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tv   Fox 8 News at 6PM  FOX  November 10, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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president obama heaping praise and jokes on each individual member of the team are called lebron james one of the greatest of all time. >> 's insistence and make sure to do the right place. his determination, all of which makes it one of the great players of all time. >> as is tradition, the receive a cavaliers jersey. obama, 16. >> in the crowd, the mother of coach ty lue who miss the final while battling cancer, the blessing today. never thought that this they would have become just glad to be here to share this day with my son has been a blessing. do a chance to go to the
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mr. obama into their shared with them some laughs and to me the first lady.. this is something that nobody can take away from you no matte what happensnshi in a just glad be a part of it. coach ty lue had a chance to come back here in 2,002 as a member of the lakerse and they want the championship but he said ey he declined, he said tht he did not know doing was young and stupid and he said this time he made sure to be here, to have his mom he was just icing on the cakere, tomorrow the cavaliers have again tomorrow at the verizon center with the wizards as they continue their quest for a second nba championship and perhaps a second trip to the lite-house. if they come back again, donal trump will be in charge. it's great to see you here at
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cavaliers, any of them were tweeting about this experience of a lifetime w. >> they were very much excited. lebron james has been here twice, this is third time, as well as in others, but for many of the cavaliers, such as tristan thompson, kyrie irving and jr smith, it was their firs time and they were very excited. they were takingn pictures in selfies and. kevin love, who gave the jersey tov obama. and they said, obama, 16 i thought it was interesting that kevin lovein you that the president, it was a great day e-mail to feel good for the. >> enjoy the assignment, we will talk to the bosses to see if yo can catch that game
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game, but just to be here on th grounds of the white house isto absolutely incrediblee i. is such a pretty site here. president-elect donald trump and mike pence spent time in washington for their first meetings with those bandsnt tha they will replace, or there has been some mud slinging the past few years but today, the meeting between mr. trump and mr. obama was described as excellent, the closed-door one-on- the key step to begin a smooth transition between administrations discussing everything from domestic to foreign policy.nsng >> i look forward to dealing with the president in the futur including his counsel.. it is important for all of us regardless of party and regardless ofle political preference to come together to work together to do deal with these many challenges..
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his party's leaders control the they are enate, reviewing thousands of resumes, to put together the next administration. first lady michelle obama and melania trump also met, but no chance were reported to see the together. they took a tour of the first family home talking about raising children at the white house. >> thousands take to the street to protest donald trump selection of more than two doze cities nationwide.. >> police in omaha nebraska using pepper balls to break up a group, one of many protests where people have signs , it was a similar site in cities like san francisco and new york. cribs the reformed in washingto dc as donald trump met with the president. something that even big time credits
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stop. >> i pulled into the game today id saw some people protesting o the streets about the election. i just want to remind everyone ine the country that the office of the presidency needs to be respected. tf the president in america needs to be respected. governor kasich also asked people to come together to say that the lives of children are at stake.e here, police investigating acts of vandalism directed at aa home of a donald trump supporter. >> jack shea has her story. >> i stop that this world would never come to that because of m politicsw. 61-year-old joan ringholz and her husband have lived here for the past 30 they have shown support for donald trump by having yard signs
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on election night their home was hit by paintballs , and the dayan after someone threw a roc through a window, she says that elizabeth. intimidation. it is my right that i want to do thatat, and it is terrible what's going on there are riots in everything because he became president and that shouldn't be. she says her greatest fear is that drew holm will continue to e assumes the presidencycy. >> she now putting away her trunk sider , she says her house is not associated withth the president-elect, the threat of additional reprisals is notot caused her to barge in her political belief. that is my freedom of speech, you should be able to,ha they should not be able to damage my property.. >> jack shea fox 8 news. police are increasing patrols
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video to cf. the vandals can be identified and forced to pay fo the damage. deliberation tomorrow and the h murder trial of a former cincinnati police officer, the jury and the trial of officer ray tensing were sequestered,he the university of cincinnati police officer testified he fea for his life when he shot and killed send those, they say that he purposely killed the unarmed m , but he could be convicted of a lesser charge of voluntary manslaughter.nv lease them by the man shot and killed by an tubular officer, they say that my six year old evan coxcc who died tuesday after three officer stopped him after a video store robbery, and one was run over b this is the car another was dragged, before they open fir the both expected to make a ful recovery, the bci took over the
