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tv   Fox 8 News at Noon  FOX  November 30, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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the recheck in the gas got als at the sunoco gas station is 55 street, another at the gasway gas station at bel air and jasper cooper, even more being rated, but do not have those locations, a spokeswoman said she not give
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there are outstanding warrants no word if any arrests have bee made, after the rains we do kno that the fbi went to a home in strongsville on drake road some agents there, or they'd said that it is connected to the gas station raid but cannot give us more information businesses in ongoing investigation, several gas station's as a strongsville home. the very busy, and we will just way too see until they disseminate that information, investigation continues into life into ohio state student rammed his car into a crowd of people and then began stabbing them injuring 11 responsible for this horrible attack, was in th
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a refugee from somalia came here from pakistan in 2014, donald trump just went on twitter to talk about him he said isis is taking credit for the stabbing attack at osu, by somali refugee who's not have been in our country, investigation process that continues more stories of heroism are coming out. got out with a knife and began swinging it people, he attacked me and i put my hand. >> student, this first instinct was to grab the suspect's maplepark road stories like these at help them to move on from the attack monday three victims remain hospitalized of the 11 and all expected to be okay, they're not trying to determine if isis is responsibl for the attack by abdul artan, at least he may have been inspired by extremist propagand
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came together for a buckeye strong rally. the march event as well, to show that they will emerge from thes as one buckeye community. praised everybody who helped during the attack make sure to stay with us were continuing coverage of the whole issue of attack, you can get more update at fox >> a new bill in the works that could give t.j.lane the chance to get out of prison early, it would make him eligible for parole when he turns 40 years old, since he became the crime before he was 18 he is currentl serving life without a chance o
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school in february 2012 it is u for a vote in the senate the seller bill has been passed the house. >> report shows ohioan leads th nation in opioid overdoses according to statistics compiled by the kaiser family foundation the state have more overdoses than states with much larger populations, if i 14th ohio had 20 one-hundred gas, that's more than new york in california, the state could continue to be the nation's overdose capital, the number of deaths jumped more than 3,000 last year. alone was hit and killed in a parking lot tuesday at southern park mall near youngstown, the complaint has not been released police say that she is in her mid- 60s the police there in ohio troll are investigating th charges have been filed. thousands making minimum wage
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mcdonald's at carnegie in cleveland last night calling fo a minimum wage increase of $15 across the country airport workers held a similar rally earlier in the day. they said it would lead to reduced hours and lost jobs and small business closures. >> my pay raises have only gone up $8.50 since the '90s that is not fair. >> is to be children work in mcdonnell's deagan's people in their 30s and they cannot do that making $8.10 an hour. >> local efforts to boost the minimum wage have been defeated previously. metrohealth making plans to expand a new story facility to have it ready by 2022 the
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demolished, metro ceo says they has spent $80 million to repair the building since 2,005 and said that patients deserve better. in the weather department, it is a cloudy warm day here. as live look from the roof-cam, yo can see overcast skies over downtown cleveland, some of you may get to 60 degrees this afternoon, jenn harcher has the >> we are above average right now, as we wrap up november, it will feel like december as me have some cooler temperatures tomorrow. it has mainly in the mid to upper 50s. willoughby at about 60 degrees at about 2:00 p.m. could be a few showers with the cold front this evening.
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and miss showers through the remainder of the day. 's radar is pretty. part of the reason is so mild i we have a nice breeze between five and 15 sustained. to the last, the lanzara beginning to shift out of the south and west. that's where that cold front is and that will be eventually moving into the region late afternoon or early evening. willow sage temperatures falling after the cold front. expecting at least 8022 great job , currently 67 in cleveland , toledo 55 we picked up about on quarter inch rainfall. the rainfall is long gone, the cold front will be moving in today.
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you'll be talking about is this cold blast of air. details of just how cold is going to get and how long it's going to stic around coming up in the 8 -day forecast. the deadly wildfires are now under control after rays moved in. update you on the latest death
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the blackboxes have been recovered the said it is possible that the playground of fuel before landing. >> wildfires through tennessee with devastating results at least three have died, some families are still searching fo loved ones, jennifer grey has the latest. search and rescue efforts underway in eastern tennessee. >> this is the largest fire in the last hundred years in tennessee. >> firefighters continued to pu out flames, embrace with the possibility of spot fires after a 24 hours that left at least 250 homes and businesses destroyed, forcing more than 40,000 people to flee to nearby shelters. >> don't know what to do, you'r expecting to come on a vacation in them find out that you can get back to your family.
