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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  November 28, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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>> account the campus is calm. ohio state will be stronger having come through this. >> fancast confidence. ohio governor pledging buckeye nation will be stronger than ever after the attack on campus this morning. >> and emotional tweet. we are and always will be okay strong. terror hitting close to home where as here in northeast ohio nearly a dozen people are hurt after student went on a rampage on the campus of the ohio state university. an attack, police are still turn
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began stabbing people before he was killed by a police officer. kevin freeman mime on the osu campus with the latest tonight. >> it is quiet here tonight quite a different team than the chaos that was for most of the day. that crime scene has been cleaned up, police officers are gone. as you mentioned 11 people injured in this attack early today. none of those ju life-threatening. they were taken to three separate hospitals. the suspect was killed by an osu police officer. the police officer out in her words go. here's what happened this morning. that suspect ran several people over with his car plowed into a crowd and then got out and started stabbing people with in one minute, that officer arrived and killed the suspect.
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hospital establishments. some were injured by a car. as i mentioned, they went to three separate hospitals. the osu president doctor mark to create me personally with three of those victims. they said he were in high spirits. >> we have had six total individuals that have either been brought here by ems or have come here on their own. beyond that there are two stab victims, two other victims hadn't been hit by the lacerations that we are working on. there are two patients that we're taken to riverside methodist hospital just north of campus both of those individuals were struck by the car. one has orthopedic injury and the other actually has a minor neurologic injury with a skull fracture is being observed that is awake and talking and appears to be stable from what i'm told
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there are two individuals that we're taken to grant that i mentioned earlier today with lacerations and then one additional patient that has shown up at grande hospital who was a victim of being hit by the car who had an orthopedic injury and has since been discharged. >> again, these injuries are not life-threatening. the big question is why. they're trying to figure out the motive on why the student this osu student would do this. earlier ton prayer vigil to church here on the corner opened its doors allowing students to come in and pray with each other be together. comfort each other. but again the good news here is that these injuries were not life-threatening. >> that was the good news in all of this. to my questions at this point. >> fox 8 for continuing coverage of today's attacking columbus we will bring you the latest here on the air.
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heading over to a rash of burglaries into westside communities has both police and homeowners on high alert today. susan stopper joins us with the break-ins and how these brazen thieves were even added on thanksgiving afternoon. not even taking a break. middle of the day on thanksgiving afternoon it's hard to believe, but a number of people have been victimized by these people. is it a group of people are just a few people? they don't know at this time. the crime spree started this summer, but has been escalating repeatedly targeting the same neighborhoods making many homeowners more than a little nervous. it's scary. it is scary. a sudden surge in thieves crisscrossing day village. from about 45 others. >> at this point it's obviously become a serious problem.
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>> she was scrambling. she was getting ready to take the kids to school and all of the glove compartments we're open. the spare keys we're also gone. luckily a neighbor called police and the suspects dropped them while running to a getaway car. >> had he not called, mikie is probably would have stayed with him and then he would have come back. it's horrible. they're looking for open doors to anything. tammy since easter was also targeted. there was somebody out there. the suspects took off. captured on a home surveillance system as cash, credit cards and other valuables were stolen from about a dozen cars on several street around surrey circle. >> that the little crazy. >> police in both communities
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investigating all of the crimes looking for any connections. but they say, people need to do their part to since most of the cases involve unsecured property. i think if we could be more vigilant, like everything up hopefully we've gotten to move on somewhere else for not making it easy for them. anyone with information on the suspect in the surveillance aspect that should call leslie please print anyone with break-ins she called bay village police, but they're saying everyone really needs to be alert especially this time of year when you're going to have fedex mpd and many of those lifted from porches, so we have tips on safety in regards to that at you can also check out that surveillance video. >> neighborhood watch, like your house, like your car. just double check everything before you go to bed. >> at somebody's going to steal somebody from thanksgiving afternoon in the middle of the
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every opportunity. >> what is going on with the power. that's what some people in painesville want to know. the charges on their electric bills are going up. >> that power is a problem for some people who live in liberty greens and painesville. they say they've noticed their electric bills had gone up. this isn't the first time they've seen some inconsistent charges. >> around a dozen people in painesville voice their concerns about their electric bills there's a power cost adjustment. shirley behrens is among those who live in the liberty greens development who have seen an increase. >> for instance my kilowatt hour charge in a month plus $15 and my power cost adjustment was
