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tv   FOX 8 Saturday Morning News  FOX  November 26, 2016 8:00am-10:00am EST

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will get an public square downtown the site of the winterfest on end today. qu setting will be around 6:00 p.m today. it looks beautiful is going to be absolutely packed down there today,ck and lot's of peo wondering if the weather will cooperate. thank you for joining us.
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aj colby is going to tell us. because i was curt with you because talking so loud and i got blasted by crumpled . here is a look from the folger home in avon lake, you can see the low gray clouds with white caps on the lake there are no leaves all that tree on the right-hand side that until last week was fully coveredgh, on ra
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through, lake geauga ashtabula, down toward or aren't, this is basically liquid we will see some precipitation this afternoon with 4-mile visibility in akron blends are 14 at hopkins deducing wind chill, 37 degrees bassman hudson, showing how things work
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the 8 -day outlook is coming upup. cleveland police hopes a new video how to track down a gas station robber. >> two people were shot, kevin freeman has a look at the scene and the gunmen who they believe to be the trigger man. on friday relation video taken from the shell gas station west 150 in lorain, exiting a black sheep, 9:30 p.m. saturday september 3 walking inside, shows a clear image of his face. the clerk did not want to reveal his name, the video show
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i heard some gunshots fired, but i saw the care what i two guys getting into an altercation. >> camera shows the suspect talking to someone he then bega shooting, as the customer scatter the shooter then, runs back to the jeep firing as running along the way. this customer, since h the white car. >> says after he left you noticed bullet holes in his car. when they first hit, i was scared, now i feel i am l now il >> two men were shot, about six
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someone recognize this man call the it was frightening, do not know they're going to come in here,, it was a moment of pani. >> kevin freeman fox 8 news. >> the two men were shot survived if you have information call the police. , site you're trying to find the person responsible for a shooting at dead man's curve,oug first reported an accident long i-90 westboundnd at 5:00 p.m. yesterday a red jeep drove up firing at a car the suspect vehicle then sped off the victi loss control crashing on south marginal roadti. we could of got shot, and we call the police officers and
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>> they say they're looking for a great vehicle, victim was a 20-year-old man was shot in the chest to his name has not been released.he >> euclid police and local fbi working to find two bank robbers,s, they say that they walked into u.s. bank branch on east 2032:00 p.m. yesterday demanding cash there last seen on kildeer avenue no weapons were displayed, ther is a reward for any tips that leads to a conviction in this public square will become a winter wonderland today >> winterfest gets underway today at 10:00 a.m. with the tree lighting ceremony at 6:00 p.m.e to be one of the
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stage to be the center of attention during this weekend's winterfeste, the first time in three years public square will be celebrating and they do thi on ice. >> about 15 years since we have had ice-skating downtown so we are excited. >> the skinny week with the first part to open it has been hit. >> it is to be skating on the ice. of a free all day holiday celebration, with carriage rides, tons of activities shopping and lot's of lights. with three and 50,000 lights public square will be very bright to cap off a very busy six months that turns out to be the fastest growing neighborhood.d. when they read as i began two years ago they wanted to be an open space t notches for daytim workers would be for center
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neighborhood.r >> we have over 15,000 resident and another 2,000 at the end of next year, so this is a true neighborhood where people live work and play. >> a place where people can visit, these people came downtown to see the city and this was a bonus, walking around downtown is like takng through a neighborhood also brings back memories of what public square used to be. >> when we were kids or why wil take us down here to skate it i exciting to see it back..l and kicks off at 1:00 p.m. saturday, this will be the brightest in years. were more information about winterfest, beginning at 10:00 o'clock,
8:09 am for more information. it will be a while before you can go ice skating in the rink at wade oval, due to warmer weather the university circle tradition is too soggy for skating so do not open as planneded, it is unclear when i will be ready, remind you that there are still plenty of famil activities there during decembe including programs at the museums. remembering a world leader who took power with the revolution, a closer look at th
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this is a live look from fox-cam,r public square, winterfest belief begins at 10:00 o'clock this morning. this webcam time lapse is 22 hours long and just six seconds. pro can see the precipitation, at one the morning at geauga county there was a breakout sunshine for about 30 seconds. radar shows precipitation,