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scrambled to escape the fire's monday night, at least three people have died, officials now say the fire is human caused. they were asleep in the infernal reach their doorsteps and were rescued by the placed us in time. >> plays are just everywhere on both sides of the road and crossing the road, it was a nightmare. >> like many others, they are unsure of when they can return home or what they will find that's the hard part just don't know if it's still going to be there , we may go back to absolutely nothing, we have eac other and that's all that matters, we made it out with ou lives >> and others pray that their loved ones are safe, michael reed has not heard from his wif were to daughter since monday a they tried to escape. >> a call the other shelters,
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and just hoping for a miracle. time may be running out for protesters fighting against the dakota access pipeline, but the vowed to stay, us army corps of engineers issued a december 5 deadline for them to leave the protest site, as winter weather sets in, dakota's government on protesters that firs will no longer be responsible for giving aid to those who stay, protesters were related t find, they say the pipeline wil destroy sacred cultural sites and contaminate the water, the head of the company built in th pipeline says it's going and where to pipelines already exist. haus salon jim lehrer, nancy pelosi won the race to lead the luke hancock is where an eighth term, ohio congressman tim ryan challenged her for the post of
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have had the support of some younger representatives working for change at the most recent election, she wanted with 134 votes to his 23. carrier has struck a deal with present like donald trump that would kick nearly 1,000 jobs in united states, in february the company said that plan to close two plants in indiana, donald trump/mike pence, the current india tomorrow for the announcement t give details on the deal is still leaves the future uncertain for a few hundred workers, carrier is owned by defense contractor united technologies, trump's also busy filling cabinet positions sources say that you are an investor wilbur ross will be th nominee for commerce secretary, deposition serves as the chief business african,
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to lead the treasury is a forme goldman sachs banker who also served as finance chairman of trump's presidential campaign and he met with matt riley for second time last night, still being considered for secretary
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summer-like effect as early as 9:00 a.m. eventually, thursday afternoon start to see lake effect moving in. rain/snow mix and continue through thursday and friday. on the west side southwest don't worry you're going to remain dr this would just be lake effect
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we will be getting nothing here, just a dusting the most. still a bit of the braves, out of the south between five, up t 15 mph. , temperatures to the '50s for most of the day and then men like him and we will be down to 21 degrees drop of 20 degrees, sunshine to the last and claus to the east, a typical pattern here. and the cold front continues to push through. this trough, wil kickoff some lake effect thursday into friday not expecting much, then you will notice how cold that it gets across the area currently 57 degrees, to the west of us chicago with 40 degrees and des
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mass is coming our way so today about 60 degrees. the showers will be hit en masse, these showers will be typically evening on the side, tomorrow 4 isolated lake shower aldis exit with snowfall during the evenin overnight and we will stay around 40 degrees and even on sunday it looks lik that it will be trending warmer, about 50 degrees tuesday and wednesday and then wait till yo see what comes after wednesday with that. looking like a large pattern
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patagonia donated the black friday sales to charity, about five times what they expected their keep the promised to donate the sales, that they brought in, the $10 million and go to nearly 800 environmental groups worldwide,
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of environmental activism at th company patagonia says things came up with the idea to bring people together after the divisive presidential election, spring break may be located thi year in gulf shores alabama, th city imposing a ban on alcohol two weeks into the season last year after a flood of reports o rowdy college students they say that they're trying to keep students in vacation or save it takes effect on march 4 and las through april 16 for only this year will revisit the issue next you to see if it is needed again. >> randy's has a deal, you get the popular frozen treat free for a one-time payment of only $2, the $2 goes toward the key tag that you will have to show every time you order it goes to donated to the dave thomas foundation, a house to find prone homes were children foste
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they're available at most of their locations right now. wreck airlines continues to deal with complaints about its new uniforms, flight attendants began wearing them in september since in more than 1700 have complained that they make them sick, the symptoms range from rash to headaches and bronchitis, according to chicago business journal the company's test of uniforms and the packaging to see if they can solve the mystery. uk rick boucher laundry room, electrolux's testing and uber like laundry service that matches people who have dirty clothing and those who have laundry machines, they could pa to clean their close at someone else's house still being tested but one question remains, but you do for the couple of hours it takes while there is a stranger in your house doing
