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tv   Fox 8 News at 8AM  FOX  November 30, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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wednesday morning with the temperature outside delightful thank you for waking up with us on this 30th day of november. >> what time is it? next hour i am in for both. because i can handle that much weight on my shoulders i got this. i got it july does off let's check in with scott. >> good morning, everyon t radar showing showers in western pennsylvania with a little quiet redevelopment here out in sandusky part most of mansfield nothing widespread cloudy skies remain anywhere from almost 60 here and fox eight and then worcester at 61 here is the outlook looking ahead to the afternoon with we developmental
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weather a 24 tornado reports of the deep south there were three fatalities late last night you can get severe tornadoes this time of year a few isolated showers to the west where the higher colleges for there is coverage is for there is nothing widespread. cloudy skies we mentioned mentioned a few leftover showers 60 degrees the eight day forecast in just a few minutes. >> right now we have a couple of accidents out for this one coming in from the west side 90 eastbound it is actually in the right berm with flashing lights if you can't scrooge over with an assist are too pleased to their 55th and broadway also has an accident i have really busy intersection for sure and then 77 northbound the accident is getting by their single file and 77 going through
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we have our water main break at is 64 then quincy early this morning and they have a portion and with a peek of that not so much water but they close to the street of the left quickly as close between 64 and 66th street. >> we want to get you caught up on this top story. the fbi is stop he heard cap behind the vicious attack at the ohi here with the latest. >> good morning, everyone. it is really trying to get back to normal know for the students and staff, but it is not easy knowing 11 were injured by a car and knife attack just days ago. >> it definitely makes me feel
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responsibility for firing the attack releasing a statement on its propaganda news station but there is no evidence their claim is true agents have astringents have recovered at least two devices belonging to the suspect and looking at his online activity they are interviewing those who knew and to learn more about his motivation, but the ohio state university is coming together after this horrific attack. more than 1,000 people attended a rally in columbus last night support them provided important information from safety and security updates to the medical conditions of the 11 victims. a heartfelt speech the student president said how they are all remaining strong. >> in the aftermath of this attack, one thing must permeate the ohio state university is a place for all people from all backgrounds and all beliefs. we
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adversity but rather, our student body will come together as one buckeye family. >> the ceremony ended with everyone standing in solidarity singing, and ohio. three victim storm hospital, but expected to make a full recovery. we will hear from one of the victims coming up later in the show. there actually was a fire alarm that went off in the building the exact same time yesterday a were responding to a gas leak or something in that building but the students were saying it was just so hard because you are back in that same situation. hopefully they will move on here. >> a reminder to stay with fox eight for continuing coverage where you can get updates any time by going to
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prison really it would make them eligible for parole when his 40s and he committed the crime what is 18. he is currently serving life without chance of parole for shooting and killing three classmates at seven high school in february 2012 the bill is up for a vote and a similar bill has already passed in the house. >> the death of a missing 16 -year-old from cleveland ruled a homicide he was found shot in the chest inside a vacant home on east 54th street earlier for a week's father dropped them off at school november 9 never saw them again police have said whether they have any suspects. >> there is a nationwide fight to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. airports, home care and fast food workers protested across the country yesterday. we have more on their ongoing fight. >> around 75 people marched outside the mcdonald's on
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cleveland. >> well written out okay. >> they are demanding a minimum wage to $15 an hour for workers around the country. >> my pay raise only went up to $8.50 that is not enough to make ends meet. >> vocals the been previously defeated but they are calling for lawmakers to make stay with us it say it was cities like california and new york. >> we took it to the streets we have 40,000 cities signatures and we put it on the ballot it's time for the voters to decide. >> earlier today airport workers demonstrated at cleveland hopkins airport. they rallied in support of hundreds of airport workers he went on strike at chicago o'hare international. >> we little one of the wealthiest countries in the world is enough to go and should not be skinnier asking can i have a decent wage for anybody to feed their families should not be happening in this country.
