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tv   New Day Cleveland  FOX  November 25, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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- welcome to "new day cleveland," i'm natalie herbick. you know, one of the things we love most about our show is that we get to highlight locally-owned family businesses all over northeast ohio. today, we're going to take you to more than a dozen spots, all independent places from home decor, to bird baths, even a cigar shop. stop, though, is a bicycle store that has been named one of the top 100 bicycle shops in the country 10 times. this is century cycles. (jazzy upbeat music) - we've been in business 23 years, and we have stores in medina, peninsula on the towpath trail, and then in rocky river. we are strictly a bike shop. we don't do skateboards anymore.
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related to cycling. we're basically considered a family bike store, so we like to deal with normal people. we're not a race shop, and we feel that there's a huge potential for everybody to enjoy cycling when you come to century cycles. we carry all types of bikes from kids' bikes up to almost professional-grade racing bikes, and everything in between. again, we like to cater to people that are out to enjoy cycling, just like they did when they were a kid. this is called a fat tire bike. because it was designed up in minneosta, where they ride all year long. of course, they have more snow even than us. it has made its insurgence all across the eastern united states now, and we're finding it a really popular bike for pretty serious people. this is not the first bike anybody would own, but if it's a second or third bike, it's a great example. it goes through and over everything. a lot of people are riding them now in the mud when it's spring like this. electric is a relatively new category here,
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it's growing in the world. in europe, it's hugely popular. it's now starting to actually make some pretty good foothold here in the united states, and it's allowing people that can't quite ride a bike like they used to to be able to go longer distances, and enjoy cycling like they used to. townies have been a really big piece of our business. again, they're really fashionable, they're really colorful. they're unique, they make dozens of colors, and they appeal to especially women, women from about 6th grade all the way up to in their 80s, very comfortable, easy on the back and the body, and very easy to get on and off from for people who can't lift their legs like they used to be able to do. road bikes, you know, that was one of the original styles of bikes, and it's still the best way to go fast down the road, to go the longest distances. a lot of people that are doing pledge rides like the ms 150, it's still the easiest way to go 75 miles. most of the ones we carry have a little bit more comfort built into them.
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ey're more custom to go fast on. most bike-shop bikes, if they're maintained and taken care of, they'll last a lifetime, literally. there are really nice materials these days. a lot of aluminum that won't rust. again, the maintenance part is important, just like it is on a car. just like you have your oil changed on a car, you should have you bike lubricated, and adjusted and tuned up, not every year necessarily, unless you're riding a lot. certainly every two years, you should probably have an overhaul this is, of course, a great time of year to be thinking about cycling. we're finally getting some nice weather after one of the most brutal winters anybody can remember. so, you come in and get ready to enjoy the summer. it's not quite here yet, but we're seeing snippets of it, so again, come on in and try a bike out and go have some fun on a bike again. - century cycles has three locations throughout our area. after a long bike ride, you might need a little refresher, right?
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here is griffin cider works. (perky mellow music) - i was born in england, as the accent would indicate. in this particular area of the country, cider is very much the drink of the people. it's going to be the first alcoholic beverage that you drink when you're not supposed to be drinking, 14, i started making cider, hard cider as it's called over here, and learning all about different apples. i would often go into the farmers' orchards, and borrow apples. i carried on perfecting my methodology over the years, so i just carried on making my own cider as i had always been doing for years before anyway.
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which was one of the very first things i made. the griffin, apart from being my childhood favorite mythological beast, which it really is, is a combination of the english lion and the american bald eagle. what we have right here is (mumbles) of up to eight ciders. you start off with griffin original. this is our medium-bodied english style cider, clean, crisp. of 8 to 15 all ohio apples. all our ciders are aged for 3 to 6 months. that's very, very important. the aging is critical for making good western england real cider. this is burley man. burley man is your medium dry english farmhouse cider. it's got a much more fuller body. it's robust, it's somewhat smooth, as well. if you're feeling a bit more brave, and you'll go even more extreme, you'll then try this little baby.