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they are charging me almost as much as an adjustment for the bill every month. other residents a their electric bills have been consistent since their meters were installed a must ten years ago. >> there's been a lot of questions especially about the month of august which had a record-setting number of hot days. obviously higher electric bills, higher transmission fees which go into a power cost adjustment are being questioned as well as rates which is not been raised in over 15 years. >> board three complement a town hall meeting. he says the city runs its own electrical plants, but it can't control the cost associated with additional power. >> transmission fees go up because that is transferred through to us through pjm and when that happens, we have no control over those fees. trends patient has. >> daily on suggest presidents get an energy audit or get their
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>> anywhere home doesn't necessarily mean energy-efficient home. no one knows he's keeping track of is this right or not. so i'm here kind of on a mission to find out what's going on. >> councilmen daily on says the electric optic is free to any residence. there is a $50 fee for having your meter tested. >> every dollar counts especially on a tight budget. >> in arrest is made and run that sent a ten -year-old boy to the hospital. cleveland heights police a 25 -year-old jeremy boone is now charged with aggravated vehicular assault. last week the victim and his brother we're crossing the road and marked crosswalk with me and for what was it. the driver kept going. police say the ten -year-old has been released from hospital after being treated for head and leg injuries. cleveland workers plan to rally for a higher minimum wage.
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day of action in some part of a $15 minimum wage. at noon passenger service agents will rally at hopkins airport then later in the day raise up cleveland will hold a second gathering at cleveland mcdonald's group has been fighting for months for a higher minimum wage in cleveland around the country workers are planning lockouts to draw attention to their cost. a baby boy saved by a stranger. the mothers worst nightmare when she can't find her child after a crash how the good have saved his life. >> the changes at hopkins, but not necessarily something visitors will be excited to see. how much you will pay to park the next time you. >> by his girlfriend took to twitter after yesterdays game. the it seems there's no keeping this in adrenaline junkie away. he makes headlines for scaling world trade center. his latest stunt captured on
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>> it looked prettier with a little coating of snow. >> i was thinking the same thing. >> tonight we are seeing a rain at the wind started to pick up so we want to check in with
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the forecast three tomorrow morning. >> all the way from now to tomorrow morning the wind are starting to pick up and temps listing on 30 miles an hour. even higher as the night progresses. let's chellos some of the rainbow. most of a shades of blue and green. a little happier as you head towards the mansfield area. we will go ahead and zooming closely and show you just the west. it's all right and has overspread all of our western counties at this point. a little if we go south and east of mansfield, those are some of the areas were getting more moderate clips of rain especially through the three millersburg. along 77 before rainfall amounts that nothing to the east is taking its time of spreading to our eastern counties of more than half inch has fallen in toledo and getting closer to
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the swath of brayden will be over spreading into northeast ohio. the rain is gone and tomorrow and for a pretty mild day. was pretty much around the middle and upper 40s and the winds sustained 10-20. it will give way to dry morning and what happens tomorrow morning. clouds around with an emerging sunshine was some very warm temperatures. i was more seasonable and the 40s. you're a day forecast, just a little bit longer. >> still to come tonight, and man's midflight outburst leaving passengers stunned.
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skating routine raising eyebrows. that act as part of a celebrity show why it's sparking international outrage. later on in sports the big ten comes down hard on jim harbaugh and the wolverines. the latest from berea. where rg3 is a bit closer says it won't let up for a while. the cadillac xt5... what should we do? ...tailored to you. wait it out. equipped with apple carplay compatibility. ?? now during season's best, get this low mileage lease on this cadillac xt5 from around $429 per month,
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>> thousands of cuban people lining up early this morning to begin the official weeklong farewell to longtime dictator fidel castro. the ceremony began with a 21 gun salute to the man he rolled the island nation for 45 years after seizing power in 1959, however lasting effects of the regime are apparent as little more than makeshift memorial stand on the leader. indifference by many younger cubans a stark contrast to the feeling in miami. >> i think this is a beginning of the end. he has seen the key person, everything else is a component. think after he's done we will start seeing the changes. i'm sorry that my husband and son are no longer had to see it. his younger brother will officially take over as president after serving in the
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brothers health deteriorated. >> today the first commercial flight from the u.s. to the american airlines flight is the first to land in cuba since 1961. thanks in large part to policies put in place by the dell castro. they lead to a suspension and plates between the two countries. many abroad played no part in their trouble, but rather the allure of the new vacation de killing nine black parishioners will act is his own attorney. the judge granted his request earlier today against the advice of his own players. federal prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. his attorneys can offer him advice, but only if he asks for it. seven jurors have been qualified so far the court needs 70 qualified jurors before attorneys can start selecting those who will serve on a jury.
