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tv   FOX 8 Saturday Early News  FOX  November 26, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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fox 8 news in the morning starts right now.
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here on the saturday morning, looking at radar, on the east side, there are rain showers mixing with wet snow in geauga and ashtabula county, perhaps a wintry mix near chardon. started to see some, this is rainfall over lake erie currently, the body , visibility is reduced, 4 miles akron/canton, not hampering travel plans, the lands between ten and 15, out to the west tha will continue to diminish.
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currently 40 degrees today cloudy in chile rain and snow makes that will transition over to rainfall with low 40s have the forecast hitting into december. cleveland police hope that new video will help them to track down a gas station, chairmanac two people shot, whi a customer's car was hit in the attack, kevin freeman has a loo at the chaotic scene and the
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be the trigger man. please release surveillance video at the shell gas station a man getting out of a black shee about 9:30 p.m.m. he walks inside the store, surveillance video shows a clear image of his face he seemed like an ordinary customer. >> the current does not want to show his face, the video shows the man makes a purchase, then walks out of the storm travel hurts of gunshots fired, then i checked the camera i saw two guys in an altercation. suspect talk to someone in a black car holding a gun, beauty and began shooting, the video shows the shooter running back
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this customer, said that he was about to get gasoline, he i in the white car, backing up after the first shots were fire he says after you left you noticed to both holes, e in his ca car. when i left i was scared, and then, now i feel that i am lucky. >> two men were shot, there were i?about six shots one of the bullets hitting the gas pump, the hope that someone recognize this man and calls the police. i had customers and here's not know the going to come in here,e,d it was a moment of panic. >> kevin freeman fox 8 news. >> two men were shot survived i you recognize a suspect, or hav any information call the
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cleveland's homicide unit trying to locate the person responsible for a shooting near dead man's curve, t said there was er an accident along i-90 westboun just for the i-90 east shorewa split at 5:00 p.m. last night got a red jeep fired at a silve car in the suspect, then sped away the victim loss control an crashed on south marginal roada. we could a gunshot recalled the police and they came and took over. >> this ad the shots came from red jeep looking for a gray vehicle victim was a 20-year-ol man his name has not been released. >> is the police and fbi working to have to find two bank robbers robbers, they say that they
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on east 200th street at 2:00 o'clock yesterday gave the teller a note, the suspects wer last seen on killdeer avenue, this is no weapons were seen, there is a reward for any tips at lead to an arrest. it has been cold and rainy lately public square will become a winter wonderland today winterfest was 16 with the lighting at 6 there are busy setting up the stage in the center of town for the winterfest first time in three years that they will celebrate the holidays and they're doing it on ice.
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we've had ice skating downtown. it is a challenge to go skating. skate it will be free on saturday part of a all-day celebration with carriage ride tons of activities and alonso lights. with more than 350,000 lights, public square will be very bright for the holidaysys six-month time and what is the fastest growing neighborhood. >> the city wanted it to be an open spacece, not just for dayt workers it would be for people who liveit in the city a centerpiecein of the neighborho. >> we have over 15,000 residents, another thousand plu units at the end of next year, so this is a true neighborhood.
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visit, getting kids out of the house through the holidays is good thing, they came downtown to see the city and theth new skating rink was a bonus, walking around public square is like taking a stroll through a neighborhood for summit brings back memories of what the squar used to be.o b we were kids we would come down here every year to skate.. winterfest begins 1:00 p.m. saturday, while the people are gone, it will be the bright starts at ten and at 1:00 o'clock and a lot of the shop is open,at for more information on winterfest, fox >> or it could be a while before anyone can go skating at the rink at wade oval, and due to warmer weather, university circle tradition is too sloppy for skating so it did not open
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unclear when they will be ready they want, to remind you that there are still plenty of other family activities on the circle during december included some special programs at the museumse is your place for kids can get lostyo. remembering a former american rival. >> take a look back on the life
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in havana, after the death of longtime cuban leader fidel castro.d are the world since 1959 before transferring power to hi
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broke the news to the nation in a address on state tv, took control of cuba in 1959 at the age of 32 they declaredk socialist state and aligned with the soviet union, his death led to celebrations in havana, fidel castro was 90. green party presidential candidate joe stein has officially filed a request for recount in wisconsin, she says is needed to reassure voters after reports of hacks in wisconsin and michigan,n, the head of wisconsin election commissio says are no reports of any problems,cton they expect to seek recounts in pennsylvania and michigan before deadlines to file request next week,pe she raised more than $5 million to cover recount costs..
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build his administration from florida, picking former white house aide kt mcfarland to be the national security advisor deputy, he also picked former chair of the fecec donald mcgah to serve as white house counsel, who is a partner in the dc law firm specializing in law andtn government ethics,a not a position requires confirmation. >> reports of some students mp schoolbus driver's behavior weeks before monday's crash,tsa they believed the bus was speeding when johnthony walker loss control killing six children one student wrote that the bus driver dries fast as like it's going to flip over,i. he is facing several counts of vehicular homicidede. >> the army corps of engineers is getting involved in a north
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, and orderingedemonstrators to leave in nine days or face arrest bu it's a people or camping near river to block construction of the dakota access pipeline they say violates native american lans and could pose a pollution threat, coroner says protesters mostly for safety reasons ahead of harsh winter conditions.
