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tv   FOX 8 News  FOX  November 19, 2016 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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allen bowl. and we will have in boulder, utah and colorado, as the buckss try to punch their ticket to the pac-12 championship game. >> brady: you look at some of those matchups, alabama has already got the sec west locked up. florida clinched the sec east, so they will be playing against one another and that is easy championship. look at coleman, just continues to keep driving. we talked about myles gaskin taking over with coleman being quiet, it was versus arizona state where gaskin started the game, and really was the featured back, and it has been that ever since. >> joe: are you going to spend thanksgiving at home this year? >> brady: i will get a chance to, and am happy to do so with my wife and obviously my newborn baby, she is a little over four months. >> joe: minus five months
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coleman one more time. for a first down. so washington, for the first time since 2000, will reach ten wins. still very much alive in the hunt for the playoffs. they certainly control their own destiny to a pac-12 title, and as we have made the case as this night has rolled on, you figure controlling their own destiny in the playoff hunt, too. >> brady: they have knocked off, i don't know if call them arrival, but beat oregon, who had a strong streak against washington. now arizona state who had won ten straight against the huskies. so chris petersen checking a lot of these matchups in the pac-12 off the list. >> joe: arizona state, meanwhile, loses five in a row for the first time since the end of the 2011 season. that ended dennis erickson's tenure.
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territorial cup to become bowl eligible. jake browning, 338 yards and two touchdowns, john ross a career-high 12 catches for him tonight. arizona state kept him in front, all his 14 yards. they have so many other ways to be you and they showed it tonight. >> brady: it was really their ability to capitalize off of turnovers, the two turnovers for arizona state turn into ten points early and started the momentum. >> joe: time for the taste of winning sponsored by coca-cola, down to jenny. >> jenny: coach, the message was a win and we control our destiny how pleased are you with the overall performance question right >> well, to get a win, we are always pleased. i think we have a few things to clean up, and that is why we practice. >> jenny: your defense continues to be your backbone, kevin king without interception early change the momentum. has a defense exceeded your expectations is here? >> well, we knew we had good
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like we expected them to play, i am proud of them. >> jenny: you are off to a good start with ten wins this season, the first time since 2000. but i know next week at the big rivalry, how confident are you in preparing for that match up with washington state? >> they are a heck of a team, it will be a great game. >> jenny: okay, best of luck, thanks. >> joe: all right, jenny. thanks to coach petersen, the first win against arizona state as i i head coach of washington. wee are back here to seattle ia moment. eyeing all year. ? ?happiness is? ?happiness is? ?different things to different people? ?different things to different people? [gasp] the gift they're waiting for is waiting on ebay. ?that's what happiness is? new, unique, and everything in between.
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>> joe: washington is 10-1, with a 44-18 win over tomorrow, start your sunday with "fox nfl kickoff" and america's number one pregame show, and then it's the bears and giants and other regional action bread coverage beginning tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. eastern on fox. huge slate of games coming up next weekend, including the apple cup and chris petersen's bunch against washington state, that is on friday, and we will have utah and colorado on saturday with the south division
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for jenny taft, brady quinn, and the rest of our crew, joe davis
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cleveland's own fox 8 news.. >> from sunglasses and shorts, two scarves, hats and gloves. you know the old saying in northeast ohio, if you don't like the weather, hang tight, it will eventually change. >> what if we did like it? that's exactly what happened today,pp a shock to the system r many local communities who experienceds their first snowfa
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10:00. i'm bill sheil.l. >> and i'm jennifer jordan. with the taste of snow today, even more snow is on the way. >> aj colbey is denny byford jenn harcher tonight. he is out front where we can se the wind blowing behind you and -- >> these winds are coming in almost 50 miles per hour. you may50 hear that from time. no t precipitation falling in te front yard but storm fox doppler radar picking up on some of that snowrm. we had a little waffle, wintry mixtr of rain, snow and even ice pellets. snow and even ice pellets. these are all snowflakes flying as of this point.. up in the northeast and off the western basin of lake erie and cutting back into medina, summit and even northern start county
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grafton were thunder snow was heard earlier this evening. a little detail on that coming up shortly. otherwiset this is out at chesr linde. a webcam time lapse and you can see some of that snow starting to accumulate on the ground. that was earlier this evening right around sunset or so. and across the state snow been sitting up all the way to the upi of michigan as the main cold these are snow starts and the high .4 inches. northridge bill and cuyahoga falls picked up an inch. he could've had more or less in your backyard. thirty-five cleveland and 32 degrees akron canton. c sustained winds at 21 miles per hour but it is producing windchill factors in the 20s. it feels like 21 degrees akron and the same at mansfield.
