board listening towards donald trumpl that new hampshire was leaning toward donald trump minnesota has shifted still too early to caused this place the zoo with
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that would not give her the ground in theher race.. again donald trump is the president-elect with somewi markets open in the ust we are not sure what they died. furthert will will and maintain and he did see more presidential than he has in the past shouldh be a very interesting several monthso things. >> the amount of americans will voters to use marijuana in california and nevada approved ballot measures to
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pass of the state with me just rose from 5 percent two above 2. the death penalty was. decided in three stateses of three supportive boatt nebraska which it done away with capital punishment put itith to bring it back to strengthen good step in
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of parma are giving the thumbs up to a levy therehe will provie moreil than $8 million for the school district tryingio to work out of the $15 million budgett deficit. election is coming upm. we are some pretty steady rain.
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your morning commute in just a
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good at morning and forecast is on our going to post her coming up nex week the more technical update
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posted two or three weeks talking about that average over theeeab next few months than wha anticipate that winter to be liketic 65 was the high yesterdy we are continue this above normalal temperatures turned we slid back to new average in fact were running a little below storm fox radar to see the rain that cameh througha cleveland three or four hours ago is now over new philly we are starting to see some pretty good breaks are startings to see some improvement in the the showers nowtt stretching from akron to ravenna. quiz and we haven't ha any rate in a while hopefully it will stay that way throughout the
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going nowhere the stronge northwood and the fact that wili still have couple. her showers this afternoon with a pretty heavy cloud deck that's the pattern fairly stagnant t stopper we might seeg some little person the forecast west.t not new tiffin and clinton that's about it. mostly sunny high of around 58 early evening friday night to the masai felt like assault as well as cumulative a whole lot we don't want to over emphasize this. do
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friday go temperatures are very was the warmest year on
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77 northbound will be close i 90 and reopen tomorrow morning at six as further going to do to you offer that is not during te same hoursth due to an earlier water main break.ak. we are dea out and about this morning tonight with wet roads no problems been reported fifth there startingpo to pick up thee speak go up our travels this is a ramp closure tonightvel it wiw reopen by 4:00 a.m. tomorrow wayne and kristi pack to you. stay with us with an update on
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eight minutes ted crews is now fan of donald trumpigh he cap fd for not endorsing at the convention much is they have toe say this morning reaction from around the world to meet leaders talking about the us presidential electionon what wht trump presidencyhat you for our allies. all of that coming up straight
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him we are looking at kiyanna also the new philly someg good rain we said good breaks in
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should really in the upper 40s the lower 50s and that's pretty much0s where they will y were not going to get a whole lot of improvementeew although s moving out can't rule out a study rain will bein gone with w the next couple of hours is it mostly cloudy skies we split the difference single between 48 and 53 mostly c outlyoud who bring you the nextt sometime early friday morning as it begins to push further southf the temperatures will start tor fall listen so chances seen seen some rain and slushy let'scha we want to get some more they was w on the presidential election a
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does not once the presidency when he won the buckeye state. you can see donald trump and pence celebrating the announcement they can 18th select for 12 votesnno congratulated trump and says that's an amazing victory for the american worker rejection of theth obama clinton agenda he looks forward to working with the administrations the repeale obama care he cap food and he was here in clevelandr for not endorsing turpentine the delegates to vote their conscience and state governments
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news of a trump presidency they decide this is a huge shock the question event that end oftrncy relative peace that's covered in international relations the french foreign minister pledged to work withe himl his personal it's raise question was unsure before thatd bee looks like the year have a double disaster li for to continue a strong relationshipeyg with united stas the election results of force the pace up to take it died in the donald trump one could put
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relations for the us world peace when will the home from hillary clintonn search the room.
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election results scrolling a they went that picked up of a strong, north behind the cold is a bridges are in the middle and upper 40s.the it still raining and akron along 77132 city with shots of rain in northern test cars county.
