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tv   Fox 8 News at 400AM  FOX  November 29, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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and here i am happy about that monday morning the student police identified he used his car to pull him into car from god out of begin staffing people with a large knife. he hit what was offered in front of him.
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fli investigators say that he ay after thes say that he incident began he shot and killed the suspect after the suspect her 11 people. anybody else was involved in this act. has hospitals than that of their injuries are considered what a beautiful ohio state university
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we'll bring you the latest to live on the air in you can get updates by going to a rash of burglaries into effect in the homeowners on high alert. it's scary. stealing more than half a dozen do post will post (-left-parenthesis electronics
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had he not called it's horrible. overview benefits that they did have these images captured on surveillance system and other tools were stolen from about a dozen cars police in both communities are stepping up
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do their part to larimer nunez howard on the power around a dozen people. so voice their concern on here
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have seen it would increase. other residents said their electric police have been consistent since their leaders were installed almost ten years
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happens they had no control over those fees will get their tested it doesn't mean energy-efficient homes. pulses. counsel that the electric audit avon heights police say last week they were crossing the road
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at noon walkout on occurs for the browns how one of the picking specific to a fast of people 34th street in the holiday season as advertised there.
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start to see some sunshine today as temperatures rise up into the
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the 34th street light of their homes with holiday decorations they call it miracle on 34th street. people came out to see that magic after the lights are turned on.
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good thing, people can just step aside those townhouses look very nice. how fun. in this city of baltimore here just getting up your time.
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and that's apparently have a blocked off as the cables from scaffolding was hitting the building. the fact that east ninth street is closed between severe in euclid they're causing some
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stacy campbell ran over to you. this creates a kid can't get any worse star quarterback was granted reportedly happened at first stadium. when you're on your first string quarterback was a little hard to win anything hit with losses on and off the field including rgiii. he hasn't played in a game cents. his girlfriend treated that they both left their wallet somewhere inside their vehicle and they came back all the money inside wisconsin fans i talked to said you have to be more careful. in his series of tweets his girlfriend defended what
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parking garage sunday and they should be able to leave anything they wanted insight some same no concern tweeting that he is taken much more money from the browns browns officials say there looking into the incident and will be hidden fan said that after field and only from distract from a heartbreaking season. in cleveland, maia belay, fox 8 news. clinton police say no reports were filed or five that them foh money was actually stolen. unfortunately not. there time is 4:29 a.m. much more including weather and traffic updates. just in time for holiday travel it's going to cost you a bit
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airport how much the price hike will affect you straight ahead.


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