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tv   Fox 8 News at 530AM  FOX  November 10, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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the two locations that are typically pretty cold this timee of year especially with clear sky,ar we're still hovering arod 40.'re there's the temperature changes the warmer shootw much weaker cold front than whaa was indicated a fewn days ago we will have a few showers today will go with 60 degrees and stay generally upper 50s along the lake south) will begin to kick0 we start out in the 40s fall into the 30s with a couple of showersinin mixed in with a flurry
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tracks. this is a new one down and akron. back to you.
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across the nation in the world .he media factct shot tractors.tra to turn into anger and played out on the streets around the nation. a donald trump is going to be our
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we don't just respect that we cherish it. trump is expected to reward reallyho stood by himim giuliani and new gingrich this transitionn team has a mandate o higher from the sector oneec possible interesting we was see 72 days to larger there's a reward pain
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find out missing a lakewoodk woman. she -- jessica dill is lifeee at thet lakewood police department. >> good morning this is a case that is really puzzling a lot of people and ring a lot of people here and lakewoodnd fbi is not getting involved is a case of this mother of the three -year-old and she just disappearede she is a missing since october and her was aex- resident of filing a protection order that has notas been charged with her disappearance she is 5-footot 4 inches 132 pounds she was a tattoo on her left-hand and rose she was last seen at her on edgewater drive in d lakewood propeller they something was not right when she didn't show up for work. n she has a very big heart she loves life and always very
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she did do anything for anybody very uncharacteristic of her. a there is a possibility that she could begin to chartb is just aa missing persons case it is something that has a lot of people with she would just disappeared g especially without her three -year-oldpe look at how the community has
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natural to get back. i'm into given back i was raised that way by my parents good things happens as it we try to make other people's livesng just as good as ours i love this every year what a special evente students to clinton's global perform a play that's become a tradition where his nine -year-old daughter attended before she was hit and killed by ug in 1,959th street to put on shows at 10:00 a.m. at measures event will be
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the five peoplet' they're doingi competition her for the letters is for your free flights with that airline.or fo also get a water cannon salutes china figure out what that is someone can let us know theythe reach a deal to fly out of ther with services primarily to florida.a. we do weather and traffic every eight minutes coming out.
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ahead of the cold front which
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more than likely will be a few flurries next in the pit no major winter issues will talk about more of the eight-daye forecast headed into next week andast look at thanksgiving ween general terms. t and on dick goddard has done for animals is truly beyond wordsa
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special place in this happened because that's the cleveland apl. it's run entirely
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emotional watching i can't believe his thomas almost upat i know he will continue that of
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good at morning welcome back i am we are back. as you head scarf and gloves pit is a chilly start this morning
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be 60 so says the bearded wonder. scott will get to be a peer to give you more details on that s already then.
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lot going on herehe that are heading into the middle of novemberdin temperatures right around 60 here's a quick look at some of the temperatures here
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temperatures are far early early" link in the fact that we will have more clouds and thehe winds will stay somewhat strong income out of the north. that will be cold enough to give effect we do have a very warm lake for some snow flurries different poster the localized moisture is very limited with rainze be on the ts i really which is an hear from the west it breaks apart the
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by saturday afternoon and saturdayaf morning whatever develops will eventually weaken the daytime on saturday climb.ul at our little above normal wee look at the forecast is sunday and monday slight chance of aan shower on tuesday don't. tomorrow's veterans daysd we coo begin to see some rain and somen systems that seem a littl she thinks it's 20 degrees
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they took and suggestions check out this giant french pastry school. i have to say that the
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how could have the activee there's a custody battle over
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dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers. america runs on dunkin'. cleared as child abuse charges these investigation stems fromes alleged incident on a private plane in septembered they cleara the actor after investigating a verbal and physical abuse for now she does have custody of their six children legal custody could be determined in the divorce settlement.
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the hollywood start as soon as possibley rain moving thethe nameplate and causing $2,500 in damage that man arrested faces felony vandalism charges he received the d star for his reality show, the apprentice. ten minutes later she was gone. he thinks that she jumped the sea well to chase thatum .-dot e swam more than 2 miles between some canals in a river and then a tow boat captain spotted her in the water and pulled her out of the boat the dog was exhaustedteer and he saw an artt online about the rescue and said that's my dog. so he called the captain herher
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>> it is 5:55 a.m. is check in with.m scott for a look at our forecast. the cisco clear sky. one of the cooler mornings he had for a we'll talk more about that and see whether not were anticipating some flurrieslk moving coming up in just a few it is 556 a.m. on the newest member of the college baseball. we'll catch up with wayne dawson's washington dc for a
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good at morning everyone today is thursday november 16th and has a chilly 41 degrees outside. things to being with us. my name is scottin -- my name isg todd meany let's check in with scott sabol for a look on the weather.od not all whole lot of wind them moisture us will contributing factor to a forecast tomorrow. the winds will come out of the north tomorrow though explain the details with the 32 in2 pierpont and with some 40s along the lake and we're going to see a sharp drop in low 30s heavy'


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