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tv   Fox 8 News at 9AM  FOX  November 30, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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good morning cleveland and all of northeast ohio. wednesday morning in the city last day of november 2016 the 30 of november and it feels like 6. kind of weird. little bit. my name is wayne dawson todd has the morning off. i'm stacey frey in for stefani schaefer. we're learning more about the student responsible for the horrible attack on the campus of ohio stat donald trump also has a few words about him and claims that isis was involved. president-elect says anybody caught burning an american flag should be punished. here what he has in mind it will see if you agree in this morning's download. shopper hit by a truck and killed outside of a local mall hear what police are saying happened and what we're finding out about the victim. right now need to see what's happening as far as the forecast is concerned 60-degree temperatures the high for today scott.
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pretty much as warm as its going to get in between 55 and 60 since really late yesterday evening. breaks in the overcast the rain has moved out. storm fox radar showing a few showers play out over the lake now. impacted areas west of vermillion. notice the movement generally out of the southwest. southwest. temperatures the other story now cooling off into low 50s with breaks of sun further west. akron down to 53. pretty heavy rain this morning south of akron canton new philly most of that is move out. the forecast as we look further south at the line of thunderstorms which produced some widespread severe weather late last night 24 tornado reports in the deep south. three fatalities because of that. for us your starting to see some improvement although will have higher rain coverage used coverage itself still overall will be relatively small temperatures remain middle and upper 50s. we will get improvement today not anticipating anything
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down only going slightly below average. i think the rest of the week that's not the biggest cool down the bigger one comes and end of next week will talk about that and just a little bit. guys back to you. we have been warned. thank you very much. the investigation continues into the man who attacked rammed his vehicle into people and started stabbing them with a butcher knife, injuring eleven. jessica dill joins us now with the part of the story. good morning everybody. the student responsible for this horrible attack was living in the us legally. but he is an 18 -year-old refugee from somalia. he moved here from pakistan in 2014. president-elect donald trump took to twitter this morning to talk about him he said quote isis is taking credit for the terrible stabbing attack at ohio state university. i a somali refugee who should not have been in our country.
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stories of heroism are coming out. individual got out with a knife and started swinging at people the attacks went to my right in that way to attack me i grabbed him and put my hand. a student and army veteran who is first instinct was to grab the suspect weapon. a stories like these helping ohio state university's move on and grow stronger from monday's attacks. of the 11 victims, only three remain in the hospital and all are expected to be okay. investigators are now trying to responsible for the attack by abdul artan. they believe he may have been inspired by propaganda from outside extremists. last night thousands from the campus came together for a buckeye strong rally. faculty, students, the marching band even brutus buckeye came together to show they will emerge from these difficult days as one buckeye community. the university's president praised everyone who helped
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heroism and bravery that we witnessed over the last 48 hours. we found that what was great is that the buckeyes rose to help other buckeyes who were in need in those moments. once did a way to the emergency room with a complete stranger wanted to make sure he was okay. another student who protected injured victim in place during the lockdown. hearing about a student who is a former marine took control in his classroom immediately lock the door started stacking chairs and desks and kept everyone away from the windows. a lot of people helping out and i'm sure first of many stories will start to hear come through. thank you very much appreciate it. stay with fox8 for continuing coverage of the ohio state campus attack. you can get updates anytime, by going to new this morning a new bill in the works this morning could give chardon shooter tj lane the chance to get out of prison
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eligible for parole when he turns 40 years old. since he committed the crime before he was 18 years old. lane is currently serving live without a chance of parole for shooting and killing three classmates at chardon high school in february 2012. the bill is up for vote in the senate. a similar bill has already passed in the house. a grim statistic this morning a new report shows ohio leads the nation in opioid overdoses according to state by state kaiser family foundation the buckeye state had more overdoses than states with much larger populations. in 2014 ohio had more than 2100 deaths, that's more than new york and california. the buckeye state could continue to be the nation's od capital. the number of deaths jumped to more than 3,000 last year. thousands of people making minimum wage here in northeast ohio and across the nation gather to demand raises.