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ularly dry cider with a distinct bite on the (mumbles). then, we're going to start with the infused ciders in griffin. we're going to go on to a cider that's back by popular demand because my private stash got raided. we have the lemon blues. that is our lemon shandy summer seasonal. that is made of fresh lemons, ohio honey, always ohio, and a pinch of brown sugar. then, we go on to the last of our griffins we currently have on tap. this is probably our most popular cider urrently have available. this is after burner, ginger-ale'd cider. don't let the word ale fool you. there's no gluten in it, no ale. it's just a play on words. people are familiar with ginger ale. this is infused with fresh ginger, and then it's mellowed with brown sugar. something i'll make you up right now is called a black mamba. that is black mamba, a snake bite cider.
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the positively purpose of the griffin cider house is to actually educate the public as to what real cider is all about. - the cider is made right in lakewood, and you can enjoy it at several different restaurants throughout the area or pick it up at the closest heinen's. after the break, we are taking you to one of the coolest things to do in akron. t
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r next stop is a place where you can go in, grab a drink, and sit down in front of a canvas. it's a byob painting bar in akron. it's called palladium palette. (bright sprightly music) - i'm an art teacher, and i could not find a full-time teaching job, so i was always working part time. i always had an idea that i've always wanted to open an art studio. because sometimes these like to explode at you, so that's why we need to wear the aprons, because we're using acrylic paints and they will not come out of your clothes. i offer painting, so it's step-by-step. i literally show you what paintbrush to use, what colors to mix, how much to use. you also have your paintbrushes, so you have a lot of different sizes and shapes. what's nice about these is they're not covered up by paint,
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r brush that's like a size 10. i will literally hold up the brush for you, and the numbers, so we're on the same page with what brush we're going to be using. i just want people to explore, to have fun, because usually people haven't painted or done any type of art work since elementary school or high school . now, each painting that we do, you can see that i've done it a couple times, and they look completely different, don't they? that's what you're going to be doing, i have a lot of repeat customers that just really enjoy it. when they come in, i call them my guests, and i really develop friendships with them. we are going to draw one line going across about 3/4 of the way down. we're just going to go back and forth, and i just want you to apply a thin layer. it's a place for people to have events,
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for rubber stampers to come and do card-making supplies, so i have retail, also. i have them in sections here. this here is more of my happy birthday stamps, and also my friend stamps. there's just a wide variety of different sizes. this one here is a birthday stamp here, with a birthday hat. i have a lot of supplies in here, ranging from ink, to markers, dyes, i have a lot of samples here. what we'll do is we'll look through here so you can see kind of a dye, and what you can do with it. it's always been popular, and it's something where i feel like the people that have gotten into it feel like they're not artists, but it's a way that they can feel they can be creative. - i just like everything about it. this place has got everything.
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- so just a nice thin even layer. yeah, paint the bottom also. good, these are looking nice. i have people always saying, "i can't draw a stick figure." well, then, you are in the perfect place because i will show you with simple shapes how to create a beautiful image. - palladium palette is located in the heart of downtown akron. speaking of places to get your creative juices flowing, this next stop is in ohio city, hand-picked by the owner. it's called blackbird fly boutique. (jazzy upbeat music) - blackbird fly boutique, the name came from my love of the beatles. i grew up in a really beatles-friendly family. i had a mom who was a hippie, a dad who was a greaser. they both played guitar. they were both in bands,
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we carry women's clothing, shoes, accessories, handcrafted jewelry. we have local items, such as candles. we have leather goods, all local. we do 50% american-made. the other 50%, i hand pick in small quantities from designers all around the world, but the one thing we strive to do is make sure that everything is ethically produced. we're really proud of the selection that we have here. we have some great pieces that you won't find anywhere else. originally, this all stemmed from i was a stay-at-home mom for five years. i had always dabbled in art before that. i was a hair stylist, make-up artist before that. what had happened was i picked up a new medium of art while i was a stay-at-home mom. that was silver smithing and metal smithing. my line of jewelry is linger designs, and that's basically what got the entire store started.