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soft hail, graupel, and the front yard. felt like getting hit by sand pellets worker this is basicall liquid precipitation. changing over two snowfall as i moves intoto geauga county. perhaps up to 1 inch by tomorro morningng there is the precept stretching into cuyahoga county and from westlake/avon. the wind chill, is what it feels like, the rainfall on theee side of the lake, with extensiv
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today. rain showers, or by 9:00 o'clock,r and by midnight the winds should allow some clearing to take place so it will be towards clearing things. you can see it becomes spotty then dries out tomorrow preset probability zero up again tuesday wednesday with the system of chances dropping
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today 42 degrees, with gusty winds at times will be fairly uneventful overnight weather, 3 and 15 and the precipitation coming to an end and then sunshine tour afternoon, partly cloudydy closer to average, 47. rainfall tuesday, wednesday and the lake effect friday and saturday next weekek and that w be the month of december. services plan in cuba for a long time cuban leader fidel castro died yesterday at the ag of 90.0. he ruled cuba for more than half a century and often at odd with the united states,n
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fidel castro came to power in cuba in 1959 after a popular revolution overthrowing the dictator batista. collision course with united states and not long beforere cubit was allied with the soviet unio at the height of the cold warie the alliance around the world t the brink of nuclear war during the cuban missile crisis with missiles pointed at the united states were deployed in cuba washington retaliated by imposingin economic and politic embargo against cuba revolution providing education and health care for all. when he achieved has not been achieved by any foreign nation or any rich countries they say that cubans were educated but not free.
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into the nightmare that we live today t we have a totalitarian regime in which basic liberties have been abolished.i as prime minister in later president was never able to achieve economic prosperityt during the many years of soviet support, he always blame the embargo for the impoverished county but many blamed his insistence on adhering to a socialist model which everythin was controlled by the state the communist party. thousands of opponents were dismissed as traders, they were imprisoned, exiled throughout his time he survived scores of assassination attempts by the cia, and also ten us administrationsth, to determine to ouster him from power, 2,008 it was illnesss forcing him to ste
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brother, but his voice was stil heard. mostly through essays published in state newspapers are in on state, and 2011, he appeared frail as he was assisted to the stage during thl communist party congress. 's appearance market and of his officialtc in part of the congress party, from washington, i'm rene marsh. >> green party jill stein has filed for a request for a recount in wisconsin says it isco needed to reassure vote as reports of hacks in wisconsi pennsylvania and michigan,ha three parties expected to seek recounts in pennsylvania and michigan before deadlines to file request va next week she r more than $5 million to cover the recount costswh. >> in florida bridge opens despite being hit by a cruise
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the american star passed under the main street bridgege in jacksonville florida without incident but when the captain attempted to doc says the currentnt caused it to driftc back towards the lift bridge after it had been lowered, and inspection showed minor damage to the bridge but it was reopened around midnight, the army corps of engineers is getting involved in a month ago by the protesters ordered demonstrators to leave in nine days or face arrest, hundreds of people are camping or rev it up block construction of the dakot access pipeline they say it could pose a pollution threathe the army course of the protesters should leave for safety reasons before harsh
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next weekend in columbus for state high school football championships. last night same measures to control early, a long touchdown run late game sealed the 24-14 wildcats victory, massive parallelism hudson the third straight yearu that they squared-off. advances 14-three victory, cuyahoga heights is going to columbus fo a division six championship, with a 30-14 victory over newar catholic, and then perry lost to steubenville, 51-27. in columbus, ohio state versus michigan and the annual rivalry the 113 edition of the game and the buckeyes are right
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rankings with the wolverines behind them ohio state is a six-point favorite, had not lost in columbus to michigan since 2,000,nh and john cooper's final season, since thenen the box 11 of 15, kickoff is at noon today. >> another record for the cavaliers, came after another hot startrt. kyrie irving scoring 19 points in the first quarter for the cavaliers, kevin love scoringng 34 points in the first on wednesday, the cavaliers lockdown 203's after making 21 against portland. makes them the first team to do that in back to back regular-season games, they did in the playoffs last year