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tomorrow, people want to know. most of the nation is client stop. this is a longtime us starting last night and going through the night before. >> club scene on with some drizzle from geauga county. looking at some of the lake effect drifting inland behind a trough of low pressure. there is enough cold air aloft, to get a mixture of precipitation in chardon area looks like that will change ove
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a candy coating not out of the question but most of us will only see some rain showers will startrt if you're not out very long you probably will not need a raincoatat. just 44 degrees yesterday average and will be cooler today by a couple of degrees. this is satellite/radar composite, the cloud cover in the state not expecting sunshine. we are in those months, as we say goodbye to november. here is the
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, expecting it to shut down tonightti the start to see at least partial clearing in the overnight tonight into tomorrow. this is the precipitation probability for the next seven days, we go down to basically nothing and then this is a system next tuesday wednesday w could have some lake e noah van vooren sunshine tomorrow about it percent chance, and the precipitation will take away our sunshine, today 42 degrees, with the winds gusting up to 25, partial
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and the winds switch around to the southwest tomorrow with a high of 47 degreess it looks like a very good travel weather scenario as the next system brings a chance of showersrs, we have 60 degrees for tuesday, rain showers into december, also a chance of snow on friday and saturday next week.. northeast ohio is proven to be a hotspot for high school footballor again. teaming up for complete friday night
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closser's well-being back home to my auntnt 7:00 p.m. to take grand rapids, the griffins beat the calder cup champs five-three last night. >> that drops them to eighth in though ral division, here's the rest of your morning sports. cavaliers took charge early and never let up last night beating the mavericks, 128-90, nice way to start the weekend, the game started out like the other night, kevin love 43, or kyrie irving, he was dominant i and 19 first-quarter points, th cavaliers took command scoring
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cavaliers made the tough night for the visitors, in further coach rick carlisle. the q. out there did extremely well. those guys played so well. friday night touchdown, state semifinal action last night in high school football, again wit saint ignatius the head a quest to make the championship game facing liberty. a long pass. and saint ignatius lady,
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and liberty comes back, touchdown passss from brandon white, maki it 14 day seven, he would ease the anxiety as he goes 69 yards for the scoreh than 21-seven, only down by one score liberty with the last shote on fourth 11 but the wildcats with a big-time sac saint ignatius waiting 24-14 for the 12 state title next week. massillon-perry versus hudson,n hudson wanted 2,014 and perry in 2015, another offense was clicking one of the defense outstanding.
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the kickers wide, the panthers takeover the fires downfield and then a second interception. perry has to club a state title as they beat hudson 14-threey. cuyahoga heights in catholic in a semifinal game, lays the way for redskins, it was the ar of breath louder to matt harris because the redskins on the board shall do nothing early. that a rifle shot
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chad mcdaniel that i stop, this time, up the middle, down to the 1 yard linene and then he would r it in. now headed to the division six-day championship gamea, aft defeating north catholic 30-40 start will be in columbus to take in the greates rivalry, ohio state and michiga one 13 of the last 15, is about a six-point favorite last time they lost at home to the
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this is the game that j.t. barrett can make his mark. ohio state 31 and wolverines 21 toledo rockets and, facing western michigan, he would score from 47 yards out, 200 yards rushing on 20 carries, western michigan, davis became the career leader in yards receivin scoring once with that great catch on the sideline in the endzone, western michigan remains in the 1855-35, facing north of illinois, making a hug play, goes the distance, 85 yards, ties the game and seven, the visitors got the las
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kent state laws with a ninth time this season,, great high school football, looking forward to some more games to datetere >> an eye on the college side, not universal john carroll, an those final scores tomorrow. john hopkins, versus mount union has quite the flare with former players from chagrin falls, see what they can do versus mount union, who is loaded for bear after losing toto john carroll. a new high-tech truck will be on the road next week as part o
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on radar, shows precipitation had it into downtown cleveland and out eastst with a wintry mi potentially with some graupel and so wet snow, otherwise, otherwise grateful moving throughgh mentor, middlefield. today, it is around 40 degrees, this is from the folger house i avon lake. small small
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outlook is coming up. i think andre bernier took the umbrella home there could be some repercussions family/friends remember a man who was killed in a garfield heights barbershop this week as a good man,a they're asking for help to find the gunman, melissa reid has more onon how they are remembering him. >> about 40 california vigil outside the skills barbershop friday night the flick candles to honor charles davis. the father of four or shot inside the barbershop tuesday night, f the police don't know who
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the police say of the shooter was in the barbershop with a bo about s s five or six, was gett his hair cut. >> what the person who took him from us to do what is right, not only did he ruin our lives, he ruled that child's life. r >> the gunman was a recognized davis from a past incident, and opened fire, they grabbed the boy and fled the store,, meantime, the family is left to plan the funeral, searching for answers. melissa reid fox 8 news.
