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tv   Fox 8 News at 8AM  FOX  November 28, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning. the 20th day of
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line itself which is really their edit cell sell it will completely disappear we start to see we just highlight scattered showers west you will have more temperature will rise nicely looking a little better with daytime eyes tuesday in the mid 60s that will be a
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inconveniences us to go there is a stalled vehicle in the left-hand side right berm you see it right here with the vehicles pulling away hopefully p the rest of them wil as well anytime you can screwed over in a safe manner otherwise so it down. it is crowded it is off to the left-hand side a
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ramp close permanently however they reopened of these this morning. i$?]nd stephanie and stacy back to you. another one bites the dust. extremely hard for coach >> when things don't go right it is easyhe to.fingers. i think e
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by the head of it. and that waa the heart of it. >> sunday was pretty about from the opening kickoff it got kicked out of bunko wouldck onln bounds that would only get worse other things that mulch spent most of his day dancing in state dancing in the end zone browns lost 27 ?- 13. >> this is an effort to rehab to have 110 percent out here. we just keep fighting and look forward to better days and what
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have a little bit of a break here at cards can they play against cincinnatica and then me sure the team never feels this way again. they don't want to feel like this any more. >> it has been a rough season it really first energy stadium this morning. the browns will have the week off to regroup before returning to action when they host t the cincinnati bengals on sunday, december 11. an alarming trend with the city leaders heree the city is set to surpasse last year's homicide
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more. >> friends and family gathered to> say goodbye to balloons and candles a at a makeshift memoril and southeast cleveland the father of a two -year-old girl who was shot and killed saturday. come to an andt get you know wht i'm saying? >> details are limited. this is the latest homicide in the city is so far this year cleveland police that will highest number was in 27. 2007. 134 people
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can do to counteract this. >> there is no easy answer to stopping the violence that are times does not seem real until you pass the makeshift memorial. >> people have asked those weapons knowing that god is the giver of life and has the right to take it away. >> we will have much more on that as of may we never like to see those numbers are rising in the city. clearly cleveland police say it was driving a sedan one someone opened fire hitting him in a teston he died later in the
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>> and for this 2015 shooting deathth of the first trial ended in a hung jury prosecutors want on the second trial moved against the change of venue. >> they say there have been a few problems withn travelers getting home after the thanksgiving holidayth while thy were longer than usual the tsa sayse passengers of been moving quite smoothly and this has been a case that many of the major airports across the area. they showed an average delay of 15 minutes or less during peak travel times. >> it is eight minutes after
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rain right now that all changed by the lunch hour we take a look at that with so warm up. >> good morning you are looking at the top of the big tree is the big house. when we come back, the deck the halls celebration is in big swing. kicking it with
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good morning, everyone the high clouds arehe starting to pk thicken up temperatures range from 35 ?- 40. and then on radar the showers are moving to western ohio moving into norwalk and the lake erie islands within
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and then in southern indiana starting to work scattered showers using midday around 55 for the forecast our and a little undercutting what we are anticipating and real windy as temperatures stay on one of the rain is gone and route to a beautiful day today you get that won this time of year at always warn you don't use that as a barometer for what
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develop tomorrow night and then it looks like it willom be runng out. and this is have another panhandle look coming out in the middle of next week away keep an eye on it as that things moves on likely think ites will there is another get aa good chance certainly not in the eight day butter week or two from now accumulating snow. at this.s.primarily rain through
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news is your official school closing station. >> making headlines a man is dead after a shootouta with batn rouge louisiana. police say the man was shot the man shot anda killed the woman ran into two others before crashing his car into c an ambulance the 48 -year-old man fired shots at deputies last night when they demanded he showed his hands. after theys shot him a foot into a wooded area cap interstate ten he was captured and died on the way toth the hospital.h >> officers are trying to determine if alcohol play the role a deadly one which crashed in new york. twenty-three -year-old man doing used in the west bounds bound going on along in a long island highway it both the drivers died. the passenger in the van van was critically injured wellse police are
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patrol car.he >> there will be a memorial in thein revolution square to honor him he died late friday night sparkingay a flurry of reactions from around the world canada's prime ministerl talked about original remarks when he plays the dictator. they called his braisedle disrespectful. >> nfl quarterback booed before his his comments about castro. the san francisco is 40 niners cornerback says he invested in the investment in education while thebas us and invest in prisonn he is also been sitting protester the national anthem the 40 niners ended up losing afterr he punched his final plaa >> the election drama is still not over president-elect donald trump says he doesre does not believe hillary clinton won the popular vote he is also blasting
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in a scam we have the latest. >> like many others controversies, this one started on twitter. the president elect tweet says in addition to winning the electoral college college i won the popular vote if you would deduct the millions of people that voted all voted all the girly. despite losing a by almost 2 million there's been no evidence of any kind of over fraud over the weekend in a move unprecedentedd he released a series of angry tweetse and they slamming effort. >> the idea to you that we are
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that is associated with the recount in the wisconsin. that is after her daughter security experts with the discrepancyda with an effort the incoming chief called a total waste of time during an interview on fox news. >> this is ridiculous it is a fundraising notoriety driven fraud by a a person who won 33,0 votes in wisconsin to president-elect 11.4 million. >> the recount in wisconsin is set to begin next week. the green party also seeking recountsls in the state of michigan and pennsylvania. >> the powerball jackpot is being reset to $40 million after want to get matched for the top players over the weekend the winning ticket was $421 millioni sold in lafayette, tennessee. the winner has not come forward
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big prize the lump sum is $243 million. >> if you are just getting up at is 17 minutes afterre 8:00 o'clock. still ahead ?- we are getting styled for winter and kenny is decking the halls on this monday in beautiful akron this morning. we will kick it withwi him when we come back. you don't want to miss
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