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tv   Fox 8 News in the Morning  FOX  November 14, 2016 6:00am-8:00am EST

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chardon right now 26 ravenna 34 were running into the high 30s here at h for it. you will will meet your weather
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go there for your monday morning .ommute reopen this on friday night roah at the railroad no posts down in macedoniaroa traffic moves well from rocky river and lakewood it to cleveland.oc a few more cars on the that a good luck it's much better as we have two lanes getting onto the end of the whole five plaintiffe crescent was quite welcome welcome as well seven of problems coming up the sixthe minute ride. in any minute commute wayne andn kristi pack to you.ou top of the news this morning donald trump making two key appointments for his white house staff that they createte set of
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announcing the appointment hehe called the highly qualified bidders who work together on the campaign and referred to them as equal partnersrre it's part concerned that the fourth great rivals one f a person the white house resending the grassroots supportrs since a stunning victory comes that iun was 60 minutes and said start off the lawmin that he wil settle for a fence for certain areas as he puts ithees in abouo those 12 million illegal on words he's only sending back ag fraction of the number what weha are going to do is get that gang members drug dealers of a lot of
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getting them out of our country of a point in cars. t after the porter secured is normalized will make a determination on the path of aa talking about who are terrific trump supporters who have been harassing them to stop afterhem hillary clinton he wouo give a definitive answer as he willll that moment was offense he will not until later.r.t he plans to keep some parts of it he willla follow and supreme court justice who is arrested after a rooster accusing him ofh hypnotizing and sexually
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jessica dilld you kristi.i they're disturbing details in this case and for people who are accusing michael fight of the
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first came up onto his fall ices once he was charged he did approach the court and resigned his law license.proa
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people taken to the hospital after this fireeop overnight starter 1:30 a.m. no word on the condition of those victims that they arewordond they played drud alcohol were factors serious crashrs yesterday afternoon thy have learned not a chrysler sebringc willh left of center middle ridge road escape that all dry for the sebring were not wearing a seatbelt and is in serious condition. the driver of the ford escape this into isouhe stable conditd spread the that all will have one was killed in a wrong way crash on the turnpike yesterday afternoon.rnpi they both passed away a man was taken to the hospital in stable condition.
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teenagerliceel alexandre was fug wednesday going to washington park school is about 6 feet tall to 75 pounds if you know 50 is please call police. he says that they could only
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i literally has got what am iha supposed to do today.t cleveland police say that use
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builds in canada not typically is the catalyst for cold air no push of cold air late saturday into sunday that's out with highlights shattered into sunday.lay patty harkin has an update on
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speed no problems on the roadway more volume pretty one more cars out and patches to nice-looking rush ara no accidents than the weather is put the trophy our monday
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>> stacy fry is here with more. we're starting to get a clear picture of what this will look
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they said to stop harassing. i say stop it. just an interesting note cnn is putting out that there the book coming oututp is all you hear the record toec him. he is probably just as shocked as anybodyus we are all very shocked. he's in it.arer
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the former lorraine at 45th little his clients and accused of sexually assaulted them will be sentenced later today jessica dill is at the commonen court right now. >> good morning. it's something that's really hard to think aboutod they put so much trust into this man and somebody who was supposed to be helped them getting tough time that he took advantage of them. this morning she ended the victims will know his punishment. lasher he was arrested and chargedar with charge of liquid kidnapping sexual battery. among others. she eventually were hidden cameras and microphones for the
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confirm that he is using hypnotic techniques the second one thing came forward with similar charges facing embarrassing disclosure of evidence if you wanthang to chae pleaded guilty to kidnapping and attempted kidnapping because of the plate the victims do not have to testifypp in court, but their attorney says they still liveys in fear that they woulde him again some day.ay i don't think the general public is aware of how capable he was an hypnotizing the summit semi there's a lot of strong women this happened year was with someone who had to be na?ve for'woar her strong intelligent women. thehe victims are looking to hold them financially responsible asi for today he could face up 12 years in prison.ou jessica dill down there for us this morning d to defend that o
