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tv   Fox 8 News at 7PM  FOX  November 29, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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the man who drove into a crowd of people at ohio state may have ties to terrorism. >> investigators look into his possible motives, that we hear from the victims, matt wright has the latest from columbus. classes resume today for ohio state students. it is still like, will it happen again? we hope not but we have some friends do not come to school today because they were scared few signs of the monday attack outside of watts hall, they believe the terror group isis inspired abdul razak ali artan
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they say he got out and began slashing victims with a butcher knife. the guy ran a crowd purposely. >> police officer quickly shot and killed him, professor william clark was one of those 11 injured. i turned to go back into the building and this car was there and i get flipped into the air. >> they're seeking clues about on facebook before the attack. >> he said that i am sick of seeing fellow muslims killed an tortured cannot take it anymore. >> essay that he immigrated fro somalia via pakistan in 2014 this year he graduated from a community college before enrolling in ohio state , he told us to newspaper in august he wa scared to pray in the open because he was muslim
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is still kind of hit song to people that this is not just happen other places that it happened here, matt wright fox 8 news. this is a look inside of st. hn where there went to rally aroun the victims tonight beginning t start momentarily, as suzanne stratford is inside the arena with more. here at center court at st. john arena, getting ready t start this event, they say it will be a part rally in part digital, everybody coming
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to remain buckeye strong to remain unified to cop with what they have experienced on campus since monday. people try to process the events, and as we talked to som people, they say that you may not be able to make sense of the situation. they hope that this will be a step forward to stand together to put the offense behind them into thin understand. i think that we all experienced a wide range of emotions that were still processing still trying to figure out what it all means. people here said that there are blown away by the support received from people all across the country, even receiving so kind messages from michigan wolverines players they said
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trying times, the balliceaux tonight on fox 8 news at 10 clock. another look inside of st. john arena. where the speakers will speak later, it is about to get under way you can watch it streaming live and fox with a full report tonight at 10:00 p.m.. stay with us for more on the attack in ohio state will b happen with more info at fox >> . warm front, caveman overnight, with some very stron winds ripping part of this fa?ade of the church on the side, there were no injuries bu there spent the day removing damaged walls from chorizo holiness science church
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toppled trees and snapped a construction cable an shattering windows in the pnc bank family law east ninth. for whatever reason, i know he has a master plan, an alternative, and he will take care of things. >> the church hops to stabilize the damage walls and finish repairs by the end of the year, the wins out die down but it is still we know that this will not be sticking around very long. some wind gusts recorded, burke lakefront and 53 mph
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mph. these are sustained winds between five and ten currently from the south. also bring in some warmer temperatures. and height of 61 the average is 45, there will be more rainfall are moving along just to the western edge o moving in our direction predawn. scattered light showers, tomorrow. it will be very light. rainfall totals will be less than one tenth lynch sere many.
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it will be running above normal even above the average height o 45 tonight below will be about 49 and then tomorrow intermittent showers with close to 60 degrees. the big changes on thursday to begin december a even bigger changes, with a look at the 8 -day forecast coming up. they market for your since the chasen that haunts me clear the police department. >> to use in the occasion to discuss the positive changes that is part began back in november 2012 with 13 officers opened fire at this location east cleveland.