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we will have much more on that and show you what is aheadch. see how much longer this will last. back to you. y >> come inside aj, you look cold. >> didn't we skipped a season here? we saw fall but from yesterday to today it feels like we wentb from summer to winter in one day. the cold, the snow. we are in for a new reality. live along i 90 with f the stats on how the roads have been tonight. hey allisonth. >> it is pretty amazing how quickly you remember just how bad this weather can feel out here r already in the hats and gloves tonight. but really the story tonight is the wind. as foror the snow we had some earlier but not too much down here w downtown in cleveland. right now, as for the roads as
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bad. the ohio department of transportation has been working hard to maken sure the first snowfall has come and gone with no drama so far.ll a shock to the system, snowfall in northeast ohio, i guess we are ready. >> we saw people wearing sandals yesterday and shorts and cank tops. now we are wearing scarves. >> with thanksgiving just around the corner,it this couple doesns mind too much as they run errands in lakewood on saturday. >> iod that's what i want the snow. >> you have to admit it can be pretty seen this no-fly but preparation is key, especially for the ohio department of transportation. >> the first teams to bring out theh nerves and everyone. >> that is way more than 60 trucks and drivers are out on theo weekend roads salting and treating as necessary. >> you have to slow down. the leaves mix with us now is a slipperyw mess. just take it easy. >> odot reps are also hoping
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phones before they get on the road during the snowy season.n. the oval go app was launched back in the summer and can be a great resource to see how the weather can affect her travels. you can receive personalized traffic alert. >> you can also see our traffic cameras which allows you to look at the roads and see what conditions they are in as well. >> because being proactive on the roads can never hurt in these be latest weather event is over. this first oneil i am thinking feels a little worse because the weather was so great yesterday in the 70s and now it's in the 30s but it feels even worse than that. t definitely want to get inside. >> i had myte sunroof open in my car yesterday. and today there would be snowfall coming in . just unreal.
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>> it is that time of year again. fox 8 is your officialm school closing station. you can get alerts on air, online and on the fox 8 app. sign up at, just kick closings at the top. >> a convicted murderer is sentenced to death. >> douglaso schein junior facig the deathio penalty for killing three minute a warrensville heights barbershop last year. fox 8n maia belay was in the courtroom. >> the deaths imposed on douglas schein junior. >> death for the 21 -year-old. convicted murderer douglas schein junior didn't flinch asra he learned his fate. he killed william gonzalez, walter barfield and brandon white. with tears in her eyes, .randon's mother told me >> i'm satisfied. it's hard to not have emotions when someone says death.