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and you'll see that in a lot of my pieces. i love mixed metals, so i make good use of silver, primarily, for most pieces, but as well as brass, copper, you name it, we incorporate it into the piece. we're really proud of our outerwear selection, which changes constantly, but this is a line that we carry that is really retro in styling. also, on the flip side of that, we carry lines that are much more modern in detailing, baggu really has a cult following. they are all american-made leather bags at a super reasonable price. this one is part of their new line that came out this fall and winter. it's blue suede. they basically have five colors per season, and they only change by one or two colors every season, so people collect these.
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we carry at all times about 15 pairs. these particular ones here are hand-finished, as well as hand-hammered, something that you only find in a true quality-made piece of footwear. this really feels like it for me. i feel like i've kinda found where i belong, so i love that. i also love the fact that i can be really creative in this job and i get to pick and choose, and create looks for people ue. to me, that's like art, you know. and then, of course, i get to house my jewelry, and showcase it, which is an added bonus. i make people happy. it's a great neighborhood. there's such a sense of camaraderie here. i love being back here. i grew up in detroit shoreway as a kid, so this is like an extension of my neighborhood for me, so it's a lot of fun. - blackbird fly boutique is right on west 28th street,
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we are tripling up the independent businesses,
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independents show. it's a home decor store that people have been shopping at for more than 20 years, so you can update your home and shop local at urban home and garden.
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and just put the home and garden on to it. i kind of go for more of a nature-inspired natural look, just a broad range of products from lighting to tabletop, soaps and lotions, to specialty items for each season. top trends for this year are, as we can tell, birds and nests are very strong, not only from spring season, but it's just gonna be a big trend. the pantone color of the year, it is lilac, but indigo blue is a huge trend, as we have a lot of blue and white going on. everyone's getting back to the whole, anything natural, a lot of lighting. this season, pendant lamps are huge, anything hanging. we are constantly striving to change things around,
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and the following week never is the same place. we're constantly getting new product in daily, and that's what keeps the uniqueness of urban home and garden. one of our big categories is textiles, consisting of from pillows, to table runners, to tablecloths, to kitchen towels. that's a huge category for us, also. we do have some exclusive lines, which are exclusive to our stores here in cleveland, and customers know that. every season, our pillows and tabletop textiles change so dramatically, and people are just so enthralled with the whole colors, of what our trendsetters' colors are going to be for the season. that's the fun thing about pillows. first of all, you can never have too many, be it on a sofa, a bed, anywhere.
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gone are the days of, "okay, it's only gonna be stripes. "nothing else is gonna be with that." lanterns are always a year-round staple for us, but this season, they're really gonna be a huge hit. we have some great lanterns coming in, from moroccan lanterns, to very farmhouse type-looking lanterns, all the way up to 2- and 3-feet lanterns. the big box stores, you just don't get the personal service that you get in a small mom-and-pop store. that's what we strive with all of our employees to be on top and just walk them through. make sure when they leave urban home and garden,
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and just down the road in lakewood, is a specialty store that was born out of a passion for cigars. - when you come to robusto and briar, you can expect a high level of customer service. we definitely have a wide variety to choose from. we have a strong base of product knowledge. we can tell you about the cigar. we can help find a cigar to suit your needs. we can find a cigar to suit your budget. we can help find the one that matches up what it is that you're looking for that day.. we want people to feel welcome. we want people to come in and feel a warm inviting place. it's very open, it's very warm. it's very bright. we have a lot of wood to it. it is modeled after a hot club. that's sort of the style we went for. there's a lot of antiques to it.