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malissa williams dad, michael brelo face cruel charges but acquitted now four years later and lead to major sages in the justice system. a prosecutor who is out of a job and the judge we don't have to worry about on the supreme court of ohio. racism is a cancer on this country, the only way we're going to have equal rights is a black lives matter. is a cattle caught , getting his bid for reelection in judge o'donnell in his race for the supreme court, the victim's family settled a lawsuit with the city for $3 million death of a missing 16-year-old in cleveland rolled my side, alexander mullins had not been seen for a week until he was found dead inside a vacant home on east 54th they say he died
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said if they have any suspects. service industry workers rallied to raise the minimum wage , the demonstration hopkins was one of many across the country calling for a national minimal age of $15 per hour wee say that is unrealistic but the demonstrators say is getting harder to support themselves an family. >> we live in one of the wealthiest countries in the world cannot be out here asking fr happening it is sad should be ashamed of the country, we should already be at $15 and show in other countries this is what needs to happen, they said that raising it will result in lost jobs reduced hours in business closures metrohealth medical center has big plans to expand they are looking to
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be demolished, they said they spent $80 million to read pare the current buildings since 2,005 in patients they say deserve better treatment star pop beginning a thank you tour in ohio. >> he will join my pants at a cincinnati event on thursday, when ohio was key to help the republicans retake the white house today mr. trump announces the thank you tour on his website right now cincinnati is the only officialt another rally scheduled in new
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in south america, there are in mourning after a plane carrying the pro soccer team crashed on its way through the championship match the project crashed into a hillside, the 71 six's have survived intensive care. brazil soccer kent geist on the underdog team was in the midst of unprecedented success driven dow jones said that the train has become a nightmare as kim hutcherson reports. the claim that carried the team went down during and, whether in columbia declared emergency before
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it is regrettable and we can confirm the accident, the players were from a top-flight team members own soccer, chapacoense to face the brazilian soccer team, the team had just to get into its succes and a greater following things out to do everything they can for the survivors, they have o friends and country it is regrettable. >> the chapacoense twitter feed show the logo had changed to black in tribute from around th world became too important, kim hutcherson reporting. >> this ad at both black caucus have been recovered and in good shape, they will soon begin reviewing the data to determine the cause of the plane crash. >> to nikon the other brazilian
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loan players to chapacoense with no fees for the next three years. well fires in tennessee, gatlinburg, three people have been killed, they're going door-to-door to make sure that everybody gets out safely, it's tough time for and the man who have lost their homes. i think i have lost my house but it can be rebuilt, the downtown is intact which is great for our economy and for the future of gatlinburg. a house fire is devastating but you get a city fire that many people impacted. yes call and the tennessee national guard to help evacuations firefighters workin
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former south carolina police officer on trial for and killing an unborn like trevor, michael slager stopped walter scott in april 2015 for a broke tail light, then they scuffled and scott grabbed his taser then michael slager shots god, he faces 30 years to life if convicted. >> buono made a break for it after flight landed hous a passenger on united flight to houston when she approached her, they say that she was captured and taken to the hospital is in the copley what they saw, he said that there is a woman running so that i do not pay much attention and then my sister says there was a woman running. passenger thought that she may have less something on the
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that the fbi says that nothing was found and they have no idea why he left the plane that way. today we made it into the low '60s, rainfall was gone around sunrise today mostly cloudy wit relaxed wans. it is almost the end of november, we did have a high of 61 today and sunset at 4:59 p.m. after december 17 sunset will b at 5:00 p.m. and then it will b
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57 degrees cuyahoga airport. there is a 67 and raleigh. to the last, you see 37 degrees minneapolis. rainfall in operation beginning at daylight tomorrow most of the rainfall, should stay to the south and east of our area. tornado watches louisiana and t say with also tornado warnings. winter storm warnings in
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you can see some sporadic breez watches/warnings across new mexico, in southern california. tonight mostly cloudy skies showers in the morning, and thereby to our evening clouds will dissipate some i think tha mostly thursday, will be mostly cloudy with a few raindrops but mostly dry and cloudy. tomorrow near 60 degrees and then on thursday, will be coole and
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saturday so lake effect on sunday should be dry next week will be so cooler temperatures heading our way the weekend of december 9 and thereafter. cyber monday was another record day for holiday shopping. >> spending about three and hal million dollars online yesterda that some 12 percent from last year they spent more than a billion dollars other tablets and smartphones, tech experts expect shoppers to spend more than a billion dollars online
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spring break is a call tradition, but sir sand and son is in the propagation is offer this winter. >> gulf shores alabama banning booze for spring break the city council voted to make it illega on the beach during spring break, their neighbor, orange
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says that spring breakers are welcome. world-class athlete is blaming bear for a dangerous decision. i'm deep in thought, the q why did i sign up for this, the joys of beer. >> this environment is just so good you can just relax and enjoy it, i'm going to make every minute of it, tears. >> cracked the ice cold beer after finishing the 12th annual antarctic ice marathon one-upped 50 from 17 countries who ran 26.2 miles across the icy tundra, whether finished in about three and half hours.
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