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high for that type of work in fact the conservative group the employment policies institute be leaves minimum wage increases will result in loss of jobs, reduce dollars, and business closures. >> it used to be children that worked at mcdonald's and teenagers today, it's people in their 30s raising a family and they cannot raise on $8.10 an hour. >> the minimum wage proposal inspectional election dollars. >> metrohealth medical help center is making big plans to change looking to build a new nine story facility with the goal of opening by 2022. the current hospital would be demolished the president and ceo says he spent $80 million packing up and repairing buildings since 2005, and patients deserve better. the time is 8:07 a.m. devastating
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wildfires left behind in the state of tennessee. >> plus, the clock is ticking for those protesting that the credit access pipeline. who is coming to their aid. >> cloud cover beginning to partially break up we are by cap we are getting some sunshine there is rain on radar we will talk more about that with the bitterly cold and of the eight
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okay, good morning everyone we mentioned the breaks in the overcast the rain is moved out now we have the moving into western portions of pennsylvania we will still get redevelopment later on we are already seeing a few of these on storm fox radar offshore than a few more ripped up if you look at the high-resolution radar excuse me there's just not a whole lot of rescue. severe weather in the deep south 24 tornado reports
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extensive later on this afternoon moving into western georgia here is the dividing line we have a couple of hit and miss showers to the west breaks in the overcast more steady rain further east with a mixture of clouds and sun. fifty-five ?- 60 the high today 80 showers developing in the north will be primarily across northern ohio overnight tonight mostly cloudy middle and upper 30s and we start to cool down tomorrow low to middle 40s mostly nothing widespread we look at the next clipper producing pretty heavy snow over minneapolis and over the dakotas that front will move in here
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pinging highs in the 30s by the end of next week we have december we will do pretty good like affect that about two too at about two too early to nail down it is g at least right now cooler the next several days to go weekend a good chance of rain late monday and tuesday temperatures both with the temperatures sliding from the tail of the eight day. fox eight news is your school closing station. these people three people been killed across alabama and storms
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mountains are in the evacuation shelters this morning tennessee governor says it is the largest fire there in 100 years. >> there will be a tribute in columbia today to honor members of a brazilian soccer team killed in a plane crash. seventy-one people died six survive the black boxes of been recovered investigators say it is possible the plane ran out of
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team was set to play in the south america cup tonight. >> the clock is ticking for protesters against the dakota access pipeline in the us corps of engineers is issued in december 5 deadline for them to leave the protest site, but as we see, the protesters are remaining defiant. >> after nearly five months of protests, officials are turning up the pressure telling demonstrators to leave now or face the the official warning for the howling winter weather seemed convincing. the marching county sheriff's department warned protesters to say that they will start barking supplies and people from entering the campsite a spokeswoman later declared they always stick to promising trespassers members of the standing rock tribe who originally filed say they are not budging. >> water is sacred, but it is also good business to the
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wants protesters about winter weather which will only get worse he says that first responders will no longer be responsible for rendering and to those who state 1700 native americans who served under the obama administration signed asking the president to step in. this is from 1982. >> knew this morning president-elect donald trumps that he is leaving his business to his children so he can focus
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fact that will be i will be leaving my great business in no way i have a conflict of interest trump is been under criticism for exposing himself to potential conflicts with his business as well >> meanwhile you met with that romney for dinner last night despite bad boy during the campaign he is in the run for secretary of state. >> i have had a wonderful evening with president-elect trump we had a discussion about affairs wrote the world and these discussions have been enlightening and interesting and engaging. >> former goldman sachs banker
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trump chose him as his treasury secretary he became his campaign finance chairman in may. he also says evening child was his labor secretary. >> ohio congressman tim randall challenge house minority leader nancy pelosi for her leadership role. she is lead lead since 2003 rain is calling for shake up after a poor showing to democrats in recent elections. he represents ohio's 13th congressional district covering the area from akron to youngstown. rise and shine, northeast ohio 17 minutes after do you love a frosty? he does it? we will tell you how you can score free ones for a year. while super cheap anyway two bucks. and then we have kenny and lakewood this morning checking out a brand-new restaurant we will check out what is on the menu when we
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lolita on the. it's early that's for sure. that's a night pain destination. copy shot down there though. swing in there in the morning. do you? i forgot your out and about. area island coffee. good stuff. sandwiches and stuff. check it out. 8:29 is the time right now on this wednesday morning in the city. thank you for joining us i'm
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check the forecast with scott. we are enjoying this weather this morning for sure. look at that mid- upper 50s rain is redeveloped to the west streak of rain between vermilion and a few showers now relatively close to cleveland. the rain further south is moved out. store box radar showing most of this heading out over the like. starnet is a couple of these breaking off near avon lake in a few more stretching down to port clinton. there will be a few hitting the showers later today. most of the heavy weather is dang had severe weather. tornadoes yesterday. we are going to see any of that here as we are going to continue to look at a couple of quick showers redeveloping along that line. split forecast peaks of sunshine mostly cloudy can't rule out a shower to primarily to the east a few developing to the west highs in the upper 50s. middle upper 30s tonight. turning colder mostly cloudy. tomorrow that west northwest winds will kick in late in the
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clipper coming in late tomorrow night into friday and that will take us into the beginning of the upcoming weekend as the front comes in from the northwest interacting with the warm lake outside chance of a few showers mixed in with a couple of wet snow showers east of cleveland. our future radar in accumulating spell which produces may be upwards of around an inch or so. nothing super significant at this point the pattern starts to shift in this is what we're looking at now early december right on into the second week december temperatures below average. active jetstream through the south which means anticipating some lake effect in maybe accumulating snow more widespread and about a weeks time for a little more than that. fox8 newsroom official school closing station. back to you guys. thank you very much. the ohio state university community dealing with the repercussions after a horrific attack on their campus. even though there are still so many questions, the campus is refusing to let that stop them from coming out on top.
