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tv   Fox 8 News in the Morning  FOX  November 30, 2016 6:00am-8:00am EST

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in nature will keep the temperatures were they are all day long and they shows of the south and east the rapidly changing eight-day.
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is close. a warm start it feels great out here it will do stories like is there
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are expected to okay. thousands from the campus came together for parker strong
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in the midst of such sadness and
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bill two sort of that would allow juveniles to apply for parole consideration in the offender reaches the age of 40 the new love which dripped
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make wages that make ends meet. they cannot radon $8.10 an hour. he's been $80 million patching up in repairing the built since 2005 and that patients deserve better. it is 6:06 a.m. bigger national
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we have a water main break on the eastside. consider this will continue 64 and east 66 because of it. wayne and stacy back to you. breaking news this morning early spree people have been killed as a line of storms and possible tornadoes this is our first look at the damage left behind the jackson county chief deputy all three victims were inside a mobile home another person was seriously hurt more than a dozen structures the structures in the were destroyed. fans gathered in the results who mourn the loss of soccer players killed in a crash on monday in the meantime investigators continue to search for clues in that crash which killed 71
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major wildfires across the state of tennessee has killed at least three people and destroyed more than 250 stretches across 15,00. they now believe it was caused by people. we look at the devastation so far as a place for more fires. this is what a city on fire looks like. of gatlinburg or tendency of more than 100 structures in his the mayor's own home is likely destroyed. others are not as psyche. three been victims are now in critical condition. our drought and hurricane force winds killed the flames overnight and spread embers. they were knocking down trees. those trees were hitting power
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dry extreme drought lake condition and everything was catching on fire. thousands are still evacuated many taking shelter at evacuation centers son had to abandon their pets because they simply did not have enough time. others had to drive straight through the flames because it was the only way out. all they can do this week to see and in many cases faces what they will come home to. construction gu piles of debris, also smoking. it's heartbreaking to see all the damage officials archer went evacuees by people to return to their homes have been a big. living in shelters waiting for the word. carrier who says atl has been strict with donald donald trump
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governor will be in indiana for the official announcement and the details on that did the announcement still leads the future -- leaves them on certain president-elect trump is also
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of coworkers are debating as they look to return to work again after sharing a massive powerball jackpot
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after 6:00 a.m. bit of a deer on weather and traffic where they say they're surprised that it
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we are in sky fox it's a beautiful start. traffic is flowing laws we make our way over towards 77 with everything looking good. we don't have any issues this way. we do have our water main break on the city's eastside. it is affecting quincy it's blocked off between east and 66 and east 64. you can see police are on the
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do not go a scott is here with the good-looking new things to be changing and they will be changing but slowly. we're not going to see a sharp temperature drop but eventually were heading into december for the first half of december is going to trend much cooler pit look at the temperatures just dropped to 59 here at fox 8. we're up into the low 60s late last night out into youngstown and areas just to the east of ravenna seen some pretty good rain. there are both in the upper and middle 50s. here is the cold front. without october and november her second severe weather season in general terms across the deep south. yesterday in late yesterday 24 tornado reports in three fatalities from the cold front.