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the mcdonald's on carnegie avenue in cleveland last night, as part of the effort. they're calling for a minimum wage increase to 15 dollars an hour for workers across the country. airport workers held a similar rally at hopkins earlier in the day. the employment policies institute believes a boost would lead to lost jobs, reduced hours and small business closures. my pay raises has only gone up to 8.50 cents since the 90s. that's not fair that's not enough to make ends meet. it used to be children working at mcdonalds, teenagers. now it's people in their 30s raising a family. and they can't do it making 8.10 an hour. local efforts to boost the minimum wage in cleveland have been previously defeated. a woman was hit and killed in the parking lot of a north east ohio mall tuesday. it happened in the parking lot of southern park mall in boardman that's near youngstown. the victim's name has not been released, but police say she was a woman in her mid 60s. the boardman police department
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patrol are investigating the crash. no charges have been filed at this time. metro health medical center is making big plans to expand. the hospital's board is looking for money to build a new, nine story facility with the goal of having it ready by the year 2022. the current hospital would then be demolished. metro's president and ceo says they've spent 80 million dollars patching up and repairing the buildings since 2005 adding patients deserve better. still to come what should happen to people who burn the american flag? president elect donald trump options go to jail or lose your citizenship. we'll see if you agree with him next in this morning's download. pulling developing story out of alabama overnight a 280 killed three people injured many more. we'll have the latest from the hardest hit areas. hi scott. good morning everybody temperatures generally middle 50s now the cloud cover pretty thick start to see breaks in the overcast.
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the next couple of days in the
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art building your credit skills today for free. visit right now. experian?. be better at credit. welcome back to fox8 news in the morning. we are following breaking news at this hour. right now fbi agents are rating several area gas stations. spokeswoman for the fbi confirms there is in fact some law enforcement activity going on
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time. no word on if anyone has been arrested. we encourage you to stay with fox8 and for the very latest on this developing story. new this morning president elect donald trump said he's leaving his great business to his children so he can focus on his presidency. he tweeted that he plans to hold a news conference in new york city on december 15th to discuss the fact that i will be leaving my great business in total in order to fully focus on running the country in order to make america while i am not mandated to do this under the law, i feel it is visually important, as president, to in no way have a conflict of interest with my various businesses. trump had been under criticism for exposing himself to potential conflicts if he kept a role in his global business while being president. president elect donald trump plans to head to indiana tomorrow, to unveil a deal to keep carrier air conditioning, from moving to mexico. the agreement will keep 1,000 jobs in indianapolis.
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republican nominee mitt romney for dinner last night in new york. he's in the running to be trump's secretary of state. after dining on frog legs and chocolate cake, romney changed his tune, after calling trump a con man and a phony back in march. i've had a wonderful evening with president elect trump. we had another discussion about affairs throughout the world. thesd him have been enlightening, interesting and engaging. the president elect is reportedly choosing former goldman sachs banker steve muh new chin as his treasury secretary. he became trump's campaign finance chairman in may. trump has also picked elaine chow as his transportation secretary. she served as labor secretary under president bush from 2001
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senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. the president elect also made waves with a tweet. trump suggested anyone who burns the american flag should be penalized with either a loss of citizenship or a year in jail. however, back in 1989 the supreme court ruled flag burning was protected under the first amendment. revoking citizenship as a penalty was also ruled unconstitutional, back in 1958. hillary clinton sponsored a flag protection act back in 2005, but the bill died in committee. as you might imagine fox8 say about that tweet. when it comes to burning the american flag. we'll begin with ricky who says in part as a marine who fought under the flag and set my brother's home under it if you decide to burn my flag in my presence prepare for me to defend it and for the consequences that follow. that he says i believe there is a ball to protect the flag not freedom of speech total disrespect for the law.
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benefits they should lose the. jim writes take away they're welfare unemployment food stamps and other benefits and this would stop immediately. a proud american who is blessed to live under this flag. and this is spitting in my face the face of my country by burning the flag. west main grays with a president-elect once again trump is correct a big reason why we the people made him president entirely about respect honor morals. robert writes i see it sm the speech is what comes out of your mouth. or sign language. not to justify your actions of discontent or anger. if you are so offended that you need to burn a flag go to another country that supports your case. we've got hundreds and hundreds of comments on this topic certainly continue the conversation we'll have more coming up. speaking of the president-elect donald trump he is kicking off a thank you tour right here in ohio. he'll join the vice president elect mike pence at an event in cincinnati tomorrow.
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the republicans retake the white house. so president elect trump announced the thank you tour on his website. right now cincinnati is the only official stop. but there's another rally scheduled in new orleans on saturday. messaging is the time right now. the weather outside is delightful. yes it is. out when will it become frightful? are bearded buddy. what's going on. the temperatures mid- 50s seeing some sunshine we've also had af redeveloped. most of those i've moved out over the lake. quick look at the web camera time lapse in geauga county we have not seen any additional rainfall. we saw some showers south of bainbridge one shower near middlefield but relatively light compared to what we had earlier this morning. candidates are heavy rain new philly and most of that is beginning to move out. lower middle 50s should climb middle high 50s later on today. severe weather the deep south.