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morning. check in with jessica dill who joins us with the very latest information from the newsroom. good morning. good morning. this community is buckeye strong. thousands of students faculty and staff gathered together last night for a rally. we can and will emerge from these difficult days as one buckeye community. the ohio state university is a place for all people and all backgrounds and all beliefs. in a time of fear, hurt and sadness, university leaders offered support and provided important information including safety and security updates at the school. president michael drake says the schools spirit was tested, but buckeye nation passed that test and will move forward with unity and integrity. they also thanked everyone who has sent them support and praised first responders for their courageous actions. while also promising that campus will remain. one of inclusiveness and kindness. there were also updates on the
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vehicle, others stabbed. three remain in the hospital but are expected to make a full recovery. the other victims have been released, including professor william clark, who was walking toward his office at the time of the attack. i turned to go back in the building and all of a sudden this bang and this car's here and i get flipped in the air. it all happened so fast. literally, at least it seemed to me, maybe the time frame's a little compressed, but it seemed to me literally within 15 to 30 seconds i heard the shots and it was over. the suspect, abdul artan, was quickly killed by a police officer. isis is claiming responsibility for inspiring the attack, releasing a statement on its propaganda news website. however, there is no evidence their claim is true. thank you very much appreciate it. stay with fox8 for continuing coverage of the ohio state campus attack. you can get updates anytime, by going to in other news on this wednesday
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u.s. marshal's have arrested a man accused of attacking an indians fan after game six of the world series. police identified 24 year old anthony johnson thanks to surveillance video. the victim was in town from florida and walking back to his hotel when the attack happened. he suffered a fractured jaw, concussion and other injuries. johnny manziel is at the center of another lawsuit. checking out a claim manziel punch a man in a bar and broke his nose. the allegations are part of a lawsuit filed this week just three days before manziel was due in a dallas courtroom for the potential dismissal of a domestic violence case against him. donald trump's election as president shocked pollsters and a lot of others and now his stunning victory is the focus of a new course at the university of akron. doctor matthew akers director of government relations and assistant director of the ray c. bliss institute of applied politics says his course will answer a lot of questions people
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the three credit course will focus on trump's win, his ability to assemble diverse supporters and why the polls and pundits got it wrong. trump's triumph is a special topics course that will be offered in the spring. if you're getting ready to go to work or school this morning you need to do what time it is. 8:35 is your time. still to come sickened flight attendants. american airline employees say new uniforms are making them ill. we'll tell you what the carriers is doing about it. plus get the most out of your holiday plants thi our resident green thumb aj petitti is here to share his winter wisdom with us. coming up. want to check in with kenny crumpton. hey kenny. no karaoke what's wrong with you guys? we are missing the music. we need some music. okay. brand-new restaurant in lakewood a cool concept.
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come back. kicking it with kenny.