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time of year. here are dump it typically does not happen. we typically get colder weather. the normal high is about 45 degrees and we are trending:more than likely today the temperatures will stay in the 50s at higher rain coverage further east. book oh than average height between 55-60 degrees we'll talk more about the gradual quote up and at what lies ahead for the end of next week. thank you very much. let's get you caught up what's happening in the news. neighbors say was a d waiting to happen it can choose welcomes craft down and high winds. ed gallek has exclusive video and a list of complaints that stretches back for many years. >> the winds are kicking up last night it almost sounded like thunder and lightning. pick flashes of light. just a weird sound and then i knew it wasn't lightning and
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the wall collapse they estimate the collapse 500 feet long the wall collapse by high winds tuesday morning recorded that the home security cameras as neighborhood crimefighter bond grant. >> it's been sitting there for years. burned off of it is just been a mess the person's bit the i saw it waiting. it was actually the wall with all the wind pushing that in the next thing you know it just went west 90th near a minor in cleveland the collapse at a big empty factory recite with the story behind the trouble cyclists way back to a large fire many years ago. turns out this collapse here is just the latest problem neighbor said time they've even seen nine guys on the roof throwing stuff down to this tree. reports of the illegal dumping around the building vandalism and even gunfire a lot of all of
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someone outside the complex firing a gun here's someone painting graffiti and this time someone dumping tires on the property. can you tell us anything about the cleanup crew was no help. so the i team doctor county that was reached such a couple of records showed is that owner of that come with an attorney that is represented and got miller back to the clubs being credibly finally leads to a bulldozer knocking on the rest of this place. it's just a danger that should've been down years ago. ed gallek, fox 8 i team. records show the city condemned the property way back in 2009. the orders table permits tries to fix up the place they haven't dodged orders from the city and of the house in court burn have an update on your weather and
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my people with animals could get similar treatment of offenders and one local county has smashing grab at a high and sore could be part of a nationwide crime spree. what's i you by investigators believe the crimes are connected. a reminder to log on to to vote for the next fox 8". we will announce the winning school on thursday and feature that school next week right on the morning show. there back in two minutes.
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welcome back it is 6:30 a.m. my name is stacy fry. >> when it is wayne dawson their let's check in with scott sabol is a gorgeous day scott is no jacket on. that should gv what's happening out there. it's not raining and the temperatures of the coast and 60s a couple degrees on either side of that it is raining in some spots well to the south of akron in canton all night long. we'll check it out and see what's going on further south with the cloud cover further east shore include the crews to the temperatures don't rock creek at 56 mostly cloudy
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further north we haven't seen a whole lot and akron that might begin to change as we look at our overall outlook. this front was a powerful front. a deathly front late last night 24 tornado reports across the deep south we have had three confirm fatalities from the tornado outbreak. we can get severe weather we were typically look at october and november as being to go back to the middle of last year to any severe weather.
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clear sky right in the photograph of the cloud over tomorrow rest of the week now is one of the to clipper early onset us we're not anticipating early space bar looking working behind-the-scenes you look
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temperatures. in the 40s early next week in and that will be the end of the mild weather.
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there. wayne and stacy back to you. thank you very much top story this morning the fbi continues to piece together the motive behind that vicious attack including the possibility and life had been inspired by ices. even in these toughest and students and separate proving that it will only make them stronger jessica dill is here with the latest. good at morning. it's all about trying to get back to normal for the students and staff that ohio state. it's 11 people were injured by a car and make attack to stay sicko. to make isis is claiming responsibility for inspiring the attack releasing is staying on the propaganda news website there's no evidence their claim is true her house intelligence committee says he has seen no evidence that he commit
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devices belonging to the suspect they are looking to's online activities that they are scrutinizing his laptop and cell phone and endeavoring those who knew that to learn more about his motivation the ohio state university is coming together after this horrific attack more than 1,000 people attended a rally in columbus last night and university leaders offered support and provide important information. from safety and security updates to the 11th victims. they showed how they are all remaining buckeye strong. in the act of this heinous act. plus one thing that's permanent. there are place for all people from all backgrounds and all police. we will not cover in the face of adversity. rather the student body will come together as one family. there's someone he ended with
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for the victims three at 1011 are still in the hospital there expect to make a full recovery to hear from one of the victims coming up later in the show. >> clearly everyone is okay here. the death of a missing 16 of them cleveland has been ruled a homicide his father said he did not see his son from more than a week police said it's home investigators say that he died from a gunshot wound to the trust have not said whether or not they have any suspects. a people are behind bars this money but police are still looking for more suspects for a string of high-end store break in speed the sexes minutes have beachwood place in the middle of the night back in september of last year they got away with about $300,000 worth of designer purses eight people were
