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won't say where beauty in the piece came to the performing p arts studio in the beast got caught inrf when he transforms into a human. did it work? he got stock. tm during the performance. very disappointing. it took 20 minutes to continue it went to black. anyway. that's not magical? hopefully they do better in the movie.y do b. i think they will. good morning tuesday november 15. twill i'm todd meany. hoping we would say friday you but only tuesday. welcome back. thank you good to be here. ay bh i'm stefani schaefer. if you lose power might not bebe an accident the latest scam targeting people across northeast ohio how police say you hioho need to stay alert and important information you need to know. s will president-elect follow the advice he got when he got advised leslie. the latest ond trumps cabinets
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names being kicked around in wouldcke you be offended i shoud say if your family or friends wanted yoube i wanted to chargee small fee for hosting thanksgiving dinner? yes.tnk like i guess the pay him pay at the.m your comments in this morningng stellar. scott sabol what's happening with the forecast sa on thishis tuesday morning. good morning. good morning eveyb 45 degrees in strongsville 388 cuyahoga falls 43 right neuralna ravenna. check out what will be going ofi the next 24 hours week front passes through northern ohio late tomorrow 22pa showers are running the front and in fact most of the raina up over likeu lake superior heading more up into canadap then was further southeast the low starts to sr track through the area late tonight. a few sprinkles ra no consequence at this point otherwise filtered sun today with a high of 57.. keep it in the 40s with cloudwih
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earlyf tomorrow morning late a sunshineg with a high of around 45. looking ahead to thursday and friday look at the big warm-upp i caution everybody a warm-up is always good but normally when we get into this time ofno the year and we're t approachingoachng thanksgiving a warm-up indicates to things. one is very strong wind ica and usually that wind is driven by a major storm system which is also going to impact our weekend weather significantly. we have had such a calmoend baln fact less some ae hardly had any severe weather.h. been a very long time in fact probably the longest stretchn that i can remember even lookinl back on records probably decades the last time we had a stretch without any inclement weathere e have to go back to last winter. last winter didn't have much of anything. we'll talk about that coming up inc about 15 minutes. last winter we could just redo that. push a repeat button. i'm fine with that. thank you.
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can tell. all right..scottt electrical wire thieves are targeting the city's east side and leaving danger behind. this morning there is a rewardci for anyone who can help lead folice to the suspects. jessica dill is live at theca justice center, with more on what people should be looking for. dilisee good morning. o todd andr stephanie good mornin. good morning everyone.t first and foremost if you see any wiress dangling do not touch them call police.da there are people dressing up as first energy utility workers are stealing the electrical equipment and cutting wires. there is a 5000-dollar reward to find of the thieves taking transformers and equipment. re t police say these guys have quite the according to reports, the fake utility workers go door to doore and tell residents they are fixing the lines and there will be a brief power outage. then they use that time to cut fixines a aransformers, be
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in the dark. police say not only is it illegal it's also dangerous. the guys went out in the neighborhood, cut the wire. apparently they were spooked and left the scene. only y ilgahe gs weweng and sparking on the ground, there id extreme potential for danger. the last thing we want to see is anyone in the neighborhood will get hurt.e s want for synergy has to replace stolen equipment asha t well ass provide manpower for people to o go out there and replace the equipment. they say be on the lookout for anything if you know anything contact police they say and a lot of times when workers come lot realon your door most workers will have id as far as police say these people do not have ideas for a ask for that. don't let them intimidate you you feel like am i going too offend them if i ask for an id.. that's part of the process theyy expect to show it to you. right. absolutely. thank you very much.much our other top story this morning. thei transition of power.
