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tv   FOX 8 Saturday Early News  FOX  November 12, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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good morning it is saturday november 12, slicken-up tooling mixed bag of clouds and some clear spots. aj colby is actually pretty tech savvy, he has help me with many computer problems, thank
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but she doesn't tell you is that the computer i helped?her with this no longer working with. i hope you're having a great saturday morning.. looking at what's happening house, avon lake of, a few white caps on the. that tree in the foreground is showing signs of changing color, is amazing how long the leaves have gone on in many treeses, o radar, it is dry,
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cold spot is toledo with their mid- 20s. lands are pretty light, no wind gusts .com lakeside it is usually warmer was hosted 40 degrees
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the nation unrest on the oven on social media, two local high schools to see their faces suspension after posting anothe students weren't online. >> they say he was intent to expose a day after the electio.n >> melissa reid now with the story. racially insensitive, that shaker heights junior elena weingard made a screen grab and put on her own snap-chat. you can comment on story and i got a lot of comments and my friend asked o if she could put
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not identify and the student who posted multiple snaps about like people online to say thing that they are violent,t, rude in, loud rude and annoying. myahh husamadeen, shaker heights sophomore who decided to expose the racist rants on her twitter account, from their social media exploded. >> i think people are hard to see that this kind of racism s shaker heights where everyone seems to be liberal and seems t be accepting. >> one day later, both were calledb to the office, and both said they were suspended for disruptive behaviorh. basically i'm at fault because i put a private message on a public forum.. >> carly rae down to district four commentnt and they decline to go on camera they released a
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she says that she is disappointed thatat the student who post the comments was not disciplined, she says free speech is one thing but is respecting someone's race is a problem, . >> i understand that i put a private message on a public forum, and i said i'd open her up to harassment, but i never intended for her, to be harasse i just wanted people to knowt sms stuff is not okay donald trump admitting he will consider keeping parts of obamacare he describes concession call he received fro hillary clinton,n, he has been vocal critic of obamacare. >> to be clear, he is not backing off his pledge to repea and replace obamacare, they wa street journal reported that president obama person to take another look at the healthcare law when they met at the white
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minutes that there are parts of the law that you like to keep.0 when you replace a company going to make sure that people withth preconditions are still covered >> yes because it is one of the strongest assets and children with their parents were an extended period of time, very much try to keep that,an it is something that we will try to keepi. >> donald trump says making changes to his transition team, that makes key recommendations for his menstruation, chris christie isns no longer the man charge, two of his former aides were found guilty in thehe bridgegate scandal, chris christie is now the vice chairman, mike pence dow has the top spot on the transition team. also in the interview he talked about the concession call he received from hillary
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it was a tough call for her. tougher for her than it would eventually,y, for me it would h been very difficult . she cannot have been nicer, she said congratulations donald. well done, and i said i want to thank you you are a great competitor. he says that former president bill clinton also called andys very gracious, he did not rule out talking to the president obama for advice, s-4 obamacare he promised to replace it with something better at a better price and, for the first time there are parts of that la that he says are worth keeping. rash of crimes, and beachwood placece avenue the place they'r urging people to be aware of their surroundings, t
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, teenager arrested after trying to steal from nordstrom at beachwood place they say he tried to walk away with a thousand dollars worth ofhe burberry clothing we tried to get away they say that he choke the loss prevention officer, he was rested and is facing charges charges. then friday a woman was robbed at gunpoint in the beachwood place rikki life. outside of saks fifth avenue ca was also stolen there still looking for a suspect if you have in robbery call the police. pe >> video of a wild gunfight on the streets it led to an investigation,nf gunshots went into the school, the police had no cars to send, ed gallek is here with what he found. t the gunman was hanging out of the car firing shots at an suv , it was broad daylight, tuesday