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st. louis on saturday and investigators are trying to determine if they were involved in that beachwood smash and grab. cleanup continues in any said church after strong winds caused big damage powerful guys congregation says that the damage was likely make a few weeks it's a new id keep our four-legged friends from fellow making it a felony to help harm companion animals. now our councilman is proposing to take enforcement one step further. that a person goes to purchase
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pet though be on a registry. and register for animal abuses he's proposing the ordinance that would create a universal database to keep track of animal abusers. chan harvey is the ceo of the animal protectively. she says is difficult to track animal abuse cases. right now we don't have the ability of us we have actually handle that case. the skimmer he's been here about three weeks and was rescued as part of an animal cruelty investigation. the apl reports of abuse and neglect cases are on the rise up 12 percent from the sun last year with the other 1300 new local cases. that's if pass on the heart of for abusers to adopt pets. we want to make sure that we're doing everything we can to make sure that animals are going to good, loving homes. violators of the abuse registry
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another check on abusers for protecting animals so many of us love. >> they are people's family members and i am passionate about being able to implement with the intent length behind goddard's lives only as good as the implementation. maia belay, fox 8 news. cuyahoga county sheriff's department would maintain their magistrates if this passes it could be up by early next year. 6:39 a.m. a short update on your weather and traffic every eight minutes just ahead from broadway to the big screen in a couple of big ticket shows will show you the hottest tickets in town. straight ahead, the series that's giving him on the line business.
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lorraine and all the way out into sandusky still falling heavy rainfall moving out of
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this front is not moving that the sentence south is too close to eliminate rain from the forecast notice the temperatures generally upper 50s-6 years old further north that's what we are going it's going to hang around for a while even though it's movies out there will be temporary primari line. getting to midges we ran around 50 or 60 degrees talk more about that eight-day forecast which does show which is not all that significant. someone coming in the end of next week and since is going to
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hour so far everyone seems to be doing that they need to do. watch yourself as your around dead man's curve that's by the rumble strips are in place and stacy back to you. the sun more and more entertainment news. oliver troopers is a star wars to her first the thick us number of ticket process for 2016 for
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the first stand-alone star wars when it hits theaters december 16. mark news is twitter announces the of a hold of my extreme events with some produced in conjunction feature never before seen footage along with a question and answer questions with the cast and director bit though we can have said the records auto-parts. for the record they have not released the actual numbers string where the previous record holder was. the hit music hamilton has also broken up big sales record even
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huge week for broad with that hamilton generated $3.3 million in just eight shows last week setting the new record previous out by the production of wicked trump supporters called for a boycott of hamilton after cast member gave a monologue directed at vice president elect mike pence while he was at that show. it sold out for like two years or something like that. it doesn't matter. boycott what. is going into the wine business they will partner up with
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breaking news this morning at least three people have been killed as a line of storms and possible alabama overnight. this is our first look at the damage left behind. the jackson county chief deputy says all three victims were in a mobile home. more than a dozen structures in the county destroyed tornadoes reported also hosted a tendency were breaking news overnight one of two inmates who escaped from a california jail jail last week has been captured. a santa
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the right was taken into custody the search continues this morning for the second in may of two broke out last week by cutting out the bars and a second story window to other prisoners were caught. than 100 homes and buildings. thousands of people are in evacuation centers the governor says it is the largest fire in 100 is third protesters. protesters fighting against the north dakota access pipe pipeline now have now have less than a week to leave. demonstrators showed no signs of leaving regardless of morning
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the martin county sheriff's sergeant to block supplier first responders will no longer be responsible for rendering aid to those who stay this is been going on for nearly five months. >> he has promised an energy revolution intends to open federal lands to onshore and offshore drilling before inauguration day january 20 democrats will vote this morning on whether to replace minority leader nancy
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my answers you have a younger representative looking for a change after a recent election. >> we need to make a strategic election to go in another direction very respectful but i think it's time to go in a new direction. the time is 713 >> thank you. and that i am doing. it has been a nice rush-hour no major crashes on them. we do have a water main
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nice-looking starter warm start a warm one or two. thank you very much. the temperatures are close to 60 and we are not really getting any sort of push from the west. that starts off later on tonight into early tomorrow obviously all we we are seeing is rain south. down into hudson and as a 49 out in sandusky with partial clearing. workout this morning. we mentioned before that many times but october and november as always our second