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unruly passenger. the for the president-elect and insulting those who didn't. the airline says it sorry the disruption happen and says it's refunding much to all of the other passengers on that flight and the same with the company ceos of the disruptive passenger has been banned from delta flight forever. hard enough buying gifts for people you know? >> imagine shopping for a complete stranger. how an entire country is spreading holiday cheer. >> more changes at cleveland hopkins international airport. why parking is getting a little
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>> if you fill out of hopkins airport over the thanksgiving holiday you may have noticed the big change. >> c airport by the travelers have reason to complain? jennifer jordan has more. >> pain to bark at cleveland hopkins airport just got a little more pricey. >> i was just you're last wednesday or tuesday and it went up one dollar. is still cheaper than one other places and it's more convenient. the fare increase of one dollar for it going into effect on thanksgiving day, for example, $17 to park inside the smart
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terminal building via sidewalks. it will now cost you $18 a day to park. the cheapest way to park the brow mod at nine dollars a day in term airport director bed table that rate hike was long overdue with rates here much lower than other airports at the country. >> if you like it any other airport closer to hopkins or nationally, where in the lower percentile of parking rates. we offer premium parking here the airport. this another of off airport opportunities you can go to. with close flats providing free shuttle service to and from the main terminal the additional revenue estimated to be around $1 million annually and will go into the operating budget. security checkpoint and perky
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making this improvements. attack improvements, security. >> if it's going to create more revenue, i think it hasn't come up in a long time. jennifer jordan fox 8 news. >> the airport has seen many improvements of the past hopkins isn't done. although operational improvements will be made in 2017 as well all in an effort beautify the airport and make it so functional. >> one man led to an all white altering condition. why he's asking your help to get treatment. >> derric on the campus of the ohio state university. investigators were to determine who dip in the attack on
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it's the little moments that make the biggest waves. kalahari resorts & conventions. the world's coolest indoor waterparks.
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along with the head after he was ejected from the car after the crash. >> mean durango to. a warm-up is on the way with showers. melissa myers has a forecast. >> cleveland's own talks eight news. >> glad you're with us tonight very frightening images coming out of the ohio state university tonight. but they're showing students using desks to block cores.
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>> a different thing that it was right behind me today. and certainly this morning. all the crime scene tape is gone. all the police are gone. eleven people as you mentioned are recovering from injuries. police identified the suspect and all of this as osu student morning, police say the used his car on the osu campus. witnesses say he then got up this car and started stabbing people with a huge butcher knife within a minute. osu police officer arrived on scene and shot and killed the suspect before he could hurt anyone else. eleven people were taken to three different columbus hospitals. none of their injuries are said
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the situation was under control. he committed this act by himself today. >> the campus here this is coming together. the church i'd hear on the counter. it opened its doors tonight so
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facebook page, i know it's a little too early to start speculating on that. i am sure we will know a lot more tomorrow. we will bring you the latest year life on the air and you can get update >> four -month-old baby is in for his life tonight following a two-car crash last week as parents reaching out to peggy kallick to share their story. the caring stranger he stopped to help. >> the divers out of his vehicle and walking.