9:05 am wel president obama is trying to salvage his legacy as speculation continues about whoo ma ry donald trump will appoint to his cabinet. fox 8's stacey frey is in the newsroom with the latest.s se good morning. president obama is trying to help president elect donald trump with the transition of power. while mister obama criticized the idea of a trump presidency during the election he's now taking a cautious tone. in his first press conference since the election, president obama gave more detail into his obama clast week with president a's w elect trump, and why he feels g hopeful about america's future. president obama also addressed the fears some have regarding what a trump presidency mightho look like for certain minorityf and religious groups after a very tense and divisive regroups he offered encouragement to those who fear the next four years and advice to thehe ourenand vilect.t. i'd been encouraged by his statements on election nightd bt about the need for unity and his interest in being the president for all people.aboutuny it's really important to try to
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to reach out to minority groupsu or women or others that were concerned about the tenor of the onmpaign.. as for trump's cabinet, the first controversial choice was steve bannon, the altright leader of breitbart news which is all about confrontingr of b liberals, the media, activists,, and the political establishment. now we wait to see who he chooses as secretary of state. will he repay rudy giuliani's loyalty or go with former unsess ambassador john bolton who hass repeatedly slammed president repnesoor his willingness to work with russia in syria and iran.n. stacey thank you. y appreciate it. in other headlines today..a cleveland police will soon have new dashcams in their vehicles. council passed legislation last night to accept a half million dollars from the cuyahoga counte prosecutor's office. the money was taken from convicted criminals, and will now help pay for putting cyaho r'soffit m
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car. prosecutor tim mcginty announced the offer more than a year ago. he says video and audio evidencc builds stronger cases, and increases the professionalism of officers. the fox 8 iteam has obtained nem dashcam video of a high speed chase that led to the arrest of multiple robbery suspects. police from two communities spotted the stolen vehicle friday evening. it had been stolen at gunpoint from a woman outside the sakstee ni fifth avenue in beachwoodng.thed earlier this month. three juveniles were arrested. police are looking for two more eanthveniles morning.. cleveland police now say they have a suspect in world series. an indians fan from florida was antacked by the man whilee walking back to his hotel. the victim suffered a fractured jaw, concussion and other injuries. police have now issued a warrant for 24 year old anthony johnson. anyone who knows where he isthe, rran should call cleveland police.. a macy's day parade warning. find out about the latest isiste threat in new york city and, how police are responding.lareat in speaking of thanksgiving speaitions. here is a question for you.ues would you be offended if you
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family or friends house for the holiday dinner?tion wofended find out why some people are charging..chain plus, your reaction, next, in this morning's, you what? crazy. hi scott. good morning. clear sailing today high clouds temperatures well above normal. 60 yesterday.. we'll be pretty close we'll check in on also a look at the
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thanksgiving is just over a week
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can you believe it? my son's favorite time of year. lots of food. the boys like that. are you hosting thanksgiving dinner? are you heading to a relatives or friends house? what would you do if you were ag t are your friend or relative says we're going to charge $10ri for thanksgiving dinner. 15 people coming over its expensive for me to do this could you just paype f $10. rising cost of food is tough but still want to host. others say dish or drinks but people say p that money is a bit tacky.o a new survey found that the average cost of this year's dinner for 10 people is 50 dollars. that includes turkey, side dishes and dessert.t. r 10 p t you could never go to a restaurant in it that for cheaper. people feel they may have to pa let's notpa bother with the fama drama and let's just goi eat. not that it's about money at all but it seems like that's offensive to say that. i don't know you don't feel
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someone and getting money. you don't have cash write a checkon. do you take credit card. dot they have those little adaptersu car. you could do that. welcome you coul swipe your card. high and you want a drink? hold on. s will you be drinking alcohol or regular. 15 percent tipg and okay. will you be using the restroom that will cost swipe that want to. i love to host thanksgiving don't even like people to bring stuff i feel like calm andnd ths year my mom keeps saying ii insist let me bring something st with working the day before my son getting his wisdom teeth ot the next day having friends from out of towndom maybe you bring stuffing and going to makea theh recipe this year don't have the time. ife i was hosting i would say please bring that turkey. my first year i did my mom sayss
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to make the entire dinner and i saidgnd great our new house wet got married. with the chairs you needed the chairs.ried. this is almost 10 years ago. so she made me pull out all of the gods do everything with theh turkey i did not eat any turkey that you're very disappointing.n ahead to make all of the sides. it is hard work. welcome to grown-up world. right. i tell you this sometimes littll boys can be a ch you're trying to get themhll rey for the holiday. especially when it's like thanksgivingng da and you're kind of late in there like what i got to make this and got to make this we got to stopke at the beverae store. where did v you purchase it fro? i wouldn't mind paying $10 top haveaying somebody provide thatr me. i would love the convenience of it. to not have to make not worry about fighting people hadd a plate of christmas cookies one year that one of the boys had
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in the boys he wasn't holding onto ita and it just went all over the floor. did you put them back on the tray and serve them and not tell anyone. you did. fifty-second rule.le the ones that didn't hit the floort above the ones that fell under the seat. remind me not to go cheer house where the holiday. c i went to be able to do the green beans.nt we made sure to let everybody know.. eat them at your own risk. ten or $20 not to worry about the hassle i might not w mind. n i just think charging is just soundsc brutal to your family ad friends. like i don't know. now thatn' we have shared our stories what i love you are?ave $50 for 10 people and their charging? make everything home made for four people and spent $200 only spent 5410 people isp want don't want an invite. lunchmeat turkey.