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that lines wind instrument to talk further it is better start soon clear out in when we in the resort to called on chicago upper midwest as the alberta clipper type system the rest of the week we are looking
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not going to be a major storm effect over the last week in your essay infrequent weather systems pushing cooler air but nothing first ten days of december time parent what has been it is trending below normal that means temperatures by the end of next week where we have fairly confident will cap cold enough not only that but it's a lake effect and snow-covered arc of boston to the main will try and cooler nothing arctic. the arctic air will start to show up
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around december ?- december 12. fox eight news is your official school closing station. if you are looking for cold weather for skiing it is coming. time to kick it with kenny showing off a new place in town. >> yes, it is really, really cool 20 years in the making for joe who is on 24 y wait until you see what they are going to whip up.
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wanted to keep it simple and then entered you think of one of
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five weeks. so we take these duck leg thing here them
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the spanish. we are not really
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with that kind of atmosphere and all how people are cheering and we go back to you guys in liquid. back to you guys. >> delicious. >> 7:24 a.m. is your time. burglary ring busted. and that the user wanted in multiple areas including right here in cleveland. and then carson downgraded get into the building faster my neighbors say it was just an accident waiting to happen. >> let's take a live look outside pretty cloudy out there a little jury looking and what does the weather old for far us
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temperatures are absolutely incredible. 60 degrees right now. we want to thank you for joining us. that mid 50s we are hovering near 601 we are noticing now is the forefront has moved a little further east shipping most of the rain out of here by highly doubt we will see additional rainfall in northern ohio till after christmas caps off through the area out with a touch of light rain it won't be much any
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should say we will see some breaks we will update in about 8:00 o'clock with future radar jeanette mostly cloudy and 38. there is the clipper anticipated a shower early
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the temperatures drop big-time we not might not make it above freezing by the end of next week a daytime highs cold daytime highs cold enough for accumulating affect. >> we are seeing delays out here across for 80 and happened earlier this morning. that is what it looks like not too much water on the road but enough for
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will close out right lane at nine until five this after noon over all a good rush-hour we have a slowdown to 71 northbound between eight and 24216 minute ride. the man the investigation continues this morning 18 -year-old ramming his vehicle stabbing them with a butcher knife we have just heard from donald trump to student responsible for this horrible and attack was living legally with an 18 -year-old refugee
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somali refugees he should not have been in our country. while the investigation does continue more and more stories are coming out. >> the individual got out with a knife and started swinging with people he attacked my right per se tucked person you talk to me and then i got my hands. in the pain is a student an army veteran his first instinct was to grab university move on and grow stronger through monday's attack. a feel of the victims only three remain in the hospital and all are expected to be okay investigators are trying to figure out if it is is is is responsible for the attack. they really be made faculty,
7:33 am
together to show they will emerge from the difficult days the university president federal law forced officials will be worried about this kind of attack with the propaganda online with overseas organizations they've been they been searching is fun and then we see of this young man has issues inside the clearly did not show with anybody in their mother was shocked too. >> other news ?- the people
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almost $2 million of merchandise from high and stores in several states police believe they may be responsible at beachwood place last year. we talk about how police caught up with some. >> some temper, 2015 dramatic surveillance video shows a stolen jeep smashed through the front doors of the saks fifth avenue store in the middle of total of 12 people involved running to the store and within a minute, they get away with about $300,000 worth of designer purses. >> it is shocking and brazen for sure. and it is dangerous days later two people were arrested in chicago investigators believe it is responsible for similar highs in atlanta michigan
7:35 am
>> investigators say saturday morning people are in custody connected to the smash and grab in
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huge wall comes crashing down neighbors say it was a disaster waiting to happen. sounded like thunder and
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collapse here is the latest
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and then someone here. the cleanup crew is no help. so, the it and eye team dug through county records reaching out showing the owner of the property plus an attorney who has represented the owners owners got nowhere with the incredibly dangerous crash. they go to a bowl. west. >> records show the city condemned at the property in 2009 they sent out permits twice to fix it up. the dr. orders dodge orders from the city. >> the time is 7:38 a.m. new proposals that would track offenders and make it easier to
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>> we will announce the winning school thursday and future it thursday on fox eight news in
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a little quiet. a little damp. >> about hair day yeah, i have a lot of those. you know we will get. >> in the news this morning a new idea that could help keep our four-legged friends falling into the wrong hands. law helps change that making it a felony to arm animals and now the woman is proposing to take enforcement one step further.
