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great tuesday what is causing them to get sick lebron james donated millions of dollars to the smithsonian, and there is a special reason, . >> a handful of days until goddard final foreca taking a look back at work he has done for our four-legged friends. record high temperatures fumbled by lake effect snow, fox 8 news at noon starts right now. began with some breaking
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in lake county come over the past four onths there have been 12 confirmed cases of legionnaires diseasec one of them died, lake county district says the 54-year-old man passed away afterpa getting the james franco they say that they know what is causing people to get sick me a you do not know what is coming from the man who died worked at consolidated precision products in eastlakete to others who are sick worked at neighboring within a 5-mile radius, and makes people sick when breathed through contaminated mr. weber when you shower or bathe and contented water treated with antibiotics, extreme cases can cause lung failure in this case. with past four months, 12 confirmed cases of legionnaires disease in lake county, we will have much more on this breaking
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>> we have really scored big an the weather department today an tomorrow but the changes are coming.t >> that is the other top story today, aj colby, takes a look at the forecast, he says to enjoy today and tomorrow then prepare foror winter. >> there is a change approach in. we start off with dense fog with zero visibility in some areas because that and selected currently, nothing around the state program look into the last, we have a storm system that will be arriving, it is producing blizzard warnings in thed dakotas and western minnesota and winter storm warnings on the french all the way down into the southwest nea phoenix arizona program.
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that when the winds favor lake effect program we will be experiencing that cold stuff to the west. high pressure today and tomorro forgot the storm moves through, that is a good amount of snowfall to the north and northwest of the center low pressureof that takes off into canada that is going to lay out heavy snowfall out of nebraska into the twin cities, aboutu - 12-18 inches, we are on the one side of the jet stream but the cold air, will fire up the lake erie snow machine, the high ground to thee east of the cit is the best chance for snowfall what is interesting is the pavement temperature which is i the mid- 50s and low '60s , it is really tough to get
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that warm, the grassy surface is a different story with more on that coming up, the 8 -day forecast is just bedroom corner. the smithsonian, is getting a donation from lero donating $2.5 million to help with the muhammad ali display, jessica dill joins us with more on this contribution and want the basketball star has to say. lebron james, announcing today that the cavaliers superstar is making a massive donation to give $2.5 million to the smithsonian national museum of african american history and culture to support its muhammad
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partner, maverick carter also b part of the contribution, the muhammad ali, a force of change display, tells the story of how his contributions transcend the world of sports.h including his commitment to challenge racial barriers, lebron james released a statement on his donationraba- the display has been open in washington dc since september. he joins a list of athletes who have donated to the museumin. included in the hall of famers michael jordan and magic
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the akron police are looking fo ten men after a pizza delivery worker was robbed and threatened, she was delivering chicken wings from papa john's to a home on sherman street,ic when she was ordered to go to a upstairs bedroom and not she was ableer to escape a few minutes latert after he left, they say the house has been vacant for months, they have a description of him in the cell phone number used to place the orderce >> sandusky county sheriff kyle overmyer will be back in court monday, according to documents in court he is expected changes plea, he was indicted on severa charges in august accused of taking medication from drug tak backicevev boxes, a judge revok
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prosecutors claim you bought a weapon, threatened witnesses an to not till the court he ch his address. he ran for reelection despite , and even been on suspension. he lost the election. >> abc accused of stealing mone from clients , friends and fami to be in court today, twizzler police sayds the 430 received checks from the victims and change the amount before cashin them,he is accused of taking nearly $60,000 from one person. they say that she even stole he sons identity , she is now charged with fraud and forgery, they believe the crimes go back
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pushing back against rumors on this earth, and b the clinton makes her first, since the election that was a reporting trip to talk about the world leaders that he has been speaking with lengthy process of the incoming ministration is getting all of the focus. lots of comings and goings at trump tower in new york, who will get theofto top slots in t administration?op he has not b seen much, but reports say that they are running behind or in true and more announcements are >> not sure if it will be today but will be soon, it is a lot t