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128-90, the go to ohio state today before playing in philadelphia tomorro at 1:00 p.m.. they scheme holiday needs a lot of drinking for many people how manydl area police are work
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there should be a dry day omorrow and most of the country of experience in the issues, rainfall development of the last. generally around
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and the low 30s at minneapolis-st. paul. lake effect will continue on an offc throughout the day, i team has video and warning for drivers from which need to know about the roadways this holiday weekend,h ed gallek shows us w happens even with drunk drivin checkpoints. summit county sheriff's deputies will be surprised to chase down the driver like this does not stop during a checkpoint , was driving drunk and more than twice the legal limit, won't be surprised to find
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thanksgiving weekend, is well known for heav drinkingng, expect to see checkpoints in patrols. take a look at how big thanksgiving weekend has become for drunk driving, the i-team checked with the highway patrol in some recent years a number o drunk driving cases for thanksgiving is more than for christmas ordc new year's or ev st. patrick's day. looked at results from summit county dui checkpoints, hundreds of cars passs that only a handf are busted for driving drunk, usually some others get us for the license or for having arres warrants. lynne tenten joe davis with the summit county dui task forc says checkpoints can help catch
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regularly should keep them from driving in the first place.. >> you're not going to rescuing your problem way to work way out of this is to make intelligent decisions before yo get behind the wheel. they won't be surprised this weekend to find some drivers like thisbe. this weekend summit county sheriff's deputies in the task driving t their checkpoints and extra trolls so expect more throughout northeast ohio. remembering a man, shot in garfield heights barbershop is good man not asking for help to find the gunman, melissa reid has more. >> 40 people gathered for a vigil outside the skills
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friday night with lighting candles in honor of 29-year-old charles davis. the father of four was shot to death inside the barbershop tuesday nightto they still don' know who did it and why. >> miller deserves to bury thei son, or their child like this, he entered the clip my son. they said that the shooter was in the barbershop of the young boy about five years old was getting a haircut.. while the person who took them from us to do us right, he rode our life, he also wrote that child's life alsoso. >> the gunman was to recognize davis from my past incident the opened fire, he grabbed the boy and fleded. >> meantime the davis family is
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searching for answers. the police believe the child will eventually say something t someone due to the traumatic nature would happen, if you hav information call the police. black lives matter's a today to managers as for tamir rice,or they marked into your anniversary of his shooting death at the hands ofthrk the p with the city in this week 12-year-old was holding a airsoft pistol at the cudell re center rally will be held at th cudell rec center today at 2:00 p.m..beth ohio turnpikee is to begin testing a silk driving truck on that road this week the want to
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technology on roads with low congestion, clear markings and three lanes truck maker otto will do so on us route 33 and the turnpike on monday, verse will be in the truck , we also want to see how snow and ice will challenge a system that relies on radar cameras and sensors. odot has cruise on standby in the event of winter weather because of w the threat of possible snow and ice, about 2,000 plow drivers clocked in a midnight geauga they're ready to apply salt and to fight in the
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another successful operation
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viewersan >> this year the toys will go t children in five counties here as melissa reid has more.s the cars came in, with guests along dick goddard way for the fox 8 11th annual operation giving tree. >> thanks to the fox 8 viewers, kids in cuyahoga lake county, lorain county, medina and summi county will have a gift this christmas donations began during the morning show continued throughout the day we saw the news this morning and decided i was a good thing to do as a goo cause. by the end of the early evening news the lobby was filleddev gifts for children. >> she is my miracle friend and we decided it would be a good idea to share herer shower gift
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fortunate. >> where some of the nearly 2,000 childrenw these might be the only gift that they get thi >> thanks to the northern ohio honda dealers for their continued support and thank you northeast ohio to help make thei annual operation giving tree huge success. thought the kids can learn a lesson to give back because we have so much. melissa reid fox 8 news. the various county organizations will match up the items with what is on thehe fos child's wish list the gifts within the given out before december 25.