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this is a walk-in humidor. this is how we keep the cigars in shape for long periods of time. in the room like this, you can find a cigar from $3 all the way up to $25 right now. you can find cigars from the dominican republic, nicaragua, honduras. we're very proud to carry padron. padron's a very well-known, very high end nicaraguan manufacturer, very well constructed, medium to full-bodied cigars, i'm a pipe tobacco blender by trade. it's one of the great things about coming up in this trade where i did. this is all pipe tobacco, pipe tobacco for pipes, but nine of them i actually make here in-house. there's a bunch of different kinds. for guys who are starting out, i recommend something like doherty davis, which is something i make here. it's a very traditional half-and-half mixture,
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which is an ohio white burley, just with a light vanilla, vanilla aromatic to it. something that i'm more into are the english mixtures. something i make here, like vago, which has got a lot of orientals to it. it's very heavy on the stuff like the turkishes, the izmirs, and stuff like that, or something like cherry knot, which is a full-bodied english with just a touch of louisiana perique to it. easygoing group of people. we just invite you to come on in, have a cigar, sit down and enjoy yourself. - robusto and briar is right on riverside drive, in lakewood, so we're on the west side. i'm going to take you now to the east side. banyan tree has been a staple in tremont for years now, and you can check out the seller's trend
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which is on the corner of euclid and mayfield. it's in the new area of university circle and case western reserve university. it's a bit smaller than the store in banyan tree in tremont, but we do offer the same fun things that people come in for, our handbags, our home decor, our cleveland-themed items, as well as our clothing. if it's warm, we have things laid out so it's easy to shop, we do have a good sampling of everything for the college student to the people that work at the hospitals. we try to cater to a large demographic. of course, we carry our own line, figwood, which we have been making for over five years. it's a knit line, so we carry that. it's our own designs and we have it made, as well as other brands that we sell. everyone loves our handbags. we do a lot of different types of handbags.
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e fun statement pieces as well as our own charm line that we do. we carry it all, we even carry food. we carry a lot of different accessories. scarves are the big favorite this season. we're constantly getting new merchandise in. our inventory changes weekly, and we'll keep up on the different trends for the season. our cleveland favorites are our cozy sweaters. we have a ton of those to keep us warm through the winter. that you can wear on weekends, or if you have an event, you can pop in before your event, buy a handbag, or buy a new outfit. as we started 14 years ago in tremont, we started more as an art gallery, and we always have focused on local artists. we still have that part of our vision for the store as well. - banyan tree is open at 11:00 a.m. daily in uptown. still to come, over a hundred types of teas for you to sip and savor.
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hello. . yeah, i'm just gonna need you to give me complete access to your computer so i can pretend to remove a virus while actually taking all your personal and financial information. oh, and i'm gonna lock your computer so you have to pay me to access it. sound good? unfortunately, it's never this obvious. that's why we're here. dedicated to protecting ohio families
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here on "new day cleveland." it is an ancient beverage perfectly suited for a modern world, and at the tea lab, you'll have over a hundred types to choose from. - the tea lab was started to have a place that was specifically about tea, not coffee and tea, not tea and crumpets,
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it's not an herbal medicine shop. it's about tea. now, tea's good for you, but that's not our focus. our focus is in the enjoyment of tea. tea is actually the world's second most popular beverage. it comes in right after water, believe it or not. now, that includes places like china and india, that they only drink tea, so it's a little skewed. but, tea has really sort of been taking off what we do is we offer loose leaf tea by the ounce, and you can buy as litlte as one ounce. we're not going to force you to buy more than you want. you can also have a cup of tea, any of our teas, steeped to order, and it's done in to-go cups, because there's nowhere to sit in here. there is plenty of room to sit in the arcade itself, and it's a great atmosphere to go out
10:32 am
ng now is she's taking one of our flavored white teas, which is ginger pomegranate - that sounds good - weighing it, we always weigh our teas, and adding it to the brewer, which is just a vessel that will hold the water in there. we have hot water on tap, either at 170 or 200, depending on which tea we're using. we're doing a white tea, so she's using the lower temperature water right now. up the container. that container will sit there for about two to three minutes, depending on the tea, and check that. we try to have a large selection of tea, and we have exclusive teas that tea lovers really like, like a monkey picked supreme oolong,
10:33 am
more casual teas, like the berry blends and all that. so, if you like coconut vanilla, or coconut pineapple, or maple taffy, or caramel, or whatever, we have that, too. - this is our tower of tea, our tea tower. it has all of our flavored teas on here, and you can just come, pick one out that you like, - i had a lady come in and say, "do you have any tea with roses in it?" it's like, yeah, actually, all our teas can have roses in it because we sell rose petals as a separate item. so, if you want a green tea with roses, no problem. which green tea would you like, and we'll add some rose petals to it. that's one of the reasons why we call it the lab, because we like to experiment.
