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tv   FOX 8 Sunday Morning News  FOX  November 20, 2016 8:00am-9:59am EST

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as autumns i give them plenty of basalt coming off thereem you no to create that space for your own safety us on the roadwaysce careful if you are about we wise you a very safe travel morning. thank you for waking up with usm the wind and snow it's a lot going on.
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is of this more concentrated areawn when shows that have been anywhererew from 20 degrees temperatures generally above freezing or at least close to
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we could get an additional chase. start to see the streets lake effect for some streaks of sunshine sandwiched around. we'll talkstrne more about the thanksgiving forecast and look ahead intog the first couple weeks of december as settled man winter has officially arrivedc this is the scene in the dinah last night. present was the first snowman of the air i'm sure the first of many to comesn
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it's a great stuff. how are the roads going to look. it might be a little touchy out there.mig howard and ground fox manning enforce thisrou morning he's no' headed back eastbound on route six their chardon. they're just trying to give the road clear.clea this notice it came with parts
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the first thing to bring out thg nerves for everyone is driving in the snow assaulting intriguing is necessary.y.
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take it there also hoping that more people upng to their smartphones before getting on the roadir before the snow he sees him.hi those lunch by customary could be a you can receive personalized traffic alerts. here also see our traffic camerasnalfic after fox 8 is your officials school closing station. you can get alerts on air onlinc and on the fox 8. just click closings in the tab at the top. in other news a convicted murderer his sentenced to death.
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last year.t y maia belay was in the courtroomo >> we find thatu this sentimentt of that should be imposed. cap after cap all six of his thing. that for the 21 convicted murder didn't flinch as he waved his feetdid with tears in her eyes.
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there's no on she lost two sons they identified shine as the shooter and the shining throughn one to ask sentencing him to
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the air poses a serious roll noo space off at 1:00. they have lost ten shape to the season.
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game for the prunes a little more thanprun a week after heer received out of the televised game of the year the team haste been stressing all week the word finish something they haven'tt done all season. s they need to put teams away. good news for the browns they haven't played well on the road this seasonfor t ten losses that will fill all betteren who's got needs to she birds are coming in for the winter. gsh
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have to.h good morning everyone we saw streaks ofyo lake affect the temperatures are not that cope with the low 30s that's the one chosen the upper teens the lower 20s additional accumulations likely will take a look at the actualil lake affect the
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right now veteran are trying they have a lot more snow than we did.y very hit or miss throughout the greater cleveland area i know parts further east and further south seem to have
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take a little extra care much son things over to scott for a check on the forecast today. this the browns when i get rid of the beard. that's a stipulation set by the bosses back when we did this which i didn't ti this long it's been since after labor day. our winter weather here has come. is itit when shows between 18-22 storm fox radar showing some redevelopment of lake affect off the western basin of lake erie were seen some push of lake affect s another one north of ashland another between meant dinah in canton also down intoin worcester for we could see
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blowing most of the snow away from the roadways as thee temperatures again pretty much remain above freezing. the train solon and ravenna your goododt the coverage on the stat it will be somewhat limited. with the last 15 hours is no fault we're going to shut down lake michigan and its that you
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and another inch of local accumulation today otherwise the lake effect starts to shift further east or we could see the one chosen the lower 20s. what it feels like outside is pretty much how it's going to be if you're heading out to the browns gameikeh to it reminds g back to the browns games back in the 80s0sb which was a lot thanks a lot, scott.t, >> here how are roads looking if you're going out and about toto the stadium largest around downtown.n. we went to get a check of current our good friend power is brave enough to go east for us.