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three fatalities. from tornadoes in alabama yesterday. second severe weather season usually the spike that we typically get pretty much every year in october and november we start to transition out of the left over warmth of summer and start to get clashes of air masses in the deep south. for us more worth than anything else. haven't had much snow more rain couple of showers have developed to the west but nothing widespread. additional development later on primarily south and east eye to the radar partly sunny right now with a high of around 58. future radar start to see showers populate northern ohio eventually start to move out as the front goes used upper 30s tonight tomorrow in the rest of the week tomorrow and friday the low in the upper midwest starts to rotate in a cooper and so it will be cold enough tomorrow night early friday for rain mixed in with a few wet snow showers again accumulations are
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primarily east of cleveland that might only amount to an inch or two and higher elevations mainly early and friday. then we look ahead now most of the december the last 10 years of abnormal. the first 10 days of this december is going to be trending well below normal across most of the northern half of the country. this really kicks in here right next wednesday night into thursday this is the real deal everybody and we have been talking about this for a while and so about a week from now what we'll be talking about with daytime highs i know it's not indicated on the eight day the tomorrow and friday will start to see this now on the right side of the eight day forecast instead of seeing rain will probably have several chances of lake effect and i know i thinking out-of-the-box hear about a week and have out but it will get colder just in time for the holidays. fox fox8 news your official school closing station. the bigger question would be whether or not the cold air in any snow so that we see around
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not that hangs around through christmas but that's the way it out there. can't deal with that. the bigger question is how big will your beard going to get. day 114. what's going on youth storing acorns cracks my kids fluffed up my beard yesterday it looks real crazy. you didn't look crazy before. it's kind of curly you got a call going on. little bit. it's growing wide but not long. exactly. i can poite want to get some length to it. like santa. should be that low. wider you put some condition conditioner in there. apparently your beauty consultant wayne dawson. a little conditioner. you need to put a perm permit in
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fix you up. see how long it gets. high dinner in here. down by your navel if you put that on that i was. i think you should do it. really? mandate up the flagpole. keep it going all the way to the fall 17. it's a good look. 390 days. instead of growing long it's growing out. i've got calyx here i don't know what that means. grew that way. wait until you see the design i will carve into this thing. i don't know yet will figure it out. auction it off for charity. i would love to put a razor on that thing. i know you would. so much fun. that was fun. thank you. we enjoyed that. interesting. at least it's not great. that is true. that is true. what would yours be?
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much more on fox8 news in the morning coming up at 9:00. right now deadly wildfires in tennessee are under control that's good news. the latest on the death toll and evacuation did what the governor is saying this morning. special tribute plan today to remember members of a soccer team killed in a plane crash. very latest on what investigators say may have caused the accident. would you let strangers use your laundry room? the latest craze being called
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at least three people have been killed as a line of storms and possible tornadoes moved across alabama overnight. this is our first look at some of the damage left behind. the jackson county chief deputy says all three victims were in a mobile home. another person was seriously hurt. more than a dozen structures in the county were destroyed. tornadoes were also reported in tennessee. the deadly wildfires in the smokey mountains may be under control for now after rains yesterday but officials warn heavy winds could fuel the fires again. so far three people have died, and more than a dozen are hurt. the wildfires near gatlinburg have burned more than 15 thousand acres and more than a hundred homes and buildings. thousands of people are in evacuation shelters this morning. tennessee governor bill haslam says it is the largest fire, in 100 years.