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131 in harvard, that gunfire left bullet holes in th school building,, the shooting led to 911 calls, they wanted what took so long for the polic to arrive. >> by the time it happened and by the time i left there were no police and that was about 15-20 minuteser >> receiving multiple calls of several vehicles shooting at on another from inside the the informatio recordings, dispatchers put out an alert to all cars in the area, but one transmission reveal dispatchers had no cars to the police report shows a patrol car finally got on scene after 47 minutes. investigating more than just how long itat took a patrol car arrive is unfounded to late to getol the crime scene investigators to follow-up, the police report shows that there
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no csi type unit available until the next day. there's a big problem with that in the community and the police response time. >> people in the neighborhood are not surprised by the gunfir oror by the shortage of police. five bullets hit the charter schoolli, kids were not there b teachers were,. >> why did it take so long to get a police carar? the i-team has reached out multiple times to the chief's office, and there's no are amazed that there were no injuries. if bullets into the school, he was only 10 feet away from the trucks was he just aiming at the truck was he trying to shoo to scare the person and didn't care where the bullets went? >> ed gallek fox 8 i-team? spokespersons for the school called the police response concerning and says that the school does have officers
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>> downtown cleveland celebrate yesterday with a big veterans day parade to honor the veterans. the pride march down lakeside avenue, including members from every branch of the service as well as police colorguard andbr marching bands. prior to the parade, a special event was held inside city hallar to pay tribute to t veteran's park oft line those i attendance, to world war ii veterans. this year's name is celebrating thet 75th anniversary of the united services organization, marine corpses veteran we talked to sa the way america treats its veterans now is much different
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i was in the vietnam era, we were not treated very well, we came back and they spent at us and i do not want to admit that i was a veteran. since the vietnam veteran spoke up, now the veterans are treate a lot better, this is awesome. >> the ceremony there raising awareness for the green light event initiative. a national campaign to establis support for veterans by changin building lights to the color green number of girls are locked up this morning after a
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president obama pay tribute to the veterans at arlington national cemetary friday,o laid a wreat at the tomb of the unknowns and final time as president berger also delivered an address in which he referenced the suicide rate of veterans said the natio has toto give them the hel needed, he also talked about th recent election and the divisio
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we search for ways to come together,isas to reconnect with another and with the principles that are more enduring than transitory politics, some of ou best examples areti the men and women that we salute on veteran dayay . >> tuesday veterans voted overwhelmingly for donald trump. >> crews are busy across south putting in north carolina 19 burning and a national forest, 100 homes evacuated in 17,000 acres burned, thousands of people in the northwest georgia mountains are alsbu on the move, fires are also burnin in south carolina and tennessee. >> seven students at the university of albany are under arrest for his income accused o lying folding sorority recruits and making them eat mud, then
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milk, one pledge ended up in th hospital after an allergic reactionle, the sorting, is not officially recognized on campus. >> we certainly are would not discourage students to have a good time in college, but we needt to be safe. hazing is not only dangerous i is against the law and is a crime and you will be arrested. the seven students who are under arrest were all women, an ages of 19 and 21. group of nfl players wants to the lake to change its stance o marijuana. they signed a letter asking the toto lift the ban on pots, they wanted to be allowed as a teen alternative according to the study more than half of retired nfl players use of narcoticth painkillers during their careers,, send 100% end up abusing those drugss later on. facebook users received an
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chalk on friday afternoon, many of the social media sites user saw their facebook profile page top the message that refer to the process for memorializing the page of someone who had passed away.ce meshes and then paste the code that loved ones would find comfortt in sharing posts about them. seal mark zuckerberg page was o him as deceaseded, facebook has not commented but it appears that the company may haveeb fix
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the loan is so bright out there, the super moon will be o monday, the full beaver moon of november.
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this is called the waxing beaver moon. andre bernier put this together. as the moon heads off to the east, followed by blue skies for the most part. there can be a lake-effect shower moving through, full sto we had a beautiful sunset last night. for degrees in cleveland, 30 degrees and wooster. shows the temperatures are basically in the mid to upper 40s, re the falcons 40 degrees after a high of 53 that is on average.