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the discovery fridayd after beig called's asked to a welfare checkt because no one had been seene at that house lately officers found two people deceasedou inside they are now investigating the cause of deate toll was the mentor hit the lanes this we can to help the familyhe grieving the loss ofof their get young sun. jacob lost his two-year battle with brain cancer back in august. the medical bills keep piling up. tat it's years held a fundraiser at the freeway lanes raising more than $8,000 his mother fall back the tears as she talked about her son. >> it's very hard. sumac if you'd like to donate to the family and others impacted
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link to this story on our website at >> if you're just getting upeb t will have an update on your weather and traffic every eight a big surprise for some bikers they rescued from the side of the roadr s turned out to be bre springsteen's see the pictures they took max. and how would you like to move into the white house the nexthe
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good morning we can't done to dick goddard's final forecast
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will give you more details on the as we celebrate dick goddard and what it is brought to ouro lives here or the five plus decades doing thatth weather hee in northern ohio let's check in was going on here in the short couple of quick showers tomorrow night late into early thursday frontfrwith a weak cold look as the temperatures is that bounces back post 60s on of them at 70 on friday the deeper we go into november the deeper these temperatures things
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whether not this will continue throughout thanksgiving week with a quick look at that eight-day and now iank time for traffic. they're starting to see a a little bit of congestion this is her 77 and i 90 come to you can see there are pockets of stop. code in that there's nothing out of the areain
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stopped to help him with his motorcycle broke down near new jersey over the weekend they gave him wtor d a ride to roastr someone can to pick him up before he lost he brought everyone a round of drinks and promise in some concert tickets on their facebook page because of his support for hillary clinton during the election.l ae scaled-down version of the most famous home is up for sale. it's a 1920s seven home and includes all original find0s 15 bathrooms us on air butlers pantry and the original mark and
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rumor has it he hinted that architect a $20 bill and said i want my house to look like thisi it was the white house on thehe pack of that.. >> there is no bid right now the minimum bidsth tuesday on the market for five and half million 6:48 a.m. pedro but te right nowtt saboll it's time for the career job board of the day.y. for more information on this and other jobs click the jobs tab at we will be right back.
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welcome back to fox 8 news in the money right now the roadways look greatth we can't find any accidents and her then a slowdowns 44 northbound ramp reopenbou friday afternoon's see your good to fr go for your mony morning y commute on the westside's task construction her atsing the route to these
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thursday are with four perhaps thehet parade out thursday and fridayd and then put it away wih rain in the wet snowpu we're gog to air on the site of caution
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people freak out you have that there to exercise our quarrels posing muscle on mondax
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averaging just over 15 miles per hour over all, not a bad start to the monday morning commute.e. >> donald trump making major
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different things about what kind ofki presidents to the subtletis that the president see the subtleties from the president a lot the outgoing republican party chairman may smooth the passage of the legislative agenda. he was a lightning rod because of his role in the outright movement he has a loyalty to chomp doctor leading him to victoryy on my same day e met those appointments he also gave his first interview was 60 minutes on sunday nightppst talg about a wide range of topics he told the wall street journal and 60 minutes in separate interviews he will keep some parts of obama care. this is hitting well with some sitting well with some supporters who
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when he replaced are you going to make suree those with preconditions keep it. >> yes also thet. children livig with their parents for an extended period. much had to try to keep that without cost, but it is something we're going to try to keep. >> he says heo won't be big on taking vacations and won't take the $400,000 salary that goes with that you'll take the $1. >> accused of hypnotizing and sexually assaulting clients faces charges today. theo victims are still living with the horrific nightmare because of his guilty see that means the victims don't have to testify in