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government , the trump team seem to get some backing on that mike pence met with t joe biden. no ministration is ready on n day one, we were not ready and i'm neveran met one that's ever been ready, i am confident that on day one everything will be i good mike pence is leading the transition effort and shining i washington lobbyist, the most recent speculation about the pe top cabinet pick includes arkansas senator tom cottrell thought to be in the running fo defense secretary, hillary clinton, spoke at a children's defense fund event last night. >> have been a few times this last week when i wanted to curl up with a good book and never leave the house again, there ar plenty of names, that they may consider considering for key posts, but he ran as an outsider, so there may be some
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grassroots idea to donate planned parenthood company name of vice president-elect mike penceid is spreading, social me campaign encourages people to show their support for women's rights by donatingeneo, in hono the indiana governor, you try t defund planned parenthood, for each donation, he will receive thank you certificate, so far planned parenthood says they have received more than 20,000
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welcome back, we've got sunshin after a very foggy start, visibility is that zero. we will have the same situation perhaps earlier tonight, i thin that will be less widespread fo to some decorative clouds, lots of blue skies on the time lapse. another fantastic representatio
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temperatures are 59 degrees cleveland and 62 degrees findlay. west of us we see the leading edgege as that system settles in basically shoots off into canada today we are under high pressure probably dropped to around worrying for the nigh table that this time of year that is the ever time, the cloud cover near chicago and to the south today a high of about 65 degrees with bright sunshine
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winds out of the south between five and 15 mph, tonight was a clear uneventful and down to 47, it will be picking up a little bit later evening i think that will keep the widespread dense fog from forming again tomorrowow a couple other factors that wil be the main one, just a couple of clouds friday evening 6:00 p.m. tomorrow silly 2 degrees, and the record territory d showers late saturday
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how that lines up with the term how much lake effect snow for weavers receive, still pretty warm pavement temperatures unless it comes down s p really quick, most of the accumulation would bey on the grassy surface. you will see in the forecast, the highs only in their 30s on sunday, and nighttime lows are in the 20s. coming, it starts off pretty innocuous thanksgiving week, thanksgiving there will be a fe snowflakes near 40 degrees. local nonprofit plants do with
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united is a reason a new meanin to no-frills flying. unveiling basic economy fares t fend off competition from carriers like spirit and frontier post on basic economy is perfect for anyone who can live out the knapsack and they will ly alone, automatically assign you a seat at check-in and carry-ons are limited totoal one item so don't expect to put anything in the overhead. neukom said taking hold in a texas restaurant. this dallas restaurant is ditching tips altogetherer, they're going to raise the prices on the menu by 20 percent,ce with the hopes of generating more income to pay its employees a higher wage,re they're not the first restauran to ditch the tip, earlier this year businesses in several majo cities including new york and san francisco replacedevma grat
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local charity received its largest gift ever come close to quarter of a million dollarse i the form of a diamond from anonymous donoror the group, because i said i would, helps people to better themselves and their communities, roosevelt leftwich has the story.el if your goal is to make the world a better place make sure that the av equipment works first.ce >> alex sheen started i said i would come in memory o his father not because of what he said but because of what he did to keep his word. >> you cannot influence me by telling me what promises are yo lead by example. >> after three years you spoke to thousandsds people around th country and started a local chapter becausend of i said i would program they sent out mor than 5 million promise cards, they are encouraged to write ou
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have self-improvement to improve the world and hold true to the valueses set a promise kept no matter how small makes the person better that message was received by eight woman in las vegastht. she told her that she had something to give me and i went to my hotel room to get my stuf because we were going to eat lunch in she was already a don and she said i want to give you this diamond drilling it was 5.5-carat center cut, va over $235,000. the real diamond is safe inside a bank. >> pages literally started cryingba >> they work with schools and also with adults to help them t keep their promises, he says this donation will help them with their work all around the world trip for a relative start objecting he says it will allow them to do more character education in schools through