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its great student is recovering after she was hit by a car while crossing the street the student was headed to the elementary building aroundnd 8:30 a.m. when hit, he was take with what we're all told our non- life-threatening injuries. the i ching asking questions atng local leaders cannot answe about your tax dollars. >> how much those people who should not be getting it? ed gallek is here with what he uncovered.d. >> is a corruption or carelessness? a loophole expose expose that could cost you big money so som local county workers call the i-team to investigate. tax dollars pay for health benefits for cuyahogal county workers and families, the i-tea found the county has no idea h much of the money has been paid for county health benefits for people not supposed to be covered. this audit says a spot check
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were verified for eligibility >> i think that's wrong, i thin that as a taxpayer is unfairha, taxes are already high enough. >> hundred people were on the plan who should not have been i benefits? we don't have that number. he says that cuyahoga county is just beginning to determine how many people should not have been receiving benefits n with dollars, also found that workers haveha been told the county wil not take action against people who should not have received were not into being punitive, and to going back to discipline people because there was a lot situation that could have the i-team attentiveness after hearing from multiple county employees. they say they went to meetings aboutw benefits and told that changes have been made because
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would have in the past, but we are fixing it. >> the county had a new firm to oversee health benefits to make sure everyone deserves it, it sayss will take months to sort through this , he even said that evidence of fraud will be prosecuted..e >> we found some clerical error so it wasn't the employees problem that had the benefits. tasters are glad that the system is getting fixed, but ex more for anyone abusing county benefits. the county says that once all employees sign up under this ne system they wills look at the people who have dropped off the rolls for benefits but not clea how far back they will look and
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's transits are not aware of the knowledge of the problem. >> will be demanding a full accounting of this when it is all over. things are looking up on wall street,t, uncertainty about the stock market is apparently over aso the dow closes at a record high. up to 18 points today. has been around two decades, the rock hall of fame has the that right is at the rock hall with a look.. some changes are happening, one of the most noticeable is out
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unveiled art to welcome visitors.rt the latest renovation to infuse energy into the museum. a revamped atrium and the store with new products. >> we want people to feel like they are entering a rock festival. to trigger memories and the greatest experience here to get a taste of changes includin foodod from some of our local chefs to be featured in a new caf? next summer . essay, were, the rock hall is still a main attraction at 21, last yearo and through half a million, almost all of them from out of town
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people come here they spend money and they stay in hotels and shopnd with unique pieces of music history including the jus openednc john mellencamp exhibi they cannot think of a better place to get married. we met here and get married here it is a great venuet were going to have our ceremony in the same spot that we mett. and other changes can expect, a new ticketing system to make buying tickets online easier. new lighting and sound system o the plaza.. still ahead, the i-team dives
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tomorrow is veterans day and
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with a special program, a documentary that puts a face to these better to soldiers who fight for freedom, following veterans as they share their struggles after serving.s it air saturday at 5:00 p.m. on fox 8. is a great day for local veterans who got the keys to th new car. progressive insurance donated the newly refurbished vehicles as part of the key to progress event.he not just here but across the nation's more than a hundred veterans and their families got the keys. identify those veterans who could use a helping hand and we refurbished vehicles and each family gets a vehicle, and the employees raise money to help the families. >> so far they have donated 300 vehicles to veterans across the
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taking a look at progressive field, looking different than two weeks ago during the world seriesl, the press has been removed it happenss every three or four years as part of routin maintenance, new sod will be installed to help the fuel n dr better when it rains if you wan about the planting grass november they say don't worry. we were on the field during the world series, and i cannot believe how beautiful load, no weeds. and yet, theya tore it up, they are perfection instrument they say that evenen if it is a hars winter, there will be some gree
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lower today is such a great ful day with sunshine and , there are still a lot of leaves that have not yet fallen. this is a look at the sunset at 5:12 p.m. from chesterland, geauga county. the low was 37 hopkins. sunrise were said 7:10 a.m. looking at the morning low's fromng lorain in mansfield, wooster with 31. hopkins 57 and 51 degrees wooster curdling. with a southwest wind between 15 and 20 mph.