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everyone however their attorneys say these victims are still humiliated and live in fear every day when it has they will have to see him again. former attorney h used hypnosis to put his hands in a trance like states and then took advantage of them sexually. and conference roomse and in his private law offices guilty to kidnapping will be sentenced at nine this morning. he was an expert at using relaxation techniques to gain control a of his client. >> because you are vulnerable woman inn vulnerable usingng children fighting for custodyod
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essentially prion and create sexual victims was very possible forsi him. >> catered surrenders license to practice father are at fault for victims accusing him one went in with a camera and microphonec ad caught him trying to hypnotize her on camera. morning to people were inside at the time. officials say both of them thankfully made it out safely. the fire started in the back of the harm, but home, but investigators are still looking like at the church to experiment
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on the condition of the victimse right now. >> the ohio state highway patrol with drugs and alcohol cold factor in a serious crash. we have learned a chrysler sebring hit a ford escape had on he was not wearing a seatbelt and it is in serious condition this morning. >> children in pennsylvania? assuming you turnpike saturday afternoon she died when an 85 -year-old driver entered at home they ever had on they both died cleveland police need your help in finding this missing teenager you see here on your screen last seen wednesday going to
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know where he is please call police. >> a woman is facing murder charges m this morning for allegedly stabbing her boyfrienf to death deputies were called, and 30 saturday night jones all caps county services they were stabbed multiple times in the arms and chest.e she claims her boyfriend caught himself while sharpening a knife. >> and they tell us the families and friends are trying to come together with the losss mentor swimmer conversation. a lap a harp you specifically make those those pictures come to lifefe. >> they took my life from me. i don't knowi how to go on from here right now. i was literaly think what am i supposed to do i
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said. >> see a sad and unexplainable to her longtime boyfriend. the good andfr the bad. the bartenr washe killed back on october 25 25th after a look robbery25 on cleveland's west decided they saved she was fatally shot as she tried to call 911.ll she is going to be missed by so many people. >> on sunday night theymi are packed with those who knew and loved her daughter with those who said she was a light alive in the she loves everybody and everybody loved her. on sunday people told stories, it together and raised money for those going through unimaginable hurt. >> you stole a million lives in nature first because that is how many she touched.
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a four -year-old girl and her mother are injured by the very same bullet and police say it was the power of the caller who pulled the trigger. >> residents of the twice in the same day here what investigators are saying. >> good morning. >> good morning, everyone hour forecastv brings us well up into the lower 50s byl a well into the details for the rest of then weekend a quizt quiz lookout thanks a lot, scott good morning we have had a nice looking rush hour. h cleveland clinic is now ranked the number two hospitalv in the nation for 22 years in a
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will come back to fox eight news in the morning at least two are dead after a bigig earthquake ht new zealand. the magnitude 7.8 quake did substantial damage triggering tsunami 8 feet high. aftershocks continuedh to rock the area, and are expected for the next several days. >> a three -year-old girl is recovering after accidentally shooting herself in the face and a mother and theri head. police in h indianapolis it at all the with each other, of a gun that was left on the nightstand she pulled the trigger once the same bullet hit her and her mother they are both expected to survive. another child there was also in the room but was not
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have to payic a big sign after five residents overdosed on heroin. the continentaldo care center totals more than $100,000 to five patients overdosed in then recovered and read returned to the center. they returned and od they cannot even though they were supposed to be under close watch. >> rock 'n roll hall of hall of famer leon russell has passed away. >> he came to fame after working behind the scenes after a session p.m. as for other musicians with george harrison about dylan he helped recommend minutes and 71 concert for bangladesh was still trying at the age of 74 he died in his
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had been recovering from quadruple bypass he delivered his last address h fir you will travel to decrease before making chris before making his way to germany than a specific summer on friday. fifteen minutes after