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welcome back to the morning show. china is reportedly testing out a new social credit score based on a person's social and financial behavior. here's how it works. state authorities log and evaluate a person's day to day behavior, and they generate a credit score for each person. even minor violations like jaywalking, or not helping your elders could decrease your social credit score in the system. the scores will then determine a person's ability to get jobs, loans, and even fl as you can imagine the pilot program is raising privacy concerns. cyber monday has hit a new record. the final lap in the thanksgiving holiday shopping relay raked in nearly three and a half billion dollars in sales. researchers say shoppers spent 12 percent more than cyber monday last year. consumers spent more than one billion dollars shopping on their tablets and smartphones. the national retail federation said 23 percent of those
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from their mobile gadgets, roughly the same amount as last year. if you have a radioshack gift card lying around you're going to want to cash that in this week. the electronics chain filed for bankruptcy last year and one of the last pieces of business is gift card redemptions. radio shack's estate will stop accepting the online requests this friday. so far a total of more than 130 thousand dollars has been returned to consumers who turned in gift cards. if you love frosty's, wendy's has a deal for you. next year, you'll be able to get the popular frozen treat for free for a onetime payment of just two dollars. yes, just two bucks. the two dollars goes towards a key tag which you'll have to show each time you order. and it's all going to a good place 90 cents of every dollar will be donated to the dave thomas foundation, which helps to find permanent homes for children in foster care. the tags are available at most wendy's locations, right now. very nice. american airlines continues to
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flight attendants began wearing them in september. since then, more than 1700 of them have complained the uniforms are making them sick. the symptoms range from rashes and hives to headaches and bronchitis. according to the chicago business journal, the company is testing the uniforms and their packaging, to see if they can solve the mystery. interesting. the kellogg cereal brand is pulling its ads from britebart news. kellogg says it does not want to advertise on sites that are not aligned with its values. britebart is a right wing website, with controversial populist and anti-immigrant leanings. it's former executive chairman steve bannon was the ceo of president elect donald trump's presidential campaign. he's now set be become trump's chief white house strategist. breitbart says kellogg is making a mistake saying it has an extensive readership. first lady michelle obama welcomed military families to the white house for a sneak peak
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decorations. the decorations include a tree and flag display featuring some of the military families the obama's have met over the years. a tree decorated with gold ornaments honors soldiers who lost their lives serving the country. next to it an ipad station where the expected 68 thousand visitors this holiday season can send messages to service members. very cool. last christmas in the white house. kenny crumpton is kicking of this morning at a brand-new loca with a chef was been around for a long time. very familiar with her. we don't hear any singing. we got yelled at. there it is. you'll never lived that line down. not going to live that line down. okay. stacey in wayne where at the restaurant she has her own been cooking for some of the best
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which is also. we're going to meet in a few seconds and this is the one baby. your octopus. this one you a little award. did a new? and in editor's choice award editors award in cleveland magazine. okay. were going to take all of his out to our table. we're going to use this opportunity to explain the small plate concept. a small plate restaurant. small plate restaurant. i'm here all week. didn't touch with my hands so no grievance can be filed. all right. so this is what we talk about. looks like we have a table set up for like 12 people but this is pretty much what you do with to. this is pretty standard for two or three people. the price point is here when you get here one person can order three or four plates.
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you key in roasted sweet potatoes. served with what? service with willamette valley. next to that what is up with there? house smoked sturgeon with a french onion and bagel chips. and next to that? one of our signature cocktails that will never leave our cocktail men a spin on a manhattan. bourbon whiskey. with a cherry. well done. put our scallops they are. mrs. scallop dish with coumadin and carrot pur?e. over here. a salad. the salad are green being and french radish caesar salad workout with six minute egg on top. what's the one we have over
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that's one of our favorites. parallel 45. very nice. what do we have? goat cheese from the local bakery. okay. and this is the award-winning. be octopus fish. got to be careful with that word. fresh salad of citrus grapefruit ranges. all lives. and some final. and your drink. our gloria which is a spin on adult snowcone. infused fig vodka. rosemary simple syrup. this is the one who awarded you guys another award. we got a review coming out in december. this is really cool a salt tower
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explain the different that we have. we have the artisan sea salt a black salt. pink himalayan salt in applewood smoked salt. we take this to the table when they ask for it. put just a little. because, i mean, i'm sorry but i'd like to season my food properly. preach. thank you so much. thank you so much in a lakewood come check them out small plates there we go. all right. back to you guys. thank you. all right guys. 8:46 is your time. coming up from poinsettias to christmas cactus's he's got you covered this holiday season aj petitti is here to show us how we can care for our holiday
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plus scott is back with a check of your 8 day forecast. find out how long this warm weather will last. [music playing] and remember. we almost forgot. log on to to vote for louisville, sandusky or claggett middle schools as the next fox 8 cool school. we'll announce the winning school tomorrow and feature that school next week on fox8 news in the morning.
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good morning everybody 10 minutes until 9:00. 56 degrees hopkins airport showers out over the lake streak of light rain to the west west of the rain and clearing in akron where we had some pretty heavy rain down south of canton new philadelphia temperatures lower middle 50s. rain shower now to the west of
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can't rule out a few showers later today severe weather to the deep south moving further east. most of the rain in northern ohio is disappearing. we will see some improvement today with more organized heavy rainfall east in a couple of quick showers left over to the west otherwise looking decent today. mostly cloudy with a few bricks of stunned by the high of around 58. fall to the upper 30s tonight in decent amount of cloud cover tomorrow a shower or two as another friend comes in create is no shower late thursday night to early friday. highs over the weekend in the lower 40s. back to you guys. thank you very much want to get you what's happening as far as christmas is concerned. we've got our main man here. holiday plants are traditional gifts that can be enjoyed long after the christmas season is over that is if you take care of then. aj petitti is here with some holiday plant tips this morning always a pleasure to have you
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how are you? got some great stuff. you want to make sure that you look for a few key things is are going to pick them up. pick up something nice and full. almost look like an artificial tree. beautiful. this is really the best tree that's out there. it's nice and soft if you touch it it won't poke you with the needles and it's the best one for needle retention by fire in a way used to carry different types of these and now we've really got down to carrying fraser for her because of the quality. phenomenal. how long will a tree last? long past christmas. is the best well past christmas. keep it submerged back anything. once you get it home want to do two things really quickly. you want to use this and just asked the tree laid in your garage or outside. douse it.