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and that would create a universal database to drop conducted animal abusers. convicted animal abusers. cheryl is the ceo and chief says it she says it is difficult to contract the abuse part of an investigation the apl reports they neglect cases are on the rise of 12 percent from master with nearly 1300 new local cases. a pasty it pass the animal abuse registry registry will make a better for them to abuse for pets making sure they are going to good,
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face fines of 2500 bucks. another check on abusers they are family members and being able to implement what the intent was behind goddard's law was passed it to be up and running by early next year >> if you are just getting up at is 7:44 a.m. >> the record the new star wars movie is already set to break and how you can see a preview ahead of the films debut. how fans can quench their thirst. >> and take a quick look outside
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will have that and that he will
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just announced the game of thrones wise with wine. will create a red one chardonnay and cabernet they range from $20.40 store shelves this spring it has its own brand of beer as well. season seven for all you fans out there game of thrones appearing not till june. but you have to wait like a year and a half. >> that you have something to drink with it for my give myself
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bring a friend anyway ?- 8:00 o'clock is the time right
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victim of the attack. >> a big cool down coming up in today's forecast. >> thank you, scott. also new at eight ?- millennial the musical a first look at the
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>> plus aj will be here this morning with hardy plants including holiday greenery.
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>> good morning, everyone we're here at the restaurant in lakewood. this is a small play concept at your restaurant the next and we are making? these are our scallops they are super
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$13. not that bad. the base of the plate is the character ray pur?e. and then we have a jalapeno mustard sauce now while all that is going we are educating people a small play concept here's ano are scratch kitchen we care and smoke the fish in the house as a french onion tone bagel chips and pickles that we have as well. and then lots of cream cheese. >> and then you are encouraged when you have small plates and encouraged to get more than one instead of getting won they will
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that's what you want people to do? >> yes because first of all you will need more than one so that is a necessity we really want people to come and experience the small plates share the food share the company. and you know, in doing so, try $3 for the things so it is not out of the ordinary for two people to have six plate. >> not at all usually they do more your dishwasher really loves it the vehicles okay, so we are going to make some more great small plates are great small plates when we come back right here in liquid. fox eight news at 8:00 o'clock starts right now. >> good morning, cleveland and all of northeast ohio wonderful
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wednesday morning with the temperature outside delightful thank you for waking up with us on this 30th day of november. >> what time is it? next hour i am in for both. because i can handle that much weight on my shoulders i got this. i got it july does off let's check in with scott. >> good morning, everyon t radar showing showers in western pennsylvania with a little quiet redevelopment here out in sandusky part most of mansfield nothing widespread cloudy skies remain anywhere from almost 60 here and fox eight and then worcester at 61 here is the outlook looking ahead to the afternoon with we developmental


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