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a new mexico avenue caf? has dished it prices on the menu hoping that human decency will be enough to keep it in business, cafe patient open for business this week inspired by restaurant during his travels down under p said he wanted to try the same philosophy in the states he says most people are fair and contribute and customers like it they say they like the concept of taking care of each other. strength when it comes to
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testing. welcome back. developing story as fbi police raid several area gas stations stop. fbi stations jessica dill has more. fbi is keeping a tightlipped, there were multiple agents and the gas stations throughout the area today , they were rating three different gas stations, the first was gas you a say as west 117 and belaire road,
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tanks to test the gas from the ground outside, also at the sunoco gas station on east 55th, another was at the gasway gas station at bel air and jasper hearing word that there were even more gas stations being rated that do no have those locations, fbi spokeswoman said that she canno give details because it is outstanding warrants, the word if any arrests after the rates we did see another raid in strongsville on drake road fbi confirmed that the raid was connected to the gas station rates from this morning, this investigation is ongoing we will keep you update at fox 8 and fox >> , jessica dill fox 8 news >> the death of a missing
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the father of alexander mullins sai you not see him for a week unti he was found dead inside a vacant home on east 54th to say that he died from a gunshot wound their not said whether they have any suspects. eight people behind bars, police are still looking for several more suspects after a string of high-end store break-ins they hit the saks fifth avenue beachwood place in september last year they got away with about $3,000 eight people arrested for a similar crime in st. louis on saturday, there are now trying to determine if the group was involved in the beachwood smash and grab. it is another cloudy day here but warm, this is a look from the roofcam, and will there be any more rainfall anytime soon, check in with jenn harcher at
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>> we will have on and off showers today, the cold front will be pushing through later t spark a few showers but not widespread. in the meantime, enjoy these mild temperatures because they will not be hanging on for too long, we are dropping a good 20 degrees temperature wise, next 24 hours ago tomorrow will be feeling more like december. we will have some lake effect maxie and with some snowfall at times, but not expecting any accumulations here. late next week were going to be watching this next system. looking at the rainfall, want t show you down to the smoky mountains with those wildfires.
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rainfall there. behind a cold front, is some colder air that will continue t work its way into our area afte the front and then this trough that moves in thursday night, friday morning to bring a dusting on the ground as far as rainfall change in o2 snowfall. most of us will be 40 degrees. there will be some colder air coming, tuesday next week, afte that their will be a rational colder air. enjoy these temperatures in the upper 50s for much of the afternoon. to the last of us, there are dropping a good 10 degrees from yesterday at this time. tomorrow,
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the cavaliers go for 50 ro and walking the browns are at full strength in the quarterbac position, p.j. ziegler with more in the sports report. a tough night for the cavaliers in milwaukee, matthew dellavedova and the buccaneers have the cavaliers their third as they came apart in the second half. it was going the cavaliers way then lebron james had 20 points. the cavaliers leading by five. jr smith, when the game was in progress and the capitalize the
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the cavaliers fell apart in the second to lose, the browns in week 14 of the season, with a? as to the quarterback position rg3 has been cleared for contac and can return to game action. >> for the first time, since the first week they have all three starting quarterback selfie. >> be there moving forward every game are still evaluating our team, at this point., relocating, to see if he can be quarterback from barring any major turn of events looks like the buckeyes are going to the college football playoffs. they ranked second in the latest rankings, alabama one, claims and three, washington four and
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will be released sunday at noon. home to the correct image champs and now, chris antonetti one th executive of the year award given by baseball america, he carried them to their first world series appearance since 9 and the first al central title. and terry francona has want the manager of the year award tuesday, he led the team with injuries and he won the basebal writers of america manager of the year this month. tiger woods will be back to play titled golf. >> is right 898. 's had a long road back with injury but ready to do what he
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i want to do the same thing, i want to try to win this thing i know that i shot 25 under, that's going to be a tall order. i'm not played a while that 18 players in the tournament this
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hiv rates are dropping thanks to needle exchange programs the decline is specific to after american and a saw at least a 50 percent drop in the hiv diagnoses between 282,014 there is still a large unmet need for sterile equipment, rates of blood-borne diseases have risen significantly in areas hardest hit by the opioid epidemic , and learning more the risk of heart attacks for those who smoke, those under the age of 50 or more than eight times more likely than non-smokers to have a major heart attack, they say that they have a significantly