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strongsvillele most of this is moving south with partial rate development.o that's pretty much the forecast it's not going to be a situation lot of princes shine fea future satellite pictures showing bothh offending not of the the cloud was see it may be a sliver of sun's they today put a higher
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form of light rain with this coldt first of colder will be strong given the warmlyl to allw for some of that to be they favorite slushy wet snow. looking ahead on the eight-dayi forecast we climb into the upper 50s film room will look backgb i so far this year that's been the warmest are on recordye it's online at that way it's going to have aat .-dot lavasier see a winter
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it keeps students boys. we're going to shut down by 90 eastbound're that's tonight at n to to privately pay east ninths which is something to keep in
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versus is photos. and say seven getting onto that withsu. that goes to 90 east the mrs. new line north of route eight and 422f kristi kristi. civic 4he as the 45th presidentf the united states of america donald trump says he has a lot of planse 4staca the study an ua last night but upset less than jessica dill joins us with mores good morning the room weather is , trumps week's lost theos
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next president of the united dates.t donald trump. he same picture degrees the ports to be impressive isis also going to unify deeply divided
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something interesting to donald trump is a first-person sons to likeis eisenhower her and never held office before the campaignh and he was elected 1953 good point. the pilot have a great cap new around them butap imagine the
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for reporters. he took the stage at a little after 2:00 a.m.age everyone shod had home and get some sleepve ps more to say tomorrow. you can just celebrated in china room with what they thought was going to be the first woman ever elected president but thebu shocked she was calling dollar to secede.p 2626 to concede. these teams much to be we are s
6:37 am we'll know where or when theen question is what does this should do next she's princece center state monster loss for theter is through the white reevaluating entire system thatt doese not work it was completely is very bridge and then is
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distance yourself. there's a piece . coming on people when you pull honest with those changes receivers will will will will seem to be who is is is that.ha
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they tend to room to move ?-ellipsis i used to for a truce of the progressive when she had been some of the afternoon of both of them 83th persons group reporting. fox and the republican democratic candidates this with his if you look at the people of 12 mouth see that there are still some states that have not been call. the decision has switched over to democrat so far is the current vote totals for some ofo those precincts to turn michigan
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they don't over the take all day to do if it a good thing to have to it comes to all the posts. the stork numbers for him t was his post this baby food immigration and says to see this you put the media who he did not likekey every other meeting he d
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that's a pretty start to secure instant to do that once they went they tended to do that you have a whole country 6:41 a.m. : short time.4 still had we want to hear your reaction to this election. sure, then plug into this next door lines are loaded with comments. will you have to say is coming
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also down into new philadelphia the rain here in clev up temperatures given the cloud cover the strong would have been pretty much in the middle and upper 40s mentor of 50. we're not going to get a whole lot of improvement for the state windy were not anticipating any additional rain for savingati should be moving on wrapup that we mentioned the race further south that ite is cooler than yesterday although that wasn't is theole widget will of thethe isolated sprinkle or two cloudy
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of how we anticipate the forecast with it there and coffee quiz there getting reports of an act granting accidentrep didn't get a look a7 down by the trip break is uneventful. through goodp to go out here look at old they crews byword those center.b is starting to heat up. it will be over by 4:00 a.m.