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cincinnati 54 and 66 degrees omaha and kansas city it is all clear. we will be watching a front, from the north, not much precipitation. it is the colder air after the passage of the front. cloudy early tomorrow morning with perhaps a few brief rain showers. because of the alignment of the land andnd the dry air there is very small chance of the lake effect precip. this began to go back towards the direction east. and then eventually
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afternoon. not much time to tap into moisture, so odds are. tonight mid 40s. a few days away from the super moon monday. saturday appeared to be the coldest day,y, then sunday thro thursday, will be try and above normal with a chance of 60 degrees next friday with 30 percent chance of showers and then in two weeks it will b
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the cavaliers were hamming it up with mr. obama today. they met with him and walking around the white house. they set of the visits with him before tomorrow night's game in dc. they were invited to visit the white house after winning the nba title jim v i defeated the warriors. mr. obama had a special shout out during his presentation.a >> before i got a further want to give special thanksks to jr smith shirt for showing up. not sure if that would make an appearance today.. it is a very nice shirt. that was a reference to the parade when jr smith is not wearing a shirt and he said to put one
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pick up the victory. gameday number ten for the browns, and they are ten point.road underdogs versus baltimore ravens. the browns are determined not t gors 016 on the essays and. look like they would beat baltimore in week two at first energy stadiumum after leading toysys nothing the ravens score 25 points to bathe seven, four of theo teams last six to combi start , they try to stab a 12 game losing streak dating back to last season. a injury newsworthy world series participants involving a pitcher. >> 's been a tough year for indians pitchers in the hits keep coming, cody anderson was diagnosed with soft tissue damage in his elbow joint, the 26 europe underwent a procedure
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start a program in about eight weeksi expected to be ready for the start of thete 2,017th season. >> tomorrow night kicks off the regional semifinals of high school football as we close in on crowning champions. >> in four weeks it will be championship weekend in columbu were high school football,p medina, will travel to mansfiel to face liberty who is 110 on the season. medina has been led by running back who has learned touchdowns and 2,000 yards of offense he says that they're going to swar to mansfield withy' one mission trip we talked aboutth getting victories for the first time, as a programmer who never overcome past this the playoffs. in 2010 we've won our first and lost the second this team wants
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legendary team b. congratulation to those suicide early letters of intent sonny johnson and garfield heights had for student athlet to sign today. still ahead, the war on
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i-team exposes a potentially dangerous policy thate they say could lead indirectly to more heroin addicts and morel overdose deat dramaor three to seven people of overdose in cuyahoga county thi year that number were the nearl double, as bill sheil tells us the number of total deaths rivals the number of those killed in the images of an ohio couple slumped over from a heroin overdose, with a four-year-old in the backseat, images of people overdosing in stores. or in the street and the sounds can be heartbreaking.. >> pr stunt father, tells a sig
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i don't think you're viewing public understands the magnitud of the carnageon , it's not just a public health crisis it is a plague..s >> and that the drug court judg says that is killing more americans than a war. in vietnam ie it was 50,000 and were almost losing that muchch every year. 's been five years since the 19 travel to southern ohio to report on a crisis.c >> i relapse when i was pregnant, and i used until thre
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people overdosing in record numbers on heroin and its legal cousins such as oxycodone. >> ohio has been particularly hard hit. chuck rosenberg runs the dea. sometimes we overuse words like unprecedented, this is an epidemic, were going to lose weight so thousand people thi year to a drug overdose death i some ways that number is people who overdose but don't dieiend. and the small town of euclid, the fire departmentm administered the heroin antidote, the locks ontoni one and 45 people las year.l >> wish that this was just a temper thing..
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wild thing driving the increases prescription pills, one of five started on description pills mostlys legitimately elyse at some point.. >> estee lauder from the nation top drug enforcement official delightto expect other positive the were careful to prescribe fewer obvious to manage pain bu the opposite is true, federal policy puts financial pressure on doctors to prescribe more opiates heroin epidemic.t we know that physicians across ohio this trolley that there be an pressured the college tell me that the pressure is intense and often these patients have been on these prescriptions for years.. they say they're grateful that their hospitals do not reduce h individual doctors pay based on how patients rate thei pain treatment or federal
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at university hospitals, dr.'s individual pages go down based on patient surveys about pain control. >> the message of the same to practice good medicine, an opiate is sometimes appropriate and sometimes not but is not based onanan each count questions from the name of the survey given to medicare patients afte hospital stays,ve one on pain control and the other asking that the hospital staff did everything they could for pain always to both pain questions about the money the government pays to the hospital goes down.g >> several hospitals across the country to structure their payments that way the study of 1100 doctors in ohio found some 4 percent, about three out of four phil moore pressure to prescribe opioids because of ho the government reimburses for pain control. it's unrealistic believe that
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patient's wallet is not always the best medicine drama he says all doctors know that reimbursement may go down in that patient satisfaction score matter a lotis. >> you feel that what you do wrong that your satisfaction scores are not up to snuff with the rest of the institution treatmentaf and the judges see lives wrecked by prescription pills every week , ask him doctors to prescribe more opiatesesie and he will tell yo that it is. >> the exact opposite. that way solutions, we have to attack supply that is the traditional law enforcement response also havevet two protect the land. taki demand may be changing the system that encourages doctors to prescribe more pills during an epidemic when people