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is keeping the temperatures near the lake shorere basicallyly 95 percent the state will be clear. today about 50 degrees, sunshin and a few clouds early , in the afternoon it will be basically sunny, brisk but the west wind between five and ten mph. clear andbfi moonlit skies. southwest wind between seven an 12 mph and a small craft advi between 15 and 25 mph. high pressure, a big dome of high pressure heading to the east. we will be in fineo shape for several days, this front not getting in on the action anytim soon. d here is the forecast, keep the
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slightly above average for most of us, tomorrow's high 57 degrees, mostly sunny on monday 55. on tuesday, a bit more cloud cover, 53 degrees a slight chance of a shower wednesday an then bright sunshine returns thursday into the weekend will be a few more clouds next week in.nt you can have some real strong storms this time of year, only this time of year that the edmund fitzgerald went down. you know what they say, although things must come to an
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season 20 of friday night touchdown in the books bu not before anothero exciting night of playoff action begin with division i, saint ignatius against top-seeded solon will stop all cast i can first. goes 24 yards and that is good
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makes a huge gain of the middle for the solon comments. kyle kent scoring can, given the wildcat say 14-three lead. saint ignatius katy stanton, outstanding catch by travis pot. and then, the reverse, great blocking as saint ignatius 21-three at the half waning tha 31-17 then we go to region six. , there is a fumble, the th demons recover, less like insid of the bulldogs tenured life a
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the second quarter the bulldogs, he falls into the endzone. westlake back on offense. bulldogs defense comes up big o go the assets of the bulldogs second touchdown of the game. than it is 14 to nothing olmste falls.s. then the bulldogs added another score.. olmsted falls advancing, winnin 49-21. region five, warren g harding. is a first-ever of the chardon hilltoppers. the powers in and then for the touchdown.
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shuttle had to settle for a field goal on this drive.d they and their perfect season 49-31 then go to division i. ramsay returns the kickoff to midfield. high-thin connects and then to the sideline again. he takes this one in.
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you showed some nice moves. that he makes a big move into the endzone code is open for th touchdown passc in the third quarter, the eagles hold on to beat them 41-35. saint ignatius and saint ed nex week. cuyahoga heights is the top seed, then no trouble with. he had simple the first down. and then, and they were just getting started. hits in for a big yardage. and then there on a crossing route. that he keeps it inside and dow to the 10-yard line beforeee he goes to work. that would be a fourth down for the scansns and then we got the touchdown for cuyahoga heights,
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offensive play of the year had saying, back in week two, he ran 75 yards about 101 overall because he came back acrossss t field from sideline to sideline the dives and for the sky score congratulations. the friday night touchdown game of the year heat reactive 2,000 total yards 40 touchdowns and led them into the 16thy all the highlights from divisio 2357 tonightht fox 8 news at
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still ahead, picture it, a burning pickup
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will come back to fox 8 news on a saturday morning, we're glad that you hear for , this class will be strong for me. lake effect cloud cover will be
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eventually the skies were clear for the vast majority of us, it will still hang around to lake county coroner geauga. 42 degrees tonight. currently 30 degrees wooster and cleveland 40 degrees worker small craft advisory with the i and 20 knots. tonight ways between four and six. all kinds of fair skies and make
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local police officers putting their lives on the line to make a rescue, a burning pickup truc with a man trapped inside. to painesville officers are credited with the rescue that was caughtcr on video as matt wright reports. a brush with death at the back of painesville's riverside cemetery wednesday night. dash-cam cameras rolling as officer jesse cudnik's first arrive. i was scared and a little worried from officer elvert jordan arriving moments later, they ran towards the earningg pickup with a man trapped inside inside. >> he was not responding, when look through the window i saw blood on his shirt so i knew something was wrong..
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car fires they can flare up and it can go fromom bad to wor in a matter seconds. the flames flare, moments later. >> they may have saved a life. >> they see that they were doin their job.. not consider myself a hero who did what any officer in any department across the country would do >> makes you feel good, it's my job, i'll do it every day if i have to.. >> that right fox 8 news. in other news, court approved a massive payout to the family of the clue the girl shocked by a downed power line, $60 million settlement in the case of 12-year-oldd gasia thomas has been improved, and 2012 she touched a life powerline she needs round-the-clock care the
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companies against both first energy in cei. >> deliberations will resume today in the case of a former university of cincinnati police officer charged with murder. on friday the jury said they cannot reachf a decision, the judge ordered them back to work. also told them they have all th information they need to reach verdict. actorr won't under arrest were stealing from a disabled woman for the second time,erer in 2015 wanda starcher plead guilty incestst control thein said she was agai withdrawing funds from the same victim's bank accountn and charged with theft from this weekend, celebrating veterans day friday there was a specialnd surprise for a decorated marine in his familyly
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sgt jimmy glenn his family give $5,000 in free groceries dominated by operation homefront. neededna two tours of duty i iraq, and suffered a brain injury he was suffering from ptsd after arriving home, he wa recently notified that hisnpt disability benefits are being cut by the be the va and that' why they're so grateful for the gift. va about losing some rating, so even that bit of money helps to offset costs elsewhere we have to eat so we at least have that covered. >> iwt this is one of those things that can't make you feel that somebody is watching and that i isis there are other people struggling and it doesn't matte where they are at,e gives you more hope that there's good people out there.