8:52 am
well covered and what this will do is check the moisture inside the tree. you sell these trees how talk and you get them? twelve or 13 feet. really? the taller they are the wider they get. they get wide. hard to get in the door. be careful. decent size. you can really get this is about what? about 7 feet. okay. then once you get it home put a nice fresh cut on the bottom of it. after they cut them out of the farms it will feel itself off do it again. that way it will take the water off and want to make sure you put it in the stand. through the tree bag down first. the put the tree back down. put the tree in the stand otherwise you will be able to get the tree back. put the water in it will create a mess. the first few days it will soak up water.
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water and really keep help preserve the tree as its going forward in some other ways to just bring the spirit into the house or just some beautiful reads if you want to do something. it's really the best way to go. by firing in a way. i'll follow you. if you've got containers outside pasta or flowers this is a beautiful way to bring the spirit back outside. instead of looking looking at really ugly container something let them do for the season you can buy these made or make them yourselves. dutiful. you can go through in really dress this whole thing up. you keep this outside. you want to keep this outside. they hold up so so well. the traditional. poinsettias. these are actually doctored up a little bit. nicer gold a little bit of glitter. you guys do this.
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it's a beautiful thing. business harm the plant in any way? no. something that we do it out of the greenhouse. no big deal. how long you can keep this year after year. bloom time will be different. bloom later ms. christmas trick them into it. to make things you want to make sure you pay attention to. keep it out of the trend. don't put it by there. it will d sure you're doing that. keep them evenly moist. you can dress up these if you want to especially if you're doing a nice gift you can dress them up really well add some branches. have fun with it. very very nice. you can put this around the house. if you like doing a lot of the lifelike stuff you want to do the tree allergies to the tree a
8:55 am
the smell if you just really brings the spirit of the season bright inside. you can get some reads inside. kind of mix that way at least you get live stuff in there. all of aj's tips on our website look under seen on tv. thank you very much. thank you sir. appreciate it. still ahead a r a sword. see the unwanted party favor singer ed sheeran recently took home. when we come back.
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i think i lost my phone. my life is over. if i don't post a filthy within an hour or i might lose a follower. seriously? you don't know? [music playing] [music playing] that was a snippet from dwayne the rock johnson and linmanuel miranda's satirical musical short millennials the musical. after a long adventure, the main characters learn to embrace each other's lifestyles, with jack beginning to appreciate memes and crystal enjoying what it means to be disconnected. to see the whole video head to our website and look under seen on tv. some of tinseltown's biggest names went bare for 2017's iconic pirelli calendar.
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kidman, uma thurman, kate winslet and julianne moore posed fresh faced for photo shoots with famed photog peter lindbergh foregoing makeup and photoshop retouching. i love it. lindbergh said he was aiming to portray women in a different way. the calender is available now. we don't wake up like this you know. requires a little assistance. i do. except for jessica. ed sheeran may want to avoid attending any future royal affairs. he was recently partying at princess beatrice's house when she accidentally slashed him with a ceremonial sword while mock knighting fellow pop star, james blunt. the british singer had to be rushed to the hospital for stitches in his face. apparently beatrice was very upset but ed insisted it was just an accident. no drunken swords. not a good thing. leave the weapons at home. that's the news at 8:00 the news
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good morning cleveland and all of northeast ohio. wednesday morning in the city last day of november 2016 the 30 of november and it feels like 6. kind of weird. little bit. my name is wayne dawson todd has the morning off. i'm stacey frey in for stefani schaefer. we're learning more about the student responsible for the horrible attack on the campus of ohio stat donald trump also has a few words about him and claims that isis was involved. president-elect says anybody caught burning an american flag should be punished. here what he has in mind it will see if you agree in this morning's download. shopper hit by a truck and killed outside of a local mall hear what police are saying happened and what we're finding out about the victim. right now need to see what's happening as far as the forecast is concerned 60-degree temperatures the high for today scott.


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