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whether you're a tea connoisseur or you just like a nice cup of tea, and you want to break up your day with something that's a little healthier for you, that's what you want to have. - the tea lab has two locations in cleveland, one at the fifth street arcade, and also one on detroit road in lakewood. so, from customizing your tea to customizing your wedding dress, here's a look at a bride's design. we specialize in one-of-a-kind unique dresses. we have over 60 dresses to try on. what's unique about us is that we can change a lot of things about the dresses that we have here in the store. so, we can either change the fabric, change the bead work, add sleeves, change necklines, tweak the silhouette a little bit. we also offer complete custom, so if you can't find what you're looking for, we can make it for you. if a bride wants to do custom,
10:35 am
d and kind of explain to me what parts of each dress that she's found that she really likes. then, we'll sit down with her and start sketching up all the little details that she wants in one dress. we kind of go over fabrics, and bead work, and all that good stuff that goes into designing a dress. we work by appointment, so it's always one-on-one. i think my brides appreciate that because it's a little calmer in here. of course, they have their friends i try to make it a very relaxing experience. this is one of our custom dresses that we are currently working on for one of our brides. it has a beautiful lace bodice with a ruched waist, and a full ball gown skirt. this dress is made out of silk dupioni. one of the things we're adding to it is a big bow in the back that's going to cascade down the back. it has a very low back. this is one of our sample gowns
10:36 am
it's kind of shaped in through here. it's a sweetheart that has a little bit more of an interesting neckline and shape there. it's also lined with a really light layer of sparkle tulle underneath, so it just gives that little bit of shimmer. what's beautiful about this gown is that it's been embroidered with ribbon. it almost has like a very lacy look to it, but it's all done with ribbon embroidery. it also has a beautiful fit and flare to it, so it's very form-fitting and figure-flattering. . the name of it is simone, and i'm going to start off describing the skirt. it's an organza skirt and it's really beautifully done. it has a lot of fullness, it has a lot of movement. it's just a lot of fun. these are all actually cut little circles of organza, and then hand-sewn on to the skirt. then, as you weave, we kind of work our way up this dress.
10:37 am
it figures the body in through the silhouette here. i also have this other gown next to me. it's another sweetheart strapless gown, but again, we have brides that want to add sleeves. we've done that to this gown before. it looks really nice with a really pretty sheer kind of beaded sleeve. then, it just kind of is a fluted skirt, and this is out of an english netting. we also offer bridesmaids' dresses. e reason i carry them all in cream is so that brides can visualize them a little easier in different colors. one day, i had made a custom dress for this bride, and she was at her last fitting. she started crying in front of the mirror, and she said, "i've never felt so beautiful in my life." that really touched me. she started crying, she's like, "this dress is better than i could have even imagined." she's like, "you took my dream "and you made it even better than
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on detroit road in avon.
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rm, flaky layers are on the inside. but let's just say it's more than ever. share the warmth of grands biscuits, now with even more flaky layers it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. at progresso, we are now using 100% antibiotic and hormone-free behold our greatest opus!