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thank you very much is 6:45 a.m. we were to hear what you think about last night. a lot of school issues as well all of us with a part of your screen. how you think thinks yesterday here's the settlement so ar hillary should've road will experience a president presidential vote credentials old. ceric let's move for did they make america great. if you with america what are you voted for trump clinton or for whoeveror it doesn't matter if u
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he will try to reach across the aisle the third people togetherr heat is going to be able to fix theaters cities t infrastructure will be a busy for him as well.r here are the ways to get all hold of
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a somber proud of clinton supporters. >> the other states are supposed to call that we will not have anything else to say tonight. >> by the grant we are looking at the luck twirl votes versus the popular votes we're fighting machine is actually winning the popular vote by 152,000. the thel ngth luce votes obviouslyly modern they were gathered under a glass ceiling ready for a big partyre saying that watched in
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apartheid hillary clinton was not going to around 9:00 o'clock she said this team is so much to be part of whatever happens tonight thank you for everything crowd started clearing around midday hours after it was called ohio to work on tumor, to work on a chair have very little tok say. >> what happened toy. trinity is the reflection of larger forces that obviously the country is goingco to be thinking about foa long time. weil terms to live in terms of ohio politics and we will certainly striver to do much, much better in the coming cycle. >> what this comes down to is seller clinton could not hold on : twenty-four and young latino voters she is expected to speak e this morning her campain is not for the time i play spent a game looking at the numbers as they come in,nu donald trump to took where to clear theto president elect hillary clinton
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>> all that star power did not seem to help her too much unfortunately. >> i guess not. >> stacy reporting live a big demand for ohio's encumbrance. >> they are all defeated their challengers to maintain their congressional seats. we are here lives. >> what this does is the balance of power goes towards the republicans are of and of course the executive branch shall we talk about that and how significant that is here is how thea are up for grab the democrats d and one of a few of those and were able to work that up to 47 of the republicans say they have moved thatt in the republican house and these two races right here and have yet to have yet to
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was louisiana and the republican's leading now only at 25 percent of the vote you would havewo a 53 ?- 47 majority of te senate let's look at the editorial mape hillary clintonl leaving 117,000 votes electoral college issues are wes determine our president present donald trump is leadingg the ran though looks like they will go blue michigan looks like it will stay tourists donald trump new hampshire republican as well with donald trump nebraska should go as well which would givetaambld donald trump all wer 300 electoral votes. a florida situation with only 500 votes with the popular vote over the
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not how it works in our country we appreciate the comments. this is how the markets are trending right now. down. as of midnight which is the left hand side of your screen now it has gone down. l >> time now is 7:09 a.m. who governor ted strickland is baiting to the blaming. >> good news for local schools we s will break down the issuesn the ballots when we come back. >> the winds are still pretty strong driving the rain away from her eyes. we should see
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show much improvemente we will have the weekend and beyond in just a few minutes.e >> it's been an easy rush-hour i will give 22 years in a row access the number one care in
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>> month you get past about a real, it does start to get congested. this is where 77 get up on i 90 over by 72nd it is a tough march for those already onc i 90 trying to get over on carnegie. it is tough out there that is the sole.on as you come into downtown something for this evening the barberton ramp will
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ae look at the forecast good morning. >> good morning, everyone it is windy. the tree is moving around this wind coming behind the lake is not only driving the wind away from the lake slowly but it is attempting to bring in some breaks in the overcast. we will check it out and see what is going on around northerno whereo the temperatures will try and only a couple of degrees you can track the election result d the bottom of the screen we have had spots of drizzle narrow the rain and lorraine and avon lake and a village. not no drinking heavilyg and alliant south of alliance also green and cantona and down into new philadelphia getting pretty good rain. the wind is actually our friend itn does not seem i cap but it is