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has been hard. >> prosecutors say schein was a member of the heartless felons gang. anthh argument with a rival gang led to the shooting that killed three and wounded three more in februarytki of 2015. almost two years later all signs of the tragedy here i chalk lines barbershop have been wipeb away. a new business has moved in and people here tell me they are trying to move on. >> but for angela, there is no moving on. she lost two sonsis >> now we can get a little closure but i have to start all over againl next year for my second son. so it's hard emotion right now, it really is. >> in her and ladson was a witness who prosecutors say identified him as the shooter. aaron was shot and killed four months after his brother. jurors convicted schein of orchestrating a murder from his
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>> is this the sensing he wanted to hear? >> it didn't matter if it was life or death but i am shocked. >> a source inside the courtroom says theke enormity of the situation weighed heavily on jurors.s. everyone worked tirelessly to do the righty thing and no one tok sentencing schein to death lightly. for angela, there is still healing to dodo. >> it doesn't bring my sons back , but i'm okay. >> in cleveland, maia belay, fo. >> fire officials in hinckley saying tonight they havee contained a large brush fire that spread through the hinckley reservation friday night. the department f posted thesee photos on facebook. more than 50 firefighters helped tofi extinguish the flames that spread over nearly 30 acres.e fire officials are modern train that t area. the cleveland browns are running
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game, just six games remain, including sunday's game against the team's biggest rival, the pittsburgh steelers. >> we do like to thing of them as the rivals but we have to win a gamef now or then to be a rivalry. pj ziegler joins us with a preview of tomorrow's showdown at first energy stadium. it will be football weather down there. >> it will be like the good old time of footballatt except maybe weatherwise.wi i don't know football ways. some f he's losing streak come to an end tomorrow at first energy stadium as the browns and the steelers square off at 1:00. the browns have lost tent straight to start the season, the steelers come to clevelandnd having lost four in a row. cody kessler will start sunday's game for the browns a little more than a week after being pulled out of the browns low nationally televised game of the year, a loss to the baltimore ravens. the team has been stressing all week finish, something they haven't done all season long.e some good news for the browns
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steelers haven't played well on the road this season. we will see if that trend continues sunday at the stadium and once again, the weather could be a factor in tomorrow's game. something to watch for. big ben roethlisberger built for the afc but cody kessler grubbing tell from you not used to playing in the snow and cold he is not one that links to stretch the field or throw it down thetre field so when he iso there you have to wonder how that ball will travel tomorrow when he does throw the ball. something to adjust toom playing in northeast ohio along the way. >> cleveland ohio, when jew think it would be windy down there tomorrow? e> probably. plenty of drama on a new york city stage, and we are notf talking about the show. >> the cast of the hit show hamilton addresses vice president-elect mike pence.
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back. >> and a local candy controversy comes to ahead. the punishment firefighters are facing for handing out halloween treats. >> plus, he had an extraordinary career here at fox 8. a look at one of his other passions, fighting for the four puts. how dick goddard big moves in columbus to protect the animals,
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especially on the east side this is a close-up vieww of where tht
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bright blue flash.e there has been an f instability aroundan for that to happen. this is a webcam time lapse as the sun was setting this evening. a little bit of color in there but those lake clouds definitely put down some heavy rain as it mixed in with roybal and eventuallyl changeover to ntualo all snow. slick spots occurred on my weigh in on i 90 w river and these are the temperatures right around freezing. that is no big surprise but the wind chills also a factor. it feels like 26 degrees at the lakefront where winds are gusting close to 50 miles an hour. other locations are sustained winds out of the northwest 20-25 and up to 30 miles per hour. some gusts and loring up to 33 miles an hour.
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along the lake shore. we are definitely in the backwash cloud cover and snow and it looks like that once to hang on. look at the snow bands getting right into monday morning it looks like. highest amounts northern new york.ok l there are looking at a couple of feet of snow but i guess it could be worse. let's talk about alaska. tonight sunset and this is a barrel, alaska. the days are defi losing their daylight but how about the sun goes below the horizonn not to be seen again for 65 days. january 23, 2017 they will finally see the sun poke back up around the horizon briefly. okay, i guess it could be worse we will have the full forecast including an eight day you don't want to miss around the corner. we will send it back to yout.