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the guru of grapple. now i know if these names are coming from, i the. there were some areas of eyes in
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one hour ago but is suited over to liquid precipitation rainfall on the east side of towards euclid thi iser lake effect t rainfall. to the heights on the east side onto middlefield and also in lorain county into wesley, strongsville. this is lake effect, not everybody sees this precipitation. precipitation. at times gusting higher, you can see how quickly the numbers trail off as it looks from oute space, superimposing radar, not find many breaks in the overcast wintery
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a brisk day today, the high only 42 degrees,ay wes winds between ten and 20 gustin up to 25 mph,ee 39 degrees clear but, the wind chill is 30, tonight partial clearing, the low of 32, we can see the spa day lake-effect off by four or 5:00 a.m. on sunday partly cloudy skies, if you go to the rounds again, versus giants at 1:00 p.m., it will be.m chilly but dry. closer to normal for this time of year.
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is moving to the east with high pressure, the next weather system tomorrow into monday, on monday afternoonon could be som showers on the west side and moving eastward to give the bes chance of rainfall, it will be windy. tuesday of two 60 degrees, wednesday 50 degrees for the last day of november stay tuned temperatures near 40 degrees fox 8 official schoo closing station,get alerts on air online and the fox 8 app,sign up for text alerts. eg8 clos macy's lane have your the norma traveling for a glitch causing the website crash, many saw a message telling them they had t wait , another glitch prevented
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their shopping carts they say that i t experts have been working to correct the problem iner so that does not happe again.e give you a motivations that you may want to hit the gym thi morning, the average american consumes more than 4500 calories and 229 grams of fat at thanksgivingng that including drinks, many say that is well worth it, one hospital in st. louis o was full of turkeys this thanksgiving, the nursing staff address the babies up a they say cky costumes they love to see them lookingh festive a lot of visitor stop b and take a lookor, they also address them as superheroes and halloween and guess what's coming for christmas.
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spin on the traditional nativi display, it's called the hipste nativity set, is a modern take on the traditional nativity scene complete wither wise men segues bearing gifts from amazo prime and a latte drinking very in joseph taking a selfie with baby jesus orders are through the roof cover it sells for mor thanan 500 sets each day since watching. if you go out shopping today we got some gift ideas look at what isis g the top toys at toy us, hatch animals, come in the legs of a breakout they nurture them to teach the interactive creature to walk and talk selling for $70lk, the fisher-price think and learn teller sells $42, where the young boys the sky viper
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360-degree view from three and 50 feet away costume $130 in fo the girls the mic music set comes with more than 3 million songss, constant only $25, in
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arizona families sharedmi their thanksgiving din with a complete stranger things to a text makes themdr , wanda dench texted her thanksgiving invitation to the wrong person even after they mistake she invited him to come over, and cops reaction when he showed up yesterdaya. is the social event of the year for the family, this year, thanks tof social media, one extra place for a thanksgiving
8:56 am
bigger by one more thanks to a text message miss upup potentia inviting, u she decided to exte the invitation to jamal hinton anyway. >> a simple gesture that gave everyone good feelings wedding over the internet. no one is more thankful that these two for adolescent and kindness. she welcomed me to her house that shows me how great a perso she iseder thanks to people lik that one it has come from god above, that he chooses us a vessels to bring a message to others,, to strangers who made the world smile with her selfie now smiling over a friendship
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we've got another hour ahead
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it is november 26.