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with today's top designers in clothing and jewelry. - cara's boutique is a locally-owned store in westlake and we carry an extraordinary assortment of women's accessories, apparel, jewelry, and gifts. one of our most popular designers is brighton accessories. which are all handmade and have a wonderful warranty. you can bring it in once a year. we'll send it back to brighton, and they'll refurbish it, clean it, condition it, it looks like brand new. this is an example of one of their handbags, their most popular handbag, it's the barbados. what makes the barbados so special is it's just easy to carry on your shoulder, fine pebble leather. the braid is all hand-braided. brighton is also known for their jewelry,
10:42 am
another one of our most popular gift lines for the holidays is uno de 50. it's a fantastic jewelry line that is made in spain, and it's a combination of silver, stone, and also leather pieces. it's more of an organic look, and they have an extensive line of bracelets, rings, and necks. or something more dainty. the beauty of uno de 50 is it's very unique, and it doesn't look like any other jewelry lines that are already out there. a good trend for the holiday season this year are gifts that represent places that you have fond memories of, or that you're from. this line of glassware, catstudio, represents that. we have states, we have cities, and we have countries.
10:43 am
y've vacationed, or they grew up in, or that they've lived in, so this makes a great gift for the holidays. they also do dish towels, which are another way to remember those special moments. nora fleming is another one of our favorite gift lines. it's one dish, all occasions, because you can take any dish and change the mini for any occasion. each item has a tiny little hole in it, and the mini has a little rubber stub and then that decorates the plate. they have hundreds of minis for every holiday. the selection is really great, and it makes a great hostess gift. the hottest jewelry trend right now is elephant onyx. it's a collection of sustainable bangles that you layer and wear together. they have a lot of different symbols and tokens that represent the important things in your life,
10:44 am
positive energy and exuding that whole positivity of what you want your essence to be. we are the go-to destination for gifts for people on the west side of cleveland, really, all over cleveland. - cara's boutique is in westlake, and they're open seven days a week. as we continue to highlight some of the great local independent stores throughout our area, we can't forget about our four-legged friends. here's trendy paws. (mellow happy music) - trendy paws is a boutique and a barkery, and recently, we added a meowrie, too. we've got all-natural treats, handmade, human grade, no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, byproducts, nothing bad for cats and dogs. it's really important to me because my one poodle, and they had that melamine recall, she was poisoned by some of the dog food,
10:45 am
and i'm even less trusting of the treats. so, i want nothing in here that's from china or anything that could possibly harm a dog. any of the cheese or bacon ones are really popular. this is a type of no-wheat one, so there's no wheat, corn, soy, anything like that in it for some of the dogs that do have more allergies. we do try to cover as many of the bases as we can. anything in here that looks like it's chocolate is actually carob. this is our barkery case. the trays. this is one of our little ones with the little bones on. we call them bedazzled yappy bones, or happy bones. they're all different. these are actually all peanut butter-flavored bones. we do have other ones. we just started making woofles, so these are breakfast woofles for the dogs. this is our cookie cake for birthdays or any special day, gotcha day, any of that kind of thing.
10:46 am
these are some of our wheat-free treats, also, that we do have in the barkery case, too. we carry some really wonderful leashes and collars. one of the brands that we carry, the red dingo here, the leash is actually adjustable, and this handle is really, really super soft. that's one of our better sellers, too. this is one of my favorite harnesses. i've gone through a ton of harnesses on the market. this is called the choke free. nd here on the dog, but it does have a real strong strip of velcro, plus this extra, so that the dog, even if this came apart, if this was hooked together, the dog still couldn't get out. we've also got personal care items for the dogs. we've got a lot of things that they can chew on for cleaning their teeth. we've got gel, we've got spray. you can put it in water. one of the fun little things that we carry, actually, is doggie nail polish.
10:47 am
about them being stained, animal all-natural repellent shampoos, things to put on their paws if they get dry, anything like that. we have a great selection of toys. we have some that talk, we have some tougher toys. we have them for all sizes, ones like this, actually, you can pull the arm and leg out. that's kind of fun for them. we have another one of the soft toys here that is tuned above our hearing, so when you squeeze it, rushing through it. - keep in mind, trendy paws recently changed their location. they're now on detroit avenue in lakewood. still to come, forget the big box stores.
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we are continuing to explore independent stores all over northeast ohio. the next stop is for the kids. this has some great gift ideas and games.