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say something to someone becaus of the traumatic nature what happened if you have informatio call the police. >> black lives matter activists holding a rally today to demand justice for tamir rice, his family marks the two-year anniversary of his shooting death m at the hands of the police with a set of this week, the 12-year-old was holding a pelle gu when shot at the cudell rec center, the rally will be held at 2:00 o'clock.ud >> ohio turnpike is to begin testing a self driving truck on the road this weekek the turnpike director say they want to test the technology on roads with no congestion, clear markings and three ladies, they will do so alone use round 33 and turnpike monday person will be in the truck to take the control at an moment they want to see how sno and ice will challenge the system w relies on radar, camer
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altitude bill hess cruise on standby in the event of winter weather because of the threat o possible snow and ice about 2,000 plow drivers clocked in a midnight in kane county, lake county in geauga county ready. big money was spent on black friday.y. small business owners small business owners on small
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welcome back to fox 8 news on a saturday morning,
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lakefront. on radar you can see we did get a little graupel in the front yard,we they just love to see me getting sandblasted out there, so they took tersely time talking to me , it is the little things that count. >> and middlefield back to southern jahnke county and northern portage county. lanzara to the last. there is a little breeze gently whilst that is driving the lake effect activityat on the inside. visibility is okay.
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pressure trough that is moving throughug, or the time the temperatures araceli, ashtabula 36 we may add a couple of degrees today's high 42 c a wintry mix, behind the times gusting up to 25, tomorrow partial clearing, i overnight 32 degrees tomorrow
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normal, ohio 47, the great day to travel, not expecting any weather-related issues. high pressure across the great lakes and see the moistur ahead of the system will and they will get hit by snowfall hard across the dakotas. >> probably blizzard warnings i effect eventually, but will not impact travel tomorrow, looking at this mild air on tuesday. the really cool stuff over the upper plains reflected at the surface is the cold front with
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were calling for warmer temperatures, monday 51 degrees, seems just like yesterday we were calling for warmer temperatureses , in the '80s, but not anymore. 60 degrees is considered warm, tuesday with, you need some decent lives to get that temperature of them far, on wednesday we say about december with low 40s. millions of hits will follow up black friday shopping to get some small business saturday gail strickland
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predicting 150.7 million americans plan to shop this weekend thwarted by black frida and saturday deals. last year more people shopped online than in stores even ahea of cyber monday fromom the tigh out of waiting in line at the wall and through al of that parking deal, f why not just buy online. our stores are offering the price cuts this weekend, estimating walmart is offering 4 percent m last yearwa is not alone. >> box storeses that will do things to give you an incentive to shop in stores with free gif
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shopping woes prove fatal shootings outside of stores new jersey cotenancycy in nevada killing two and wounding another two including thisdi dispute ov a parking space that left a man dead in reno nevada, shopping across the rest of the country appears to be smooth,pi retail federation predicting spending $655 billion this season up 3.6 from last year, they numbers on lower unemployment, higher wages impossibly trump aide. further stabilizing of the economy following the uncertainty of the election people with wads of shopping, i think it's a good indicator they're going to have a good season >> thisis is a important bellwether, black friday is no longer the ship the business day, that goes to the weekend
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they makes these crabs look small,o caroline shively fox news. macy's blaming heavier traffic for a glitch that causes website crash any shoppers with online that saw message that they had to wait, another glitc prevented some people from adding items, macy's says that their experts have been working to correct the problem so it does not happen againin the washington national zoo giant panda cub is recovering after surgery to remove a bamboo in his digestiv tract they notice the one euro panda showing signs of stomach discomfort , ultrasound revealed a lemon size mass in the small intestine surgery was quickly
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they zoo director says that his recovery prognosis is very good. d looking a lot like christmas all over the nation. >> firstly fulfills an annual tradition for her last time, still had why she needs replacement kits to help her
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nike is giving out lebron james soldier x infant shoes to babies born a osu's wexner medical center he said if he had gone to college he would've gone to ohio statere he plans to be at the shoe when >> another tradition in the nation's capital. >> the first lady is helping to get the white house christmas tree ready, michelle obama , greeted a group the official treeee by horse-drawn carriage the white house yesterday with her nephews as part of the presence turkey pardoning on wednesday, she said that sasha and malia were still sleeping s she gots replacements, volunteers
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tuesday, the first family will also help to light the national christmas tree on the ellipse on thursday. much more fox 8 news just
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will get an public square downtown the site of the winterfest on end today. qu setting will be around 6:00 p.m today. it looks beautiful is going to be absolutely packed down there today,ck and lot's of peo wondering if the weather will cooperate. thank you for joining us.


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