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what their travel plans for thanksgiving will be looking like. >> hopefully we have good newss for you. >> especially if you are going to alaska. >> in the dark. >> you need your lights. >> one of n the best place of hs life was not even on the field.. >> a college quarterback hailed as aco hero. how he helped stop a thief in the act. >> and a business owner taking heat. why some are upset with the
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loud booming and a curtain call lecture isn't your typical broadway theater experience but that's what vice president-elect mike pence face last night as he watched the musical, hamilton. >> now president-elect donald trump is speaking out about the incident. bryan llenas joins us from new york with the latest reaction. >> vice president-elect mike pence was booed by the audience a lecture by theoo cast of broadway musical hamilton friday night in new yorkal city. the show uses rap and hip-hop to tell a story of alexander hamilton while highlighting the strength ofwh america's diversi, with male and female actors of color playing characters who were all at the end of the show, after brandon victor dixon pulled out a cute card and read the message from the cast directly to pence expressing their hope the administration will bebe inclusive. >> we are the diverse america who are alarmed and anxious tht
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not protect us, but we truly hope the show has inspired you to uphold our american values and work on behalf of all of us. >> pence had left his seat before the message but heard it fromt the hallway. he did not respond but wave to a crowd, including protesters as he left. but now president-elect donald trump is demanding an apology tweeting [totod, ieft. cameras blazing. this should not happen. the theate m safe and special place. the cast of hamilton was very rude last night to a very good man, mike pence. apologize. dixon responding to trump tweeting quote conversation is not harassment sir and i appreciate mike pence for stopping to listen. the actor says the cast felt it was important to speak on behalf of all marginalized groups who are fearful of a trump administration. >> i'm so glad we had the
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stayed. because he stayed any lesson tonight truly appreciate him doing that. >> #boycott hamilton trended on twitter as people debate over whether this act was appropriate. in new york, bryan llenas, fox news. >> to the season for giving.auss >> still to come, a waitress shocked at what some diners left behind. how she is now paying it forward.. >> and this grandmother openingo her doors on thanksgiving. why. a text mixup has added one more
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a us marshal was shot and killed in georgia yesterday morning during an attempt to arrest a wanted fugitive. the suspect, don trial monte's cartereru, had been on the run r the past two months after previously trying to kill police officers in south carolina. when a the team went inside a mobile home yesterdaya and southeast georgia carter, he opened fire, killing deputy commander patrick carruthers. he and the suspect were rushed to the hospital where they both died.d. carruthers was a 26 year veteran with the us marshall and he leaves behind his wife and five children. a newborn baby who went missing in kansas after her mother was found shot to death has been found alive and in dallas. this morning, police announced the suspects in the death of the 27
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and fled to texas, where that baby was found safe. two people now in custody. >> facebook ceo mark zuckerberg streaking in peru today. the founder of knowledge and the role social media had in the elections and stressed the importanceunio of getting people online to improve global living standards.n will car has more on the story. >> facebook ceo mark zuckerberg said the company isce working to weed out hoaxes and other types of misinformation. failing to stop the spread of phoning news articles in the run-up to the us presidential election. >> we of a fundamental choice in how we choose to address this inequality. >> addressing the asia-pacific economicic cooperation summit in peru, the founder acknowledged the role of social media and elections and responsibility such sites have in ensuring accuracy and fairness on the internetbi . >> we can work to give people a voice but we also need to do our
11:37 pm
and violence and misinformation. we can build artificial intelligence and fight terrorism but we also need to make sure that we protect people's privacy. >> he also urged world leaders to help the company get more people online, saying it will help reduce the income inequality and raise living standards. six if youan take a country that has half of its population connected coming you connect the other halflts and you can incree gdp price which is 10.6 in a new post, attack against fake news, including warning labels on false stories and working with journalist to develop better fact checking systems s.. facebook is hardly the only company struggling to address the spread of fake newsheo. google has taken steps to stop creators of fake news from making money off of their ad services. in los angeles, will carr, fox news. >> a halloween candy
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cleveland's own fox 8 news. >> local firefighters in trouble for passing out candy to kids on halloween. now punishment is handed out. >> the fox 8 i team exposed the investigation and brooke parkar that has drawn international attention. ed gallek has the conclusion to the controversial case.n >> coming to you since you are at the heart of this. i am back on duty and they are going to follow up with a a written reprimand. >> the i r team has obtained ths letter of reprimand. and brooke park fire lieutenant punished for taking firefighters toin the streets on halloween to hand out candy. matt lynch it already been