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non-smokers, overall, the more than three times likely to have a certain type of heart attacks than ex-smokers and non-smokers combined the highest risk was among the under 50s. safety standards change, comes to protecting children, with car seats, here is more on that today's consumer report. and for your since consumer reports has been testing car seats the seat in harness style the way they are secured in cars, the changes have dramatically improved child passenger safety, those recent improvement, the load laketran it is a sport tha extends from the base of infanc to the vehicle floor to make it more stable. >> consumer reports upgraded its rating of rear facing infant seats that offer the best fit for children under one, the
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reports highest crash performance rating in a simulated 35 mph crash test , the side-by-side crash footage show how similar seats from the same manufacturer performs with and without the load leg though performed well the one with the load lakehead less forward motion. >> in our crash test, a 50 percent decrease in head injury can compare to those a step to the installation, consumer reports found the easy-to-use but you will pay a premium, says that include the load leg expensive ranging from $250 to almost $400, consumer reports says that all seeds are safe when used in installed correctly those with the load leg offer an additional margin of safety. tracking down of users and
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animals could soon get similar treatment as sex offenders and
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the cavaliers will be back in action tomorrow night rush the clippers, and then the next home game will be next friday night versus the heat. your next while flight just got more interesting, netflix will allow you to watch shows off-line, today netflix announcing members have the option to download movies and shows you can watch the new season of shows while away from a wi-fi o so signal it is read with old netflix memberships, you want t make sure that you have the mos recent netflix app on the devic to access the new download button. kellogg's cereal brand is pulling its ad from breitbart news they do not want to advertise on sites not aligned with its values, breitbart is a
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controversial anti- immigrant needs its former executive chairman steve bannon was the ceo of donald trump's campaign now he is to become the white house strategist, breitbart say kellogg's and making a mistake says they have an extensive audience, if you have a radioshack gift card you may want to cash that in this week the electronics chain file for bankruptcy the last bit of businees the radioshack estate will stop accepting the online request this friday a total of more tha one and $30,000 have been returned to consumers returned their gift cards. a new idea could make enforcing goddard's law easier as bible i has details on a proposed database to track animal abusers.
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people have done so died smartest things have gotten awa with some small fines. goddard's law held to change that make it a felony to harm companion animals, sunny simon, cuyahoga county council propose enforcement one step further. >> when they want to procure an other dog or cat they will be o a registry. >> registry for animal abusers, proposing an ordinance that database to track convicted animal abusers. >> sharon harvey, apl ceo says it is difficult to track animal abuse cases. right now, we don't have that ability unless we have actually handled that case. >> he has been here for about three weeks and was rescued as part of a cruelty investigation. >> if you are reporting abuse and neglect cases of 12 percent
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new local cases, if pass this registry would make it harder for abusers to adopt pets. >> we can make sure that we do everything to be sure that these animals go to good homes. violators are they abuse registry could face fines of two $500, another check abusers she says will protect those that we love. many are people's family members and want to be able to goddard's law that is only as good as the fermentation. >> maia belay fox 8 news. the cuyahoga county sheriff will maintain the registry, if passed it be running by early next year. did you get back on giving
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jack chili country celebrated giving back, spent some time in public square to hand out some holiday cheer. antonio's pizza, this is giving tuesday, there was black friday, cyber monday, a small town saturday now this is givin tuesday to offer you a fresh ho
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>> we teamed up with our good friends at antonio's pizza to treat some people to lunch at public square, hash tag giving tuesday started four years ago the money you save on black friday and cyber monday, you ca donate that to any charity such as for pads, cancer research or whatever pay it forward. some of tinseltown's biggest names are there for the 2017 iconic pirelli calendar. a-listers including winslet, julianne moore, posed fresh faced for photos with foregoing makeup, or any photoshop and he wants to
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today on "the real". we are talking about the standing rock preservation. >> it breaks my heart. >> are chip cards slowing us down? >> move your card. >> stop yelling at me. >> and this holiday season we


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