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tv   Fox 8 News at 4PM  FOX  November 9, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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donald trump campaign started i cleveland, investing a great deal of campaign effortam from when voters casting ballots tuesday, is efforts barely paid for, cuyahoga county state route 2 is puka roots giving hillary clinton a two to one advantage over donald trump, a cross county, theto vote was not in her corner. she won the presidential though by a landslide with nearly
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one of the precincts, donald trump got no votes, in four of the pre- since he only got one. on the side, they supported clinton 5825 votes to only one of 45 for donald trump. 12 of them are east cleveland precincts he got single digit votes in beachwood, she won the vote by a large margin in area where clinton campaign worker spent a great deal of effort to rally support,ar otherwise side, again a victory for clinton who got nearlyis 2,900 votes to fewer than 6,000 for donald trump. for the last way from cleveland the votes against begin to swingasf, and less lik the one, with a slim margin of
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out of 17,000 cast, support swing ald trump stars to dramatically is one kyle cooke county southern border cities, while the route 82 quarter including brecksville, north royalton, strongsville, they supported him in large numbers among local supporters ofof clinton, tuesday statewide fate to donald trump came as a disappointing blow.. over the last couple days you have that trump's said in the works that clinton has said so apparently america, what is wrong with you, he has not made it an environment that is inclusive or comfortable for al people that so we have to sift through that as a country. >> the numbers from across cuyahoga county show the father away from the inner-city cleveland, where her support wa expected the greater the
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in the past, i democrats hopes that their large numbers would help to influence the outcome of ohio, that was not the case. ohio cup embodies a lot of the elements we see across the country,of so, hopefully this is a state where he could change minds among those who do not vote for him.e going to be the president. >> thank you dave nethers. >> the stock market went haywir last night when newt wrote that donald trump would t likely be the next president, but not the cas today as matt wright joins us explain. when i stock futures were wrong, they had the dow down 80 points, as you canhe see the t markets finish this day higher across-the-board.
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they favored hillary clinton who was seen of a known quantity but experts say that his policies and republican-controlled congress may lead to more economic growth,li they credit today's market turnaround to a more conciliatory tone in his acceptance speech for the market rebound, trade deals have dominated, while it's tough to predict is, specific policy proposals, mcdonald partner chie expectsts? >> toned down rhetoric that rhetoric that he would scrap naftata. it is about growth in the economy and what has been lost with donald trump is his policies have been very progrowth is talking about infrastructure spending and les regulations. they say that they will keep an eye on his
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that could lead to smaller volatility short-term. long-term effects depend upon oppose policies, markets will likely be impacted by the business cycle indicators like interest rates and inflation versus the presidential election. right here for coverage of the election of donald trump, coming up,,le look at cleveland role in the race and to explain to children over the negativity also updatesty anytime online fox >> . lakewood police and fbi tried to find in this one so far very few details have been released, peggy gallek has more on the case. >> the fbi and lakewood police need help to find a 24-year-old woman who has been missing abou three weeks.f she's not been seen since october 16, the 24 yield is 5-foot 4 inchesc, about
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her left hand and wrist, she wa last seen at her edgewater apartment lakewood. she worked atak aladdin's in lakewood for the past two years coworker said that she was extremely helpful in the kitchen in kind, they're very concerned about her because she was a devoted mother who would not leave her son. >> don't have any good information about where she might be at this time,, need to find her, that's why we are together to locate her. and then to bring her back. >> her ex-husband was arrested and not been harge charged with her disappearance work up a reward is offered and the police ofis urge anyone wit information to call as soon as i-team is tracking developments in our investigation i of a city crossing guard who was paid after death ed gallek is here with the latest.t.