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to do it thanksgiving any other holiday dinners without begginge for dollars either cut back on the menu items or just cut down on the number of dinner guest. heather says that's ridiculous takes away from the meaning of things giving last time i i checked to bring a side mashed potatoes buttermilk at least $8 for 10 pounds of mashed potatoes.l cover for a person eating turkey. usually thinks giving involves family close friends charge them.em. asking to bring a dish to help l out is onep thing that charging your family for a time of giving thankst together. we will read more comments we promise we want to share our stories. vote on our web pollato thel question is should host start st charging guests for thanksgiving dinner?rng es d want to know what you think an interesting topic i don't think i've ever thought of doing this myself.o never in your life. we found a couple articles m we
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thanksgiving christmas and easter times you should bestin v grateful and full of blessings and talk about than to put a price tag on everyone's hada is uncomfortable. we'll hear more coming up. check in with scott how much are you charging for dinner this year? for the record i don't take diners club. put that aside.asid. a subway gift card. will that work?k? 's wife were chip. just swipe. could you use a coupon may be. check it out see what's happening we've goteck i big stm system coming in for the upcoming weekend. that's been kind of the on the e back burner now for the betterbt part of theer last three and a half weeksast and we're kind of hoping we were wrongn on this bi it looks like this will come o barreling through here right now they temperatures are already u to the lower middle 40s here. a m few spots middle 30s down in the 20th meso and new philly and the clouds are thinning outu increase later today. so we are anticipating that t
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ohio early tomorrow morning.orn even then kind of a non- event. a few sprinklesininev about alll see from that. today mostly sunny. we'll see more filtered sunshine high cloudsr late high of around 57.. low 40s tonight crowd over couple ofigh sprinkles tomorrow. 55 we look ahead now to the warm-up ahead5 of the front coming in over the weekend. 60s on thursday. t 70 plusrs on friday. where has winter been? the entire country has been well abo to canada we mentioned this yesterday we are starting to the snow covers become more extensie and that's usually not the driver of the cold but it kindkd of enhances the cold pockets when theycold come in from thee northwest.norw this one coming in over the te weekend probably the strongest one we've seen in a long time l relative to wheren we would normally be for this time of year.uld there is the low anticipating some rain saturday temperatures fall and t eventually slushy wet
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windy for the browns game. more than likely have lake effect on top of this. look at the eight day thay havea early to nail down specifics on a mountain who sees what. might see stuff on social media but right now my rule of thumb to never do that unless you're inside three days. that'll give you kind of more of an accurate reading. by the overall trend is to keepp this weekend especially sunday and monday a lot colder. its brief because the next tuesday whatever doesn't accumulate will melt off up to the 40s probably to the 50s the day before thanksgiving. we'll see what happens nowbefo december might be shaping up tog be slightly above normal the wy the pattern will work we'll see. no complaints yet. thanks. thanks scott. thank you to an invitete awesome event happening this saturday night. an called what a night and it's a frankie valley in the four seasons a concert. it's the real jersey boys if you've ever seen it and you love
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frankie and i just a few months ago in atlantic city but he is fantastic and b there's two of e guys who were in the jersey boys show and the one guyere is fromi toledo. hes is beeno on the national to. there's them showing me a couple of moves but it's happening this saturday night frankie valley in the four seasons performingninit the roxy know here in north parh incredible concert so many times i say my absolute favoriterk musician and singer so fantastic. a great event for the cleveland clinic as those two have had a relationship. thank you since his own stuff. i think 80 years old sounds amazing. those great songs80rs like my es adore youl walk like a man. hit after hit.ik helped frankie valley get back to his fightingg weight singing shape and getting him to singg
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a neat relationship a great ge event that's going on this weekend. still some tuesday $5.85 concert tickets but in a great venue you have played therei. and really fun. a number on your screen it was there a second ago i do not have it in front of me nows we'll hal it onl our website on you can't get tickets on the roxy know website there's the phone number to call at websi tt bottom of your screen. (330)729-7122. i have all of the information on my facebook page o get the number now thanks to the control t group for popping that backpopp up. what a great show. so awesome. the 20 -year-old fans. all of these girls raised on their parents raised on an great music. taking my folks can't wait toit share that with them. nice. it's great. greatat's event. 9:20 is the time right now. wild video from the ohio state university. see what happens after a man goes wild at an anti-trump
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a teenager has died after falling from a moving school bus. hear what investigators are now saying. a veteran of tv journalism has invsti lost her battle with cancer. wih a look back at the life and legacy of gwen ifill.anan
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the 90th macy's thanksgiving day parade is just a week and a half away. and developing this morning,he u
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target for terrorists.c in an online magazine, isis called for lone wolves to carry out truck driving attacks on spectators, similar to the attack that killed those people in france over the summer. the nypd deputy commissioner for intelligence said these warnings are meant to scare, but they will be ready. they're already planning to block the parade route with hundreds of parked cars.s.dep hese warnt tosc so everyone in the balloons will be okay. a sick concept this incredible thing. siccright. a georgia father is guilty of murder in the deat algeora guilty 35 year old justin harris was accused of intentionally locking his son inside a hot car ford seven hours.e a ho a torturous death for that child.d. on that same day, he was sexting with six different women..n tha prosecutors argued that harris locked the boy inside the car, because he wanted to be free of his family responsibilities. harris is expected to beect sentenced next month.ed he could face life in prison without parole. cou a teenage boy is dead after