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bridge as you try to accident to downtown is an accident to ontario or orange and thus average price of gas around town is $2 thank you very much. the forecast as has temperatures
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looking back at the records seven is really it never happened before. we keep rolling we have frost to contend with us we check out the numbers, and there is the last photo picture a couple of frames of the super moon. what is. what is the superman? it is this. what happens is the moon when it gets to its the same time when the moon and arts & are lined up that is called the superman. the differences mainly only about 1m significant but it is like the difference between a 15-inch and a 14-inch pizza. from a long distance youro can barely make t any significant size change the
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confused with the size of the moon on the horizon. and it looks much larger it is actually an illusion. it shakes out roll inside the towel roll the inside if you need more scattered and yo well looks much smaller then if you look at it with both eyes. forty-one right now 37 and eastlake a widespread frost and the only major issue will be the
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the rest coming in there. when you consider we are in the middle of novemberr and then we have the entirety of the us so far this fall you have to go out to canada where we see the snow cover in march withe the snow forecast producing some snow in the middle of canada which we need that to sustain the cold. we usually end up getting cold calling up overol the north fali kind of you and me and and integrates itself and then eventually a moves into the gret lakes. thursday and friday a chance of rain we could see some light snow sunday into monday of
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now. >> good morning. christie and john cougar mellencamp the exhibit is finally here just opened up it will be here ate your next summer and then we will give you a little preview today. kicking it with keny. for the fox eight stork report cleveland's own welcoming cleveland's own. adorable. to have your little one featured in the stork report just upload a picture at and we will send you a stork report one
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good morning, everybody. we are
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fame. a brand-new exhibit.of just opened, but you guys have time it will be here through next summer. h >> right off the bat you learn a few thingsht he was expected to live was not expected to live so they changed his name to john. his great great grandfather. >> and we have we had this a few years ago>> our president of the foundation said to john mellencamp unite you are going to be next and you sure did. he sure did. we went out to indiana and interviewed him,ou t
7:25 am
motorcycles a whole bunch of it is really beautiful paintings and amazing amazing instruments andt just let us into his life. >> this is actually like an interview of hemp describing what she wants the exhibit to be. >> that is a. that is right. we went to indiana and talk to him and a he told is pretty much is life as life story, and will he laid out how he wanted this exhibit to look we h fulfill the promise. >> and kinder come here and i love this because basically we see them grow up on magazine covers right over here on the wall. >> it says who is john mellencamp because he was originally j kind of package dos this sort of tonight all, and he
7:26 am
constructs because he really is all about authenticity and two he is and how to reclaim his name because the record company gave them the named johnny cougar what name johnny cougar what she fought against and he really spent the rest of his career coming to grips with the view really was who you really was and his identityrie and thee is the second time and i would have aou third year. >> at ready and you canea see on the pixar you can see kind of thate where it used to say cour and that has been stretched out and covered over.
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will come back. fox eight news in f the morning almost 7:30 a.. on a monday.or time to get started and get moving. is it sure your beard as a facebook page now? >> i don't know i'vea i better check >> it's got more followers and you. >> will probablys it's getting kind of scraggly. >> would you decide to do that this year. >> i am no ideau the bosses spt the idea and here we are two months later. >> the bosses suggested it to you? t >> i suggested it and are bus said what about if they go to
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>> exactly happened no worry about it and here we are 65 daye later. >> 30 percent brighter. this time of year when youou get a fuller superman, you typically don't have the user humidity in the summertime by beautiful picture from william jackson thank you for submitting this photo of the full moon a lot of the detailsa in the craters tht we can see from our is if yout have a telescope. maybe check it out tonight.le looking really good and quiet with the week front coming in tomorrow and wednesday today 68. weunny a high of will still stay in that mid 50s. give me tips 70 this
7:32 am