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accumulated on the side of the road. they knew that this is they had been preparing for days
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ed gallek has more. >> from football to soccer toocc cross country hot and hard seen saint ignatius high school when he more championship burning more links years it's beenit' collecting those ring as athletic trainer. a thief broke into his home andm stole his collection 25 rings just like these. civic i would write up on the dressert when you look at the rings you remember certain virtuallyv nothing taken but the rings.i he's hoping someone has shut has a conscience that there's someonenea honest enough out thu to say these are somebody's rings let's return means to them. the break-in happened at the
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want to go in until police got here officers did not findfi anyone inside that hours earlier and neighbor had seen a strange man around here. a local punch a party on theon lookout folks at odyssey jeweler say before we showed up police had called his anyone brings in any of those three wash come in here will do our best to the query another bottle that he fits sudafed a major infusion of
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football hall of fame they have thought the naming rights to the village in 18 years dealhav is beginning to l a lot like christmas with the snow on the ground and a chill in the air crocker park kicked off the their cheery lighting ceremony been hundreds gathered and westlake to wear nine -year-old boy from olmsted falls was presented a disney crews vacation things to the make-a-wish foundation.dis what's a christmas kick off without the big man himself
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he or nice list. the full forecast is straight ahead on fox 8
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today, you have more ways to access the number one care in ohio.
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walk in to our express care clinics or our 24/7 emergency departments or call in today for an appointment today. cleveland clinic is here for you. anytime, anytime. anywhere.
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says the perspective behind the pen is what makes these poems so unique.e.i
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not everybody has that perspective for that it's something that is unique to us. it's something that can speak to others.s. it's such a little thing that can make such an impact they cae start to see everyone together and ought to be a long our in depth just a few sentences will do when it comes tooude car winw poetry. and they can make a difference in somebody's life.e >> very nice. >> i love that. it's> i just spreading the messe making people smile. just a little bit home we've got another hour don't go anywhere
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has arrived in northeast ohio.0 they just state right fit. the wind is a little bruno out there.ig thank you for waking up with us. my name istha roosevelt was suc. >> my name is autumn the ember.w they h freezing one of the reasons we don't see as much accumulatione on that roadways this. normally with like effect like .hisis
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almost down into worcester that's where we have seen severalalant what was the bigger issue thi outlook yesterday.
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the see how the lake effect starts to move further ease. that will be assigned are they start to dry out.t. thanksgiving week was going towa be one of those weeks or we
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as scouts that old man winter has officially arrived o this week. take a look at the snow covered roads. and there working to keep us all safe. and a lot of pictures from a lot where theyt there got all lot of that more accumulation than we did. possibly the first snowman on the year.sibl that site good packing snow. we're going to take a look outside this isis
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friday to saturday. allison brown tells us winter is hereal it we were just find shos and think that the number
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that can be producing the snow for the preparation is keith especially for this hardh department of transportation.i they can cause an accident. they are also hoping that as they get to the snowy season. the app was launched back in the summary ranking be a great resource to see how allison
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the convicted murderer is sentenced to death.h. my handle is in the courtroom. we've had a definitive this should be imposed on douglas shine junior.r. with tears in her eyes. mother told mear prosecutors say that shy was a member of the heartless felons game and i came
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wounded three more than 2015. there's no moving sheet last tws sons to shine. we have to get a little closer but we have to start over for my to .n. it's hard in motion. it really is.s.i there was a witness that prosecutors that identified him the shooterwi he was killed four months after his brother churns convicted shine of orchestrated
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the enormity of the situation think willing, maia belay, fox 8 news. >> they contained a large brush they are still monitoring thatth area. the cleveland browns are running
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all games we need to break thete streets.s. its would make a lot of folks happy. one and it was pittsburgh somebody's losing streak will come to the endndso baltimore raidersf they haven't done something all season just when they game. the series will take it from the
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the weather could be a big factor and hopefully big been won't be able to do all lot of throwing.fueen click the closings up at the top.cli and your national headlines our next on fox 8 news in the morning.our h
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donald trump is getting
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brandon fichte dixon pulled out a cue card amid a message from the cast directly to tenthxod a expressing hope that the administration would be inclusive.sith we trulyh inspired to our american values. >> pence ahead left before them but did not respond and wave took out including protesters as president-elect donald trump is demanding an apologypre mike pence was harassed by the theater acetic acid family think
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dixon responded to trump treating conversation is not harassment and i'm fishing stop until.l. intellisense test felt that it was important to speak onst the behalf of all marginalized groups that are fearful of the trump administration i'm so glad he he stated he was and i appreciate him doing that.ta people debate over whether thiss act was appropriate. in newpr york, brightness, fox news. >> how would you like to own a piece of disneyland. now is your the auction will feature never
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shut that you'll wonder why did pay a hundred thousand dollars for that. th still to come on fox 8 news this highlights are coming up in will check out some high school playoffs.