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school bus. ell school officials say theals y students on the bus were traveling to a field trip to tht university of texas in edinburg. the boy was taken to a hospital with a head injury and he died. school officials in canceled the field trip. it's unclear how and why the student fell off the bus. authorities are investigating. pbs is mourning the loss of one schcials iett'uncncstudent journalist gwen ifill has passed away at the age of 61, following a battle with cancer.he g ifill worked at the washington post, new york times and nbc news, before joining pbs inre 1999.join she also moderated the 2004 and 2008 vice presidential debates, as well as a 2016 democraticocrc primary debate. ifill was also a pioneer for women and african americans inac journalism. my goodness will she be missed. sad news to hear. w an anti-trump rally at the ohio state university last night took a violent turn and it was caught e unie ni
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come down the stairs and push the man holding the megaphone then punches start flying. it was eventually stopped. the girl in the orange stoppedev the situation. the gentleman taken away by campus police.ce. ohio state university released statement to students saying it actively protects firsttatmt amendment rights but the school also expressed concern aboutsed verbal assaults.on that with assault as a result of this.. fell was okay other than breaking his glasses andd the megaphone got smashed asd as well. awful to see. a dog's shot but that is not all. a see what happened to him and how you can help him find his forever home.eneto attention bruno mars fans. the singer is getting ready to come to cleveland.e s find out when and how you can score some tickets.
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good look at the fox eight hour forecast. break ofe f overcast although e have a lot of sunshine now wee start to see more ofn those clouds later on. temperatures intotoclouds the t too bad. eight day forecast through the
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all ship shipped shipped everything you need on your list without having to charge people
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cost more than that and i would crowd i would charge that's at's lot of work and a lot of money it's about family and sun.lot but text or says in my family were you spring edition that we would add up all the cost of the grading most expensive part of it. you know those containers wewe
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all small percentage i thinki it's three that's later on told you know laws why they'll be no longer known as the quiet
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need tothey end up in this profession. see how he became your beloved
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some of the most commonly asked questions as
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quarters of negative growth i don't care about the rules. the markets and of seven of the last eight years in the other year because even if you've had seven and one is in a i don't care about the technical word recession. ut most of my clients areen incredibly concern that it's time forern it to her again it't not much so much the technical word receptionth all the time when the market with them argue goes down your protected from lossesm the biggest thing with these is that is the upside possibilities and no downside from the market. it's critical.own is that the only way to help
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other people there that might come up with other answers that these things fit for the thingss that were doing in this economy again if you're going to get they game going none of the loss for the goes backwards i think it's crucial what it's going on today. asoin you can use some companions.ap when you put the whole program
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will be one fixed indexed annuity.y.wi you and david moss have their for going overy
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electric cars of new regulations. cap to make something or selling are driving slower than 20 milee per hour going backwards is meant to protect people that are blind or have poor visionople with the sound of the 2019.
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-year-old dick goddard had just
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results were not what he is expected one thing they said that would be a meteorologist i couldn't even pronounce itd b bt it sounded interesting i said okay.ou after four years he attended kent state and earned a fine art degrees the ticket just ned that akron canton weather. he chose to use his fine arts degree to draw it isobars they give a 13 week contracthey weather segments arn afterthought usually handled precipitate who posted the ug that dickvieie goddard came with credentials absolutely no tv experience cap
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chance t washington in new york for some ood that is nirvana and that's for they want to go i've never really been that way very 54 years later b he still add id right here in cleveland. people have been so good to me. >> the countdown to dick goddard's forecast is in one week.. keep watching fox 8 news as we
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out of here fridayk breezy thursday real bottle happen on friday. when the rain what snow and some
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game on sunday let's see. this is great. i didn't realize still on. new line have to go to work commercial break it they don't come to all right we're going to go to
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hours kevin said i apologize for them back. from uptown funk to whatever it had to downtowne cleveland you know c mars has announced his 2017-18 to her face coming to northeast ohio. tickets go on sale monday. early actresses avail if you
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that'sal a great idea. if you want to go to the concert for free later this week we are giving away free tickets to see you know mars more details i saa him in memphis what our show. while he is so great.n his five we name the i lebron it wasb never so many option for the sexiest man alive.n i've that there was one man who is able to edge out these guys the rock. apparently this guy is a big deal i can't believe that. and people magazine just named
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cover of annual industry describes himali as sweet's smat and sculpted he just tweeted about it is my still up at
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the manikin challenge-dry air. twelve people is he was verys busy he had to make his money at the cavaliers game on sunday nightht is very cold been nothing like this that's awesome that was the
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good tuesday morning.rn welcome to new day cleveland. my nameis natalie and is david moss. civic you are gone d that you ae sitting in the seas i was down


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