that all in one sentence or two separate sentences depending on how you writear it out. we will haveut an answer for you coming up. >> overall, a great looking commute. not all spots but some. to 71 coming up in the oakwood areame we have pockets f delays on for 80 eastbound as you head up on past granger overly road and warrensville center and 77ly take a peek at buy is 22nd plenty of stop and go with the left lane heavy stop and go is the main that takes you up on mergers youyo with i 90 on the inner belt. you can see the cars going slowly as you head to the oakwood area.wl a few drive times before you do head island
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twelve minutes coming up from strongsvillele with the turnpike we will watch some stop and go as you head into town. >> our top story this morning donald trump makes two key appointments for his white house staffru, but well is choices createoi rival within his administration? that is the question. we have more on who trump selected. good morning. >> he says his white house chief of staff the chief strategist and senior counselor and announcing the appointment because the man highly qualified leaders whoo work while to gather on the campaign referring ton them as equal partners. but they have more concerned they will create more ripples. previous to the
7:34 am
victory he sat down with 60 minutes for his first interview about those 12 million illegal immigrants he said he would it work? is now i only thinking of sending back a fraction of that number. >> what we are going we're going to do is getof the people that e criminal with cream criminal records gettingm members and drg dealers with a lot of these people 3 million and it couldn't maybe not even be 3 million we are getting eight tm our country or we will incarcerate them. c after the board of security we are going to make a determination on the people about who are terrific people. >> i'm told supporters who have been harassing minorities to stop it as for hillary clinton he would not give a definitive answer as to all he will d capsn give a specific prosecutor saying he wanted to preserve tht
7:35 am
president-elect said he would not entirely repeal or replace obama care he plans to keep some parts of it. >> what you really do as president two different ball game.nt is usually the case it's just that you still unpredictable because at times he said contradictory thingsab within the same sentence, so we will see. >> other news to tell you about this morning formerwi attorney michael find will be sentenced today afterl kidnapping chargespl after woman accused him of hypnotizing and sexually assaulting them during their meetings.a >> good morning, everyone. therer are some disturbing details in this case. forf victims of accused michael find that hypnotizing him and then abusing them during meetings with him. very disturbing here today,in some of these systems e
7:36 am
former avon attorney will be sentenced at 9:00 a.m.y he is cp pleaded guilty to kidnapping and attempted kidnapping charges pretty faces up to 12 years in prison he was arrestedke posturr of the female client told investigators he hypnotized or drink a custody dispute meaning initially it was hard to believe a respected attorney was using hypnosis on women to gratify himself with thesi women were getting cameras and microphones to their meetings capturing and try to have a taser. c clients attorneys were fired f while they did a secret trust. >> the worst of the worst because yes people of all are vulnerable at that stage going through such a life changepl and to pray on something going through something like that i
7:37 am
>> with the accusations originally coming up you try to keep his law license as soon as he was charged he went to the ohio supreme court and came upwg his law license. the court starts at 9:00 a.m. weic will kp you updated here and out >> thank you very much. your time right now is 7:37 a.m. going above and beyond coming up. >> find out how this wisconsin
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will come back. talk about being in the right place at the gettingme in milwaukeeck credit for saving the lives of two children.n. spanning two kt walking alone in the state. we have more. >> coming across the gas station. >> duringg a super long trip along comes the question with a barrage whoth we all: where you live we're live with the nuthouse aree there? >> you are watching surveillance video of the milwaukee transit system from the morning of wednesday october 12 with a about 35 driverda spotted the fe
7:42 am
boy wandering aimlessly along hopkins near hampton in milwaukee. >> i stopped and said these children are by themselves i. decided to pull over and asked the kids whereo they were going anywhere they were away. >> recognizing the children are nott aware of their surroundings mitchell, who says she's only been driving this route for about a month,y some in milwauke police are responding officer helps the children r can check their mother after learning they babysitter were trying to find a relative's house. >> if the pier and not showed up i still would've been thinking what happened to those children but once the police shut up and did their part, i felt a lot better. >> genie explains about 15 years ago her than five -year-old son was missing for bone 12 hours she said she was motivated to try to prevent another. from parent from experiencing another situation. with the latest from milwaukeewi.