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operation homefront, a nonprofi organization that helps militar families. in honor of eterans day, tribune is honoring those who fight for ou freedom, the city min docunt face to those who fight for freedom, homeland diaries, america's veterans for shows th struggles they
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cleveland sports fans another big downtown parade. >> is to celebrate the browns perfect season as they move closerer to a winless record, kevin freeman has details and
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it has been a tough season for the browns and their fans, so far they lost every single game . >> i have been either blessed o cursed to be in browns fan for the rest of my life. is says about a week ago he thought about celebrating the season with a parade, but they went a perfecth 01 16th we talk to him via skype from columbus to qatar people began to talk about the idea once i saw that it can't some momentum started about the facebook page and invent. >> he has filed for a permit from the cityy the parade is scheduled for 1:00 p.m., at first energy stadium on january 7,7,0 it is symbolic, around the stadium, to create i zero, if you look closely at the rest of the route creates numbe 16ic, kind of change in the
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as bad as they are to now kind of looking at a positive about it, then actually doing something historic,iv although negative, it is something historic for our walter brown saints think about a perfect season parade. >> i think it is a little disrespectful to the cavaliers and the monsters in the engines were so hard to be vectorsrs. >> i can't see going to celebrate a losing seasonon. getd their stuff together, as well be good at something, the browns things losing and the cavaliers is winnies . >> from a young age this team has been a part of me and will continue to be, when our livesr. >> kevin freeman fox 8 news.
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turn a negative into a positive. >> scott sabol is, i guess very happy because it takes a ten minutes less to get ready in th morning because he doesn't hav to shave. at the chilly out there this morning, case you haven't noticed. >> you need a jacket. >> these clouds are more indicative of lake influence bu h them. it is a gorgeous sunrise, at burke lakefront time lapse does not really do it justice. it is the weekend, it will be chilly today, it will be close to 50 degrees for the high it has been a very warm month tomorrow basically sunny with mid- 50s, perhaps even
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, more on this coming up, the full super moon we have been calling it the super super moonal are the superduper moon, will be monday evening it will look 14 percent larger because it is at the low the sky the closest to the earth, and it will appear to be 30 percent brighter. next week, we will have 50s and some 60s and hunting of sunshine and very few shots at rainfall. 38 degrees brunswick, medina with 36 degrees, inland, it is in the 20-degree or more, alliance 29, 33 degrees west
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cover is helping the temperatur dropped. sonorous of cloud cover, the chilly stuff remains in canada. today a high of 50 degrees, our cloud cover, extensive now will break up into some sunshine,
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tonight nods will stop there will be high pressure in control. crispy cool this is just above average, on thursday mostly sunny skies, and maybe a few showers on friday and into next satur a week from today. we got next weekend and then after that it is thanksgiving week. i need to start preparing. >> get your turkey ready >> i think that maybe i should
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i made sure to put in three chocolate creams, my favorite. >> thanks aj. still ahead,
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in florida, a couple proves
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>> carlos and maria met less than a year ago, they say that it wasd ss love at first sight, they decided to get married. he is 95, and she is 80. despite their ages, they say that they are very happy and planpy to spend many years together, they say the success of their relationship is communicationmogr. congratulations to them, and years together , we will be bac
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good morning, some cloudy skies with my traffic on this, saturday, november 12. there are some different sources happening throughout the weeken for veterans >> we have more info at fox 8.comom.. >> good morning, thank you for linking up with us. i'm autumn ziemba. >> and im roosevelt leftwich, and a.j. colby is standing nearbyro


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