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tv   Fox 8 News at 430AM  FOX  November 29, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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airport how much the price hike will affect you straight ahead.
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chex party mix. it's what the holidays are made of. sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside.
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coworker how to stop the attack they found him hiding nearby he's behind bars in charge of aggravated robbery and in the cheapest brownlow hill not pay $9 a day from $8 last week airport officials say they say will help with more improvements are on the starting
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this been developed to the quote of the verge almost criminally no space this is something they shouldn't could access to clean water. chevron shows because they should live in the water. akron's mayor has introduced a plan to redevelop city council will not consider about plan. your time is 4:38 a.m. weather and traffic still ahead chilling out shelling out big bucks. will achieve know how much that
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their coaches comments. telling of the votes looking at the state's doing a recount. good at morning everybody storm fox radar behind showing the winds find out and temperatures are low look at the forecast that and look into the month of
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hindu interact with cold air. that happens we typically see snow we h like that yet. our forecast looking ahead to tomorrow keeps this jetstream very active in his the next low as it will attract your portions but not all of northern ohio will start to see temperatures falling into the 40s. of the showers spreading through columbus. poster to see a few showers on the backside of this cold front early tomorrow morning temperatures should stay around 60 tomorrow mostly cloudy with showers early the shower should
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amounts generally about a quarter of an inch it's not going to be a big rain producer. behind that we cool down we start to dry out and look at the next front the we can coming at us. by thursday daytime highs start to fall back into the 40s and we stay there as we look ahead to the upcoming we can. it's been very warm for november until recently in our starting to see the pattern of going back down the first couple weeks of december will notice daytime highs trending below normal civilian is going to stay that way but we are starting to see that the warmth we have had for them month of november in broad general term start to disappear fox 8 news is your officials school closing station will talk more about that as to how this pattern is going to shape up into general terms. thank you very much. 4:46 a.m. let's get a check on
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there. he may be encounter some trees down. the shy let's happening down there. there's some scaffolding along the building those ways that for this counseling you can see there hitting the windows some have shattered his class on the ground they certainly don't want you driving through a can see the car hit the tree in the driver flight that's it's going down there. just spoke with the fine folks over and rocky river this morning they now have a closure that happened around one a.m.
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they hope to have it clear that some time the american people deserve to have a voting system we can trust
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choice. he's been a very vocal opponent of the healthcare law trump met with china's yesterday who is under consideration for secretary of state romney is as well. he defense lawyer will be at his side to advise of he is accused of killing nine parishioners at an african-american church last year the big ten has slapped michigan with $10,000 for giving a public reprimand first criticism of the rats he spent most of his post game after their double overtime loss to ohio state ripping the officiated their outrages cause
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officials say he viral violated at least rule about respect towards the officials it's the time of year to spread a little holiday cheer notches trying to shop for complete stranger present nearly 2,000 people are doing for nationwide secrets center. would you sign up you get matched with theib twitter user. then i have to buy gift and send it to the museum on post and they will forward it on single in our nation life for about six years. ten minutes until 5:00 a.m. weather and traffic every eight minutes just ahead was meant to
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that wind has boosted temperatures and caused some damage across northern ohio the strongest of the wind is behind us mainly moving out. where showers another panhandle developed tonight cold enough late thursday into early friday light lake affect the temperatures are borderline lights know the timing will have
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what we like for the latter half of this upcoming weekend especially headed into early december it's been a hard rush are is had trees and wires down watching roadways east ninth street closed and 90th it was an abandoned building plenty of other things going on if you do, palm trees
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collapsed over there we have them blocked off. how would you like to ice skating with the fishes it has a real thing fish other features were embedded at the ice the social media reaction was swift and brutal that's yesterday.
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it is the dawn of yet another wonderful thing on the shores of northeast ohio it's a tuesday morning in the city 29th of november 2016 and we will get right to the news my name is wayne dawson. >> you know more else does as well let's get to her developing story strong winds overnight cousin parts of a couple of buildings to collapse the abandoned factory on west 90th chunks of the large flourless scattered all over the traffic in the area is been detoured and patty will keep us updated on that.


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