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tv   Fox 8 News at 430AM  FOX  November 21, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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good at morning everyone thanksgiving week. let's get to scott sabol to see what's happening weatherwise the winter and we can hopefully things will improve.t'th the momet system coming in on thanksgivina day.n it doesn't't seem like that'sth going to be a wintry type of system. storm fox radar is showing a few flurries out to the westh we hae a few out fort clinton and it's even out over the lake erie islandson for the most part we started to seeth a rapid reductn
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this could you caught up what's happening in the news this morning.ulug here now working to several with some run this administration. in the secretary of state chris, among others they begin selling
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i can't guarantee that president i lacked won't pursue the positions that he's taken. what i can guarantee is thatis t reality will force them to adjust.will president obama has talked about trumps possible conflict of interest they went to a lot of things to avoid possible
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checked on the road raceth after icy conditions facing crews had 40 cars piled up on the road c before opening thm up for traffic.ra her car was. and causing several cars to slide into the crash. c >> the hall of fame hall of fame village of the hotel>> retail r restaurant license and a half a day care facilitye retire hall f
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it's pretty special for me to be here and make them embrace with
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it wasn't on the football field. college quarterback up to catch a thief in the act. is it c politics of this man has managed to stay far away he was even know who won the election. storm fox rated we don't haveha anything on radar it's going to stay's there with her next chane of precipitation won't come until wednesday it's going to stay that way until next thursday.
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good country song this morning.s welcome back to fox 8 news in
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my name is kristi capel. >> my name is wayne dawson let's looking pretty quick. is pretty nasty. caught you by price of figured we could leave it out there to more weeks.we pick it up in april. he goes up there anyway. basil have a seat while you'rel grilling. that's normally what we do.e the spend under 40 no space on saysend that we talked about thh
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affect it was covered with at least a little bit of snow. (-left-parenthesis tonight atat 11:00 we had 32 degrees. those first thing we had temperatures at or below2 t 32 degrees is the second longest stretch certainly going to record high temperature to records know that's the first time this is also happen this early in the yeart'ss pretty much gone now we need toe get out from her out. slowly we are same general ge pattern with temperatures falling into the 2020 look at mt
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all day today once the state pretty strong months to be still stay pretty windy will see some sunshine the tape ten highs in the middle of the 30sen mostly clear tonight make wake up to low some lower middle 20s.sak we start to increase the temperatures which means thean next system which is rapidly developing watch the highs is a movieshe are anticipating some
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thanksgiving day. tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. is take goddard's final forecast little bit of snow late friday night. fox 8 news is your official school closing station. patty harin traffic. it has been a great rush arere so far so good if you're coming inbound 90 from the west thingsh really do not good it's alsoal been an issue free from bateman as you head up sheldon road.fre no problems coming up 7790
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independence area folks are burning to those vacation days. san antonio police are on theth lookout this monda gun downwnlo one of those offics on sunday. the shooter drought away when hy was pronounced dead at the hospital police are actively searchingced for the suspect and have identified the vehicleh
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man. more violence authorities of florida have arrested a suspect who shot and injured a police officer s. traffic stops in the evening they took the suspect into custody after he exchanged gunfire with officers officials jarrod in ashotot drive-byin shooting on the islad earlier that evening and fled the scene.sce police gave the neighborhoods all clear after advising residents to lock their doors andl avoid all windowsows authorities say traffic remainsm impacted as they continue to investigate they've issued a voluntary voluntary recall of the homelessy in sports because of possible listeria contamination consumers are urged to do this regard any product before january 24, 2017 it can cause fatal infections in
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people police in new yorkw honoring the college football quarterbacks remarkable place on the footballf field.o diego bronson is the quarterback for the university of rochester. he was leaving a restaurant with hisavi girlfriendsalmon with saa man snatches 73 -year-old woman's purse and run offof without thinking into othersnt took off after the man that's's when bronson performed the ball is tackle taking them for aa suspect down.n. ceric i just did something that someone also do have my grandmother are in trouble.tro civic we all try to raise her kids tor do the righty things d when they do you feel like he.e. ceric although state police don't encourageric acts like ths bronson says you would do it all over againnson get this living n georgiaet doesn't know who won e
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although he voted he vote opted not to know the outcomee instead life is been pretty peaceful. being an artist and writer have gotten the tenth creative work done.ot he has kept himself busy with his foot and has not been in close contact with anyone he is we wo had close contact with anyone.on he does avoid the internet in the television. >> sane onle i do anything unlikely place by they tied thei night at their towns christmas
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is the dawn of another wonderful day of the shores of northeast ohio. twenty-first day of november at the holidaysweek are upon us. let's see how the week is


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