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get a bullet front of an
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shrieks a 13-0 lead.lea they are into before the first half comes toth an end and thenh short little path to marshall healthsh. spirit rest as john carroll advances to round two of the
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receiving yards is not union wins they w john hopkins that saturday at noon.opk the defending state chance third
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outside going in for the score
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whole thing those is coming together nicelyho
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remember how mild relatively speaking winter washo in november and december t any rate this is how it's going to continue through tonightecehl start to see more sunshine tomorrow and a nice break on tuesdayhine will get more snow r thanksgiving weekend.e stay anchored out there with that went.t. as we've been following the weather situation all morning as you look at the trees i know it's a slow down picture using see how the onesdow that movingi
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hismeo absolutely priceless. ed galleks st has more. from for parts of soccer to cross-country hockey and more seen thing ignatius high school oh us anymore championship for any moreion runs for 30 years. collecting no space has athletic trainerllec and wednesday a thif broke into his home and stole this collection.
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these. >> it was right upngs onlike the dresser. i said they've got my bearings.. for you look at the root you remember certain things about each championship virtually nothing else taken to the ringsg things of someone has a conscience. >> there's someone honest enough out there to say these aree a somebody's things let's return them to him. they pick in happen here at the found the door open that she did i want to go in until police got here. officers did not find anyoneone inside that hours earlier and neighbor had seen a strange man around fakers are so identifiable theater local punch a party onat the lookout folks at odyssey jeweler say before he showed up police had called his anyone brings in any of those this point shot above to catch aa thief and get those things that are they belong.
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gold. this sentimentalal value you can't put a face on that. civic him him him to our best to get them.em. i just driving. he even has a message for anybody involved stealing the rings justice for the schedule. please return them. no questions asked. edes gallek, fox 8 i team. >> that, thank you. anyone with information should call detectives with the cleveland pol in major infusion is coming to the football hall of i fame village take a look at this they've put the naming rights to the village in 18 your job. theyin work for the $100 millio. all of those00 m will include a hotel restaurant and his senior care facility for retired hall of fame which is slatedaci to on up and 2019.19 that will be really nice.e. it is 9:39 a.m. pitches two days
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finders forecast. when we come back with a look that will keep to to harmingha animals a felony.s a look at the journey of goddard's law coming up next. the caf? is trainingin mentally disabled employees to put on tho path towards independence. p first let's take a look from ouo new public square camera. it's is it when the it's called. downtown did not get quite as much snow has some of the outlying areas south and east of the e area.ea. if you're headed out this would give yourself a little extra or 4 inches the man take your time. scott will have a a
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putting on your gloves wearing your parent at.t.
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keep food separated.epa the catering business received certification from thefr department of health now they're able to serve the outside community just by getting other restaurant that's like working in a real job.b. i like preparing food. sumac they went live on monday and now for the first time anyone within a 2-mile radiusra can order from hear their goalth is to keep growing and expandex their service or up the letters been doing a
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most items on the menu were less than $5 that money made goes back into the program to help them in by$5 that's a great program. this is the final ago the
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we are better to give you accurate forecast. in all meteorologist old measurements they will leadme to mored accurate and timely forecasts watches and warningsan ultimately saving it's always incredible to see the accomplishment of those. we have a very aging satellite system v i'm looking forward to seeing that allook when shows in the teens localized accumulation later today. go brownsze.
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i'm chris wallace. all eyes are on trump tower as the transition goes full speed ahead. >> a lot of activity going on upstairs. >> the president-elect is an open door. >> we'll talk with vice president-elect mike pence about trump's picks so far and what his role will be in the trump white house. >> he's a man of action. i'm humbled to be a part of it. >> mike pence live, only on "fox news sunday." plus, we'll hear from our sunday group, including laura ingraham, who's being considered for white house press secretary. then, how will democrats work with president trump? >> we challenge him. work with us and keep your


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