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two people faced a judge for cashing the checks of a crossing guard who had died probation charges are the son and daughter of the crossing guardon, cuyahoga county prosecutor say they mother worked as a cleveland school crossing guard, she died , and the city kept issuing paychecks, and investigators found the son and daughter cash the checks, doesn't know them, records show they showed up for court in bot pled not guilty. no one from city hall is facing charges were disciplinary action for how this was handled the city has newan steps in pla to prevent this from happening again, coming up at 5:00 o'cloc what is coming up next. >> the new year will mean fewer workers making new cars in northeast ohio, general motors announcing today that it is
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lordstown plant and another in lansing michigan. the lordstown plant makes that chevy cruze, while the michigan plant produces camaros. gm licensed store car sales comes as more americans are shifting from cars to suvs and trucks go a it will affect more than 1200 workers at lordstown. gm says it is investing $900 million in transmission plants in toledo and indiana to prepare for future new vehicles. >> firefighters continue to work a huge fire that is been burnin in upstate new york. for computers lou maglio. a large fire at industrial steel works park in lackawanna near buffalo. the book the smoke can be saved from a long way away.e the police issued a warning to people they say that you should
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closed and avoid going outside, th smokeoing out in the area. they say that an eyewitness heard sirens that do not stop the fire was called in just before 8:00 a.m. wednesday there were reports that fires inside commercial building,er a two alarm blaze, multiple crews or responded to assisto the firefighters, buffalo hazmat team is there, dispatchers say the initial fire call was work republic steel. unclear if anyone was hurt. >> the police say that route 5 inbound is closedol at lincoln avenue,os buffalo pleaser closi out five outbound and 5th street. >> whale watching that fire on
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politics is a dirty business and it lived up to that billing. >> some on their done ice also managed to things everyone's watching the candidates, how ca
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keep watching fox 8 news all month as we celebrate the life and career of dick goddard.a heard from a lot of great people are the same really great things about him. he has impacted so manyy over many years. it is a far cry from yesterday in the day before. this is from the aljer home in avon lake.
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northwest when sustained around ten and 20. now this major teacher d 20 degrees cooler in charleston in pittsburgh tomorrow we will be back above normal.l. frost advisories in a handful of countys. >> some heavy downpours in some spots we did notice some cloud cover to the west.
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folger house the clouds were clear out the secondary shot of colder air it is going to be the culprit for a very cold saturday . tonight in the mid- 30s. patchy frost tomorrow morning. sunshine tomorrow around 60 degre the average high as 54 on friday,v a fugue chilly raindrops wet snow. vickey willoughby of the high stunt saturday mid '40s time to think about
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in the wintertime, you need to be more creative of what to do with your spare time. e time. he is trained in trouble on tv, talk to xzibit about what t expect from his
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it is telling in wendy, or heaing back to normal. a new episode of empire returns tonight. ht >> new stars making waves, as
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actor xzibit about ring in head tvs auto show. xzibit retaliates all rain business encounter gone bad. is going to be on the interstate cliff hanging my character is heavy-handed or come that is not playing very well with the lion family so there's bound to be fireworks.. sits a sharp contrast i am very personable andnd family-oriented. to be ablef to go on tv to play this for sonic, that is quite
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easier to get the music to the masses. >> user to connect to the crowd now that big machine you just need internet access, and a goo graphics designer and some good music.oo now there is a double-edged sword because, eitherer you get bombarded with a bunch of garbage g or you had to find a needle in a haystack to find something to be in fan of. >> one thing he has learned fro his success as to stay humble. >> the number one thing, that success is not promised. a could be here today and gone tomorrow,w,ot it wastes out to that muscle. >> in hollywood, adam housley, fox news. the episode of empire colozza returns tonight at 9:00 p.m. at fox 8 followed by
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ohio workers plays a big role in the presidential election,
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thank you for staying with us. >> the temperatures have cooled this could be the appetizer what is to come, we will have one da that will be a shock to the
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what will be next. cleveland 49, 46 mansfield. to the west, there are some bright spots, to the east, down to wayne county, and points east, you are in the clouds. the clouds eroding and sunset is so early, to the west you may have a good-looking sunset.h the clearing process will continue when the rain is done. there could be some patchy frost west and southwest tomorrow and then tomorrow sunshine with
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could be in the low 30s with high around 60 degrees. >> on thursday, a great day, will they train continue the weekend? >> we have to remember that we are on one team, this is in intramural scrimmage, not democrats or republicans first, we are americans first . and in the ball onto the next team, now donald trump will be our next president, president obama reminding us that we are in this together, the campaign is behind us, and now botho parties have to look forward to the future, go toto elizabeth noreika.