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from a woman who witnessed a two-car crash on wrote an akron. a pickup truck collided with the car seriously injuring the cars driver and his four -month-old son who was ejected from the vehicles and remains in intensive care. i didn't know exactly where he landed. >> the babies mother told me that second after the crash, they put the go searching for their son. >> couldn't find them anywhere. that the lady that took me to barberton amuse amusements he stopped. >> he just wouldn't respond. >> they rushed him to the
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emergency surgery. his father taken for treatment. >> koniencki everybody was so now is at a number anything. >> the father said he left as soon as he could to be at his front side. i could've been fighting for my life and he would be okay. the parent say they don't know intensive care, but they are asking for prayers that he will make a full recovery. in akron, peggy kallick, fox eight news. president-elect the molchon says he won once and he will live
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the wisconsin elections commission said they will recount of votes for the 2016 presidential election once they are paid in full. that payment must be she said she started this effort to make sure russia or anybody else is not pampered. meanwhile, president-elect donald trump voted for hillary clinton illegally. the clinton camp said it doesn't mean they are testing the results. donald trump except the resek you may have the democrats are just untamed they do not accept the rate the idea that we're going to drag this out malware president the president-elect
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recount must be done by decembey raised more than $6.5 million through online fundraising to find her recount efforts. thus far there's been no evidence of any kind of massive voter fraud. speaking of companies made another cabinet to head the department of health and human services. that's official announcement will likely come tomorrow. >> can lawmakers facing criminal charges tonight. a kansas city councilman has been arrested on domestic violence charges. there is a new push to help fund water testing after it was found in some cleveland's close. calling for passage of a bill
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to schools for regular water testing. that exposure can lead to life on health problems. the historic landmark building sold then turned mixed use office, residential, retail. city council will now consider that plan. >> if you want to hang out the wheel if your heading out tonight. we've got lots of wind and rain heading our way. >> it's starting to really head into our extreme eastern counties, but the header showed signs of picking up as guys close to 35 miles an hour. it's basically afternoon. we did reach a high temp. between six and 8:00 p.m. as we had warmed air before the ring got here. it started to call things up a
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tomorrow are aiming for a very warm day about 20 degrees above the norm. looking at some of the rainfall here skirting up from the south. these rain showers will linger through tomorrow morning, but they will be gone and the winds will also begin to subside starting tomorrow morning. the rain will taper off basically when the sun begins to rise. looking at winter storm warnings across upstate new york and northern new england, but also as you head to the dakotas right now getting hit hard with the heavy snowfall. portions of the rockies in
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watches and warnings. fifty at hopkins. fifty-five at lakefront. it is a mild november evening. again we are getting ready to end out november, december 1 on thursday. guess now approaching thursday. it will only pick up in intensity. very mild for this part of the night. temperatures a lot colder. not even warmer. thirteen for as compared to 34 hours ago. we will continue with the rain showers often on moderate and have a gone by tomorrow morning the cloud still around. by lunchtime, maybe you want to take a walk outside wall temperatures in the 60s, the sun will be shining and the wins
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a different area of low pressure. best chance in the west. as we go through wednesday the next round of light rain will add additional quarter of an inch. many areas will have a half inch to a of an inch. temperatures tomorrow blow to mid 60s. we arrived in terms of december thursday with rain showers and therefore it is. snow showers possible on saturday. highs around 40 and then again we have temperatures hovering really in the 40s. the huge arctic blast, no major snowstorm but for those kids that is a white christmas still too far to tell. by mid-december it shows a fluctuation of jetstream getting
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which is good i guess. >> when it rains it pours, for brown's star quarterback. >> his girlfriend lashing out on twitter, but reportedly have to knock on the field but in the players parking garage during yesterdays game. accused of using tragedy for celebrities and why this ice
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when you think he can get any worse for the cleveland browns are star quarterback and his girlfriend now say they're both victims of a crime. it reportedly happened at first energy stadium. more on the story tonight. >> i cursed this team can't seem to shake the season. in game two it's a little hard to win anything. right now winning for the 0-12 team is proving hard to do players getting hit with losses on and off the field including quarterback robert griffin the third injured the first week of the season. he hasn't played in a game sense. >> his girlfriend treated they both left there while it somewhere inside their vehicle, when they came back all the money inside was gone.
10:46 pm
be more careful. it keeps money in their car. in a series of tweets his girlfriend defended what happens and they parked ballet and that them parking garage and they should be able to leave anything they wanted inside. some fans hardbacks showing no concern tweeting rg3 has taken much more money from the browns. no sympathy for them. >> know, stuff happens. >> browns officials say they're looking into the incident will be handled. fans say that off the field antics only distract from heartbreaking season. does it add insult to injury? very much so. in cleveland, fox eight news. >> thank you. it's something many do every day. >> now a man is pleading for help after suffering an extreme condition from shaving. why his insurance is refusing to cover a procedure he desperately
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is raising eyebrows with his latest antics. the cadillac xt5... what should we do? ...tailored to you. wait it out. equipped with apple carplay compatibility. ?? now during season's best, get this low mileage lease on this cadillac xt5
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>> something most people do every day, but no one man living with a life altering condition from shaving.