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the adult chapter to encourage keeping personal promise to mak the world a l little better. >> do something that is ubiquitous across cultures we all understand the importance o a promise. >> roosevelt leftwich fox 8 news. is out there were just going to watch a bascule gate, but then kent state basketball players surprise the fansb, fin out the unique way they honored each other during the national
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lebron james donated $2.5 million of this facility t help with the lebron james display. has more on what he has to say.. >> just what you think that lebron james fabulous he does something like this announced today that he is making a donation of five of $2.5 million to the smithsonian national museum of african american history and culture to support its muhammad ali display, his business partner maverick carter will also be part of the contribution in it tells a story of moe howard allays
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world of sport including his commitment to challengehib racial barriers, lebron james released a statement on his donation.. the display has been display washington dc sice two joins a list of athletes wh have donated including michael jordan and magic johnson. jessica dill fox 8 news the national anthem for the kent state basketball game last
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into the crowd to invite and fa of the different race to join them on the courtrt, it was the players idea till they said the wanted to show unityd during a divided time in america, the flashes in the mississippi valley state delta devils and three-60. just a small gesture to say, we can all do things together hold on tight, the weather coul get bobby this weekend, some rain, snow fall, falling temperatures,s, say goodbye to 70s this is a look from the roof-cam. the '70s tomorrow will be
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if only we could save it for january or february. welch that are just a few decorative high clouds forecast map tonight, and about eight or 9:0. snowfall piling up in western new york and the secondary snow belt along the lake short, not so much i do not put any number
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another thing to factor, is the pavement temperatures. anywhere between 55 and over 60 degrees on the roadways and northeast ohio. and that is going to impact the eventual accumulation. cleveland 59 degrees with a hig today of 65 degrees,a and 72 degrees tomorrow very mild overnight, falling temperatures saturday, i think we will have the high saturday at midnight and thenen falling with highs in the 30s on sunday,y,fa right now thanksgiv maybe a little rain or snow, we will see.
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one should extend their best start in franchise history in indianana but can they do it without lebron james, as p.j. ziegler has the highlights in the sports the lebron james or jr smith, the cavaliers lose for the second time this season in the first time on the road. second ward kyrie irving, goes to the post. he ended up with 24 points. that kyrie irving finds tristan thompson. he had a. kevin love from the outside or can you let the cavaliers with 27, when i belong totoie the up cavaliers 103-93. penn state hosting mississippi valley state, golden state flashes led by then the
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they live for jimmy, kent state winning 93-63. >> corey kluber head not enough to win the american league cy young award. rick purcell of the red sox winningwa after winning 22 games justin verlander had, corey kluber finishing third. think that we will see rg3 on the field before the season is over he was cleared for noncontact activity that unlikely to return to practice this weekth
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game of the season versus eagles. rg3 has not been taken off injured reserve. despite the best last week cody kessler will try to breathe victory sunday versus the steelers at first energy, he will get the start, they haven't focusing on finishingha. they have led several times at halftime, but have yet to wi one. then roethlisberger comes with lots of history he is 19 into verse the browns his career thought he would come to includ the back in 2,004 the tractho t they to winslow instead. he said in a conference call to report that there was no chance he could name all the quarterbacks the browns have ha versus the steelers since 2,004. clay matthews advances of the semi finals in pro football hal
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second time he has reached the round 26 advanced to the semi final round. all the pressure is on the steelers, can you imagine losin to that team that is zero in te crews work so they've got all the pressure, some parents have already begun holiday shopping not want to buy this holiday season.
