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tv   Fox 8 News at 7PM  FOX  November 28, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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bi-rite is in columbus with mor on the attack in columbus, the area here has been cleared that happened outside of watts hall, the biggest question is what prompted the suspect to attack these people injuring 11. the suspect identified as a 2-year-old student abdul artan, the city is somalian, he was
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legal residency status. the attack happened as students waited outside after a fire alarm to say the car plowed int a group of about 50 people, the say that he got out began stabbing people with a butter knife, the campus police office shot the suspect, and they say he acted alone. the car came in, there were people everywhere he was hittin as many people as he cut and, i was just a tragedy. >> afterwards, i went back to help people, etc. gunshots and now that it was from a police
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lake road the quick action of the police officer alan horujko shot and killed the suspect within one minute perhaps savin lives the campus was put on lockdown 490 minutes afterwards. class were canceled for the rest tomorrow. the first responders were here because of the fire alarm. there were firetrucks and the
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was able to jump-and so quickly, all 11 who were injured or expect to survive. this information from student to faculty in today's attack. 11 victims were injured, life-threatening six of them at the osu wexner medical center in columbus. some students, some of our faculty and staff, two for stab wounds and 34 injuries received that they were hit by the car and another with lacerations five other were said to two other hospitals in columbus wit
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victims said they are in high spirits the chief of medicine, andrew thomas may have more. we has six individuals total were brought here by ms or came in on their own. there were two stabbings, to were hit by the car and one other with lacerations. two were taken to riverside methodist, both of those were hit by the car, one has orthopedic injuries and the other has skull fracture. he appears to be stable for what i am told by my colleagues. >> two people were taken to
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and one more who showed up at the hospital who was a victim o the car. >> and he has since been discharged. some serious, non- life-threatening injuries, the gallery today said that classes will resume tomorrow. keep it here for continuing coverage of today's columbus attack with any new development tonight at 10:00 p.m. and also the latest at fox >> . back here the place and leaders are asking for your input. >> suggestions on the new crisi intervention policies, several agencies worked to create them, and to improve relations, polic are seeking the public's feedback once the review is
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the policies to a federal district judge for final approval. four -month-old baby is fighting for his live tonight after a violent car crash that the family was to thank a good samaritan who helped, as tracy mccool joins us. neco ware is in the intensive care, his parents reached out entry had emergency brain surgery still faces a long road to recovery. 's father, chev akron children's hospital, laredo escudero says she's not let the hospital since the cras last wednesday, 7:00 a.m. on romig road in akron family was leaving their apartment complex when a pickup truck t-boned their car the impact sent the infant's car seat flight out of the car and knocking his father unconscious, while she searched for her son, let us stop to hel
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were taken to the er. >> i looked for the baby because the backseat was smashed, i looked outside and cannot find him anywhere. that is when the lady who took us to the emergency room, helpe me to look for him. >> the crash is under investigation, so far no charge have been filed. babies recovery could take months they have set up a go-fund-me account to help with medical bills, we have all the details there at fox >> . i-team was more about a man who attacked a store owner, thi a video from wednesday and please say joseph mascellino pistol whipped the store owner in old brooklyn, please found the robber hiding nearby,
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of robbery while the grand jury considers even more charges. hopkins airport's races parking fee, the $1 price a tick effect on thanksgiving, if you park in the cheapest lot she will now pay $9 a day, airport officials say the revenue estimated $1 million per year help with people more improvements at the airport nex year. is going to get warmer and much wetter. could be around 60 degrees tomorrow. even today it has been above normal. rain showers over spreading northeast ohio. it is a little heavier you see
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in the south that is much heavier was some a severe weather louisiana, alabama and mississippi. them from the same cyclone talking about plenty of snowfal in the dakotas. >> it has been warming up the past few hours the sun set at 59:00 p.m. demand is increasing and it's going to be even guster tonight at about 40 mph. tonight about one quarter to
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50s it will be rainy and windy that tomorrow the rainfall will be gone with low to mid '60s and then, it will be then back to reality. the cavaliers are 13 into the best start in team history. >> kevin love has been at the heart of the current four-game winning streak, he was name player of the week, he started the week with an nba record 34 points in the first quarter wednesday finishe with 40 and then he had a 27 an a victory mavericks spy and elbowed with either records extensions he scored 25 points the third time he has been the player of the week the first time with the cavaliers. and they will see a familiar face tomorrow, matthew dellavedova's first game agains
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cavaliers face the clippers. still plenty of strong about fidel castro even after his
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q is in a state of mourning after the death of fidel castro, he died fight at the age of 90 they have been paying respects at the cute ministry of defense is funeral is wednesday in santiago de
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neither mr. obama or the bottom will attend. >> what i expect any impact on the kind of progress that were committed to make on our end to begin to knowledge relations with cuba. >> that us changed its economic policy towards cuba today some of the first commercial air fl mr. trump says she will terminate the current deal in cuba does not approve it. speaking of mr. trump three weeks after election day he jus one michigan 16 electoral votes there were 4.8 million votes cast it took 20 days to certify, in the end the ashdown hillary clinton by 10,007 votes
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michigan since 1988. they're about to start recounting votes in wisconsin, jill stein got less than 100% o the votes cast that she's pushe for recounts of both wisconsin and pennsylvania, time is running short, recount must be wrapped up quickly the deadline is december 13 before the electoral college officially votes for the new president. suspect in mass shooting ends up, church will represen , don't have accused of murdering nine at a church in charleston in june 2015, jury selection started today the judge ruled that he can serve as his own attorney that it would be unwise, it could take weeks to seat the jury opening statements. bus driver charge the death of six tennessee children had several red flags in his past, johnthony walker charged with vehicular homicide after his bu
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the school admitting several parents and staff in file complaints about his reckless driving, they say alcohol was not involved but speed was a factor. say-so new video of the devastation by flooding in italy, this video, a torrential downpour caused a landslide destroyed several homes hundred have been evacuated conditions could get even worse, because more severe weather is expected over the next two days a winter storm continues to hit the pacific northwest, cold fronts collided over washington state during the holiday weeken burning winds of 50 plus and heavy rainfall and turned into snow, with nearly 2 feet in som
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room it has been a cloudy day with warmer than normal and even warmer tomorrow and then will come back down to normal beginning thursday was on december 1, sunset today was at 4:59 p.m. teenagers are rising instead of falling, with a strong southwes winds, sometimes gusting up to
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driving alone 71 south, you're going to have a slow-go. >> continue to take over the entire state much heavier rainfall and areas like louisiana, alabama, mississippi. tonight that will be extremely gusty winds. so tornado watches on the end of this cold front. winter storm warnings and advisories in the rocky mountains
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will look at these rain showers tonight and then gone tomorrow afternoon more sunshin in the warmer with low to mid '60s rainfall wednesday and it will be gone and then back to the 40s. tonight rainy and windy tomorrow it will be in the 60s, on thursday, in the four
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retail analysts expecting huge numbers for cyber monday possibly more than $3 billion dozens of all my retailers offe exclusive deals to attract shoppers with more people using smartphones, sales figures migh even approach mennonite that will be about 10 percent more than last year. hokies usually a game for
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playoff hopes took a big hit last night football hit the upper right. the cheesecake or, you did the upright, it bounced through after the game, the two did a great picture, you can see him celebrating, while his holder
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shot. every year, minor-league hockey team helps the group of kids in need. as soon as the calgary hitmen score the first goal this happens. mike ozan triggers an avalanche of teddy bears, look out below, or comes the wave of teddy bears, it is called the teddy bear toss, fan tossed almost 25,000 teddy bears on the ice last night taking almost 40 minutes to collect
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