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now. now they found a doctor that can help his insurance is rejected his claim saying it is a cosmetic procedure. a doctor at a new york he got 9n resolve the issue. i love those odds. >> it is rejecting my claim saying that the claim is cosmetic surgery. i feel it's not cme this is my livelihood, this is my life right here. ago found me page has been set up to help him raise money for airfare, lodging, surgery, and the aftercare. >> outrage after holocaust theme the routine which is part of a celebrity ice-skating show features the skaters and striped pajamas and yellow stars which the jewish victims of nazi concentration camps were forced to wear. the actress said to be based on
10:51 pm
tells a story of a father and son during the holocaust world leaders are calling the act unbelievably tasteless. they accuse the show of using the tragedy for fame. apparently a slap on the hand wasn't enough to keep this teenage adrenaline junkie away. you probably remember the team he was busted two years ago for speaking into the one world trade center construction sites and climbing to the top. by the looks of it, he's at it again. the 18 -yeao video and pictures of his latest stunt above of central park high price under construction. one photo shows them hanging from him hanging from scaffolding by one arm. eighteen receives community service and was required to go to counseling after the major breach back in 2014. here is a time where social media stocking is acceptable. >> it's a six year tradition in new zealand. how the entire country is
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>> up next in sports, the latest
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>> it's that time of spread holiday cheer. >> what you may be having trouble thinking about imagine trying to shop for a complete stranger. that's a nearly 2,000 people are doing in new zealand for a nationwide secret santa. it set up by the new zealand post. when she sign up to meet you get matched with a random twitter user. >> participants have to do a little cyber stalking to figure out what that person is interested in. then buy a gift, send it to the
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forward it on. the tradition has been going on nationwide for six years now. >> the big ten hit michigan coach jim harbaugh and the wolverines today thanks to that behavior on saturday. reprimanded for violating the sportsmanship goad on saturday as he went ballistic postgame rip the officials. he said he was utterly disappointed in this cause this goal was hit with a $10,000 fine. today the big ten was out its defensive awards for the season and mister pick six himself who by the way says he will be back next year would get some love, however, due to the attack on the ohio state campus, the whole process of awarding players was postponed. it was a nice gesture by the weak and kudos to wilson spate who sent along best wishes to everyone on the ohio state campus just after the attack. by the way, the athletics
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support as well. the browns of welmer day of practice before they scatter all over the country for downtime. this is the long awaited by week. today rg3 given the green light to practice the new contact yet. hugh jackman also said cody kessler was clear from the concussion protocol. might we see rg3 right after the bike racks. >> it is still early to make a decision about robert. he hasn't played football now in a while. let's be honest, so i'm sure that you've got to get the rest of little bit. hopefully we will see where he is an clear him for contract contacting me will know more. >> that is the last we saw of him. veteran guard john grackles will be gone for the rest of the year placed on injured reserve due to that foot injury. the dean claims of offensive linemen from the raiders also qb
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>> it is tougher around here. where going to give continuing and working. i'm going to keep on working. nobody is getting out. that's what's really good about this locker room and all of the guys leading us and stuff. >> the cavaliers are in milwaukee where they would take on the books on tuesday night and the surest way to say that kevin love is fully acclimated to his teammates, and also for his teammates to announce that player of the week. usually it's a lebron james award of the week. he set an nba record with 34 first-quarter points he shot 75 percent from the three-point land during that week he was absolutely kick it now which is needed championship in just a different guy. >> it picked him so well i think that using him better.
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>> just incredible. thank you. >> appreciate your time here. watch the rain and the wind overnight. the morning show will be here at 4:00 a.m.
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explain that to me again please. alright, here's the deal. i'm gonna pretend i'm with the irs. i'm gonna say you owe back taxes and threaten you with jail time. that'll scare you into giving me a whole bunch of your money. i also need your social security number, too, because then i can really take you to the cleaners. that's why we're here. dedicated to protecting ohio families against frauds and scams.
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