7:43 am
shop. those stores are stacks, the sales are set. we have a preview of just how well this season's shopping could go. >> and a major fast food chain rolling out our menu item. we have the details straightahead. >> taking a live look outside things are cooling down just a
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when did
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look at the temperatures with 55 wednesday could make a run at 70 windy on friday and saturday. a good chance of rain saturday. sunday into monday but temperatures begin to fall. right now we are going loaf orders don't wantgo to go in a colder them out because they've had such it had such a predominantly warm b b fall so i don't want to jump the gun too muchth but there are stronger indications of some rain r changing over to wet heading into early next week. k. it does not seem like that pattern will stay closed for more than a couple of days at least not right now. traffic time with patty. >> overall it we've had a great looking rush hour we spoke with the police and then tell me about an accident with two cars involved for 90 eastbound as you head on over a very busy intersection with my delays as you approach is 55th looking
7:48 am
into downtown and that heavy rain trying to get up on i 90 eastbound. the jennings freeway a few more cars out and about starting to see a few more delays as you take the jennings freeway. the ramp 90 eastbound is now open. a few drive times before you step out 90 eastbound about 23 minutes most of those slowdowns are $20.20 17. a 20 minute commute we break that down. 0 few times is not working most of those slowdowns are at four 90 and for 80 as you head into town. back to you. >> two weeks until black friday and retailers are optimistic about the holiday season. the wall street journal reports they expect consumers to turn their attention on shopping from
7:49 am
the country.n it is predicted sales will increase more than 3 percentnc to $656 billion this year. >> just in time for the holidays, google is out with its newest daydream view. it is $79 cap next to your smart phone and comesr at the portable controllr google is upgraded it from cardboarder to cost them so far can only be used with googleos cell phones getting crowded. simpson's sony playstationn and htc are arty ot with their h version. >> mcdonald's and delete now serving up a new tell a burglar we're not were not making this up. it is really more of a desertis featuring a chocolate hazelnut spread on a bun except the dark brown strike makes it
7:50 am
only available in italy right now i chocolate lovers from all over the world have been drooling over the new menu item on social media like a looks good. i was concerned there was a row burger in there. 7:50 a.m. we are checking in with kenny who is at the rock n roll hall of fame. >> good morning. good morning, christie. and i aren't you with the many many faces of john cougar mellencampp is a pectoral as they of how he created the h character we will
7:51 am
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>> we are here at the rock 'n roll hall of fame with their new exhibit at the john cougar the john cougar mellencamp very cooh and icon and our a rock 'n roll inductee of 2008. >> ra. meredith are guru of everything from the rock all so interestingth when we see the beginning of them when he was being portrayed as a little teenage heartthrob any really did not embrace are too much city? >> millie did not. he was from the heartland,d and he felt like he wanted to have a career no matter what, so when they told
7:54 am
johnny cougar you said okay i guess i am too. >> i'm 22 all do it i have to swing and then hurt so good ind jack and diane change the whole ballgame. catapulted him into theto church any never and he never looked >> and then we come back here followed by another are some problems the square grow. really found his voice on that, man decided that he was almost ready to become john mellencamp he stopped being johnny cougar there was john cougar mellencamm and then was ready to take then asked the next him. >> there iss scarecrow right there and then the iconic
7:55 am
in his hometown of indiana. >> yes theto mark, indiana where he still lives. he has never got far away from his home. >> and then we come over here and we see and meet some of the great. >> yes that's actually at the concert of the opening of the hall of fame in 1985 handgun a cash performed to gather, and johnny cash also perform some our main shows that started 1985. >> what do you think ?- and the charismatic elements about mellencamp what do you think it is our create such a masterpiece? >> i think it is because he is every man. he is the guy next door and speaks for the people. you know, and there is nor ?- there is no mask it is what you
7:56 am
perfect for this new thing called mtv and how it is perfect for. >> john cougar mellencamp here thel next summer, but don't waii that long to see it. we will go back to you guys in the studio. wayne and christie foxing azuree only local news weather and traffic until 10:00 a.m. coming up at the top of the donald trump name two of the top people who will serve in his administration as chief of staff, but it is the other pic. >> the former attorney accused of advertising clients and then sexually assaulting them will be convicted today.
7:57 am
thanksgiving weekend just a few moments. >> also new today the years out his tour is being tested by some of their toughest critics ?- the kids. coming up a look at some of the toughest way. >> and i'm taking you on my visit to the white houseta and what is good and what is not an what to look forward to when you are shoppingg for steak. doctor as well join usdo at this latest food investigationhi news in the morning continues on this monday after the break.
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>> good morning, cleveland and all of northeast ohio the 14th day of november 2016. thank yu for joining us. >> can you believe thanksgiving is a sweet? that was a shocker of the morning. happy monday good morning to you. >> we will see how we will be starting off at super i know that.l >> you check it out we have the clear sky on so far the clear moon that we can't see now he will still be able to see the wonderful man tonight jackson thank you for submitting this for the craters on the moon. we


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