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tv   Fox 8 News at 4PM  FOX  November 23, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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tonight scattered showers, tomorrow morning lingering showers that will be gone by middayli tonight about charlie's tomorrow high temperature the upper 40s. it's no secret that today is one of the busiest travel days of the year. try to get home in time for thanksgiving. >> maia belay is at hopkins, ho is it looking?
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is sure to early. on family is ready for an emotional welcome homeme. is coming from st. john's new york city. one of 27.3 million people applying to this thanksgiving the biggest rush 62,007 recognized to record by more than 55,000 people per day this weekend. they're hoping for smooth travel.l. >> so far, so good, we took a nap earlier so hopefully we wil be rested. on standby. >> check your ticket geek trave times are early morning and between noon and three in three and six.
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$30 million makeover to make it easier.r. you have any last questions about tsa requirements. warm one, wanted to know if she could carry onon smoked sal and ice packs she was given the green light. >> good news for holiday drivers. they say this is the second cheapest for gas prices for drivers is 2,008 this thanksgiving, the lucky ones are the ones gather around the table. if you come here, be sure to
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so as to avoid any problems. twa's getting back theocratic, a lot of people at twa. if you have a question, so one is ready to help you. a member of the family was not prepar into their home tuesday morning jack shea spoke to the victim. model things taken was there arsenal of weapons. in case you are out and nobody can see where you arere
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>> this is a pouch for your water filtration system if the water is contaminated and uniqu drinking water. >> this is our fire starting stuff to separation for any kin of fire starting. there are members of a militia group known as the 3 percent consider it their duty to get ready for doomsday, to cleveland for new york and tuesday morning someone broke into their home in south call i what cleaned out to gun cases containing guns emanation, a bag of machetes and military ration they also took body armor and i worried that as a result of their preparations they have pu others in danger. military and police officers because they were bulletproof
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go through them. thin out checking surveillance video in the neighborhood to see if there an other suspectsi if you have information call the cleveland police. the i-team has exclusive video of another store held up at gunpoint, and galaxy is here to show us. >> it plays well back the polic made an arrest a old days after a robbery turns deadly trouble the guy in the brown jacket at the old brooklyn food mart in cleveland attack in the store owner as seen ghosts of the bac office, the attacker has a gun
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struggle,e, hitting the bag gui with a big water jug, the robbe takes off the police scrambled quickly forgotten they found th man a short distance away, and he was arrested the store owner went to the hospital, this coul have been much worse. >> earlier this week on the sid at a robbery turned deadly when the gunmen shot and killed the store clerk, he then got away the thought is that there was n initial connection between this case coming up f-5 the latest o the store murder investigation. garfield heights police escort help to find a suspect accused of shooting a man in a barbershop. cabinet skills barbershop and turney road essay the shooter was a recognized charlie davis,
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in danger after witnessing the crime while getting his hair cut, and leaving the suspectg t family has an additional messag after their loss.s. took somebody very important to me, please, come forward but zero how i going to bury my son. this is the father of five children, the government described as in his 20s that he was wearing a black coat the child is believed to be between five and six years old. >> you're a lot about gunshots going into homes at this well it shatters a sundayay afternoon f a graceful township home who were enjoying their new home, h says it's hard to tell if it wa caused by a hunting accident n nobody was injured, family members said that with deer gun hunting season started monday
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was scared to not know if there would be more shots and then we got downstairs and then we went outside to figure out what was going on.nt possibility that was from a hunter or it could have been someone th in the area and target shooting it could be at this point.we don't know yet. >> trumbull county sheriffs office is still investigating. >> browns quarterback rg3 was back on the practice field toda after being designated for returnb from injured reserve, broke a bone in his left shoulder during the first game of the season in philadelphiang was put on ir but we'll be back with the team to close out the seasonll he was the original starting quarterback to begin the season he signed with the
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you can make a difference in a child's life today, does come down to the fox 8 studios website you how you can help. the cars are lining up to give presents for the fox 8 annual operation giving tree, mentioned, you can help needy kids here to drop off a gift we will have much more coming up
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thousands of boys and girls wil have giftss under the tree this year thanks to your generosity, melissa reid joins us with an update on operation giving tree. these viewers are incredible,e, this is the 11th year of the annual operation giving tree, behind the you can see cars look at this suv from the hard rock rocksino it is filled with toys,, what made you decide to be a part of it kent at hard rock rocksino, at northfield park were all about having fun and w also want to spread somel holi cheer that was at the top of ou list
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hard rock international, our mission is to serve all. he chance to come down here to supporte to give gifts for the kids is nothing more important were happy to be here. thank you, what an incredible amount of toys that will go to kids are meeting in carver county, lorain county, lake county coroner all over,ty the know-how dealers have been wonderful what made you decide to be a part. >> want to make sure that we give back this is one way that we can say thank you for what they do.ay >> it's all about children and give your employees, >> i think so many times, like many things into the dealership
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feeling it's so proud to be a part of it. encourage everybody to come down to their local honda deale to bring presence of that we ca give back. >> santa is here, we will be here until 7:00 p.m. tonight yo can bring your new, unwrapped gift or toy for needy children, there so much excitement. on down to help those less fortunate in need of a gift. you can come down to donate a gift card or cash. >> to stop the target, come on down to see some of your fox 8 friends. >> thank you so much. look like a few sprinkles