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saturdayin and, winterfest beginning. it's always that first weekend after thanksgiving with that hustle bustle. forecast. i have some viewer suggestions. >> i'm sure that he came up wit some that are not suitable for tv, radar shows and moving
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on the east side there is some frozen precip in geauga county and cuyahoga county. it may not be that mix, south euclid, beachwood's solon in th heights, garfield heights picking up rainfall in lorain countyty this is connecd precipitation. visibility about 5 miles, in akron/canton, the wind speeds between ten and 20 gusting atat 30 at the lakeshor
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down in shift south tonight and tomorrow, the wind chill is around 30, today, expecting temperature of about one or 2 degrees higher than where we are now. will check the 8 -day forecast to see what is into december, coming up. fidel castro has died in cuba,id the former president was 90 years old for years he had been out of the public eyee 's brother raul castro made the announcementt here is patrick oppmann with the latest. after decades of attempts on his life and recently in ill
9:03 am
havana at age 90 the news on cuban tv by his younger brother cuban president raul castro. said that fidel castro would be created saturday and that preparations would be for a state funeral. loci so too were stunned by the it was beginning to be announced in cuba by state run media come it took hours begin to disseminate that surel every cuban will remember where they were. there were few others like him in the 20 century.y. he outlasted numerous presidents,s, who threatened to depose him he was a survivor also criticized fororwa forcing thousands of his fellow cubans to flee the island, and
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ruining this island's economy. permitting he wasthla a revolutionary who stood up to the united states, synonymous witht nationalism. for many people, cubans say, what now? a sense that there is a chapter history will be changing on this island and they're looking towards the hope for a better economy and for more freedoms is not clear if those things will come a time efficient wind has begun i cuba as they react to the news of the death of fidel castro , patrick oppmann, reporting from cuba.a. cleveland police officer valence video help them to trac down aem gas station shooter.
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attack is kevin freeman reports that the gunmen believed to be the trigger man. on friday the police released surveillance video taken from the shell gas station at west 150 and lorain avenuem shows a man kicked amount of a black sheep a around 9:30 p.m. saturd september 3 the walks inside th gas station, there's a clear image of his face. >> the clerk, is not wanted us to show his face or the use of his name,o the video shows a m makes a purchase that walks out of the store. >> i heard some gunshots fired, but check the camera i saw two men in an altercation. cameras outside show the suspect talking to someone in a black car holding a gun they began shooting as the customer scatter the video shows the
9:06 am
still firing. this customer, since he was about to get gas, he is ince th wild card, he quickly backs up afterer the first shots fired, then said that he noticed two bullet holes in his car. >> at first i was scared, and now i feel lucky >> two men were shot, the place heard about six shots reported. they hope that someone recognizes the shooter and turn them into the police. i had customers in here do not know if they were going to come in here,om it is a moment panicit. >> kevin freeman fox 8 news. the two men who were shot
9:07 am
suspect or have any information called the cleveland police.he clear the homicide unit trying to find a person responsible for a shooting near dead man's curvea they said at first it was an accident alone 90 at the shoreway split of 5:00 py at a red sheep fired upon a silver cart the suspect vehicle then sped away the victim lost control an crashed on north marginal roadv. just when pop-up out and that's what happened, and my mo and i could've got shot and cal the police officer and they cam and took over the same. essay shots came from the red sheep the police are looking fo a great vehicle, i think it was a 200 man shot in the chestst's name has not been yet released. >> place in fbi looking to find two bank robbers walked into th
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street at 2:00 p.m. yesterday demanding cash there were last seen on kildeer avenuee , there a reward for any tips that lead to an arrest and convictionon. public square will become a winter wonderland today >> winterfest 2016 begins at 10:00 a.m., tree lighting at 6:00 p.m.t it will be one of the biggest winter parties in the city in years. >> stage is set, as they set up for the center of attention during this weekend's winterfest, the first time in three years that public square will celebrate the holidaystnd they do it on ice prevalent is spent about 15 years since we
9:09 am
