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tv   Fox 8 News at 5AM  FOX  November 29, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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it is the dawn of yet another wonderful thing on the shores of northeast ohio it's a tuesday morning in the city 29th of november 2016 and we will get right to the news my name is wayne dawson. >> you know more else does as well let's get to her developing story strong winds overnight cousin parts of a couple of buildings to collapse the abandoned factory on west 90th chunks of the large flourless scattered all over the traffic in the area is been detoured and patty will keep us updated on that.
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is this the chorizo holiness on east 73rd street a large part ball fell onto the sidewalk and into plaintiff kinsman the temperatures) east ninth there is some glass spread around there. the driver look for they up and down trees great power outages here in cuyahoga county.
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out. let's get a check on the forecast for scott notice the sustained winds of 15-20 would a few spots above 3 the wink us at about 25 a shadow of what it was about five hours ago it's warming up behind the warmth climbing into the lower middle 50s as advertised we're not anticipating any rain today. as the warm front starting to
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only are we trying out but will get some breaks of sunshine pretty quickly to keep it in the high 50s near 60 are very tricky forecast with
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have this closed them quite tht when it does reopen after one of the worst is on campus the investigation is underway to the
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there was just the terrifying monday morning for the student for the school will until lockdown. campus police officer arrived about one minute after the incident began he shot and
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three columbus hospitals none of their injuries are considered life-threatening. frankly he took a piece out of everybody here at our beautiful ohio state university that this could have happened here. we are a strong tough resilient communities. investigators you surveillance camera to track us car before he arrived on campus to conclude he was alone and he acted alone for the day much more from his own facebook and newspaper quotes muslim leaders are condemning that attack adding they are heartbroken they're asking people not. john to come conclusions about
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is history. though be enough for some people that's our strength fox 8 for continuing coverage you can get updates anytime in other news the ohio highly state patrol is looking at into the
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with the dog when he was hit by a car jeremy pruitt is facing a charge of aggravated the killer assault victim and his brother were crossing the road in a crosswalk was week when a boy was struck also faces domestic violence according to the police report they were drinking before that argument. they've those investigators say
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in most cases there were left unlocked residents understand the best way to halt this crime spree. one residence home surveillance system to keep into a car anyone with information is asked to call police.
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the rains are moving up in the wind are starting die down postlude climb above 60 that
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weather and traffic on the eighth. a little windy invite affect will it continue. both of scott. he's got all the answers. absolutely be commuters up and running 5 degrees above normal when we look at our temperatures because of the el ni?o last year. and with lakefront wink us just
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now are beginning to drop a little bit little wind will be more of a breeze versus the strong sustained winds like we've had in the a hours windy and much warmer we mentioned temperatures climbing steady in the 50s fairly the third one is party developing in the public marshall puts it this low developing will track right
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some showers will continue to see them developing tonight and then eventually dropped the next best chance of frank would be before tomorrow afternoon amounts generally under a quarter of an inch use the next system with a little closer system coming in on thursday and on friday as the temperatures fall daytime highs in the lower 40 it could be cold enough for some slushy wet snow coming in off the lake with minimal accumulation is cap the jet
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we are starting to see the systems developing more consistently. the first couple weeks of december temperatures hovering below normal. the overall eight-day forecast shows more rain them anything significant snow and daytime highs generally stay in the middle 40s. fox 8 news is your officials school closing station.
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16:00 a.m. this wisconsin officials are taking a second look at the presidential vote as yet another state it's a similar
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the investigation max now travelers him respect to
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good morning welcome to fox 8 news. it's tuesday november 29, 2016. the dc and here are just taking away. before you know it it will be christmas. it's a little windy and wet overnight. we was see what is up next. we can't be complaining about


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