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slow down on the road this the lates from melissa myers.wn >> rifle can slow us down the we do not have snowflakes. this is from thee chesterland cam. we had some excellent especiall at thehe higher elevations especially to the east and the typical snowbelt, tomorrow, during early morning, you will see some showers. and then the showers will be ending and we will have 40s, stunt looking at the one hour loop
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show you some of the mixing in northern geauga county, looking at some rain showers approaching and will stay aroun tomorrow morning then taper off around noon time. some advisors and portions of upstate new york. currently, it is chilly. we have 40s and 50s, here comes the front with scattered showers until noon time tomorrow
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tonight upper 30s with intervals of showers, and then tomorrow, upper 40s ' morning showers and then it will be a cloudy day. mostly dry on friday, then travel and the rest of the weekend from middayay saturday sunday looks good with low to
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you can see a live look outside the studio said 50800 dick goddard way. . is not easy to second by as we did yesterday and, after fiv years, dick goddardrd gave his final forecast in one suzanne stratford shows us, the last da was filled with floods of tears and also lot's of laughs.ed >> inside the fox 8 studios, on the street that bears his name, dick goddard repairs to deliver
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the fox 8 were feeling a mixture of emotions, happy to celebrate his legacy but with a little bit of precipitation, is not just a coworker about a family and friend. familiar faces like former anchor tim taylor returned come to share fond memories of so many good timess. you were ablazehe i was on live. i was aware that you were alive, and that's why i did it. 's impact on the station to help ratings soared while keeping general managers on their toeses people say that what it's like to manage dick goddar and i say that nobody can manag
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he does things his own way, always putting people and the animals first. because of dick goddard i haveve rescued hamsters, rabbit two horses, and five cats, four dogs and a couple of other miscellaneous animals. >> passion for supporting all creatures big and small. museum coming you got to get in there and he said open the back door, and he had a spider on the web. eke out goddard's law passed to protect pets which congressman jim renacci came to honor. and why would he has done with the animals in his advocac for them. >> additional price was sent
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mayor frank jackson and renamin the weather centerer. >> fox 8 contacted guinness world records. it brought a chuckle and a tier two mr. goddard who began hise broadcasting career 55 ye ago, i came upon a employee handbook and inside going saw that it w they say that his focus has been to deliver a great forecas to the people. found this from december 1965, it is a peril noticed, tylan accounting that the seller will be increased
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the end of air that wrapped up with one last forecast we have one more for you, take it away. >> the next two months it is going to be cold . and it is going to snow. his heart will remain warm because of the support he has received. >> big red to the four-foots an the two-foots and, handle this very well, thank yo very much. which is why were not saying goodbye, in cleveland, suzanne
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also allows the formation of the deck card foundation, a nonprofit that will help rescue groups and to fund and will clinics. >> for info, fox >> > tomorrow is thanksgiving and it also begins the holiday shopping season,n, how to find
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operation giving tree is right now at 5800 goddard way. it's the forecast
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light rain showers , alonso duhon and 77 it is cloudy in geauga county coroner a wet snowflakes or two. showers continue tonight and tomorrow
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scattered showers through tomorrow morning, by midday,in they will subside. tonight upper 30s, it will be a cloudy thanksgiving day. black friday is more like a thursday as many stores are ready thanksgiving night. >> one thing that has a big impact and you probably have on
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black friday sales beginning thursday, walmart beginning the skew the night at 6, some of the same deals to get in line o online, and shopping trends sho that many people that look for deals go to the phone for what they want, many stores have special deals or black friday pricing as early as 12:00 a.m. thanksgiving morning, shoppers the most best way for sought after items. >> i just shotht online it is a lot easier you just scroll down and i can be in my living room it is comfortablebe. this will be my second black friday it is fun. some of the most sought after
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headphones, the hot toys are a tangible that comes as an egg and then the animal inside has s to be raised and reboot of classic nintendo is just about gone from any store. you can find it online anywhere from 300-$600. and retail price is $60 and als people are spending >> some prices are even higher, you never know what people want to buy this time of year. the day before black friday is the day that we set aside to honor what we are thankful for and also a day to get back. a
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thousands for the past four decadesf gearing up for one of his biggest days of the year as jennifer jordan reports from tremont. >> regular mealtime crowd here at saint augustine church in tremonte you think that this is fact to imagine what it will be on thanksgiving day, this year the need is greater than ever. the annual turkey carving contest, just one of the many final preparationsng to serving those in need, bills will be served on-site street and in 15 other shelters throughout northeast ohio,n volunteers will be here to deliver thanksgiving meals and serve in while recent calls fo more donations were meant to sa there's many ways to help, this is the 44th year for this effort guided by sister corita ambro who has been here for the he says turning people
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a lot of people are on hard times, family that comese in every day said that if i do not have this meal, and they come i three times a day, she says i will not be able to pay my utilities,eey out of 12,000 people who will be fed, 8,000 meals will be delivereds to shut-ins, they say that needre for driver is also great if you would like to volunteer, call the church. the hottest toys of the holiday season with the latest may not be the greatest like the hot toys that at least one safety expert says could put them on the naughty list, you're the'r one about the most intima gadgets may not be right for your childo, toys that are too hot to handle the night and ten on fox 8 news. >> some celebrities are so big all you need to say is her
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, there was old blue eyes, material girl and even the boss, and there is mr. las vegas, a special guests joining us the one and only wayne
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come on down and bring a present. >> operation giving tree representing five counties kids and counting carere can get a christmas present. >> it will be continued until 7:00 p.m. tonight.
