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tv   Fox 8 News at 430AM  FOX  November 16, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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scary to scott sabol to see ifos it's happening weatherwise. once we do fall below normal won't happen until saturday good shot to the systemha in the field this will hold in infant
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temperature at 30 in worcester 44 the clouds of increased they have stay steady they've seen some clearing across most of the country that's going to continue now a continue to see temperaturesonts after the size clouds early can't rule outout maybe a picture right to yesterday primarily east of the sunril will still pretty quick. see more sunshine later today with temperatures in the middle 50sith will talk more recently soquel alaskaor for the overalle pattern is infected will affect passage of the system comingte
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its way through mayfield heights up towards that euclid.oug the roads are in great shape there is a getting downtown they do have construction inner belt. it was reading the note from odette is with some instructions approaching turn. are they had this ramp close they just started at three theyh
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foods that your alternate. the new england sevens the skipper said that the murders of eightthe members for the same oo family it's been seven-and still no scholarly. i've made it clear that anyway
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wishes hospitalized no space 2015 it appears pages funds to
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new line trouble (-left-parenthesis park fire department.t.
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the church of trick-or-treat in expedition. they took outut his truck as its doesn't for her and that is something that's located. they've we're still ready to respond to calls indicated even respond to a call with convenienton during trick-or-treating.poni union leaders from promising to fightio every year burke park ks protest at city in other action have found that announces the could've given it theye at the firehouseouu could is asked to use an apparatus soliciting news on the
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still i wouldn't have even thought twice aboutwo fightersfi getting in trouble for something like that. how much would you pay for a chance that immortality inside the company with thousands of bodies and brains are frozenwi n waiting for a curet f for a mora people paying oft cure for the illness was is discovered frozen in time fox 8
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over the cold front is continue to do with the middle of thed lake and portions of northern the temperatures will start to climb still above normal talk with recently so morning now that's about ready to break in the other direction we come
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the matter how mad her she getse it's amazing how quickly they can put what about that little girl with an angel. a google is making an effort to on fake news on theon int all publishers like we skipped were false of drug promises. today twitter what's to stop online w harassment they will expand you folks of that lets of the accounts they don't want to
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phrases and conversation uses herhra decide to need things. but that that users will twitter is also restraining the retraining them about their discrimination and hate language. apple decided to reverse course again and changed the pathde lok for much of the richmond the slightly longer stem andn what she says her theg you this --- pit to be in the main i don't use settlement 5:00 a.m. a short time right now might explain
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at longhorn, tonight's special: great steak pairings. a center cut sirloin with a choice of bacon-wrapped shrimp, baby back ribs, or parmesan crusted chicken. you can't fake steak.
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behind the temperatures colby ob the week thursday and friday big changes for the weekend willll talk more about that coming up in just a little bit. traffic time with patty harkin. it's been an easy rush hour so far no major accidents judging by the tribe time we've got it to you a covenant 71 north as you head through brunswick. senior. almost 70 miles per hour i don't think they're going to care that
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averaging about 62 miles per out whether it's caught by -- the weather is cooperating with nice drive roads.we seventy-one they have thehe rolling roadblock it looks like they are out of there as you head west 25th to the in aboutab bridge over the place, easy start on our wednesday halfway through the workweek and kristi pack to you. t in amherst played receives a special wish. here is a very great story here. he cap the trip of a lifetime as the astronauts for a day he has always been very chase and we're going into space that system fix it. just two years ago he had a stroke and was diagnosed with severe heart disease things to a
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amended yesterday he got one step closer to his trip of becoming an astronaut masses clinton research center he wants to be the first person on mars. he loves studying rocks among the processes like r come true r him. his the first child to getget hands-on to tour of the facility the trip was made possible great story. why hundreds gathered and akron
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it's the done my name is wayne dawson. civic planning is kristi capel. scott sabol has a bonusus our forecast. tomorrow and friday will be even better.r. check it out and see what'se happening. with thek it out temperature and increase cloud


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