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barack obama and hillary clinto talking about donald trump. they were both gracious and asking americans, who are not rooting for a trump presidency to give them a chancece where are now reaching for his success, t unite and to leave the country, the peaceful transition of power, his want of the hallmark of our democracy. over the next few months were going to show that to the world. he addressed the nation today, said that even though he and donald trumpmp don't see eye to eye, he plans to help donald trump in the transition to the white house, he said the eight years ago he in mr. bush to no see eye to eye but he was very professional helping them to transition into the white house. mr. obama says that they need a sense of unity, inclusion and work togetherr delivers remarks not long after hillary clinton
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she can see depravity to donald trump last night but do not address a large crowd she's booked nation this morning. donald trump will be our president. we owe him an open mind and the chance to lead. our constitutional democracy enshrines the peaceful transfer of power. and we don't just respect that we cherish it.. she thanked supporters, and told them keep fightingng what they believe, donald trump has not made any public remarks, side from his victory speech, early this morning, says it's time to bind the wins out division into
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it was nice to see two people in these leadership role take the high road,le to work together and what's best for th country.d i stayed up until 245 last night and just missed it resolve the ohio results at it or not a clock, and that's when we could have gone to bed, the past 14 elections, ohio has picked the winner. governor kasich tweeting congratulations to donald trump today many people remember that he did not come to the republican national convention eight pme did not endorse donal trump, he also took the high road, sending congratulations to
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cleveland played a major role in events that propelled him to the presidency. jack shea joins us. >> but he knew that donald trum had to win ohio to win the election, who would have thoug that cleveland would be the campaign epicenter. >> august 2015, donald trump arise for the first republican presidential debate revealing the central theme of his campaign.. >> i been preparing him alive, we had to make our country grea again h h that's what we have t. >> that night at the q. he foreshadows a campaign that wil come found his critics. i have been challenged by sony people and i don't have time for totalal political correctness and to be honest with you, this country doesn't
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he would emerge from the crowded gop field and return to cleveland for the republican national convention in july, in his acceptance speech he would or dge to keep america safe >> beginning on january 20 of 2017, safety will be restored. after the efforts of police and their partners from across the country to maintain order during the convention, he calle police chief calvin williams t thank him. he has done, you people have done an unbelievable job, talking about it all over the country, at slu, i would not want to be in philadelphia because they can't match you.ul during a meeting with local in brook park mayor tom coyne in september he hammered on the things that would resonate with many dissatisfied voters.e >> even the other side admits that the jobs we have ourm bad jobs, not the good jobs that yo
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other places. actual lace of the access hollywood videoac that many thought would torpedo his chances, m a focused donald trump returned to the i.x. center in october telling a large audienc that his campaign wasas in momentum in states like ohio, ohio is a special place and cleveland is a special place an always will be to me. polls close here in about one hour, why are you calling so >> they asked me to call becaus it is very close, probably end you havemeb big beautiful ratings and i tell everybody to get out there in both.. in this exclusive call to fox 8 news on election night, donal trump display the confidence that would propel him to the presidency.dodot >> we have a great country, needs help in leadership . donald trump told fox 8 last night that his major focus will
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create new jobs, we will see if clue that will benefit from some of the campaign good welllth. >> he sounded loose yesterday had a good sense of humor in those pressure filled last hours. p >> i thought it was unusual he would call a tv station at 6:3t >> it is unusual, it never ceases to amaze , thank you. come together underer president-elect trump. >> it is a bitter pill for some voters and their children as maia belay reports on how this is impacting kids.r >> many parents say that kids and teenagers in watching the election and now they don't hav an answer they want answers. that he does not like women, said thatat just lots of opinio and stuff that he has said that
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a conversation she had with her 8-year-old daughter, the d after every election is emotional. people ared scared and afraid the unknown including kids. one of them said that he is stunned.. >> we talked to an expert about how to deal with emotions. talk with them, and listen, to what they say. ask them what they have heard and what they might be afraid o or worried about in use that as a starting point.. >> giza cautioned that even if hillary clinton one likely have the country was still have the same anxiety,e which is natura every election. forget that this is not the first time we had an election o that people had to talk to the kids, kids listen to what parents say. just be careful what you say around them.m. they can emulate you.