11:41 pm
quiet. >> and by union is going to take itto from there. i can't. i have been advised by the city not to talk about it. >> but let me suggest you what this isme all about. >> the brooke park mayor said all of this is not about candy for kids, just firefighter showing the chief who is boss. tom coyne argues they took out an engine, ambulance and suv on duty without permission. >> a what we have here is a clear case of trying to circumvent the normal chain of command it's nothing more and nothing less. whynd not just pull the guy asie and say look, next year, don't do it again. >> well, that's basically what has happened. >> but the investigation went on for days, sparking reaction from canada, the uk, all over america. the mayor said heov had to follw contract procedures. parents see it like this. >> really it isoc adults acting likead children. i just really think it's ridiculous. >> all the investigating and
11:42 pm
the firefighters union plans to file a grievance or appeal over the letter of reprimand. in the end, that appeal could end up back here at city hall. could be decided in the same place where the investigation began, the mayor's office. still, next halloween, brooke park kids can expect more candy passed out in the streets. >> i want the children of brooke park to know that next year we hope to have a very nice program with all of our divisions going out with volunteers. >> at gallek, fox 8 i team. >> a major infusion of cash is coming to canton's proposed pro football hall of fame village. johnson controls has bought the naming rights to the village in an 18 year deal reportedly worth moree than $100 million. the hall of fame village will include a hotel, retail, restaurants, he symphony hall in the seniori care facility for retired hall of famers. it is slated to open in 2019. h >> it is beginning to look a lot like christmas. with the snow on the ground and
11:43 pm
kicked off the holiday season with its tree lighting ceremony tight. hundreds gathered in westlake this evening to watch thee ceremony, where 200,000 lights programmed to music, lit up the sky.,0 it was also a heartwarming ceremony for a nine -year-old boy from olmsted falls was presented a disney crews vacation, thanks to the make-a-wish foundation. also, what is a christmas kickoff without the big man himself?hac santa was survey of the crowd for his naughty or nice >> it felt a little bit like christmas today. it is beautiful there and crocker park. i want to know what happened. it was summer yesterday and then itwhrd just like a light switcht turned. >> it's done. it was a record high yesterday. here in cleveland and akron. several places hit the record.
11:44 pm
>> a lot of people looking forward to traveling this week so they are hoping for better thanhe what we got today. >> for sure. i think you'll like what you see, especially if you will be traveling. the good news is no major storms anywhere across the entire country. very good news there. what a day today. those battleship gray clouds up there again , if you sought even one glimpse of the sun, you are a minority for sure. rain drops at first and then we get where you can actually see the second round, which has some ice in it and you'll be able to tell the difference on the lens. t to his this season. here is storm fox doppler radar showing a couple of snow bands the last segment. one to the south and west of cleveland and another over late geauga, ashtabula the heaviest wintry mix changing
11:45 pm
write about the chimney of geauga county. a chardon there is a blossoming,, rate where the train goes up. in the area. also to the south and west medina and searching back into theh western basin of lake erie some impressive snow falling right now. this picture, look at this. we are not talking geauga county. this is in medina high school. they actually had to shovel outh where the yard markers were. more of this to come. that's for sure. northeast ohio inundated with snowfall now. the first batch of rain heading to the east coast but now we are back in the colder air. twentys which is on the way for tonight.ld a check out this temperature trace. talking about sony 4 degrees high yesterday. that was just at 4:00 yesterday.
11:46 pm
the front came through. between 2:00 and five in the morning we were down into the 30s andfi pretty much there we were. that is just where we find yourself right now. 44 degrees and ashtabula and 31 degrees akron canton withwi wind chills in the 20s. no surprise. counterclockwise flow over the great lakes and we continue tot see on and off snow showers through the snowfall forecast taking us into monday morning s. we are sticking with had. upwards of an inch or two off to the west stretching back down to northern start county. highest amounts in southern geauga and northern portage. also 46 inches over to ashtabula. gosh gosh if you are traveling to mercer yuri county is where they get the heavy stuff. tonight much colder and
11:47 pm
28 degrees the overnight low with snow showers. the bands look like they want to break down by tomorrow around noon time. wind direction has a lot to do with where those bands set up. a secondary front try's to push through but it we can says it does so. high pressure waiting in the wings andnd windsor locks showig signs of relaxing here. and that's good news across the country pay the fox 8 day forecast will wind down the hall lake effect snoww mo still in the 30s. tuesday we have a picture of mry dick goddard will b be doing his final forecast on fox 8. we sure hope you will join us. lots of surprises planned and really exciting. but of course we don't want him to go but it's time for retirement according to mr. goddard. on thinks giving day we should wrap up that snow pretty quickly. no big snowstorms. even intoike that,