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reid in the front yard for operation giving tree. the people donate they will be entertained here by this a cappella group. to do all sorts of things jazz, gospel, and people here get to listen to stop tom, dropped off, how many? >> about 150. >> he is with pumpkin pie technology. this is a pneumatic launcher we have
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said that we cannot shoot the pumpkin,n, i am handling the pumpkin. we have shot it over 4900 feet, roger trying in coloradodo this year. you are an official punkin chuckin. i think it is stuck,
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this is one of the many things, you can see here we come down t drop off a gift, dropped off something to benefit the kids. will be here till 7:00 p.m. benefit to foster in five
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get the latest from melissa myers and the brand-new dick goddard weather center. some precipitation in the higher elevations to the east, as you can see towards avon lake, at the folger home it's cloudy with some light rain drops. to the south, along 71 and 77 you have basically clouds with no precipitation program at one
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in the higher elevations near chardoner running into a little mixing. here's how it looked to the las weekend with somee wintry mix a it will be scattered tonight an early tomorrow morning many areas under a advisory in upstate new york, pennsylvania and michigan and also the pacific northwest and the rocky mountains. lot so 30s and 40s in the midwest and 50s south of the
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move out by midday tomorrow, at that point.during dinner they should be gone, then it will be cloudy start rainfall anywhere from one tenth to one quarter inch, tonight upper 30s some intervals of showers and then tomorrow, 40s. throughout the 8 -day forecast, it looks like it will be dry early morning and in tha unit there could be a few raindrops or black friday into saturday with some lake effect snow showers, just very few ver early saturday.
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good with temperatures in the 40s then recovery next weekend to the 50s before the 40s returned once again. fox 8 official school closing station,get alerts on air onlin and the fox 8 app,sign up for text alerts. fox > deliver toysi. >> the people here have beaten him to the punch, another check on this year's operation giving tree. c surviving thanksgiving, want relative at a time, tips needed uncomfortable political
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operation giving tree is underway at 5800 goddard way, at the fox 8 studios, come on down to donate
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or monetary donation. this is the 11th year it will continue until 7:00 p.m. tonight..ue we also want to point.out that, we were not teasing you, wayne newton, is not here yet but. >> is coming. , we want to talk to mr. las vegas andd news from the one and only mr. wayne newton. thousand products will be on several black friday so how do you find the best deals. >> the tech report, rich demuro shows a few websites to help. >> thousands of products will b on several black friday so how do you find the best deals toda
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black friday one of the best day to shop online and in the store but you need to plan ahead,beed the first obvious >> millions of consumers find, share them vote. this page packed with the best deals each day. >> to find those ten or 20 products that are the lowest prices at which you'll ever find is where the excitement comes i with black fridayy the hottest deals featuring drones and tvs.. >> the tv at walmart is a 55-inch phillips 4-k tv. it is a pretty significant savings. >> check out the black friday ads, from just about every retailer. >> a lot of them are doing something newew we have exclusi toys they have something added on that makes deal set apart
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>> sid 2,000 items in the come up with the top 25 door busters like a toshiba tv at best buy for $199 normal cost for a $50. fatwallet .com, has the hot deal form where you can discuss everyday deals. >> no matter where you research make use of the notifications, you search for what you want an jump on it as soon as it is discovered, donate the price checker app when you are in the store you can scan the and then make sure that it is a good deal. >> i recommend amazon and shopsavvy for more info, go to , i'm rich demuro, that's your tech report.
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operation giving treeee, such a great cause and nice to see all
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this is a live look just outside the studio at 50 doug
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operation giving tree continues we help kids and counting care in five counties here , many who would they be not get any presence unless we help with a helping hand. so if you can come down before 7:00 o'clock,k, monetary donations arere also welcome as well as unwrapped toys. coming up today at 5:00 o'clock, whenja don't will stop by the fox 8 studio for a holiday chat, he is in the studio right now. 8c blunt declaration that have the population we want to put o their tree if you can't afford
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thoseto counties to families in need is way toooo sore right in give ba
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