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the first time since 1981, income tax in cleveland is goin up, they improved issue 32 to raise the city income tax on 2 percentt up to 2.5 percent expect to generatete $83 millio to improve city services including more police and supervisors on the street includingol also street repairs and the public health department, council president kevin kelleyalep elisa statement that said- the cleveland plan has another four years to improve the city, issue 108 was renewed by voters last night, the levy to fund the schools is continued so it will not raise taxes, schools chief ceo eric gordon releases
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said-they're elected by the voters can't now some city council members are being exposed by the i-team undercove cameras. >> tonight at 10:00 p.m., ed gallek takes his hidden camera to cleveland city council meetings, to find out who was paid attention?me was texting? in watching a baseball game? caught on cameraaba tonight at 10:00 p.m.. a les tonya brown's face the they lost by five points, that wasas six weeks ago and we're still waiting for the browns to win againin up next, p.j. ziegler lets us know if things will
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want to take mom to pay tribute to someone you don't say about who has bee a big part of fox 8 news,, toda was the final day at work for p is retiring after more than 24 years and fox 8. >> he started part-time in 1992 to become one of the most popular people in the building,e
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nothing ever rattled him, you'd be in the middle of fires in crime scenes andr he could everything, it was a real treat to have him here,, and no matter what, always just had a smile o his face. you often have hotdogs on him, every time, he would have hot dog in his pockethe or we would drive somewhere to get one thing that is getting is randy,o we are in the midst of and then there will be more and stronger periods of cold air getting closer to the winter season.a at burke lakefront airport ther
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we start to see some blue sky. to the east, also like to come to the last, have had some decent amount of sunshine. going to have some colder days coming. a brave cold shot for one. the super moon next monday will lookpe 40 percent larger and 30 percent brighter. to be on its closest path to th currently hopkins 49 degrees. you've got these 50s to the last, with sunshine. we will all have some blustery conditions from the northwest gusting up to 20 and 25. we are in the midst of the core
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outside of that, sicu degrees i des moines will be coming in ou direction tomorrow with sunshine.n will get rid of the clouds are those areas have the best chanc of patchy frost , and then sunshine rules the sky tomorrow. the clouds will leave overnight tonight tomorrow, overnight lows in the mid 30s. don't think it will be that muc
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because the ducks are not in a row, the starting friday for such a short amount of time not have enough time to set up shop for showers. mid 30s tonight, and tomorrow plenty of sunshine about 60 degreess and a chance of tha colder air friday, with some chilly raindrops out there. snowflakes possible friday night, mid '40s for the highs with around freezing. then sunday monday, looking at more seasonable temperatures with low 50s.. the browns try to snap a 12 game losing streakns that dates
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tv. they travel to baltimore to fac the ravens in prime time on thursday night football, p.j. joins us with more on tomorrow' game. the team has lost nine straight for this season. browns versus raisins, the next big test tomorrow night. the browns may be getting baltimore off a hard-fought gam versus steelers at home. the browns had aat lead over baltimore back in september, before the ravens scored 25 unanswered points to get the
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cleveland is a ten-point underdog tomorrow baltimore company the browns 01 just won
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from the block to the title, the cavaliers will enjoy the nb championship when they visit th white house tomorrow. wayne dawson will be with the team, be sure to keep it here
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asked another favorite food in
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>> asiana man, thus pizza he wants world to know,iz phil dun has traveled the world to try i manyny types of pizza as possib even posting photos on instagram, he travels a lot to notice that people seem to like photos of people for the ethica treatment of animals the mosul now takes a picture of his pizz online he says every place has its own little spent on what they think is good pizza and the to try this license, his e pi his license, his
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i still think that our best days are still ahead of usi >> hillary clinton conceding he race the white house as beginning a new era with president-elect donald trump, today the democratic nominee, hillary clinton try to comfort those who thought that she had clear path to the white house a lauren blanchard has moreo . and emotional hillary clinton delivering a concession speech day after a upset before supporters, she urged the country to unify under president-elect donald trump. >> we all him a chance to lead. >> she also had a message to young girlso hoping that she would shatter the glass ceiling. >> you are valuable and
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opportunity to pursue and achieve your dream. speaking from the rose garden,n, president obama reassuring the nation there wil be a cordial shift of power between therea administrations the next 72 days from the shift of power is one of hallmarks of our democracy.heof over the next few months will show that to the world. >> i pledge to every citizen, that i will be present for all america. >> he also has to demand a splintered republican party. men at work unenthusiastic abou hisis candidacy including house speaker, who seemingly changed his tone today. hi heard a voice in this country that nobody else heard.n turned politics on its head, mitch mcconnell says


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