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next time you use at&t might want to wash her hands, they took swabs from t keypads of more than city atms have the most abundant bacteria was normal human skin microbes come the same kind you find on household surfaces, the also some bacteria from o fish chicken suggesting bacteria from a meal can remain on persons handsba and transferred to atm keypads, atms and laundromats and stores have the highest
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locust point you start buying christmas gifts , john sicher group warning parents of toys that are not safe for the kids the group called world against toys causing harm, has revealed the top dangerous toys of 2016, on the west is the muddy puddles family, kids time children elephant pillow, slimeballs later and the bonsai bounds body bumpers, they say i is based on poor design,,ds manufacturing and marketing practices they say that they could lead to injury and even death, or complete listing at fox >> c story of writer newt scamander, new york's secret community of witches and wizards 70 years before harry potter, dumas sat down with eddie redmayne and
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beasts and where to find them. jk rowling has answered the prayers of harry potter fans with a new adventure that precedes harry potter in the 1920s new york city,ere eddie redmayne and katherine waterson make magic for me, we live in this world we have our own and lives, but that next to this world of magic and wonder. it is a wonderful thing to believe in trouble. the attraction to people not looking for another person >> we have our minds set on other things, but sometimeses
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one of the wonderful things about this film was this incredible world in so many people came together to fill it and he wrote this elaborate scriptan, and the director, let playir with them this world, and >> after you drink the water is one of the many instanceses to improvise. i walked into the room, there is that level of
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is a beast that has been around a long time >> absolutely, i think you said that very well. the genius of jk rowling, is to make an epic adventure, to believe in things about the state of the world in a way tha doesn't feel like you are beingt lectured. >> thank you very much. >> with eddie redmayne in katherine waterson, david moss county nowadays to dick
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is behind god and father protects animals all over the state to dick goddard has been
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decades. sck >> look at the impact he has ha on northeast ohiopa family pets. these wonderful dogs in the county kennel and they ask you to come get us and let us go home with you.sksk >> every friday for nearly 30 years dick goddard has featured pets from the cuyahoga countyd animal shelter, find them forever homes. >> we usually put six dogs on goddard each week by the following weekend almost every is one is adopted has been t g on for decades, so that's a lot of dogs that have happy homes because we were able to show them on goddard's law every friday. >> it came as a surprise for al
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>> on several occasions people would come in saturday morning would see their dog friday and they had been looking for it. so to reunite someone randomly, they saw that on tv it is amazing. >> isit dedication can eke contagious. she fosters pets were the cuyahoga county shelter in part because of the example he has set. >> i think it is a wonderful thing what he has done for the animals. passing a law and bring awareness, him happy to be part of fostering program and he has had a lot to do with it. >> some of the animals that the shelter takes in our harder to adoptin. >> is got maybe two strikes, because he is older and he is very shy. that makes him a little bit harder chance came in with a broken leg that needed to be
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a dick goddard silver has a forever home. became here and got chance, do not know about this place untill we watched and there are some great dogs here that deserve a chance. >> so glad that someone does it because he is the voice of the dogs, they need a voice. the countdown to dick goddard final forecast is tuesday, we have some it is must-see tv, until then w will continue to celebrate the life and career of dick goddard. another familiar face in fox 8 is getting ready to retire john rinaldi, better known as little john just made this
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rinaldi jewelry in solon is expected to close for good in february, the currently have a going out of business sale, c y will still see him fox 8 to be part of the big chuck and lil john show. the school student smile by putting in som
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elementary school custodian getting creative with his cleaning technique. >> it is a hit with the students, each dayit ron munsey arrives at the new hampshire elementary school as the students are leaving that overnight he makeses magic happ began with vacuuming stripes and squares into the carpet then moving on to designs likere characters snoopy and charlie browntv illuminate the whit house.m >> they say that every day is a new adventure. deer can be dangerous for
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a chart of fear, ran along with the cross-country team. a college student in philadelphia said he was knocke off his feet. he was held to his feet by another runner who both finished,d, they say he is doin okay justin berns workerhe he w knocked down by the deer think a lot can happen hits a deer. janet jackson make sure that hurt like brothers legacy lives on, her babies name will have something to do withs michael empric they are awaiting the arrival of their first child,
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this weather is fantastic, with mid- 60s today and low '70s tomorrow. >> that is way above the averag of 50 degrees. that mild air, we could break a record tomorrow. andre bernier and melissa myers will be here tonight to keep us posted on this great weather but the input whether
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today on "the real." >> so who is ready for the girl chat? >> all day girl chat! >> they make you sound like the sailors. then you get there and you're like, this was last wednesday's sail. >> what's the -- on a big game? >> he would quit the team. >> >> i just like rolling over knowing i've got a shot. >> "the real." ? this is our time don't waste another minute of it ? ? this is our time grab ahold it's time to live it ? ? starting right now right now right now right now ? ? it's our life we got a choice ? ? it's our time


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