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things stirred up and temperatures will stay steady where they all are all day long todays. >> will we see some breaks in stonel in son? northwest wind wind gust in and temperatures a couple of degrees either side. fifty the crowd docks been so we fall back into the 30s giving way to a beautiful dayy b mostly sunny southwest wd with a high of 58. the next front comes in early friday faster each and every day temperatures will start to fall by my son done on friday and it is a quick burst of cold air not winter like thato colder than what we have been used to rain will be mixed in with a touch of
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warmest year on record here in northern ohio. as we look out the eight daywe the temperatures stay average active storm tracks possibly late track possibly late next week intorm early thanksgiving when probay will see what happens. don't go awayil don't blow away notice he does not have a coat on. is he still talking? we are sorry about that. it is 718 a.m. >> anything you want to talk
7:19 am
on whether it is presidential so happy that trump is present but it will be easy and exciting exciting to see what happens. >> all of our supporters waited hours and hours thank you for your report we will see you tomorrow on that. i think trup willp do great work is too arrogant to let it be negativerk regardless of your feelings a brand-new presidential elect we know most support hima to make america great again here are voicemails that came in. >> good political morning. i think trump will do a fine job i know him well.l >> victory. i am so happy that trump onene she thought she had the cat in the bank. she lost
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by the way way the white house is just obama apparently congratulated donald trump invited to the transition meeting happening. so thereo hs been an congratulatory call now. over 40 shops in our city with things in this up we will pop those in the kitchenin and t started on mean come back. kicking it with kenny stay with
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at markersi from cleveland born just a few weeks ago weighing 6 pounds 14 ounces. upload your picture and every baby that makes and on our show gets a
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it's been what they call it an historic that but to be really historic we have to do a great job, and i promise you i will not let you down. we will do a great job. >> historic night in american history donald trump a lot of the 45th president of the united states. >> but the race seemed almost too close to call even in the
7:31 am
hillary clinton to publicly concede f. >> we want to check in with scott kind of a chilly and cold night last night. >> absolutely the winds be on the camera you cannot see and $25.35 miles per hour it is driving the rain here. canton and new philly rain approaching push things further south. the overall coverage coverage in intensity of this area of rain is beginning to drizzle o it is windy with temperatures in the upper 40ss lower 50s i know it doesn't seem like it because it is cloudy, but that is 5 prey much how it will be all day long we have little sliversl of clear and i still think the day itself
7:32 am
there is the future radar showing those showers in time for a pretty decent day mostly sunny and a high of 58 thisf front comes in on friday initially we were anticipating it coming and saturday this one isti coming in much quicker the temperatures will start to fall that is true lower 40s with some rain mixed road snow very little in the way of accumulation. l >> we do have a couple of accidents starting to pop up c also we have this one up on the inner belt 90 eastbound just past the east ninth ramp in the right berm with plenty of flashing lights out there traffic really notf flushing thy
7:33 am
the beginning of the inner belt folks need to be getting by that as wellet 71 down by route 82 ae typical slowdown looking at drive times 4080 eastbound a nine minute ride 22 minutes between 2 route eight and four wayne and christie, back to you. >> donald trump says he has big plans for our country is plans president elected now holds the rain. >> more on the billionaires victory speech we are here more now fromw the white house. >> he is awake this morning we are hearing from we're hearing from the white house that obama calleder donald trump early this morning to congratulateis him on his victory in invited him to and invited him to the white
7:34 am
on the transition plan his team is been workingan on over the pasture to make it a smooth transitiona is president-elect s going to unify deeply divided nation. >> we are going to we're going to get to work immediately e for the american people, and we are going to be doing a job that hopefully you will be so proud of you are president. he will be so proud. again, it is my honor. an amazing very amusing here and they love
7:35 am
bet president for all americans and said that is what is important to him.a it is about liberty and freedom about the constitution and we the people actually. >> i am so excited i am paradera on my new eternally grateful we will want change in americaat. >> and in his speech is that while the campaign is over theth work on the movement is reallyr just beginning. the businessman and former reality tv star said he as spent his making a
7:36 am
come to gather. >> hillary clinton conceded the race around 2:00 a.m. this morning.c >> good morning that so so far, hillary clinton winning the popular vote spot losing in the electoral count. she started to target is thear key demographics warning been outperforming president obamaog women in urban voters in those retired educationw blocked with block latino young voters failed to show up in big enough numbers to just after 2:00 a.m. her hurt campaign chair sent everyone home. >> everybody just had home get
7:37 am
