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tv   Fox 8 News at 5AM  FOX  November 14, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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until the end of the week there's the lowil directly affecting us inquired the next couple of day slightly above normal which is goodht we should is they do this again later on this afternoon. eventually we'll talk more about
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general terms in just a few minutes good-looking rush hour right now everything is running along really well. we did have a car hit a treatedr once again that's that. the highways that couldt noo problems east or west front thatng quite wellll apartheid all those communities r said they are good to go without a lot of construction his family reopen this wrap that up on fridayay over in macedonia. wayne and kristi pack to you. >> in the news this morning president-elects t donald trump makes a major appointment within his administration's cyclic looks ad to prepare for the transition its power.we
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since then the election. stacy fryel has more pit ceric were starting toit get a clear picture of ways presidency live look like he has chosenof he al needs state steve been as steep cheesete strategists hoping that trump will stick with gopop seii it in the shape anything to maintain some of the harder like ideological on. this choice are you drawing criticism from democrats including minority leader harry reid and ceo of the anti-defamation leagueorry can't trump to resend not take in ani
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them to stop harassing minorities. civic tone do it that's terrible they are now working on site about 4,000 political appointmentsts needs the money.'s in other news this morning fire cruise in berks a battle the house five early this morning two people were inside this ho on overlook drive at the time both of them made it out safely the fireou started in the back f
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looking into what sparked at the house suffered severe damage inn meanwhile to be were taken to the hospital after this fireo over at night started around 1:30 a.m. the red cross wasteou called top one adult and one child's no word on the condition for the ohio state highway patrol cowboys the drug and alcohol were factors in the series crash we have one i price they rent left of seven fundamental ridged road a amherst hitting a ford escape head on e sebring was already people and in serious condition the driver of the escape ale is in seriou condition -- stable condition.s the 56 -year-old was killed on the ohio turnpike and type when an 85 -year-old driver hit her head on the both sides the mann
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how this morning finding a adi missing teenager's top-rated. take a look at this picture 1616 -year-old was last seen wednesday going to washingtonon park school he's about 6-foot tall fence sitters 75 pounds if you know he is call police. a woman facing murder charges that this morning for stabbing deputiesiend to death were called to the home around 10:30 p.m.o that county sheriff says th arms and chest deputies are not rating on the bed he later diedd at the hospital she clenched her boyfriend cut himself whilehi sharpening and ninth policepo continue to search for suspect after all or shine killed nearly
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during a robbery" new line park on toew l win 20 she was tryingn call 911 her mother her is so coming to grips with the loss.o >> i don't know how to go on to what it was supposed to do itit wasn't her time take all herer life was taken she had so much >> if you know anything about the robbery or shooting cop place. the rock 'n rolly org c hall ofn directing died yesterday ages 3s his career started as a session can a player in the 1960s and later included hits like tightt rope until telling the renaissance. he died as a pole recovering
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why it is taken six years and what it could mean for the next few weeks found her.or good morning everybody today and tomorrow cold nights for by above normal temperatures during the day will talk about whether not we can anticipate some showers in the middle of the weekabo we for fr forecast is bring most areas up to 50ing weekend before thanksgiving week when we come
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while come back look at the we do weather and traffic every eight minutes.tes. that's a lot to digest. let's happening. it is not as close as which you think. ap the rigidity read everything is all right. though spots well below freezing
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39 at burke will probably lose another two or or 3 degrees between nowoba 0 or 7:00 in the morning. suspend the warmest fall onll record. there's the system developing it will pulledt out a weak cold front
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i'm back up the middle upper so strong push off cold air the showers behind us from park going to be pretty limited not anticipating much more than 20 percent that his well above normal put
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accumulation is too early to tax it is trending pullrly there wee starting to see his fitting attach strong dryer there werese seen so far considered wed haven't seen any of with temperatures running about 10 degreeste below average on monday.
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also some not ready for thehe position plus barack obama makes his final trips overseassit aftr
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good morning everyone it's the super bowl monday november 1420 40 degrees outside things for waking up with my name is kristi capel let's get a check in with weatherwise with scott s 5:30 a.m. live widespread frost and right now solon 2016 camp and 29. closing in on saturday here atr fox 8e paid village afford not all whole lot in the way of weather systems here wh it's ben
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how does that translate into rain or what snowes as we lookok ahead that is the big questionet the next two days looking beautiful was sunshine with a high from 58.was we will keep it clear with it. one day past four months and even tomorrow with high clouds couple degrees above normal with a height above >> it's a nice easy rush hour with when asked about the freeways ea so be aware that a r hit a tree other is feeling good looking at drive times as we do


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