11:48 pm
holiday shopping weekend if you will on saturday and sunday. >> wean do want to say quickly a legendary, we taken for granted but what a career. >> amazing. f >> thanks aj. >> it's that time of year. fox 8 o is your official school closings station. you can get alerts online and on air and on the fox 8@. click closings at the top. >> a business owner facing backlash. >> still to o come, how he is taking a stand over h the electn in a holiday newsletter going out to all of his employees. >> and celebrating dick goddarda a look at his efforts to help the 4-foothi come as we count dn
11:49 pm
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11:51 pm
we do continue the month-long celebration of dick goddard asas he prepares for his final forecast. >> we all know mr. goddard is a fierce protector of the four passion became law. [clapping] >> it's been a long time coming for those who value the lives of four foots, especially dick goddard. >> it is wonderful. if it's the last thing i do of any consequence i am thrilled to death for the animals. >> dick spent five years
11:52 pm
lobbying for lawmakers to make legislation h to make abuse of furry animals a felony. it was there with a committed group of animal lovers when governor kasich signed it into law. bo packman was one of them. >> he and i worked together. just incessantly on this bill.l. >> they sponsored the bill and said dick's involvement was crucial to its passage. >> dick has been in and trickle part of it. i justst want to thank him. >> goddard's law make it a fifth degree felony to knowingly cause serious harm to a companion animal, that includesni survivig him of food, water and shelter.s >> now the hp six goddard law is in effect, ohio companion animals are safer and protected more than ever. e >> the executive director amy beecher was also working on law
11:53 pm
learned dick was doing the same. she suggested they join forces and the rest is history. >> mr. goddard put his name on the bill andto it was magic. he really deserved it. his name will now be associated with the felony five provision for first offense and that is a huge step. >> and the countdown to dick goddard's final forecast is this tuesday. we have some fun surprises planned. it is must see tv for sure. it all happens tuesday at 6:00 p.m. f s >> more than half a century. a football player honored for his brilliant tackle. >> butli it was on the field. still to come, how one college quarterback hope to catch a thief in the act.t. >> plus a heartwarming story to usher in the holidays. how a waitress is paying it forward after a random act of
11:54 pm
11:55 pm
11:56 pm
a kansas business owner is taking heatat for using his holiday newsletter to criticize who his employees may have voted for. this is the pen these spices holiday newsletter. scroll past the sales andnd customers found a column about racism a from owner bill pansy o calls out people who voted for donald trump. others are standing behind him.
11:57 pm
said? >> yes, except for the part about calling out the voters. we should all be able to vote for the candidate we want. >> he could have sent out his traditional holiday newsletter but instead he decided to stand up and state what he believes is rights. >> it is too early to tell howt his comments might affect his business. >> police in new york are honoring a college football quarterbacks remarkable play, but it wasn't on the daniel bronson is the quarterback for the b university of rochester. restaurant with saw a man snatch is 73 -year-old woman's pursear and run off. without thinking, bronson and two othersg took off after the man. that is when bronson performed a flawless tackle, taking the robbery suspect downpe. >> i feel like i just did d something that i would hope someone else would t do if my grandfather were in trouble or something of that nature. >> we all try to raise her kids to do the right thingsl and wn they do, you feel lucky. >> although state police don't
11:58 pm
like this since it can be dangerous, bronson says he c wod doys it all over again, without hesitation. good for him.ov and alabama waitress at two of our customers left her a huge surprise on their bill. >> but instead of spending it, she is paying it forward. karli as stock has waited tables at this alabama restaurant her for years. wednesday night started like any other until she opened a bill after serving a couple. inside they left a $330 tip on also left behind a card reading please accept this random act of kindness. c she said the card and money gave her inspiration. >> having all of that just that one t time, i felt pressed to do something with it instead of keeping it for myself. i just paid for a few people's meals in a drive through. i give them a certain amount of money and told them just to use it until it runs outam. >> she hopes this inspires more
11:59 pm
for the couple who inspired her. >> to his the season. it is the seasonon of giving afr all. >> still to come, how a wrong number led to an open invitation to thanksgiving dinner. >> next in sports, regional final champs are counted high school football division three, five and seven, plus john carroll and mount union begin their quest to the stagg bowl and the ohio state buckeyes look to avoid another letdown to the michigan state spartans on the
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