the rank was the first part to open winterfest and is a hit. >> it is a challenge it is fun toto ice skate on the ice. it will be free saturday one part of a free all day holiday celebration, with carriage rides,ri kids activities and lot's of public square will be very bright , capping off a very busy six monthshs that turns out to be the fastest growing neighborhood. >> when the redesign began two years ago they wanted to be in open space not just for daytime workers but for the city, a park for the city in the neighborhood. oo >> we are a neighborhood we hav 15,000 residents and another 2,000 at the end of next year , so this is a true neighborhood where peoplee there were
9:10 am
people can visit. they came downtown to see the city and th ice rink a bonus, walking around downtown is likee strolling through a neighborhood, for some it bring back memories of what it used t be.d we would come down there every year to skate. >> winterfest begins at 1:00 p.m. saturday, downtown will be the brightest in years onene for more info fo >> the latest out of chattanooga tennessee as they learn student i complained about the bus drivers driving habitss days
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welcome back to fox 8 news on saturday morning got a great-looking time lapse,d this is, 22 hours time lapse in 16 seconds, you can see the little dots, you can't blink or you will miss the
9:15 am
hanging tough,b it is that time of year that brings out grey skiesou. we have lake effect clouds , every once in a while they won't break out in some rain showers but mostly it's going to remain clouded through the day-to-day. we had some snowflakes in seven jog in northern portage county parts o the turnpike, otherwise, it is rainfall, north of ashtabula an also lake county with a couple of have your pockets rainfall just north ofnf south euclid an also towards beachwood. rain showers continue off of th
9:16 am
morning and afternoon. currently 40 degrees, wind chil is 33 degrees, are you need to be wearing a jacket and your umbrella anywhere near the lake shore in the snowbelt areas. it feels like 29 at wooster, throughout the state, there is not much sunshine if at all during cover that will be made until tomorrow morning and then some clearing from the last. still see some showers are it will not hamper travel much,, t good news is we got some nice weatherme tomorrow, with sunshie
9:17 am
we won't see the rainfall return most likely tuesday, wednesday the best chance of rain showers with very little sunshine. today 42 degrees, with gusty winds tonight 32 degrees, pretty uneventful event tomorrow partl cloudy,et close to 60 degrees on tuesday. december arriving on thursday with cooler temperatures and th potential of lake effect snow phone, fox 8 official school closing station,get alerts on air online and the fox 8 app,sign up for text alerts.ic
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reports show several students complained about the tennessee school bus drivers driving week before the crash of monday, the believe that he was speeding when slamming into a tree killing six, records show once the road that dries fast. johnthony walker is facing several counts of vehicular homicidel . green party presidential candidate jill stein has officially filed a request for recount in wisconsin, says it i needed to reassure votersis at reports of hacks in wisconsin pennsylvania and michigan, the green party expected to seek recounts in pennsylvania and michigan before deadlines to file request next week,e has raised more than $5 million to
9:19 am
president-elect donald trump continues to build his administration from hiss florid resort, at mar-a-lago. are the fact kt mcfarland to be his national security advisor deputy,no also picked former ch of the fec donald mcgahn to serve as white house counsel is a partner in dc law firm that specializes in law in ethics neither position requires confirmationit. >> for the guy who has everything given to mice have a christmas.. the neck america great again had it sold on amazon, a spin on the hat that donald trump wore during his presidential campaign,t reviews have taken that humans turne one calls it huge , another gave the product a five-star rating said that it's
9:20 am
the ornament is going for more than $200 apiece. still to come, scruffy grey, all the way from ohio state buckeyes gearing up to god that
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says it won't let up for a while. the cadillac xt5... what should we do? ...tailored to you. wait it out. equipped with apple carplay compatibility. ?? now during season's best, get this low mileage lease on this cadillac xt5 from around $429 per month,
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the cavaliers took charge early and did not let up beating the mavericks,nd 128-90, a nice way to start the weekend for the wine and gold, the game started out like the other night,, chamomile for thr points, not a huge first
9:24 am
first quarter with 19 first-quarter points cavaliers took command scoring 72 in the first half, the cavaliers needed a tough night for the visitors. >> lebron james had 19 points in 20 minutes the cavaliers womene. low guy plates a while. friday night touchdown, state semifinal action last night hig school football, beginning with saint ignatius, broadcast to make the do you want championship game facing liberty.