to be the victory party and then tears started >> i know you have been area long time, and it has been a long night,, and it has been a long campaign, butha i can say e can wait a little longer can't we? >> now reporting subject clinton center clinton saw this coming when the call me a letter came out and let you know when we hearow from her again, donald trump elected presidentga hillay clinton leading by a tenth of a percent in the popular vote. >> a lot of women and young
7:38 am
would be the first woman. a lot of disappointment we will have continuing coverage click on the election red barc at the top of the page. for put on your
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>> i am extremely proud that donald trump won the election and those that are against itu that didn't vote they should start to think about how important their voters. >> the total was about five and a half million votes. your
7:44 am
always good to hear what our viewers have to say. >> absolutely coming up tonight at 10:00 p.m. they were elected by thet wire city council membes doing something that doesn't have anything tong do with the city. with another under camper cameras.i and he was paying attention and i was texting the new counsel caught on camera fox i team exclusive
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with this country needs is to be able to get together and love one another right now heal the wounds of the political situation that is what donald trump says he will do we will see how that happens >> scott has a look around our forecasto the lake looks angry. >> yes and a great like if anybody it makes a t-shirt i thought of it first in great
7:49 am
the temperatures pretty consistent upper 40s and 50s todayy a dryer afternoon 58 tody is sunshine chance of a quick rain shower we highlight the outside chance of a little bit of rain could be mixed in with the touch of what snow late friday night butno accumulations will be minimal saturday we are wednesday. >> we've had a couple of accidents for sure with cleaned up this one on the inner belt east ninth that accident has been cleared away traffic never really was affected but it was there off tobu the side. we do have an accident with the pleasant valley ranch they are on the scene. thist accident in
7:50 am
southbound and abroad. it is backing folks up as you through cuyahoga falls. this is an accident normal us northbound if you can screwed over, please dol but definitely so it done as you had passed flashing lights in the right hand berm. a few drive times before you do step out nine minutes on for 80 between 77 and 271. for 22 7120 minute commute between route eight and 422. >> thank you. time now 750. good morning. >> good morning look at that display. we are previewing
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just like that. kicking it with
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>> good morning, everyone we are here previewingrn the march of dimes march of time signatures chef is back happening this mondayi over 40 will come out to
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dimes plasters they raise over $100,000 it stays right here in he city so we love that. brandon, one of the shots and shaker square good morning. >> good morning. >> how are you? >> i'm doing it on a. alumni but i'm doing itum but this is e seafood sausage. >> a very special ?- made with lobster and scalp insurance you name it. thiss recipe with us up i worked with the new yorkwo it is very cold butterit it is a hot production it's very important to keep your stores you have a hot production and cold butter a little bit of a timely will just keep adding to see batting practice and when that dissipates we put a little more butter pretty don't. you don't stop with the butteripp ad
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sausage would take white fish. with cream and take that with the other scallops and lobster and shrimp and then put it in a casing it looks like about or what it is not. it is seafood sausage we continue to promise. >> because it is seafood in theo visit cook quicker than traditional sausage? >> it cooks a lot quicker and a lot more moist sponge and that is like your bathwater. >> i cut it up and you have a really goode option offering a package and an option. >> yes we have a couple of things. the march of dimes event is very important not just to the city of cleveland but i think a lot of people in the city, so we have offered a dinner for six at the restaurat and then we have four different
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vintage winery out west make the event is happening this monday just a few tickets left so users can check it out we love that mcg guys have done a great job so when we come back we will have a our shops in a shame that dishes i think you will love what you will see all my there are a lot of great raffle items to.a >> fox eight has your only local news weather and traffic until 10:00 a.m. >> coming up at the top of that hour ?- >> in a shocking defeat donald trump is been a lot oft the
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good morning, cleveland and all of northeast ohio. it is at night they of november, 2016. it is 8:00 o'clock. thank you for joining usus will check in with scotthe it is windy out there. >> and angry lake ot going nowhere may fluctuate a little butter but that's about that but that's about it the northwind starts to shift out of the westlake last night and the when start to dieak down. we kp the clouds around with the stud showers finally moving south daytime highs today into the upper 40s and lower 50s over


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