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colombia today, to honor members of a brazilian soccer team killed in a plane crash. fans held a vigil at the team's home soccer field last night, mourning the 71 people who died. six people survived the crash. the black boxes have been recovered. investigators say it's possible the plane ran out of gas, just before it should have landed. the team was set to play in the south america cup tonight. the opponent has asked its soccer league to award the championship to the brazilian team. authorities in new york are looking for a thief who stole a bucket of gold flakes from a delivery truck. the nypd is looking for this man, who stole the gold back in september. the surveillance video was just released this week. the man in a black vest notices the open armored truck. he walks over to it, and makes his move. police say the bucket weighed 86 pound and the gold inside is worth more than 1.5 million dollars. a group of coworkers are debating if they'll return to
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the tennessee 20 as they're now known all work at north american stamping at least for now. they cashed in on a 420 million dollar powerball win. they held one of the three winning tickets for the record 1.6 dollar billion jackpot, back in january. the group has been buying 120 dollars worth of tickets every wednesday and saturday for years. now it has paid off big time. each person will take home about 12 and a half million dollars after taxes. not bad at all. still to come what is sex apprentice and animal abusers have an comment could be one big similarity when it comes to their punishment. we'll explain next. a new class coming to university of akron find out what it has to do with president-elect donald trump. good morning scott. and temperatures are still mid- 50s rain forget it haven't had
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north middlefield moving out. talk more about the cooler trend and eventually colder when we
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explain that to me again please. alright, here's the deal. i'm gonna say you owe back taxes and threaten you with jail time. that'll scare you into giving me a whole bunch of your money. i also need your social security number, too, because then i can really take you to the cleaners. unfortunately, it's never this obvious. that's why we're here. dedicated to protecting ohio families against frauds and scams.
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or te you are looking at horseshoe falls. >> i know you love it.
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at it. it is breathtaking. it really is. >> the way they build up niagar falls. >> i haven't been up in a bit. >> do i need to get my kid a passport now? >> that's what i need. >> he can get by without a passport. if you have got one -- >> he was a little kid and they asked if i had id for him. >> you can go to the other side of baker falls. >> and the american side. >> there's nothing like that view from the canadian side. >> she's a pageant winner and not supporting a crown. she is the first contestant to wear a bikini during the miss usa pageant.
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she didn't take on the crown, but she did make it to the top 15. she says that she has been inspiring others to be there to yourself. she said she has received messages from all around the world supporting her. she is absolutely gorgeous. >> it's a long debated question should pregnant women get a flu shot or are their house -- health risks just too high. pregnant women should get flu wires is not linked to autism. a 200,000 children from your 2000-2010, researchers say if you do catch the food during pregnancy may influence the ris of premature labor and birth defects. >> and who can forget the ice bucket challenge that went vira a few years ago. now it is a part of history. the smithsonian --
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a new york woman is credited with the first ice bucket challenge. her husband has lasted the campaign raised 100 million -- i'm so happy dave took one for the team. he really did. >> i avoided that. >> i was off that day. everybody is going to bring up back just for you.
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>> no, no, no. you've got out of it. >> here we go. [laughter].
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>> there you go. it belongs in the show. >> this is patty harken here. >> and then she kind of cackles. >> there you go. moving right along. >> this is my official -- >> how about weather. it is in the mid- upper 50s right now we have showers redeveloping the east. one in the rain and that is about it. the overall forecast keeps us i the upper and middle 50s all day long. than a couple of showers and th clouds are redeveloping along the line there.
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east and a lot of showers throughout the day today. most of much if not anything. tonight it is starting to clear everything out and we are seein temperatures dropping in the 30s and it will be a cold day tomorrow. lower 40s is normal for this time of year. comes in early friday morning you can't rule out a snow shower. lake effect early on friday. snowfall amounts will be minima at this point. is not going to be supercold. to detain highs in the 40s and lows in the lower 30s through the weekend this is the forecast take us through friday and only including thursday and friday. most of that will be in western pennsylvania. looking ahead, the real deal" air and prospects of bona fide like the fact that comes in at the end of next week. this will push into the western us by next wednesday night into next thursday. we've have been highlighting that now and i seen a reason wh we really need to change that. obviously the details will be a
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get closer and until then it will be trending cooler but not as cold. we will touch 15 ahead of the colder air next week. so looking increasingly more likely and december is going to feature some snow. fox 8 news your official school closings station. back to you. i made that up. >> why have you got to be like that. who is studio a? >> okay, thanks, could five. >> next on the new day clevelan said -- >> hi, guys. >> we are suffering from enthusiasm. >> he is so scruffy that he looks like santa. >> i'm going to hibernate like that they are.
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i got bacon and potatoes and corn and we are making chowder. >> we are celebrating repeal th so we are making amazing drinks from 1930. >> what else we going to do today? >> look at all those hours that you spend staring in the air. maybe we will find an answer fo
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[speaking at once]. >> you guys want to hang out with us. >> you don't want to share them. >> may be kenny and i will take you out. [speaking at once].
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>> we are going to do a little cooking in the kitchen today. what would be great to have som are going to fall and then i thought chowder. and i made corn chowder before. you already have the corn on th cob and i found a shortcut that would be good for this time of year and it would be a lot


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