9:25 am
and he calls it in and ignatius in the lead. that is a sac and then remembered it comes back with a touchdown passss from their astounding player white, each working day seven. hewitt is the anxiety of the wildcat followers as you go sit in on 9 yards for the score may commit or 21-seven. liberty with a last shot but th wildcats winning, 24-14 wildcats will play for the 12 state titl next week. >> massillon-perry at hudson, hudson winning in 2014 in mass
9:26 am
but the defense was outstanding. hudson back on offense, the onc again he's there for the tech. carrie did not have much like, hudson settles for a field goal the kick is wide left, the panthers take over, and then a second interception, cracium berry goes to columbusus to try win a state title beating hudso 14-three. million for the redskins, then to parisis that gets the
9:27 am
with rifle shot to kenmore leg, but too much for newark, then let it slide. here down to the one-yard line. than he wouldld punch it in and cargo heights going to division six championship game dive team newark catholic steubenville versus perry and they will advancece to state ti next week beating perry, a grea season for perry. cavaliers will be in columbus today to watch the
9:28 am
buckeyes at 113 of last 15 ohio state is a six-point favorite last time they lost at homeme t walgreens was 2,000, this is the gambler j.t. barrett can step his mark,i ohio state 31, lurings 21. you are a great effort here scarring from 47 regards out 200 yards on 20 carries, receiver corey davis became the career leader in regards receiving scoring wants with a great catch on the sideline in the endzone, a western michigan remains unbeaten 55-35 with a trip to the title game next week. kent state facing north
9:29 am
because the distance 85 yards t score ties the game seven, the visitors got the last as they plan by 31-21, kent state loss for the ninth time this is. don't forget on the college site about you and john carroll continuee in playoffs continue those scores john hopkins, is taking on mount gillion has quite the flyer in terms of chagrin falls , former players from chagrin falls with a can-do against mount gillion who is loaded for bear after losing to the john
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welcome back to fox 8 news on saturday morning, here at the fox 8 front yard, we've got some clouds but in the skies, we were briefly precipitio w, yesterday 44 degrees, today we will not b that much, sunrise had 7:30 a.m. and sunset at 5:00 p.m., we will lose one more minute of dayligh tomorrow, looking at radarn can
9:34 am
it is east of cleveland. is heading toward euclid and down to. aurora today around 40 degrees through 10:00 o'clock, a small craft in effect this webcam is from avon lake, currently northeast ohio is generally around on the degreesen with thick cloud cove that will continue to be thick throughout the day, the maps in motion showing high pressure that will dominate us through
9:35 am
the changes including challengers way above average with details coming up. family/friends remembering a man who was shotot in the garfi heights barbershop as a good man. >> are their asking for help to find the shooter, melissa reid has more. about 40 people gathered for a vigil outside the skills barbershop in garfield heights friday, family/friends lighting candles in honor of 29-year-old charles davis. >> family went through the holidays, without my son. the father of four was shot to death inside the barbershop tuesday nightwa they don't know who did this or why. melodies are to bury their software child like thisme that
9:36 am
the shooter was in the barbershopop with a little boy about five or six years old, was getting a haircut.. >> why the person who took him from us to do what is right because he wrote our lives ruined that child's life. >> the garment must have recognized davis bypassed incidentda that open fire, then grabbed the boy and fled the barbershopfien, in time, the da family is still searching for answers. melissa reid fox 8 news. police believe the child will say something because of the nature of what happened, anyone with information is asked to call the police.
9:37 am
plan to hold a rally today to van texas for tamir rice? in the two-year anniversary of his death at the hands of the place they have a set in this week t the 12 ruble spalding pellet gun when shot at the cudell rec center, the rally will be held there at 2:00 p.m.. >> ohio turnpikep to begin testing a self driving truck this weekek they say that they want to test the technology on roads with low congestion, clear markings and three lanes, truck mak us route 33 and the turnpike on monday, the personal well-being in the truck to take control at any time, we want to see how snow and ice will challenge a system that relies upon radar, careless and sensorss. odot has cruise on standby in the event of winter weather because of the threat of possible snow and ice about two
9:38 am
cuyahoga lake and geauga county ready to apply salt in case of
9:39 am
9:40 am
?? to me the holidays are special, it's family traditions and of course great food. with all the things we could worry about over the holidays, turkey shouldn't be one of them. (laughter) i'm very proud to be a turkey farmer. i'm proud to raise turkeys with no growth promoting antibiotics, hormones or steroids. my name is tammy plumley,
9:41 am
9:42 am