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the locks on the agency in charge of the survey in payment to hospital declined on camera interview said there is a proposal to eliminate theon financial to possible based on responses to the questionss tha would take effect in 2018 if adopted,at the white house says n $2 billion proposale us for mor addiction treatment that would bring about $45 million to ohio over the next two years,ld i te learned the police officer is getting called to court for an accident in the patrol car caught on camera burka got a ticket for running a red light just like anyone else. got a ticket for running a red
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has pled not guilty records sho it is scheduled next week he could face a a one and $50 fine. >> tuesday's election triggered demonstrations across the country, a college student plac there is a better way for donal trump supporters to get things doneld she calls herself a supporter of hillary clinton an said she was heartbroken when hillary clinton loss but after studying donald trumpsl hundred day plan, she came up with the d plan for all that include surrounding herself wit positivity and try to make a >> most important thing is that this is our president and no one should be rooting for him to fail because it's important to be vigilant and make sure that your writing to your representativegi and to advoca for the cause that are importan to you and it isca important to make sure that you are
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the public relations major says that this election mayay have convinced her to use her degree and the political arenaha. as we celebrate veterans day tomorrow, want to take some tim to share some of the pictures that invite fox 8 viewers. >> the first come from in korea and the father and brother in iraq.. >> u.s. navy veteran photo come from the u.s. navy camp in djibouti african. if you have a photo to share you can do that at fox
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businesses are giving thanks to our military offering special discounts, or free admission to veterans or active members , for a complete list and go to fox >> ., today but notot horrible. a shot from the folger home, avon lake. look at that old glory flying. sunset was at 5:12 p.m. tomorrow, there could be a few
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called on saturday there monday the super moon. s 77 across the area. the land for the southwest allowed us toto be above normal. it was 60 in normal is 53. cleveland 57, so st. louis the morning. omaha was in minneapolis in the '70s. we were 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. >> lots of sunshine today was watch the clouds moved in from thisis funnel boundary, tomorrow we will reach the high between
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this is a moisture starved front. we are more concerned about the colder air and that will be fel saturday before going back up t near normal territory sunday. we did think of the win stayed in the right direction that we could have a fewn lake driven snowflakes with that looks less likelyke, i'd say le than 10 percent chance. on saturday if you lake driven clouds, overall brighton called for government mid- 40s tonight. and then mostly cloudy enter
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monday. it will be rather breezy tonigh and gusty tomorrow. tomorrow highs in the 40s and then falling probably to low to mid '40s the afternoon. for friday, mostly sunny then on saturday burka averages of the low 50s everything is
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brands of a norwalk high school remembers someone who was full of life. >> she was. died from a rare condition brought on byby severe reaction medication is roosevelt leftwic tells us her death was hitting hard.. the 50-year-old, margaret swanback was an excellent writer she was taking senior level classes.. her friends would talk about a time that she helped them get through tough time.
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her, she was really the voraciousab, open-minded individual, encouraged others. margaret died wednesday from aa very action to medication. she was our disc writer and even someone that everyone called the band mom sh called everybody friend. >> of a nose how quirky she was touching everyone in the school. >> she was a free spirit, incredibly intelligent and caring want to make a
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>> she contracted a condition that was a reaction to medication, there are roughly eight and 40 students at norwal high.h. to say that she touched everyone's life is not a stretch,. she was jealous of carrying and shee made sure that everyon was okay and we kid tell stories. >> roosevelt leftwich, fox 8 news. one of the most heartbreaking diseases can attack your mind and destroys your memory,stak and man is receiving honors regrading the facility in northeast ohio that caters to patients with alzheimer's and dementia. in chagrin valley, chagrin falls, is a nursing home designed to look like a small
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it features fiber optics to mimic daylight in starry skies , at night porch lights turn on outsiden the rooms and the hallways are entire towns t to stores and shops just like they remember, she was just selecte asec one of the top 15 influenc in aging in the country, you want to create a time capsule for patients.. and main street that takes them back to a movie theater, or supermarket worker dr.'s office or gas station enables them to relate to the environment,, there are three of these facilities in chagrin falls, ashtabula and >> still ahead looking back at goddard's job with the brownsns we count down to his final
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goddard's final forecast is almost here and were celebratin his career.gogoar >> scud sable says that not man people know about his second job. were for the nfl team is a dream job working for the brown on sundays , for decades, was a way to spend his free time
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before i started working when i came into radio. pura vida the stats man, the first thing that i thought abou him is what you see is what you get. a is here this genuine guy in office that he is the same guy he was a perfectionist. my favorite memory. we play the steelers. humidity in the booth next to u and there was a glass window between usoo and you have the guards passing rushing and things like that also you have the number of bears and cigarettes that he smote. from here's a guy who did not have to do it become probably after five days of doing the weather in cleveland he probabl wanted some free time but not
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i don't know what they paid them, think the dead, that is not why he did it become he doe things because he enjoys them and the to thank you for joining us
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president obama met with president-elect trump at the white house today . >> it was an important first step in the transfer of power, joins us with more on what they transition process will take about ten weeks until donald trump takes thepri oath january 20 2 day they met face-to-face, and had what mr. obama called a wide-ranging conversation. >> i've been very encouraged by president-elect trump's wanting to work with my team , around many of the issues that this


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