10:51 am
i had been the buyer and the manager for a kids's store called "the sunbeam shop" for over 30 years, and the non-profit that operated that store decided not to go forward in retail. i had been here for so long that i knew there was a nice business here, and i did not want to disappoint my regular customers by closing so it's been about a year-and-a-half since i've operated it as my own store. i must say, i'm having a ball. i'm so happy to still be doing i was lucky in life in finding my vocation, and running a kids' store is definitely it. we have everything from clothing, to toys, to accessories. i have things that you just don't see at every mall store. i really have a lot of fun personally selecting everything that we sell here, so i know what it is that i'm showing you, and can really tell you a lot about it. i'm enthusiastic about it, and i think the merchandise here
10:52 am
things that are going to be treasured in a family, and passed down. i'm a toy person, i always was, and when i found the opportunity to work in a toy store, i knew i had come home. my family was like, "yay! you found the right gig!" i enjoy shopping for the toys. i like toys that are going to be played with a long time, and handed down throughout one family to the next, so i'm always looking for a lot of good design in toys, and good construction and good materials. i don't have a lot of room for toys, so i'm selecting them pretty carefully. the other thing that we do a big business in here is birthday party gifts. saturdays, we gift wrap here, so saturday morning, it's sort of a parade of people on their way to birthday parties. they know they can run in here at the last minute, find something really unusual and have it wrapped, and just go off to the party straight from here. that's something else that we specialize in here, too.
10:53 am
if you want to be delighted to find something wonderful for a kid, we're the place to come. - pinwheel kids is located on fairmount boulevard in universe city heights. speaking of unique gifts, wildlife garden is the perfect place to go for all of your birding needs. (mellow peaceful music) we've been in business here for about 20 years, a little over 20 years. we're basically a nature-related gift shop, but this time of the year, in the winter time, is when people are a little more kind of concerned about their birds. it's a little tougher out there for them. there's a wide variety of bird feeders that will get a lot of different types of birds.
10:54 am
that have a small, little, tiny hole in them, which is specifically for thistle feed. thistle feed is very small. it's a small, little, tiny black seed and it'll fit out there. a lot of people don't realize that it'll come out, but it will. the goldfinch, and house finch, and chickadee love thistle feed. these are some squirrel-proof bird feeders. every day, we have people come in a lot of people love squirrels, but they do tend to eat a lot of your bird seed. so, these are all squirrel-proof bird feeders. any of these feeders right here, now, there's a big ledge here, so you'll get the bigger birds, plus the smaller birds. by bigger birds, i mean cardinals, and blue jays, along with the little guys like little chickadees, little finches, nuthatches, titmice.
10:55 am
whenever you get a bird seed mix, you want to have as much black oil sunflower seed as you can. almost every kind of bird out there loves black oil sunflower seed, from your smallest little guy, from your chickadee, to your big guy, like a cardinal or a blue jay. also, peanut pieces are very important. almost every bird out there loves peanut pieces. your woodpeckers love peanut pieces. safflower seed, cardinals like a lot. suet cake, suet cake is kind of like a fat and lard substance that you can buy peanut pieces inside. again, your woodpeckers love that, but along with the cardinals, and nuthatches, and titmice, pretty much everybody loves suet. especially in the winter time, suet is really important. people are becoming more in tune with nature. they're becoming more interested in the environment, more concerned about the environment,
10:56 am
it's just nice to wake up in the morning, while you're drinking your coffee or reading your newspaper, and look out your window and see the birds. i think it's a great way to start off the day. it's good for them, and it's good for us. - wildlife garden has two locations, one in solon and one in north canton. well, that wraps it up. what a great independents show, right? locally-owned businesses we have right here in northeast ohio, and you can check all the ones we stopped by on our website, just click on the "new day" tab. i'm natalie herbick and i'll see you on the next "new day cleveland."
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sure, you could buy this. but why miss out on this? it's baking season.
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just how many warm, flaky layers are on the inside. but let's just say it's more than ever. share the warmth of grands biscuits, now with even more flaky layers
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