mark stratis up szarka financial is here. >> today's topic isisa of how t results of the election effective end of your planning for your financeses. initially after election there was some unrest that now things have settled down a bit? have they? >> you tell me? >> one thing to make sure, is that you address your in planning, certain things you need to follow up regardless of the results of the election, december 31 marks the end of th calendar year in the event of charitable giving. at the time by check or credit
9:43 am
at some changes of deductions based year for medical expenses for people's of the five and older, this yearar exceeded by .5 percent to be deducted on schedule a comment or next year that will be 10 percent instead of 7.5, if you have elective surgery,y, we want to do year and they look to the end o year two bundle deductibility, such as the paid taxes that might be deductible, so we can take advantage of exceeded the standard going from there. about ways to protect your money from taxes at the end of the year, other some ways that she, you mentioned charitable deductions that must be some others?ri >> there are some things to
9:44 am
not ira or 4o1k look at some capital gains,ca that means the get reportable income so she want to a deduction using an asset donate that mutual fund and you may save taxes, a numbe of things that you can do venture people look at december 7 is the end of reenrollment for healthcare planslm, i have se especially party, medicare, i saw increases of 44 percent thi year. you need to shop to make sure that you have a way to get around that.. in the other tips for
9:45 am
the don't go from 1.3 percent, two about 2.4 percent since the election, that is the forecast for raisin rates, people who use bondsds f income should be able to understand the value of that ma go down by the yield goes up. >> as far as what to do, the market is looking for direction volatility with direction, the market was supposed to go one direction postelection and it didn't, lot's of things predicted's for the election do not go as f predicted, so now t question is, where should the money going to follow that tailwind?ou and will there be a pullback next yearre and logic says yes, does not believe that at will
9:46 am
>> but logic and reality are sometimes different. >> for more information on szarka financial sources, go to fox >> ,. thanks so much mark stratis, informative as always , we try to make it as painless as possiblee could see the associated with lake effect thi view from premier flight academy, burke lakefront, once in a while you get these shower that is typical ofow lake effect , as it pushes the moisture inland. this is a view of the radar, yo can see that occurringng as it begins to rise off the lake it
9:47 am
and then it is pushed inland, a decent amount of rainfall from cleveland east that may encounter the cold air, especially in the high east of and the typical lake effect especially jog in florid portage county are the most affected. you can see the wintry precipitation that shows up in middlefield over to chester lin and some graupel in the front yard earlier, these plans are cranking near the lak shore, but inland they quiet down expect to be between ten and 20 gusting up to 25 plus near the lake precipitation extending back to the finger lakes of new york and points
9:48 am
will be cool, 42 degrees and chance of a snow shower on the side. hopkins 39 degrees that wind chill isis 33 thousand like 31 akron/canton also ashtabulal. it is chill that you need to have your jacket tonight, partial clearing west to east, pretty uneventful otherwise, overnight low 32 degrees, the wind dies slacken off a bit tomorrow as they move from west-southwest, ahead of that mac system will start a drive forecast expected as high pressure moves in , looking at the extended,
9:49 am
great indicator of what will occur ng in looking at this mild , r flow out of the southwest with low pressure over the uppe plainsns reflected back at the surface, the warm rain headed that weather system, the forecast calls or rainfall to into wednesday in behind the front not a lot of cold air, 50 degrees, above average, and with thursday, down into the lo 40s for and a chance of lake effect on friday and saturday.. thanksgiving day the metroparks zoo was open with readmissione in those wanting t enjoy the warm temperatures it was a nice day.i >> straight-a to work up an appetite we stopped by to ask them what they were thankful
9:50 am
and thankful for life, my children, safety and for god's grace every single morning. i am thankful for our family, friends,a thankful for my parents.p i thankful for good health, our family, and we are thankful for
9:51 am
were thankful for each other, family. thankful for the time together. we are thankful for family, >> family family my beautiful granddaughter. were thankful for our health, and for our religion andl to ha each other and we are thankful to be living in america. it is a 50 year anniversary coming up..
9:52 am
much more of fox 8 news, or som people were shopping.
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general is by working on black friday everybody lies fishing lures
9:56 am
is looking for store deals, target employees in jersey city got through the holiday work shift by doing a american challenge, employee shot the instagram video said that it pu everybody in a good mood made the time pass faster. look at these clouds, you will like this all day, if you could show the 8 -day outlook that would be terrific, for som reason, today it will be cloudy and chilled. will be a great day to travel
9:57 am
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